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How to Study The Bible Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • September 20, 2012
    3:00 PM
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following heaven were delighted to be here today and were delighted to be an Army and were just so thankful work for the messages of heaven we party received I pray Lord that this during these next two hours that we would have very much of a oven instruction on how to study your word and that we would take these tools and methods and as we learned the Lord they would not just be nice things that we learned in army that Satan Army but that they would become real in our lives that would become real in our hearts and as we open your word and as we study to show ourselves approved before you I fray Lord in a special way that you would just refresh us with your spirit and give us fresh insights and and new thoughts and Lord biblical messages that would change our lives radically would we need revival we need the Holy Spirit we need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and born we come before you now we know that all revivals of them started by earnest prayer and an sincere study of your word so we asked today what army that this would be a revival and Lord we pray that this would be the last army not because we don't like army but because we want Jesus God we pray today Lord that in our hearts we would be ready so we look to you father during this hour we pray for your spirit to come give us understanding give us wisdom give us clarity of mind we ask these things in Jesus name but all that's people say in that world to share a few this morning I are this afternoon rather I like to call finding the Pearl digging deep into the treasure God 's word I wanted to share with you not to tell you what the stories might entertain you I'm not going to preach a sermon to you born again you are practical instructions practical methods that you can take with you back home wherever you are and you can begin applying these in your lives in fact you have to wait to get back home you can apply them when you can find them now and I believe that these things will be of benefit I hope that the blessing to you and you look at a lot of nuts and bolts saw been really pray that you guys don't get lost and I have a lot of information to cover two hours when I told them be logical and clear for you sort is going to go ahead and get started I want to share with you an interesting statement I just came across not too long ago and this is what it says when a man is too busy to spend time with God is busier than had been ever intended him to be is that interesting thought if you have found your cells to be too busy at different times to spend time with God through prayer through Bible study and I would also add that witnessing for Jesus then you are busier than heaven ever intended you to be gone once is spent to spend time with his word he wants us to dedicate a portion of our day every day is spending quality time with him how much time should you pray how much time to put in the Bible study I always say is much as it takes to know that you've been in the presence of God even as much as it takes a nose you've experienced his spirit when I first became a Christian is one is share with you my own experience I came from an atheistic background I was going to State University I was an atheist I was hard-core I was on the verge of suicide I had all kinds of problems in my life my parents said got divorced seventeen my mom attempted suicide all my hopes and dreams of becoming this big NFL football star were crossed when I tour out many I had all these different things going on in my life I looked around the world and I said man if that it this is really what one is like why would I even want to be a part of it as I thought about suicide as I thought about suicide God again to bring to my mind these that the concept that I needed to study the Bible and at that time was an atheist I thought study the Bible what I do that right but I have any desire to start a book of fables and fairytales and a bunch of garbage that all of my professors about PhD 's spend a third of their class making fun of I was taking anthropology no illusion but finally I agreed because the more I try to put that thought out of my mind a lot the more group I praise God for that event they can scissors don't be afraid to say man okay I assigned him starting the Bible trying to prove it wrong and I was the greatest blessing of my life because you see where I am today I'm no longer an atheist that we tell your friends if you will search the Bible with all of your heart as the Bible says in Jeremiah twenty nine thirteen he got says he will be what he will be found after you put all your energy into it you will find gone you'll find that world Perl I can guarantee you I promise you so after I came to know Christ I began to study the Bible and I was living alone I will only want to class three to four hours a day ahead no jobs I had all day long and for about two years I spent eight to ten hours a day studying the Bible I didn't touch Ellen White for the first year I just read the Bible read the New Testament fifteen times for the Old Testament several times are exactly how many and I was spending hours a day with God when we tell you here's a universal principle that the more time you put into your personal devotional life the more going on the more time you spend seeking to draw near to God the more you're going to experience him drawing near to you and that's what I found and so what I'm sure today are some things that I use in my own personal site visit some things I've I develop myself some things I borrow from other people don't think that every thought it up on the screen as my own it's not okay to like to know where some of the resources are I can get those to you on why we want to ask the question how shall we study the Bible I believe you have a very you feel like you have a pretty good understanding of the Bible humming receiver hands other like to know the Bible more RIAA men also instead of the Bible here's interesting statement I'll share with you from the book I believe education page one eighty nine it says and daily study the first by what verse by verse method is often help most helpful let the student