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ASI 2012 Youth Meeting

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • August 8, 2012
    7:00 PM
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well I like to pray with you just briefly in and along sure some things on my heart that go along perfectly with the theme of what you were just listening to a moment ago and that's what when we pray from your Lord as we've gathered together in the Senate is approaching and we want you in this place we want to talk Lord about how we can have your mind and have your spirit to your work and ultimately Lord we want to live forever with you so please bless me in this place Lord pretty blessed approaching Sabbath and all the other meetings going on as we ask in Jesus name amen all right I want to talk to you about the recently backup let's start at the beginning your alive right now you don't just think you're alive you really are you might think that everyone around you is a figment of your imagination but their life to you think you're the only one thinking anything but their thinking to so were all alive now to have doubts that you're alive you can put your hand over your chest see if your heartbeat hold your breath for four minutes and see if you pass out and you'll know you're alive all right so let's establish that we all agree with that why are you a lot that's really important because you didn't make yourself nobody asked you if you wanted to be alive what's the purpose of your life and I didn't know what that was for the first part of my life I thought I was a big biological accident and it was after finding the Bible is living in the mountains up in a cave and and no it's a long story won't tell right now but try to figure out what was the purpose of life a tried everything I can tell you everything I mean I is in drugs and got home in crime and different religions and travel around the world and this informs your age try to figure out what's what's the purpose of life after all that I ended up trying to find purpose in nature so I went up in the mountains I lived in a cave kind like a harmonizes by myself I was tired of people and I just thought I'd see if there is some purpose of life and what was up there I read the Bible that someone had left in a cave and as a result of reading the Bible I became convinced this is the truth on their try and as Rutherford always just a minute ago I prayed as the Lord of your real come into my heart give me a purpose for living and he did he began to change things and then I began to discover what the of the biggest battle is what you think you are what you think and that makes a world of difference right now while I'm talking a thousand ideas and went through your mind special when you're younger mind you I know more than you more I know more than you know but you think fast and I think my processor is slowed down you guys have an upgrade I got more data normalcy of virus in my computer so I don't think as well as you guys think but you realize how many ideas and thoughts and with your minds right now while I'm talking to you right now because all heard the door click and yet distracted and you think about what the people around you are saying and you think you where they think about me and your think about how long is this going to talk and you think and I wonder if I go with any snacks in my room for after the meeting all of these things are going around in your mind all at one time and so on your chewing gum and you're not even thinking about it now without even thinking but your whole life experiences based on what's happening here behind your eyes between your years and you'll ultimately will be happy or miserable based on what you think the words are very very powerful to illustrate this I just pictured you will for a moment stay with me lemon big London-based yellow lemon fresh right big yellow lemon in my hands next I take eleven put on a wooden table think of big sharp knife cut the lemon in half then women's sports want to do it I take a knife and I order the limits of nose for parts of that big juicy lemon and I think one section that women and I bring it up to my face although my mouth close my eyes take edges of my thumbs in a region between the women in the peel and hold it back sold Pope is sticking out and I pushed up in my mouth I bite down and hold it there are now how many of you find yourself salivating a little bit right now just because of the four of the inner limit okay that we now here's a question you see in my talk can anyone really smelled women right now maybe your mind you can does no limits in the room I'm pretty sure but look at what words did words are very powerful what you think can make the difference between what can a person you are it will you will be the sum total of what you think so you can make a difference in what you become by what you listen to it can affect your thinking I can tell you story right now will break your heart may contract make you sad you won't be at the story you won't know the people in the story but just the thoughts and the pictures and the images can make a very sad I can also tell you a joke right now I did say some funny that happened to me that would just crack you up I could tell you about last week when I was getting dressed and I realized that something terrible had happened to my body I gained a bunch of weight and my legs change shape and I was so upset I've gotten older and and then I realized that my wife put her pants in my drawer and him him tell about what happened to me as is often so when you listen to and what you look at can affect your business and life you can also make