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  • September 22, 2012
    9:30 AM
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him he reminds masses must be given from the word a manner you on trial so you have to prove your faith not by their own intelligence not by their own thoughts or your own feelings but certainly by the word of God amen thousand yet it is believed that all Scripture is given the installation of God and you teach that Scripture does not contradict Scripture the correct was here in Matthew fifteen first eleven Jesus doesn't not that which goes into the no deposit net but that which cometh out of the mouth and does it by the man and then you have in acts chapter ten in moving the vision that God gave to Peter in the eleventh incident saw heaven opened and a certain vessel defending unto him as it had been a great cheap net but the four corners and down to the red wrong manner up for the abuse of the earth and monkeys and creeping things out of the air and there came a voice to him saying rise Peter kill and eat and here we see multiple text saying that now is okay to eat unclean needs and why is it that you have to discontinue to insist that we must not give unclean meats resume upon this information from court Mark we luck and two verses later if of the voice spoke to him that Peter a second time it says do not call anything in here that God has made clean and so God has not made and unclean meats even they are in the Old Testament event does not clean here he's just say what I call clean do not call unclean and we can see later in the verse that he's referring to the message going out to the Gentile upset that you with your permission I can't awareness back to the spam please should young lady I was impressed the way you answer that question you know but am not happy to say that I'm a son of a preacher and New Testament believer and if I remember correctly Paul said that it's all right to have a little wine once in a while he told Timothy specifically I'm a you guys make a big deal about no health and you know not eating up I'm not drinking up call but am Paul told Timothy a little wine for you seven six okay and I like to have a less wireless a while so how do I respond to that I would respond to that by saying that in the Bible there are two types of wine wine that is fermented and is one that is not for example in Isaiah it talks about wine and it's the group from the cluster if the cluster of great and so you have to look at wine and inflate is it referring to wine fermented or that referring to wine unfermented and if they can be seen for example when Jesus you know had the wine and he said this is why line and some people say while that is wine fermented by the fermentation we in the Old Testament was to show that was sinful and his what was most the pure without saying without limitation and so we know it is your great to hear why and I painted one him of Bank of Ann Arbor mine who are you you will conclude before of becoming a prosecutor is noticeable is that he said the prosecutor I spent sometimes putting the allergy so my question is a more technical nature while visiting one of your churches these are Adventist churches I heard a preacher talk about being perfect and yet when I was looking around at church no one that was perfect in fact even the preacher himself got caught enough money investment scam you must after how do you guys reconcile teaching his idea of being perfect with the way you actually live in is there anyone would like to Jones or he was pleased about this stage name please donate and that Scripture would think Ford for that is where he says he who began a good work and you will complete unto the day of his eternity so it is a work in progress united to be perfect as soon as you say you accept Tyson Taylor said he does see the sanctuary we start out in your son his sacrifice at the altar and then afterwards you go to the labor and then your best sites you publicly confess that Christ is Lord and he is Lord of your life and afterwards you eat the bread of the shoot tape of showbread and then afterwards you you learn to pray at the altar of incense infant and then you become a testimony access limits to others with the seven branched candlestick and you witness to others then you reach the most holy place where your keeping the full law of God I think this will suffice for now is your like that for thirty additional seconds to two I got I really believe this is important to think tools to the way you said judge these Adventists act like they have believes that they believe in so highly that they are actually willing to oppose all the wisdom of the government 's the church and the American people but the truth is that I think most of them don't really know what they believe or how to explain it you see even their own profits what is this I have here in my hand a statement that he made that indicates the same this is found in councils to writers page thirty nine says I have been shown that many who profess to have a knowledge of present truth know not what they believe they do not understand the evidences of their faith they have no just appreciation of the work for the present time when the time of trial so calm there are men now preaching to others will find upon examining the positions they hold that there are many things for which they can give no satisfactory reason until thus tested a new not their ignorance now Your Honor I just want to ask how can we take their opposition seriously if they don't know how to explain it I believe that the questions at all last will will make my case the first one that I have is Adventist make a great deal of of these three messages found in Revelation fourteen and they say that these messages are something that makes them different in these end times and that these messages actually point out that they are to keep the seven day holy and not the first thing is we believe so I want to ask what is the connection between this Sabbath day and those three messages and Revelation fourteen step up to the usage of the court and Deborah government and please repeat your question a little nervous the question is what is the connection between keeping the seventh day Sabbath and the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen information for two we are sad chapters seven and around voice fear God gave him glory for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that means having in their embassy and the fountain of life terms if you go to creation fourth commandment there is telling us so I find it as a creation that there is our unending creation while yes there is a family while yes there is coming