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The Weightier Matters

Kyle Tumberg


Kyle Tumberg

Adventist Frontier Missionary in Thailand



  • July 14, 2012
    11:00 AM
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I morning is entitled the wink your matters the week your matters how you appreciate a high quality dependable vehicle with your hands we shall raise their hands you know I do a lot of traveling so I finally value cars which is why I like Hondas and Toyotas human in the summer of two thousand nine my wife and I bought a two thousand and one Toyota Camry it's a really good car we close to seventy thousand miles on it with very few problems and in my opinion Toyota is a company that produces a high quality product however toward the end of two thousand nine in the beginning of two thousand ten Toyota as you may recall have some problem in more than nine million of their vehicles worldwide were recalled due to various problems in this was quite uncharacteristic of such a strong company that is been strong for so many years prior and many people began to speculate as to what caused the problem why would that be from the vehicle being we call many people blame the management saying that the company got to focus on manufacturing more vehicles to increase their market share in the sacrifice the quality however according to research done by two men Mister Jeffrey Weicker and Thomas Ogden based on the Toyota hat was not due simply to management approach rather it was due to a greater internal lack of well trained leaders throughout the company you see there was a great demand for toilet trained mammoth managers back in the early two thousand by other companies that they lost a lot of their leaders the competition him them that God the toilet I had to do something about this problem they had a lot of fun demand for vehicles they had to get the job done and so they did and train their leaders as well as we then asked to see they put there in the elitists who very extensive training to really understand how the company works in the bottom line so forth but because of losing leaders they were able to offer that same kind of training and what this meant is that they had more underdeveloped leaders carrying a heavy workload in this effective quality on a larger scale now these two gentlemen that did the research on Mister Peter and Mister Ogden they go on to compare Toyota 's problem to what a Harvard professor professor when Pritchett terms isomorphic mimicry isomorphic mimicry and what friction says using this term to describe how the government institutions in developing nations adopt best practices and institutional forms that many those in countries and institutions that provide a way but what he says is that nearly copying the forms without adopting and adapting the cultural norms and honor underpinnings that generated those forms is essentially pointless and he says the same is true for company seeking to establish a platform for effectiveness he says that copying the forms of another business with out without adopting the underlying culture that has provided those forms doesn't work even at Toyota where the cultural norms and practices were strongly established I feel you him for values for related business in the system and create backend work for over fifty years in other words it finally out there saying Toyota would've refused to sacrifice their commitment to developing leaders one of the core values they probably wouldn't have the problems that they did but because there was incongruence between the company 's core values quality and so forth and they are methods that they used to produce their product they ran into trouble they took their focus off of what was most important their corporate values and resorted to faulty methods and therefore the produced effective product now the point that these researchers make is that in the business world the only way to have a truly effective business is not minutely mimicking the forms and techniques of other successful entities it is in creating a culture among the business with strong values that will ultimately drive the business methods that make sense however most businesses simply want to adopt a management style or a technique that has worked successfully somewhere else in one effect without trying to create a strong value driven business culture where those techniques can actually thrive in other words when you think that their focus is on the wrong thing whereas the focus should be internal developed strong about the strong culture the focus is on it it's on the external things the methods how to notice is the goal which is wrong now as I thought about these concepts I can't help but wonder that in our spiritual lives in our attempts him the best that we can honor him that times may be we are not focused on what's most important maybe we give so freely occupied with the external forms for the standards that speak that we neglect what's really most important the internal the heart amen is good is their incongruence between what we do outwardly in what we are inwardly not sitting I wanted to let people in the Bible who had this very problem and before we begin I want to say this letter short of prayer under the Neil you may remain seated their heavenly father we want to thank you and praise you for the holy Sabbath day we thank you for giving us your word we thank you father for giving us the opportunity to learn about Jesus and to be transformed by his wonderful grace father we ask that you would forgive us of where we have fallen short forgiveness father for our sins and I pray that as we begin the sacred or what to look at the holy Bible I pray thee even with my lips and father I pray that you would hide me behind the cross meet Jesus be seen in Maine you attempt the devil attempts to distract us from this message we ask and pray this in Jesus name amen now the group of people that I'm talking about you maybe just it was the Pharisees know who the Pharisees the Pharisees were a political party that arose around one twenty B.C.E. in response to Hellenism in other words the adoption of Greek culture by the Jews as soon as the Greeks expanded their territories the Greek culture spread him on Israel and many of the Jews began to follow these three methods or worldly methods right and the Pharisees uphold the world when they saw me in to the church in their name met separatist and they oppose the union of church and state which was the common practice of the day after they were fighting for religious freedom or liberty