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Beware of Hitchhikers

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 10, 2006
    7:30 PM
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I will beware of hitchhikers always been how to deal with the team the roadmap to have been so every night and done some play on maps or drove to travel and I beware of hitchhikers understand with Jeremy the book of John the eleventh chapter approximately the remote a is the diversity we have a top first blue Philippians two eleven to thirteen first I will go back to John Philippians two eleven to thirteen the Scripture says and that every tall should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father wherefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence out your own salvation with fear and trembling was God which working in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to go into your word and want to learn your truths 's father died to make me just a nail upon the wall right now a rusty old sorry old mail-order and upon that meal angle portrait of Jesus Christ so that Lord Eric Walsh is not seen tonight only the wonderful radiant beauty of our Lord and Savior prayer in the precious name of Jesus amen Jesus and his disciples were always off Windows came to them that Lazarus was sick the stories reported in the book of John the eleventh chapter favorite stories from our reasons as you look at the story he's there and as he gets his news and they expect most would expect that since he was the friend of Mary and Martha and Lazarus that he would've gone running right through the bedside of his ill friend but he doesn't do that matter fact in verse four of chapter eleven of the book of John Jesus says the sickness of this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God the son of God might be glorified thereby the Bible says in verse five that Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus and when he had heard therefore that he was sick you old days still in the same place where he was and after that safety is his disciples let us go into it to Judea again Jesus waited two days before he responded to the two look to the call to come to Lazarus was ill you can immediately jump up and run to where Lazarus was he waited two days before he will with a lot that that's rich in that at all I sometimes respect that when we pray God should immediately you know almost like of a magician or ATM machine in the sky just push the right buttons what we want to come flying out for the Bible so that God has his reasons as to why he moves out demons he doesn't just do what we wanted to do it do you know what best is wail and his good pleasure actually and what will best glorify them so many times when we think God is not answered our prayers it's not that God as operators use is waiting sometimes our prayers so that we get that book blessing angle or our blessing but in other words he wants to maximize what he does for you he's trying to does give you what you want because sometimes I'll call you when my superficial in our desires we want to make more sometimes because of how they look rather than who they are in Christ sometimes the wanted job more because of how much it is rather than what I'm not in that position could we do at the dog serving should be and where we were so sometimes we ask for things that God is on us for it a lot of our spiritual of all minds it would sure to catch up with where God would have us to be forgotten is not always come running to answer your prayers sometimes he alters to learning in life is that when God called him to come to your rescue oftentimes it is a lesson to be learned with others or all or some great benefits that will come from the fact that God has you wait the Bible is filled with God the week the children of Israel one eleven days away from the promised land yet they marched around in the wilderness for forty years now and the art enables forty days and forty nights and even when the rain stopped they still had to wait that many times in the Bible when it is awakened upon families people wait because first of all we don't be God does not run on our time we run on his cock that doesn't always do things the way we think you should not in the time we could use it as one of situations as Jesus is ready to go back to bed him the family was one of the disciples Thomas was it was more quickly but it actually is worried the building is on their way through Jesus speaking about God 's time do that love my time is not yet even with all times any other time and he knew that he is the way he wanted because the time for his crucifixion the topic and to be delivered into his enemies and the limit through that process was not yet fully went anyway you run into once is the first in a person 's thoughts about Lazarus and Jesus G7 verse fourteen I seventh of May with the fiberglass that eighty seven versus Stephen I'm glad you think that I was not there to the intent you'll might but you may believe nevertheless let us go on to him I was a little speech there personally then Martha as soon as you heard that Jesus was coming went and met him but Mary's sat still in the house verse twenty one days and Martha on to Jesus and more if you have any my brother had not died with verse twenty two she says but I know that even now whatsoever thou will ask of God God will give it to you Martha had faith to get the full picture but she had a powerful faith of the other system is give down and as soon as she leaves from around of Jesus she goes to go to get her sister of verse twenty eight and NT call Mary is this a secret missing the Masters comments will you as soon as you heard that she rose quickly and came timber study says now Jesus was not yet come into the town was at the place where Martha met him then the jewels the jewels then which were with her in the house and comforted her when they saw Mary Betsy rolls up easily and went out on her saying she goals of great week there will