take one person concentrate the mind on in ascertaining the thought that God has put into a purse for him and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes what is old one passage thus studied until significance is clear is of more value than the pursue of many chapters with no definite purpose in view I know positive instruction game finally you've ever sat down and you'll the Bible you read my ten chapters yes if I may ten chapters that I and you get to you gets you get to the church on sabbaths and then I reckon it's actually some of the units that I read twenty as a list of them like Siren twenty five I got up at two o'clock this morning and somebody else says what did you learn in reading ten twenty or twenty five chapters in their life have no idea in London there and read two or three chapters are ten chapters is a letter to study quantity or quality or is it better to have quantity or quality is much better to have quality and quantities better to take one Bible verse and get something radically powerful I'm little impact your life and change enjoy closer to Christ Bennett is studying an entire book and not get anything out of it verse five versus is exactly what William Miller did in the eighteen hundreds when he began studying the prophecies it would take one verse of the time until he understood its meaning as he went from versa versa versus he began to see that versus would link together I create a bigger picture some question disabled I spent all my time on one person given this so much else I never thought that before I thought that before it's still better to do one versatile because as you spend the time we spent all of our time thinking always going to take me too long to study all these others smaller time giving an excuse that we never get to the studying and we spent time studying music at the mall are you with me we have a bigger picture of what God wants us to see I want to share with you three keys to understanding any Bible passage these are the three points over in a minute expand on these very very very greatly within our topic here's the top three things R Ortiz to understanding any Bible passage the first one is what everyone observation which means what seeing observation means seeing with your eyes seeing the bigger picture number two is what interpretation or want understanding and then the third is application or what doing so when we see when we study the Bible there's three things that we want to gain from studying the Bible very very simple number one we want a lot we want to see we would see what the Bible is actually saying we will not serve women gather the content of what it says numbered zero once we have the content of what it says that one a lot one understand it and then once we understand that we want to what our client we want to do with analyzes it does degrade bit of goods understand something I'm not apply to life actually firstly you know that on the twenty first the only curse is a whole lot of understanding that in the atmosphere is but I was fair to say that there is very little doing these days would you say we know we ought up a time but sometimes would always make time we know we ought a witness would always thought witness we know we are reader Bibles everyday we don't always want to do it too many people say why am I having spiritual struggles of my life because many are nested they are lacking number three but not applying to the lives we apply God 's word to life to show you how to do it change your will change your life as long as you're able to do it all right sober look at observation look at some different strategies that we can use for observation was observation again seeing seeing what the Bible says when you observe there's several things that you want to do and I'm going to put these on the screen or to say I know that them really go through them and talk about what each one means okay number one when you observe you need to read how injury thoughtfully what does that mean we'll talk about a minute secondly you need to read how repeatedly thirdly you need to read how I write this for a few that are speaking I need all of you speaking in a very what's observe what will start over read how first one thoughtfully second one repeatedly thoroughly Pacific league for three and imaginatively and fearfully meditatively are I know what is all that mean women go through it all together and with whom I take you step-by-step what each one's means so if you want to observe a Bible tax or observe a Bible passage these are the steps that you want to follow Amrita taking one reason why please and talk about what that means for us personally all right really thoughtfully now when you write a few readers bought fully what is typically menu to do you think right can you read thoughtfully cannot think a yes or no what happens when you go home on Saturday night after the Sabbath and you plot some movie in your DVD player and has been a long day wrapped a long day at work you come home and you turn on that television you sit there flipping to the shams what happens to your thought process it begins to die yes I'm out everything in your watching some nice video like God Pastor Myers personal testimony some like basil different by watching HBO and watch and step onto the mind begins to shut down and what happens is the more I watch television the more among shuts down there when I come to study the Bible what happens my mind is shut down and I'm expecting I don't know why but I'm expecting the pages of the Bible to become like that movie on the television screen and that will happen that can happen starting the Bible can be as truly exciting as watching it all on video if you're thinking so we need to read how thoughtfully price I would do that we ask questions as a number of questions some of you some of this stuff maybe a little basin for some of you but we will cover some things I think that will be new to you so we want to ask questions on it you were in school when you had to write a paper remember that you were in school we had to write like I think it's an informative paper something and the teacher would say want to pick a subject and cover all these questions within your page view member that I absolutely hated that I hated doing they were they would he would come back this Christmas namesake company what