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Hear the Wind Blow

Vincent Samuelson



  • December 31, 2012
    12:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve Washington and other resources in us online at www. SQL .org enough in the USA is a long life in the Salyut it's especially long life and that I can see here until you live in your Bibles with me John chapter three million rated us find the site nothing is right John chapter three verse five Jesus speaking he says most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and invest site Jesus goes on to explain a little bit about that read the pot I read the bill wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but you cannot tell where it comes from and where it galleries so is everyone who is born of the Spirit as I share my testimony is nothing else to do the softening in case any of my woods and misunderstood it needs to be very clear that the things that I share things I have been a part of the basic things of the Spirit has done this is the why this spirit has blind you could say in my life and it's my prayer the soft the name that the spirit want bloody fruit made into you so that we can go into the world and the winds of revolution that the Holy Spirit always wants to accomplish through us would begin to blow with greater force and I have in recent funds under the nail you concisely than him to pray father in heaven would you work right on Davis and recognition that you never gave the great commission without having promise of your spirit right there beside inside those I share my interactions my involvement in the great commission this brought such joy such fulfillment to my life arthritis through would move into the laws of each person hearings he threw the incident mean feature places three future mediums and just pray Lord that you would use this message is a team trying for months to revive a missionary culture in a church made sought here and UIC we pretty seems in Jesus name and imagine with me that you are in the Middle East are not benign the country because I wish to return their imagine you're in the Middle East you down the street shopping for the men it's you down the street shopping because in this particular country it's definitely Islamic Saudi Islamic that the women go out in public in and do business transaction so you've been sent down the street by your lovely wife to get the groceries for the past year in the grocery store and you looking hostile to foreign script at the pictures on the packaging because you can't read the script you definitely note that only meeting gradients listing and is you concentrating making new decisions and then in the foreign store your attention is grabbed by a voice one of the few people that you know in this Valley says your Nyman says we've got five minutes to be in the draw so the school you've been invited to state tool most often students noticed town the your release just happens to be one of the fall my senses for Islamic education in the world the leading imam attached to this school is writing 's frighteningly close to the top of the list of five hundred most influential Muslims in the world and say you travel my motorbike a great space to the seminary where he again to share with the students and software you speak today this message it has been sent to get you and who will also be a translator nisei what is it that unexpected to speak about and he says calmly whatever is on Johan CR hospitality doesn't always have punctuality and it new situation it didn't have communication and planning tongue-in-cheek I thought to myself thanks just about the state with eight hundred plus of the most influential of the people that will become future leaders in the world of Islam and you just help me gain perfect clarity on what is it on to say what would you say in that situation what would you do you arrive and you are shooting to the front rod and youth sat down just embodiments before you see your English nine amidst all of the Arabic introductions and you know that it's your time to speak you got to the front with you translate all and you sit on the top like they did on your right is one of these most influential Muslims in the world on your left as you translator any given a microphone you haven't had time to plan what you can say him he just sent on Friday what would you say in the situation what would you do not show which makes me more notice the new front I hundred Muslims of speaking to you today with five minutes planning a six-month planning that here I am and this is a situation that my wife and I found ourselves in lawsuit we had the pleasure and opportunity to travel to the Middle East and we were doing humanitarian work that this is a situation we found ourselves in because whatever we do in our lives with decided to go with the intention of sharing wherever and whenever we can now advise you what you would do in this situation and many of you probably saying I don't know I decide but I find myself in that situation tomorrow will pay using why would I had no idea what to do in that situation you couldn't have convinced me by any measure that I would find myself in a citizen Oriente payees ago on the eleventh of December I was baptized that was the same day that I graduated from arise and eight years ago I began to leave the salon across Launceston I gave my life to him into the service of a stretch but the rice and Adventist hat is a non- Adventist end up in a rise thing baptized on graduation day was raised in a high minestrone with a great family all families in the same definitely not an Adventist family that a great family and one of the reasons I say this because my parents sold the value of