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Everything Depends On

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • December 15, 2012
    12:00 PM
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father were thankful today that we can dry out a father you promise to hear installed today we cry out to you again with thankful for the Sabbath were thankful for the time that you carved out no matter where we are in the world to rejuvenate with thankful for they power up your word that we've heard in these testimonies and in these lines and we can't today just simply asking that the that you would work yet again on our hearts some of us have come with burdens some of us have come with decisions that need to be made some of us have come with Vista and expectancy we don't even know what we need but were asking you to speak and work in this time and so we humbly ask Lord that he would come not because of who we are but who you say us to be in because of your great love for us we come based on your word promised that you will come as two or three are gathered in your name and were coming in your name and the all-powerful name of our master our Savior and our friend Jesus Christ we ask this on well it's it's great to be here on with your army I want to go way down my slides because he had a number of testimonies and I think they had summarized so much of what I was going to talk there about Michael and Ariel remarks so there want to develop a being with you and I think what we'll call this message is everything depends on everything depends on is the is a valid message and so if everything depends on this particular talk maybe it would be one that's important to us everything depends on what will get them in the minute no science is in the midst of a great debate theology is in the mates of a midst of a great debate Madison also has a great debate and they're all debating whether or not people can actually share news or to make a choice what I just said this morning is that we can't do this time and we say Lord maybe I have a choice or decision to make and there in asking this question can you even make a choice can you even make a decision so researchers at Harvard and others it's an at Stanford and whatnot they're debating back and forth and they have all kinds of thoughts concerning whether or not you can actually even make a choice but to give you one example of what they're talking about notice this one expert one Thursday a belief in free will the ability to make a choice is akin to religious beliefs indeed I would argue that free will makes logical sense as long as one has the lot three of the console magic of religion is a religious belief nor believe in free will comply with the laws of the physical world so you have one particular camp but saying that and then on the other side of the country is another campus I know well enough I think there is a scientific basis for free well but what are the implications what does it mean to us whether not we can decide and I wanted to suggest this if we can't decide then really nothing else matters we are just predetermined it doesn't really matter that we came today it doesn't matter anything about that so I would say this question whether not we can really decide is the foundational question everything depends on the answer today right I once looked what are the implications in a study done in two thousand eight University of Minnesota to researchers what at this idea of free will and what they did was exert groups of people and a random statement so that was along the lines that there was free well other statements that were along the lines that there was no free will know ability to make a choice notices uplifting aura statement that they read to those in the deterministic group will result the base that would represent all or they were trying to just put in their minds the idea of there was no free will you your joys or sorrows your memories or imprisoned your sense of personal identity and free will are in fact no more than the behavior of the best assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules who you are is nothing but a pack of neurons and although we appear to have free will in fact our choices have already pretty been predetermined for us and we can't change that while happy Sabbath right I mean this is like a very discouraging everything that would become a discouraging Internet and is and what they were raining to the people and get out the implications of such a stance R -year-old white profound than they did a test they read those statements as someone they read free will statement to someone else but this is what they did they gave them a map and money allocations math test where they could give all the answers and a money allocation test with they would get away money and they want to see what would happen with the behavior of the people who believe in free will what their behavior would be and the people that believe there was no free will what their behavior would be I guess what they found the group that had the deterministic statements rather than like a brief of belief in free will contradict science or other positive statements avoiding temptations requires that I exert my free will most of his statements when they made those statements those that heard the deterministic statements that there was nothing I could do to choose stall money and they'd seen it all the time on their manifest in other words if you believe you have no choice guess what you act like an whack as though look anything you think must be predetermined and so it must be right so what the researchers found was this idea of whether or not even thinking that you have free will or don't have free will has huge implications in fact this is what they recommended if exposure to deterministic messages increases the likelihood of unethical actions then identifying approaches for insulating the public against the danger becomes impaired over they say love even all the science says there is no free well I'll tell anybody because society will qualify everyone will see everyone was stale everyone will lie so even though we now