so to speak of the priests could be free from political engagements their party was composed primarily of scribes and theologians be promoting rigid adherence to the law and the host of the traditional interpretations going out of it and they were the popular spiritual guides of the day that presented their beliefs with five with ardor and conviction as a result they won a number of converts to their party the Pharisees also I insisted on reliance upon God to meet his people and work for them as he had done in the past now as I've thought about the Pharisees and I thought about who they were what they stood for I could see a lot of parallels between what they stood for and what our church stands for today amen and as I was thinking about this I began to think that you know if I had been a Jew living on the first century I thought we would've seen the Pharisees as you don't drive faithful people the ones who are fighting to hold up the standard the ones you were fighting to be faithful things were the ones who were actively evangelizing and I probably would've wanted to be a fantasy but if I asked you the question this morning how many of you would've wanted to be a Pharisee would raise your hand the only one because Jesus spent a lot of time reviewed him a visa from things right on me they did the right things outwardly but yet Jesus didn't have a lot of nice things to say about them a lot of words of commendation so we went of wanted to fallen into the camp and Pharisees so what was really wrong with the Pharisees were to take a look at at several passages of Scripture to see what Jesus said about the Pharisees to me first of all to Matthew chapter twenty three and will look again at this morning 's Scripture that was rest so nicely Matthew twenty three and verse twenty three and Jesus says will unto you scribes and who Pharisees hypocrites three eight five minutes and an MS in Truman anyhow home and know what the way to your matters of the law judgment or justice mercy and faith these are C have done and not to leave the other undone so what does Jesus say about the fantasies of the setting up a child in all of these herbs and spices that you have omitted the way to Arizona law is that where most of our right what we see that the Pharisees were so focused on the external doing the right things following the principles of the law that had been neglected the weightier matters of the law right was their problem there their high standard of a client without a problem no because Jesus even commended them on their iPad or so the problem of the Pharisees wasn't merely that they be trying to him among their problem was that they were ignore something vital for you know there are some people who will accuse a person who is trying to be a conscientious Christian I'm one who has a high religious moral standard they will say that these people are being Pharisees there being legalistic however we have to understand that Jesus did not condemn high standards amen and anyone who tries to to you are too damn high standards for conscientious attention the little things is ignorant that that even Jesus himself said a father and the other you set a high standard only speaking but when Jesus came he raised the bar even more for life and he went mad why why is it honorable to that chapter five oh six we see how he said all you know if a man younger brother who is guilty of the murder by faith in you you are angry at your brother in your heart you have committed murder right so Jesus second even a higher standard than the Pharisees so the high standards were not the problem we should have high standards and a like payment we should seek to be faithful to every word of God at the church our problem is not that we have high standards amen amen it's not that we promote obedience to God 's law our problem is that at times in our best attempts to please not obey him we make our standards and our doctrines the most important thing and we neglect the weak here matters of the law justice mercy faith or dare I say practical Don is leaving Christianity day by day to our families to our neighbors into our church amen turn with me actually thinking in Matthew twenty three going on verse twenty five it says will unto you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites bringing me clean the outside of the cup and of the platter but within they are full of extortion and excess now blind Pharisee cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter that the outside of them may be clean also what want you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites you are like unto whitish sepulchers which indeed appear beautiful outward but I was in full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness even so you also outwardly appear what righteous unto men but with then you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity so the Pharisees had a religion that is good outwardly they were like Whited sepulcher 's they had a name with the coming but by the onlookers they were seeking holiness and thought that they could buy just doing the right things but they never experienced the breakthrough that comes from genuine transformation in the heart just like the many companies in the business world will focus on implementing the right strategies and management yet failed to understand the importance of creating a kind of culture that can truly thrive the companies that focus on the externals but ignore the interns this is what there is a times we focus on doing the right things outwardly and inwardly we are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to come into the deep places of our heart and truly purge us of our sin sin is like try covetousness lust hatred envy jealousy etc. etc. a man with this quote the drunkard business buys and is told that his sin will exclude him from heaven while fried selfishness and consciousness go on review but these are the sins that are especially oversensitive to God the Pharisees had neglected to pay attention to their heart and even though they were paying five lovely work keeping the Sabbath evening were actively doing evangelism and winning converts they weren't converted in their heart friends if we want to avoid falling into the trap of Fairfield we need to spend time cultivating a heart religion a man yet has a revealing quote in the desire of ages page three sixty two were assessed in the estimation of the rabbis we could say Pharisees it was the sum of religion to be always been a bus full of activity they need dependent upon some outward performance