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  • March 16, 2013
    9:30 AM
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I still have need to be having Sabbath school with all of you here were so excited again to see so many students out this morning this is getting be a very special Sabbath school which is now your head every pray to heavenly father Lord we think you still might spread an opportunity to come here to visit campus board and to just minister here with your young people Lord and we do ask that your Holy Spirit would be here with that as we have Sabbath school this morning Lord we know that this will be a rich blessing to each and every person here so we can thank you ahead of time for what you're about to do and Jesus name amen how do you like me were born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist church most of you most of you yeah I'm fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventists and I married a pastor in a pastor 's wife but to be honest with you I sometimes on some of our topics could not explain all of the things that we believe as Seventh-day Adventist all on my own and one prayer meeting we were at our church and we were reading a book called last day events committee of her that the last day event there's a chapter in their call the devotional life of the remnant meaning those who will be living right before Jesus comes and is something in there that really struck me she was talking about when will be put on trial for a adding she says that we will have to be able to this end our truth all by ourselves we may not even have the word of God right there in our hand and really just struck me in a different way anything new about that when I read that night it was like I was speaking to my heart everything you know what you really need to really know I know what I believe and I believe it you need to be able to teach it and you need to be able to defend it all on your own without the help of your husband and with not even a Bible in your and as me I started talking to my husband about this I thought you know when we were just that Artie had several Army Bible camp and we thought you know it would be really really need air we put this into our Sabbath school time at army and you know you come to these type of meeting that we have Sabbath school and you see chairs up there and using the speakers come they sit down and give it to ask them a whole lot of questions right right well this morning that's not going to be the case we are going to put on a mock trial for you so we are going to have a job which we have prosecutors we even have a baler to make sure that you stay in line and you have to defend your faith you are on trial this morning the prosecutors are going to ask you questions that are doctrinal in nature and you have to this day and why you believe what you believe of the Seventh-day Adventist and you can only go by the word of God and you have to use Scripture you can't just say an opinion of what you heard your mother and father said that you have to be able to defend your faith I want to share this quote with you this is what really touched me that night she says the servants of Christ are to prepare no set speech to present when brought into trial for their faith their preparation is to be made day by day and treasuring up in their hearts the precious truth of God 's word in feeding upon the teachings of Christ and through prayer strengthening their faith him in the wind brought into trial the Holy Spirit will bring into their remembrance the very true Apple reach the heart of those who shall come to hear God will blast the knowledge obtained by diligent searching of the Scriptures into their memory at the very time when it is needed at this time we're going to start our program all right who's appeared for the state of Tennessee County of Hamilton is now in session the Honorable Judge Alice Stephan emphasized good morning just one good morning for easy seeded works good morning ladies and gentlemen of the courts the court is seated books are about to be opened judgment is set I will say that normally in the court system in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty but not so here areas very little if any mercy it depends on your prosecutor today but the accusers of the brethren here are going to challenge you and we want to make sure that you are not helped by those in the audience so make sure those of you out there we are not going to allow you to interfere with this mock trial so that we get started Jenna and first prosecutor Myers take the stand please see so I understand that you seventh day Adventist are quite big on the fact that way to keep the Sabbath is that correct life you know your Bible if you have them to the book of acts chapter twenty and verse seven acts chapter twenty and verse seven the Bible here clearly states on the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread Paul preach something than ready to depart on the morrow and continued his speech until midnight it is a known fact that the early church did not gather together on the seventh day of the week but they gather together on the first day of the week in the light of such scriptural biblical evidence why do you persist on keeping this up can you explain this verse to me without any help from you we have a on here to defend her faith free tickets ten December one become appear please please state your name for the quarter and I asked ha ha actually talking about how after that that I technically Saturday night and it went on till midnight which in the end of that will beginning of the first pay on hand and reaching on that beforehand was admitted into the first day of the week technically if you're worshiping on Sunday is actually half the night that the phrase some midnight and then moved on his way to technically what really it