rising offs in the country leaving taught situation in a team growing up in that live in that environment you don't realize the impact that has an molding your character am thankful for that bringing this up bringing along with the influence of my grandmother gave me a great love for the outdoors and for nature and that was one of my passions is a young person before I was a Methodist much less excited submissions which is lied to become a passion in my life and specifically missions to the Muslim world and when assigned missions just so it's understood by yourselves and if the infamous and ever end up watching the hearing this missions committee is giving people a clear revelation of biblical faith a clear understanding set invite invite decisions for themselves my first exposure to missions is a Catholic high school the homilies that we given them by the trace made an impression upon me about service on Avon respondents one of the appeals one day to guide to the Pacific islands and help this Catholic vote of Moscow belong to to do mission work and confusingly my interest was never followed up I graduated from Catholic high school in three months off the graduating began a backpacking trip like many a strike ensued we grow up seeing all these thymocytes on television but they decide far why so we finish school we book a ticket we going to season we stay out of the country as long as we can to get money 's worth out of the ticket so for eleven months I traveled through the UK Scandinavia Europe and North him just to see the world but it didn't take long before I grew tired of saying this I am assigned not famous like taking a picture and getting on the next trying in the same thoughts that invite me through my school about futility say I've thought a lot like the book of Ecclesiastes grade David know I hadn't read it and I began to get into something more meaningful and so I started to look for opportunities to volunteer in environmental causes but I never found something if it because I wanted you to try for the privilege of volunteering because that Senate race money for the projects so I didn't get involved in service then but once I returned to Australia my uncle who had recently become a seventh administered moderate meeting on a mission trip with him and it was a mission trip organizer ICI database here not encourage you to visit their Gazette was a pivotal point in my life the young people that I met there with the sort of people that I've been looking for people that had meaning in life and people the way helping others disinterested benevolent spirit of prophecy calls it and when I spent time with these people in Africa saying instead I intended just to be there for three weeks and then take off traveling around the rest of Africa just using these Christians in the sense that a safe place to get back to if anything went wrong how the plans and not driving from Zambia where the mission triples allied itself sedan to set up an agricultural project with Jay boogie soul and Caleb Mills who run frontline builders and the early eyesight being in the mission field supporting global mission finance and front-line workers who were planting churches they didn't have facilities and I would go along and help and in this instance were going to cultural project is in fact the nice guys my age selflessly serving in Africa had upon me was profound because they would rise LH morning and night sleep on a file is sleeping on the concrete floor net in the chats that I had built exit by the fire and they agree in saying them so others develop the main interest in what it was that made them do what they did and I began off questions and a began to point me towards a rise thinking of my interest this was enough that I could handle as a non- Adventist going to it the Bible college of that nature now before that trip now before I finish backpacking in Europe but had one experience with Muslims in the north of Sweden and I'd arrived in a train station the train was light but missed my connecting bus and I was just planning to sleep because I was on a shoestring budget in the train station it did there was a problem there was three Algerians are in the train station and night off me where I was going to sleep then I spoke Swedish in our bacon on any spiking they say just three gesturing we had this conversation that I was in a sleeping here and they said no this closes at nine o'clock assemble all slate outside and I just flat out refuse to accept that because is several feet of snow outside that wasn't an issue because of the camping around the place and I had all the necessary equipment and their hospitality now this is unacceptable so they convinced me to follow them to their apartment and this is in the year two thousand three post 9/11 world so as I followed these three North African Muslims to their place unthinking duces this Jeep it is thing I've ever done and I'm sizing them off thinking him everything on my back possible of my money my food my close everything that I have here in Europe and they could easily pull me in tight my bag push me out these are the thoughts I had that as soon as we entered this time they treated me with a hospitality that nominalist is a fresh hot Arabic bread alone day a hot shower and when their brother came time to did speak English we began to converse about many things and finally in Wales in the morning while the midnight sun was still out I said I'm going to sleep you guys are the slate by civil web waiting to try and off the pocket watch that that sat down in their prayer room and pick any place that I shouldn't sit mass me to move because I didn't want to be trying towards me and I learned that lesson there and as I watch