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Jesus: The Lord of the Sabbath

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • February 12, 2013
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven I thank you and I praise you for your goodness toward us toward reporting mercy toward us for your loving kindness in your everlasting love to each one here for the high purpose and the high calling in the confidence you have placed in us your people because you see something of value and Lord we ask tonight as we have gathered here together that your Holy Spirit would speak to our hearts and minds tonight would draw us closer to you and give us a fuller understanding of why we worship you as our God we ask and pray these things is we gather here in Jesus name tonight amen I haven't announced the morning over talking about in the morning I do want to emphasize that on Thursday morning I'm going to actually be talking about how you can improve it this may not apply across the board and how you can improve your devotional life at a number of people asked to talk about it what can you do it make your devotional life more interesting and more powerful like to share with you in on some of where the Lord has led me and I hope that that may be of benefit to some of you and I'm announcing it now because some of you may have been looking for something like that if you're not able to attend then we will record the night Jesus a Lord of the Sabbath I want you to take your Bibles were to start tonight in Matthew chapter well in fact I want to start the book of Daniel is for the book of Daniel tonight in a chapter seven Daniel chapter seven now I was doing and is studying prophecy tonight I'm making an assumption here and it is something doesn't apply to you there are some studies can do on this and I'm sure that you can ask Mia words you can ask people from the restoration team but in Daniel seven twenty five the Bible foretells a future issue regarding the staff if you've not studied it you may not pick up right away and as I said I'm not going to the whole prophecy begin at seven twenty five women against most of your labor this speaking of the antichrist power the enzyme is that he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and laws the word times here is interesting because it goes on to say in that verse twenty five then the same shall be given into his handwritten time and times and half a time of that second work time is a different word annual seven is Aramaic in the original language it is in Hebrew and in that last part time times and have the time the word in the air making enough but the words were times alive and the interesting thing about that is it's time for Laurel 's online rippers for a particular point in time where as he refers the time in general phenomenon in the plural all refers to a repeating point in time let's see there's going to be a a repeating point in time that the antichrist cars and attracting and has to do with law now listen to me carefully this evening I work for a lot of the Christian world I can only feel like sometimes we go overboard here with the Sabbath but this is an visiting reason will at least one of the reasons will be looking at more why seven vans so strongly about this first of all this change predicted end of historical change in the Sabbath is one of the most well-documented e-mail to history this is not a secret anybody who wants to do their research and seeing the change that took place Henry Hollinger three on the changing of the Sabbath from the the election change SSA from the seventh day of the week of the first day of the week course leader claims that Jesus changed it but there's no evidence in Scripture or has been reclaimed the apostles change in no evidence in Scripture or history is not a record lacked any substantial evidence indicating the early church worship on any other day the Sabbath day we don't mind Mister observance of the first day by Christians until the second century A.D. when all the apostles die which makes it kind of strange to substantiate this is what the apostles believe you'd think you'd find some historical evidence you don't I'm saying this to say their lot in other as a pastor who believes in the seventh day Sabbath that have talked a lot of people who have questions about and in all that it is a strong belief and there's a lot of arguments out there sound very convincing that the Sabbath was changed only when you try to look it up and find it is not there is no change that I mean there's no there's no change it is in the light changed this transference of the solemnity so call from Saturday to Sunday but it wasn't like Jesus it was by the apostles it was by a different power everything to change times not calendar bear witness to which there Saturday the dictionary bears witness the economic calendar changes you read this right the calendar changed your account or change and that change the Sabbath they had never heard that before that's a question I get asked commonly that would be like honey we haven't been here every few years as the days of the week shifted every time you leave here on account of changes calendar changes don't affect the weekly cycle incidentally the weekly cycle is only one reason for the weekly cycle and its creation to creation link in fact if you've done your study on the French Revolution the French Revolution five years the established church for various reasons and one of the things they did shoot was to try to stand out religion and went from a seven-day week in time to attend a week some of the labor that first revolution because they saw the seven-day week was directly connected to Christianity goes back to the Scripture dictionaries there is even look at Wednesday's assassinate will tell you the seven day languages bear witness in over hundred four languages the world the game or the seventh day of the week is sound best player