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Fire From Heaven

Zachary Page Leah Page



  • December 14, 2012
    7:15 AM
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a revival of June driving is among the greatest and most urgent of all I need to think this should be our first work there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we see receiving our heavenly father is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit to them that ask him that our earthly parents to give good gifts to their children but as our work by confession humiliation repetitive and earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant his blessing a revival meeting the expected only an answer to prayer let's pray father in heaven were desperate for your spirit this morning desperate for you to speak to us are desperately to transform our hearts in our lives and God when they care more about the world out there we want to love the world like you love world want to care for souls like you care please touch our hearts this morning I pray to the power of your Word and the name of Jesus Christ for the gave me a strong lens or I die to grade John Knox John Knox is a man on a mission a supernatural mission John Knox was a man boldly and regularly confronted in review Queen Mary of Scotland Thursday who goes in rebukes the Queen I and he would regularly review Catholic Church bearer form or in the Navy in fact for opposing Roman cabals and he was imprisoned and made to serve as a galley the meter former is an easy and all you and I been a galley slave and eventually public opinion was so strongly he be let out of prison and finally John Knox was let out of prison and when that happened God used them to work a mighty revival in Reformation in Scotland incredible Reformation swept through that country thinkable Leroy Queen Mary had to say she was trembling any tears when she declared I am more afraid of the prayers of John Knox and all the assembled armies of Europe wow no wonder Knox could say a man with God the majority of men with God the majority of the revival and Reformation only takes place when men and women are so burdened for the salvation of souls they are driven to their knees and pray for revival the only be expected an answer to prayer rid of the any verse like the messages page one twenty one possible workers based July seventh is this the Lord God of Israel is watching every worker to see whether he is in earnest whether he carries upon his heart the burden of souls God is whether his servants touch the living interest with the end of their fingers or whether they grasp them with all their might all of the interest that Knoxville when he tried to give me Scotland nor I die a wrestling with God that will not be denied the Lord would work with their efforts it would give them souls for their high while how we're willing to wrestle with more so like I we willing to say give me a while or I die ruling this day in the California air I die away willing to say God I don't know what is anything but I need to see a revival in my family I need to see my wife my husband revived by a visiting my son my daughter come to know Jesus Christ and I'm willing to do whatever it takes I'm willing to wrestle with God and bring up what the messenger of God called us to Germany in your Bibles to second Kings chapter seventeen ciphers in chapter seventeen versus Kings princes go back to chapter sixteen in verse thirty tells another story about another a former who is bold enough to step out and base enough the Queen first Kings chapter sixteen verse thirty the Bible says and Ahab the son of Army did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were reported and it came about is as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk in the thin the Jeroboam the son of need but that he married Jezebel daughter at file King of the site only and then went to serve down and worshiped him again and again were running into idolatry everywhere we look in the Bible to worship is the problem trusting in what I human being can make trusting in anything but the living God and how the living God send this on a supernatural mission how the living God to prepare provide for all of our needs are thirty two so be erected an altar for bail in the house of Vail which he built in Samaria and they have also made sure to did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel and all the kings of Israel remote or add with not a good dude not a nice guy at all back he was one of the worst of all the kings that ever ruled by God had a plan got a supernatural thing got out of a mission for a man named Elijah check out verse one of chapter seventeen is is now allied to the test by whose of the settlers of Gilead said to Ahab as the Lord the God of Israel lives before whom I stand surely there will be neither dew nor rain these years except by my word for his while staying past the guards of McCain and into his throne room and says there's going to be no rain what does that when does that but a man who knows for whom he stand out we know that is not standing up for some team who is misguided idol worshiping king you know that he is standing for God himself I want to be faithful like that but what are the likely come from alike it is suddenly pops up at this point in the story and there's not much background into it listen to what we hear about in proper thinking page one nineteen viewing the it was going on from his mountain retreat Elijah was overwhelmed with sorrow and anguish of soul he besought God to arrest the once favored people and their wicked course to visit them with judgments if need be but they might be led to see in its July their departure from heaven he longed to see them brought to repentance their life it was you that is not retrieving all they have with doing this all that was going on and he began to lead and guide to plead with God to bring about a revised deal I didn't just wake up one morning hear gods voice and walk in the chambers of a happy new 's palette and fill in no alive yet they been in prayer alike had been seeking God 's will alighted and praying that God would do something mighty continue on life his ministry was characterized by