them try in the early hours of the morning and I did that because the protons is set by the solo cycling if the midnight sun I had to be out with about two in the morning and often watching that I went to bed left over the next that it might my boss out of it that got left a deep impression upon me and I believe the Lord used that experience in the impressions and experiences the interactions I had with Muslims in North Africa and Egypt and Morocco traveling around was an eighteen -year-old in Egypt knows that the three weeks of my sixteen -year-old brother and we would just fray in enjoying the company and insane thoughts that output within me an interest in the Muslim world and the Lord started to prepare a welcome before I'd even give my life to him for a work that desperately needs work this enzyme the Lord they moving in my life even with four Arius was a rise in regarding to the Scriptures and a soul that full picture of Christ I gave my life to him and Teresa Church know what I didn't realize when I made the decision to attend a rise on the concrete floor in Africa when I was in this delirious favor of malaria so understand what insane about that mental clarity you get when you indent the malaria favor I decided to go to arise not knowing what was I thought it was four months going from Genesis to Revelation so was quite surprised when I said that in the third week would be going door locking I saw nothing out I never received a personal Bible study at that point line given one but I found myself on the doors in Michigan looking for people that I could give Bible study state and is a principal unit I don't want you to miss and it's something that I see all the way through my experience with Christ when you get involved you did a quick when you get involved to get prepared the interactions and the relationships that I've had with Muslims in the interfaith work that I've been involved in knocking on doors and getting Bible studies before I'd ever receive the Bible study personally the Lord told me what I needed as I needed it if you sit on the sidelines sighing when I'm ready all God you're never done as soon as you God you will find that the Lord tai chi through I did get you to be and once you've done Faith Hill I've been up opportunity say and you be prepared for that because of it and that was my experience in the Middle East when I'm sitting there next to this prominent scholar with all of these future leaders of Islam I you want to say because I got involved at the beginning do what is at hand and the more melodic enough avenues for you to do things you would never imagine yourself doing and that's the abundant life the next joy of the Lord that he's inviting us into the sharing experiences again at arise took a class with IFN the negative illustration when a divided cloth up into old unreached people groups and at the end of that illustration we could say how many Muslims are in the world by the cost members of standing out here know the Buddha said he enacted which people group would you go to and instantly without thinking I just thought I would go to the Muslims and it's because those experiences before arise that I came to the net wasn't until my second year Bible work that another bottle work another strain of myself we started to talk because he is continually running into Molson says he went door to door and we were curious can you shed a fight in a clear white with them listen in as he started tossing around we found that there was this peculiar disinterest and apathy towards the subject and it's sadly a patent of noticed is that as Adventists we are so enthralled with the signs of the times in Matthew twenty four and studying menus and in seeing the fulfillment of the signs of the times and sharing them with people sending e-mails to each other about the lifecycle of doing that we suggest to get involved in we neglect to get involved in the one sign of the time that we can have anything to do with and that is Matthew twenty so this fourteen bits is this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the will him mainly and will come back to our business that's what we've been called to do and said let's get involved in that and as we get involved in that the character that you need to get through those all the signs of the times that are coming that are upon us now to get them intensify closer toward the end that's what you develop that character is when you participate in the ones on the time that you got anything to do with it you can influence in any way say that this lack of instruction that will finding an Adventist community who did the monks these Muslims and had just never thought that it would be part of Matthew twenty Idol Revelation fourteen verses six and seven that the gospel should guide to the Muslims as well we felt the best way for us to learn how to reach them listen how to communicate clearly what the Bible says about the character of God and why we should relate to him was to go to Walmart 's and softer weeks of prayer we began to go to a mosque Monday week it was one day office bottle with this and we tried before we went the first on we decided to find book and found a mosque and we went to me privately meet the right person and a first experience in a mosque was this the first person we met with an answer to that friend he made us feel welcome he also see we were we said was Seventh-day Adventist feed never heard of that and is restarted to explain some of the few things that we knew that we had in common he looks at us and he says so your muscle we simple nod with seventh that they do it is through the moss isn't he the condominium you would pay good money to be agreed on he he Davis said him off he