was the first day but it wasn't a whole per se and that he had just gotten regional though how that works at him and the sunrise worship service it was into and now he led to China keep going within the teaching he was okay and thank you thank you defendant invented to satisfy the prosecution him scared to as a you didn't even get a defendant in one committee seated at the gate and the number one a prosecutor John please step up to the stand please and present your question you Seventh-day Adventists have an interesting concept call with Sheila God and the hundred forty four thousand of my Bible says in Revelation chapter seven verse two four and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God anytime with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to her urban is the same hard not to earn use the knowledge leads that we have to deal the sermons of our God and therefore it and I heard a number of them that were sealed and they were sealed a hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel my Bible says that the hundred forty four thousand dollars or sealed with the seal of God on the children of Israel when you send them to say that people of every nationality and sealed with the seal of God but how many of you are little Israelites answer that question okay we have a couple volunteers gentlemen with the glasses there you may take the witness stand never remind you that you must answer your questions from the Scriptures with no help yes no help from your friends looking a gallery please vision name for the court brief hello my name is Amir Davis regarding the process together Rocha seven deferring two hundred forty without measure mentioning and the seal of God is placed on them when you study the passage notice that there is a theme that happens not only in this chapter but in the previous chapter in the chapter and this is a game of John seeing something she is she's hearing it first many turns looks up and sees it this goes back to Revelation one where he is cheering away saying I'm the output and the Omega then after he's speaking continuing thing right about everything you see this as I turned to see who was speaking to me and then he sees this image in verse thirteen and that revelation chapter five geez years seasoning revelation chapter four he hears one thing and then he sees the throne of God he hears a voice calling the come up he's taken up in any season the throne of God Revelation six mentions can you go straight to the pointer available out she hears the voice of a lion and designs and he sees a lamp thirty cc years of diminished to something relations seven followed the same pattern of cute seeing hearing and seeing he hears a number about forty four thousand then as you continue your notice that he turns and sees what he sees is in verse nine after this I saw a vast crowd too great to count from every nation and tribe and people and language standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb they were clothed in white robes and upon branches in their hands so he sees issues as number forty forty one thousand and is here and I see a great multitude from everywhere in the same way that he's heard the voice and he saw Jesus and so this is selling us that these people are from every tribe and nation today thank you very much witness we regarding point where does that satisfy the prosecution yes it does it does and you can also go to Romans chapter two verse twenty two twenty nine he does choose and really the heart it was very gracious three twenty twenty nine PR Christ you're a breath even errors upon us or my effort to go to religious two sixteen where do you describe the root and branch of David a bright and morning star David was the keynote who Israel and Wi-Fi speaking you are not classes your team you are spiritual Israel so our nationality is spiritualists say they don't connect very much mixed prosecutor prosecutor under Waller please take the stand and present your case Your Honor it is comes to us that the advent people are legal list and they are hindering the United world movement of love they have an interesting doctrine or teaching in regards to judgment energy she requested judgment is anti- gospel and destroys the assurance of salvation assets and programming Jo immediately set in so could you clarify a question sure is very simple UTC regards to the judgment heaven taking place now is anti- Gospel and destroys the gospel so I would like to clarify how this judgment is part of the gospel as was clear to the members of the court not clear could you refine a just a wee bit more CDs teach that God began a judgment in heaven in eighteen forty four any strikes fear in evening euros of damage on people how's that judgment a part of the gospel had impeccable been clear we have the hand is that the Eric okay but Eric Kelly please take the stand is to reiterate the question is that the concept of judgment is against the gospel correct judgment beginning in eighteen forty four is against the dust is aching for a gorgeous judgments you can take your miss out to everyone it is an yet to minutes okay enough in Genesis chapter three actually and you'll incessantly see the concept of judgment and it's actually in a way to help people see their need in Genesis chapter three it says in after the fall after after you've was tempted to take the fruit and Adam Sands in eating of the fruit himself it says in the verse seven and the eyes of them both were opened and that and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons and they heard the voice of the Lord God will regarding the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden so the scene had destroyed the connection that Manhattan with God there was a separation and now they're afraid of God before they would they would commune with him but now they're afraid in a run from him the thirty seconds