Ernest prayer and persistent prayer throughout it's incredible that you read down and you read about how he was cared for by the ravens to bring the bread from heaven for and you have the will of their peers and then something happens to the widow 's son that I want us to look at verse starting in verse seventeen now it came about after these things but the son of the woman the mistress of the house became sick in his sickness was so severe that there was no breath left in him he was breathless yet no breast-feeding at no life so she said to Elijah what do I have to do with you a man of God you would come to bring me my equity to bring my iniquity to repent remembrance and to put my son to death a February give me your son they took him from her bosom and carried them up to the upper room where he was living you laid him on his own bed and he called to the Lord and said all Lord my God have you also brought calamity to the widow with whom I am staying by causing her son to die then he stretched himself upon the child free time and called to the Lord and said oh Lord my God I prayed he let his child life return let this child life return and the Lord heard the voice of Elijah in the life of the child returned to him and he revive maybe you have kids who don't know Jesus and get to our liking spiritual life and don't give up with a halide it is just as about three different times he was praying for this little boy he wouldn't give up in prayer I just recently was going to school in Michigan and gave my time there I met a guy named Dennis Dennis and I became friends and some of the classes we taken together and dentist told me about how she was an evangelist and gone any at all kinds of experiences in Ghana he told me about his testimony different things and then one day he told me a story that absolutely blew my mind he told me about how he'd gone to this one village to the Muslim village and so he went to the chief and asked if they could do an evangelistic series in their village the chief said no there's no options are not doing it at evangelistic user this was really disheartening and Dennis and so he went home and for about a week prayed in fact saying God won't you open up a door somehow for the gospel this village he kept praying and praying and praying and finally he came back to the village and he went to the chief again and this time the team said okay you can on preconditions first of all anybody you baptize must leave town immediately second of all you can never come back to our town again after your meetings are open and there is you cannot build the church in this town now this is exactly the opposite of what Dennis hope to do in this town he was hoping a plan a church there and so he was a business environment but even a link that can hold the meeting that God can provide after that he was on a mission for God he was dressed in what God can do not in what he can accomplish on his own and so dentist held meetings and at the end of the meetings there were fourteen people who decided to be baptized a man exciting I separately now he had to take them home with them and he was living on a salary that he can barely live on himself and so the chief came out to the baptism it's okay to go home with you than us that I can think these fourteen people home that will give me and give me twenty four hours to pray about this so he went to his home and he said I didn't sleep that night you might look a little bit like the media the next day he prayed all my long they got one of my get into town I can handle the situation he was praying praying all night long for God to move in a situation and then we came back to the village he decided not to go to the chief first off and so he went to visit one of the newly baptized members and when he got to the house he heard another house some commotion in Sydney and I walked over to the house as he walked into the house he saw there there was somebody being prepared for burial there was somebody there you have a funeral in this house and so that she had been coming to Johnny saw him narrated before we talk about this can I have a prayer with his family Jason is okay with the family of the viewing and so Dennis with the elder they got down on their knees and began to pray and pray for that family and for their loss at the end of their prayer the man drop out of the gap and everybody started to run away I thought it was a ghost in the elders slowly made their way away from there so that they wouldn't be coming to them and giving them a hard time to let the village for a while they couldn't believe what God just done what they wanted God to get all the glory and so they came back a while later the chief said you can come to our village anytime you want use the plot of land readability or church they planted a church and they had another meeting and sixty people in the village they hear that they are your last story I was like wow somebody was raised to life amazing how much more value one's soul for eternity when somebody reading from the dead one person accepting Jesus Christ because of our prayers the sixteen people got more incredible than that one person who I don't even know if that person ended up accepting Jesus to pray for souls to be won to God is we need a deeper burden for souls in our lives for the salvation of souls review and Herald October twenty eighteen ninety six this work is done leisurely and indifferently there must be more earnest and determined effort John Welch at the home Minister Christ felt so great a burden personal they often arose in the night and that they got his earnest supplication for their salvation his wife pleaded with them on one occasion regarding his health and not venture on such exposure Mark 's answer a woman I have the souls of three thousand to answer for and I know not how it is with the government woken up the burden for souls I wish I'd been woken up with a lot more honestly I wish they did I couldn't sleep at night because of seeing people being lost around on the heart of Jesus who frequently read entire nights in prayer for his disciples for the people that he wanted to reach Jesus who was so busy doing ministry so busy working miracles and doing all the things