explained the services we went through it before we left that day he made sure that we met all of the elders and economic that Moss and once again as you do in the Muslim world we ended up sitting on the coffin with all the latest in this community and he read us that conversation that we had when we first walked into the mosque in front of always latest and I would say why why do you not people and why do you refer to Stein from alcohol and when you get is belief in the judgment and creation and we shed within the age of our beliefs comes out of the Bible and that was surprising to them because of the example in the demonstration of biblical faith I seen the rest of Christianity I guess what I said you a good Muslims your better Muslims than many of those that come to worship at the Smoltz and set up the first experience with Muslims knowing nothing all that want you not right now sharing your faith with the most another experience we had and this was the straw that broke the camels back said estate when we transition from one day a week in that loss half of my second-year bottle working into full-time interfaith work in this area we went to the largest conference in North America for most of his tens of thousands of Muslims gathered there once a year and have something very similar to do I say workshops prayer rooms plenary sessions and as regards annoy people in that the exhibit area they got to know us and we had this you are most in conversation many times and some of the installer and opportunity that it I just happened to run into one of their most prominent stages that there's a good chance we could become Muslim and seven night shoulder we run into him in all aisles and we had a conversation with him and he ended up running like the plenary session that he was to deliver before tens of thousands of Muslims and many more three television and when he stood up the front to states he shared that he just had a conversation with two Seventh-day Adventist brothers and that we would probably think his mind against a common enemy and that the enemy is evil and when my same calling and I heard that we thought if these are the kind of responses that we can get from one day a week out one day off is why the work is what could we achieve a food to do this full-time inside we began by faith interfaith ministry and I was involved in that further going on sixties just until September lost even in effect destroyed and one of the experiences that I had doing it interfaith work with us to go and leave with fifty Muslims for a period of two months it was an Arabic language intensive at an Islamic school here in North America it's since become the first accredited Islamic school in the nation and living with fifty most of that which is such a sweet time of fellowship especially in Berkeley California with outside influences very different than the values we hold in common with Muslims and spending that two months living with Muslims is given us friendships that continue to this day that the connecting point for me with people modify sin in this case specifically Muslims as being the environment and what the most I will take in excess cash in the first interest in conservation and environmental things these fusing it with the on the net he's given me for communicating clearly the biblical fight the Muslims and as I met with them listens there in that school we learned in the lecture that was taking place on something cold on the culture we were all interested in sustainable agricultural biological agriculture and living system sustainability at large and this talk was recommended to us and so we went along to that and it was September last year that my wife and I stepped out of full-time ministry to guide back to a styrene get further education in this field for the purpose of developing a tent making skill that can get me into countries that otherwise would not be obligated to and it gives me his skill in which I can set up others so that they can see Jesus and maybe like I did desire to learn if human they seem in others in the developing work and and I work inside just months off to finishing that education not dies off the finish meditation my wife and I boarded a plane for the Middle East and we found ourselves in this Islamic setting and what I said that no one with the students and the faculty of this seminary gave me opportunity to do an interview for the school magazine then and they interviewed me from nine thirty warehouse in the morning and when I asked if they could into the e-mail was insured for was about sustainable agriculture and subculture it was about my fight but it became very obvious very quickly that it was my fife if I were interested in because when I was given ten minutes to share with that unique audience whatever was guess what I chose to speak about it wasn't culture of his life I was able to build a relationship of the three weeks he was that we were there we could translate and it wasn't until the loss not always in that country that he began tossed me questions about my faith now my wife she charges toward the they can send address of the day which was the backup the fully black outfit where we can see so I should chosen not in the respect that that dying us in the community gave me access and relationships that I wouldn't otherwise have had and as a lesson benefit for young people he especially young brothers the wife that you prayerfully choose can build up or tear down your ministry and so I'd encourage you to prayerfully choose when you making that decision now is able to build a relationship with this translator and one I am in the morning we had to end discussion about faith because I still had to pack my bags and bug that