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Total Church: Growing in the Church


Discipling new believers



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a I and I rally in cash in on an as yet have a wealth shirt and I will working with anything Sara is in that area I'm goal through the any individual department is a hockey hatchet a local churches to do the work that they need to be doing anything an introduction in auditorium for twenty five years in the greatest struggle the only patent is bringing people into the church I think the only member future membership card needs that is not what the local check is about at all and I had been a member of the professional organization for medium to Rotary international organization of business people and it together they believe that they can do more than if you try to do individually on what the president of my cloth and when he joined down infringing all about letting you want Rotary is about how you can be involved in equipping you to be a leader though it seems that we should be involved in that vein instructional process and then for the seminars about it enough to be intentional about what we do with our new members and I should actually you have been baptized from less than five years while that a lot of you probably hear how you were warned not to IPO plats though I'm privileged to work in Michigan conference of the pound super fourteen years and they haven't been very intentional now what are they in the near drowning to have while we were at the new integrated and holistic environment for our members to become fully incorporated in the Bible remember when we don't wanted to be a member we want to be a disciple and actually evaluate I'm a member of Rotary for a while I did not fully healed I was a member until I was involved in the very birds project with any medical supplies to Nicaragua and I went to help package that once they did that I thought wow now I'm virtually because I wasn't going to once I was involved in the mission of the organization and know we weren't experienced repeated over and over and this is not just about what value he does it without the kingdom about life and death matters NSW looking at the new Phyllis pray you guys what privileges are given up to be part of the Lutheran are just one more determination of the end as we gather this afternoon I pray that through a conversation into the things I present them the people you my brothers and sisters will have school to help accomplish what you called us to do that is nothing in the present against her well we all quit praying that you will be down on earth as it is in heaven that we can all get there sooner than she was able to pray in leaving them in your local church and your name is Melissa and the less that is on the visual New South Wales and I don't say thank you for being a community this afternoon but even we think of your local congregation and the new person this is coming in or perhaps your person what are some of the famous thing using a new person need to be aware on in order to be fully engaged I thought you all think out a project will bring you might see about me better than you look like you are going to get me in the future and knew the newly downplays person one of the things that they need to know that they are beginning of the early to constitute on in good condition in the better net as Christians that were ordained into the work of Christ and to bring others in so they need to know that a part of the great commission is not a spectator sport not spectators are the great commission and the court believes everything that hurts actually believe that they could quarterly P7 death and the age of thirty yes the court believed that I care it needs to be re- re- recycling how to have a personal relationship with a personal relationship with you yeah you die conversion what do you mean by conversion and Uber okay and part of that procedure Batson the area of ministries your church has within my field of vision with their gifts and talents that they are ready or bringing me on your plate than three having a fair conduct of the opinion that you write in your local congregation I think Sharon Cuba libre the fact that a lot of people that are in the trench I'm perfectly ongoing because a lot of times and myself my friends when they come like a spontaneous manner have not read to have expectations underneath the love these people are handling of the end of the things that we have in the book came out and this Lebanon it will get either the uncomfortable and then he said I think it Bible studies in impediment to meet them from California and it that we had people coming towards her we wanted to find a new member I people and the church are not I pulled out a pretty penultimate hurdle they always avail in why do I need to do something that is why the primary in Michigan conference had better is so limited as you we can apparently you are mentoring company and as you mentioned someone you are becoming the person that you need to be the victim of completely continually have to start it I know when I'm looking for mentors that the certain things that have no interest in December the person answering what the government that the more significant about any of the public got to start somewhere in the need to know how to Constantine and patient nice child when you come in chairs you do not keep the Sabbath he didn't know how to go about me constantly be solutions in the morning and evening watching poison with you to understand am so appreciative I stopped to lose Fred Cáceres and Catherine is take two more what one might hear and two more after that if the two of you could just move over what might pushing it back in do also need to know how to stop the him serve others how do some of his end notices out in the members of their own families when it comes to holy Communion they will need to learn how to stop each other regardless of where someone comes from the background everything is okay and there is a comment here or will and without time of piggyback on that is teaching considered in disciple others of recent reciprocating that cemented ties and what would you mention the fact that our churches there are some people in our church that happened in disciple properly and so that we can break that cycle now engage and train these new new believers who also decide we can try to overcome that problem everybody text based basically what I wanted to say but I'm only been added at him and his first seven minds and papers started coming from a Catholic background there's a lot of jargon you know words that I wasn't familiar with I believe that even know I've be staked as it might err knee-jerk for you you don't murder people who had been at intestine other like your you're familiar with it and you know I guess jargon such base starting with people who have never heard of Jesus and all the stories in the Bible only please see our ad or you might be in order that in the Anglican laugh or be right there is only one thing I realize a lot of you Christians need to see is overcoming people were actually overcoming that thing that you struggle with is you just come into the church there are actually people getting victories for example if a new person funds will problem this has things they need to know that there is an environment where they are people who are constantly striving to live the Christian lifestyle and overcomes late and I and defendants and elevated again to hand out I called Mike and I will ship and journey lot and the other is that managers discipleship lot and the dilemma gives you yet because this one do what he will become overwhelmed because I know that I read everything I think I may give you to look at what I was really pleased with the different categories that they came out with in your thinking from the board for example on becoming a disciple new disciples orientation walking with Jesus as personal personal development of the new member grounding in the Bible doctrines he had been a family Christian lifestyle learning about the Adventist church is written down together these of ordinances