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  • December 15, 2012
    10:00 AM
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all rise the state of Hawaii County of Honolulu Supreme Court is now in session judge Dave Stewart judge in session you may not receive the money raised John mine Council we have a interesting case before the court today we have a group of Christians which as you are on trial with a group of esteemed prosecutors from the state of Hawaii who want to challenge you focus on what you believe the parties stipulated that the rulebook today will be the Bible the word of God first Peter three fifteen says be ready how often always to give an answer to every man to ask if your reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear were not here to instill fear in anybody but that's what the Bible says today and so the prosecutors will come up on my one have questions for you and the way it works here is will give a person of volunteer opportunity respond to the question and answer to the satisfaction the prosecutor in the if they don't will give a second person an opportunity respond only to maximum of two witnesses per question and then the prosecutor may give additional information to augment the answer at the end they let me do some about that noise is really noisy here today she well in your courtrooms vilify that the lowest bidder some as they build on top of an airport okay other prosecutors were you know hi Mister Myers I think your first thing here on so I understand that saw our audience on those of you that are on trial are the group known as the Seventh-day Adventists is that correct while it's unfortunate that you have decided to be added this because it is clear that your movies do not know throughout with the word of God for example I'd like you to take your Bibles I like you to open up to the book of acts chapter twenty chapter twenty and please know this with me verse seven the twenty first seven the Bible says and upon the first day of the week when the Bibles came together to break bread and we can just stop right there the Bible makes it clear that the early church and met on the first day of the week here is writing the script to the fact that utilizes Adventists to seventy in the week seems contrary to the word of God what is your answer I remedy volunteers would like to answer the question so does razor hand and so the question is why the US Seventh-day Adventist key the seven day when the book of acts chapter twenty verse seven specifically saw the the early church met on the first day the we we haven't come up quickly Sir please did you just come up here to the right side of his stage we have a microphone here for the witnesses made response is Revelation fourteen sir Sigler name please will you is also one of the article thank you I buy announced the question is one eighth revelation fourteen twelve the service for the people supposed to be giving the silent the last time of care on a according to revelation fourteen verse twelve I think I know that suffer you all seats about keeping the commandments of God and having the faith and testimony of Jesus is but my point is that Sunday is the commandment of God it is the Lord day and so again I ask yes how is the that I went over seven I realized that when I only wanted a time when emphasis was clearly says that the early church yet the first thing we located Genesis two one three saith the Lord thinking that working seven days they are sanctified by faith okay I think he's really want to know what your responses to what access not one other person say about answer for what asked out that was the Old Testament in the Old Testament I agree that some of the seventieth week but in the New Testament because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and he rose up on the first visit we the Bible the New Testament church cat the first in I feel so sorry for you guys you wanting one more crack at it sir okay I really do I think he's really want to know if you can respond to what acts does not other versus all okay you will you than many who are various says exactly that about the Internet is a nice one okay thank you Doctor gentry joins a crack at it I serve I dynamically serving very wrong at just so you know this area is called L no one approaches the wellness you imagine I please state your name Dana gentry you have a criminal record no I think I have a question was asked Weiner Center New England the first enemy in the question asked twenty percent in the first week when the disciples came together to break bread why do we keep the seven day when it's obvious here that the disciples were meeting on the first day of the week well my understanding and I think a lot of Seventh-day Adventist understanding of this verse stems from our belief that the day and biblical sense actually begins in the evening so don't unfortunately to support that I did have to go to the Old Testament where it says that in the evening and morning were the first days of you actually go back to the creation of intercell the evening and the morning the day is defined as the evening first in the morning so if you go to ask twenty percent a necessity of the first day of the week disciples came together to break bread and Paul preached in the ready to depart on the morrow and his continuous speech continued until midnight so what actually happened was always preaching them until midnight Saturday night and then he was given the part after that Sunday morning so that's enough to use the any follow-up questions I rest my case I'm thankful how the MacBook let me many at very quickly view also the book of acts chapter two verse forty six USC forty two and forty sixtieths C of the early inserts broke bread every day of the week so breaking bread on a particular day of the week doesn't make that the holding thank you our Mister back to look very nice today but the proper decorum for attorneys is to wear a jacket and tie but what we'll let it slide this morning in the question yes Your Honor these people arrayed before you claim to believe in a God of infinite love and power and yet we live in a world is plagued with pain and