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Tumbleweeds and a Luxurious Oasis

Zachary Page Leah Page



  • December 13, 2012
    7:00 AM
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look for you to human beings for help listen to their opinions to rely upon them for sympathy sucker and counsel when in trouble we should shut ourselves up with God when you have trouble with city view shut yourself up with God shut yourselves a God how many there are who realize no refreshing because they have forsaken the living waters and if you are out for themselves broken this is which can hold no water when men do this what can they expect but barrenness what can we expect the variance of soloing on project we go on doing what we can view trying to accomplish the mission in our own strength but the verse goes on for seven less than the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord for he will be like a tree planted by the water that roots that extend its roots by the stream and will not be here when the heat comes but it leaves will be green and it will not be anxious in a year of drought nor cease to yield its fruit a notice something here this plan this tree experience in the same conditions it will not be anxious in a year of doubt and in a year of drought Norse it will experience a note here when the heat comes a experience the same condition the same things come to these two different plants but one becomes dry humble weed in a desert or the other one become the luxurious awaits this on a lot of by the one digging deep with its roots want a study of talking with God 's immersing itself in God so that they could come to life from the life you want to read your Bible you want to know your Jesus more within the experience of Moses and that fundamental medication plate page three forty three elected that he became united to submerged in the holy one of Israel that found that all I can extending his roots by a river he became united to submerged in the holy one of Israel he believed in the great God he held communion with the father through humble prayer you look to the highest for an education in spiritual things and for a knowledge of his duty as a shepherd and life became so closely linked with having a guide talked with them they without would've never happened of most sediment then tossed out into the wilderness of most sediment and had to go through that experience where he had nothing left yet nothing to offer any more of himself he couldn't trust his own straight anymore the only had not left to rely and so is there in the desert where he finally became submerging God where he finally took the time to drink deeply from the fountain of living water which verse thirteen in chapter seventeen said that in the Lord you think Moses became submerged himself in God until that whole drive Bush in the desert first in the plane the Moses with that on fire by God is immersed himself in God God ignited a fire in his heart God ignited trust in his heart God ignited him for a divine mission Lisa Mercer something God we will come to life it is incredible the life the Moses came to you think about the difference between Moses before in the wilderness experience where he was there for forty years beforehand he was just being his own strength he was willing to kill in order to accomplish this mission afterwords simply relied on God is after they go through the Red Sea you see again and again that he's relying upon how to feed them when they're in the wilderness he has two million people at least to worry about right there in the wilderness imagine that you have this gigantic city you are in charge of how you provide for the morning in a dupe of them well I'm in a prey I'm asked God to take care of and a God reigns down bread from heaven God brings water from the rock 's immerse yourself in God trusting in him he will make you come to life as one of looking at two examples the mother 's life of the way that he trusted in God I wrote you've ever had a lot of responsibility a look at me in Deuteronomy chapter nine maybe that a lot of people depend the one you how do you respond when the pressure hits when that moment he can handle comes Deuteronomy chapter nine South L Moses had learned to deal with situations which came Deuteronomy chapter nine verse eighteen this is immediately after his coming down the mountain you see the two golden calf he takes the tablet in verse sixteen seventeen any splashes unzip down to the ground and the numbers eighteen he says when he did anything that I fell down before the Lord that the first for forty days and nights and either a or drink water because of all your sin withdrew committed in doing what was evil in the sight of the Lord to provoking a when something goes wrong how do we respond we shut ourselves in the God respondent base for forty days and forty nine are we not available to God when I think about it I think about the apostles praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and in one of my friends once said to me that you know they set out to pray tell something happened they were willing to pray as long as it said is that I don't know about not available to God that I don't know if my schedule would allow for that I love my schedule would allow the fall my face for forty days because I see that my church needs revival but Moses he had two million people the penny upon him in the wilderness they were looking to him for guidance they were looking to him to be their leader when something when push came to shop he fell on his face before God he shut himself in with God because you learn about the only way it would ever accomplish the supernatural mission they do this many times in verse twenty five again is the so I fell down before the Lord forty days and nights which I did because the Lord had said he would destroy any finding in that on Mount Sinai you'd been there for forty