in all Spanish esophageal rashness involved in that kind of thing our day for Saturday further seventy liters Saturday of after Saturn in over a hundred more languages in the world the name of their seven day is not Saturday into where that come from languages languages are not reason things are all things to the point is a history shows that there would be just changed the question is why why why business management in a time I would be surprised how I think the change this time why is this such hundreds hat point in the enemy will be just as particular analog God and that would be accurate but it goes deeper than that it goes deeper than that one of the things that we find if you look at the book of Revelation eleven revolution within a minute and reducing here from the pen of one of our founders and the MS church that book on early writing E3 and in the same as may your SSS on the Sabbath he is and will be the separating wall between the drug is real and not an unbeliever it has been in the past that will be in the future and understand it is a great question tonight the hearts of God here waiting sayings I saw the guy had children who do not see and keep the Sabbath they were not rejected the light on and at the commencement of the time of trouble we were filled with the Holy Ghost and with more and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully I thought about that what is it proclaimed the Sabbath more fully that's something that's going to happen right at the end of time the Samsung proclaim more fully bitches are very zealous about the Sabbath were they proclaiming it more fully than asking a question did the Jews keep the Sabbath question is I was look at something here in on on that let's go to the gospel of John Matthew Mark Luke John and John seven these are the words of Jesus this is a little bit of the kind of a new piece of news to some people sometimes in ACS Johnson seven Jesus says in verse nineteen he's speaking to the religious leaders did not Moses give you the law yet most of you don't keep the law what does it say not he was a lot better than I know that there is really like they were really just rigid sanity right but they were they were regular Saturday and is a difference between being a sad keep ramping a Saturday proclaiming is more calling like candy just feeling like embarrassing and they he sat introducing that there always chastising Jesus and his disciples are breaking the Sabbath even Jesus was rejected as a Sabbath breaker John Flanagan 's online with me verse fourteen the necessity healing of the man born blind John nine fourteen and says now he was sad it was a Sabbath when Jesus made clay and opened his eyes and the Pharisees also asked him again how he received deciding a steady hand in my play on my eyes and I washed and I see therefore some of the Pharisees that this man is not from God because he was he does not keep the Sabbath energy while under the New Testament you will find that they were often backed that John Byrne John directed by regarding the bank John five in verse sixteen the Bible says in John five sixteen when this reason the Jews persecuted Jesus and sought to kill them because he had done these things what on the sad Benjamin is a Sabbath breaker now or in JonBenet John fifteen with me and localities as I was sharing this with you because sometimes I have encountered residents only one to bring this out in a way of saving anatomy of a predecessor but nothing about this for a minute when they went to put Jesus on trial they gather together all this is why we need Muslim is living with a prayer that was punishable by Matt you would just have to ruin this is the lesson Jesus says in John seventeen resident aliens my commandments you will abide in my love just as I have lot to my father 's name is providing a that Jesus was a sound sleeper with a arrangement is greater at the same time ignoring and examine papers with a rally Saturday John Stapleton and Simon proclaimed the Sabbath more fully what does that mean what is the significance of the Sabbath day I've been a happy turn with me to the book of Genesis are going back to the beginning some of this is going to be reviewed for some of you but review is good right first invasion first it was one of my favorite tax incentive any man thinks he knows anything knows nothing and as he ought to know it amusing and always learn more Genesis chapter two verse one of this is the finishing of the creation account in fact lots of activity versus let's go back to verse thirty one the verse before us one versed back at Susan God saw everything that he had made in India was one very good so the evening in the morning with the six things we don't attempt to assist us the heavens and the earth and all of them were finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done then God blessed the seventh day and what Taliban or sanctified and committing on what you're what version reading because again it is he rested from all hands were which God had created a man-made reservoir this is because in the heavens and the earth when they were created etc. so guy at the integration we rest on the seventh data that a seven day he blesses the seven day we don't have any record in Scripture anywhere from blessing another day he blessed the seventh day in part because he finished his work and rest of them and then he download it or needs sanctify the size of my something is the setting apart and generally to set apart for a holy use some guy set this thing apart from other days why because he finished his work and he rested on any bus is a you have all those things coming in together at the end of creation we now visit sex I like this in the book of Exodus chapter thirty one Exodus chapter thirty one verse seventeen Exodus thirty one verse seventeen effect for six years as therefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a professional company