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The Importance of Medical Missionary Work

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • December 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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father in heaven with thankful today then we can go out in the sunlight today and we can decide together and were thankful that euro renewing our minds that this army gave been once you renew our bodies you're better able to renew our mind so why we want to commit to also allowing you to reject your schedule so that we could be physically and spiritually in the performance for you Christ name we pray okay so let's look at our subject today I talked about what we study the sanctuary at present we look at Leviticus twenty three and we saw that timeline over the timeline and we recognize were living at the end of that timeline in the dental bed in our second talk we love at the present through the people living on a timeline whatever they wanted a drink whenever they donate you all the glory of God and then they glorified God also through being dead atonement people like me learn about and being Sabbath people both of those things are also missing Leviticus twenty three but there also mentioned in another chapter what's happening mentioned in Isaiah fifty eight right in the middle in between the day of atonement and in the swing the Sabbath message there's another message and what was that message about it's the medical missionary work and ask your involved and then there was the promise of the loud cry returning now to talk about this but as you can see I trust about so I want to talk about something else today because I want to give you some practical things are stop here this afternoon I want to talk about health and personal liberty and losing and then the unlike rest of the less adjacent organizations logos because some of the discussions I had we knew how and the personal evangelism I was thinking more powerful even without an increase lung capacity that's what happens when you're in our revival if your church was the shutdown when the community notice most judges the answer would be no they would just say well I guess not what is happening by in my church was the best approach over a decade the answer would've been an unequivocal yes people would've said what about all of our different fruits that we buy in your church what about all and not the doubted after learning that we might answer what about the cow all were about to help out what about the weblogging exercise directed those around the perimeter of your property what about all those booking classes you will what about those reject laryngeal holding you what about the depressing recovery program the decisions and not what is that women or we can refer our people do but I have any question what about your church what would happen if a shutdown with the community notice denies that after I disabled it and miss my sermon sorry but it was invented important most people in the city for summary and and and and neither will your sample class even though those are very important thing they probably don't know what you're doing it right now those things mean us and wanted to the others but I guess the importance of the church comes down to you being salt and being a part of the arming and out of the evil special forces going out sharing what you know or what you don't know so you can know what you don't know and then you'll know the basis I noticed no disparity knows a lot I noticed a lot of buying T-shirts eighteen forty four in prayer now what do you say when someone ask you why you weren't in nineteen forty four certain what you say Bob is individually now the next time I see you what will be about an hour going to write down what you say to me all my research right doesn't as well by research when you where they served together let's say and you know I got different answers for different people like the other day talking to somebody I have a forty percent ago one thinking forty four all about us it that was the beginning of one of the largest health and wellness moments in Israel the planet is going to have not heard of it is not hard I'll think I have really does what anything went like that exactly she goes well while he is I think it was more important gold rush in eighteen forty nine to go the one is a well-informed ones you live longer around to go live longer by Hugo 's benefit another connection once the connection music to my ears client VM twenty three hundred days will sit down and talk and I don't have been with has a lot of valentines either rampant times Bruno Noble and have siphoned well why don't we just do knows that down the happen I'll and I was in the top of her up now how aging forty four was connected to the SKU each are people in society a lot of things changed and what things that happen was a health movement they came out of the Adventist church I'm telling these eighteen forty four search I did get one of them already think I think it will limit already have a so anyway but you got think about that if your throat without downloading Camino one programmers service within humanity continue now I was studying the Gospel of Mark and the reason I while I always study the Gospels I love them but I just got again through the present recovery program Kim is the number two bank you're in Canada he was the top banker like to adopt related and he had been maliciously sacked from his job so he was of major depression began at all kinds of money but he had no direction or purpose so he was surprised and he was so depressed that he found himself in a known he was in no spending all kinds of money to try that in self-governing province of the city and crying uncontrollably so he came to the depression recovery program and flat he said I don't I want all the program except for that guy and he pointed me to a