suffering and evil as so my question is how can we believe or you even a God that is a God of love and I got power and yet we live in a world that is so messed up wisely allow middle innocent children to fall into a sleep will and drown what is the Allawi husband to be on his way to his waiting to get into a car accident and die in the life to be now instead of it being the best it's the worst different and how could a loving God allow twenty innocent children and six adults and nine cold blood just yesterday how can we understand a God like this yarn I this is evidence that there is no God and even if there was a God showed he is a really care about us when he allows these things that take place in our art but some of my cancer that question their brave soul are I ever had in the back John Wayne come forward please don't start when you walk can we please area yes let's think you please take your name John waits into the mic please is Johnny Sutton second I have to go to passages to give you my explanation this verse okay two passages there is a lot of sin actually I had a Chinese friend of mine asking the same question and you won't find what fits on the Bible but I described this as the physical principle where does the fish go to the bathroom where in a fishbowl and children in the audience is has anybody have invented before any children I think that analogy is applicable to our audience Genesis twenty Genesis twenty two shows Genesis twenty two shows God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac which many of us understand is this is a precursor for God offering willing to offer his own son for us what this shows is a God is willing to endure the ultimate agonies so that we can have a second chance at life on God didn't have to save us and God did not have to give us a second chance at life from the sandwich while we committed the human race committed in Genesis three but God 's given us a second chance at life in a second chance at life is very costly its most costly to God because it cost him his son and it cost him his life because Christ is God however it also costs us something to we have to endure a lot of bad stuff in this world until we get to the end result secondly the end result is not this world God did not die or create us to be comfortable in this world he created us for another Genesis or Revelation twenty one verse four Revelation twenty first twenty one verse four when God remakes the world and the new Jerusalem there is a very point statement after the new city comes down this is after all when God completely makes in the Senate destroys that that itself says and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes this new shall be no more death no more sorrow nor crying and there shall be no more pain for the former things are passed away this is the time in which we don't have to suffer anymore but it's worth a suffer a lot more until then but this is the open point God has eternity and plan for us a perfect eternity but we have to win it were some party now until we get to them when you want to talk questions is a very good answer but if God has the power to event twenty missing children from dying why did he do it that is a very good question on payment God has given everyone the oddest feeling every one of us the freedom of a nest to make good choices and bad choices and I go back to the physical principle Mare we in this world we will pay the consequences often of our own choice even though God forgives us of our sin sometimes we will steal into with the consequences for our wrong actions but because we're in a fishbowl line into on the surface of this planet are we are also running into the bad choices of other people and we will not escape those choices we will not escape presence of sin until Revelation twenty one and God destroys death itself and so you know that's the cost of life and dies not were left with rehab we have an eternity without this before Willie willing to endure for a short while thank you so much for the very good as a then of the things just add-ons that that wonderful answer is that reservoir was remote is no real easy way to answer this question in the specifics of every single single situation things furthermore not an evidence that there is no God bad things happenings what is moment evidence of evil and as he mentioned that evidence of free joints and wiseguy given us rejoice people need to understand this God given us choice because he desires a relationship based on law and alone by its very nature requires choice if there is no choice is no such thing as well when you give someone freedom to choose freedom produces a risk putting God 's heart and mind the love relationship was worth him taking this this risk and so we live in a world of cause and effect we reap what we syllable we also read more experience that which others have sown as well and are just a few verses that you can share on top of this is us Psalms one oh seven verse seventeen Psalms one hundred and seven and verse seventeen is as fools because of their transgressions are quick and so because of our own choices or transgressions we express affliction and suffering and also Matthew chapter six advertisement in the Lords prayer he told us we pray that God will will be done on earth as it is in heaven and so the fact that Jesus asked us to pray that God will be on earth implies that God 's will is not being done honor so whose will is being done our will and the devils with as result of doing it our way we would we we really than the suffering that we have sold in this order finally on the first point he mentioned was is not a last point you want to a close with those affected Jesus took our suffering upon himself the innocent one you do anything wrong in the he bore all our pain and suffering and Johnson that they rescind the thief cometh not but for to steal particular disjoint but I come that they may have life and life more abundant thank you Mister I love you Josh received dressing up for court today thank you this is a gift from Calvin can get on me Kim friend of a friend of the court Your Honor I have a question for these the despicable people you've allowed into