you a nice person or can make you a mean person it can make you a loving caring person to make a very selfish person it can make you like Jesus were to make it like the devil you get to choose what you want to listen to what you want to look at and out will determine who you become now as your baby in your growing up to parents to make a lot of decisions for you and your taken stuff and from your friends and from your environment than that's what most of you unassuming listen to me speak English it is looking at me right now wondering what this guy say fire you most of you understand English right why funny when another question in which it is you a few understand English because you heard and it almost things affect you you end up becoming but as you get older you don't have when you're young you don't have some addresses on you get as you get older you get to choose what you read sometimes it's unable to read in school and her parents might be reading within worship and when you start making more and more choices of what you look at what you listen to who you listen to and who you look at what you look at can affect you know you've heard this already is I heard and just refer to disperse but then I want you know you are the first group I have ever talked to using this thing out Heather for a while but I just it's kind of weird for me to stumble Philippians for her site we just heard a second listen finally when someone says finally that mean for something summing it up for you finally brethren whatever things are true whatever things are honest whatever things are just whatever things are pure whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things you will be like what you think about you will think about what you look at you'll think about what you listen to now to tell you little disturbing story here and it is not because I'm wanting to get a reaction or anything I just I think you need to know this settled your take music figure this stuff out by not reading the report of this is a news report that he heard of Devon Moore imagine an entertainment industry creating a video game in which you could decapitate enemies cut off the heads of police on never forget when I first learned with that word meant it was in a car wreck said that the victim was decapitated in the cinema mom what exactly can you imagine a game in which you decapitate police officers you kill him with sniper fire you massacre them with a chainsaw and you set them on fire and laugh I would ever buy such of an awful violent videogame well people do may have it's a game called grand theft auto and it sold more than thirty five million copies worldwide sales approaching two billion dollars while people being entertained by murder or mayhem bloodshed violence two years ago a multimillion dollar lawsuit was filed in Alabama against makers of the game you know why those rhetorical questions unanswered because there is a young man named anymore good boy good family somebody down the video gamer he bought that videogame he started playing the game and playing the game and he became addicted to the game I guess it's got music that goes with it I've never played the game and never seen again I heard about it and the just pulled a man and he got to where he was playing it trying to get to the next level twenty four hours a day seven days a week barely sleeping every waking moment he was playing the game good home never been in trouble with the police good kid and police responded to a call for a stolen car payment games grand theft auto and they found that eighteen -year-old Devin Moore replayed on grand theft auto for months now had the stolen a car the police pulled him over cooperated with the arrest a bottom and the police station had no record they had no reason to believe that he be violent and something snapped while he was in there he grabbed one of the policeman 's guns right quickly pulled out shot the policeman twice in the chest and once in the head there was a nine one one operator that was behind the dispatcher that was behind the desk lady shot her two times once in the head some came running into the room find out what happened to shot him killed in fifty keys got one of the police cruisers and soon got into a high-speed chase exactly like the game if I was surrounded of them pulled him over when asked why did it isn't what you got to die sometime which is a quote from the game now what do you think the chances are that playing that game messed with his mind so that he was having problems between the game and reality you become like what you look at you become like what you look at you know what the Bible tells us rebels the print titles because you become like a God you worship I forgot that you know we were not also make idols and their children Ms. only towels I can't imagine who the world one of the account but our worship account and I go to some countries the world would think of your bad and you die to avoid my come back like a girl of punishment that's really what they think if you go to my comeback 's account then that's just the people in India to make offerings at her temples built for rats and they feed the rats and the rats are swarming everywhere and they worshiped the rats to beckon to do for a person 's faith trying to criticize another person 's religion I mean anyone is free to believe what they want that may sound unfortunate of Oregon said were not mostly graven images because you become like what you look at what you looking at what you watch what you listen to if you want to become like Jesus to go with Jesus a taster of the court Arsenault wants alone now that most of you probably barely even