or the services of the church and then serve a bit of you mentioned being involved in personal ministry and church ministry training and be involved in evangelism I think I will have my helper you would half out the discipleship log this is the smaller one of the two mother when people make they idea might let me check with the printing Andrew I gave them the bad and after for example black and white because that's all that I could afford a minimum they reprinted in the color and didn't charge me for the color and it's typing for the black-and-white him now grateful for that after the hearing police again you don't want to give you down messages like yeah because I want you to think creatively before we get the answers because the unit act and even on conference to present every local church is the difference and if you go back to your local church not maybe that's eight hundred hundred people you can share this with your pastor and what we do intentionally it may be that you're in need add and is now between private insurance you will need a lot elderly church could you help me go through the things that I will be fully integrated into the church that in many different ways in unison certainly at the sets as you go along it is not desired that we be fully into the church the first is becoming and the waiter suggested that we use the thing that must take for you Melissa okay the authority of Ibn luck everyone all along that I wonder ago yeah it was another year if month ago okay welcome to the family I think Melissa I'm working with Melissa at the passer and I know there's any downside is that I want to make sure that she had a spiritual guardian or invention of the year so it would community gender identity data that you think I care what you need him okay I think you can hide around the tag it faded as his human writing any and every him home and that I am nothing when she got pregnant on his leave around because he can with any living being we give her Bible study and so we don't want her out and see that you and I would think anymore that can be had for a yearly cat and insurer is taken out now if you leave it like that every party you are going to because it will be elitist and I doubt either we want to haven't seen the people so Tim and bringing her along and we know that they may not and so the lesson know that we can continue the discipleship process that Melissa has her authentic discipleship journey and her ministers with any part of this process they had already been trained by the pastor and baby I'm many things that they're going to do with love what you might do that by Melissa asking about it and she's going to get in line after the baptism you will notice that the first column of the coming Jesus is on the re- baptism when she gets a lot done with the beneficiary gets it's not in the that all the spectators and management must be connected to strike led to the personal relationship with you and how we keep growing in entity member of the church will be needed for some people to see the even legalistic way remember the purpose of this is that people 's knowledge that we need to have a healthy relationship with Jesus coming to be fully engaged in the mission of the church just like a very intentional possibility training a new member why shouldn't we mean you've illustration this week about the Army in when you battle you must be put into battle the wisely while not and not be faced a very real challenges that are going to come so here again I think any homeless people in a way that I and maybe got and we want to make sure that ideally it would continue to do any of this evangelistic meeting we know that those who make the best efficiency evangelist meeting at people who had the second earth in the meeting engine from the meeting because they to reinforce what they have learned by taking them through setting reason I even spent studying the Princess now they already have the first tool is a tool that you share with their private work and at home in the middle of the left I often ask them Alyssa who do you have that you can be sure any improvement even before they finished with that one in fact turning he worked with a man is in jail congrats and because he and his fiancée came to church into the church a church looking for passing it away while I was living in the West shot in the life and I will do the wedding that computers are infected with an incoming insurance over the Internet certainly only thing more important story and found out that he can contract without attaching her constant white be an e-book about moral purity and couples living together and I told them I really comfortable whatever you can do we live lives of moral purity even if you go back to his family better harbor when even very bad environment I hadn't left yet the weekend I needed but the provider I will haven't actually heard the sermon is not advanced they hated Naples right in his life he was a warning to apprehend around he went to the jail that afternoon and he triggered out there it is I suspect because of him he found a place and they are no longer having back and you what do you think that he had gotten to vote and I think that he will remind you of the new Bible study he invented you think you might only search for certain state doesn't save anything with her example of that study that I add that they provide any light and sedition are you really like to get into that and letting these with his fiancée though he improved and gotten into the jail that he is leaving galaxy was really use some idea about what people learning it he is reluctant to have the added that he is sharing the blackness with other prisoners the jail and when you talk to you now think of the citizenry in Guatemala the Jesus Creed FAQs eleventh twenty seventeen I believe that you went in the accident I love for it but the person is doing that equipment is on that he is so convicted he needs help her fiancé you know this is the true church we have to become from the income may not be the meets that I learned a great vegetarian adhesive and a native of God is doing in the light of these family the link is when we started doing a lot and I really like the hard copy that they have the birth school and magnified cats that they now have what to do the necessary work for me out a lot younger than I think that Jesus Christ is my baby I responded to the call to be discipling even been baptized so that Earth mentoring him when you would love to get together industry issues that check is not now the action which is walking with you that this isn't her orientation you can review the log with her as you do in such a way that is not huge but you got to do it so that she knows what it means to be a disciple in the material that you will guess and you and you know what I go to as well it has some of these things that you can use that turned out that in aggregate final money that went before Melissa and I should understand what that means its IPO will frighten people into a clogged or into nature the baptizing them to become a disciple and if they know that they know that they are not enjoying a movement you might be interpreted as a movement the movement of the convention it felt like it don't you leave this place was thinking that happened similar over time go to choose a field of later he brought that out how would you serve in the church everything is in the church but in the place where civilians were a mission statement and I will cherish it for the next generation to write in the local church and in the world was a leading English university we wanted to go to the local church serve their and all of them wherever they choose to work there be witnessed by there as well we know that when they have the handicap is where a huge church and so many areas the one happened when they leave Andrews and they go to a church and the people in your only now if anything her call deal of his favorite Internet has estimated that that's the way that it that I know I know you want to delete review that when you go to the local church you don't want those people with the attitude that only will it help Billy when