something to do minimum eighteen forty four certain but I didn't even down on a day that is a okay and I'll find you know that's like Google have a nice without the cream but that's okay it's up to you so after about three days into it he was still this with me and he came into my room he's not literally into my room my little love counseling and he says I told everyone I didn't want on their but I'm desperate what is it that you have the other people alone have I said well I'm offering to give you information how you can be connected with God and he can give you a bigger perspective they could lead you from your disappointment to an appointment with them and with a life of meaning and he said life that I listen to you I said well you don't have to honestly does lap like that will yard blower they came back next it is as it ought I've only got a few more days I put this is my last dance this program so I want to hear what you say is that I want to know about God and I want to know why I follow him so guess what I gave him given the gospel Marcus and reading the gospel more and ask two questions what does it say that Christ did and number two who did he say that he was in when it came back he said he did this he did that he never read the Bible at all basically he did this he did that he did the other things he got I really need this guy how can we get in touch with these of the kind of miracles I need and he says that he's God and I said what he would price it goes how do you pray and I taught them how to pray at any given adjourning having you think that the Bible is a powerful picture of what God can do but what was it that gripped him about the gospel of Mark it was that the fact that everybody was amazed I give you that assignment changes ranging Mark and say what the price do and what they say about himself immediately his name spread abroad through all the region around Galilee Mark chapter one verse twenty eight and Mark chapter one verse thirty this city was gathered at the door why were they all gathered at the door because he had been healing people and when they saw his power as manifested in healing they said this truly has somebody unusual now I would suggest to you that the reason art is not full here is because we really don't have that same power going on but we should another word I would've gotten up I and I just got from California and as a result of God 's blessing be upon the ministry people knew that there'd been all kinds of people heal I think I probably would've gotten the reasons why I think the problem to be thousands of people waiting to see me right SL really you think we need to pray that we have for the Holy Spirit so that right now there is a reason by the way that works hold that God does not work with those dramatic miracles now even though sometimes he doesn't you're the reason is because he wants people to be pointed to the sanitarium work and I work in a sanitary of the same file of sanitary and a sanitarium is where people go through in nineteen days they say miraculous changes in ten days may seem miraculous things and there's all kinds of people and believe me people know about that place I was in Germany and Frankfurt not so long ago flying through and I dissent to be there and not someone asked me where I was from lines that I'm from we mark the love staying in Germany and the lady looks at me she goes you mean me Mark California that she was German and I said how do you know we mark California everybody thinks that I mean we marred Germany he says wasn't that where the new start program is always like I was just blown away I sent one how do you know about the new start program he said my doctor referred me to that program because he couldn't help me here in Germany and said you should go to that program as she goes I'm wondering if you have more information about the health of you think you should wear it it starts certain like it should say aging forty four new start right and people know about that and so I think God cleaning people it was during the day but in Jesus David show yourself then season with a afternoon and fields show yourself to the race he always sent them back to the religious leaders how many of you would like to sell help your friends that they would go and tell their pastor I've been so blessed and help physically and spiritually regarding about this and then all their pastors hear about what's happening at your church in my church that happen we had twelve Baptist ministers again through one of our programs and then invite all their congregation three of those Baptist ministers became Seventh-day Adventist death we have not yet baptized the vocal day when not working we've got work to do but but Don John worked still do those things they met he went out and begin to publish it you know he said don't tell anybody Jesus always will be black field about the only one wanting to make nobody listened to him you think that your job just for that but you can walk with no telling what that means only one with the now law they were like so he went out and begin to publish it and boy is it abroad the matter blaze abroad seventy one to start a new ministry filets ministries .com where people are telling other people would have now I thought this was interesting at the beginning of Christ's ministry healing got everyone's attention at the end of the price ministry honor on the cross notice this he calls to mind this is a deep on the cross Albany and heard of Jesus this is the one they remember there were two themes and Jesus converted fifty percent of the people that were right there near even more okay he called to mind all of you heard of Jesus how he had to say in part then the Holy Spirit aluminum his mind and little by little but Stephen Evans was joined together hopeless mingled with anguish in his voice as the helpless dying soul in style on the dying Savior Lord remember me to