know who Elvis Presley was he still know you told me oh at but when I was growing up my mother used to write songs for Elvis Prestwich you don't and she even took me to press conference to meet him once when he was in New York City same Madison Square Garden and I was about your age and you know how he died pretty much drugs celebrity kill them it wasn't very happy and started out singing in church and they want to think the Lord but was so talented and popular people talk them into getting contracts and making money and they just got pulled over that whole lifestyle my wife and I went to church one day and after church we were invited home summons house for dinner meant for the person who invited us to dinner I saw today there here and there at their dinner was someone who looked like Elvis Presley an older version of elders parsley I'll just say his name was Joe and while we were eating dinner he told me an interesting story he said I have been an Elvis Presley impersonator for twenty years and what happened to him he went to an Elvis Presley concert when he was teenager I don't never when a book is all the girls swooning all the people screaming and he thought that's what I want to do I want to be like Elvis Presley however be famous I will be rich I want to be popular I would be good-looking and so he began to fixate on Elvis Presley and he went home and got a guitar and learn to play he got all of else's records of back when before cassette tapes and notes mention citizen he play the records over and over again and memorize all of Elvis 's songs he went to the Elvis Presley movies and he was a bad actor now that my mother wrote some songs that are in a couple of movies that you get one call girls girls girls and and candlelight world anyway but don't eagerly watches movies back then you can go to a movie and you watch it once and when it was over that crowd and go out in the crowd would come in but you could sit there and watch it again if you want to sit and watch it again and again he wallpapered Israel with Elvis Presley posters anytime there is an Elvis Presley concert within hundreds of miles you go he bought Elvis Presley paraphernalia total statuettes and anything that was later we just idolized died his hair learned the same actually have pretty good voice by the time Elvis Presley died he was one of the first ones that begin to imitate Elvis Presley started in some nightclubs and any actually get paid and went to Vegas in different places by the time we met him he was a portly fiftysomething -year-old Elvis penicillin the sideburns and the Herrick was diving anything you know is that I realize I can't get as much longer does all these younger guys coming up that are more talented and better looking than me and he said that I don't even know who I am is that from the time I was a teenager I've been wanting to be somebody else and I realized that they had I used to be a Seventh-day Adventist that's why he was at the Seventh-day Adventist potluck so I used to be a separately administered by starting on those concerts and I began to idolize Elvis Presley and even when I met him when he actually was chairman he was still making ten thousand dollars for a concert in Japan even as he can look like a Saddledome portly Elvis Presley is still making all that money that he said I realize I can't do this anymore I don't have a wife and I thought to myself I met this guy people who would see him when he was younger which and how it's weird it's like looking at all this is just like he do that walk like a top I can hang his lip like a mini every little eating of secrecy from this study them that I thought to myself what would happen if young people would do with Jesus with Joe did with Elvis what if we would become so infatuated with being like that man that came down from heaven and live four thirty three and a half years to show us what God was like studying his life studies teaching a look at how he reacted in all the situations in sake he's my idol but you know the key programs in America called idle to us via wince to be millionaire and everybody thinks fame and fortune to make you happy and units worshipful ten idols but there's what title you can worship as Jesus the only one you're supposed to worship it so hard to get young people to worship as they got all of these worldly versions of it that it will make you happy you know my mom was in show business and we knew actors and actresses and I could name names for you and stuff and I had one kid that I knew growing up he actually had that he was on the time television was a stock child star antilock the soft brush and money he was healthy no health problems supremely talented he was good-looking walk himself an MP is parents garage turn on the car and killed himself with the exhaust and I could never figure out why my mom said he was just very unhappy and he had everything a lot of these kids want it's not what you think she's the devil sucks young people into that why staff engines can bring happiness how many you've heard about movie stars and end up in jail for drugs on and up committing suicide and they got all the talent in all the worship it's empty and all the only thing that really brings happiness is having God in your mind and in your life but it's not to happen just by your praying a prayer you can pray and accept Jesus right now but then what do you do is going to learn to be new person and that's can happen with the choices of what you look at and what you listen to is in the determine who you are everyday or making decisions about what will I want to be it's what you are look at what he what are we what he wanted to let me give you a