to show their superior piety the space separated their souls from God and built themselves up in South sufficiency while the same dangers still exist what with those dangers relying upon outward performance to show our superior client as activity increase him become successful in doing any work for God there is danger of trusting the human plans and methods there is a tendency that fray less and to have less faith like the disciples we are in danger of losing sight of our dependence on God have mercy and seeking to make a savior of our activity we need to look constantly Jesus realized that it is his power which does the workingmen while we are to labor earnestly for the salvation of the lost we must also take time for meditation or prayer and for the study of the word of God only the work accomplished with much flair and sanctified by the merit of Christ will in the end proved to have been efficient for the friends the reason for one of the reasons why the Pharisees became so high-minded is that they got so busy with doing the right things that they neglected to develop the inner spiritual life they neglected to take time to allow the Holy Spirit to search their heart into it's really hurts them of sin at the deepest levels in the same danger exists for us to the Alaskan wildlife that when I get busy or why experienced success in ministry so to speak see is to think that I don't have time to commune with the Lord time to read my Bible reading go to chapter eighteen Chapter eighteen looking at verse nine and he spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others two men went up into the temple to pray for the one a Pharisee and the other a public are you there I stood and prayed us with himself God I think even I am not as other men are extortioners unjust adulterers or even public I fast twice in the week I give tithes of all that I possess in the publican standing afar off would not lift up so much as his eyes to heaven but smote upon his breast saying be merciful to me a sinner I tell you this man went down to his house justified rather than the other for everyone that exalt himself shall be abased in any event humbling himself shall be exalted said that the Pharisees were spiritually proud right as they could see what they were doing as we can see the status of me at that they went down upon others and they were critical of other people they were very spiritually proud and this is elaborated in Mark chapter seven this principle is Mark chapter seven versus one two nine and starting in verse one then came together unto him the Pharisees and certain of the scribes which came from Jerusalem and when they saw some of his disciples eat bread with the file that is to say with unwashed hands the phone calls for the Pharisees and all the Jews except they wash their hands often is not holding the tradition of the elders and when they came from the market except they wash the now and many other things there be which they have received the folder as the washing of cups and pots are the tables when the Pharisees and scribes asked him why why not satisfied with according to the tradition of the elders but eat bread with unwashed hands he answered and said unto them well Isaiah prophesied of you hypocrites as it is written this people honors me with their lips but there was their heart is far from me howbeit in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men for laying aside the commandment of God you hold the tradition of men as the washing of pots and cups and many other such like things you do anything them with full well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your own tradition you've heard the story before and what I want to bring out in this passage is that the Pharisees not only set high standards but the they made their own man-made standards based off of tradition and not the counselor right and not only do they make these man-made standards but they weren't they went so far as to be critical of anyone who didn't measure up to their manufactured man-made standard and if I thought about this this passage of Scripture I asked myself the question friends do we sometimes set up our own standards and think that everyone else should live up to them we do that I don't are we critical of others when they fail to meet what we think should be the standard or when they fail to meet our expectations to begin clinical are we critical of our own church when it fails to meet the standard how while I fail to understand friends I been guilty I've been guilty of this and I'm afraid I'm not the only one we can all on this track for my careful as I thought about this I ask myself the question how many of us measure up to Jesus 's standard perfectly common anybody know for my next question is using she is critical of us when we fail to measure up to his standard is critical that you look down upon us this attendance was continually failed measure gives us grace right he gives us mercy he tries to help us friends this was the very Jesus that's the very thing that they are seasoned in this scene the Pharisees have the standards they tried to hold people accountable when they didn't reject they were merciful they had omitted mercy and grace in the world right in front of God careful I believe in high standards I want our church to hold the line I want us to grow here and fire to what I have us be I want to hold one of the comfortable to reaching a higher standard but we can't be careful that in our attempts to reach a higher standard when we see people fall short that were not critical but that we try to help them understand you know what what's illegal and why they having struggled what can I do to help a friend I believe we did that we would see far more transformations and then Eamon so while I share an office the scene for my religious experience that they are ten times when my attempt to please the Lord I have acted pharisaical and I think about a time I was about seven years ago when I began working at once a top Hills Academy as the assistant boys being now I've never worked in an account before I had I have never raised a child and I've never had the experience being a parental figure so to speak and suddenly I was thrown into this parental role and I wanted to maintain a high standard of order and discipline in the door and I didn't want to be taken advantage of by the students I didn't want them to walk over me or to think I was a pushover and so I really strive to hold the line and I decided to be very strict in my approach to meaning however what I failed to in my attempt