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Jesus Introduces the Truth

Fred Bischoff


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • March 9, 2013
    10:00 AM
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good morning and I was doing this morning likely within today is doing Bible study in one of the Gospels is what Jesus introduces the truth and will see as we get into the passage the revealing white entitlement that how would you define the truth or to ask you the truth I know his Adventist weekend to say when someone is accepted the truth they adopted our view of Scripture are view of the entire events and teachings that we teach November twenty three eighteen ninety two just a little bit short of a year after Levine arrived in Australia for her nine-year period over there in what some people call her exile she wrote back to the General conference president of Wales she's thousands of miles away but her heart is still back in America which is where you should and because of her distance she's having the right sometimes a month before the message is needed because it takes a lot for me to get there at least she's right away Olson is a general conference president I like to call this letter her most passionate letter that she ever wrote the subjective evaluation I know that you are reading a lot amazing letter just read the letter to the mode is a letter written to the angel of the church is genuinely mean by that phrase revelation November twenty three two ninety two the precious gold is links of truth are not separate detached and disconnected doctrines alliteration like both of these lined up there they just disconnected doctrines but only after a link form one strain of golden truth and costs are a complete whole with Christ as its loadings and we look at truth like that not separate detached and disconnected Doctor but something that we can call a string of golden truth singular sings and Christ somehow not string this apparently ministry makes a circle of how Christ is the center or maybe his book the thread that goes through the middle of the string all the way around however 3G two those are teaching the truth whose hearts are in your and have not been converted Christ what hast thou to do to declare my statutes be clean that bear the vessels of the Lord all watch friends we have full power and is not possible to controvert these Bible doctrines the truth we have set a force for the past few years when there was a certain eighth eighteen ninety two religions referring back to four years before .net has people in front of them with a message that she described in these terms the trip we have sent a force for the past two years is its and its importance reaching into heaven and encompassing a turn try this fine words to encompass the business space and time is Windsor regional in heaven problems later how do I describe the enormity Satan and his inventors of evil and made every effort to cover up the confusion lines to make of none effect the precious glorious truths of God 's word notice how she's alternating back and forth between the singular truth and the plural truths pressed there is a reality here a and I mentioned to what we need to grasp that has a singular simplicity and yet a plural complex in the center she says we are living in strangely solemn times eighteen ninety two which is about two thousand thirteen we are living in a strangely solid ties at the very time when the people of God should be wide-awake many are asleep or dead spiritually there is great need of much work being done every individual member of the church should look to the captain foreigners I do learn to do that I hope I'm here today not because I was invited because the captain I hope everything is according to his works let's pray fathers become to look at your word we are not sufficient to understand what we should see our hearts are lots in harmony with yours as much as they should be we desire to be there there's a reason that were here today we just look to you we ask for your spirit to guide and what said as we look at Scripture as we consider history and prophecy as we look at what Jesus culture may we do we desire it above all else may we have parts that embraces in love with your spirit do this work in our hearts today we thank you Christ and reference for the letter template number two are still hapless victim of respect in our printout thereof firstly on CD-ROM and limited page twenty five paragraph two appeal and suggestions to conference officers in other words to the leaders of the church bargaining today is actually an introduction and overview of a ten part series entitled the truth versus the line of you want to those that parts are aligned my provisionals .com website I like to launch with John eight alas portion of the chapter verses twelve and fifty eight you might want to refer to your Scripture as well as the organ we doing with our slides Jesus here makes multiple statements about the trip that's what entitled us Jesus introduces the truth he also references the origin of something he calls the lie I don't love you thought I appear to be something singular just like the truth is singular that can be something similar called by what you think it might be happy to describe is only one way to describe resembles always to describe these two things these two side-by-side will find in one verse and we'll see in words all my that these are called to principles of astronomy it into our study and Johnny of references to the other parts of the of a larger study was smitten with this paragraph which I believe has tremendous importance in getting us direct everyone somewhere in the direction direction why was his own expositor Scripture is to be compared with Scripture the student should learn to view the word as a whole and the simulation of parts and I like Google are just amazing I mean here is before people used to like