couple of other thoughts here now see I got a figurehead he sustained in regard I read it adverse in Philippians four eight is one more you are transferring it art-house film used to work I guess even digital cameras work this way the you know when you take a picture you see the little ones open up a quick and close it imprints briefly on the film and image is captured your soul is like a photographic plate you are capturing images all the time that are impressed on your heart and that's affecting who you become especially when you're young something happens when you are looking for your identity your name and realize that you are but there you've been made by God for you to be absorbing who you are typically get it from your parents a lifetime route kayaking down the river eel River almost nobody there we went for a walk together partner kayaks with our friends were camping with us and we go two days down this river weeds single person no houses where wilderness to care and I were out walking and weight going up the river we saw this baby duck I mean all little bitty peeper just a little bitty dock and as no other ducks around and we thought what's what the single bites overlooked around by this Canadian gobbled up by some coyote or something as we cut it she's a little bit first it ran from a single is a little doctor can go very fast it was on the river bar grand of his little back and held that he is so cute since little furry Greybull as we thought was to show the people in the camp is no parents are unorthodox and nasal chanson brought back to camp always in acute every little bit DVD when we defeat it would try to feed and bugs in community you think and so finally how well you know what we do so we brought down the river and we let go of it and we walked back the cabinet look around and follow the activity and it stayed with us all that night keeping DPP leaders were so funny how one supporting the elastin finally had a pack of camping hired down the river and we all loaded up the boat 's music by little ducting we waited and hoped its mother would find it for Wolfer Neagle found it and we took off down the creek in the little things on the short PPP PP it jumped in the water and start following us as we thought we can leave it behind and so we put the cut the little duck upon the bow of the kayak but we knew we were going through rapids pillow that some rough water and we've gone down suffers foreign fighters and what that means rapids and and so we went through some rapids and that got washed off with the nobles things can swing like docs and I was surprised it was it got lots of the truck kayaking a thing which is also likable unless I want to get in sync it always is went right through the rapids we got to the other side to Cambridge I give us a little baby let's get on the back of their mothers they do not yet exist when the bungling of the less and we later found out that little box it happens with geese and ducks they'd bond with what they looking and I think that's what I'm supposed to be and then just follow you everywhere and in the absence of his mother we don't know what happened the England separator but as they had stopped here in Iowa the first they looked at it thought it was a people and stay with us for the rest of that temperature we finally figured home given his friends and upon and that's an story but you will bond with your different from a duck you get to Canada rationalize and think what a lie one of be like Google I want to follow and you're making choices every day with the if you're watching programs on TV and playing games in the music that you listen to it's all working together to define who you can become I saw you Jan that always makes me nervous I feel like a loser again for quick now awaits him just Psalm one oh one verse three nine out of your Bibles here some of you be if you want to look any of these up later when he does give the steam I will set for King David said I will set no wicked thing before my eyes out sometimes you see things that are bad and you don't want to see how many can can't help it and in my hotel room last night I heard a terrible fight sure hope anyone people from our convention in the room next to me they were screaming I didn't know whether I should call down the front desk that you fighting your to do is yell well it was just it was like out-of-control I don't control overrunning your year to see things you can hear things you can control the one you deliberately want to look at and listen to what suitable listener this it says put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lusts at your own and attempted everybody's tempted Jesus was tempted is not a sin to be tempted but you don't want to invite temptation if you got a problem with ice cream don't take a job at Baskin-Robbins looking for trouble or let's suppose someone has a problem with alcohol and they keep pushing a shopping cart back and forth up the liquor section and the wine section of the supermarket just kind up tempting the devil to tempt them you honestly as far away from temptation as you can and if you struggle with thinking violent thoughts maybe get angry you get a bad temper what you want to violent programs is I can help you have more self-control you can make choices that can help you become more like Jesus and by the way can you send with your thoughts a Whitney Geisler I have attention deficit disorder I I had problems in school I only made it through ninth grade because I have a hard time paying attention and praise the Lord I finally got a GED by easily distracted he has had a help because I'm not a medical condition okay so you're talking each other