there is no such a thing as Joyce this dojo people are grieving it's an interesting choice to make shout this was the the debate was going and like I said it's has implications in every field if there is no free choice the legal system basically all apart I'm sorry if my DNA if there is no choice no patient could change when a doctor or nurse or health evangelist presents information to them because there's no way really to change or make a choice in theology if there is no choice who cares I have been the messages because there's no choice it doesn't matter we must undertake I tend out in Esquire seven thousand bucks Matt you all know that I believe there is choice right but I do say this particular discuss everything depends upon his sword oh what at a scriptural case study today we look at one chapter you know I I love the soul 's surreal to get a song together invites a turn in your Bibles to Psalm seven seven think that's a great song for Seventh-day Adventist amen seven seven and before you finish the story as we heard last night then we have to make some choices and I and in this particular Psalm there was a discussion in this particular case study that includes these elements which will look at right for you one there were the crimes in the song number two there were the questions in this Psalm number three there is the resolve and reasoning in this Psalm and the number four there is the result doesn't look at the day the Christ the quest is the resolve the reasoning and the results I tell you that now was on the last year with talking to a depression recovery patient and as I talk to him he told me about the church that he attended as a new that he never went to the sense that he was very depressed and almost ready to end his life when he came to the depressed recovery program I looked up online the church that he attended a New York City growing up and the pastor on Marriott on the website was actually preaching on the soul and so I said I went back to look at this on the pastor only mentioned it briefly but I went through and studied it and I said you know what they were preaching at your church last week I went through the song and the salt brought the brother completely out of depression and inhaled his mind and body and of that ten days it was rejoicing again praising God and going back to start I think this all might have something for that I bet you that within the solvers the ball dry nose when it says I I helped literally I strayed you know we talk about prayer and we talk about crying out to God and this is the picture the unit I tried out to alanine that is the mighty cabinetmaker that's what got remains the one who makes relations into born bonds I cried out to God with my voice and he gave in to me in the day of my trouble I sought the Lord that's the word hello nine Anaheim is the promise keeper I called out to the relationship got I called up a one-out La Mesa promises Avenue today I'm glad that God has given promises about a vacant wicked widget we can base our life on those promises problem is sometimes we don't believe it was icy that's their but I'm not sure I believe it I'm not sure that I can live with it and syllabus today many having a bit insurance for years then we discovered for the first time someone brought up the day and were struggling and this brother was struggling with whether or not he could believe the promise in the dam my trouble I sought the Lord at oh nine my hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing so he had gone to the prayer room he was there stretching out his hand without ceasing and then notice what it says I don't care if you go to the prayer room I don't care if you go to Army I don't care if you have ten Bibles I don't care if you have an iPad and iPad is the founder what you have you can do all those days but knows what it says don't miss it my soul what does it say read it used to be one of the company now that word is wanted me there is a choice somewhere there and there was this choice cannot be comforted so not follow God 's will not follow his Robinson of your methanol like that they refused to become I remember God and was trouble and I can play using only refused to follow God then we come up with what we come up with trouble number one and number ten we start the complaint will you know if God was the dignity it is distributed through the use of fill in the blanks I repaired to the cabinet I remembered I was troubled I can play and myself knows what happened on trouble I can play at my salt was what the data all over while breathing that's the picture on your life at least at one time he I am a rigorous working relationships to my first visit of your eyes upset at your husband and he will not allow him to like it you does what he refused to be comforted it has given me trouble amen and that is really complaining and then you'll be overwhelmed same way the opposite way you wives and husbands as I think it was not right this works a relationship but especially what is God doesn't know that this is the picture tries of various carina noticed I bolded some of these words what were the words I may I I I I not on my mind my name name name name name is what is the wealthiest what is the bulk is in these personable versus SF focus on self abandonment this database waves up and you know it's the interview but his anger on yourself I'm talking from personal experience young energetic practice I'm a devoted himself at a unfounded and myself what about the night is out you are going to get the brass event that would happen with his brother it was the bread and so is dry out led to the number two thing where the crime is now the question is what happens next in the quest is to start templating and was now his focus is gone and I noticed in these verses was blown in I like my new but will start with you my guess it still has my ninth or the government through my notes is okay to hold my eyelids open I was implying a process he has insomnia is a retractable air trackable insomnia again notice ladies depressed and he said you did it you have my eyelids open so he's blaming God I am so troubled that I can speak all