to climb mountains it is that it is OR then glancing around in these lands and oversight but now you just know the screen is not where you want to there is there world as a whole the relation of its parts that's where the segments were Bibles like that the word as a whole relation of parts having learned to make connections the more connections you may orientation your brain is structured that way more connections you have the more you understand that health is not to be doing things that are breaking connections with dildos connections continue the same as the student should be no knowledge of its Grand Central thing the Bible 's grand simpleton coming over the committee hands jumping up there's the first notices before whom of God 's original purpose for the world remember that of the rise of the great controversy may know more about that in a study that and of the work of redemption whenever you lose hope he should understand the nature of what the two principles that are contending pursuit contenders grimacing and should learn to trace their working these two principles working through the records of history and prophecy the past and the future to the great consummation a lot of prophecies are fulfilled the history right but we can still look at it we can learn to trace this to anyone around revelation study of Daniel study tracing these two principles the prophecies to the great consummation can be identified and what is their nature can be traced into the history and prosecuting the same he should see how this controversy is not only past and future is brought into Cialis controversies enters into every phase of human experience how in every active life he himself she herself reveals the one or the other when I called him the two antagonistic motives and how whether he will or not he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be found future tense at the at the end where your enemy your deciding every day for the decisions you make but the motives you follow in every act of life the simplest answer complexes education page one ninety progress two days to antagonistic movements determines our side sovereignty and are just below that will try to find out what these two prisons are the first Sunday via references in his thirties and pages earlier in this paragraph unselfishness and the principle of God 's kingdom is the principal at Satan hates its very existence he was unselfishness does not exist what is that mean was in the goddess license litigate a great controversy he's Satan has endeavored to prove God 's principles of action to be self in the same way with all who serve God of your serving God Satan is trying to show everyone in the universe God included that you are motivated by selfish because of unselfishness does not exist that's all you can do live for yourself that's his voice is contending in the sentence to disprove Satan 's claim the claim that unselfishness does not exist to disprove that claim is the work of Christ and of all who bear his name how do you disprove that unselfishness does not exist financial assistance was that your work that was the work of Christ is to side-by-side until really building next it was to get his own in his own life an illustration of dollars that Jesus came for humanity and is since we didn't want to look like he says I'm going down there showed I will show them what it looks up and all the rigs that this principle are to be workers together with him in demonstrating it what is it demonstrating that his unselfishness and practical life to choose the right because it is right to stand for truth at the cost of suffering and sacrifice like that there's nothing in our natural hearts that like but that describes with this principle of unselfishness looks like on this it won't be looking like that in heaven but those the lease unselfish and only only thing the Manhattan the below sufferings are insensitive there is here is a fifty four seventeen this is the heritage of the service of the Lord and there righteous their righteousness is of me since you don't have it at all let us have a poorly written yet is very and say Lord what is a look like I have no idea what unselfishness looks like in this relationship in this situation in this particular need that I'm facing with a sense looked like I will message you go to him for football the Gospels only John John's Gospel records Jesus using the phrase the truth quite fast thank God for John and what he recorded years after the fact under the guidance of the spirit there's ten chapters of John Woodward truth occurs in the yard John chapter one two versus Chapter three one receptor four two versus chapter five verse chapter eight fibers chapter fourteen two versions up to fifteen wondrous chapter sixteen two versus representing the verses in chapter eighteen two versus is not unfairly distributed there's what is the twenty one chapters and not have to happen and work on getting my autofocus was find out about the century cadre five versus on amazing and all from the mouth of Jesus with younger Johnny verse twelve and onward noticed during the beginning of the chapter it's part of this part of the context they were jumping into here Jesus is an example he's just gotten rid of the accusers of a woman as a center of my letting them know they were all centers writing their sins and thus and basically showing what the law and the gospel looks like we goes hand-in-hand note the laundry also looks like going hand in hand of us working away and that's basically what we need to understand and practice while the gospel going hand-in-hand is what he told the woman I don't continue go and sin no more I'm not a business getting centers I will then send an issue that will hang on the cross but not getting you because I'm taking years and if you're afraid you to do what the cinema you deliver yourself you can embrace himself but only if you know the power of this