days and forty nights you find that when there is your value needed and would fall on their face before God again and again you find that Moses prayer and I was the only way that he thought that God would accomplish his mission immerse yourself in God and you will come to life a final quote on a share in the Islamic conference chair education page two sixty the intensity such as never before was seeing his taking possession of the world and amusement and money making in the contest or power in every struggle for existence there is a terrible force that engrossed his body in my install in the midst of the maddening rush God is speaking he been the part and commuting with an these still and know that I am God on forty sixth and many even in their seasons of devotions ballot receiving the blessing of real communion with God they are into great haste with hurried steps they pressed through the circle of Christ loving presence poverty perhaps a moment within the sacred precinct but not waiting for counts a ride that experience you go there in the morning the early morning about on for God your reading your Bible within the stop of the day this begins the coming year minds they know I just got a get in a started I had to get on with it with hurried steps they press to the circle of Christ present pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precinct but not waiting for counsel they have no time to remain with a divine teacher with their burdens they returned to their word these workers can never attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength they must give themselves time to being prey to wait upon God for renewal of physical mental and spiritual power we need the uplifting influence of this receiving this they will be quick and the fresh life these immerse yourself in any God you shut yourself in with God you will come to life you will be revived will be an army that is brought to life we reframe entire brain will be refresh the burden heart will be lying not apply for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ to sit down in companionship with him this is our need submerge yourself in God and you will come to life I know that you can I've seen it in my own life I want to see it a lot more but I'm also feeling in the line and they shared a little bit yesterday I was blasting of any good Christian home and let the parents you tried in themselves and taking me to cherish from when I was one we'd all been born on a founded in my mind many times over efficient if the driver 's opportunity we detected no one B my mom without a schoolteacher and now every week we you know went over our last inning learned our memory verse and on the thirteenth added into the quarter you know you stand up in front to repeat all of the birthday and infant grade I had the privilege of going to the Adventist school for the first time in it was such a blessing MMA connected and I we cried when my parents told us that you know we're good to go to the new school we only knew one kid that went very we thought he was so weird and silly but if we go to that school will be felt weird to remember we are crying it we were there one day and that after one day we've been remiss we've been here since kindergarten you know we just loved it is the great experience it on as I got into high school I would that indicate I was involved in everything I was a part of the skill leadership at school and I was in yearbook and other wilderness survival and I played volleyball and has been banding quiet identity and political early in the morning and didn't leave until late at night and got as I look back over my spiritually I love God and you know I let out notes and would ask for some of the prayers limited ask them if they coming in I would look back now over my spiritual they are kind of like a spiritual lead blocker in any of you ever thought to lead blocker you know you know someone who does you go through all the most in a being away when you're really asleep right and maybe get a roommate in college too had been an extreme version of sleepwalking and find in the middle the night in that cafeteria in the dorm you know picking up top Ramen when I see when Opera walked in the middle of the woods only asleep right and back about my spiritual experience I was going to all the motion but I had no real personal experience or myself you know I'm going to anonymous and going to church and you know knowing some Bible verses and all that can affect that might only be a good guy I believe we are a fully asleep and I honestly I didn't even know there was something more I didn't have been alive really be that got in on the training they know that you could do me all I know you know you just got your Bible you registered to learn more think about dotting you know it is Catholic league is kept learning a little more little more than what I had no idea that there was more out there on however when I was a junior in high school he got started bringing people into my life and you know sometimes you don't realize that when God bring people into life with it happened that got been bringing people into my life one of them with my Bible teachers Lloyd Little by little you know the things he shared it just kind start to open up my perspective I guess it started that they met me there is something more he seemed very genuine and NFS said yesterday I started praying every day for the Holy Spirit in my life not because I affected greatly by adding to thinkers did you know I gone to a meeting where they start encouraging us pray for the Holy Spirit I did and nothing like no happening and it didn't look like I went somewhere one day or one weekend in my whole life changed little by little by capturing that pair cat praying for the Holy Spirit God started working my life when I was a junior on the youth pastor had all day reaching out to me and the defendant involved in