they know it here's educated her I know when I graduate the finances of in the wings a little while having a little history they were the pioneers in a little in the average Christian church has one hundred people is the amateur and they know when I showed up in the middle of the building I is mold in the faith that I sent off my face value while scrubbing the wall that I earned my right to lead you earn the right to going in there to serve nothing you have been no attitude to get better the rest of the people there anyone she appointed place of service is shut off here to visit I worked in the following ministries that of the church we put one in here that he wanted to serve in the area of public evangelism and efficient other thing when the ministry that you can name off there in your church that an human downstairs person should be as vacant PCI water plaintiff that they might have an interesting remember discovery of death and serving I want to enjoy it he wanted to be awfully scared about it you want to restore them up again and Melissa King 's future announcer one of the places you want me to other students serving in our church and we have an active judge program funds year with event and children's ministries of Pathfinders adventure movies and the several things there even went in there a lot of one hundred effect to every year music is always an important element in any church today usually musicians are a scarce something that has town of sure they'll be very welcome any appointment now I know I can't quite collect them until the remaining handle fire any of the authors of these with you doing actual outreach and doing in groups on this oven they really like doing it in a tender password and do another one with adults who been there forever is not so easy to go but with the other people when you have a good group of going out to the other comic USC doesn't with the buses we seem very enthusiastic about a selected and evening a come back next week and it is okay and you are and you and I anticipate a backup plan but some low I consent of the science Channel archival saying the service started I like that or is about and the deleted or will I like to go negative it went down in the K in Michigan in the magazine that help you know about your church as it is that they are professionally done the photographs are wonderful which they had been here and you can do that at work wherever you are is a conversation starter community service giving him providing food are other items we dominated by the church the community to the homeless and people was suffering that so all of those are things that you can get people involved in an and see how they are and some of them are really pretty simple like once a month our church goes to a local nursing home and was sing hymns for an hour and we had a very small church in their eyes and so we really don't have age segregation it's really just families we do have interests small children you know like the little ones during Sabbath school flag will worship together and we go on outreach together we do all these things that aren't age segregated as families going on doing these things so you know some things that they can do I've read the readings before church sound during the service Summit gets up and says there are the opening reading all from Scripture and United is really simple little things to introduce people to the church and everything is making a literature we have to set on our literature and take it down every Sabbath because they ran space from another church so there's so many things that don't take a lot of time but that can introduce people and help them to feel useful everything about our church is important okay this album is that there again will looking for ways nonetheless I never say everything see what she would like to become involved in the theater release can you send in just about any area that fits their gifts as a an apprentice at that as a co- borrower him him I think I've seen a sometimes specific than a small church and they there's a big need for something like they are children's division leader some I got to put them in there to quit and only burn amount so you may need training and the need to not feel like you know they don't know what they're doing but they're in the position that you are in a thing of you organizes put somebody somewhere just to give them something to do is report of replacing all about having the spiritual gifts inventory customers when he's particular peoples but not as his new members of the members in general because oftentimes want to give somebody something to do at this point given so they don't get burned out to place particular area where the field is with the Holy Spirit given the gift of the Mintz in other words they can be more active in something that he feels from the something enjoy the talk about reality anything that you a lot and happy that I I did that when Camille instantly unlock you that I found in the last in addition to Don I also think it's important for you to look at continuing friendship evangelism because a lot of times the place in front overwhelm them dive responsibilities on the individual and I've seen images that have been to have my distance it becomes kind of like okay I'm just here because they want the semiconductor and I can do this so and we don't become part of our present life outside of church and this is welcome I think human product and a lot of times I have had to exist the people that buy enough their lives around them because of they were going insensitive probably it was shattering but well they give effect to the choice of the unchurched the other six days of the week their lifestyle is something that is completely against I mean I'm believing in these troublesome Muslim emphasis on the questioner in the becoming a disciple walking is that the incorporation of rent evangelism because if Landis having a presence event talents I'll let their abilities are inviting updates and insights but to be able defensive as the fit into their lives in for the dignity of their religion is a part of your lifestyle assistance from any concern for Margaret later on I checked that are so not nice is the last census on my thinking to my mind him being a greeter when your new person you know what it's like to want to be to be welcomed as I think a new person is going to make a great greater because you know they are now on a lot of the ulterior and negative help are the church 's ability to become someone emigrating is a very important thing in the church meeting you and I will that might will debunk it through the guilty under new discipleship mental shipments are affected spiritual development that will be brought that are open to making a list on the board will clap we want to get incorporated into a bountiful bountiful is about going deeper spiritually awakened in the book of Galatians the order is in fantastic material and we had three hundred at a point out of class because of the wonderful for them to learn this field is that of morning class is very important as a follow-up link to give you people about that in future and nobody make sure that their efforts will class attribute in the past is vital for the class maybe they continue to be in that class or uncheck it there in the right after the day that the only thing one more time I had worked with two young women in action with hot ball and they would not go to the bathroom of my continually inviting a lot of church school and I they do not want to go back and that was very hard for one of them because it was public and she did not want to say she was afraid that make them public she explained teammate but we talked about her being baptized literally saw she meant that people will think that I start an ugly fact reluctant nobody nobody would ever think that we would be rejoicing that she had made a decision to be baptized but this was what was the back of her mind and she did know she was baptized at church at a conservative one I could not get into the bountiful with you so they can into my class which was all and all they know the wonderful thing that happened is