thing called love the dialogue changes images as people this is what ensues after that amazing encounter with a woman in labor to build a series of contrasting concepts and their explosive sometimes are not in the implicit areas really have to plug in the opposite is in this context hopefully we'll will see the truth emerging coming into focus understanding what Jesus meant when he said the truth I find it simple and profound I find it shaky originators of the subject is like Lord is it really that you're calling isn't that that you have given to us as a gift in Jesus Christ verse twelve Teresa Kerry says I am a severe recurring theme here in John chapter eight I am one amazing name for Jesus right I am what is not right that make sure that we know what is and what he has because the current controversy is is caught up in that confusion is somewhat of a world on the line of the world the contrast that with darkness we sing to understand us and agree what this is but actually I like to ask the question what is the essence of life defined by the absence of its opposite I wanted to find advice by physics let's try that and while you're scientifically trained eye where the realm that's full of life and most is not coming from that great light outside going from these objects that are built into the ceiling and there giving that it is like right are objects of life to them what makes the light what makes them light in the sense that God would use this to illustrate the principal organs what would make the light go off the power right but the powers enabling these are just it is what it was enabling the shy I like synonyms to define synonyms but let's describe the dynamics of what is happening up there is that the energy is exciting certain molecules they're being raised to a higher state of energy in the layer this is the and falling back in their ability suddenly fall that would've ended they give off that energy in the form of visible visible spectrum of of energy our eyes can see right is that you stuck with his visible spectrum licensing they are giving off energy once there's not anywhere the nebulae sold out Christ came to give one of the father setting because he so loved the world that it is one again again light of the world in the darkness looking to Jesus we see that is the glory of our God yet to be is a score that simple that means I need to see that his is the greatest ever universe knows just the opposite of a double-sided right unselfishness does not exist then God is not a giver is probably what taker recovers to be that simple look what she does next she quotes from which gospel for verses of the Gospel of John to improve our chapter I do nothing of myself surprised was that have to do with glory and getting the living father sent me and I live by the father IC not my own glory the glory of invention in these words is set for the great principle which the law wife of the universe law of life or limb in the future president to talk about what the other option is in this chapter with without the all things price received from God but he took to do what you mention goes into the desired registries twenty one two she goes ahead to describe a circuit the circuit is not a circle circle as they are asserted asserted as a circle it has action here's the action receiving and giving receiving and giving amazing simple principle light and darkness in the overview that I like to do on the same day else story Dale story starts back in second Chronicles is not name their investment was born to trace evidence are clearly under King Josiah 's reign the dreams and visions of Daniel in his book he understood the light remainder as he's praising God for giving another desert dream he says in him a white well God is manifest in the something up to twenty two his story envisions our visit accounts of these two principles and we see it in the fall of two cities in Daniel 's date of his own city fell it was destroyed Jerusalem fall number one hundred reputed in New Testament times in the days of John probably the only disciple saliva fell again predicted by Daniel nine twenty six for the very same reasons that hears of Valentine's Day Trinity that the reasons people stand and fall of nations stand and fall the family stand for is based on the simplicity of these two principles in a the Daniels time there was another city that now what was that Babylon annual fibers thirty and thirty one he was there he lives in the fall of these two major cities and you exactly what was going and you wireless have had an excellent spirit tells us twice and then fall of Babylon is repeated in Revelation on a global scale things working that's our can we understand the message of the afternoon White Daniel called and feelings to translate handwriting alone the three Angels messages here's what's coming understand the messages we see the difference side-by-side Jesus continues you will have the light of life we saw slow learning how to enter into the principle of the opposite is the future which we call death the respondent saying to him in verse thirteen of yourself your record is not true there was built into the Hebrew culture and understanding that somebody's talking about themselves it's actual legal term you can't know just there was yourself but I can't understand what's going on Jesus is in a dilemma because he is having to battle the record is the same word for witness to testify in original he's having to testify something was missing how do you do that and not come across in some degree like you're bearing witness of yourself it's like you're all alone no one else knows what it's like they can join you and Anne Baxter Vanessa to their other than trying to get in with this and their something here and Jesus actually goes with it he says they say your witness is not true it wasn't true then the devils right track but it was true then the Jews have brought in a lot of