is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day he rested and was repressed as well I'm thinking here like when you creation we had your picture when God has done that he was just what was you know I mean you know what you got to work hard and will I need to set out right if you think you got integration with Nate needed a lot suddenly rested integration with but had relatives arrested it was rip rap and let me put it this way in an acid like have you ever worked on a project that might have been a difficult project but when you finished it you were able to sit back and look and enjoy it that's what I read in the language really got arrested and he was repressed I mean what is the final celebration was very in Genesis one verse thirty one it was very good and I cannot think I mean honestly I worked on a lot of projects that eventually leads all didn't come out very good I was finally done with but you know sometimes they don't just exactly come out the way I wanted them to come out but we got was that it was still refreshed but when John finished his work of creation it was exactly as he intended it to be and he rested and he was refresh in that finished perfect work I did with me some teachers in my when we come to the Sabbath they went people come to the Sabbath day God calls on us not just arrest but to enter into his rest there's a difference there sometimes we get the idea that all it aren't even pointed out that the engine the end of the week ending on the Sabbath and we say I will write the things are not doing that we realizing his grasp of the visible rest and Isaiah says the Lord the Creator and heavy and spirit interfaith yours rearing express the spiritual rest supplementing entering that rats than we would be looking on the Sabbath they enter into a spiritual rest right right okay now it's also interesting points out in her seventeenth air that this is a sign between God has done for or because in six days he created now we find the same name as we go back a little bit nexus of the Commandments the fourth commandment in the van in Exodus twenty first days starts out by saying remember the Sabbath day now that's really important for to at least two reasons remember the Sabbath day implies first of all that it was there before for example if I were to try to sell you to remember something you never knew that would be kind of a challenge when you can't remember what you didn't know what to say remember hey you remember the time I remember the time when that tells you that at the time that you probably were therefore right as something that you knew him as he recalled so the sound wasn't created or instituted at Sinai it was instituted we already ran at creation incidentally before there was every June because Abraham was the first to technically and so leaving Donna says our members at number one until this is something that his people November two thousand and something that his people were likely to forget and so the commandment written on tables of stone was own fingers as remember the Sabbath day to keep it whole only twenty six days six is ready to labor representative Sabbath of the Lord your God and each of the nonwork you know your son or your daughter e-mails everything a female servant or your cattle by a stranger who is within your days for or because and this is key in six days the Lord made the heavens and the heavens in anger to see all that is in them and rested the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it now that last part is important is not promising remember something that you set up to help somebody remember is called a memorial the sentence was set up as a memorial it was to help them to remember what creation the creator remember the Sabbath day it was a memorial gone set up to creation you know why we worship the Lord let me ask this question first who was agreeing if you study schedule of a couple passages here you know that the Indonesians and I say that on purpose in the creation was the son of God Jesus Christ defined in the moment John John one John says in John one in the beginning was the word verse one and Jumbotron in the beginning was aware in the word was with God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were what made to him and when how and why nothing was made that was made now if we can you believe that what the Scripture says there than that tells us that who was the one who rested on the seventh day was repressed it what happened in Jesus right look at it again in the book of Colossians Colossians chapter one and starting in verse fifteen after the first verse and Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Colossians one verse fifteen said he is thinking of Jesus he is the invisible God the firstborn over all creation notice verse sixteen for by him all things were what created that are in heaven and that are on her visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created through him and for him and he's using these all are all paying and in him all things consist now you have studied cosmology at all cosmology given the colossal argument may call it trying to remember the name of the it talks about the cause of the universe they found that the universe is expanding and expanding that went than it used to be as day and it traces it back tells us that there was a cause severe burns in the challenge of course in the mind of many scientists as well what was the cost when the Bible tells us here that he was before all being essence telling us he was the call all things were made through Jesus Jesus was the Creator I will look at one other passage in verse rankings Japanese just that helplessness this creates a picture worth a little bit because we know that Jesus was not the only Asian creation beginning and it says in the beginning God created the heavens and you're right and it tells us that the earth was without form and void in the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep person and they verse six is a young there is one God the father of whom are all things and we give him notice but is that all of whom are all things and one Lord Jesus Christ through whom are all things and through whom we live and it and he doesn't mention that these the Holy Spirit all there this is when viewing and only this is just the way I picture I used to work in construction in all and if you've ever worked in that setting in others there's ways that jobs come together now says it whom the father of whom are all things and Jesus through whom are all things the way I pictured is of the father is contemplated that the designer and architect the creation tells us that the creation account of the spirit was hovering over beer and why I think it's all respect but it seems kind of like the job superintendent anybody here ever worked in a construction setting the superintendent whose overseas all the job and then Jesus himself was the hands-on master builder we see the creation we know that God is involved in creation of Jesus as the hands online that says a lot to us this something especially uses it makes perfect sense that he didn't hear any chosen on the basis of the one part with his hand on creation where he formed man out of the dust of years right and inform the animals and he breathed life into the Jesus according to Scripture is the creator and this is why when we come to Matthew chapter is well within my intern there with me Jesus takes the title that we are using for the message this evening Jesus in Matthew twelve versus wine is going to ingrained meals on a Saturday with his disciples the Bible says in first year when the Pharisees saw Matthew twelve verse zero as I have loved your disciples are doing what is not long ago I was in them have you not read what David did when he was hungry he and those who are with him etc. etc. reading and all that I want to jump ahead in the version eight is versus what was the number seven eight Jesus said if you know what this means I desire mercy not sacrifice you would not have condemned the move not looking at that because some people read this passage be leaving the Pharisees argument is correct basically your disciples are breaking the Sabbath and it's the Yankees broke the Sabbath and is the thing that was important to the representative with any guilt less they be guilty Jesus was as I have no big deal we brought product David is saying look at the example of David that would show you that this is what they're doing they are guiltless as they are not breaking the Sabbath and then he says something interesting verse eight for the Son of Man is one Lord even all the staff know when we go back to creation we find out that the creator rested and when he rested he instituted the Sabbath and the reminder that Jesus is the one who created interested in its perfect sense that he would call himself the Lord understand are you with me so far incidentally that would need a Sabbath of the Lord 's day Revelation one verse ten and multitudes England Christianity who written revelation on revelation to understand and apply this Sunday the first data we can elect for the day was changed in Revelation Montana said I was in the spirit is on the Lords day and collect as many say the Lord 's day was Sunday and if not in Scripture the only thing that ever spoken of as the Lord they understand Jesus and the Lord is an event you elect to turn away from the sound doing your pleasure on my holiday the Jesus called himself a lord of the sad thing why was the Sabbath so important and why is it important to us today and why would the devil the cell angry with the sound of anything else the first and foremost it is according to Scripture the memorial of creation the Santa brings you to our mind the fact that God is our Creator you know why we worship God according to Scripture now having this has got to come up with a lot of different reasons why you expect us to be worshiping him but if you go to revelation for he spells out one specific reason Revelation for verse eleven relive the revelation that did this last revelation for another night says here we probably start her sinuses whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne lives for ever and ever the twenty four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne saying you are worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power why is he worthy for OR one and where New Orleans what needs me hot you will receive glory and honor and power wine anyway because you created all things and buying your will they existed and were created the first and foremost the Sabbath was designed to keep an eye out at every creature of God in reality that he was their creator and our Creator then there is honor you have an obligation to God is our Creator and he made us that unaccountable to him and him to share with you in a moment that this is around with a lot of people but why we don't want to believe in creation because creation brings accountability in the great controversy nation four thirty seven it says have the Sabbath they universally can man's thoughts and affections what had been led to the creator as the object of reverence and worship and they would never have been an idolater and eight years or a Nintendo now if honoring Donna Satterthwaite tests out atheism and idolatry and infidelity can you see one example might not like the seven immediate written that he can obliterate the creator from the mind of his greatest patrons and robins page three thirty six test by causing Linda violated the Second Amendment Satan aims to degrade their concepts and is sorry their conceptions of the divine being that the command having you and him and write in my environment and make my not into some statue or some wet and worse owner whatever it lowers my conception of God by causing it to violate the Second Amendment Satan integrating concerns of the divine