I did on Christmas break using this method I didn't like it well I'm sorry so in the Bible I realize it was a very very valuable tool and so what questions we asked local what when where why how let's break those down even a little bit more so we'll start with the question who I might ask questions about passes Sam studying a particular passage and I'm reading the Bible story or a viable pair of parable or whatever made the doesn't matter what the passages I can ask these questions about gay I asked the question who who are the people in the tax right so now you think that when you're going through doing this you think that you should have your Bible only what else should you have a pen on paper and what else was in Corinth so when you study the Bible don't just take the Bible because God will bring random thoughts to your mind and if you don't write them down guess what will happen you'll forget the Ebola happiness is at your study and got dizzy spots even you may be writing all those thoughts down at the end of your study guide may want to connect them in some powerful way but if you're not writing them down you have forgotten half of them I remember I've thought of so many different ideas when I been stuck in the Bible and I forget to write them down it's a lot like them down later because it was such a powerful thought that I know I won't forget it guess what happens I forget it anyway unlike man I can't remember that for the life of me writing down all right so who are the people in the tax what is being said about the hooves are iso- to talk about a particular person for instance if you're reading about Rahab what is being said about Rahab what about or what is she wrote what she she was a harlot right what about Jesus this was one who was a he's the son of God so I should go there was story you want to write down the blue whose anyone arriving every bit of information that you can about them as you go through that study are you with the S&L right out of our external drive by the time we get the end of the audit of stuff right secondly what is being said by the foods we think that that's important as well who said what as I go through that story if Peter says something what should I do I should write the main idea Johnson is something I said what Reich the main idea write it down and then thirdly consult other passages about that who's for instance Hebrews Chapter 11 talks about the great is the great chapter of what everyone of faith and it describes all these different people in the chapter of faith it talks about Abraham and thoughts about Moses talks about the old stamps and all these great heroes of faith as I'm reading that chapter I see Moses would been there since Moses was a great man of faith well it may say most of it is a great man of faith but it doesn't say anything else about him so what should I do if I want to find out why Moses was a great man a fate worse and I go I would did you get this response probably not where should I go I should go back to the Old Testament stories about who about Moses so another words I want to consult other passages about those people find a study on Peter I would look up all the passages that talk about who to talk about Peter and find out what he said coolly was what people said about him what his actions were and I can formulate that study based upon that one question of who are the next question the want ask the question what is happening in the tax was happening in the story one of the events what is the order what happens to the characters what is the main and one early idea of the text I can easily go through there I could easily spend an hour taking one passage in one question and study now be with me I could easily do that what's wrong with this picture in first Samuel fifteen Saul goes and attacks the Amalekites right now the story and he attacks and he kills the game he kills all I doesn't kill the King I'm sorry he kills all of the things he did most of what God said and then who came to them saying akin to and what this all say he said I have old planes of voice of the war Rhine single says no you didn't write to us I'm going through identifying reading a passage ever written a story I can ask the question what is wrong with this fascist right what is wrong with this story and then I can gain valuable insight that way and then lastly what is the writer trying to communicate what about aware where's the story taking place where other people in the story where are they coming from where are they going to can ask those type of questions as well some of some things and not go through pretty quickly some things will spend a little more time on what about the win went of the story take place in relation to other events in Scripture look with me on a given example this Mark chapter one verse thirty five junior Bible to guide what your Bibles right Mark chapter one and verse thirty five and most of us are probably familiar with this text as at Dennis Mark chapter one verse thirty five and three they are rather save an outright market the one verse thirty five it says this now in the morning having risen over while before daylight he went out and departed to a solitary place and they error while the Braves on asked the question when did Jesus go out in the morning to pray very early in the lot very early in the morning so we want to ask the question now when did they take place in relation to what other events in the Scripture so we want to talk a little more about this later but there's something called contacts you don't context is was context it's what it's the bigger picture behind one verse yes you following me all right so we take the word of the contacts of this back up one verse I watch this then he healed many who were sick with various diseases unsightly backup verse thirty two at evening when the sun had set this is after the Sabbath they brought to him all who were sick and those of her demon possessed and the whole city was gathered together at the door then he healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many demons and he did not allow the demons to speak because they want because they knew him better transitions inverse refine this is now in the morning having risen a long while before daylight he went on the party to a solitary place and there he prayed now think about this for just