wrong Jesus alone where is your even though I bear record of myself the only one here who seem Mister and José Western because I know where I can and I know are going origin this and how did you still was born with this program delivery I see somebody most people responding at all shaking their heads no I think is important to realize everyone should be doing is very strongly because Jesus was more like increased in wisdom and stature in favor with God he did not come into this world with connections appear frequently than how they learn very much how they learn where you come from nor is going where you learn where you come from and where you're going the witness of others your parents stories mother tells you as you are introduced to Scripture and learn the bigger picture and to be able to zoom out playing into the things so you learn by the word resulting from recently sensitive just you don't know where it came from or going to the resentment they were not in touch with it how does that make his testimony truly noises talking to himself what he says he is it is those issues who he believes he has some evidence this is an amazing situation he looks like a simple humble carpenter from answer but it is who he says yes the IM when and how to put this together that means God has how long long ways down with you doing here in this form which is trying to teach us what is this humility owner are we at NEC the thing early struggling on as this is regardless and is delivered by a judge after the flush that means I look to you just like this guy is now good muscles because I worked with my hands all my life and I speak with accents in all things that go along with the you are in the flesh I can tell I know you are in your warranty appearance were all the Stanley Works room is following what you but at least we knew where he grew up on estrogen of flesh that's how the Jews were living in Jesus 's thing that's how you do it what's the opposite obviously Jodi Spear he said in John six province spirit is how do we judge against your lipid studies in Clinton's five sixteen eighty one Simone that moving on the passage here's the reason the Jesus testimony is true you know it looks like this by himself is not because what were sixteen I am not alone how important is that we just might like to think well know there's he has someone that is within the night I say it suddenly fundamentally deeper than that it's not just the idea that I have somebody with me is that at the very core of my being my mission is not a mission that is self motivated self originated self focused I'm others on here and someone else it's the father I don't have only myself and getting it into the section here versus seventeen and on about the testimony of each union that was the law that he given in the Old Testament in their civil matters is important to get to it Jesus says there is a father I know I'm not just self well versed in taking your next he says then let's move on down to two verse twenty four it touches on this identity again and Harry here the a lot of translations serve as a he says if you believe not that I am he that he is not there is that in the King James Scioscia that he says that he believe not that I there is the fundamental reality is if you don't believe that I am the great I am of the Old Testament the one who self existent if you don't believe that this can happen there's your future here's don't think that Jesus had only acceptance for everyone until the woman I don't continue but if you don't have enough no condemnation in the race the real only there is no freedom for you and him gingerly is Leslie Malan embrace all that means and they come back and say who are you to do this in a stroller and the struggling is licensed in a high-rise until this one thing and yet there's something that in the words you're saying that you are there claiming to be something much much more than you the Army and Jesus says FISA authority for incident recently started working among a until you going and then he says in verse twenty eight when you have lifted up as me you will know that I was looking at you talking cross the doctor left him up in terms adoration praise there religion up in the most ultimate way to lift up a criminal in those days the Galician optician he make it hanging on the street you lift them up to ridicule and torture what is he going to do is stop giving them is father forgive them they don't want to his save a thief beside them the process last season again to the blasting through his generous spirit Lenovo land but were they really know others you would do that they're young he gives us the clue in members below that I am and I do what nothing unless there is an core nothing of myself have you began to learn do you want to embrace nothing of yourself we're still you were told the inheritance of the children is that of say you know you're going his righteousness are Russia's of him and we need to embrace nothing of myself this is how we learn was hanging onto initially in the fathers with me I'm not alone verse twenty nine I always do the things that things was that remind you of any other connections come to your mind in the Bible reversal simulation parts any connections that verse bells that ring I was in place no one documents without Hebrews eleven parsecs without faith it is impossible to please the house Jesus living I say he's demonstrating what faith looks like faith working by love and words of Paul was five or six that's what it looks like what you imagine is the response to Jesus doing these things that was father and living within reading responses thousands of her story many believed on him to see faith produces faith just like love produces joy that simple that's the circuit we talked about comprise the second and comes from God we can get the thing going it comes from him and he's pointing out long and we love him because what he first loved us