the courtroom I counsel that's enough that he arrested by the Council the attorneys not to be argumentative just asking mutual questions I didn't think I was starting the driver but I I I am very happy to be corrected by someone as nice as you start hearing words like despicable I think I think of we should move to the question Your Honor I really like you suggested that know these Adventist I've come across a number of them the lovely people your honor in yet as I notice what they eat it concerns me because of they don't eat certain things what's I think are needed in the diet they don't get enough protein they don't get their vitamins and minerals and so I began to read the book that they claim to believe in your honor them and this one makes you run the same stage of an accepted ten I read this story about a seat says in acts chapter ten you say Sheen portions runner do not bring in your dietary choices see hereunder by verse Catholics and verse nine and following the next day as they went on their journey through near the city pure one upon the housetop to pray so this was like the hour of prayer Uganda and the prayer room and he had a great experience and the prayer room he became very hungry and wanted the people while they made ready he fell into a trance also than arresting for Kristin to consider and saw heaven opened and I would like a great seat around the four corners to say and let down to the earth and enhance work all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth while these creeping things and birds of the air and a voice came to him and it's in red letters in this particular Bible and it says arise Peter Kell and eight I do not know why Seventh-day Adventist Christians don't take the Bible as it reads very literally I think they should eat all those things from the Sikh army of volunteer monomeric quickly place walk with purpose that don't run product here please state your name and you know Sacramento California my chance can you folks here no question when Hong Kong LeeAnn how come we haven't been nineteen don't take the Bible literally my what Peter was shown on right after that bad they appear in not a lot I have never eaten anything that is common on the back to me it was just trying to tell them I do not participate in the eating and cooking meat that your question that the reason why I representing many of my brethren you have not acting in the unclean meat that was shown on the cheap your life all along I think the way remains to keep reading those the second voice comes from heaven in verse fifteen and says what God has cleansed you shall not call comment so actually God answered this particular argument and said it's all been cleansed so right after that it may be into three time and then went back to heaven yet was clean when the dirty when it came down the cleansing and was cleaned again and clean free time so looked pretty good reason right that he would like to do and that is it go to the Gentile notes of the men that had a question about the other diverse about the gateway that wait a minute this is not who wants to be a millionaire is no live lines in the audience I know you want to help you is only one way we heard the witness stand by you keep reading and Jan you get ready that you will feel like one of my younger firms in an index is anything to them in all not you know now how do you and I will mean that Amanda is here that the company you are the problem I'm the one of another nation and God showed me that I should not call and demand all green and had a son yet he was not referring to was that you do now but man that God made you Gentile know I'm good in the opening down all and yet you remember however more pleasant for you this because Peter not understand what he heard or saw there anything else in the book of acts that would support your argument that actually comes from God because you know it says three times and many this is what what I understand that the meat is no man but on this one revisit anything else in the book of acts that would help you explain this conundrum can get what you get question for affiliates is why three times it says no explain this clearly goes up up up up up link link link link link and then he says what I think it means us know what no man should be common or unclean but the reality could be wrong so is there any other evidence in the book of acts that you could use the point the B2 should I I I I think we can read I will be nothing to do I mean I don't put certain schism in the same on the same plate as he tries pay that amount on the time were living we don't put them in the same thing I've never think circumcision on the menu write your thank you I think I'll do it thank you so much ma'am you want to go ahead okay let me just say that I think you did an excellent job Your Honor given the climate has been created here of unrest but I would say there is an additional thing that all of us need to beware of in chapter fifteen of the book of acts and in chapter fifteen of the book of acts you have directions that were given that were actually a summary of all the Old Testament laws concerning diet verse nineteen I just asked fifteen nineteen that we should not trouble those among the Gentiles were turning to God certainly not called him or unclean but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols from sexual immorality where is that from thence Leviticus eighteen describes sexual immorality from things strangled in other words how to prepare food and from blood these are all code phrases that come from Leviticus eighteen twenty one and they shall all the principles of clean and unclean as well as diets thank you Your Honor thank you Mister page thank you Your Honor so you are the Seventh-day Adventists I just checking did that mean you believe in a seven day creation sexy six that section six of sorry six days to do my research little better now well IAI I heard you also believe in a date for your principle is correct where that found in the Bible this is in question on your own but it's okay I was doing research and numbers fourteen thirty four I understand that you see that there's a date for your principle is