a lot of that he would be known to me even whatever it and got to see it was planning well in the part of the planning team is planning a youth prayer conquering and Ivy junior in high school and he asked me if I would come along and that if I do one of the student leaders and I was willing and I went to one meeting with them and didn't really have much input he knows more like you think the jury did like this there we think about making how to put it make you think you know and that is going to lead out and in the meantime detect and praying for the Holy Spirit in my life had been attending these meetings in our church for forty days they were encouraging people to start a small group and so I started a small group with my friend at school and we know we can take the Bible and looking back on it now you know I would like that in the Bible at them but don't know really know really being for myself and I cannot grow that God brings it up I got and so we were getting ready for this prayer conference in all in one fun afternoon you know weird hanging out at home and getting ready for school the next day again and we got a phone call that our youth pastor had gotten a bad accident even dirt biking with an friend and got a really bad accident broke his back and was probably going to be in one of those turtles sell tasks for several my and if so it is shocking like what we did okay but United were eating is one of those seeking experiences and I remember going to visit him having given later that we didn't house there he was united in a laying in bed casting I've been thinking to myself long enough to bow to peer conference on helping but not happening he takes the paper that with a detailed program to be leading out in the programming and despair conference other people are doing different stuff he was in charge of programming and him him to thing you know hobby thinking of renting the unit he handed me the factory paper even then I want you to go and lead out and I like what you talking about not involving a lot of the big event of the prayer conference are whole Congress entity like two hundred young people there and here he was giving me the papers to go and do it to lead out an outline the first time I felt like what my getting myself into why am I committing a nine I I was willing to go but I'm not at that point in my life I dig that meant that a daughter you've got to make a big impact on me but looking back got totally goodness of life when I got there I met a lady was waiting out Steve was working on transit cordoning the prayer element of the fair conference and when I got there here I was yet sixteen years old I brought my friend would need alike help make this thing happen in right we get there we went enough I got the door and she said he knows the Lord user was put together okay they prayed together and then I got my here detailed schedule a to start looking at everything okay how to reset the chair to take the colonial Secretary not that you okay in the grade I had a generic and I think they are something else you know how when you get in the house reorganizing here but let's pull together I'll Godwin wanted to do okay now you may not have gotten wanted to get it with an alternative course that we can maybe have elegance running all of the plate but she had brought in the prayer partners to pray for the weekend it was not meeting the viewers two hundred young people in they were getting harmful Thurmond the meeting in small groups and having equal packing to be here waiting for older lady sitting in the back praying for the Cape fear high school kid some of them totally not interested in God but came to get their other friend here between labor and praying and I said me under their wing a little bit to get to this Grady high school kid is trying to make everything how many running back and forth unconsciously pulled into the back room really does want to pray for you anyway just pray for me and pray for me in the first time in my life at era ever experience something like that you know my paralyzed at the disappointing event no brain quickly before going to bed for my Neil and the island about it you know maybe quickly before I made the Bible my friend or something but this weekend no blown away I remember having a afternoon this start on Thursday night though is enough Thursday on a Friday and found it and I was so tired I fell exhausted in the incumbent to pray they put me in the middle of a member they put their hand very interesting praying for me and I are praying for me there is something different you know like their prayers were so much deeper than my never ever so much more meaningful that are so much more part is not and I'm intravenous Valium getting so tired and I had to go before I need to go and you know help with the programming I committed to do a little seminar and how to teach high school kids like me how to do a small group with their friend and I've been doing one in a birthday present for twenty minutes times in a row right his runner-up teaching there any come to our seminars but at times that afternoon keynote supposed to do that I was so exhausted but never as they got me back there they put any enemy they say praying for me you are one of them opened up idea chapter forty one Hamlet feeling tired and soft dating worn-out and one of the ladies start cleaning the prominent in second chapter fourteen verse twenty nine big dog to give strength to the weary that God would increase the power of the week and I know I did that believing the Bible I remember like now in Greenwood I'm going to I could tell you story after story that weekend but every time I needed you might be waiting for pulling together and praying for me and done I enough to begin with over one hundred to get in contact that they it was not leaving compared with sixteen and in a stupid like all that in my mind that about me so much and