marry was when Jesus was and saw him she fell down at his feet saying onto him and even in here my brother had not died both systems understood something that we need to understand if Jesus is in the rule that has no sway if you simply been in the ruler Lazarus was dining that couldn't haven't taken Lazarus saw lots of the force of light is Jesus that just being in the in the present of Jesus means that that is rendered powerless back to life your Christian you are not we all speak of Christians truly of having time while we speak of them as having obviously the story because if Jesus is in your heart when your time comes and you as you really have not I think that the Jesus I love you in a little bit of that Jesus that all the resurrection they will call you back the Christian need not fear death because Jesus is the great light about him Jesus is in you that will have complete sway over you beauty not cleared you need not be afraid of what the world will do to the government talk about a morning we live in a world where we need to become prepared to deal with persecution as Christian as though you must know Jesus you will have them in your heart will happen in your life so that you understand that you are not the object and that I is an unbeliever in other words make sure Jesus is the role of Bible both on the first thirty three the Bible says when Jesus therefore saw her weeping and the Jews also weeping which came with her and grown in the spirit was troubled at what you leave in the seventeen more comments the Bible says in verse thirty three thirty five Jesus went the Bible only records Jesus crying twice this is one of the times Jesus is standing there in front of the tool with one of the sisters of Mary crying and he hired mourners cry around him and he looks at the situation I like to help us that Jesus could see the back of it and what I'd done to humanity and he was even able to go down to the ceaseless ages I looked down into even two thousand and six and with Jesus all the suffering that his children would have to face Jesus went because this was not God 's design design that people die to be mapped address copies in this day and ceased babbling would would would a severe form of cancer and to get the chemotherapy one of things he said was she's not even sure if taking the treatment for the disease is worth worth it because it seems that the treatment is worse than the delete when Jesus in the suffering of people walking by this woman's husband said I Hospital visit at the hospital visit difficultly out the difficulty complication complication that these Christians setting and suffering under the weight of sin Jesus will come through time and all your pain and he went to a lot of people that love God with the cool body he so distant he doesn't feel my pain but you don't understand this already trying you he already left for your pain is so you will will will will and you and your family it will let you get in the relationship that did not work out he will have as little as a child is given that cried because these all that man was in trouble part of the group that was around him were hired mourners visiting with a number with a funeral they were paid and they would show up at the funeral and they would cry all-purpose to make the funeral setting more more more more cram more blooming that it would've otherwise been and so they hire people to come in and to cry God messenger entitled beware of its axis positioning some of us have hired mourners in our lives the moment that people in our lives are really around us because they have our best interests in mind been there because they get something out of our relationship and often they are the ones proclaiming the most blue on your life always warn young people of the going to choose a spouse or a beta-1 a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever the situation is being very careful because it's very easy when you think you're in love to pick pick up a hitchhiker the spiritually pickup someone who really is always have to live you can do for them at an awkward want to feed you in any way spiritually all oral or socially or physically or mentally the lady that has there and if you're a Christian I can you really want to carry someone else did you really don't want to have to try and enjoyment to a USA what about a lot of hired mourners in the church a lot of people the first thing they wanted to one some more wrong insurgencies they want to complain they are like the children of Israel is the marmalade talk about the past that's a lot hot one at a reason that young people leave George is because often times their parents leave church and go home for lunch and have the pastor of the leaders of the church for dinner they talk about them every week they talk about event if your child and weirdest left twelve of fifteen years of your life when you turn eighteen or twenty one hours do you want to go to church if all you ever heard an old with negative things about the house of God but you the matter has a lot of leverage and that was as use back the tears come back to me the look you've got to save my son go get them to even the gangs go get them back with you send more than fifteen years than I can say in fifteen minutes we got to be careful what we say about God 's church and what we say about God 's leadership in a lot of Bible text I'll bring up when people want to talk about certainly it is not the Lord 's anointed and do his prophets no harm even if you don't agree what with church leadership is doing is imperative that we don't just throw stones at goals and the applicant will visit it didn't put them there I got to do with weight is thrown when we speak against God leaders and speak against the nomination speech against the church oftentimes all lead to the Bible to life and death is in the power of the own work found in the Hebrew and the connotation of being like the hands of it when you speak it's as if something goes out and forms which are