beings by setting aside the argument positive reject God altogether so first and foremost the purpose of that commandment is the key in the mind of the creature that they have created and has a lot of significance of that but as I mentioned in the Sabbath reminds us right away on our moral accountability to God and this is why there are many art about atheists evolutionists because truth be told they don't want to know God in the fact of the matter is they don't want there to be a gondola be accountability in the back of the matter is most of them don't say that members share with you I'm absolutely fascinating follows from one scientist evolutionists do not say why his name is Richard a Watson he is a Harvard biologist the article strangely ironic skull billions and billions of demons it was involving he was reviewing in the New York review of books in January nineteen ninety seven listen to what I want and says about why he and his colleagues how to evolution he set our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense of menopause there are many of you have studied the scientific evidence for creation I would sell you something there is far more scientific I'm not real science now scientific evidence for creation and there is revolution you want here that is what he is one you don't hear it you look at some of the arguments in favor of evolution a junior for instance has anybody ever seen the documentary calling spell that's on this for the issuance of a intelligent design debate over intelligent design isn't my thing is that you leave the house some scientists that there had been a designer they don't necessarily believe in God or the God of the Bible but they they as a study and look at the evidence of scientific evidence I can't help but say somebody had to design in the new one of the challenges that evolution is always had if they'd never been able to demonstrate the missing link and that is while the missing link is a natural transition between a human and animal but beyond that the even greater challenge is that they've never been able to produce life against our life came from something okay there's a big explosion everything else but there is no hero science is mostly observably dispositive or reproducing in the laboratory they've never been able to produce life is no way that that that that the US is not a it is not a fundamental law of evolution now in that documentary expelled Richard Dawkins is the author of a book called the God delusion is one of the leading alias when he is willing when he's kind of in the interviewer Ben Stein found you that Senator corner and sense of autonomy in your scientist and that have an explanation for where life came from this is what Jonathan said in essence it is possible that alien sometimes back in eons ago one life from outer space it is my is not possible and gone and he never entertained a graph even now getting the idea of evolution I want to know what you're founded on there is a science that you want anything I felt that doesn't sound so crazy that whole idea of an individual alien seeding is some crazy or what it was our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is that he is one understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural we take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs as he blatantly honest here in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just so starring is a sweetener you know we'd be begun along with all this we take the side of science in spite of all this why because we had a prior commitment a commitment to materialism are you getting a net worth materialism says there is no supernatural because we're committed to that even if the evidence doesn't support it we accept that even if the evidence is ludicrous evidence we expect that because we've got to be materialistic women we not have we can't believe in supernatural goes on he's not done we are marked by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation here that creating an apparatus of investigation 's elite and their investigation is real investigation to create an apparatus of investigation antispam concepts that produce with your reasons no matter how counterintuitive no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated moreover that materialism is absolute for we cannot allow a Divine foot in the door into that last part in essence what this man says he is in alignment with evidence we have really make sense of the reality of it all is we can't let consequently nor because the Democrats that would normally send anything else this is a carefully this is these convoluted concepts of evolution and variations in evolution are being promoted even in Christian circles because the Sabbath was not as God is supporting a point the Sabbath is gone in the creature 's mind what happens when we lose that understanding of creation I'll tell you the number of things happen we loses the understanding of our inestimable value in the sight of God if there is no creator and there's no purpose there is no meaning and there's nothing special about me like an all women represent understand is the status is to remind guys that God is our Creator and in reminding us of that he reminds us of our inestimable value in God 's eyes the other serious health is everything with the precious blood of Christ I think back to when I was I was in grade school I used to collect baseball cards anybody ever do that car sports cards collect those things are a man baseball cards anyway you and your whole lawless to get your policies is where the cards and whatever anyway I outgrew that I gave my heart to my younger brother is dated and a lot longer than I used the card shows I never went to the cards and credit cards is talking cars to bring these little plastic protectors and you say so and I remember him telling me about the value of his heart he paid as part of your I want the whole thing of past