of the rights and allow for us to I can center all right I have considered that as I'd imagined the days of all the years of ancient times the time out of mind and I I called to remembrance my song another was my music my strained instrumental music is a environment of the time when I is to say I was so happy that I'd wake up and sang during the night I may give ever woken up in the middle of the night singing with you BJ has done that probably decades he probably plays the piano in a decade of nostalgia was in the help program and underwrite taquitos in talking to the B-flat could you move it up I happen to see some people just think music right then they understand music this picture is singing that I'm not wrong my wife and I were first married I used to write ice appreciably weaken them and write a song to go with my son so I would I would write the sermon that I would write a song in the problem is a solid and I usually come at very soon is again on Friday not before I had every sunset and I would get so excited that I would wake her up say hi I haven't writes often what time is it a want of authority and were up early she did not like that since his brother had this going on and staying in the night I went when we are able to do that when we can saying when we can rejoice when we confronted by the way I think residents in the village on I think they should be like pickles pickle juice I think they should have a vision of abundance and joy right now neither infants with either of those with the most time and he has got all times a day to give him joinery was singing as I meditate talk to myself and my heart my spirit makes diligent search by myself alone noticed his brother he has started to complain he is starting to get troubled and now he is having insomnia is no longer singing and not as social isolation it actually is buy and sell the price on the Riverbend of this is when he needs it so you try out like ours they resisted father right we need to try out right there they asked seven killer West and if you have these questions today and you're listening today these are key questions that indicate the urine trouble and praise God you're in the right place of one will lord cast off or push me away forever you're thinking that the answer of course is now as God or Emanuel mean God with us is that it opposes out the Christmas story is that he came as a baby contained in the human family any remains of the human family but sometimes we do get what is mostly male I never asked the question will God puts me off forever known aluminum this is like a total distorted number two where we be favorable or satisfy advanced no more again that's another distorted thought that new job to pay the ransom it may come to pay everything and regenerate the song Jesus paid it all most all know it's all a man but sometimes we do get the idea that that that that he doesn't have enough resources of a begins in of resources when you gave that offering today you empty your bank account you wonder where the income from how to get a replacement event is he has it all number three has his mercy unveiling covenant love stays forever in his oxymoronic statement seventy has his everlasting mercy seat stunning this is like it's either everlasting or not everlasting you can't have it both way a man sometimes we get so confused that the statements we've been made to ourselves about make any sense right that'll make any sense was listening to them and someone else loses Alito what did you say you like argue about what is the way you look at it you know it doesn't make any sense for the question has his promise what's a bra that's a promise and it's always a problem as it failed forevermore another oxymoronic statement can you see that this person is really in trouble his questions are causing a real problem has God forgotten what it was does he have a compromised hippocampus can he not remember anything has he forgotten to be gracious to answer prayer and has his anger shut up this tender mercy maybe you've ever had these kind questions you never know someone without his knowing what you can raise your hand this later I know you're alive I see a number below raising their hands with me and maybe that if I wanted them on the head shall these seven classes by the way when people have decided questions they are in trouble I would suggest you that as your witnessing and as you are journey in life yourself you're going to encounter these questions five at the time they did a study and they found this looking at religious struggle as a predictor of mortality in other words that more is the word for mortician or death and they look at the key questions that are in indicative of increased mortality in other words and indicate increased risk of death higher religious struggle scores at baseline predicted greater risk amortized for every one point increase on a religious struggle scale it was the six-point increase in mortality in here with a question is even in modern science that they said can be very damaging and very very predictable death questioning whether that God loves me and wondering whether God had abandoned me these questions increase the risk of mortality by twenty two and twenty eight percent respect just having that question makes it more likely to get a hungry deliver her the same there is no bad question who has been a wrong isn't it there are some questions that are pretty bad like those gotten unlovely bad question you might have it but it's a dangerous question and I'm here to tell you he does love you amen and whether that is abandoning him I think that's a good question not a good question not a good question I tell you he has not affected you can hear today is not a vanity if USA Today is not a vanity who can smile today he has not abandoned you and I now here is the apex of the angst of this all notices a cascade of negative events were going down into the pit were coming out knows what it says in verse ten first part and I said this is my anguish I said what this is my this is a very troubling passages and the guys gotten rid of God doesn't think you can listen to network and trust him and