saying the talk to me about all the time and all round people want to negative all the time I is an and and I'm telling you that you don't hitchhike a dangerous daisy allowing exactly what common American people stop in the present of all time but the criminal mind and all of the stories you do for all years about what happens when people pick up hitchhikers I think God you know what they doubt that the law in the media have shown that when used if you ever constantly picking up a hitchhiker be prepared as you don't we get in the car a lot of the Christians of that is that while a woman who could be let me stop and help this person but is something that we come in all of us have to face a essence of one of your drive-by somewhat how do you know what is your picking up if you're careful what you put in your physical car how much more careful should you be getting into your spiritual travel how much more careful should you be what is that influences how you think young people how much more careful should you be Bible says that his diesel here is hired mourners and crying and any looks at the situation Jesus wept the Jews say inverse thirty six behold how he loved him and got a question for me that he hired mourners and some of them said could not this man would open the eyes of the blind of cause that even this man should not have done Jesus therefore begin growing in himself to the grave it was a cave and a stole was upon it Jesus and take your Winstone owner submit to you in your spiritual walk be prepared to move stone about the workaround will be done than a dozen stoned to float away on its own Jesus asked for the participation of man it was the divine Jesus doesn't just do what all horses going in oh yeah I often ask the question why is it that I send to run its course on Mister Wyden Jesus is talking to come to earth and preach the gospel for us because our participation in what God is doing often is what helps the state of even the last all the time why would a good God allow suffering in this world and all of the philosophy of study going all the schools are going to allow them to collect the philosophy and and and and comparative anatomy class the placement wake forest University in University Alabama Huntsville and University Miami Florida and all other explanations for why suffering comes into this world a the only answer that makes sense to me is found in the book of the Scriptures of the Bible is expounded upon in the book the great controversy and that is that God is so loving and soul spirit and soul just the money was challenged by the enemy by the devil gone all out seem to run its full course feeling the universe so much he allows them to want to pull cord so that when people saw the accident about a fallen Angels among phone world when he thought of all that saying they would choose to love God no other explanation makes sense to me like that because any end of the day the Bible says that God is love will will cannot be forced to make someone love you even got an omnipotent being e-mail you love him it is the law so easy I tend to run its course and asked us to choose them that love him all the illicit and free choice and when he does business in steps back and allows them to run at what to give us an opportunity to see the X 's in ironically God is often blamed for the same that the enemy call and want to be just that the devil winding his way with Satan right away because the doctor and that they wanted to let the question in somebody's mind one angel will or or and one unfold more of a Minamata question left their mark may be Lucifer you see what happened to him he questioned God and was destroyed but I can tell you when it's all over and in the new heaven and a new earth there will not be one person that will doubt that God was right and that God is love so what's over the Scripture says that every need with Bob and every home contest even Lucifer will have to confess that God is failure and just read a book on a long time ago about a spiritualism in the media and in Hollywood and there is one actress Shirley McClain a believer maintenance and after some more background in the seventies on which he was into being a medium in an and M Spears speaks through her and what about Iran physical him this conversation when this is being messy meet University the spirit as he mediums a speech throughout our works exactly don't really want to see it happen either but so she's doing and what I think about outsourcing the understanding spirits are really all in Angels and Demons was dialogue she says something to that effect from a book success on the what is it that you miss most about where you were and this demon the spirit answers and says I miss being in the presence of the love of God through McLean reports as one of her books even the demons missed the love of God is powerful of telling a lot of they read a lot of books many of the uncles fallen Angels are angry that you have an opportunity at salvation that they don't is a fact if we squander the opportunity to be saved but God has given us Jesus take away the stone marker the sister of remarkable releasing the more rigid of the two sisters the one account to make sure everything ran right to Johnson she says other set of them is the seventh and more by this time he stinks we has been dead for me the Jews believe that if someone was dead three days they were being on the point of being resurrected to make sense of Jesus waited to come because he needed to make sure the last those in the room long enough to get past the act so they would not think that really Lazarus was just asleep a matter of fact if you remember back to the leader of the synagogue 's daughter God and Jesus raised from the dead there were those in Israel who believe that she really never I was just sleeping so this time this is the crowning miracle of Jesus ministry on earth he was born a woman they know all Lazarus be a shadow of a doubt and die says that I not only be that if I would would