government for ten cents in his dominance car near this thing is worth two hundred fifty dollars to which I would laugh at and then I would tell them this believe that human cards worth two hundred fifty dollars the car is worth two hundred fifty dollars when somebody finished forming somebody puts down to fifty dollars for beloved above tells hard for but the fact of the matter is it's only worth what someone is willing to pay Peter says that we have been paying for by the precious blood of Christ not with silver gold the comparison to that in other words God has paid the highest price they can be paper anything for you in me I invested husband value sees great value to because Jimenez Rivera Herald article on May twenty three eighteen ninety nine says the cross speaks to the host of heaven the world 's unfallen answer the fallen world the value which God has placed upon men and yes great love wherewith he has loved us and desire he seventy seven is one soul is of such value that in comparison with it world sink into insignificance the Sabbath was to remind us we have agreed and because of that we have value in the eyes of our Creator we have purposely have meaning in this life God wanted us to have that hold onto that the Sabbath was a sign of creation it was also intended to be a promise to us of redemption I want to go to see you join with me is he guilty Old Testament chapter twenty four the Daniel Ezekiel chapter twenty were going to verse twelve no using this in Exodus thirty one as well the earlier you get twenty responses this moreover I also gave them my sanity assignments we then and even they might know that I am the Lord sanctifies the North American community can remember exactly what Québec polling questions in an unholy person can anything hold now is gone or unholy turn to the Lord himself as one this antibody of the possible Clinton there is no longer known on one is no one righteous as no one is exempt or not those that so then he comes it manages remember the Sabbath and keep it holy listening carefully if God wills that were not holy and in his commanding us to keep something holy and must be promising that command is to make us all an effort is telling us here in accidents that he that we might all that he is not the sanctifies I was blessed little bit like the Romans we look at Romans the other night we look at the apostle Paul's talking to us about the righteousness by invading experience I want to see how you see how this plays into the sap Romans chapter four when they look at verse eleven in a Paul describes justification as coming through the pain of Abraham K along with me Romans for verse eleven says and he is speaking of Abraham received the sign of circumcision a seal of the one righteousness of faith which he had while still uncircumcised that he and Graham might be the father of all those who want be the bad are uncircumcised then why righteousness might be imputed to the then also who is then those who believe writing is first and the father of circumcision to those who are not only assign those who not only harm up the circumcision but who also want in the lot status of the main which our father Abraham Hamill still uncircumcised in essence he is simply saying that justification by faith happens when we have the same kind of faith that Abraham had faith stick with me on that it does need to be complicated or justified by faith but he brings in the van says if you want to know what they look like they were justified by living brain okay we just looked at that description now what kind of faith that Abraham have looked very carefully as we jump ahead to verse seventeen it describes that God that Abraham believed in now starts out in the middle of a sentence over Disneyland discount outreach but all along and seventeen as it is written I have made you a father of many nations in the presence of handling the legalese in other words this is about to describe the God of Abraham believed notice God two things about God gives life to dad and call those things which do not exist as though they did so were justified by faith we have to have the same kind of faith Abraham had Abraham 's faith was of faith in God it didn't suit me he gave life to me that any created out of nothing right he called those things that exist that didn't exist as though they did but two aspects of the God of Abraham to leave again were aspects that we find in creation is then laid a person who doesn't believe in creation and can never be justified by faith because they can have the kind of faith that Abraham had because I don't believe in the kind of God Abraham to silver talking about the San Miguel is that he's in our mind that we worship and serve a God who gives life to the dad I thought it no alien seeding here and on aliens coming down to getting life God creates life Abraham believe that and God created out of nothing we call it in the theological circles creation act Nilo out of nothing those two things were what Abraham in the Pentagon is God and it was the cause in fact be that Abraham was justified when you consider that you must make it more practical on the sense of the Sabbath when you consider that this happened in Athens and eight other gods sanctifying power up flag of God 's creative power to be exercised in the recent creation of you and me when we rest on the Sabbath the concept that the Bible gives us is that just as God finished his work it was perfect when we see is from our work on the Sabbath in so that we can reflect upon your wrath in his work and we can look back to creation realized that when God created everything was perfect just as he intended any rest and McDonald will re-create everything perfect and there comes a time there is coming a time for told in Scripture where the Bible says relationship twenty one verse five and behold I make all things new so the Senate is to bring to your mind in my mind number one is our Creator