then this verse tells us that people believe on him because he firstly manifests living his life pleasing father doing everything utterly other than leaving him because it is a alternate this amazing statement he says these words enabling what was the beginning of it because next verse first thirty one he says in essence suggesting you got to continue continue in my word and giving my disciples in other words faith has just rounded casino casino is just around the something of the things is just the beginning and if you continue to work faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word the word tells us what God is like work tells us how he's operated his business to history and process work testifies to his recent we begin to love is a busy lives we begin to believe as he faced things out but it must continue otherwise what happens in the parable of the sewer birds take it up fly away somehow along the lung these are initials meant to continue continuing the word discipling learning being this wasn't what I learned from me so it looks like we are other options not continue and they says in verse thirty two and it continues a single and a you will know the truth of the truth the first of the truth and the truth will set you free was knowing the truth and what is making free it's honestly in contrast in this passage the bondage that they didn't die in the next person ever been on verse thirty three I don't know what they did with her history four hundred years last image as slaves and the claimant never been in the Abrahams children of this flag was flying over there sitting right on time with others in their asking what you mean with a free and just a sprinkling clear wisdom to be free it's given me this thing we call Abraham 's faith Abraham 's seed is one they are Abraham 's seed according to the flesh on a father judging according to the flesh is flesh but that is not how heaven counts heaven knows of heaven knows who your parents were but the I have faith that the spirit sees faith and I think it has Windows looking for phase is looking for faith just like love is looking from Jesus trying to deal with wounds level trying to pull them out of the flesh to understanding the spirit he says if you commit sin what are you slings ignores the history ignores the politics against the coordination of the refiners in the spring of living for yourself you're not you are not free even though you may boast about your freedom about what you can do all you want to do is not the ability to do what you forgive his desire is hardly what you're designed when God himself plans for you concentrating the design of freedom from sin if we embrace the truth we know the truth the truth is talking a there's freedom that comes to me says in verse thirty five slave does not stay in the house forever this is a few chapters before he talks about his father 's house Chris is lots of room in his review is in session preparing your own replace what he says here you're slain the Statehouse right only three people staying there again does this ring any bells of Abraham 's experience in an antisense regions English sports layout there plainly had two sons one was for the person was born of what I want among that made him what upon man see in that culture your mother determines you are a premise Freeman Hagar was a slave therefore her son was asleep is in-house forever one time message was sorry this is now thrown some of the one who's been set free the son of promise the Santa Fe not the fighting spirit is in Galatians for the jugular the satellites forever of course he is and he says that if I thank you for a delivery and financing free to become assignment law individuals are brother and more your daughter is he is our brother intercessory were free and we've seen elsewhere what amazing picture that we have free will be the New Testament preaching and tries to the boatload of vessels and in the store is one of acts and adjust their preaching was the apostles after Pentecost turning the world upside down by proclaiming by their lives one stream of gold demonstrating of the Holy Spirit 's power with the freedom of love myself but their lives in every one of them except John they tried to kill and human when did try and vanish into an island out there everyone dating dating dating into the lives of selfishness was not just preaching about learning they turn the world upside down the power of pinnacle endorse that there's no hope for restoration work does the enlisted without that supernatural but we have to have embraced the truth it has to set us free from all of this happiness that were more self focused and self selfish a law-abiding house forever is a special messaging is right because when we look at these in the process the final kingdom which were under fourteen and the final witness in the end it's a message that one one principle of the first two principles containing christenings but one alone is eternal it is always existed and always will the other is to it had a beginning it will have any anywhere in the time of the we must tell people what's coming to a close we must call the house of every form of selfishness every system that will be collapsing before our very economies politics agriculture education medicine every system built built on sand will become falling down as the storm hence how can we explain this to people this is the mission of the engine as God brings the temporary principle to its in to proclaim our lives will last for Jesus says of them in verse thirty seven your plan to jump that's a bowl bring the site as I was just having a conversation but again it's my word has no place what you follow it true to its to its logical development if the truth about God is that he isn't never the principle is getting with the opposite principle is the only I can give the father it was a sign noting that Christ to give was himself with developing and something