after I said let the parent company not have a path to avoid busy with me are going to spring for my tech just praying for me you know what was in the way of weeding out when she was praying for my family to strengthen my friend I never experienced something like that after he had to begin was over and we continue to be prayer partners bring continued I guess to be frank I realized something about this lady that she really knew God she really knew God and I began to realize that you know I knew a lot about God I knew a lot of God but I didn't really know God you know if you turn your Bible to John chapter seventeen John Chapter seventeen verse three became such a pivotal understanding for me John chapter seventeen in verse three it says this is eternal life didn't design the disciple coming very profound listening very powerful evening and eternal life in a new benefit spell it out and he doesn't want to pay you must do this independent or you must not do this and that convey the idea that they eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus cried whom you have sent eternal life is all about knowing I don't know how I went on for sixteen years growing up in church and never understanding that before and I never I realize this internalizing about a relationship with you I didn't exactly what this lady had been elected enigmatic icon printed that I needed in my life that are being outside of my parent house in their backyard adding a big swimming pool and I remember one day just taking my Bible and being out there by the pool and is crying out thing you really need me I want to know you want to love you I want to spend time with you God help me if eternal life to deny knowing you totally missed it help me don't you know you help me to love you help me to read my Bible it actually me and tell me to read my Bible and actually make it meaningful God help me in praying helping you know I had my parenting apparently like talking to a friend help it can be like that and that ever since that time I went on a quest to know God I realize that is eternal life was all about knowing him then I got another and another thing waiting as you know had been praying for me and become a prayer partner and really different by the time starting a verse in Isaiah chapter fifty and that he was talking about the importance of spending time with God you want to know that you have to spend time within the excellent events in New York and I was all about school and go about getting good grades and studying hard for me if I identity theft and you're spending time standing right if I wanted management had been in the mid to me as I wanted nobody in time with them but I was so busy with no biggie maybe you find yourself in that same spot he noted that earlier going goal early in the morning and is involving so many activities in so many things I never came home until late but I can't chapter fifty verse forty seven he has promised instead you may not think you have time for God but claimed promising God will start wake you up in the morning spend time with him at the verse for it that's a powerful prominent when you look into the last bargaining here you have your Bible idea chapter fifty inverse for it that he awakens me morning by morning he awakens my ear till this thing at the disciple I love how it can be there in it he lived he awakens me morning by morning he opened my gear to listing the disciple and the Pentagon wanted that different nugget don want to expand into that room he didn't want to spend time with that many you want to wait if you want to have a fair spanning time in as president so he can speak to us having our ear open identifiable to learn and to begin agreement promising at this time in my life you know my parents I figure you know we all went to church and workers in that e-mail and I do not care enough to spend time on their own without I started cleaning up vomit and in the morning got it start to wake me up and I been a morning person you know my money become decadent time to get up and out of bed for five more minutes than she come again I beg for three more minutes and I didn't want to get up in the morning and middle class although God started to wake me up and claim this promise a private event on your promise to wake me up in the morning waking up and I began to have that's an experience of God had his own thirty four state case can be that the Lord is good and I began to realize that I began to government is so I started reading just in the song Bandon every morning at the link and I was reading a long underpinning our goodbye maybe even just like twenty minutes or something I realized that there was so much in the Bible is for me it was so powerful you know how my little highlighters very highlighting verses in the Bible and they were exactly what I needed you made me no day after day I would be willing to turn in something I read the holy herds near me praying for wisdom about something and then I'd be reading the morning he was only prompted an environment I been missing out on her soul many years black begin to speak to me over and over and over and I can tell you all many stories and got it correct me but don't resell me what you had member one day in particular United sometimes you feel really passionate about knowing God in the same time again and then you can get busy and things fall apart I remember I think I'm a practicable morning then I don't think I give my sister in five hundred nineteen I just thought discouraging I like things are falling apart in the member went to bed that night I cleaned atomically dotted with you and you and your time with God and that he loved me up that next morning and do it early early morning is still dark outside and noted awake and her house and I got my Bible and couldn't believe my vegans he got the living room to read it in Connecticut it was really dark outside and start to