number two that we have value in his eyes number three that he is willing to exercise his power in our behalf to sanctify us and restore us to his perfect creation I want to add one thing to when we really realize the meaning of the Sabbath it will invest us individually with the potential that God sees and it will invest others with the same potential something unique about the ministry of Jesus was that Jesus consistently saw the potential in people that others couldn't see when speaking about Mary Mattingly designing assassin page five sixty eight is famously washed Jesus hair with her tears I didn't speak with her hair and her dear SS went to humanize her case appeared hopeless Christ saw in married capabilities for good he saw the better trades in her care I don't think that applies to Mary alone applies to you and me as well as you're sitting here tonight Jesus sees in his something that nobody else sees and in fact things that you don't see I'm not talking about her sins now I'm talking about your potential user created he know what is possible with your life again in Christ object lesson stage one eighteen is talking about the pearl of great price one is the pearl of great price Jesus Jesus Jesus did you know the pearl of great price also applies to you and you know that this is what it says here I saw the present phase one eighteen Christ the heavenly merchantman seeking goodly pearls saw lost immunity the pearl of great price in man defiled and ruined by CNN he saw the possibilities of redemption why how because he created you because he created you with a purpose it wasn't an accident there was an explosion and allowed in heaven I be as a evolution now he created you with that is really causing that he saw the potential he saw the possibilities of redemption hearts that had been the battleground of the conflict was a and I have been rescued by the power of love are more precious to the Redeemer that are those who have never fallen that's why we have the lost sheep and we talk about the loss team meeting I center outside the church but when you look at it on the grandest scale Thomas came with the world I fell versus the ninety nine that happens and he was capable what is the final say there is rejoicing in heaven among these are not over one sinner who repent on everyday lessons again hearts that have been the battleground of the conflict was Satan had been rescued by the power of love are more precious to the Redeemer than those who have never fallen God looked upon humanity not as vital and worthless he looked upon it in Christ and science as it might become through redeeming love tonight Jesus sees you for what you might become Jesus easier neighbor for what he or she might become those who truly are keeping the Sabbath on Saturday will not be able to help but see in the neighbor what they might become in Christ I'm sure service of the Sabbath will stir the hearts of the people a reevaluating and valuing of humanity versus the evaluating of humanity and as a danger is endangering comes in when we don't fully grasp what I'm speaking out about this evening is a danger of placing low expectations not only monolithic Marcel came here ever heard the story about how trying to remember where where where the locale is not quite sure with the locale is in any country the training is valid I suppose I than ever how they go about training elephants to be basically as they can find for example you can really try out the elephant very easily but if you go to some countries is irrelevant however wrote around display any kind of the something in your thinking is an elephant we don't have to do anything with several with snap he'd be on his way to use when they do when the elements of babies they'll put a chain around the rear leg of an elephant and a high something like a tree and the small elephants appear yellow elephant that whenever probable entry but the baby elephants they can't do that and what happens is a tiny lizard tried it was an ideal resistance and they become conditioned with the mindset that is no useless throttle if they're never going to get a free and once that's in the mind of the elephant in the neoliberalism all they need is a little role in a time to throw around the elephant 's leg in a type of post and the all the polls he feels that resistance he just assumes that he step I fear that much of humanity I fear that many Christian just like those eloquent we have forgotten our Creator we have forgotten his power and purpose in our lives we have devalued ourselves we placed a low expectation upon her sounds and images that I can't do it I just can't do it I tried it's no use when perhaps we simply been conditioned not to draw the prison service as something that people are there is no lemons to the usefulness of one who points out the side makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and is a life completely consecrated to God there is no if we were keeping the Sabbath is not intended we would not see the limits in our Christian life we would not lament our weakness in our Christian life we would be reminded of our Creator will be reminded of his power we were rudely reminded that he gives life to the dead and calls those things that don't exist as though they did and we would see a whole new power among God 's people are holding out it would just be about going to church on a day we would be resting and relearning and being reminded of God 's saving power in our lives and the meaning and the purposes and message management as follows in the book of Isaiah mustard Isaiah this is the last path to look at Isaiah chapter fifty eight verse twelve Isaiah fifty eight versus twelve the Bible says here those from among you shall know the why the whole way is twice as usual ranges of the foundation of many generations and you shall be called the repair is why the range the restorer of streets the dwelling and the idea there is something