a minute think about the day that Jesus had before this took place was a busy yes or no it was very busy probably one of the busiest days of his week I probably even been one of the busiest days of his ministry but notice what happens when asked the question when did this take place when did Jesus get up it wasn't simply just that he got up in daylight what he got up in daylight after it was after a long hard they are with me this is very simple but it makes a very profound point notice this neck back not peer sorry about that Jesus despite the fact that he had worked so hard the day before he did not miss his time with who God is with me he was probably exhausted but he's still got up what does that say about us today were lazy thank you Sony sends a list came right out and said it we work hard on a certain day we have a long day when we do more drag ourselves out of bed when we have the lack of power that we have because we're not willing to commit the time that Jesus did go she did manage Jesus how hard he worked to get up the next day he said if I wanted to be able to keep working like this if I want to keep having the power that I have I need to what I need to connect and he didn't see how powerful this is assassin the question went to make it to make a powerful personal application what about why why certain events occur wise it included what his plate was placed here why does it follow that what is a procedure that why they say that why didn't you say something else or what and what was the lack of it you can ask all these questions as you go through the text and find the answers right from the text now that how how typically helps us with the application we can come back to that later all right cities see that reading how reading how thoughtfully as we go through the text were considering the questions were becoming a detected pulling out the meaning of the text so we need to think it through how do we do this write it out in outline form you take passes Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew thirteen of the top your paper you go down to the favorite writer who what when where why how we do it in outline form okay so you write down the things you learn their outline for you regroup the questions that didn't get answered in the passage so if you're asking those questions they didn't get answered make a note of those and come back to them the answer will be there when we looking for article early rewrite the passage in your own words and your wife's a real words is a powerful thing to do is ever done this before you take a passage of Scripture you read through it to a three times and then you come back and you're right it in your own words it makes a very very powerful impact and then lastly reread the passage in various versions to help you find the answers to the questions that were not answered initially so make sense of my frying yet aren't good all right so the first one was great how thoughtfully second one read how repeatedly turning your Bibles with me please the Romans chapters seven Romans chapter seven and this this became a very very powerful principle for me and it has helped me understand many Bible passages that I did not understand is called reading repetitively if you read Romans chapter seven there are people today Christians all over the world I try to use Romans chapter seven to say that we don't need to keep the one the ten Commandments right so let's take a look at Romans chapter seven and verse with student verse five this is from when we were in the flash the sinful passions which were aroused by the law were at work in our members to bear fruit the death but now we have been delivered from the law is him right we've been delivered from the law having died to what we were held by so that we should serve in the newness of the Spirit and not the oldness of the letter you know you all you will at Venice you all serve in the spirit of the law don't serve in the spirit you keep that old Sabbath vineyard bottling the old letter of the law rightly reveals that a hundred times yes and it seems to say that on the surface doesn't and I knew that that's not what it meant by the holiness is happily several years ago I totally understand it but I knew it didn't say that because of other place in the Bible so I said when I can do about it and I sat down one day and I read this chapter about thirty five times the mid- couple of hours I write it and reread it and read it and read it in red and I'm not suggesting that you do that me passers have more time to do that but I encourage if you feel like Gaza pressing to do it do it and as I read that this passage became more and more and more clear look here again verse five says when we were in the flask the sinful passions which were aroused by the law were at work in our lives I remember someone at a maximum rate of thirty five times you might cut to the chase to bear fruit and that but now we have been delivered from the law and so we should serve in the watch and spirit melts people will say that this means we don't keep the law was down here Paul says in verses seven and on he says that the law is what it spiritual and it's good etc. Ryan so I'm thinking to myself if I wanted this then how is it possible from the liver from the wall why this pulsating was he going back and forth it wasn't until I got over the last part of the chapter and was reading it several times is starting to make sense here is what happens with when you read a passage multiple times you really begin sometimes it may sound boring but I can assure you that it's anything but boring the reader passes multiple times what happens is you start to see words you see keywords and when you see those words again and the chapter later you start to recognizing Sahara does write that were readily here and what happens is you start to connect these words and passages I start to find out some very very powerful things with me now what it takes discipline to do that sorry with me I mean yell we can sit and watch them moving out of ten times in a row we asked somebody to read a Bible chapter three tons of other like why Artie read it once when you read it when you watch a movie one time and you watch again what happens you see things that she was in see the first time when we study the Bible you find the same thing I'll jump with me