that's what what does he have he has this idea ever he's got the entire burden on his own shoulders in Firebird on his world title that's a huge burden the Bears went obviously nobody should ever ever think that way I've heard people say you know I'm away from God I don't need God all my friends you need God you cannot bear it alone began to it again and again this is where the person is right on the edge of the ads of the ads of the and is at this point that everything depends on what the right action of while it's look and tries the questions the resolve and the reasoning and now look at the result I said this is my anguish and said but I remember that word but there is this is all mine thankfully this all doesn't it it takes ten verses to get us down into the pit and tender verses to get us out knows what it says but I will do what I will remember they had on the most time is a hallelujah the notice this statement I well remember something I'm going to remember the years of the one of the most look the first antidote that coming out of this is to find the time in your life when it is not done with closest and remember that time and if you can't remember that time find the story Herod 's testimony the reason we like testimony this week as we say wait a minute is still alive look what they did in those people 's life look at how they reversed the situations and eloquently got going I will remember what he did and then I will remember the most time I will remember the one who works of the Lord this is another wonderful statement as well you know here in Hawaii I don't know how anyone could not see the works of war I mean the trees the fruits the turtles in a me and they are so much better than the works of man you look at the buildings and they look at you know the nature of everything there's actually no comparison it was a very nice building and what a wonderful place to remember that a lot there's just something about going on a nature over the last few months at the health program we walked every single day and when I was out there walking and running in nature it was just a rejuvenating effect same thing happened with all of our stove with fifteen miles of trails on her campus and it was to get lost in that it can be thirty and and you know what even if you get lost doing while this is great you know I've seen some wonderful things here remembering the words of the Lord surely I will remember your wonders of all who know what they doubt you know and every single culture there is a story about how God intervene than how he cleanse the world and that he replenished with us for what everything thing and then there's the story also of the one the rainbow we were driving over here to the camp couple days ago there was a big rainbow on the way over here and reminds us that God not only had these wonderful works but what is that those promises as well I will meditate on your work meditating on the work of the Lord meditating on what happens when you see in nature is the key and I will talk your the doorway where you learn about this this afternoon at the Psalms as a slut if you're having a sensation of like how I can trust on trouble I'm complaining I'm disconnected you look not only a nature you look not only is worked in his wonders you also consider what he did in the plan of salvation in the sanctuary I hope none of you leave this afternoon and all comebacks left message on the blueprint because once you see that once you hear that once you have all encapsulated again like you do this afternoon you'll understand that God 's way of a sanctuary is a way of life it's a Lampton action not only physically but emotionally and spiritually your ways and the things were really is celebrating God as our God you are the God who does wonders you have declared your strength among the peoples you have with your arm redeemed your people the sons of Joseph and subject this is the power of God if he is the general and this is the Army he knows how to say even one soldier that's in trouble I review the go there was a serviceman of shot down in Bosnia and they marshaled all military wife and daughter rescue this brotherhood been out there in the field for a number of days in the title in the form of time magazine was all for one all for one and they brought every forced Americans to rescue one best regards doing for you that's what he's doing for me all one offer what is in the Bible says next Selah which means think about moral my favorite translation of Sunnis kick it up a notch also was a musical tournament taken up a half step basin when saying so in other words when you start to think about God will take you and kick it up a notch that Jackie likes her giggling Huguenot binoculars are saying taken up enough to me I want to share just a couple things from science from your level of the last couple versus physical sciences looked at the same thing and in the case then one of the worst things that you can encounter in the scientific literature in terms of psychiatry among those of as a couple given the mental health field here and is OCD obsessive compulsive disorders were worth thinking about something again and again maybe were handwashing they were doing this are we doing that and there were these of these these people that were so enmeshed in some behaviors they couldn't get out of them but they went to this doctor Doctor Jeffrey Schwartz in the asking police to help him and he decided to help them and he came up with for points that I think all source summer what we learn the song but I want to give you not only Scripture but science this is looking at the work that wonders of God right the cardinal symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder is the persistent intrusion of unwanted thought or unwanted urged to act on that when you've ever struggled with something like that we call it a besetting sin sometimes I make all the knowledge and literature the incessant Paul Bob Ward disorder but what Doctor Jeffrey Schwartz that was not good news for you the mind that is the thoughts the mental force and actually change the way God has given you of the law if it actually if you