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Simon Says Musical Chairs and Numbers Chapter 9

Leah Page



  • December 15, 2012
    7:15 AM
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in a meeting and will be no glory how they would command a meeting and I and a you are going to be on the line in English and I convert the needy time in my later on in the network and thirty nine and is not even able to integrate content and meaning behind the cloud settled on something that is not planning anti- unlike that had been issued of their invisible leader Amber with them by David Platt directed their journey at any branch of the canopy above the hope is written statement regarding the and Brian Cooley Bingley according great progress made in part in the answer is planning for the imprint of the everyday providing who is anyone here in the middle of another and in the fire season I cloud became a pillar of fire illuminating anything can be skewering them of the divine right timeline and you know me when we went and that even leave them and them he wound there any finite number of fire there turns out that in numbers chapter nine I hope you like meaning you read through this before but I believe that learning training needs and ask important run numbers after nine enough converter is needed where he left off or seventeen it says where the cloud about whenever the cloud with it from over the thing afterwards Israel went in I is waived when the class down and gone and he really is like a relic that after the command of the Lord they would admire the plan that he felt over the tabernacle and remain and recognize the evil cloud lingered over the tabernacle are many gay it is really heating the Lord are not set out in the glad we need you to hand over the tabernacle according to the command of the Lord a renamed according to the command of the Lord a verse twenty one into the classroom the evening until morning when I went in in the morning a window that will remain as I can ignite whenever I was in a way that lately whether any remainder to gain or I was pouring here when I think about that does not have it governing any campaign not that out but when I went in and that men like Anthony and Lori McDonough the Lord our authority than the command of the Lord through those using the Israelites it is likely to greatly recover anything up to an apartment in the rate at the action regarding your God was trying on me that here in the last waiting law is waiting on I be where he really didn't need me telling you how they are being willing to interview planning handling your mom that I remember reflecting element people in any an eminent virginity signing in and in the demand him you're right I never know when the right armory here had went through my young lady but in your life including a right is from you and thinking you are very thinly around you you didn't live a long life and music played and what happens when you do not now you will share you rather have you been a healing and moving than anything and yet how you arrived and we really ready or not how rare is it that we wait in a cloud in the end do we really need not wait for me being in our life is figuring things for seventy eight as many are unable to make a plan for you and their life is one that will enable not learn the outcome of the Baird 's lemonade diet he wrapped intervening in let's remember that the life of the children in in the world the program I we have not reinvented plan our own life and it is not our life a Abraham when you with all went out into the place where you and me eating on inherent in the old baby and went out knowing not knowing whether he went right into my father made no man for himself it did not live in a hanging father holding and God is a reasonably nondominant arm I mean even outworking of his no know many of you are brilliant information under failure and he got last gone plan is a little concept of United in you he to me that Larry operated me were shared right you know you coming in and getting that many of you are you on your people we are really landing that you ever owned against underwear planning and pushing and pushing and everything I will write me view the live in where we were reviewing the meeting to get on the radio theater by your radio ran in here and when you can write me when I may get you here in Michigan and I involved or to the chapter forty eight chapter forty eight I'm a identical language numbers after nine and chapter forty anger thirty eight Chapter forty first thirty day that throughout all their dirty whenever the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle of the Israel would lead out what planet was not big enough in a in and out and building a web in all air during the plan of the Lord was on the tabernacle nineteen it was pioneered by night night of the house and behavior diamond rock I will not you have brought here I can let you know that people are only remotely what you think I'm weird and I are running a meeting in not everything in me will be directing me to go in the Lord with all your heart and not on your own understanding in all your ways been always in love director it will make it big not as easy as I idea and waiting on that he then when you go and in thing man and all will be leaving me and even in your life under the exact mean being online at the time of November twenty one eighteen ninety two it is neglecting to follow you that directs them to the word of God many air a journalism not plan to follow their own idea in Christ and not read anything you know the else season during his life on earth is that so really he can haven't felt that he needed no plan for the unit that you got planned for him and I pay an author for me weird he was wholly dependent declaring I do nothing of myself how much more stupid human agent and upon God though the delight of their lives many simple outward it will also feeling earning more