over to verse the start verse twenty one he says I then find a law that evil is present within me the one who wills to do good ride the light in the long God according to the want to the N-word may so he says I delight in long shots of the love God good or bad it's good now notice this verse we three but I see what another lost soul right away we know why there are commonly laws to invent laws of Paul's talking about with a while God is good we noble what about this on the longest we says he's as I see another law warring in my what will set next word warring in my members got the new King James my members keep that in mind warring against the law of what the law of my mind and bringing into captivity to the law of sin which is in line numbers are oh we just figured somehow the readers to law the law of God and the law of sin and with me the law of God is associated with my mind the law of sin and is associated with my members my flash or my lower passions so there's two laws that appeal the two different things yes I watch this he says there's twenty four over wretched man that I am with delivery from this body of death I think God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then with the mind I myself serve the law of God with the flash the law of what sin now jump back over with me to verse four and five and this is going to make perfect sense are you ready I reassure you guys a lot relate are you thankful that the alive I think the person that he is alive I verse four therefore my brethren you have become dead to the law through the body of Christ that you may be married to another geeky and was raised from the dead that we should bear fruit to God so were down to the local question is which Law number five when we were in the flash sinful passions which were aroused by the law were at work in our what did you see that it was at work in our members which brought forth what death he says but now we have been delivered from the lot of all which law was he talking about the law of sin we see that because it was associated with my members it becomes very easy very simple the point that out rapid repetitive reading when you read it multiple times you start to see keywords key thoughts that you will find repeated in other places that will help you unlock it similar with me yes or no now that word is he'll take any chattering classes and do that you'll do it you'll find a very powerful the third observation principle is to read how everyone specifically I read specifically are six things that we want to look for when you are reading specifically they are these things that are what emphasize things that are repeated we just can't talk about things that are related things that are like things that are on alike and things that are true to life right when we read it we find these things you will begin to find powerful understandings of the Scripture that are studying all right let's take these one by one relatively quickly things that are emphasized if there is an amount of that there is a large amount of God takes one subject and he covers it in several chapters in several chapters are dedicated to one subject the thing that's important to know is very important element to say this to others some things that have little emphasis in the Bible when I say little emphasis I'm a little space but are they also important for no so don't dismiss something just because it's not talked about a lot but there is some small things in there that are so small that that you would you may read them a hundred times which you didn't find them to be significant at sea went back and re-examine the text very thoroughly all right the sight of something that may be emphasize also is what I call a stated what stated purpose if you look with me with me there in John chapter twenty and verse three gospel of John chapter twenty and verse thirty John chapter twenty verse thirty a stated purpose you wanted as you read room passage as you read through verse here is one of the things one of many things that you want to look for a stated purpose verse thirty and surely Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this book these are the sectors to be worth thirty one also but these are written to you that you may believe that Jesus is the watch he is the Christ the son of God and that believing you may have life in his name you see that John is making a very stated what purpose that this this verse you don't have to really go looking or the deeper meaning because it's already there he's saying we wrote to you is that we gave you this is so that you would know exactly who Jesus is he is the new is the Christ he is the son of God and if you believe in him you have what eternal life so as you go through your surface reading it you go through observation look for the stated purposes is there something that just stands out right away and start there as a base file that are right all right things that are repeated as got ever repeat things in the Bible he is a no absolutely what kind of things is a repeat while he repeats important things of money busy review processes zero people Gospels and only God is good because he does that because he knows how to dance we are specially the last days when God had stuff repeated the Bible he was thinking about us Laodicean people is think about is watching over Hollywood movies and then try to study the Bible his liking a lot but I could hear the first time limit them and I get the second time a third time I may have to do it for five times within its repeated friends is an important hazard oh look for things that are repeated Romans Chapter seven we just looked at it and that word members was repeated multiple times and that one word was the key to unlocking an entire passage is followed that very room for so entire events see all wheat we know this classically is administered eight oh two seven eight are repetition and expansion if you read it once and you find it again it's likely that God will lot expand on it the second time right then you can look for phrases if you look in Hebrews Chapter 11 the little phrase by faith by faith is used eighteen times if it's repeated that many times what you think Paul is trying to get across to the reader is one of them to see that all of these people will come with all these great things to do it by their own works but