while talking to forget what I'm saying and I have to start the whole sermon over again okay so with all work together right to not forget where I was a real talk about grand theft auto in can you send can you send with your mind did Jesus say if you look at a woman to lust after her in your heart you can commit adultery in your heart and girls that works both ways the good-looking guys in the think in the wrong thing so you can send with your thinking without overdoing it does Jesus say that you want to murder someone that you can be guilty of murder in your mind it is you're angry with your brother without a cause you'd be guilty of murder you can be dishonest sometimes without actually lying by your gestures the Lord wants us to be pure in heart numbers Dennis C God how meeting of the Beatitudes the ones you see God blessed are the Windows rest that pure in heart which is a God blessed are the pure in heart they will seek right to object on Blessed are the pure in heart they will see how many of you want to see God when he comes in peace and it will dwell with them in heaven whose as you are the pure in heart well our hearts are very pure right now so the Lord needs to purify our hearts can we cooperate with God in heaven pure hearts we can work with him now if it's a sin think about this if it's a sin for guys and girls to look at the opposite sex I think lustful thoughts you can send in your mind without ever anyone knowing you can look this is holy and church leaves you want church we are just made up a word you can look holy inversely as you want and smile and try looked sanctimonious and pious and anything can we do things in nobody's in the know except to yield God so let's suppose you're struggling with your thoughts and you would never murder anybody well great wrong to murder then what about being entertained by murder it is wrong to commit murder would be wrong to be entertained by murder now I'm talking me like I'm talking to you I don't care about these sentimental programs and love stories guys don't care about that stuff young girls get all caught up in all of these traumas and nasal emotional love stories of all is in and the guys want to know all is the cowboy Ganesh is the other cowboy on his heart that he made a shot up in three hundred yards what a great shot is body fluids this is the outdoors as if no why you're laughing it is true right and so we might not ever think we are about actually doing those things but sometimes you know the action and the romance is a good for your soul you have to ask yourself what would Jesus do what would Jesus look at because we will become like what we look at you know they've got them there's a butterfly net is in the Africa with the very pretty butterfly and its blue and attending your investment yellow iridescent needs like that and that of a hummingbird counting letters in the light this is blue your incessant butterfly and it's got little white spots on its wings and it's just beautiful to behold you know what it means the eighties the Don when the newer from the other animals and it looks really good on the outside until you find out what it feeds on all sudden you don't want to catch those things for pets three when you find a weathered many in other some young people that have grown up in Christian homes and go to church every week and they might look good on the outside but they're not feed the souls right kind of food and that's can affect what you are and how heaven sees you so how do you know what's the right thing on the wrong thing to watch is there a way that we can test my afternoon we have the Holy Spirit have to ask what would Jesus do a man went to visit his friend who was an artist and when the artist is painting his friend noticed that next to the easel and next his palette of all these different color paints he had a basket with these colored gems they probably weren't real but they looked like they were all different colors in her blues and purples is the one you keep the basket of gems there by your easily painting is so well you know when I'm painting and am looking at all these different paints mixing different combinations of paints is that I can start get mixed up about what true color is as is as long as I keep that basket of gems they never change as I always know what true colors are on the same way the only way you can know what's really right and what's really wrong is not by looking at everybody around you but you need to look at what is the Lord say is right and wrong what is what's a criterion God 's law or in his words when you give an example I remember a girl my school got sent home from school Vicki Orenstein you know who she is the manner of annoyed me because I grew up with you guys went to Christian schools need Karen my wife went to Christian school for about fifteen years she knows people everywhere I don't know any of the kids went to school I went fourteen different schools because none of them were Christian I don't know where any of Mark but he remember Vicki Wiesel walk to school together she was my age her sister Kathy was my brother 's age we went to PS eighty seven and Vicki got sent home from school in a white she with him modestly dressed I listen carefully this is probably nineteen sixty six nineteen sixty seven we went to public school in New York City any of you know about public school in New York City they're pretty free today at most Adventist schools even Christian schools the girls could wear what you think he wore to school that day and not have any problem but the public school when I was growing up said that's inappropriate you need to go home until your mother to get some software