that correct will I'm trying to help you why not say that there were seven years of creation in fact in second Peter chapter three it says that with the Lord a day for the thousand years so why not have a seven thousand year creation rather than this six literal days I mean how would Adam have named all the animals and in one day I don't just doesn't make sense okay wrestler like the answer the prosecutors question this young lady right here in full ginger until she's done him in figure on it the stationing in my wheelchair maybe wrong that's my point of the United States and ninety I order no of identity or the principle comes from perfect time and not there when okay so I know what you are and will follow all the music is pretty prophetic to me that it's a David a thousand years of starting second Peter 's can of writing them it's than the bottom of the second coming sorry thanks also was the question again yeah I like enemy seven years or seven thousand years six thousand years of creation I think is one of Dennis is one wide do you not apply to the day your principle to the seven days or six days of creation because it takes six literal days forgot to create the world so just as long as I was sure both you just assessed sorry this is after one and a Cisco to injustice hostility specifically tells us what be these consisted of a convicted of that in verse five just as one final thing got called in the first evening of light and got called a light duty and the darkness he called night in the evening and the morning with the first day when he created the heaven and your and all that within it be easy explain what these words beware from the morning into the evening they were literally compared to the processes they were just the work for you when you study their account thank you and him him off her answer yeah I don't find it on him Dennis is one day using you grew is Jan would keep you throughout the Bible that's not used in the negritude that referred to her a prophecy of a day that's about the word unit by continually fourteen you not seeing young narrator not seeing a day so important in thank you very much our rights belong to Mister Mark Ellen Dugan Sartre Mister Allen is the question Your Honor with the research Your Honor almonds nice you have made comments regarding the way we dress in Hawaii according was even bring it up go ahead according to our mock article five section six subsection C sixteen that way in Hawaii just allow him to have the final regulations are using the Your Honor would you like me to think into the back and with him and afterwards I'd like everyone to turn would need to Matthew chapter twenty four verse four Matthew chapter twenty four verse four wheeler segment it says then to man will be in the field one will be taken and the other left are a few Seventh-day Adventist I don't understand you okay you say there is no secret rapture you say that somehow the righteous are not going to waste away during the time of trouble but Scriptures clearly states in Matthew chapter twenty four versus four that one will be taken and one will be left there is a secret rapture why can't you see that proof from Scripture to me that there is no secret rapture apparently all those that could ask the question of art even ruptured away as there is anyone to an earlier your honor here with a flower in her game one please state your name for the record Andrea Anders and that is very good question but if you're reading the whole context of this cancer that I look at verse thirty thirty seven I asked in the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be it's only going to how it was in the days of Noah you're looking at it I think the next generic you have who was lasting who was taken at the dead know why his family were the ones left in the one outside the bowl with the ones taking and so when you look at it yet and in time it will be like the days of Noah but you don't want to be the one taken at there I mean if reasonable proscription against me I rest my case I think you next question you'll get one is this time will go back I will do another round I place myself at the mercy of the court if we are writes Mister Myers is the question by way what you're asking for you can talk among yourselves because if you are going to different order let someone else though before you get worked up about yourself otherwise it is influencing one one thing that has always concerned me about the teachings of Seventh-day Adventists is that you take away the blessed hope that loved one have when they are not ones that in this thought that your sleep in the grade instead of being in heaven is a most discouraging thought nonetheless the Bible is pretty clear according to second Corinthians chapter five verse eight the Bible tells us basically that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord it's pretty clear pretty clear second Corinthians chapter five and verse six through a actually suddenly absent from the body is to be present with the Lord we can just look for example at the fact that Jesus was able to speak with Moses and Elijah which is evident that someone you dine you go straight to heaven so how do you as Seventh-day Adventists explain this Scripture and the fact that even Moses and the lives of themselves are in heaven thirty one please this probably bring the microphone down the hall and him choose you want to come up on stage sir sure the mana yours attorney fees come on him to assist in physically or with the answer is not been physically I get you to talk in the mic so they can hear you obviously Geneva the record was nine million on Friday and you are not a phone on a Seventh-day Adventist I know you have been downright all right and requested him to question is what is your name by nine and no young and I will thought you are in your memory this question in my paper answer yes or no him and one of the answer but I know you and so the question was on the Bible teaches anatomy of the body the present of the Lord the evidence of that if it lies to Moses who holds Jesus saw both of them during his transfiguration some unsolicited if not how do you how do you have happen is