okay and is says and the Lord God called in to Adam and sending him where are you here is seen in investigative judgment God is is asking Adam where are you what's going on here God knew but he needed Adam to see his knee Jesus said in one of the Gospels the best arson they that are not fit you not need a physician to see that our sick need a physician so this constant adjustments is so that we can see our need and see our need of a Savior crews that answer satisfy the prosecution now focus my understand about however is the long is what you use in regards to seem with your condition this judgment includes a bit more than just those four of the same command since I know doesn't answer my question thoroughly it seems like you getting somewhere but mining more time on the shore okay thank you brother Kelly let's have another volunteer yes we have a gentleman volunteering second defendant two strikes and you're out so if it's quite a disaster does not satisfy the prosecution then we can ask for the wallet to answer his own question please state your name for the court of money Ms. Alex Nichol as good of another thing that we set a death is believed as the streets message so in Revelation chapter four we have her six starts with I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel which is what we're discussing the freedom to them that volunteers in every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made the heaven the earth the sea and the fountains of water which is a direct quotation from decrements the seventh day Sabbath and so we have here the judgment being and so while God is judging we have the call to fear so the point of his judgment is the calls into keeping his commandments let his judgment can go through and we can be found not guilty so does that answer just a little bit more from this brief as possible and getting the theological was great I really appreciate that you want to your project in Revelation fourteen six and seven and the context being stated there with the gospel is dissolute missing is the home music news is that so it had given a court before Judge is revealed another and you him because I knew I wasn't guilty so you assuming that your position in regards to judgment that you are not using for that right now some things are yester well eighty yes and no I have and my guilty before God yes do I feel that Jesus Christ covers my guilt takes upon himself yes so do I stand before God yes and no because Christ's transforming this means that thank you so much thanks so much and if you want to just finish elaborate and easily one is left in suspense I went to those songs thirty seven because the majority he will talk about judgment either we gloss over these estate I love the zebra gives us we don't understand the import of what this all is about thirty seven you does the universe twenty eight thirty seven verse twenty eight and the Bible says for the Lord love is what you love and is very interesting God loves judgment have you ever in your mindset I love judgment for the Lord Levin judgment and forsake youth not a Saints so there's something about judgment and deliverance of the things that no one with the other this is why judgment is good news in fact taken over to Daniel Daniel chapter seven and in Daniel chapter seven you see something that I find quite interesting and Daniel seven you know the court seen a set of estimates that the books are open I was to begin reading adverse and number twenty is limited contexts my time is all finished aces of the ten horns that were initiated on the other they came out before him will prevail even of that brick that horn that had eyes listening very great things whose locus must out than his fellows I detail and the same horn made war with the saints and what it was after the Saints they were prevailed against initial worthier one of my favorite words in all the Bible the word is what unseal unseal the ancient of days came and judgments was given to the saints of the most that he translated properly that that's the translate and judgment was given in favor of the saints so when you suspend judgment he sitting and he's not want to forsake them he's not going to leave them in the hand of the wicked look at verse one five percent the increases in a twenty five says and he shall speak great words against the most high silverware out the saints of the most high and need to change times and laws and they shall begin the injury is one you love episode thirty seven is there that the law will not leave the righteous and the hand that of the wicked wind that judgment states is saying that they teamed is in charge and he's coming to say and take these children through much prosecutor from India the British system of law for the education just one word about this last one the first Angels message what is it having the want and what you thought about judgment you got it right there is not the prosecutor a you guys believe in God Your Honor this lunch must be classified as not only in the car a jubilant stubborn but quite uneducated they hadn't yet come to the twenty first century BC five a they think of us are shaken the house and even set up in concepts like the existence of the of the supernatural I've been a study of them completely brainwashed however in keeping with the untarnished reputation of being absolutely fair and above board and discord let's give these boneheaded shots being us convince this court that believe in the supernatural heart isn't rational and makes sense him the claims of science that no such thing as a supernatural exists at all very good question we have a volunteer at here in the front priest take the witness stand please is your name for the court only means you and I to minutes I listened to it a carrying hygiene speaker is getting I find this at him again and going no flattery and quickly while the plaintiff