I have nothing to do here is to not get nervous I think I think you're looking for Exodus twenty SSI gives us bypassed it was really really hope him and I think he is seven and I think the skies on taking after the listing will we have video games in Chapter twenty remember this I can keep it holy six days shalt thou labor he said every member of the elders Wednesday thou shall not he knew we would forget that's common sense remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and do all thy work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord my God and thou shall not do any work nor thy servant nor thy daughter not a sign of inmates serving with a cat owner of a stranger that is not a gate as the stranger strangers many of them never kept the Sabbath because they don't talk this out but we also went to have been work on the Sabbath Castillo said in six days the Lord he may have in your narratives and closing revelation for six days the Lord made heaven and earth to see and all that is in him and he rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord laughs the Sabbath day anyhow I has the same writing as you so who is of TUV as it is one I would say I was CSS valid argument at least that's only part of the arguments that I believe that you look at verse twelve as well this basically gives a summary of these people who are complaining these three Angels messages it says there here is the English twelve Revelation fourteen here is the patience of the saints here are the even keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus these days this is group of people at the end of time will be keeping all the ten Commandments him in Genesis two we see that the Sabbath was instituted at creation we see that Exodus twenty the temperament of the fourth commandment was part of the original Decalogue and that has not changed in Daniel seven we see that at the end of time there will be a power that would attempt to change times and laws Walmart from the Ramallah compound he and he is Vickie on notice that soon they administer probably the most legalistic people don't come across they put so much emphasis on the low cost to shepherd through verse fourteen the wireless is that the Lord has been mailed to the cross and there is no evidence that there is a risen Lord and God are not even the smallest given to Moses therefore we can safely conclude your auto and Seventh-day Adventists of this law was given to the Jews only there is no evidence at all that there was a law before the time of Moses and the smallest nailed to the cross so if there is any seventh day Adventist thing out there that could that could just clarify from the word of God that we still need to keep this so-called war there has been nailed to the cross thank you sir yes or causes to fourteen is one of them is what you said you were Carmel Indiana is I would like to direct the court 's intentions in Matthew chapter five there we have a sermon by Christ it's a wonderful sermon talks about a lot of things we talked about here today the verse I like to direct your attention to his verse seventeen there is appreciation of evil will be made very clear that David Hume and he did not come to destroy the law and rather he came to fulfill the law and the law as we just heard a revelation ten Commandments will be witnessed and observed by God 's people and pricing that Antichrist is the center of the Bible as we learn to sound revelation and I am honored to say that I still serve God 's law is all you on those the process is just proven my case because Jesus has fulfilled the law these keep the law is Jesus he just say that like there is easy to prove my case view leave people alone Jesus has the fool falling sooner than anyone is that if we look at verse eighteen is that Jesus has fulfilled the law the reason why the people of Jesus is the argument Roman sex as a Christian what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God for bid how shall we never get to send them any longer they are in no United Kingdom EU ninety nine that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life the and Jesus I appreciate your sincerely yours artist is evil in verse as he was so your numbers him as giving him a thank you I guess I will direct the court 's attention to the next verse in Matthew five again talked about the law of and certainly the first part is first earlier city till the heavens and earth pass away not one jot until I know we passed a law to fulfill those earth has not yet passed away on God is not crisis not yet come he is coming soon which I believe this trial hears evidence of that is you've got people on trial and and I wouldn't I would petition my brothers here to do to observe the law on it is to be all-important to be a sign of God 's people as we read here and Revelation fourteen is as the court here has recognized that the law of God is all-important this is yes thank you very much as martyrs now your honesty second it is something they call the first Angels message was speaking with fear God etc. and yet I believe that your teachings lead people to do the exact opposite to lose their fear of God you see all one of the best and most effective ways that we believe that God desires to instill fear in people is the teaching of an externally burning hell once you begin to teach that there is no such thing as an attorney running out you take away the fear factor people won't really give their lives to Christ because they know that there is going to burn for a little while Revelation fourteen revelation fourteen verse nine even specifically tell us a set authority to follow them with Allawi saying if any man recipes in this image and receive his mark in his four-hitter and ten the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God 's part out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascended up for ever and and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever see the mark of his name and also the church is we have driven many people the love of God by teaching of an eternally burning hell I get you guys are teaching that there is no such thing as an eternally burning hell which takes away the fear of God how do you expect member since the breakage of William Virginia court management social security number I am asking the question whether we live the devil told you him and him fitting through I say I is for you and I and is there that the women he asked not surely die what is Jesus telling us we will have this week that his son John three sixteen for God so whether he gave his only begotten son that whosoever the enhanced pairs but have everlasting life is the wicked are eternally burning and still