that as a monolithic teenager I could I had been thinking about my daughter and I heard them talk about issues they had with their parents and in turn she understood better perspective of what we would fatally try to give her counseling help everything so when the wind how can when you mentioned about the intergenerational thing is that I will then talk about a small group in fact I do believe it visits lined up young adults be together often men and women to have the groups which of the age-specific bubble mother program at our church in one of the nations of the pack everything you wanted to be part of a turn of the best way to being trained at the agreement is being trained to be up on the leader which is overwhelmingly forty people the signer him him him him I sitting that until Jason was listening to the pastor and we would just couldn't have named a little Post-it notes on my whiteboard and with a network they know my name one day they were available and added together we realized one of hundreds of beautiful and I went for the individual in charge are not often resulting in the in group there was an old and married for fifty years the couple that with me I was also a meeting eighties and then other younger people what we I bet that all that was married fifty years writing Peggy Dudley and they are being labeled as a young couple and were able to defeat behind I think the next young couple on their honeymoon cuddled up the meeting theme of activities other what we have to limit the number of women like to be on the contents are in their eighties on the Cuban people in their eighties is a regularly getting paid on the old people helping each other regularly and if you exhibit all college students who can of baked apple press and bring your daughter vegan this is how I get lots of fake Apple crap and shall bring it to you in the know and you in turn can bring you have an help from a currently open that the body and I is all about I write about that is that what he meant when he put it all together in the same body that little speech about Margaret I know that the time to be together perhaps that you are in the body I believe we need to be engaged to work together these examples will be important part of the integrating sphere so can you can bring the Sabbath the Bush family John and me cannot recognize you different last name his sitting together as a married couple and through okay back and take the blame on me people so keep that in mind he told people that now this unwanted items in person meeting or weekly Bible study the Vatican regulates vendor or meeting at her track how many of you in the last adventure permitting a church wow so maybe Armenia and Turkey have moderate women we talked about the manager asked me to print me if you don't know that he needs to go in the weekend of getting together people in the middle of the week because one of you the rape issue about life style you is that you know is not enough to get it together with proof of that morning you need to be involved in the life locket that small group is one of them okay and daily devotional reading plan Shamblin what are some suggestions that you might may or the like I human endeavor talk with her when you incurred her to have a daily devotional some are the books I want to be paid like a minute I be in the auditorium we need to make one of the daily bread and I had a meeting every day that will get you through the whole Bible in one year benefit estimate around speculative and it's only been a few better I phoned will know if I am a very new version they have a lot of different readings in the year the neonatal Popeye A Peabody out what would you suggest to help having daily devotional reading the back of the room painting Bible studies of the lady and she wanted to know how she can visit talking about knowing God 's kingdom I think that while you can you know maybe the Bible every day she wasn't sure how to do that she asked me to e-mail her lifetime that he every day so all I don't get to everything that I e-mail her when I find something that I'm a so she can see what I is recognizing how many is that having a daily serving of you got to get yourself a pipe and sponsor or transfer so that the whole creation is the amount of it to do this to my daily calendar readings sans serif need to be calm according to the calendar and also conferencing is not his enemy I is available anyway everything on earth they make one of the first of them are enabled the reading audience through twelve in January calendar year which were even a lot of wisdom in their and when you put that in your mind you know God brings that thing with your memory so yeah I think the United to watch after your on the imaginary twenty four that is the reading public twenty one days in August March sixteenth your reading public in that day is going to some is a great gift for the newly baptized person is a daily devotional book to evaluate each she was the founder year was depends on when they then baptized the day that can be taken at any time and just to give them something that they can have each student of the Bible passage is very promising location and encourage them to follow that daily devotions and solid ground by Mark feelings like Justin solid ground in the late method every intellectual bought a bag of everything in half in the matter and I have a very likable enough while the public husband and it I'm leaving I'm really liking it because it does help cover the teachings of evidence turns to look back now even if it's not affecting you and chosen I am leaving to get through day one that he talked about suburban and firm getting to the business firm involved in I think candidate in the afternoon as I get it when I get a huge husband take all the way to the fact that we're trying to a private shirt chosen for a mission that we think of as well anybody who is a fully integrated after you ever feel like they work while you are at you when you in a minute after they debuted and I grew up with the phrase who knows that a human being called the kingdom such as kind of this not grow up with no lesions on October eight if you nearly made them they had been sent you are part of a move you have a role to play in changing the world that it should be noted him they don't learn the new kind of nobody you are telling you that your life about anything you company commentator points of interest in Iowa is that this plan in my looking for here this process is known as this include knowing really out to study Scripture because when he was in Christmas of ninety seven the past few years of becoming a member of the Senate in this church now until then I really understand how to use it I will board prayer just to really see the Holy Spirit to guide me through them so young not just the devotions time to do it right and how the study password question and answer the answers lie in bed by helping to create a thoughtful portrait housing the Bible dictionary is now so that they can navigate their way through and if you look at how they are attempted white talk about in his book and you wait and pray if not taking a whole chapter is Sally I think that something to do but to take Lori started with the gospel taking a story and read right to left that story morning devotional it was very good in your presentations of initiative that you knew that she had lived with that that she had imagined it but she'd think that she had walked there and when you do that meditating on those University story the Bible will come alive and I him me what you want to make God because of what happens I admit I'm a journal or I need to be taken aboard and there is something deeply that you get when you write to think that turning your head I is in the serendipity Bible as the father after allowing wanting to get their own resources but it says on the path you made your holiday we have to go read something that in the Trinity Bible and has an opening question questions as it pertains attack in an application is in my head I found it I write down the answers you go there to encourage you to do that and even if it's your crotch for a while you can know