walk out the door had the impression to go back to the window windows on the other side of my vacuuming and starting to walk the line is not interviewed a pattern like dark out there and I started to read the vacuum again they just don't justify it I never until that point felt like God he ever talk to me about it both easy and deftly never heard like you do this you know anyone like that yet again is not to go to the window in I did it back and forth a couple times and finally in the computer I sat by the window and opened up the blind staring at the dark outside but interestingly enough it was raining and the way grubbing California's pretty dry area delivering a whole lot that you are deathly interesting I was sitting there watching the rain come down and got out of bed that morning song and if you come to my mind and I went there even being like how we are in the game and coming thinking something in your life you doing it from the beyond all telling the immune and a crick in my client had a calming experience like that and I was gone what can wash away my thing nothing but the blood indeed it was kind of communal bonding and sitting there by the window and it is very interesting because as the rain was falling it was one seeing all the best they had tiled and got it the day before the wind and blowing it I will be leaving jumper in the gutter now but it was raining and raining hard this step was washing down the gutter and he was sitting on the edge of my bed leaning on what can wash away my theme in an eclectic wishing watching Eric I estimate that the first parent like I'm getting beautiful object lesson you know he brought me to the window this morning you know that either rain one significant down inherently meaningless can wash away my family anyway have ignited a moment of God and had my bed and then I got your the most time for me to get ready for school whatever I don't remember one thing that the Bible and in that time I wasn't trying to read anything particulars and the other like follow any know God is merciful I think you would be community there and figure morning I had had my Bible there is money in lock open and done it in a company Hebrews chapter nine and eleven advertise something I had read a lot before but just the title I don't be nearby what does it know how the bold title year before section of Earth Day and even John is a title of that chapter God spoke to my heart because I look down you just cannot let it flop open the book down in the title for that section with the blood of Christ and you are envisioning what you want doing my thing nothing but the my even in then dare not meet again not line up vertically and they had where God was going I love you I wanted in time of you I wanted the UK don't want to tell you you just need time and place for the last denial in years or whatever now might be and what him him that I didn't I was thinking made every morning and you know my promise to God he tried to get up and struggling that you know is not always easy to wake up in the morning but my testimony today is that God wants to spend time with you and the more we will be here and try to be present recently I was looking at all the members of the talk about speaking guide and all throughout the Bible Gettysburg is an advantage if they defeat me but the promise that come with it he and you won't find me see when all of your heart and you will finally promise after promise after promise and I think I want a relationship with you I want to be healed I want you to know me unwanted know you a year and a older person out there today outlining you are very young people who need you guys use only older people in my life to reach out to me and teach me to teach me how to pray to teach me how to know God they fire me actually want to know him as the Mayhew re: how to talk with baby die midyear thing down the knife that you know that you don anybody anytime and thought for years I would encourage you that maybe there's someone in your family maybe there's someone in your shirts who desperately need to hear I was other than really good kid I didn't do any bad that you know going to church every week I don't want for myself and maybe there's someone that God want you to reach out to needed is someone that you need to share your experiences that will inspire you a member sometimes I pair partner calling she would talk to me and to tell you another thing the diamond showing her in her were stepping I think in your worship wouldn't that I had or even spending time with God personally and I were simply let you did exactly know how he would see you there was never timer like me you need to read your Bible go in and read about the next thirty minutes and then her just caring about her I wanted to mention my life I wanted that but maybe someone here today who if they need that experience to guide I wanted challenge of cleaning the promise that God will we let spend time with him and I'm calling out myself you know I'm challenging myself begin to spend time with God you know it makes a difference don't like the junk get in the way that spend time and paid the Lord is good let's pray together your father in heaven now and thank you so much for the way he worked in our life think you for the people you bring into our life in God I pray that day by day he would give it a deep hunger and thirst for you that you would show us that spending time with you is the most important thing we can do that eternal life is all about knowing you God help our quest to know you I pray that you would get tedious day by day and father prayed he would use that to be able to share with other will never hear what is handling will when you are are are are a media was brought by popular early website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more so than please visit www. audio person or


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