but yet he found time needs night spent in prayer personal I want to have that burden for souls don't you I wanted my heart to break for the things that break Jesus Hart a life he knew what it was to pray for the salvation of souls to put everything on the line to rely only on God 's power in answer to prayer is the three and a half years passed by Drive hot dusty years revealing the powerlessness of the rain God Bale of the idols of the people clung to which were only a work of man and finally not breathe out years later or about forty two months later twelve hundred and sixty days later like it throws out the ultimate challenge in person teams chapter eighteen inverse twenty so I have sent a message among all the sons of Israel and brought the prophets together and Mount caramel and Elijah came near to all the people and said how long will you have the choice hesitate between two opinions if the Lord is God follow him but it fail follow him but the people didn't answer him word they were scared they were willing to give up the world I have a lot of friends like that I have a lot of friends who just aren't ready to give up the world I have a lot of family like that people that I just wish that they could see what I see I were sitting on the experience they were having here I wish that they had the excitement about God 's word that you have about God 's a lot of people that I wish that you would like to do the lightest as in verse twenty two to the people I alone am left a prophet of the Lord but Bill 's profits or four hundred and fifty men to let them give us two oxen and let them choose one out for themselves and cut it up and place it on the wood but put no fire under it and I will prepare the other oxen lay it on the wood and I hope put no fire under it then you call on the name of your God and I will call the name of the Lord and the God who answers by fire he is God and all the people answered that is a good idea light is that okay how about this we have a showdown who is God answers prayer we see every part of a life his ministry was immersed in prayer everything in the life his ministry was based around prayer into the revival need be expected only in answer to prayer revival doesn't come without prayer revivals of birth and prayer there continued to prayer in their completed the prayer revivals only the answer to prayer and there was no different with allied to check out verse thirty six thirty nine Elvis what Elijah 's prayer was like in contrast to the prayer of those who were chanting on altering cutting themselves that came about at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice Elijah the prophet came near and said old Lord the God of Abraham Isaac and Israel today let it be known that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and that I have done all the things that your word answer meal Lord answered me that this people may know that you will lord our God and that you have turned their heart back again then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood in the stones in the death and lick of the water that was in the trench and when all the people saw a noninvasive they said the Lord she is God the Lord he is God the people in your sphere of influence that you want to say the Lord he is God you want to have a revival of art you want to see fire off from heaven fire fell from heaven for Elijah and answer to a simple prayer but what was it about the life of Elijah how do you live what was it like they gave him the kind of faith they could pray that simple prayer and fire comes down like a gigantic lightning bolt from heaven gospel workers based to fifty five is this God 's messengers convey God 's Army those who've been trained and equipped God 's messengers must tarry long with them if they would have success in their work the story is told in holding cash I wanted was listening to the reasons that our neighbors further minister success they spoke of gifts of his violinist of address of his manners gay said the old woman I will tell you what it is your man is very big with me all my we like to be described like that mean they were the Almighty he goes on to say when men are as devoted as Elijah was in the debate that he had God will reveal himself as he did that when men plead with the Lord of the Jacob the results that were seen then will again be seen power will come from God in answer to the prayer of faith this isn't just a story back in the day this isn't just something that happened dual like it she said that this is the same experience that will happen and then we will see power come from heaven we list the fire fall from heaven and give people heartburn an answered prayer for revival he be expected only in answer to prayer life is not done praying throughout them alight his ministry and is amazed continually he was constantly in prayer verse forty one now Elijah said they had Ahab go up and eat and drink for there is the sound of the roar of a heavy shower the way I went up to eat and drink but Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and he crouched down on the earth and he put his face between his knees at the position of humility they said to his servants go up now look toward the sea we went up and looked then he said there is nothing anything go back not just one not just white seven different times he made that serve it make that journey over to take a look if you're praying for revival were praying for God 's Spirit report I will refrain from fired upon from having over rain to come whenever we're praying for we must be persistent prayer we can't just give up easy review and Herald May twenty six eighteen ninety one says that the servant watched while Elijah prayed six times he returned from the watch saying there is nothing no cloud no sign of rain but the prophet did not give up and discouragement he kept reviewing his life to see where he had failed to honor God and confess his sins and thus continued to lick his soul before God or watching for a token that his prayer was answered as he searches parties seem to be less and less both in his own estimation and in the sight of God it seemed to him that he was not being in that God is everything and we reach the point of renouncing