else and if you live herself and follow emergency you are very capable of taking to the degree crisis is when you plan to kill me taking life I am in the business of giving life my work has placed with you if you enjoy this principle my father again he references in verse thirty eight I'm telling you what I'm telling you what I have seen with my father in other words on the list and I'm witnessing to others unrealistic this was the John chapter one North Alston let me tell you what I showed but you're doing what you see when you're not going to focus on Islam Abraham he denied that already if you are Abraham 's children verse thirty nine he would do the works of Abraham was Abraham 's faith do once they installed it works by law and beating that their children's children your plaintiff Jolie says in verse forty Abraham did not Dennis is not an action of faith will to take some of life they love you giving your life you can gracefully when showing bringing resisting and resisting looking at me to catch my words inspire me I told you the truth again he says which I forgot to the truth which approved first for me Jesus entire life witness to the truth his medical missionary which is what we can summarize what he did teaching preaching healing demonstrated the principle of which are from fourteen six eighteen hundred thirty seven he tells Tyler for this cause I was born this causing him into the world to bear witness to venture we left-footed cross rules anymore so you will but also something who will guide you the spirit of luxury will guide you into all your relatives like it is John sixteen percent but it is individually here during the days of your father they're claiming that God as their father but God was your father you would love me you would see that what I'm manifesting his love to you to review the circuit flowing between us I came from God and he says are plainly verse which I do not come of myself there's no self-image I'm selfless there's always a sense of using the machine and when we really don't want Jesus looks like as a person because he was running this on his twenty month in his little Jimmy Ray selflessness season begins Oxford four hundred on his speech and his Word which embodies this reality is you cannot seem to understand it and you can hear you begin to realize that the reason they're having a problem we all start there was not slated but they were unwilling they were unwilling to Canada they are unwilling to embrace with the truth if he's really God and that's what God is like what does that mean I have to be like him have to be home I've been meeting every little beginning I wanted but for the redemption his word then he says in verse forty four the probably two texts of our passage your father the devil God is not your father herein is not your father your father 's death was going with that the desires of your father you will do losses is a very strong word for passionate desires it can be used both negatively and positively known the desires of God he was a murderer the devil from the beginning there is again the ultimate form of a letter the Bible I can finally record anyone died were broken off their relationship to twelve that was a murder as soon as this principle came into existence what is it me someone will die in Jesus as I'll be the one shown is a lie the land is getting his life from the beginning of twenty versus record that forced the devil did not abide where the truth that's where he was created what was his name is Darwin Lucifer was at me from one of his very life one has shiny he was reflecting God 's giving nature through indicating instead grants under stock still getting God remains the truth Christ is risen and he's lost it all and later on Jesus AIM when the devil space for the state the line your versions don't have it I love any version has incorrectly the indefinite article is there when he speaks of the ally he states on his own numbers he's on the is only drinking from the details of the beginning of his life in the big is revealed to us in Isaiah fourteen and Genesis chapter three it's all about what it means to be like most with me the Devils is therefore it means to go climb higher and higher and these take what he's leaving from you take it that you will be like in contrast Jesus is the truth is not living for himself places of the universe first forty four he is a liar and the father of it he thought he is the one father law choirs can wait when he started speaking of his own father this principle the resort is very late and side-by-side plain as day he is using his victories and he's the father now and then he says because I tell you the truth doubling or sporting how much later Kennedy it's because I'm telling the truth and only by knowingly hanging on the cross sometime later where they say singing your cell come down on the cross and we will believe there was a more troubling they want to believe that the Messiah was in the state himself that means that they can save themselves with but for him did you have indicated that point that that's the truth telling and that's why it only is it one that do not want that this is it sells almost plaintively if I say the truth I do not believe me and should I ever love the line which were all born and we have to know words of Paul we have to receive a love which are otherwise we believe the lie safe assumption bilirubin dangles early story the days of the apostles rejecting the reforms of Jesus just like the reader to the reforms of Josiah Jeremiah and Daniel nine twenty four twenty seven predicted ulnar and I hang up the Messiah will be cut off and offers what you have in the second century will be destroyed repeated the same thing don't forget I have verse twenty Jesus is doing this the Temple is not just a coincidence what was the Temple given to show the Temple is in the show the content and word operative word there is daily puma of the