believed that when a person dies they simply rest in the grave not know the person you use to talk about possibly but what I'm saying is that segment is five six two eight Kelvin races in Italy that when you die you astray so that in the Old Testament that when he died in his sleep but since Christ now when you diagnose treat and well and nine and nine hundred and nine when but the nine one your attorney when he ran on then this Margaret died Jesus said in and whenever you win season with a guide Jesus the didn't down to two though this is that the event that the house where he is the God meant Marion so I went anyway by a way anyway through the anyway ha ha there several times but therefore not straight I thought he was elected and decide at Lazarus was was was was in the grind three nights of Melbourne we discussed to the chase how do you reconcile that with what Paul says here's the United from the UK will where things went a little about the vote counting and writing the dead does the passage you are not being absent from the body present with the Lord was upon talking about going to heaven when you die no idea how can you prove that second Corinthians Canyon but from but it is not recognized in okay to make a great thing going on Brent insisting sovereignties five five six five but they are also sorry to be like this that's right okay give your Mormon is currently on one more minute second Corinthians five or six year on leave and well we do now I'm all right with you minutes video my numbers burst on six and nine we are always confident knowing that while we are not in the body we present from absent from the Lord thy son what is talking about the us gathered to hear you're having a bad credit toys don't therefore we are old boys confidence knowing that we are hot time in the body and absent from the Lord that's what it says we won't modify so as not to open about that actually is not talking about physical death is talking about there are two activity I think you have fun for the back but doesn't it doesn't talk about mortality earlier in the passage though mortality being swallowed up by life with that risk for the four way that are in the tabernacle do run being burdened not rule that we would be unclouded by close upon the mortality what that mortality might be swallowed up a lot in the context of this passage talking death mortality is our mortality means subject to death this is it it it it it it it is it's like they get it is modestly that they are talking about spiritual locality not live little mortality while there are and so fell on sorry and you Seventh-day Adventists that the text in the context really is clearly speaking about death in a very literal sense are right answer thank you so much thank you for your exactly that wants to write this management Richmond raise them for a while Mountain wristband is the stage name thank you so much my name is Kate sister all right there is education geez you could be as it is here in Joe fourteen twelve twenty one are using amazing facts that got him yeah I'm new to you you were here when I was in the way for him however asserted you while I was actually at the resume and I'm really quite intrigued by what you are is you are the instructions and getting to use the Bible as you get there faster now coaches K your evidence was now unrivaled further down you need to be ready to go or not be ready by half not afraid of the main things that keep you the announces that it has them and down and does not rise to the heavens are no more villain away nor be roused from their sleep his sons come to honor and he does not know it they are brought low and he does not perceive it means a dead demerit I missed it yet Jesus says that anything sleep right about what Paul says in second Corinthians were really looking for what how do you reconcile those other persons with what Paul says in Corinthians five three accuser should grant RIAA is driving the child fortunately I know some of your teaching the answer but he will need in the in the score we only have to all opportunities answered so let me just tell you the throughput never moved far this question all second rankings five versus sixty weight Paul is speaking about all waiting for the time that he will be absent from the body and present with the Lord he does not mention when that's transition occurs he only mentions on waiting for that to be on the bottom the St. Paul wrote second Corinthians also wrote first Corinthians in first Corinthians chapter fifteen he gives us his the time in which this transition occurs in which mortality is small about of immortality so that time is not the last trauma is when we are absent from this incorruptible body and receive our new body it is not a death but the second coming of Christ okay secondly when you look at the examples of Eliza and more these are both of these individuals it lies was a bodily taken to heaven and Moses was bodily resurrected and so Jesus Christ who was also in heaven was moderately taken out of the great if the disciples are running around saying Jesus in heaven but his body within the tomb they wouldn't they would've been called crazy so the point here is these people who experience a special Resurrection what bodily taken to heaven so I tell people you know what's the greatest evidence that a person is still with us on this earth for their tone data you find that body they are not in heaven Jesus was the only taken a heaven in lies the liberty taken heaven Moses literally taken to heaven and so that's that's looking for to be absent from the body and present the Lord occurs at the second coming not a debt thank you also this passage says there's two two bodies and earthly temple earthly body heavenly Temple heavenly body and in the state that exists between those two temples his nakedness missing got the great artist you're my question to the Seventh-day Adventists has to do the same topic in first Peter chapter three we find the very clear passage that those who die are still in a state of consciousness so that it is claimed that the dead are dead and condemn these apparitions as being demons in disguise the neuron I find this very offensive