self while he clung to the favorite is only strengthen righteousness the answer finally came with it a prayer persistent there was a prayer heart searching it wasn't just their same casual prayer it was there earnestly searching is hard to see if there was anything in the anything they could hold back God 's power from being mightily poured out he was searching his heart he was persistent he was refusing to give up verse forty four and it came about at the seventh time that he said behold a cloud smaller than man's hand is coming up from the sea they said go up say that Ahab prepare your chair it go down the heavy shower does not stop merely need to act on this small token that God was on the move but there was a well coming friends it is time for rain is a database in three years of drought that about twelve hundred and sixty days in forty two months because of not ringing a bell read about that in Revelation that there was a time period where we went through a great job of the dark ages but that is coming to an end work that you message last night that Pfizer was so powerful of the Nick J Mount identity the fact that time is no longer a powerful message recognizing the time in which we live is essential because it is in this time we are to be praying rain back verse two says pray for rain in the time of the latter rain were to be praying for rain at this time because it won't be long it's on the horizon in the East where you look operating his vehicle while the enemy ride needed to be about half the size of a man's hand and friends the revival that will that will bring about the mighty Reformation that leads to that moment when Jesus finally come will only come about in answer to prayer we need trade we need to persist in prayer we need to be earnest and prayer just like Elijah words chair was needed James chapter five verse sixteen James chapter five this is a chapter that the deals with anointing refueling with prayer for the sick but it also summarizes the life 's mission James chapter five verse sixteen therefore confess your sins to one another another and pray for one another so that you may be healed the effective prayer of a righteous man connect wish much a man of the powerful prominent but when I read that promise living a righteous man I made a lot of mistakes maybe I have a problem here but James goes on verse seventeen Elijah was a man with a nature like ours and he prayed out he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months and he prayed again and what happened sky poured rain and earth produced its fruit are you ready for this earth to produce its fruit are you ready for a great harvest of souls and we need a burden for souls we need to be on our knees pleading for the salvation of souls because the revival can only be expected in answer to prayer do we haven't methods like Elijah we have an ally to message what are they like to message about diet while in a line of business they those who are to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ the represented by people like it is John came in the spirit of Elijah to compare the way for Christ first the earnestness they characterize the life of the Prophet and John the Baptist weirdest drive hair the way for Christ second had according to game five what was the earnestness they characterized the light 's mission alike this message and say earnestly anywhere in their verse seventeen is the prayed earnestly as the we have a message to be taken of the world you like to message the message that's in a brain about a revival of the Reformation but that can only take place in the context of prayers can be birthed in prayer is to be continued in prayer is to be completed through prayer and the reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit Malachi chapter four tells us a little bit more about this life to message Malachi chapter four verses five and six David behold I'm going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord and he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children in the hearts of the children to their fathers that they come and smite the land with a curse the methods that brings feeling up to it James five talks about the message it brings a restoration fund than fathers being brought together and I can tell you from personal experience that a revival that is brought about through prayer results kind of unity against BC I was a lot fun one I have no excuse I grew up in a big great Christian home I I was out with Todd about Jesus I was taught to love Jesus from the time I was a baby who has a here's all I remember sitting there on account in the plan of salvation was explained to me and I finally can see this is my own personal savior I just love to whenever some do not what song do you want to seeing eye with a hour to see Jesus loves me without my favorite site is love Jesus I love to tell people about development to pray for my neighbors and to try to win my neighbors but is as time went on I was focused on a lot of other things in my life you know all have been with always my goal and I wanted to go there I wanted that one of my two and so I would throw my life in a lot of different things like another pretty good things like the bike I would just train as hard as I could all year long I would strike totally changed my diet it seems everything just to ride the bike is willing do whatever it took for the microphone but I really was not fulfilling when I wrote find a bike abundance of road and mountain bikes and I I went skiing I went mountain climbing I did all the different things that I thought would look billing that I thought finally be that excitement that freedom that I was looking for but I always is kept up winding up feeling that wasn't feeling my heart with Jesus I wasn't taking time to be in his presence everything and so when I got in high school I started playing sports and then I started I finally got my license and I thought I finally had real freedom and I got my license right and he can drive as fast as you want anywhere you want until you get three tickets into accidents in your first year driving in and you realize that what Jesus said about those who commit a sin become slaves descendents really if