in the raises were broken it's been attempted and attempted alteration or change usually called repairs verse thirteen unions are away from why the sacrament is a happy imagery and also the agreement with any material way but the imagery the visual imagery got given we find this other places in Scripture is a trampling it under their feet we've been scrambling the Sabbath under RP mixing the sacred with the comment and goddesses if you turn away your flight from my staff even turn away from trampling it if you journaling about the status of doing your letter on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy day of the Lord Honorable John Lonergan not doing your own way of finding your own pleasure speaking your own words and you shall live delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride in the high hills in here and beat you with a heritage of Jacob your father the mouth of the Lord has spoken God designed him for a blessing on you only turn away but for my Saturday but he says in that context I want to be repairs of the breach in other words the enemy has attacked the Sabbath because that is what brings divine mind the fact that God is in the process of sanctifying us even finish that were the devil doesn't want us to know that he was about the life lamenting our sin thing we can never be perfect but it is I believe that the Meehan Oregon I think I really may not be created out of nothing in your life and then analyzed trying to bring it into the hearts of the people and we then are called to repair memories and so others can know that saying and here we are and we hope it's not a lifestyle like letting anybody else Donna Howard God is high time we become those repairs of the reason of this is where living far below our privileges sometimes we lived like we do now not like they were in and sometimes they can get attention and sometimes we can and reminds me of the story of a man who had always wanted to go on a cruise anything that is money saved up his mind he was assaulting forward to going on this group and a day came when he was able botanist taken and he got on the boat and the problem was that he spent everything you have undertaken he didn't have money to get his meal tickets so he had to go try and get five with balance I need not be brought subpoena butters and crackers it was slim pickings for him and he was on the cruise right me always wanted a dolly like me to my back is anyways okay I'll get on a cruise off by egomaniac morning Yolanda else is eating at least none that are and he enjoy looking at the beautiful sites is the boat soon as it is a cruise ship was sailing the beautiful ship but everyone so I guess now coming out of the dining hall in overview butter crackers the nine after so many meals of a letter and crackers and it starts to get all they began to smell that good thing of value on you it was a moniker is a one night and I have quickly to cruise on Lake comes out of the dining hall he has to be setting a doctor nearby identifies this man that Billy has been so ready what you think of anything well actually I I I I spent all my money on the ticket and I and I couldn't afford in all the meals but in all hay on decidedly here the guy looked at him and said by me again when you think and what is my kind of more than the elevators of the warring on me and I am enjoying myself I said whether the meals including you and I have been leaving the scene of monitoring cracker existence when he came in eating and EAE in a feasting in the dining hall and I can't help but think that there are far too many Seventh-day Adventists that are living in butter and crackers exist when we serve a God who created out of nothing who gives life to the dad who has a thought that are higher than any hot many humans live in the highest human thought or plan for our future what kind of life I was in the only living up to our advantage as people of God are you seeing that God tonight the Lord of the sound laser creator and a sanctifier when you come to is out of date are you able to rest and confidence knowing that what you can do yourself Jesus has promised to do more you are you able to build your life with confidence at home not because here's strongly because you know he is wrong are you able when you fall into those situations where you discourage are you able to look beyond with eyes of faith because you know that your God is mighty to say brothers and sisters we live far below our privilege in the Lord Jesus would invite you tonight the Lord of the Sabbath would invite you tonight to step up to the privilege of being called sons and daughters how many of you want to step up to my is heads father in heaven bother me that so many things overwhelmed the status in this world far too often we see and focus our weaknesses were like those elephants lawyerly letter to put in our minds that we just can't get ahead with it so far below what you planned for us father tonight I pray your Holy Spirit would impress hearts and minds with a higher calling that you have your people with a greater blessings you have for us with the whole industries that he had been knowing that I see is also recreated is also our Redeemer our sanctifier and he is able to save the uttermost all will come a falling tonight is pray to recognize those hands and raise and as we have meditated on many different messages here Lord I pray now helpless Lindsay 's theory is that you are spirit alive begin as a whole human experience when you are there at all I didn't respond I don't know the reason that you are ready to serve their hearts first and foremost with the value that you see in and when the potential that you see in them and impress our hearts and minds of their something so much better for them that you have father and all of these design her own person and to this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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