blasphemous and very un- biblical according to this passage in first Peter these in your Bibles it up to three beginning with verse eighteen it says for Christ also suffered has once suffered for sins that just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit by which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison which sometime were disobedient when the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing wherein few that is he slows were saved by water according this passage the Bible clearly says that when Jesus died in the flesh but he went and he preached to the spirits in prison the spirits that suffered from the flood during the time of Noah which shows that those who died in the flood are still in a state of consciousness the prison which is clearly a place of holding we believe his hellfire and Jesus when he documented talked to to give them hope and to give another chance which shows us according to this passage that number one there is no consciousness and that number two probation does not close at that otherwise why would Jesus go and preach to the spirits in prison and a number three that sometimes God sends people who die to give messages to others just like you use this when Jesus when he died give messages to the spirits in prison and so how in the world tennis event is believed that the dead are dead when the Bible teaches so clearly against its hard to have a witnessed ourselves the question as far aristocracy we are the first chance you are a junior partner Junior with this mana is this prisoner Alex Alex was you guys work together on this one is 's partners Ecclesiastes ninety five cents for the living patient I think that you know not anything neither have they any more reward for their memory management is forgotten that happened Jesus preached to them after they didn't know anything can go ahead as farmer the minus is in and in and well that's perhaps you your understanding of that verse but you don't want to mess the Old Testament and you'll solidly run that ended his life is a gloomy day but this is the New Testament and so it's nowhere in the old way and help witnesses don't ask the attorneys question you have to answer his question sorry is the way it works for is the question I got to the question what is its first Peter chapter three is eighteen and twenty popular body seems to be saying that when Jesus died he preached his some spirits imprisoned in the time of Noah which show that these people had died in a time of Noah are still conscious and received a message from Jesus instructs going to put my cups and the author thank you I understand the question but remember I said that dad knows nothing so the question is what you do now is what Peter sang on the oh nothing there is well known signs out and is this word is true I mean it seems they can contradict himself it is best clear understanding here this is easily clear things up in opposites so thank you I might have another witness 's account is our second and last chance to answer this question the stage name is to throw judge thank you for the question your reading of Scripture the not completely misconstrued again on for Chrysler once a person you answer the question my file is given out to eighteen record about using for Christ also once suffered for sins than just for the unjust we might bring us to God the death of flesh but by the Spirit by which also he went and preached under the spirits in prison which sometime were disobedient when the service once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah in the days of Noah spirit was long-suffering with them no as preaching with the spirit of God is preached to the people as they waited at that time notices Mister xxxx beer and now in prison by the present when they were out of prison in the days of Noah Noah's preparing your return knowing that our planet bringing together with was likely evidence of Noah's police and the spirit speaking to the people through nosebleeds and the one about verse eighteen where it talks about Jesus being put in put to death in the flesh human spirit is not among the time that that he went and preached in his recent visit what didn't happen when he died according to the contacts actually in know because it says when the spirit went it says when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah and I waiting as a means that is that he's being long-suffering than given the opportunity is for speaking to them that you're speaking of when Christ died taken a good different tax care okay so this turned to Matthew believe in the check in this amusing again that because city and the question while restaurant to go to another place the difficulty down having is in this thing 's first Peter three where inverse eighteen it says clearly that Jesus was put to death in the flesh that's the moment he died and that is says that he preached to this lease roots in prison during the time of no I think your erotic time on this question subordinate traditional answer your question please all rights the key is inverse nineteen the first two words in verse nineteen this is by which it does not say after which they people who use this verse the claimant 's consciousness and death and when Jesus died when a priest that spruce imprisons are assuming that I happen when you die but an essay after which he says by which another was the same spirit that resurrected Christ and that it is the same spirit of preach to know what doing the time of strumming the fly and some of the key and does the spirits in prison is not followed by the liberal position on what the bondage of sin that the same Jesus that was quick in or resurrected by the Holy Spirit was also anointed by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel to the poor right in who chapter four verse eighteen this brunette is a lot anointed me to preach the gospel insult this same Holy Spirit and resurrected in is the same one that anointed to preach during the time that you walked on earth but also he preached anointing the time of the flood and so I know that that the temptation is to go to other passages anesthetist is good for us to have used other verses in mind when