believe that would see the glory of God to take away the stone from the place with the dead was laid and Jesus lifted up his eyes and said I thank you that thou hast heard me and I know that thou garishly always but because of the people would stand by I said that they may believe that thou hast sent me and when he had thus spoken he declined with a loud voice Lazarus come for powerful Jesus prays steps the steps in front of the other open tool and have a Lazarus come forth vibrations of youth a voice echoed through that too but Batcave liked movement it's the lifeless restless body now just really a lump of clay is Shuman vibration is met by his defined inspiration outlet and what it would all come alive on the body of Lazarus something being decided and is stirred at that becomes life and the life of Lazarus is probably brought back to life Althea and and and and better looking than he ever was before Jesus called them back from the dead Lazarus once all-powerful is Jesus that is what I wanted you to come what do you as you come in and I in the cemetery when I got off and walked out of the green power Jesus I submit to you that there's another angle to the story using because all of us in recent weeks we are in the wages of it the wages of sin and that's up on a level when we are in and in the world would we have not accepted Christ we all get away like elastomers we are dead but I submit to you that Jesus is still in the business of all calling to the van and giving them like it if you'll just make yourself accessible to is voice where Lazarus was physically dead Jesus can call you back from being spiritually dead Jesus has the power to speak in your life and I change so that even spiritually things you used to do before that that was so so are attempting so so seems so valuable for things of the world that should be shot when Jesus says call your writing previews the new become testable to become trended away from what you used to do you become a new person so to the nightclub scene in the music that you use the love how we're doing everything it just drives you crazy the smell of cigarette to use the laptop when you their putrid when you can you spell the spell Jesus changes you and you become a new creature in submit to you that we must work out our own salvation in fear and trembling the Bible says or even one that has said we must be sold in a place where Jesus Ken reaches that his widow and his pleasure is given with in our hearts and minds I submitted the religious server more powerful God you realize I submit to you that some of the weaknesses some of the some of the same vessel easily the set is simply being laid in a place where Jesus can think of them if we just will from in front of our hearts a lot of believe the storm assumed we don't want to let go of a lot of leave the store method of the boys can get from a challenge of the night Rolling Stone allowed Jesus to have holes in their life so that when he opened his mouth and he speaks when the Holy Spirit is calling to you it's talking at the heart holding into a better relationship with with him that you hear it and that is that inside of you would come to life you serve a very powerful God one who wants to give you in Christ Jesus you want to give you another opportunity to know him as one of my favorite store that I probably told that an old woman one of my favorite stories about a young man who true story back in the night in and out in the forties and fifties in this country is playing poker in one of Western states what is Western United States and while his plan poker you have the drinking got angry at a personal cost tables are presented that young man was cheating so he reached down and was back on the on the move money and pointed the gun across the table and shot and killed the young man across the table from man's body fell lifeless to the Florida police were called the young man that was intoxicated and still have the gunpowder residue on his hands handcuffed and put into the police are you in jail no mail already sat in jail until trial and trial Amy was found guilty by a jury of his peers in an sentenced to die in the electric chair by now the whole process a taken a few years and the family of this young man decided that they would begin a petition to try and get a state of pets of all try get him not to be executors and executions of his family began to write out the petition everyone in the family sign the papers everyone in them on the street and then on the block and in the town in the next town the mid-level county and county by county Cal Viscount people began to sign a petition to ask the government for mercy and to smear this man's life eventually baskets and baskets some of these petitions were delivered in front of the governor to store the governor was Christian Nagata when he saw all of these papers all of these petitions he decided to write out to this young man a old part to let them go based on the target already served the governor ruled out the N and folded up in his briefcase and when it was possible for leaving and slipped on the role of a preacher that I went down to the limousine was taken to the state penitentiary begotten was met by the warden and brought to death row it went into this young man so he began to walk into the cell to talk to the young man the young man jumped up and he said Canada the assembly blooms on God 's young man to get out of the Christian all my life and look where it landed me get out the governess please listen to what I have to say I will young man's that are seen by pastors already today get out the government tried one more time 's son listen to what I have to say in the young method if you don't get out of home warden and the guards and have you put out the governor this point dropped his hand and took that letter with him and walked out of a from the seven went down those metal hallways and down the stairs and was met by the warden again and brought to the limousine and wisdom back to