violation of any seminary known badly in one night and the other night and I love I love learning scientifically start reject how to the Bible as a he and I for one the client is supported by more than twenty thousand in a free and ancient heritage to all other ancient writings it is the most important it also has historical references and is proven and other you start out from other nations read a half down a history that story of the Bible improving trend of will when nonalignment bow and they start they start the day in the reporting from the other nation as well talks about how a ad destroying its spring how day is writing an name to Babylon along the road and instead in the Bible how God would drive me a man okay trust your doctor panted one of the an attempt but as long as thank you defendant lets you online and in ancient Italy okay we get fifteen seconds and then was okay and then scientifically if you look at our DNA and the structure of our bodies everything works at machine and information you find information our date in eight hundred and ten information Lee it is proven that information comes from an intelligent source code intelligence sources got a good good second attempt were to move on to another person yes I I will agree that's a good attempt the point of beginning a few more yes I know that there was a hand back there there yes that's you this will be a second okay you have to convince the court that believes in the supernatural is more rational than what science says that says there's no such thing as a sure all UCR steps of bottom of our debating a premises of which please mention the court in London the other so I'm at the phonological premises I will have young conclusion on premise one everything that begins to exist has a cost I missed you the universe began therefore universe has a cause on this is all closely known as acumen calm logical argument for the existence of God now try this one on anything that begins to exist has a cause now this would just be illogical to sue us say that this is an true because it wasn't an good to see things like pink health insurance come into existence we'll see something observable in our world show that things can just happen on without a cause but this is a logical and any scientist a scholar would just have to be academically corrupt this to refute on this one so let's go on the premise to universe began now we have many models out there such as string theory have many models work people are trying to find the existence of everything but as of two thousand seven Alexander Valente and him telling to send another of a scientist as has said and I can't quote it verbatim I don't have my notes and finally I said that the Big Bang is quite is indisputable as of today so often when that's the only universal just existed there could been a plethora of universes we noticed is that the Big Bang also known as having a beginning our Singulair to our universe is the most find to be approachable model as we know and which leads us to try the last premise universe began now does this prove that God exists no but this gives us a good explanation of what ever existed outside of matter time and space had to be something there that was Dallas Dallas that reflects what we believe God from the biblical Judeo-Christian mindset of what a transcendent being outside of maritime space was also personal mine I thank you very much you've got the points are soon as you got the point and if I was a rough stuff prosecute a wooden box but the points you made the relevant and so because of that young bust is another point on the east say that science by accident namely the skimpy defaults and his reason why because science cannot make a statement on which it has not studied every scientific end of must make a statement on the unwanted studies is a statement by the US economic Academy of sciences science can say nothing about the supernatural without God exists or not is a question about which science is neutral it is limited to explaining the world through natural causes and yes Stephen Gold named Stephen Gold and eminent atheist evolutionist scientist is what to say for all my clinics without being millions time science simply cannot actually get the issue of broad science can work only with naturalistic explanations and Francis Collins and his book the language of God if God is outside nature and sky science can neither prove nor disprove his existence so let's say that they went it is instead of sizes on their side and says that science is they are back the sign says no we are not the backing milligrams of atheism become based attacks it has no basis on those estimated databases it has no basis and I thank you very much prosecutor Myers I cannot understand you seventh administer AL all topic I will let me expound please the woman that you refer to as a sister wife Elin gold lights off first of all falsely prophesied that Jesus would return in eighteen forty four you need to know your history secondly you are familiar with the person revelation that speaks about the amount of sand having the number six six six unlike the seventy something that you may not have known if you take the name Helen told wife he has no value L equals fifty L equals fifty D has no value and have no value G have no value or has no value you equal five Al is fifty D equals five hundred all life you have the W which is to these which brings the value of ten H has no value I equal to one C has no value he has no value her name comes up to six hundred and sixty six please answer for your false prophet and we have a volunteer to defend an online username insists you remember him my name is Chris symbol and to go with the second question about how might his name coming up to six six six use that to these where one of the equivalence far one of the new marital values by it the W not to ease so that comes