you have nothing in my life is taken away and I began to fail is that in desert places largely headed the other place I just wanted to have fun I just wanted something to fill the hole in my life the weather calamities that went to high school I began to get our into the wrong crowd began to get into drinking during some other stuff that I'm really not out of line tell you something I was blessed to have parents were praying for me parents to work persistent prayer parents to warn ashamed of what I was doing they were willing to tell people when you pray for our boy law you need to know Jesus those prayers made a difference in my life not right away I went off the lofty aircrew for college and I after a couple years there I've been in a relationship with the golfer about three years it was a serious relationship little too serious I was throwing my heart into this that in making money were my two goals in life at that point I was all that I really cared about a totally invested myself in this relationship and and we've already get married we thought it that things really go on at least that's what she said but then when the relationship suddenly ended I finally had nothing left I finally had rock-bottom my parents have been praying the guy would do whatever they can actually I've been praying a similar prayer is about six months before that at the God I want to get back with you somehow I don't know how to begin read my Bible little bit and in the end is a God I know this relationship isn't exactly directing me closer to you and Philip is not your will and break it up I thought that that was a statement rate but apparently it wasn't God totally changed my life not really it comes in the story that we know that this converted yet offered unique feature Tommy Coronel I have to talk for fifteen minutes that are noble be able to do that and got but yet not get ignited my my part of this whole thing is I shared with you yesterday you got has a way of bringing people into your life to fit the right timing .net degree different people in my life especially someone who became a prayer partner and became a very close friend of mine with praying with me bring for me all the time and that one day we are on the phone and had they started yesterday you know she had prayed for my family should pray for my testing school is great for everything for me and that things I always prayed for her were about her work you know she is really involved in a lot of ministry stuff and felt her break left to me were always been a neck speaking appointment or even over problems are going on at work whatever it I remember one day thing it rained all much for me how can I pray for you like not what you're worked up and how can I pray for you and her one very collectivist pray for my son back to raise for his back and he'll be converted back you up you know knowing deed of the luggage either that or my Perdita but over the years I don't know yet objecting away and hid in this relationship they did is not good branding and whole focus in life is about making money begun a camp meeting and I come back the cabinet denied in their reading books about you know how to be met how to get rates and all the death and the just just pray for it back and at this point in my life she hadn't felt much for me that I didn't like it visit her one personal break to communicate on a brief breaking out I never happen you like family done so much for you you did want to get back right and that my eyelids are the senior high school this time in my form of exercise with the rollerblade around the block out the affect moment like that my rollerblade I know around the neighborhood and I had my little three by five cards and start writing Bible verses on a data visit found I dreaded memorized and read the verse is great in front of it and I was rollerblading around it I got the dogs are praying in every time you might every day God was just burning my heart to pray for that praise for him to be converted pretty for him to come back from last year prayed for in it is relationship is not good to break it up and I can tell you honestly that point I had no interest in him I not dated anybody at the high school I did not have any of the thousand thing that Reagan bowed praying that God had blessed my life so much in my bear parting island of paper and done so I was praying brain brain brain brain brain brain and his parents like you couldn't pander bring credibility link to the morning at affecting them for money for living together praying for that and they were thinning meets accepted accepted fact that impact that the attack and died just a few of the promise that year that he'll let me reading here at if you do things they wrote back to me here it said okay this is from dad we were riding exact name by the prominent in Jeremiah for the backslider we were writing a name other promised of Genesis three fifteen for inmates you'd think to come between him him him thinking that forgot to open the eyes of the prisoner intimate and his crooked Wade Street where praying for his relationship to and on and on not to bring Trinity building the link Isaiah forty four verse three identity seven eighteen ninety nine I take your hold their favorite older there are coming to but currently praying friend fasting once a week asking God made him and not just praying for him but searching their own God wasn't what it what is it in our the might of called back to duty and what is it enough that you gave them a bad example claiming promises getting people to pray that I think redacted posttreatment with money donated on very short either day praying for him is the weirdest thing I thought against our delight in which was not like I'm inevitably greedy type of birth ninety day anyway now the knife going he has those three bands ninety one about interface tempering can bring and that whole time I kept saying this would never happen he is in a totally different place the Mikey of the different goal a dipping ambition here I was a senior at Arty committed to spend the next year on the youth event of an team within the new thing in our conference infinity Burr high school and college-age kids to take a year out of school to do