wants to fall asleep in the other room waiting for us to finish talking that we agreed that when he returned to a striated he was from astray either the studying that we would continue this conversation because he developed an interesting how we understood Jesus because of the differences of the soaring in allies from other Christians and the need I also developed an interest in learning the prophetic warnings of a sparkle before that larger audience and so I want to commend to you the blessings that come from interacting with people of other faiths and cultures the things that you see the things that you learn the questions I often view give you a new perspective helping you to say relevance in a message him sell you a you growing your understanding and also want to commend to you what spiritual sequels welfare ministry some people use welfare Ministry of humanitarian work abolitionist movements and will not as an end in themselves that their legitimate wife that we can get involved and talking with people about a site to build relationships for a greater purpose that's been my experience and I think there's a lot of people in this room and in this audience that a talented and have things to share in that area we can't all be in full-time ministry but we can all be tentmakers and is a world to win out they yet as I've tried and prepared for this message a real blood and has come upon me to see and do whatever I can to help revive a missionary culture in our church and therefore things of Satan the book of acts that are made about the spirit of prophecy and is a look back of the mind experience I see the Lord has led me through these four activities in these four activities I won't buy the book of acts the church in the book of acts and missionary movement that we should still be seen revival in Reformation is not named in itself the caps on the finish line or the fruit of remodeling Reformation is missions and even evangelism ministering to people locally who live to the gospel before or is hearing of it for a second time is part of the bigger picture and after the whole blow learning about biblical faith in these four things are these the first is pray spirit of prophecy politically says the apt phrase should follow the servants of God like a sharp sickle into the harvest fields him why do I think that initial ecology needs to be revised not just let me demonstrate blasphemy this how many of you here regularly price for admission rate it's working among some rich people groups by show of hands how many of you regularly try for a missionary put them upon filtering virus people not to advise the just so we can see that we are not what the book of acts just use that were of one accord that will crying together in operating and that's what I got the spirit and we need to spirit for this work the second is offerings and people look on his shot it's all about money but my experiences with Muslims and with bartering in Islamic countries is not me either that social five I want to talk you about money to do century service in the Old Testament was the vehicle for evangelism and submissions for the Hebrew people is this in a study of the sanctuary that the Hebrew people gave up to one fourth of their income for the sustaining and the work of the sanctuary and if you made them pay charts and profits the chapter on ties and offerings of White says that when you rated this you would think that it would bring the people to poverty but on the contrary the faithful observance of these regulations was one of the conditions of their prosperity she does on the site of the work of the gospel as it widens requires greater provisions to society than was called for ancient lake and this makes the lawyer of tithes and offerings and even more urgent necessity now than in the Hebrew economy him one fourth of the income of the Hebrew people was to go to the century said in the message could go to the well and is a welcome arise the resources required drawings again not device that just a exhort you to good works may pay to encourage you I can personally testify that this is true when I read this month often being baptized I commuted in prayer to give one of mine neatly bought a working salary submissions through tithe and offering an fit seventies as a Bible work at and is someone in a faith-based ministry on a small stipend on memo went without I committed to do that until I got married when I would prayerfully reconsider that commingle with my wife into effect in nineteen twelve administrative three percent of their income to missions so for every thousand dollars that had been dismayed I gave thirty dollars to missions in the year two thousand and ten every thousand dollars that an Adventist night three dollars fifty made admissions do I need to cite anything more to convince us that in order for us to hasten the second coming of Christ we need to do something in a church we need to do something personally to revive the missionary cultural midsole in the lifetime of the early apostles the message go to the whole world to every creature we need a variety we need to give and is another example was a model in the book of acts in its rewrite against him will see in the book of vandalism on page five hundred and sixty nine latest models the missionary work is given she says that in God 's providence he has brought people to have very dual that they might receive the message for this time and return to that seems like an frames in the country of origin and share it with them only gives some of you envision for the work that you can do in finishing the gripe that the great commission and reaching unreached people groups from brought here in America come in if you'd be willing to