drive when the calmest in the backing of what was it that led the conversion of the deep on the cross coupling of his mind of the habitants from health ministry as well as everything else in Florida Bible study and he was converted on Accra event so now despite we reviewed the meeting in some practical things we study how Isaiah fifty eight had two days the day of atonement in the sand by the way in Hebrews ten there is also and but the Hebrews is two days that Sabbath day and the David Zeller the book of Hebrews it's interesting to me that it looked that it is the Sabbath David David's only thank you and in Isaiah fifty eight percent and it's over there and in Hebrews the Senate ended the learner and every single one of those passages you have a head of health ministry as well I went on the go network outside the in the same chapter that the dental was mentioned and he presents in the says this let us consider one another to provoke one another to love and good works love and what one of those good works and were not saved by works but because what we are saying we were the ones were saying we really work that we work just like Jesus did and you know what Jesus said healing teaching and preaching healing with over one and we worked like he did and what the thing is saying here to you then get a new group of people that are so much like Jesus that their health ministry reaches people of the great how are the people see the power of today's live they might even see it in your life are made in the last four months and I just went on a walk with my students and I became the one of the biggest losers of my snap and I lost weight I didn't even know I had been with Isaiah Robbie got improved they said I looked better and it had a feeling of back then everyone looked at me I don't know that friends and even most of what God can do that with you here only five hundred miles away from it you're only at seventy miles I want to spin your only you know I was telling people at once this lady was eighty five years old and her family said you need to help message you're getting sick you might die donated by synchronous that's correct on eighty five but she listened and then as he started walking around the block at first she had angina or chest pain which was very hard to deal with they said keep walking she kept walking Sealand to be one hundred and three hello hundred and three so it's not too late to ambulate this agreement so long unknown dangers I thought these were very interesting thanks there was in the administered there was a time when there was the preaching of rights by faith and that were saved by the faith of Jesus but then as were saved by his wonderful righteousness were motivated to do things for other people right and we go out and we do good and what other people the ruling on the bandwagon was a guy named John Harvey frosted flake you might know him as John Harvey Kellogg before those lights were brought and this was before he went out of the church and Al White said he was a very converted man at that time and you know what he was saying at that time he was saying why is it that you ministers one of which was my great-grandfather don't accept the health message and why don't you use it to reach out and he said you know this is what we need to be doing destructive and people started to come into the church I would dare say the site from Isle of Wight Donna Kellogg is still perhaps the best-known Seventh-day Adventist to a member would be my favorite site requires but it's not there and it was because of his emphasis on health words now analyzing to vacuum up in testimonies volume two knows which he says it is not the abundance of your meetings that God got accept it is not the numerous prayers but right going I think that's an interesting statement so when I got to go to more meetings in the level you know our problem is not that we don't know enough how did you are living up to everything you know how many of you know that lying is a set right so it is not the numerous prayers but right doing this is rarest exhortation and taught art she fruits so what I'm doing right now is cheap cheap rugs but roads that are manifested in good works for me monolith who we know are genuine roads and grow what naturally upon a good three another words when you're converted you're not buying a way to help other people and masculine go beyond although it will include taking of the meetings and prayer meetings it's got to be manifested and practical way the reason for these bloodsuckers because someone who's not here this afternoon although they asked me to talk about this is exactly what happened many times the old white iPhone the company to write things to people and they would not listen so they put in the volumes called the testimonies and reseller glass of the I feel like almost missing the person 's name but my for the love is taken him I will do that by because of the exercise of this was not well you know here's the thing sometimes we feel so we feel so physically down the wheel like helping anybody else either been that way like totally out of I mean I was playing hide and seek with my kids know my five months ago I was so tired out that I went head-to-head in the attic five I while was not there thank you Mike now they're going to will have been out of the garden again I settled myself I have to do something about my handle right because it's really the foundation even feeling well enough to witness here's the great thing when you're up in your own health it could be witnessing to other people and then sold a grown attorney now in one one notice what happens when you get involved in this kind of history one heart sympathized with heartburn with disparagement agreement when the hand dispenses to the needy and the negative flow stranger may well into his seen it in your parlor and a place in your heart Angels are on a very here I will like