human the daily interface of these two principles what an online and looked like fire and ashes and Snow and incense and water and red light all listings are showing what these two things side-by-side look like continually day after day after day evening and morning the civilizations it should also a yearly step by step unfolding plan picture starting with Passover ending with a syntax from the courtyard there will be an in July and to everyone who is graceful and refuses to get a sanctuary becomes God 's fortress against fly the spirit of liberality is the spirit of heaven the spirit of selfishness is the spirit of Saint theirs the two principal scientist Christ self-sacrificing love is revealed on the cross he gave all he had and they gave himself that management is the cross of Christ appeals the benevolence of every follower of the blessed Savior the principle illustrated there is to no there don't let this turn our national benevolence and good works is true of the Christian life there is untrue is getting getting a personal dwellings is that it was just that they start to secure happiness but carried out in all its bearings the fruit is misery there is a victory for Honorable is presented for what changes us together we don't know in our cells were looks like we can only learn unselfishness by beholding Alaska has given us in Jesus that is our cost that's why we have to immerse ourselves in storage is still revealed everything is over and over and let me know what it looks like I don't know what it looks like she actually day by day hour by hour in my work and my studies for visiting training so that when the storm hits I will be able to stand the greatest deception of the human mind the days of Christ was a mere assent to the truth Constitution in all human experience a theoretical knowledge of the truth has proved to be insufficient for the saving of the soul it does not bring forth the fruits of righteousness a jealous regard for what is termed theological truth often a hatred of genuine truth has been manifest the same danger still exists I just surprised me this is the great harbors many negative or granted they are Christians and because they subscribe a certain physiological but they have not brought the truth and practical life it is not believed and loved and therefore they have the reason the power and raising confusing to me profess faith in the truth but if it does not make an sincere kind patient premiering heavily mined it is a curse to his disasters and generations it is a curse to the world is our biggest issue after referencing Israel's instructions to separate from the Egyptians before the plagues and Hezekiah 's mistake and how he overcame the Babylonians the following statement was made the working Battle Creek is given a ravenous history there with you this is the setting for much of what was written warning Battle Creek is after the same order the leaders of the century have mingled with unbelievers admitting into their councils more or less but it is like going to work with their eyes shut the line they lack discernment to see what is going to break upon us at any time there is a spirit of desperation of war and bloodshed and that spirit will increase until the very close of time just as soon as the people of God are sealed together for it is not any ceiling or condition but it is a settling into one Richard both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be just as soon as God 's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will indeed it has been already begun the judgments of God are now on the land it was warning that we may know is coming I chose to a hundred eleven years ago what would she say today one can immeasurably since these two fifty two and transforming power reflecting our history transforming power to the proclamation of the first and second Angels message is as a ten as it sends the message is a very lasting connections were made on human minds the power of the Holy Spirit was manifested there was a diligent studying scriptures point by point almost entirely devoted to researching the word we search for the truth one hundred are we business of the pioneers in the research literature has written treasures the Lord revealed himself to us laser printer that is a lie Jesus William Miller select and a friend is your friend have you embraced as selfish she's a light was shown the prophecies and we universally designed instruction seventeen a.m. RP July eighteen ninety six oh two the desire to receive a lot of if you don't Jesus were supplied with diners do you want more than anything else to be free from sin by the selflessness that's the only way it will happen being transformed by beholding his his life his death and resurrection do you want to spare measures in teaching what unselfishness looks like all of life in faith and practice and doctrine and what such a prayer and what you stand for thank you for the revelation of Jesus Christ not just in the book recall revelation but in the Gospels John 's first book about Jesus we thank you that he came a long distance to reveal you to us to show us what assumptions looks like to show the devils lie for what it is that you are indeed are not selfish you're the greatest funeral universe has teaches how to get more and a dress in that love so that in the storm is coming this building analysis evenings and will be able to stand will not be we will be able as Jesus lived here to the tedious our mission prepares for blessings one here students especially as understudy to be equipped to be even greater givers may they be guided especially by your spirit to be kept from the selfishness that is a an epidemic around us enabling the eye or wrong so are a media was brought by Hotmail address at spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is like the more certain it is www. audio verse .org


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