impressive sound as for Alan White being a prophet has rather like being a prophet is chapter two verse seventeen and it shall come to pass in the last days says God that I will pour out my Spirit on all flash your signs and then it says your daughters shall prophesy your young men shall see visions your old men shall dream dreams so this is saying that in the last time God will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh and not only nails but it says that your daughters will prophesy as well and you explain her false prophecy of Christ coming back in eighteen forty four in eighteen forty four other way it she wasn't prophesying that Jesus would come because she wasn't called to be a prophet in eighteen forty four she was called via profit after eighteen forty four the message of her being making a prophecy that Jesus would come with a false statement because she wasn't called prophecy until after eating for him him to prosecution and silence on faith but he does though is mentioned as well that yet this is not eligible why in the name equaling out six and sixty six is laughable but this concept is on the Internet and people have actually left our church after seeing that light without stopping to research and saying wait a minute you know the new look into this further the name Helen Goldblatt is an English name you cannot use the Latin numerals with an English name that makes sense you got a use English are in Roman numerals with Latin language thinking machine you can use English freaking or Latin for Hebrew it's got to be translated into Hebrew and the number two exactly you know it's it's laughable what you will actually see that these people and websites with a note without you actually have a value of two use or to these which equals ten and out there's no such thing of the W in the Roman numerical system saw very good answer him I cannot have her first vision until December eighteen forty four C did not prophesy or have a vision that Christ would return in eighteen forty four so very good answer a man okay let's move on to prosecutor Peter John you said it down this believe that Jesus is about to come and Matthew twenty four court him also and this gospel of the kingdom shall be present all the world world winners until on these since and then sell the yen however the apostle Paul said Nicklaus shot the one verse twenty three that at that time the gospel was preached to every creature so I don't get busy so that this is the gospel was preached to every creature all day while and not as a volunteer to defend their faith this question are there any others just so we don't have the same people we have one of your please take the witness stand please could you name for the court was later a little embarrassing I echo the blank Elavil that you said something that triggered my memory he said that Paul said that you according to Colossians okay why did nothing come yet I miss you seem nervous along the brother of nervous at Nevada clout to make me one of his least educated to minutes in his defense of rather okay okay my answer to that right now is this Jesus said something in Matthew twenty four within the next twenty four who Matthew twenty four okay August fourteen in the Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world when witness unto all nations and then the end shall come and we all know that Jesus asked the disciples of goals all the workers the gospel right he's a newbie with them until the end of iPhone correct the new King James says the end of the age maybe or that generation and the Landis Valadez was saying here it was not a Muslim additionally we do understand in the world but you literally he's answering the question of his disciples that he asked in the beginning of chapter twenty four we would obtain weariness and Jesus went out and departed from the Temple and his disciples came to him for showing and the building of the Temple and Jesus said unto them see you not all these things already asked him to you there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down and as he sat upon the mount of olives the disciples asked him came to him and privately saying tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of the coming in of the end of the world or the age and so Jesus coming his answer that question is answered that question and then he says when it got some accretions all the world then it will come do some of the end of Jerusalem the destruction of Jerusalem which happened eighty seven eighty seventy and so when Paul says in Colossians that is not offend again Colossians chapter one roadway minutes ago and thirty seconds no I got one my understanding is that Jerusalem got eighty seventy one o'clock group technical loss was four eighty seven no I believe that am I little correctly of it all was already dead at the time of the fall oh yeah hey well well all I know was there but you know I create all I know please okay eighty seventy by the time eighties and became the word of God who was reasonable in the world and so that would not meet your boss that it was done in license once again there is no sorry so nervous law okay well thank you very much for your attempts let's look for another volunteer families on what you know him I get enough I think we have a lingerie in backdoor entry come come quickly besieging the court schedule Christ is waiting with longing desire to the manifestation of the national spirit cost please is vital our All-Star without finished we as Seventh-day Adventists believe that all was let's look at Philippians two thirteen and fourteen it is gone see Philippians two thirteen and fourteen no twelve work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for this God who works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure let's now look at this revelation fourteen it says here here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and