note would be the wisdom of God and be entirely connected in working out with directing exemplifying a year are no one I feel like anything and then will be like we really radiating on why we like me not really anything by me when I grow up or where you want me to matter is communicating on the life indeed like a related online will be liked in the day we waited for him to make your an old mean little when I don't really know why needed are women and I even learned to recognize and that he get people and I've even been anything when he would ask the question how long you been with God every day we've been meeting in trying thing you know reading your model every morning and your answer with Pennsylvania L God give me my marching orders and now I can't remember if you are too busy when I'm not as he was daring I think that everyone in a matter of a few minutes sometimes it and what is likely now that we went to London clocking in for a twenty minute reading accordingly when walking and are now working our calendar alongside the problem we tend to be waiting for God in your life we are moving forward I will be when I move we got up and follow back to you because you get me hot and unthinkable mutant vandalism I can't even started it I team of young people that travel around the conference and work in different search and working in print have linked to me we do offer anything from the differently and very only driven largely by air coming in from the years that they began by trying to celebrate ninetieth anyway I'm not planning you are helping the meaning and you are here we are being that we were in the calendar but we remain Ray and we hung on nearly ninety three and IV roller in my middle got hurt over not getting any ending Oakley in writing maybe your word all and will be handling an enemy and we are going to play on timing and I'm loving the life but one way that we really want to know anyway we had been united in one of our summer program in my name anything else we do know that we weren't in the blanks as being like a good idea he and we never have more money to get any weird millionaire human AI and so we all live in the knowing when and how he and you know the only way to help you breath in you know the holy place and calling implementer with that great when we had to move them I have gotten the best of myself and do anything it all down and you have one simple week in a plane and then how are you doing hello planning and planning and planning our own and our allies and little by little it back all my yummy leader moment on the little out of control you don't know what I mean but behind that back then it will probably be needy and as noted in the wilderness you have two million people estimated two million people with an always wondering are we there yet I have a running harlot of entertainment there are any anatomy another program and overweening and thirty okay and are we young in the Navy he committed are we there yet we're tired bargaining I will should you and I really need to know in human only neglected we regularly when returning on however I am not a theory word like knowing anything in my Indian people are more later beginning no Reagan reason and you will currently working on a leader will not be happening Donald McLeod in English within the morning and mainly looking at moving the nominating afternoon and I believe that people coming and going beginning in a multivitamin in the light I both know everything you need he was an attack I don't think that in years past the nineteen -year-old Regina Holmgren and working and that the only weekend retreat from Friday and ending your life you have written your name at two hundred or so he drove out to having you here and you know how to be young girl making the reviewed number one all you have any commitment human commitment to learning and I'm reading about and I can't deny her home in New York over the years I really blacked out my freedom of movement of young girls who want to live their life and what he knew and I went through the end of April and it had been likely to weaken our thing and feeling like you really think you a whole year to plan a one-week dinner three years that I is over this year we only ground when you are the only time raising money needing on the planet wondering me the written note not because I like going out and up only to go and be and every being God what he wanted illegally dumping the way that will leave no one to do the right programming and what you do you're not making an argument people we know to be your plan for this year and easily knowing all you need that we now morning but when you are thinking you any time you waiting I'm dying you don't only knowing and believing outing I think the people you might have an interesting editing down the phone raining and however long we do not sell you what you need to comment on the executive treatment not only I didn't know we would have never in it was functioning in the night and get last but not doing anything all week and we would have never thought of her know any leader I thought it would be easier just to plan it but they pray for rain and obey waiting on God writing and we and in following I know I think near I got older and wealthy and will probably all of them I can wait on God in your handling but we struggle him in following written on is not yesterday that always a couple of years I like Auburn Oliver or deleting me needing their role out of my comfort zone and redundant and everybody in the morning and what will my writing and having an impact on pressure and unquestionably among argument he and he will be everybody he can't do it or even the right I like the one I is a you he he and over and over and over again he is an evening in a big and down like wooden lap that were bringing up any little guy all through it know after leaving out one night and we're all in a hitting the ball in the second Oriana and you know that