surrender to him they can change the most helpless in a desperate situation that's what science is tasted and they said that twelve weeks of intense cognitive behavioral therapy brought functioning of the area called the caudate nucleus back within normal parameters so this is like another way of saying no cognitive behavioral therapy is like saying your thoughts and your behavior need to be changed everything that's the purpose of harming a man and our thoughts and behaviors originate and then were his to bring behavior and thought change getting people into God 's thoughts and so their behaviors change how we think that's a blessing the bases were led through education to really label number one there obsesses obsessions and compulsive as false relay and without a simple phrase it's not me it's my OCD ball set of in Romans seven is not made by the Senate race in me you know so it's not me it's my house the date they relabeled it and they associated with the with the person or the situation is causing abrupt rise we relabeled Saint it is the devil tempting they redistributed this the second return to those thoughts and urges the pathological brain chemistry was in luck this is reinjured it among my mind and they would show the pictures of the parts of the brain it would light up and they say look that is not the way it's supposed to be lighting up that's not correct by the way if you do drugs you do this and you do that you can look at your brain and if we were to look at it if ready with a look at it again it could show you as a diagnostic radiologist that this part is lighting up when it shouldn't be this overactive and this is what happened with addictions of all he think next week at the church I'm sure that I've got a couple of friends are coming with me to share how they came out of methamphetamine addiction completely out of one of our highest forms of addiction and God delivered them but if you were to look at their brains what was left of them they will be lighting up in the wrong places or you might see the right places but an over pronounced lighting up in a particular place the striated I will go through this list of physiology although I love to believe but this the prefrontal frontal cortex and the limbic system of the two areas of the brain and many times by the frontal lobe versus this midsection invented sex of the brain many scientists related and it can start leaving us a praise God the frontal lobe could always overwhelm that limbic system it always allows the number three they were taught there were reviews again to refocus their attention away from the pathological pots and urges and this was to use the scientists said and now scientists are beginning to agree that we do in fact have free will at least some of them do and they said look everything depends on the accident you make of the free will the mind can't in fact change the brain may think that's fascinating the science is coming up with the same thing did you notice in the solid set I mean median and blind to and that is that I will I will I will I will another was the song was teaching everything depends on the right action of the one moral action can alter brain chemistry and they studied this elements i.e. they do some interesting research this is what they discover they look at the Silver Spring monkeys now Silver Spring is a place where the headquarters of the world churches I'm not talking about church leadership I say the monkeys okay so what do they want out of doing that that's not true and by the way we need like we already mentioned to pray for all relievers especially those in Silver Spring and so they be spring in the right way at the right time they waited in his research and they took these monkeys and this is what they did it that the monkeys and they may have different neurons that go to their arms and they can't be afferent neuron so that they could not have sensation in their arms right and so they would cut that copy the nerves and in one arm and guess what happened they didn't use that are because they couldn't use the one that was nowhere they can where they could fill on that note and take rocket science that makes sense the thing is that they did they took the good arm that still had the good nerve and they tired to their side and they are all interviews the arm that had no nerve innervation going to know nerves going to unlistenable as soon as they do that I was a escrow or letter novelty so they did that but it was amazing thing where the monkeys realized they could not use their arm at all and that you like and use it their life depended on using it guess with their brain started to their brains started to tell that arm that looked like it could never be used again you got a little I guess of the arthritis do start it will start about and guess what they did not die they began to his arm and feed themselves and this was the first time that science then of course euthanize these monkeys always they die and they look at their brazenness of the discovered that their brains had built new nerve endings as a matter of fact mine had told itself that there needed to be new pathways so that that which did not know couldn't move a note in your same editor and now that they documented scientifically that you if you than if you believe something and got to hear that belief and faith of the life and I believe this was miraculous it wasn't just you know neurochemistry but he said take up your bed and why they guess what happened that belief charged with I think the divine Holy Spirit innervation cause those lends the walk again he realized something all of the New Testament however Myers was talking less offensive what we need today to see if power in people 's lives that show that Jesus is not alone out anything that God will work in miraculous ways in the Zen time to bring about a revival in people 's health throughout message everything doesn't happen it happened in the citizen outcry and happen to those that they reach out to God literally changed people 's lives they were all caught naked alcohol away I wanted to suggest something if God would really work in this church if you want