having Angels on your house will invite a stranger and someone is even stranger than me someone maybe you don't now in by a stranger help someone you knew it and I got to tell you what you want now and we magistrate 's writer apparel we sat before we send love to find people to help them out and did you find anyone to help you found this ninety nine priests whose had severe depression and anxiety from a fine use of an alcoholic and had no one to go to know family and friends what do this house look like when you found it rubbish everywhere bottles and cans on the ground can hardly walk okay so it's this house looks like trash he felt like trash and what else was he was CEO was EA 's physical young acids Milwaukee and you are wanting his house at first he wouldn't let us in these house and then eventually not this house was a mess and does so then they called me over and over what I went visiting with you and what did you say before we went visiting don't just nod your head because it's a microphone is being taped unless you hit your head on the microphone again so what what what what what did USB to do to try to get him out of the house walking with us yes they estimated get him out of the house and walking so what happened remember what happened I remember going to see it the bitter memories get some talking for a while and then Don Haskins to Milwaukee this season the only site to get scared and told on DVD when the dissenting view is the earliest in cheek you are lucky or something you eating on the lives of the no will what do you think gives an answer so I just said while bigger shoes on and were going so he got his shoes on and then I said were to walk to the church he goes I've never been in a church so that's forward and while there you never been there so we walked to the church where we want to the church will be set away the guys that used to be a drugstore you has to lose the man we get we don't does get high we get most high note so we have got the real thing going on so we went to the church when we can do it this is so having this guy had never left his house for a long time right were walking with them down the street so we get to the church what we do when we get inside unions open the Bible and little studied within the iPhone this is what we normally do in the church and goes out like a lot of people said well there's no one here is what we do several church right now I played the p.m. I mean that most than remastering Jackie that was like you know you know heaven is much higher place but I play with him we say said yes yes the newest song what was assigning you we sang familiar ones like amazing grace what a friend we have Jesus up and he knew that he sang of we've will benefit so where your harassment me know a couple sheets down from the church yet is he did not talk to his parents a long time that they were out to get in he was talking all about them is that what you want over whether Houston must be terrible people I want to see what there will be low as zero dollars like I'm not want over there let's let's go anywhere we want all right next we walked over next was house recently are the authors are housed in a pile with what rhetoric to the house because I knew he had all these distortions he was this an effort now yet broken through those things then tell me what happened what happened next so Thanksgiving a chemo and I invited him being the great director that my wife is to my house to eat and you stick to me getting on the mouse I had like killed like six thousand turkeys is getting ready to go to his house and he got a call from Chris and he said he needed my help so asking when you need help with the city want to quit drinking soy and Windows 's house and Susan got in the backyard is lying on the ground I had a hangover Phil Benenson we talked for a while I told him how useless it was seen and can you overcome and so we talk more monsters of these initiatives could really see God working in my life using me to help him so after having done with Wednesday's house and had about five cases of beer in his house hardly care wine everything is already thousands we done everything down to and at first is hard for him but the more he point out that the Betty felt and we used on the distant villages free nets among children I understand and even know what happened that the that was on Wednesday Thanksgiving and what there was that towing the Thursday it has been this nervous up front you know what this guy is the great one of the greatest health workers she just did a great job world to one-on-one with these people and then that one after the next weekend weekend afternoon he was speaking in the church and working Lakers come out and you never want this to come until you have a separate remedies Steve himself and watched speed silky teamsters and that man I pay early to tell Martha thank you so much Earl but how many of you your blessed by that and you know what you know when I sent them out like door-to-door I was like to find anybody to help others at work when you want every one of the student teams found somebody to help and were going to figure out how you can do that better now really send out cards the next time in different things just like we do Bible study cards were given were to get them even more prepared in the second class and give them were making up in an app they can use on iPad or a smartphone where they can look up anything the person asked them and go to either the life and health website to get their resources or go to the new start lifestyle club website to get all their resources and basically turning or equipping laypeople to go out and do exactly what this talks about and guess what's can happen that Angels are going to come nearby in a summary has been less than global Holly how you practically do this you just got a lot I mean now let's say your professional with the amount best no need to