the governor 's mansion as he left the warning came running up the stairs of death row and rest of the young men seventh ran into the seventy seven how did your visit with the governor go beyond what you mean that men dressed up like a preacher was the governor warns Monty said not only within the governor but the old part written out for you young massive quake Gibby and you need it and he began to write their governor I am so sorry I did not know it was you the governor received that letter on his best and with tears streaming down his face the governor a letter over and wrote on the back no longer interested in this case then came a young man to be put to death and he was marked down along I when you stood up in front of the electric chair and all that the officer standing next to him as all the cameras of the media with their have his face plastered all over the newspapers the next day all microphones ready and that all the terms of the young vanities is before you die to anything you want to say the young man looks into the cameras and he says yes tell the young men of America that I'm not dying because I'm a murderer tells him not only because I did anything wrong tell the young men of America that I died today because I refused to do except he said I refuse to accept the party see as Christians not one of us will really be lost because what we did or didn't do any of us in law it will be because when Jesus offered the free gift of life we didn't take when Jesus offers you an opportunity to know him as your personal savior that will constrain you to give you the power to live a holy righteous life we offer to you like that is sitting on death row Washington some of us will recognize that if the boy of Jesus calling to you you will recognize Jesus if you don't accept him what he makes himself available to you and you lost it really will be will this fall yours online by going young man we've all made our mistakes like that young man of power that has the ability to shoot is offering you freedom tonight that we had about every eyes closed when you're praying I would ask that if there's someone who wants to accept that part in tonight you want to accept the free gift in mercy that Christ is offering you on as easy as we raise your hand when you are risen Lord praise the Lord is oriented putdown alas one more question if this someone was not given their life to Jesus maybe you've been around church all your life but you don't feel like he ever really given your heart to him tonight I want to give you that opportunity I would ask if you've never given your life to Jesus of you feel like you need to give your life to Jesus tonight I would ask you to stand where you are in the balcony on the floor it doesn't matter right now Jesus is calling you to tell you last night why the world doesn't mean anything to me praise the Lord because when Jesus wept he felt the pain of what I lost my mother and my grandfather my cousin and I him the only hope I have joined ever in this life or in the next life is in knowing Jesus I wanted offer that to anybody tonight not mine to give that Christ gives it free with someone else then we want you want to give your life to Jesus tonight if you're in the balcony on the floor just a few more minutes for the Lord in the back in the back praise the Lord anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus tonight praise the Lord is there anybody else that's hugging you feel is the Holy Spirit calling you God is working on you he has the power to take you from death to life in all things except that power right now is there anybody else anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus anybody else brings the Lord anyone else grew the Lord anybody else am I should ask those was standing just joining down here one approach especially tonight 's biggest come out I'll really quickly comes out front so we can pray and anybody else who wants to come come now tomorrow is not promised analyses to become dolphin in the balcony come down with an afraid in the back revenue are coming out front because I believe God is still willing to give mercy to anyone want to receive it just me we know tomorrow is not promised now is the acceptable time is anybody else before we close you want to give your life to Jesus as every others about every eyes closed father God we thank you Lord for your truth and for your word that when Jesus speaks like he said it Lazarus come forth and then I became a living soul father God applies that life-giving power to each of our lives tonight father God as Jesus enthroned in the spirit anyway what is understand that God is not left us alone tonight but that he cannot talk to I live in our greatest difficulties even in our greatest childhood tragedy by God reminded that Jesus will already but even the darkest hour he is closer to us than many of us would've been opted out of those will come down front ask that you see you bid decision father .edu would fill them with your Holy Spirit of Angels would be given charge over each of them and that the power of the enemy would be subdued and restrained in their lives so that now all they could grow freely with you now that many of us who are not coming down front but morally needed to be revitalized as well we need we need is a spirit in you Lord is with you Holy Ghost and in our all in him will I follow so that at last was a resurrection glory like you know how I live testimony to the power in level one does someone should've gotten out of this he didn't come down from after night to give them no rest until they find rest in Jesus Christ one must even come down from again I pray Lord in their finances and their families but most importantly in their faith father God when Jesus comes again we would be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord would spend an eternity with you loving Lord and enjoying you this is our prayer in Jesus 's day of the church say and then


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