to become more hats at Eddie Hermia question itself is that through that but the reading Scripture in focusing on that one way and a recent invention it was a woman who can chat that she was antagonistic to week and she's I'm worthless if the Bible is talking about Andrew study Bible learning insights into the back where it had visited him in that I start with the talk about the Bible and would you give them an advantage read that paragraph says the move the Bible is God 's words human beings being revelation from God himself and provide people with insights from the perspective since the Bible is fundamental to the city of all of the needs it is important to understand what it says about itself authority and influence I go to the first hat is headed in that section is all I Horner was from nineteen hundred and eleven when they buy word I hid in my heart and they get a bit then I gave her the Bible a lot like Jimmy V to read the note on its right here in the city recently inconsistent breaks one's relationship with God not to sing and not just a means to live according to express will heating the word of God in the heart is the only seasonally not to sin against God Jesus resisted invasion and numbering is contained in the Scriptures from one role additionally is that you know the woman whom she met in trying it I need this kind of help to be faithful not to in my life is not possible it will describe when you are studying with a person in the history of the cycling notion with them it is your life and how God would have made a difference that don't I tend to read the Bible shared with that woman when I very little minute Maryland and with that came free table for the first thirty days and then they can do that you know we had cable TV you didn't have to watch TV because you're paying for is the one and only gone and I looked at the cable TV guys and I saw a movie with any career and I will not play the title of the movie that embarrassed its height I thought about watching movies and targeted finally they know that the title alone in all I'm curious on the burden and I get you that are well maybe what I have twenty five o'clock in the morning worship I went into the little down and read my Bible when we worship in this committee in any language that I had no desire to watch that movie I worry have I hid in my heart that I might not again me that is why he is and I believe it is the tool that will help us to be faithful in our spiritual block they should help me out to to learn how to study the Bible the daily devotional reading the daily pressure unable feedback you give blood she wants to pay we had somebody recently where moderate students of all they had a Hindu background and they have been learning about the atmosphere and they wanted to know if this is not the leader we pray that he would if we had a new member how would you help to know how to pray the personal opening frame the people they may have justice for all in the back is the really help me in my walk with Christ was learning a brief century service and seeing the different aspects of our walk but also how everything was and I really wrote by Carol she immediately features secrets of personal prayer is other books out there is language there's actually seminar on Friday but it was vastly help my walk with Christ I think introducing people to the century is from historical respective but also profound respect mineral prices really it's virtually going to the satellite and you have been sleeping in another finger in with a very I live in one of them even having right now they can have a year 's civilian so when you instantly actually journaling your prayers and something that I summoned all say a husband like basically taking the person bringing different sanctions on different days a week so one particular day in my devoted to bring more thank you is one such devoted sitting actually everything everything on Monday they get too long right I think they also say that you know when you pray for people who regularly prayer priority for the calendar priority is winning I know I get tired of praying the same thing all the time Michael Douglas might fall the reason I started dating while you Michael today he is a forty minute commute and fighting traffic thirty five why can't you know what it felt like for him and I know that John is in boxes that you got a coworker who may get fired you don't help him to get like a certain stringent effort why you can preview them he is not an ad that is not a Christian it's really the same meaning is to enter into their life and you know he felt those close to them when you see them as possible lighting here is that we did on Christmas cards and people and wonder what you are electronically right of the night to help what we had done at the tradition of family when we had Christmas trying to Chapman about it all year my diet with little she would choose one every Friday night and found out we would think about her him out and hang them in the volume on you and him and I think it was before I act like I know you and I don't determine the way me know how we would keep that in all week long it looks so I ate it tonight with an eye on the phone they know when to be pretty black person all we and even attractors around you and me and all we and I is one precipitated by the committee will probably have had conversations with always having provisions of my heavenly father will be I could also encourage them to use the acronym called ask probably heard that a CTS eight for adoration are you praising God and what I usually do for myself I use the violin I just go to the book of Psalms especially in IC examples of how David praise God and I referred to you those and on you know a CPSC on confession G Thanksgiving and SF location and letting them see that there is as holistic thing about her is not just asking praising your bank is thank you for that very important to start before we went outside and how ineffective he had parted the red they all of a sudden they were put in perspective it is not all the little problems smaller and it is advised you can delegate that he can do those things that Scripture is viewing fairly easy but to think more and more sincerity seems only simple to master I read many books on her revitalized Berlin I wasn't going back to chapter William Burns is priced never found anything more powerful than Brownstein was being read out a couple times as is then heading that way I should pray for people that she will only keep you on your prowess in Chile a few minor if you want to be on it again preventing anything it has to let her know I appreciate that Hitler 's last campaign you never hear back from them you know what happened I don't want anything to anybody I then leave them guilty not taken on one of the day with a knife and frame them know it's nice and clean up parts that Olympic event two weeks in the union the only thing and then I do with you and love you and villagers love you will have the United will give the Dupuytren's indubitably is stored in what I do this on my friend Cindy is bizarre for me the real divide the Eagles on the new Google Google or whatever your eight years he would everyone know that without a Sunday and use your brain for your list on your feet again year-over-year iPod open whatever is the religion of the Western mind with a right to doing this we did miserable week and their solutions than three months while in an price any time younger walking wherever having an MRI one and when you're in that ten people and I printed out the back of the members archers and and it was really helpful and I think you are you going to be the family fingering they came in right away that A-OK is going on right now that they invited the new time in the eleventh Abby and I think okay him on about three years now when my friends and children having trouble with me I think that the Adventist church and young hearing Jesus help you the but he wasn't real she's at home until and so she just got to read this book I'm not a big reader is small it was like two thousand and eight I know what is about as well as the incredible power of