if you look at Revelation twenty two states that firm Revelation twenty two fourteen Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life may enter into the gates into the city Scripture clearly states that by the grace of God which we seem to be in that we are to do his commandments it's not of our own power that we do it but by God 's grace and I am not an proactive application when the character of Christ is perfectly being produced in his people and he will come back to claim six on it's not by our power that we do it but but it's by the grace of God working through us that we willing to do if his good pleasure and then by his grace and strength we do his commandments and when he sees his character perfectly reproduced in his people and he will come back clean the mouse is on automatically fourteen there is no mention of outpatient and no mention of a man yes but you said they can use all the Scripture to validate our respective and that is what the Scripture teaches us that we are to us he says if you love me keep my commandments and so as we fall in love with Jesus he works in us to keep his commandments so that we will reflect his character and then he will come back to claim the sizes on okay thank you very much with the schedule you keep moving so maybe to just clarify your question Lassie helpless and fourteen twelve is a good textbook look at medical report working contextually good enough four fourteen okay with the thirty first will receive SL endurance and the same shall be saved and this thought what is this God called that Steve SL endure it and the same shall be saved now what inverse the thirteenth verse will receive what does not enter because iniquity shall island the law of many shall wax cold so this talk Lucy whose the cell endured today and the same shall be saved and the stock was another work for endurance patients here are the patients of the same cRNA that keep the come out to God and what is the method got if you love me keep my commands on fourteen fifty and have the faith of Jesus the gospel needs to be not only presentations is demonstrated that why the and needs the coming of the quarter rose fourteen sixteen own everlasting gospel Rosen fourteen fourteen fifteen Christ comes in the cloud and the sickle and read so we see here that between the messages must not only preached but demonstrated especially here that you commence a gun in the faith of Jesus the patients I think my community moving here in the ten less elastic questions select move right along easy question you say that God is a God of love why did he create evil their volunteer came we want to have new volunteers we have a hand there come on up yes young lady him he is the same as looking at Colin 's question is is not a law why do you create evil Chris and your are you afraid all same underworld are specifically older evil in him to some in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight talks about Lucifer and a second or seventh senior heartlessness and occupancy of beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor humor sixty next pieces by the abundance of your trading he became filled with violence and you send any verse fifteen sister particular ways and that they were created until immediately or evil send out any and since when important match during work with mass murder and witnesses office and his mother and she's being asked why infinity gave birth to a mass murderer how could you knew that his is a universal beautiful infant baby on demand around himself and it is also the Aslam Watlington did you notice something changing line honestly with the teenagers it was more being to begin voting what went into destroying that the question down so the answer on he was in a mass murderer that I didn't create a greater uniformity of adherence is that iniquity was found in him it's something that doesn't make sense something evil something your boat whatever is true that God created to allow for the fact that Avedis created in his image and yet because they have free choice a dentist is not certain exactly when you okay this is something you would did you just state 's looming shortages you state that God not greedy loser says yes I stated I got not create evil he created a universe in which evil can result it can because the creative freedom this will outline your answers really good at this one Uma Isaiah forty five percent you read that that forty five seven if you give me the privilege and I form the light and create darkness and make peace and create calamity I go to work on sale at these different things evil God can display something like he did I evil is something entirely different and God actually bringing about construction work life I hear you saying if you look at that word in the original language is the same as evil it is the absolutely same word so the Bible actually teaches basing your revival and nutrition Bible that God created evil and I went like this I like your answer the context of dress was very great it just uses you while about three I recommend this type is largely missing the second time I'm just horrified that and move on only one person we were running out of time so I this is actually answered the question very very well because God is a God of love by creating choice by creating choice evil is created the minimum offset again I said again but the Bible says it it you know about them if they get him please state your name for the player him as him him he once again on the Internet is on one of the dastardly Adventist all God created everything that is degraded all universe all the laws and dynamics of the University created what is not held those laws because he created his greater laws God created humankind if you believe the choice he created he went high and he also created Lucifer and all the angels and all the intelligences that are so