identify how my faith to make sense right so look for repeated phrases I I can't emphasize this already right first Corinthians fifteen the word if his use Paul uses it to talk about Christ if Christ was not raised from the dead romance hope most of your pitiful on what he goes through the uses of management timelines we need a group are right things that are what everyone related not want to notice this there is a pattern and you can find in Scripture is very very powerful I call it movement from general to what to specific RI from what to what is specific you guys hang with me you guys are great students I hope that I live up to being the teacher you need to have surgery students write moolah from general to specific Matthew chapter six verse one please turn with me to Matthew chapter six turn there with revivals to see it on screen but I want to want to have the Bible you look at this as well Matthew chapter six and verse one notice what Jesus says here he says take heed and depending on the version I have been reading from the new King James King James on the screen verse one take heed that you do not do your what charitable deeds or your or your all before man to be seen by them otherwise you have no reward from your father where in heaven so here Jesus makes a very broad general statement he says don't do whatever it is that you do don't do it to be seen by who met because if you do you re: have received a reward which is what to be noticed by those people right he says but if you do it do it how in secret and who was see you in heaven my father in heaven so this is a very broad statement and what happens after this is as you go through the rest of the chapter Jesus begins to get more wide specific he makes a general statement and then he makes a broader statement the Bible does this all the time you'll find and so if you continue to the chapter blog and read always versus blogs to show you versus two through four Jesus talks about doing good deeds suite and done he gets a little bit more specific he says when you do your deed know what your left hand know what your right hand then and verses five through fifteen he talks he takes that general statement and he gets more specific about what about prayer he says don't be like the Pharisees that stand in the marketplace and cry out when they pray he said the goal your wives go to your closet says don't do your charitable deeds before men but the for your father this is when you're praying don't stand on the street and and talk about telling responded in fright pagoda your closet we do your charitable deeds don't tell don't sound the trumpet when and but God don't let your right hand know what your leptin is a you see how he does this see this pattern then he talks about fasting and verses sixteen directly so the Pharisees loved the love to you no night there face and announced their faster uses but you don't do that he says you simply act like nothing 's happening sensuously says versus nineteen through twenty one he talks about financial giving I talked about I'm not to get into the guts of it but I'm just been pointed out versus twenty two and twenty three lifestyle standards I'll take one second look at their thoughts about the body being liked what being like the land the lamp of the body is the eye drive is good your whole body schoolwide midrise bad your whole body with the love walked of darkness in other words what you watch is what you turn into right sit around watching a feel all day and become an HBO is was in the past for my sermons you might start preaching like I may we don't need more than one of those on skin really understand what you see Jesus does this it goes from the general to the lot specific now here's another quick example for you in Genesis chapter one verses one it says in the beginning God created the watch heavens and the earth a very wide broad general statement and then after that and this in the versus God gives there much more specific or that Moses the Bible writer versus three through five it talks about he created what he created light verses six through a separate water from the skies versus nineteen thirteen he formed dryland vegetation and you can even go on he does other things to it's interesting to note to that that God says that God created light in the sky and any filled with birds to grant the land is filled with vegetation and animals he created the seeing he filled the fish and then he created man on the sixth day and he filled him with Lou with what himself he felt himself on the seventh day Sabbath every time got created something he filled it he created he filled it you can find this out by taking note of this general statement and then moving to the subject feel that works you can do this in your own Bible study you can pick a passage and find that wherever you come across a broad general statement of Scripture look to see whether the rider follows with specific details that will give you a better understanding of the main idea does that make sense everyone is following me I'm not moving fast fast but I realized that I had more material than I had time and we got a little bit more quickly I want to make sure that you understand as well another thing with things that are related is what I call the question and answer form and you'll find this many time and passages sometimes there are questions that are asked that that then the Bible will give the answer to write away with me sometimes there are questions that are asked that don't have an answer and why wouldn't they have an answer because the answer would be what probably obvious affiliate for example back so Paul asked the question like the Romans six one what shall we say then shall we go on sinning that grace may abound and what does he say right away certainly not know why would Paul say that right away this was not a rhetorical question he did not want people to be rolling that idea around will maybe it is okay to send right he's making a radically clear and here's the thing about questions when you read a question does it typically make more of an impact on you but if you reinstate S&L yes and why is that the case is when you ask a question you start to what you think about it yes and the Bible writers will often write questions in places or ask questions and places where they are trying to make an extremely