we are ignored if they had any hardware bought been that we didn't need the along had really are not congruent you know we got it I think they are noting the LDS if they're not bid no we don't have any money of the meeting in Connecticut health and it comes out I think that anything and everything within you that he will not be given note in opening up the paper and all I got exactly given you cannot really take a moment to love I have really great job at event morning I know I called him and him not being him but when you rely in life and not be what you will begrudge you your something I think you will remember the member name and as you work in the morning though I'm trying on one morning but all I can think about right and he will pay it easy for me now I don't need your people they like the perfect is from the as you know all are not number and I think I will hold any unfunny thing he doesn't want to hurt me we need any information on what you like and I'll highly uneven start a new again it all over he is not only in timing and are remaining in one morning and it will rain it is now called the grocery store and later me and the monthly iron on the longtime leader will you over and over and over got me all they had to go out over the last time you are about making in outgoing and I think invoking again that great helping you that your government is credible and older and over and over nine million and you might initially treated and he you he went easy on them or me I know that you know I I do not probably impugning their hard have all not all of the three hundred hundred and ninety nine evening on their own in an leader in Iraq when Lane the water will all will you only know not a owner in Orange County and eighty I finally follow through and on and only driving aggressively than penalizing I want to get and let them undoubtedly I accumulated meeting I think you'd really be anything I can hear anything looking at me in my hotel bill I'll be hanging you are in the we walked out of there without reviewing and Homer and Auburn over not leading you begin reading the Rivera in the non- programming in the own mind in Redfern Anthony had I not everyone wanted to know I'm on in your blood what I mean you and I will not be getting on one program you want to give me an lonely and he will guide him into a major mean we're talking I think I remember the earlier they were trying to prepare people here he may retain her neonate I thought back over there in our room and the twenty ten when it happened it was okay now if you help in England and the needed ASAP is gone when he got been no guarantee is not out of the what I mean me hope the money back pain number one I and my house wasting running in high gear in the morning and I hear him now I read in Greenville hosting and begin me my heart will not fear the war arrived against me I think I all for fourteen ways of the Lord be wrong but your heart you may remember I know you're right I had a letter written handling of the metering word I write it down and I have another slow club involve armed I remember you writing down there the reminder that guy in the common and I have read on twenty eleven all over and over and over again I need he didn't learn like you need the other night and all night prayer ninety ninety and I guess you get him out earlier in women than the very beginning when I got there later on the private lives it is important that everyone money I didn't like you are one on twenty eleven per one the Lord in my life and my family seeing him now I hear the Lord in the drain in the letter of my life will now be ready when the wiki even my enemies in my code number again he humbled I overreacting your life I do not let during your time and money you and God trying I'm here anyway and her and uranium waiting on him and Ernie in the meeting and being obedient all were well we may live a life of work even one with Christ in my city and prayerful rain looking for either all my moment asking every death in a way of the Lord in the way that he will I want by me yes then there exactly trembled like a lifetime read guide and direct memory and inability to offer everything you know I want to be able without fear anything God simply wanting he would be willing to promise that one anyway if you are holy man even if the gun and ignominy figuring that I wanted and what it can only help that you I never leave me or United Way got never leave the children otherwise then they would seem to be less if they need it from the beginning there in the glory of the pertinent air filling a worker not relieve himself then they went to be less incriminating coming out in your own right initiative the beginning I'm paying and enabling one to continue any being or not being united morning you will follow my lead in your land for you and you will leave you what you and when you need in the beginning like to meet you when you are really any of there are handing out I you want a lot like a nickname I mean moment by moment meaning they are not well for me I think that I will in all her annual leave normally I really believe I believe in being in the younger I analogously unless for addressing the live recording that part of the children in your hearing I believe you only need to know what program or were planned we replanted in your removal mining I don't believe you're trying to wait on you to be in your face any time you will you really been only moving on to help me he will be given in person in the year where the year and I pray getting it will be given and willingness he willingly all I pray you help me every hell are you thinking you are going and you are right and you are healthy and sound you need rerouting Marine menu will be a media list is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more to know more about how humorous is more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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