ministry in our conference reaching out to other high school escape and I committed a year to that Linda LaPierre you would does not make money whatever and I only business that they never happen you know that I just kept praying for a minute to get brain from and mourn more like I will demonstrate the end of anyway I'll never forget the day when my fair writer called up United mom called up and said we really have to pay for Doctor girlfriend just called a mental note over and get heartbroken even his room crying and better we really want to bravery that the court there praying for you and everything and then a few days later on his own he can't disappear and think that you know what maybe I said W Stevens Mary maybe I should do something with my life you know maybe I should finally give God a fault since I tried to make myself happy with boy and girl that got all the maybe I should finally give God a chance of my life and he wanted to be a student missionary in a fiery continuing and thinking about the good ideas for the decrypted and I know they are tightening courage and sad that the government auditing to get daily rate that you know maybe I just take the year off overcome my little business he was working on in project unity serving as Bible again and I really give God a chance but on the other thread we're starting the event of the Dean and he had heard about it yet meaning that year and at this point you know even examining a few months before you like totally against God he did whether living full heartedly forgot the part about deep into the team that the leader the network will people in the gilded parent made about me volunteer on the weekend you know maybe they would let me be part of it if I defined here and I'll never forget it mom you know run the dear Randy Unicode and you know I decided it they don't they surge you know it after that we were married down God I learned him being dead like that I want to share this story today they are really good and the revival really does come in answer to prayer when we are in and is recently we had a forty days of prayer initiative promoted by a church we are attending there and we were encouraged to make a live of people that they physically pray for for forty days and innovative people even praying for you and lifting that for years but to pray specifically every day for the people forty years we lost so many miracles out about the only answers to prayer that uncle who on for years and years and years lived a life totally away from God my new desk and again for making money and relationships being very against God recently had come really come back to God is not just going and are paired like a diamond ring for him for so long but I mean this guy goes from elegant gods now not going to church the ordering three ABN Broadbent family ordering extra quarterly filling into a kid and now the blood and timing is just crazy crazy revival and we had another lady who I've been praying for for a long time debugging high school and again during our forty days use on our list that we kept praying for cat brains work and in the midst of the forty days defendant had they not pray for my son they just found a hole in his heart and here he was nineteen years old in college playing basketball active kids and of course it would get it fully Theodore like any parent would and that we start praying for her praying for her paying for her son and when they went to the doctor to get more tests to analyze an everyday RDS the reservoir was scheduling surgery we've been praying and praying and praying when they went in there they found no holing his heart Nolan if I can not only did just need to get from having thirty whatever I can't tell you how revived his mom I remember when she was going in you know she was on her list of people to pray for him he was just telling me how that experience had so revived her and we've been praying for her today they got a beater to the right job administering government done that we start refilling your ASI different person God will answer Alliant very compare on big of a stylistically inventive animated talk that and maybe in August for the ballot Saturday's your quote in the house as your briefly unlike talks about what will it be like when you are in heaven when you're standing on the field by there are people there that are only there because there are an answer to your prayer why will they be like you know maybe you look around either people he came near the end of the meeting of these people that came because of your help athletes maybe your family member if you are able to share the gospel with but will it be like to look into the person there job because of your prayers will destroy their encouraging today the baby gone and third prayer there are so many more people I want to pray for and I've been challenging me recently you've got to be more consistent when you pray for people consistently look it back with the people in your forty days let what you only doing that what do you have a lengthy and continually praying for it unlike the water we get together in groups of two or three and pray for people until we see them revive what are we doing now more often if they challenge the unit it sounds to me this morning but what will it be like to see that person near here in answer to prayer let's pray together father in heaven only thank you so much that I decide preview for this story of a life of Elijah and encouragement it is time that got our ministry can be so worthless info power left without your Holy Spirit in without it being bathed in prayer and thought I know that I want my ministry to be one that is like a lighted and I know that guide you continually calling me to spend more time with you in I pray for each person here that not only would our own experience as you grow but that you would give us a burden for the salvation of souls that you would teach us how to pray you teachers had a persistent prayer father we look forward to the day that we love the people inhabiting early as way to bring he will need to this media was him hi for the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. done on universal .org


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