alive would that make God a liar if it would have him lately note that it is no other torment is not mentioned that they are there alive burning if the smoke the memory of the punishment at the yes yeah they say to me that many may also ask you very quickly that I will say the wiki will be tormented and indeed in the presence of the last and so is the wiki burn forever and by the way if you look in the Old Testament term for ever you will see that it is a term that is that does not necessarily mean my all-time so for example the Passover was to be kept for ever on our and his sons were to be priests for ever I will know that when the century came to an end those things also came to an end so forever simply means nothing long at talking Sound Blaster moreover the wind you suffer in the presence of the Lamb and is teaching is correct that we can burn forever and the landing hard Revelation seven seventeen will be found in the midst of the throne will wear it is up to the wiki for all eternity it puts them right in the center of a thirty four minted in the presence of the Lamb but anyway Your Honor these well-meaning and to circumvent a lot she waited a lot putting on the North all off North America and if you like the main objective in reality seminar is to discredit and destroy the Catholic Church and Fiji that the number six six six apply to the title of the whole I believe that it applies to aid office at your office need a letter will like no one mentioned that Eldon Weiss once received a wound it was a deadly wound and doctors think you can make it was recovered though the holiday and you say that it continues to live to the title of the book and not Ellen will like your bike this past year I've seen it myself you look at her name Ellen Goldblatt you apply the Roman numerical value hardly equals out to six hundred and sixty six passing an online resume is as you were him at this room is not that first of all if you look at Allen's you why you have to put to the to be about to get that the number and W is not to ease first second of all it should be answered in the in the language that has numerical value for the letters English does not have numerical value for the letters and their default we know that the papacy has received a mortal wound in seventeen ninety eight when Napoleon took captive people and the people they in the Catholic Church was deductible for two years and is in the separation of church and state occurred which existed until today and we know that that did the church has control the state in the Middle Ages and Napoleon took away the power of the secular power from the Pope and today hope does not have the power but it's gaining influence very much as you all can see that and we believe that this is the mortal wound in Delaware has nothing to do with except that they had a few more things on Elimite is not fixed and anti- frameworks of the East she rose of the US cannot grow Huguenots of the three kingdoms as you do not try to change times and laws and him and see what you think at this logo too I'm not that people go to to try to apply the numerical value of the some other than the papacy and unlike at the time in the wound the papacy at the end of his career received a wound in a light was hit with a stone and the Bible tells us that the papacy it was wounded with the sort him we have time for one of what was your life to be I like to believe that sound bad ISR Christians but we are but on you know I have a problem with this concept that it one of the losing is yes I am Christiansen but I have a problem I want to believe that the Christians you know what Jesus said and he pray that we all be one a man that we should all be one but then they call himself the remnant so I'm trying understanding of Jesus called us all to be one why do they call themselves the remnant and what makes him better than us in his you who will him to use tape to take the beginning and craigslist to address their concern about the remnants of another we realize that it is in the Bible the word remnant in the church not managers the remnant ablation twelve seventeen it says in the Dragon was wrong with the woman went to make war with the remnant of received which keep the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus so my guess is talks about amended annually reason why we claimed the remedies because we put the requirements which is to keep God 's ten Commandments ideology to take a mammoth even run into him him to him a father will come one and the artisans are happy Revelation eighteen board talk about them out of her my people maybe I particularly send resume or replay so if you will come out and join God 's people and starting to think members of the following that be okay and then you'll be a part of room pace and optimize you have the sentence is ongoing on me as the Scripture Revelation twenty two verse fourteen is less than they that do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter into the gates into the city reviled those who will gone on nothing exited the race of the time of this ignorance God winked at document all men through him at the cool gel on the business of our last question on the ship to get one soon recently I read that you are profit tests Mrs. Ellen G White said that there is warranted teaching that is the foundation of everything you believe she said that the one teaching the teaching of the sanctuary when I been studying this century teaching of yours I found it very interesting that you apply the year a principle which I'm not really convinced of the and you apply that to this twenty three hundred day prophecy how do we know based upon the book of Daniel Danielle alone that here's a principle applies to that twenty three hundred a prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen is anyone doing this question should be an easy one right please review the question is how do we know that that Scripture in Daniel eight fourteen at fifteen thousand three hundred days in advance of essentially requires how do we know based on Daniel and Daniel alone that the torque that this year day principal applies to that how do we know that those days aren't literal days in fact most scholars believe that that perfectly fit the target of an take on Fridays epiphanies we would give his review is supposed to be the same decision the court five is a electric dendrite Naha you haven't as yet we maybe the aliens have faith at prefacing like this up with the content fits that description yes I don't see why he should be an excessive one book when you know I've been on the books in the Bible I did it in a unique acting to date I know that the Seventh-day Adventists believe