to hold the line was I failed to balance the strictness with an appropriate level of mercy and love and this caused a great deal of tension between being students I wasn't differentiating between honest mistakes innocent mistakes and genuine rebellion and if they fail the other discipline is the difference between someone who breaks a rule ignorantly or does something ignorant or in ignorance and someone that that that breaks a rule because the rebel right there's a difference there are some people that are are trying to meet the standard they're trying to do the right things but they may fall and we shouldn't commonly down we should do nothing but on the other hand there are people that are in the family and the will him I would venture to say the fantasies were rebelling because we see that Jesus adult with them much differently down with Zacchaeus right or or Mary Magdalene they were only sent one thing but the one group Jesus rebukes severely any other group he represents around and show them love and mercy grace eventually however as I began to mature my experience or distribute my experience I began to see that if I took more time to develop friendships with the students and trying to be more understanding of them I could be more effective being and everyone involved have a much more pleasant experience and I began to see that mercy and love were much better motivators than rigidity and strictness you see my problem wasn't in trying to maintain a high standard my problem is that I didn't believe it or balance it with mercy and love in fact I had omitted mercy and love which really are more important Internet with confidence physical education patient ninety three with that when it is necessary to give me truth their language speaking of the teachers will not be exaggerated but humble in gentleness they will set before the wrongdoer his errors and help him to recover himself every true teacher will feel that should he care at all it is better to hair on the side of mercy than on the side of severity for we may make mistakes and how we deal with people that they made it we see someone were not shut their rebellion after just know that it is falling short and when they wander in a house which I do friends who were in that position and we feel we can say something is better to air on the side of what mercy severity me to be careful that we don't only the week here that is why human friends she's the matter is that if we don't understand the importance of mercy and love even in our best attempt to serve the Lord will be turning people away from Christ and will be deserving of the severe rebukes that he gave the Pharisees of old this is crucial presently don't understand the importance of letting people in underserved or within a turn people away from God rather than trying to go in and Jesus said in Matthew twenty three Matthew twenty three verse thirteen but woe unto you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites freaking shot up the kingdom of heaven against men for you neither go in yourselves neither suffer you to them that are entering to go in so the fantasies they turn people away from Christ so where's your focus to be friends are you seeking to please God and by maintaining high standards in the Christian life I hope that you are but in man are you neglecting to balance the high standards with the way to your matters of the law mercy love grace are you like many companies seeking change and transformation him merely by changing external things but mainly to see the necessity of the internal change do you feel a need to change me the sweetest thing I can see it on him and the Pharisees and how I act but I don't change friends there's good news for you because Jesus is able to change even the most staunch various into the most genuine loving Christlike Christian amen that is great news and why do I say that Philippians chapter three you heard the verses before they worth reading again Philippians chapter three starting in verse four as the apostle Paul speaking and he says the limelight also have confidence in the flesh if any other man think that he has to wear out he might trust in the flesh I more circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin I see you grew up the Hebrews as touching the law what a fantasy Paul was not only affairs and that he was a standout heresy amen concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless but what things were gain to me though I counted loss for Christ EA go with and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I thought the loss of all things and do count them but dung that I may win Christ and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith that I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings being made on the him me means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead not as though I already team either were already perfect but I follow after it that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus Brown and I count not myself it apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting most of the time putting them behind me in reaching for and in the little before I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus let us therefore as many as be perfect be thus minded and if anything you'd be otherwise minded God shall reveal even this unto you from the apostle Paul was a transformed individual human when he saw a true picture of Jesus with the change he was no one at the star spirit that persecuted the church that persecute the people that didn't mean she is in unrighteousness he was a loving humble and genuine service missionary for the Lord that that that range that stretches from the gospel that were still talking about today in France the point I want to make is that even if we find ourselves in the camp of the Pharisees even if we think we can change the treatment areas if we spend time with Jesus if we spent in his work he can change our hearts amen and we have to come up with Lisa Lord mentioned myself I can't change my funds to do this and we make that decision and give ourselves to Jesus miracles can happen friends have seen it in my own life I believe it can happen in yours we need to see Jesus because only he can in our stony hearts of flesh with new ones only he can change and transform us and my question is would close if you want to let him change your heart this morning 's identifier what are we missing a closing hymn is a time as this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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