go out they come to you all day what are you doing when they come to you are you more interested in money or ministry you got to make that decision and you got to figure out a way to take advantage of everybody knocking on your door but I'll tell you I've even taken we had two physicians in our class and the positions were going door-to-door they said this was a great blessing to them they never really had done it that way and I got to tell you if you go door-to-door to position Doctor Bivens was telling me he said look I'm a physician I'm out making calls in the committee to see if you have any housemates the people of the board is currently this was even better than Obama care right they and they said so I don't care who you are a main analysis of no elder Obama 's home state and ninety made in fact even live it out next door I don't know where he lives but this is actually I think the guys calling us to do to find people to help a man every act of justice mercy and benevolence makes a melody of heaven all are praying in abstinence from food will avail us not saying unless we resolutely tickled this work so another word you south down than up right all day while it's okay and less as the only thing you do and then what about okay I'm not even bad foods everything else I'm really healthy I doesn't matter either if you're not out helping other people I be getting the point in one of the other things not on its type here's it is a book I would recommend I did yesterday it's called the ministry of healing and the ministry of healing basically describes how to live Isaiah fifty eight six the loose the bands of wickedness what is drunkenness and alcoholism it is not the bands of wickedness to undo having birds what is guilt what is all the birds that people carry those are heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free I lived next door to a meth amphetamine you know family that have been completely converted their coming here next week to spend five days within the big Island one of them came out of meth addiction here in Hawaii and is introducing me to all their friends that now are coming out of meth addiction have a ministry that does that and now their life has completely changed meth addiction is the hardest addiction it's it's it's it's it's a very difficult thing and now they spend allies doing it to to to to bring the poor that are outcasts into your house and when you see the naked to cover them and hide not yourself from your own flesh will how you do that I talked about this yesterday when we just sell you something here I guess my slides are not in the order I was thinking you like to have a new program that puts up whatever you're thinking on the screen is coming I say that because my name is Macintosh but let me just say this at the island some of you PC users are still struggling in the Stone Age let me to say this at the end of time with his essay soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines except medical so that's the thing now I was reading this book but is reviewing just in case it doesn't for slides and as I was reading this book minutes reviewing I just started to do the different principles of settlement painted said that Jesus went than singing and when he sang it brought joy to people so I said to my friends let's go out and sing to some people they look at me like what you talking about a set it's not that odd at Christmas time people go sing Christmas carols and that's because Jesus was born on Jesus still is born even here today on Tuesday Phyllis God and sing Christmas carols that that makes a comfortable and then you know I can pretend like it's snowing and they look to me like I was like really crazy they said okay were to do it by if we get like in trouble were were to be met so we went out and we went to this first lady and I said hello we are here to sing to you she looked at me like that we just started saying I had a sophisticated microchip and we sang as he just goes over that was lovely whatever came over you to come and sing to me I said I don't know if this was what we were strong to sing to you as you go that's very odd I thought I sent messages you like the music on the was very very nice very nice you can look like you wish we would leave but then something hit me like this is what hit me ask her who she thinks we should sing for next and a center who do you think we should sing for next and she said she looked in service again this kind of like evil grin as he said those people right there so why do you think they should have a son they are the meanest people in the neighborhood the site thank you so my floor a lot by singing the people so we got to the next will people thousand meters people I said hi my name 's not having we at one of your neighbors recommended that you wouldn't show I saw you say what a friend we hadn't see you so easily missed and the other neighbor you know well enough friendly outgoing including that's on a roll out the new regard that presumes who was it who wasn't it recommended that you sing to me and looking around at less adapters in a manner we like to work on anonymous basis to avoid riots and things like that and we sang a note to her in the lesson would you like this goes we start we hasn't arrived yet then we realized that the time to be in which means we had seen were people more rapidly so I said let's go to the supermarket we go to the supermarket were right outside the sliding glass doors and we begin with saying in a quartet and we were singing I thought very beautifully but there were five of the singing and the next time they asked me to just give a listen still processing what that means but he sang there and I saw one clerk talk to the other clerk and I thought this is it really becomes out for singing system be a great story to tell the students everyone else we were persecuted for singing this is the mailing act sixteen Oliver