he's taken responsibility in the creative acts and allowing the freedoms he say I created these things and the possibilities are there or you can choose you can choose your constituents to call me guilty or not guilty after toss is afraid of is a dynamic fairness of God responsible in creating a business so thus the greater the possibility of free choice and the evil coming into being but he did not greet and editing school system are our side her latest NSS understands what I'm saying is that because that creates using the ability to choose automatically these two options come into existence it rules your ability to choose you lose the ability to love so by creating choice he allow so the opportunity for love to develop if you speed of the recorder it will tell you I love you I love you it doesn't mean his love love caused by choice really enjoys these options are put in place a thank you very much we have time for just one more question from and all communities marred by strife between the blues send the snobbish moods and nine gang of Christians for the sake of peace and harmony we need to pass a law allowing only one belief I propose Buddhism because it is the most peaceful belief system in the world but it just looked like ourselves X choose ex parte judgment and so they have been called you been called once for yourself please provide this court with compelling evidence of following Jesus is to be preferred funding ultimately if you can provide it we will ask all the publicity from Christians if you utility to become sincere honest active Buddhists is there volunteer we have time for just one volunteer is at hand right there got to come on up stationing for the court means Nicole Stallings and needed to repeat the question like a long way to can you provide physical with compelling evidence that it is preferable to follow Jesus than golf but not a good yes okay him to okay I think you can gang out on I will and I will both from out of the lists okay I have an earned Daniela Tyndale one and three and four holy land modifying on the NASDAQ and earned dancing I was there from the line our aim is again King of Babylon and gone the disease about Google now that Nebuchadnezzar ultimately wanted him to start becoming basically I played she wants him to worship the golden image of Babylon and this happens like I'm acting on the Daniel Bank earned Danielle and Nina Azariah and honestly and in and they don't worsen famines in the time I will see you state your point Simons and Danny Anantnag mentioned the time that okay so it was Daniel 's choices not the Grand Canyon but something never and never penetrated goddesses and he him to go we are writing how I finally plan is okay so it is in and looking at no no no that's not allow an edit okay okay and then ask you to did you see and we are to grab and eleven one more person got so I thought couple hand in the back I can receive whose faces they are so okay gentlemen the blue shirt yes while you are coming up the question again these provide this court with compelling evidence that it is preferable to follow out the month of the then Jesus please return it to record as Jonathan do for you to be concise out okay sadly our God Jesus teaches us that we are to be loving he is a loving God to us he wants to save us so that the autumn of but you don't have took easier booted you have to be sacrificed on the loan on the loan that's a fast false statement I was idea he can give you a lot of mercy okay did he die for you I like me to save my sins if you go to die for you he hinted to the paradise even happened I need another die yesterday my God died for me so I visited analysis of the IDP takes you to paradise what had I devoted paradise go straight to paradise as you near the philosophy of year but my God socials more loving him okay him to their lives I think are going to have to move off in I understand your this denies this question and then Bobby Knossos questioned I have the point of the book this type if you don't have and this court has not been fair and just you cannot ask only one side possible number two blue tongue confess that he had you know that needed to be washed away Jesus did not need to confess anything because he had no sin number two for six years both have searched desperately for light he beat himself start himself throughout ahead of his beard and hair of his head which I can't do him a and at the end of those six years he said finally he was an enlightened so he brought light Jesus said he was a lie would you prefer a product of the source of the product would you Gizmodo Campbell that can be blown out in the storm a would you prefer the source that can keep lighting the candle matter what the stock would you like to have a canister going through chemistry of water going through a desert or fifty thousand gallon truck just beside you getting your canister every day the source is obedient to the product and therefore we will as a community Oscar as Christians and him and thank you thank you Google gears all are volunteers or be with and the all of the passive participants we are to conclude the session with prayer it urges we thought we are thankful that you have given us a word that is sharper than any two edged sword alone we need to hide your word in our heart and so as we have gone through this exercise may be be inspired not discouraged it would be encouraged not depressed that although we may not have all the answers we know that all things are possible the power of your spirit so help us to study well to drink deeply of the fountain Jesus outliners are as remainder of the Sabbath Jesus will what are in this media was brought in by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free sermon audio and much more I like to know more about verse is more so than is www. .net verse .org


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