move to Kabul Afghanistan on and give you lots emissions I see one hand price along with a few tries the Lord that how many more of you would be willing to move to Fremont California the second largest Afghani city in the world and the people he would move to California I could be convinced to move to California law quicker than I could be convinced in the visit to Afghanistan there is opportunity at your door to get involved in reaching unreached people groups everyone can try everyone can give even without you moving yourself and your family to foreign mission fields if you are a white to the opportunities that God is giving you to be a pot of the great commission then you can do something he'll ministering to immigrants helping refugees get settled you can do a powerful work one of them with some friends in in Michigan reducing Bible studies with that and she would shed everything that she learn from us with the father is from Syria when my wife and I had opportunity to the Middle East we made a point of visiting him and when we walked into his time recipients of that traditional Arab hospitality it was like her friendship with his daughter and the other four of course is going as a foreign missionary non- Jamaican appeal here though not unrealistic about if there was a hundred and twenty disciples in the upper room when that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place than a handful of those one hundred and twenty nine 's Raven mentioned in the book of acts is going abroad and reaching unreached people groups many of them are involved in evangelism Peter James and John Skype on and I would witness to the people that came to the religious holidays and festivals and I would take taught in that stud point by doing that meeting people here in God 's providence and I took the message back much like Philip with Ethiopian Haile a few nines and mentions that once I went to Macedonia went far to reach unreached people groups as well I like this it's a lot not expecting that you will come forward on it once you will come forward because an appeal in the church for any group that has a mission recalled Shaw looks like this the nineteenth ten D L Moody made an appeal for mission volunteers and a hundred people came to the all top and a hundred people when what an appeal looks like in the church that needs a revival of missionary culture is July three two thousand and four an appeal is made for people to give a tithe of their lives in two hundred and four people come to the front of this convention maybe some of you came forward and guess how many when I use my one we need a revival of mission recall chucking out your because the Lord wants to come one of my favorite live my friend says he believes in a seal and love how much more can gone above and die off the dietary suffering in this and we have a pot supply in finishing that hastening the second coming of Christ but what are we doing as DY C we have an opportunity to lead by example to demonstrate the hunt judges did well just what a mission recall chop looks like and so with just a short time to guide here like this one off the people that would be guilty willing to do long-term missions to stand and come to the front I'm talking free to seven years of July you have to come forward to make me feel better on magnetic field submissions one time to check your North America and was utterly at the very end one little girl stood off no single adult most single young person sit up and I rejoice that because I prefer to have one little girl standoff in two hundred and four people come forward make a commitment the predicate is you come to the front if this is something the Lord has been speaking to you about it this is something to get serious about the GUI 's emissions team is at the front he and I are committed to helping you find a wife and a Pleistocene of unreached people groups I want you to turn around and look at this audience if you come forward and if you're willing to price for these people as you learn about have gone slating them tend to give sacrificially and prayerfully consider even getting a corner of your ring to support a mission study on race I want you to stand and show your support for them but if you stand for this commitment the Lord season when he hold you to it you have to answer for it this is the kind of response I expected from CYC but when we look back in the history of the movement why don't we see more missions let's use this as a turning point to revive the missionary culture in the church and let sale these decisions with prey father in heaven what you are a great guarding you called us to the great commission and we need your spirit we applaud in the world church that Lloyd is no worse off than us what I tried the people that have come to the front he would keep that commitment and that would prayerfully be led by you into a place where people have never seen and heard the biblical picture of you and the people that it stood upright you would bless their businesses blessed that the Koreans keep them faithful in their prayer life and even lie upon them what commitments and moved to a place where they can minister to immigrants and help refugees settle in and be a part of the great commission outlined what I tried this message are in the decisions of the night and sealed by a spirit and it would be the beginning of the revival of the missionary culture Township writing seems humbly in Jesus name amen a this message was recorded as a USC device you are supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems to entire computer and as I downloaded and other resources visit us online T1 when you have a true I


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