saw was getting ready for the testament but they came out they got came to the door and they open the doors they said could you guys sing a little louder we can't quite hear you were opening all the doors so people in the meat section can hear you everything don't you know don't you know you are who does you know don't you know you are the temple with a fight about your body is the temple and then this lady comes out and is telling you we took it out and you get the point I'm making we took this concept out of the book ministry viewing and we just started singing that whatever mistaken Jessica was sometimes you guys you guys and you whatever that meant out on so processing that she says would you come sing at my church I sent what what what they don't want to goes we go on Sunday like every church is that now the subject of the gone Senate and we have appointments other churches because they go on Saturday severely limiting the settlers unless I get into that right now doesn't try to schedule things having to see how witnessing things open up so that we go to their church and we sing at the church and the movie gets a privacy goes these guys actually sing and searches that go to church on Saturday but because we all got to church on Saturday like the churches they sang in that you come to our church and everyone goes in the church what churches go to church on Saturday can you say amen yes he just called me back up before I came to Hawaii we sang in church last year to companies who was just thinking about you guys could you come back to our church this year now how many of you don't have you have the gift of singing but people don't seem to have the gift of listening to you so maybe this is not a ministry for you to write at length the administrator you oppress some people that was sunk the boat this is your gift to God and say like presents Jackie Jackie 's existing leases go insane I mean when instead he him he know I would see the best friend is moving on and move on now I'm not doing my slides on what happened today please don't tell either day and ultimately the board members groups always already here so was I sang all you this this is a discount on and in the and we mark you we mark this radio program we its work Walmart began with them we marched in and won't let him anyway we enlarge small things happen there but they become victims going and so we started to call ourselves the new start singers gave the new start singers .com I needed is to and I needed Objective-C of the song but anyway the Academy got into this the Academy started singing this and we want to sing the people who think it up a notch they put their entire orchestra on a bus and they went door-to-door and they found this lady and the lady said you know something to them like what you like us to play for you or would you like us to sing for she said yes why have you ever had an orchestra play for you know the civil just a minute they got out our orchestra what now the street someone's carrying their cello someone's gender based violence someone picked Kerry and all the press think place in their yard and make platelets struck none of the neighbors could believe it pretty similar neighbors when one was happening what happened to me that your son 's birthday or something knowledge is gained my God and therefore she will call them people in the home this is what happened in the history of my world and the people came from all over the neighborhood and they said who are you guys over the new your now I'm not conducted on the I don't want to offend anybody he okay but I really think this would be a better use of all the energy that we spend in the Adventist church on music programs I mean we take our little gold kazoo bands and everything else the ukulele in and in and veil elite bands and mild aliens and ukuleles and we go to all churches all while it happened if we tell our band known the stories about Alito said okay where hair revelation of hope singers and were at your door I'm starving orchestra ministries in on Friday tell you is untrue to give you little vision that if you just start doing another thing LOI pheasant in the book ministry as you said someone just to talk about single moms and how they have a terrible burden about how they need help you know what if you just walk down the street said do you know anybody is like a single mom that needs help you can find some people that help and you go help those people will never forget it they'll never forget it we think we have all kinds of ministry all around us but were not going and I just want to say don't I I could give you like a book but I don't need to put authority written it's called the book ministry of healing and the Gospels and just see what they did they win out they sang they help they found needs and they they met the needs that's all they did ultimately one more story on one horse for no more day you know what I was working as a nurse back a few years ago my wife Mrs. Luna meets this line of mine put her name means the life see what I dated her know first of all getting to know her was interesting as I wanted to meet a godly person so I started to take the book the great controversy with me on dates and any time I would have some reality looked as before we go out I like to read a little bit from my book here a great person at holiday guys if you're not married yet integrated in New Orleans too late but the if you're not married and you're trying to find the right girl this is the right method you got to go sightedness reading this and I literally had girls were run away from me mostly safe and appropriate to view the destruction of Israel like Pentagon right now and then so anyway and I can go to left but this is not planning this is really what you should do you need to find someone a series about God right if you can reintegrate former superintendent my was okay with about as you all