important point I'm not always not just because it's not a question doesn't mean it's not important but if you see a question in the paint in the Scriptures you probably know that there's something very valuable and very powerful that the writer wants to get across to you are you with me so he says shall we go on sinning the Graceland on what the answer certainly not here's another question that he asked our events asked Job thirty eight three God says now good up your loins like a manner I will ask you and you will instruct me that's not a question for the next two chapters got asked Job the series of questions it's as where are you when I laid the foundations of your right and he asked all these different questions and they are in Flagler for their vitally important in understanding the experience that Joe went through what about Jesus Jesus says Matthew six twenty seven Columbia will by worrying add a single hour to his life does Jesus give the answer that question he didn't record it he widening because that question is so powerful and so on just overwhelming that the answer is what it's automatic people don't think about it in a sense very powerful many ask another one how is it that you have a faith how he would not like Jesus asked you that question why is it that you don't have any faith Eric Meyer has a lot of faith in one four nine so the question-and-answer format you see a question you know it's likely what variation portends all right questions asked with in Scripture grab our attention and the answer typically follows summer so obvious as to make a strong point about needing the answer I just showed you that question so look for questions now we were talking earlier about creating our own questions right for you can also as you study look for Pacific questions that are very important cause and effect this is one that I find very interesting and not and basically you all know this from school probably what if something happens that there is a cause that would actually be a lot affected if I do not take out the garbage my wife asked me to she says that's okay honey and she makes me now comply right is my food I like the sort of understanding if I don't take out the garbage she usually does and if she does not very happy right cause and effect I watch this because in acts chapter seven one hundred read always versus fifty versus was Stevens walked preaching now turn with me there is room a look at this from the Scripture acts chapter seven Chapter seven the cause of Stephen's preaching from versus two fifty three fifty three the effect was first it was found in verse fifty four so typically you see a cause and a particular passage in a verse right that comes nearly after that you can almost always find what the effect that if it's an action you follow me so Stephen was preaching and verse fifty four you find the effect was what it says and when they heard these things they were cut to the want to the heart and a national at him with their teeth and then it says that Stephen's face turned open and so they became they became angry I following this arena build on that certain second so Stephen preached that was the cause the effect was what was what the Pharisees became angry okay now here's the cause the cause because they became angry be with me because they became angry the effect was what they still who they stoned Stephen you see that Stephen preach at the cause and effect was that became angry when they became angry that was the cause what do they do to Stephen they stoned him right okay so you see that Lisa was the first fifty nine then there was a cause went because because Stephen died or they stoned him and that was the cause and then the fact was he died and in the new cause is that his death and what was the effect there was a persecution of who God 's people so acts chapter eight verse one says ask them why at that time there was is a great persecution that arose against the church so essentially the great persecution was caused by whose preaching savings you can link it all the way back to that name okay for that particular point out of one more than the cause would be the persecution of God 's people because they were persecuted then what do they do after verse four this is therefore easy that were therefore see that it is therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word you see that chain of events yes so Stephen preached they became angry when I became angry they stoned him when they stoned him he died when he died on there was a great persecution and when there was a great persecution the word of God was for each now let's put a list make a personal application of authority that noticed that word again therefore when you see these kind words in the end attached atypically dull that there someplace a link to something else so back up in verse one he says at that time of great persecution arose we would act naturally asked the question what at what time what happened to cause this persecution S energy link those those events together you can come up with a conclusion and then a personal application notice this the anger of the Pharisees and their desire to silence the word of God by killing one man in place I'm sorry one place led to the word being preached by many and many what places him in the thankful for that see their now watch this the lesson is man will often attempt to stop the will of God from moving forward in doing so he often multiplies and accomplishes a greater purpose as the enemy say that so we went we trace the cause and effect things happen and then or I'm sorry there was an event that caused the reaction in a few link goes to gather you can begin to apply this personally pull personal applications are you see there you like it I moving again things that are alike about five minutes I five minutes all right similes as unlike notice this we want to find things that are life things are compared to each other this is another another method that I'm showing you I listen all the stuff from overwhelming you with don't think that when you sit down in the morning I have to do all this stuff my personal devotions I wanted to say that up front okay you don't have to do that but I'm giving you multiple things and you take one of the time and you just need to play with them and you know sometimes it makes sense I don't know