prayer I think George and her renown in the case are generally of his experiences insured pages all he and he cleaned volumes and when I finished reading it I was like before that she also told me that you don't feel like creator had a devotion your account I know with you I confirm that you're not don't have that desire right out of me easily that desire is told that way like you can show him today and so I tried that I wasn't really in the mood to talk to you and any desired anything how it just grows and grows so especially for young people and actually short hasta stories that help her and remember God is my dramatic diplomatic community noting that you talk to them like that okay I meant to specify property affected by the way they do share that with many and you and your telling her that she needs to reset that idea if you have read as well the wonderful book even for sharing when I checked the forty days of prayer life praying for was a member of Rotary and I actually know now with a return envelope that happening maybe you get a woody date you are wrong I'm going to be unpleasant and I pulled and because of our friendship Kenny has been monitoring it was natural that he would come to mind I would be honored if you would let me know how you pray for you so he brought me back to Omaha to work for God life limited specified is a chapter on working for him that the whole thing out there they said read this chapter this is reminding me of you because you're such a godly man a nineteen week and I find the next with embroidery yeah I thought that you read the chapter I've been my favorite chapter the prayer that I really do hope you are on that Internet is a long other good books out there I'm glad he went to the right site that even if it could be positive so again personal development it is either the things limited this is an idea you want to understand a little bit easier could you keep it moving again I've been out of the game it will be brought up the idea that we need to have been continually to be grounded in whatever the church teaches we want to have you even find them going to the evangelistic meetings or by having an go to a better life and there are many different curricula I know that some of them don't include a lot of prophecy the venue when one is typically the given opportunity I sent individual on the lot that there on that website I will give you there and listen resources of any differently with different party but acted like the title grand engraving or in granite and title what the Yahoo for the movement about the law that you have a hotel me for not knowing this high level of income estimated to receive about it and here is what I have attached some wonderful thing to help him understand a lot of evangelicals will want to do away with a lot that you know the Bible doesn't put the wine is it's all a wonderful nurse the study material about the century in eighteen forty four this is not a pretty big DVD called the midnight cry in the family no I cannot agree fifty years after the October twenty two eighteen forty four shows that many people and that a wonderful condition is not a religious purpose and eight hundred and eight related predation it will have exists for the ballots how it came out that movements and study materials popping a lot of that if you were here in the past and white women are dealing with our white idea great recording it again to help you down okay the Bible talking and he that okay yeah and laid I love that you brought this up for me to check out that I had experienced data with two families discussing principles of Sabbath observance in the leader 's guide and add material to train it be hers you would the family that founded the list of those event that had it for a minute of that that that couple is that they can spend that it is often about what it means is that the thing and it in the on the web I think you'll be able to guess many people doing administration that never really made the fence would support a finale we need to have coming home to welcome the data and to close the sound you grow up with those terms of I think that I love those words and you know when my interracial log back on the Mormon memory that we had to wear those more memories were it was around you know Friday night in the bathroom and I believe that this generation and lots that the human degeneration utilizes generation-skipping that even interesting I'll get together with a friend of my family if you have family and my young adult single people to join you family life resources and in your church library resources that everything is we want to have Doctor Donna operating in our congregation she has written such a child to really like Tina and several other things that it had been what I don't get you there is some resources that are listed in the church library Reagan had anything we had a applicable class that always until the relationship is called something in common that I was born because there's a couple in our church so many different developer divorce and a family of botany in American and that we want the added families in our church to be strengthened is available to continue with the family and worship understanding money covered earlier I read the chapter home in a missionary training center in Christian service by Isle of Wight with a church family I've been reading through the book Christian service five morning devotional together and it is also high octane bought it this shot in the arms remind you of what we've been called in and in related custody litigants suggesting here that you become one chapter with your family and friends the thing over and over again here is that you can give your mentee and assignments that need to him more than just reading about yourself is an attractive enough Christian lifestyle talk about a month and how they know what they want to help my in they had been in use start with a trademark of the modern white boy he was okay and then recording it in again leverage and nutrition active site water temporary crosshair Rath Johnson okay and the meeting said that without it the way that you'll will think about it he loved the evidence for these principles prevented the whole thing I think the water by getting sunshine bad that wrap all that we need to be able to share with other people the defendant eventually turn cooking school would live in your church admitted to install the handshaking so it is okay and then we had a full negative literature and thinking when I went to be defined when people everything that we should have been doing and in effect permanent future so we encourage you that anybody is no behavior traits that had done all they are being a presentation at cooking school and you get that stuff you can't even do something and the scripts that you can have been out there and people love cooking school is usually ample and so that the incident physical democracy interesting dress as it relates your personal needed will I you you will impair him networking and walking around in underwear showing one of nine hundred and that anything you buy for you enjoy knowing it was her mirroring and remember that Ellen to women you know there's a difference between being fashionably attractive and should be provocative I think if you don't know that here you can be the most of us know the difference between the two want to be attractive my daughter used to say money my week and we talk about being attractive on the inside of the outside so he won't be attractively out I got more custody but they are in college he said whether you want to attract men steal our friends the coverage of our so we have to be careful because we had responsibility to be godly whether not to be the only one of the management church pastor Skip McCarty hit piece to survey one of the things he talked about was photography I was picking the next data advantage the woman eighty feet she said as she walked past a certain and her husband no longer went to the website E all of those other things need to be trained in Cuba after his biggest trouble is when he comes to church that morning or college search we are glad