you have is a great controversy and then I can redirect thought over again right so he does think your controversy with Travers you want to a man so of reading news felt his people and that I double I like to know and I'm delightfully abominably all in move and my friends is a you never given to man so yes I am unreasonably conflict of the Asia series before I get there anyway don't get me laugh it is not good for me although it is actually good history of the research on this best-of-breed tomorrow okay why don't you tomorrow so you talk to me personally or inversely whichever so I mean my wife enemy my wife she's very godly no person and she talks me one day and she says you worked in the hospital right here I was a registered nurse in your working there and diagnose you you work on Sabbath do you keep that money and I was like yeah I know you exactly been saying all I keep on coming I get away eventually I give it to people you know I buy food clothes so I don't really keep what you know if it passes on and this is as cellulite what he did but I said well you know if of Jesus you on Sabbath what did he get paid on not not not not that I can remember so letting why what what what would you while you keep it to one in on think myself wanting when I was growing me but then I saw was convicted is okay all right do I need to give away the money that I meant that I might not make on the sand the committee met them administer like vegetarian rebellion type atoms like terroristic tofu and since they work every Sabbath and like a hospital of stuff and they take all the money in the medicine on working in helping people but really okay with us maybe to Vegas I was really convicted sites okay so what you do with your your your Sabbath money she says well I I give it away to the poor and the needy and we have a Sabbath on an ordinance that also it's a great idea so I took this idea and I decide to want to try this out Dante this will really get a lot interest will not tell you it's the concept of giving money away I would think this might catch on big time every politician knows this works right some states more than others right and but I was giving away specifically myself and I was I would go to the hospital and someone come and they couldn't afford this or that it's a model not a problem I'll help you with those crotches I'll help you with this and that everything else it was a great blessing to work on the Sabbath I wasn't looking forward to hear it here's this and in the community center looking forward to it as well I made it in run for elected office or anything but they begin to realize when I came to work as they saw my car and when I come to work they start to queue up at the door to see me I still remember the last day this happened I was coming on the street it was the closest I ever felt to being like Jesus is the subject of days and they ran at all these people came was like hello and his people like that it was probably about sixty five of them lined up the door and I was working in the ER at the triage desk which is where I like to work on Fridays to get away my money the Lords might excuse me and so I was there I was starting to get no C in between patients those that have those needs and someone comes from downstairs lycée John Lori would like to talk to you this struck fear in the heart of people that were even thereby because Lori was the charge nurse in charge of all nurses on the planet does happen to be working of our hospital that day she was in charge of all the nurses like go into our office she says dominated talk to is that okay what's up beside you know we really like you said this doesn't sound like a lot of girls tell me that there was life in the no longer with me she goes well you know we do like you we appreciate so that she went through all the stuff and then she says but this something we have to ask if you're going to maintain your appointment with the organization was like it's really that bad again I could lose my job over what you tell me to go see Jessica what is it you guys well this is what we decided and thinking about your particular situation we want to ask you to do the fall we want you to not work from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday so why am the world would you pick that date the wood that is as far as I can tell your Sabbath day and you've been giving away money here at the hospital haven't you only assets with Jesus would do they said well we think it's disruptive so please we have never done this before in the history of the nursing of people here but we want to give you every weekend off and we do not want you to come into this place him from sundown Friday to sundown set of and I said what if I'm called in for an emergency don't come will call you can you say that is that now when I did it show up to work as would happen the people at building literally wears the well he's at his church no permissible where is his church and then they came to my church have you sent my turn guys amount of money I don't have a Sabbath money I can work on seventy would you be when we get to do is coming because we got to take up so we took them about them I did this I got up and said until destroyed his fullness in the some of you may be physicians here and you may have been working for years on the Sabbath day maybe speaking to you and that you know what happened within like three months I have eighty thousand dollars fine we started to do health programs and chip programs I would look if we honor God seal honor us and God bless that church he blessed the church and people began to be personal evangelist for him how do you think that this is practical for you to make your time okay so we lived right next to bring back because I have another story this media was brought by Hotmail nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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