if I want to freak you out and will overwhelm you and give you mobile to let you can use at different times so Somalis were similes similar crying notice this taxon forty two one says as the deer pants for the water so my soul pants for who for the oh God see that as the deer pants for the water so my soul pants revealed God is there a similarly there just like that deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you so if we take that fax we consider it we think about just a little bit we would ask the question my dear is thirsty will he want anything else but water if he is thirsty does he want grass does he want leads if you want to remark the ones want the ones water when a deer is Thursday and he's panting by the Rocky comes to the brought maybe he's been chased by a pack of wolves I don't only need not examine jumps around he gets when he comes down to the brook and is going and he takes a drink will anything else be satisfying your internal know so the author is trying to help you see that there's only one thing that can quench the thirst of that panting deer I and that is the water from the brook so he says as the deer back up here as the deer pants for the water sold my soul longs after you on that for God see there was a comparison so when I think about my soul on the apricot I'm thinking about that one that dear and yet there it the water is the only thing they can do it what about my soul if my soul is thirsty is anything else have questions and its utter foolishness to try to make something else there's involved them a sense see that similes similes is another great example as newborn babes desire the milk of the what the milk of the word that you may grow thereby severe case of the Lord is gracious the principal Kevin Bailey drink anything other than help you'll see me trying to feed my son gluten steaks or Boca patties or any of that stuff right he drinks what now he can drink nothing else so therefore we make that comparison to our own personal experience to see that can we really grow her taste of the Lord is good on anything other than the what the word yes or no you can't taste of the Lord is good for final vents DVDs I mean I'm not saying you can't benefit from saying your thirst cannot be glanced he can't be quenched by the great controversy DVD can be quenched even from audio verse if you're not getting it from the first source which is what which is the word of God to the words you can't take somebody else's meal and make it yours yet to your own food we follow that that's the point that peters making their nothing else will do okay I sport about things that are not alike things are not like the reason things are looking for a the word but is often a very very very powerful word you would realize that summary says man I really like you you are such a great guy I so build come up to me after the presentation past the West we were I really appreciate your message and eight five I never knew that to you becoming friends you know my church members though the outside faster I think this is a great idea I am telling here comes normally but can completely change the direction of the entire thought you with me we show you one example not limited Galatians five is a time room quickly renew first Corinthians chef six verse nine and ten prophetic time knows what Paul says here Christians today they love the stacks they love the first part of it even Joe Christians in various rooms do not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God do not be deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards a revival resort sorcerers will inherit the kingdom of God people say at this all of our lobbying for or against gay marriage the Bible says that gays cannot inherit the kingdom of God is with me but noticeable Paul says he says and such were some of you what Paul homosexuals in the church OS there were adulterers in the church oh yes see self-righteous people love that verse all went to that point within Paul says something he says by suit or where there lives you were washed you were sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our not see that a person could take that one verse and they can they can go out naked bash people all day and that presents a certain font but the word lot completely what completely changes the direction of the runners going and he the word black can be a tool that takes him to his final destination of the point that he really wants to make is it true that homosexuals adulterers and all these will not inherit you yes true he says by the grace of God is more powerful so the point of the tax is not so much that these people will not inherit the kingdom of God you understand that that's a minor point but many people make it a major point but the word but trends sessions that thought into the main idea is follow at you find this all the way through Scripture all the way through Scripture it's everywhere on Galatians five says the fruit of the flesh is this this this and this and that he says by the fruit of the Spirit is this business of this and walk in the spirit and walking fruits of the spirit so it's one of the most powerful words in Scripture and then things that are true to life Moses Noah David Peter just simply this as you read about these characters you can be encouraged because the Bible never betrays them as perfect saints doesn't it reveals the problems they had and when you read that you can find that you can find parents met as you can say got David was a great man of faith he was a man after God 's own heart but he also felt he was human and is not an excuse to say we can do the same thing what it says is that these were real people and thought safe then he can want you can save me I would say more about that were outside where women take a break a very structured break and hours closing prayer there were no structured break because until the second race is no good because limited anyway let's ever prayer and however great fun and heavily thanks so much for this time when asked pictures Rick would be seen to be Windows is the most was present in our senator all these things in a this media was brought by Los Angeles with a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to resend an audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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