I want to leave a Victoria's Secret how many believe you're young but how do you think that the morals in the world are getting worse both of you believe that that means you're going down you know I was growing up it was considered scandalous if you watched a program during the daytime were a man and woman could be seen in the bedroom fully clothed with their pajamas sitting on the edges of the bed just the implications of a man and a woman sleeping together was considered the look younger the first couple was that was seen married couple seen sharing a bed cosleeping to sleeping in the bed is only redoing it was Fred and Wilma Flintstone the first is directly below so you and then let that happen they started showing the actors doing and the first resist sleep in the bed but you know now daytime television the middle of the day no show just about anything going on I'm going to visit families to the Bible study and I'm try to talk the family that owned through authenticity while talking to my friend asked him to turn it off so I can focus of the kids are sitting there little kids and watching daytime television results are flopping around in bed in the middle of the day on regular television appearance though seem to care now I know that seems pretty graphics me to talk to you like that but you know I'm saying that because it's changed the standard of the world used to be here standard the church is always tried to be a little higher than the world so let's say this is where the world is missing where the churches notice carefully as the standard of the world goes down and it gets to where it on the morals are lower and lower the standard of the church figures as long as were better than the world were doing okay look for that in the world the world 's going worse and worse and the church is not as long as we met in the world and over time what ends up happening is the standards of the church in the getting lower than what the standards of the world used to be with me how do you know you're not getting caught in the current and being swept along with the world it's like how do you know you can as an out of tune I got Cano up at our house and cholla cabin up in the hills soon as we built the house and moved to Canada when it's been there now for thirty years for twenty seven years we've never had it tuned professionally I tried to turn it but you know what I did I got an electric guitar tuner one day playing the panel for years I sounds like it's okay I got electric guitar tuner and a driven up there and I played middle C and then I played it on the guitar tuner man the thing was a whole step off I don't know there is the whole Seattle and Virginia they all kind of stretched out together slowly over the same time I'm a little adjustments along the way 's of the celebrant to each other but they were completely flat they figured as long as were intuitive judgment doesn't matter how lofty we are kids do that we want to know what's right and servicing work what do you want me to be the catalyst rounds and longest-running with everybody else in other shoes you wear colors that you pick compared easy to choose how do you figure that out come on be honest budget-cutting oh they were on the cut their hair that's a cool shoes that's cool shirt in the summer will make fun of someone also with what is where the point is where the wrong thing I go home change it is mortifying up to be in style right and become on but we did a little bit is will you Io everyone wants to fit in but how do you know whether or not you're fitting in with God at the same time you become like what you look at are you reading your Bibles are you keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and others a verse in Hebrews chapter twelve minutes of seeing then that we are surrounded with so great a cloud of witness let us lay aside every weight and so easily the sets us and let us run with endurance the race that is before us fixing our eyes on Jesus you need to focus on Jesus when you focus on you become like man was walking home from work one snowy day as he was walking home he saw three boys walking home from school and they were getting into a fight and the men realize that there really wasn't anything to fight about they were just need something to do it is a waste no one asked a question how many you would like to try race was against it if let's settle this with a race of your race seems better as I write there like twelve thirteen years old as of this is a different kind of race just know there's a field near the town meant to let him on the way home I go walking far side I feel you guys did you buy the fence is freshly fallen snow here Sunday count of three and at the students I say go I want you to run across the field and here's how you can win the race whoever has the straightest tracks in the snow wins so he got around the shop of the boys in underwear get set go oatmeal to go running one boy as he was running he wanted to see if his tracts were straight threes right along here look over your shoulder I believe you ever tried to write a bicycle on a straight line when you look over your shoulder you will swerve you cannot help you know if you're in a desert and its a foggy day and you can't see you will walk in a circle they proven if you have no visual reference you will always slowly go in a circle one way or the other you favor one side or the other so this one what he could look back and he's curving and every time you look over shoulder the other boy he wanted know how his friends were doing so subtle in his tracks is the longest look like that Dennis on the news the other day and I watched wanting with the graces