everybody and their the way that women can dress to church makes it very hard for people to focus a youth pastor said it's hard to open your heart will always be a part so you know if we wanted to teach people the principles of Christian stewardship that complexity the comments from being a part of the family recently watched a wonderful life recognition that we watch Christmas theme him hauntingly affects when they had any reminder that wonderful life their consideration by a wonderful black-and-white black-and-white and I think a little bit and I think I can do is hold that when the commandment of our holiday everything is a difference in the dreams they and so it is only when you are working with super enjoying a modest clothing it may be that they might see it all down the street of those things where the breakdown of the assets don't believe it is an abstract Hollywood knows how to trade body while they are not normally so only now it's the way that we can seek additional benefiting from it and you will accept you as an I know that when I hear mom actually be better drastically change what I would watch television it's something that looks rather quickly written that the innuendos and you know that when those the value I wanted my daughter to have that he don't have a television right now because there's ungodly LHA I see you there and after we lament and we want to read we want to be gathered in the conversation and when they went to digital business television network in any way and there are so few things that we can watch I do like to watch movies I like having a very nice probably because I usually build healthy and wife even a good movie because I something like a waste of time I have found that balance in my life yet they are regulating the him I wanted to finish strongly when I was mowing about me being that is important and we look at the Old Testament you have gone back to Idol I think the system wanted I know what is it that we haven't going down the things he's using in our church because I wanted to do home visit maybe there is a computer you anything that you choose one of me but if anyone know you're busy please never watched television and watch a movie that is easier and then we will see the clone plants between the two things is currently at his review that really differences me the writers that the weekly entertainment in the very things that Jesus died for you we enjoy the murderers or the actual themes or that whenever it is funny when asked that doesn't block I got you interested in the Jesus dying because the things that they are not instantly struck me I don't want to be part of the daughter weekly was traveling with me on green and she noticed what I was watching and it was a movie when it was actually and she was talking to me that given mom you know anything hyper girl be married to a guy like that because you live up to that delete outside of marriage if the ballots of purported remarriage without reported that whenever a ship though you know man and you whether you're in a state of pornography is the example of men and for women about that man's greatest when does it at all so much as they battle you look back office that it is I feel I learned you know the Prince charming honey and all the wonderful things that I know I'm married to Mary back I'm the thing is not good for humanity thereafter like that feeling you rebuild from you and all of the newsmagazine is not reality and know that you are a great family think that men used to be that way that the township it is all important and the Christian lifestyle is also reading the parable of the counter I talked about the prisons Georgia one of these you going to do than how people live in their money is not just about three percent I could certainly handle the got all of that the nostrils you what to do with performance equity and then you make wise decisions making them the other night said that will affect how you think of money I think your time it will affect everything that you do it he had that down and there are positive things in can be done in each of somebody that the positive obviously one is gracefully bring some delusion is a small group but not above the Las Vegas review or something it's good his educational is just pointing out the bad entertainment no charges have been thinking this is something that is positive Israel's hard so somebody so forth these these are bad weather don't have as virgins reneging on something as and nothing is certain this is a surgeon and his members planning and developing out-of-the-box and only known to relate with people at church events for opportunities to be intentional about spending time with relations with the doing these actually good and that he draws closer to you on together right now and then have some evil living in a shack anyone singly thou not how horrible the fact that you build up how a lot of five and have been organizing them into battle you have been very good point I present you bring that up and we do want to panel technician for a balance and a half later working without a conference given that in a family and you don't think it is something you that healthier than when you're been eating their favorite and they me out that a lot of the problem is that I had a citizen they really live in you you have everything you need a number like that though serve their favorite foods and add something in a healthier something to do with his reasoning is designed to intercept about not eating enough of these the meeting of principals and something that comes getting providing material or presentations that can show our new processes to enter that sight of what we know that about and some of the tools that I was given was a yesterday afternoon about his new superficial things they see young people China testimonies of how it was a nice lesson aliens the moment that uncertainties are testimonies of people can relate to any speed allowed home and is now in SQL it's amazing to see the show him him they showed less things that we never thought no evil is easy and fun and I was was found by visiting the children in the zone my sense is that he then uses down into easy keys and he basically do movies such as Disney and down while he's at it so that you can use to show people we just got interesting to check on what a maximizing okay I'm making living here learning about adding a searchlight is an addict history and is a book called while a church family and you have a lot of information on aggravating hiding your head in a world edition DVD of any of the missing spotlight which was younger about that and will make DVD and this will radio as well I discovered to my regeneration and her friend is the removal about adding search and immediately dismissed by making enemies and Mike doing nothing they haven't been involved in missions you know the story there is a lot going on in the administration I denomination is structured in such a way that we had taken on the whole world to things like add that we are making a tangible difference in the basic needs that people have done we had a Willow Creek and other people doing that they can all look at what he knows other people people are doing the church and doing those things they did not know about I believe that Melissa needs him watch where the DVDs you need to hear the story in the adult Bible any guide anything makes the story every week and if you read that along with two thousand eleven you will be inspired to put how your churches sprang an awful person to understand the leader on the nominating committee process him him talk to you they want to do something and I'm not really trying to arrange me thought I carry inside the new players they are back but we only think that when an eight hundred positions at our church but one of our goals each year is that we try to want at all the volunteers we manage that the church membership roster by the people who are doing nothing we want to find something for them to get involved in the FAQs in the meantime new people that are coming into action like that is the membership about the billing for the transfer of membership of the newly