not on today by going to my colleagues at the lifetime yet that they would begin a positive faith inspired by God and therefore they are from the same on the window content of unviable inductive that we can get to know how that is objecting to prevent companies that have been limited to ninety one what was your specific reasons and did you teach that in the book of Daniel as he claims of humans explain itself can you not think you are going to ask you I don't have enough they are we someone to answer is over as your example seven this is where billboard sorrow in Daniel nine is another prophecy and it says that seventy weeks are determined for your people beginning verse twenty four to finish the transgression to make an end of sins make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most forward this prophecy refers to Jesus and to continue our know and therefore understand from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah friends there shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks members twenty six after the sixty two weeks Messiah shall be cut off not from some people of the prince who is how it accomplishes destroy the city and sanctuary so he showed in verse twenty seven he shall confirm a covenant with many for when we met in the middle of the week you shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering these prophecies refer to Christ and from the from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem sixty two weeks to seventy weeks prophecy takes you to the time when Christ was born well when he when he began his ministry are he was cut off that the sacrifices was ended in the middle of that time and I comes to eighty thirty one when he was crucified so that's also from Daniel not to sound like a good argument but also sort that got Hacienda agonizingly connected with any late but let's say it is the same as frightening thing getting other foods that couldn't that example just be coincidence either any other examples you probably but I'm not sure which one you will give me what I was so simple you know about Lenin 's vision was connecting Denio eight sixteen and seventeen is listed he says in sixty an inevitable and slice between the lenses you would you consider giving roommate dismantling the subdivision sink in the oasis so then when he came I was afraid until then my face but he sent me understand oh Son of Man forty ten of the ends of the division soul of the it was then other than for him legit in my say that it would be to seventy years so when Daniel and his vision about twenty three hundred years even think of today's religion is transmitted to the Senate a few more years so because of a few more years you wouldn't be afraid he would be wailing and crying because you wait years lucky understand that it was the allowable time I thought he would be in the day of the silica was one reason and then this last part in seventeen states for a time of info you I think I'm convinced just want to add one thing in my near the gym and regular response another way we can answer that is in verse thirteen Daniel eight the question is asked how long shall be the vision because on concerning the daily sacrifice what they compare that with the beginning of Daniel chapter eight verse wanted to this vision is causal and includes the vision of the ram and he goes which according to Daniel chapter eight verse twenty and twenty one clearly refers to the target of the of Greece and meet a person and so this is the fact if the twenty three hundred a prophecy is only literal days it cannot span the time period of increasing middle pressure it can affect the only unit of time that can include the time period of presuming a person has to be years so that's another edit and display more those answers were excellent remaining future would be the first projected three euros fifty the conversion to have someone who is has a kindred version regarding when the first theater three thirteen yes or so after three years it will assess but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear first Peter three fifteen this may seem like a good exercise whatever it is with this can be Rihanna one day in your life in our lives we have to one day give account for what we believe in why we believe in their Islamic time with we won't even have the privilege of holding of the word itself we have to fortify Gosport in our minds and our hearts amen we only found in great controversy page five ninety three says none of those who have fortified the mind with the trends of the Bible will stand the last great conflict to every soul will come the surgeon says Xiao Iomega rather than men but God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible and the Bible on as the standard of all doctors in the basis of all reforms the opinions of learned men the deductions of science decrees for decisions of the clip the classical classical councils as numerous and world will churches which they represent the voices of the main majority not not one not all of these should be regarded as evidence for floor or against any point of religious faith in your intelligence however many scriptures you memorize however many Oscar prophecy will memorize it doesn't matter the evidence of passport must not only be seen can insulate but it has to be seen to your life amen before accepting any document or present we should demand of playing us say of the Lord in its support a man so it's very important and I want to leave you with this sounds that I pray and I hope that you will come to army not just revive not just read rejuvenated all or it will go westward while the counselor not just a curse but I hope that you have come here and leave you equipped a man don't treat this as another revival poetry this is another get together treat this as something that you are going to come away with the equipment and ready to do God 's work amen amen let us pray that will have a sort right father in heaven mode we thank you for the opportunity that we still get to eat from your word vote we pray that you would please help us to fortify on lines of our hearts with your word we has to not that you would please with those things that we put before you the little things that we put before the studying of the words what we ask that you please help us to set those things aside and to realize the time we thank you Lord for the opportunity to come together message with these continue to be a test for August are only was I a a media was brought by Hotmail address of a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse in your life is more certain and visit www. .net verse .org


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