were the same boat is won this race as a man incredible runner but as he gets down the final stretch he has his habit of looking at Spain we not supposed things that anybody anywhere near him as like them on your account slacks off a little bit but the he supposed to stay focused you would boy run won the race is one who didn't look to his right he didn't look to his left but he looked at the man and he ran directly towards the man anyone who breaks and you know that's the key to being a Christian is you become like what you look at if you fix your eyes on Jesus and he's your goal if you ever hear of the great London the great Blondin Ngai he was the most incredible daredevil I don't encourage you to try this is the first one to walk across Niagara Falls on a tight rope you heard people doing that he did it many many times that effect while there he was noted as it was such a good income to get a crowd and has a lot of stories about him walking across the Niagara Falls in this tight rope to get out there in the middle any door handstand and you wanted carrying down in the spray in Niagara Falls I could put up more water back when he did this big Dan Summit now to go through a power station but this is before the power station and it would will send this demon and foam and the rainbows everywhere because of all the power of the water they didn't bother you walk across one time he walked across pushing a wheelbarrow used to use a stick for balance and he went across never falls with a wheelbarrow and we got to the other side is and how many of you believe that I can push a man across the wheelbarrow so people stimulated to do it we figured it would be said once again in the wheelbarrow nobody raised their hand but the reason I'm telling you the story is folks would say when you do these seats and you cross Niagara Falls and he went between skyscrapers in New York needed bunch of stands and it was amazing also says in the make a mistake in the fall and they die somewhere along the Wayne wage we actually lived a full life which is amazing this how can you do that without becoming afraid and falling being filled with there is that I don't look at the water is not a look at the waterfall I don't look at the people down there is when I get on the rope and I start across the ice six All-Star on the far side of the cable and I put my eyes on the star and I just go one foot in front of the other how can you live the Christian life in this world where there's so many distractions the devil is trying to get you look to the right look to the left this is an care which side of the road you fall off just fall off the road the only ways you got to fix your eyes on Jesus he's got your idle and as he do that you become like him you know pastor one time when two a.m. at dinner after church and there is a wealthy doctor there the doctor came up to the pastors and faster so you are awful hard I appreciate your dedication so here I got a couple of tickets for the movie you need to take your wife and go relax and enjoy yourself you too serious and the pastor said to the doctor I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness he said that I can't accept as well and he said well I don't go to movies is the pastors at your unique don't take yourself so seriously need balance in your life is a doctor you do brain surgery is that right together he said would you do brain surgery without washing your hands known on in your life is that you can do your work with dirty hands is that I can't do my work with a dirty heart and if you're into the work that God has for you you need to be pure in heart so how does that happen one more story look at the clock counsel to the the right businessman Elmer who was a bachelor no relation to me he was an unmarried bachelor and you live in this small town and he worked for years he retired he just had a literally simple life and every day is ritual after he retired myself he would go down to the coffee shop and he viewed his breakfast because he had no wife to cook for me like the way they cook and on the way home it was an antique store you go one way and come back the other way in the antique store had this incredibly beautiful exquisite vase in the window and maybe it was the way that the owner of the store shown the lights on it or something but it was just beautiful it has swirls to it it was blown glass with all these different colors and and he just thought that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen it's than anything my repeated firing it was the policy people to dust off and always listen but the little expensive and one day after for months any positive look at it and the owner of the store saw that he always over always stopped and looked at the boss and he came out one day white was admiring it is a look Elmer is as I see stopping and looking at that thing every day 's is one hundred by his advisors is a is not an arts person he said that you are enjoying it very I do enjoy looking someone to do it home put on your mental look at it every day I'll make you a deal that are so they'd worked out a deal Elmer bought the box you can have excited they wrap it up he was afraid to break and carry it home to carry it home carefully put it down on the floor unwrapped it and looked around the room is not willing to the elemental of his fireplace and you thought well you know look up there is not right near the cherries is when I sit in my main chair in the living room I could be looking at it and just join myself but Mantle was different dusty so he had hit his back toward the thing that the single shining clean and step about six years worth of dust on them so I