it deals with the specific subject but always remember to look at these difficult verses to find out contextually and onto the question in the process that's really the goal either we want you know that God and the guy wants us to do explain these difficult passages think your much I wholeheartedly agree with that prosecutor Macintosh Your Honor I noticed that some of the others at least most of them do not drink alcohol but some of them do so there seems to be a will confusion in their ranks and I was talking to one that use this verse in first Timothy that says Paul is talking to Timothy and is planting a brand-new church in Timothy said you said Timothy no longer drink only water but use a little wine for your stomach sank and your frequent infirmities and so I'm just wondering why in the world there's any confusion it looks like you should be able to drink alcohol you think there's any giving is a reason why the Bible associates confusion right now on the wine is in the cop is Timothy chapter five in verse twenty three your eyes are angels not want to know if you can consider me an expert you want to volunteer the witness on his expertise or do you want to stipulate to it we'll see how we spur us and we'll see whether that is an expert doesn't work that way you have to accept them as an expert now or have not said what near him for his expertise so you make the choice before he answers the question to say yes yes six yard for the record URA I'm a physician Your Honor I read how many years that's a really good question Northeast wanted to absolutely more than thirty more than unknown okay I go ahead of vitamins in first Corinthians six nineteen it says or do you not know that your body is the temple we spirit within you have from God in first Corinthians three sixteen it says do you not know that you you are God 's temple and that God 's Spirit dwells in you in Romans twelve verse wanted to us as I peeled you therefore brothers by the mercies of God and present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship and in first Corinthians ten thirteen says so whether you eat or drink or what ever you do do all to the glory of God Your Honor as a physician as anybody who has read any newspaper recognizes the damaging effects of alcohol on the body it were going to present your bodies a living sacrifice to God for clarity of mind and if we want the Holy Spirit in the US we need to keep our bodies clearing it really is a talking specifically just about alcohol and I would address our dietary habits in general we must do everything we can to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God holy double taxes over one is good for your stomach one as the doctor what about wine is good for your stomach is it interesting in a recent article that came out one minute to working again for an ISV attorney one minutes people have often thought doctors literature out there that shows that a little red wine in this case a little red wine is good for your digestion and for Brashear heart and actually study was repeated recently it was discovered that it in fact was but fallacious it was flawed in fact the opcode even a little alcohol it's been shown even early childhood in in utero the effect of even a small amount about alcohol and had adverse effects on the body to what he did with this verse of Timothy I look at all the host of other verses I look at presenting our body a living sacrifice and I look at the adverse effects that we know just common sense that it can even be that these verses that I've quoted you it's very clear to us that we need to abstain in every way we can and it goes way beyond alcoholic that it goes to our right dietary habits are exercise habits and everything present bodies a living sacrifice to God part were out of time I just want to give you last worked quickly and think it's an excellent and this would add to that the wine in this particular passage it is a type of wine in first Timothy chapter five verse twenty three that is good for your stomach 's sake in Paul's day they would take great Jews according to plenty and they went reconstituted or make it in the into concentrate and they would take that grape juice and when someone was struggling with a stomach ailment they would add water to it that was nonalcoholic and it would in fact help their stomach and would make it home down in fact even today I would recommend this as a great treatment but this is not to be confused with drinking of alcoholic wine you can have the benefit from having a will grape juice that help settle your stomach but your frequent infirmities Your Honor thank you Mister McIntosh I demand with a quote that noise can come up and give us our closing prayer as well as make an announcement this is from evangelism page sixty nine beheading is doctrine must bear scrutiny of great men search the Scriptures for an empty think you have eternal life every position of June think of our people will bear the criticism of the greatness mines the highest of the world 's great men will be brought in contact with truth and therefore every position we take should be critically examined and tested by the Scriptures now we seem to be unnoticed but this will not always be moments artwork to bring us to the front and if our theories of truth to be picked to pieces by historians or the world 's greatest men it will be undone we must individually know for ourselves what is truth and be prepared to give a reason of the hope that we have with meekness and fear non- and a proud posting self-sufficiency over the Spirit of Christ we are nearing the time when we shall stand individually alone dancer for belief religious errors are multiplying and entwining themselves with the tanks are about the people there is scarcely a doctrine of the Bible it is not been denied you think for a second what if instead of asking for volunteers we went and called every one of you up our data felt intimidated writing lately redeploying myself including Nancy's lesson is in this media was not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is more certain than it is www. audio tours .org


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