baptized John as her mentor is to walk you through the different things that you mentioned differently the ministry relationship like to get involved with any students want to be involved in year eleven goals are what they need to know when one students he knew nothing of the capital community of healthcare I wanted to know about children that will so be passive never but the children that withhold a church that can find it was heavy we go to a different division of when they were big enough that we had age specific class will go to one p.m. CST my week in California never finish the final event that was okay the goal wasn't the only one anyone with the handling that engages the attribute reader may be to helping the children have already submitted you will maybe she will get involved with abortion even she will bring a place that she wants to connect we have to only densities different experiences we had to Michigan which is the thing that comes conference and in the late Ian Carol the unit again to yours I love this one person to attend a meeting of our meeting when my father became at once I think the little island of Trinidad and he was he then attended that you know he thought that with him him a little island of Trinidad when he learned that people in the world 's first he was out in the heavily traveled anywhere he negatively invented hybrid institution within the meaning going on family was present at the meeting to encourage people to occur to you and you and when they know that if I move it I think that the health committee mentioned the FDA Yearbook you get one of those pagan that they were talking out bits of tobacco I gave it out when you write that well the vision and the notes of the Republican claim that if he did not get one of the pages from the yearbook and remind Marine division country a conference that you pray for a paid ordinance is of the services of the church the most important Republican in communion and that you will have to walk a new member through that lady be there partner admitted that he wanted me every tablet and organic community should find that but not sitting in that that they might need to ensure they said evaporated there are many that unit of a lot of information to prepare them for it and remember that hope of watching experience is all about making relationships right before they come to that foot washing part encourage them in their relationships to be healed that you need to make right with God do that before you practice of watching parts identify churches reminding people about that we came to that means that it will be much richer experience there are articles that you have the download from their website perfect that ministry of healing has been attached to a pair that agency actually carries ever encountered you can guess who will no one is doing everything in my maniac will have to write personal data that you gave them my number and one that has come to understand what comes how medications are many people that you come in future of my children inviting more fully grown until the baby they may want anyone to have been dedicated to bringing a child to understand what better wedding and funeral monument incident had been involved and they need to understand and know the difference and if I take the evil we talked about ministries you have to broaden personal ministries training and then this is the section of focusing on that what with them now when people the church as well I minister to some of the big idea that we want them to be involved in many different activities we find here we use the CDR in the medical field CPR and when a person if they die right and you certify CPR several of you that you were trained to do that right there we can train people to be involved in spiritual see the CPR are called cultivating the soil as you need to read your private cultivating planting and reaping that he be our eternal life exhibit is important to know the other medical DVR and by practicing note the spiritual CPR that he will train you to be involved in many different and I think the friendship evangelism that you spoke about how we look at the planting of the seed as really being God 's word some of them very good at making friends with people that we sometimes are actually getting to see of the word planted in them why we want to be updated at any rate unless you been involved in some of the things this training they need to go on in your conference you might have a training event will take people to think you might be but maybe better and take the people when you see them even seem on paper involving them in the Bible and sell anything that you'll take with you on the Bible many of the assets he had a duet and you might have view one one even if you have given on their own you want to help her want to help them prepare other people want after them back in a nutshell is some of the things that you can do here and when you leave to amend his guide and want to give you the website if you want to write it down Debbie WW and its training center churches training center churches why are you being that's her churches are when you go to that site handbook like that that you can print out the three hundred Philadelphia and it has turned out that you need to do it apply to you I will send you think you can teach them how to pray all kind of doctrine in the end of the game that you can get the equipment of Valley open off online is very useful the other people I wanted to see about it you can take advantage of higher than we do in my near if not yet placed that we were doing it so often I knew that people have used something with it so that we can do in our church him him understand with you on that and this is really helped me you basically assess about why so important the first lesson is why vehicle taken advantage you might have been a little crazy he put out a call contagious Christian which is about three hundred of our members through the contagious Christian course all evaluation that this was wonderful for one of my friend is already crested likelihood to help them become the passageway and thirteen of us develop our about how this came about but one of the first session of why even take advantage of any Baptist theology and why same father so the first session address that but one of the things that really retention and preaching classmates that we had to meet a book called preaching to a shift in culture in the books that the dialogue between Albert Mohler president of the Southern Baptist theological seminary in Louisville Kentucky and the ability to O'Donoghue with a host of the show they were other religious leaders in the program including a Rabbi Donahue asked Mueller to you believe Jews can go to heaven no limit on assets with other Christians believe that all persons who go to heaven to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is no discrimination on the basis racial or national issues and his response was you don't believe that the person in the high-end day and if you don't come to Jesus UK if you don't change it they are not going to happen that we had to minister the soul in evil behavior in my opinion I respect your religion Reverend Mohler if you respect mine please don't tell me that you know what there for me and arrogant in that role the respondent will always knowing that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ to all who come there and by his grace from their his grace and mercy alone there is nothing in on merit elevation and some humility is to be the Christian officer Donahue responded there's nothing humble about telling me I'm not going to happen I don't believe in Jesus humility at heritage a look carefully to mullahs respond that can be upgraded and add it would be arrogant if it were our message that if that is what the son of God and himself if that is the truth that it would be hateful it would be intolerant not stitched how you we believe to be the truth I cannot compel anyone to believe in five nights you have a responsibility with gladness and joy to share the good news of the gospel if we


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