cleaned off the mantle of me set it up there and he went is that dollars are so pretty blatantly painted facial peel 's haven't done anything about that here's a thought you know it look a lot better if I paid behind slavery carefully took it down and he got some pain from the hardware store the next day and painted the walls and put them back up there but you know what happens when you start paying you have no idea how stated your paint instantly put new paint on eligible to new paint behind the violence he saw how bad the other thing was that people were and as a starting room he went to take the curtains down at all this dust from thirty years came billowing out of the curtains as he pulled about in the sunshine when he took the curtains down to Stoics developed direct my thoughts so that Elmer it's okay to bargain curtains every thirty years so I went out and bought some new curtains behind them and put up new curtains he painted the walls and he sat down and he noticed the first time that each springs were popping out of his chair in the stuffing was coming out we thought this is a comfortable chair but you know maybe it doesn't look very good in his room now with the new walls and new curtains up he bought a new chair nicely with cushier wingback legs went up giggling back look at the closet and he couldn't wait to get home and look at it one day on his way home I thought maybe inside a house look pretty good the downside I can do some thought I had no idea my fence was fallen down so he passed the fence painted the outside of the house but forgot to tell you about what he did with the carpet inside notice on which he had worn trails in the carpet do you know that only twenty percent of the carp your home percent of aware of long life it's called the twenty like right under the desk of one of the carpet in my house I got a trail in my office from the door to my desk yet it carpets good I just thought to that I can just cut off the trail and replace it is yellow carpets fine in the bedroom all the carpets rate especially under the benches we never touch but they are where I walked to my side of the bed I want up sublimate except the good stuff out from under the bed and think you'll supported under that will never season anyway right at economical number changes carpet changes painting dispense changes curtains and then we sat down in his chair he realized him wear the same clothes as I was when thirty years ago some of the number you need to decide not your fashion statement he bought some new clothes he became a new person in a new house and you don't mean the difference she introduced into his life something that was beautiful and pure and a transformed everything else in his life sometimes just one thing to contrast changes everything else and when we invite Jesus into our lives and we realize how good and hopes you are and how lovely and how noble he is he sort of changes everything else in our lives you might think what's the right thing look at what's electronic music I could talk a long time about that you probably Artie heard some good talks on that what's alike anything to read on your friends and told stories with the right kind story listen to a winch and you walk away from your friends and I will talk later was the make those decisions because that's really who you are is what you think is what you take into the windows of your soul you know it keeps a space man alive when these in space he's wearing that suit one Holiness means you soon go very well for him and the Lord wants to surround you with his spirit and so you need to work with Saint or enlightened in my reading stuff I should be read in my watching things that maybe I should be watching or listening to things I should be listening to and when you like Christ in your heart he can transform all that through his Spirit and you can participate in becoming a new person in OS we close I just want to pray with you eighty twenty you might remember twenty percent of what I just told you eighty minutes from now but hope you remember some of it because if you fix your eyes on Jesus you will become like what you look at that's my challenge to you can make a decision right now so Lord I want to be like Christ a Christian is a follower of Christ but you look at a worship leader Bible you need every day pray listen when you go to church and I know sometimes passing boring sometimes I'm boring but you'll get something out of it if either worship God and asked the Lord and your hearts and asking for his help to give you that purity of heart is those the ones shall see God is at your desired high priority right now for that moderately highly closer you understand prayer what you think of Santa Fe father heaven alloyed with and talking about some of the basics tonight of wanting to be pure in heart and making sometimes difficult choices to be like you in spite of what the world is knowing Jesus please come into our lives show us who you really are you promised if we search for you as we circled all of our hearts then you reveal yourself to us you promise if we draw near to you through prayer and seeking you and your word that you will draw near to us we would each of these young people work phone with your spirit I pray that help them to have victory in their lives so that they can make good choices about what they look at read and listen to in the friends they choose so they can keep their eye on time I sat in the online horse is a a is is is is is is spreading God 's word to the seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hot showers is more assertive in www. .com universe .org


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