to finish the story part of the story is good to be I believe healing that God does based on his word to his principles on me to get through this was what would what happened in this case experiments and Sheldon a person can choose not to perform a movement that was on the cusp of a very and that was preceded by a large readiness potential they look to people ready to jump off the Golden gate Bridge and guess what they discovered they discovered that it does make a difference if someone can get on the phone with them they can talk within and they can make a decision and they can turn around never give up on your friends never give up on your spouse never give up on your kids they can in fact Jane and you can in fact be involved in bringing change to the same end of that at a servant can actually work on happy about that amen last night it worked people were listening they settled up I live some cause I want by God 's grace to not be on file our the starring and they came forward and then the point things contain to refrain from an act is no less dramatic than the commitment though some of us do not respond last night when we should've responded and that was a response in others free will is also free while I want to how I will do and how many of you have ever been sent this out while doing when you know you should do it unless the point of the service today isn't it only come today we have another chance to say I see what you have been I want to respond I will do the right we we have the power to veto our urges science tells us now and then veto our veto another words I don't care how many bad decisions you make how many bad veto vote to make today you can make no decision at anything they are accounting his alloy Internet at what Scripture says that with the bios and I happen to be interested in the scientific side because now quantum mechanics is telling us that the probability and neurotransmitter will release from those synapses were making decisions is what is influenced by the intervention of the mine this said the researchers provided the basis for the action of free will as a matter of fact whether discovery is that you can in fact with your with your very last guy can use that to change the neurochemistry of your mind what happens when you hear a wonderful price service and God speaking to your heart God is acting through your neurochemistry to be a change in your heart what happens when you hear a powerful sermon that shows you got word and the Holy Spirit in those work God is using that to bring a change in your mind anything I can save my is why physicists today are you saying that our present conscious actions and thoughts can literally change wonderfully change your situation so let's review number one the researchers found we need to relabel that's not me it's my OCD is not me it's my sample make sure number two refrigerated that's not me that's Fidel I'll have no more of it number three refocus guess what in another Dell is doing in a nociceptive my life I meant to make a decision Hungary focus on God 's word not my thought not someone else's I'm very focused and then finally I like how the research is added by the way these people they were working with these people had a retractable cases of OCD and David and all kinds of terrible treatments to try get them out of it and what this guy decided to wait a minute you're my mind can be used to change any beautiful thing on reading value this was the last when I thought this was powerful coming from the scientific source revalued the sessions and compulsions realizing they have no inherent power is a vendor that had already found this revaluing they said the researchers should be done on the basis of what you think that this barking up archery and by the way this is why you're memorizing I hope your memorizing all those phrases you're working on those because guess what in evident truth in your mind so that we get when they are writing your writing is that here's the truth Irenaeus is what it says sanctify them through thy truth thy word is truth be seen as a great value and Natalie preaching and teaching it also Scripture memory let me tell you why what after I run the Army team is asking you to do is so valuable this is just research from this year what happens when we consider the word of God scientifically speaking thinking thinking about religion gives people more self-control on unrelated that business here in January two thousand and twelve real research and it's been bound help the gain self-control knows what they found the participants were given a sentence containing five words to unscramble I would like Scrabble so they had five words unscramble some contain religious themes and others did not this is what they found after unscrambling the sentences participants were asked to complete a number of tasks that require self-control enduring discomfort delayed gratification exerting patients here is the patience of the saint 's right with that said and while refraining from impulsive responses another words they basically said be prepared to be very annoying and then they tested what they would do under these annoying situation participants who had unscrambled the sentences containing religious things have more self-control and completing their tasks they discovered something of a person reads the Bible and some is not reading the Bible the person who reads the Bible has more self-control than someone else can you say what the researchers that one of our most In re resting findings was that religious concepts were able look at this were able to do what rain fuel self-control after I have been depleted by word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin you say that and that could be a refueling situation that will take going well I'm behind dryer play and it could begin delivering of the older you be one of the data that's what that Scripture memory does that's what hiding guns would be hard done that's alarming to you when you come displays humanlike pump up event but you can keep pumping yourself up through daily Bible study and sharing with in other words researchers said even when we would predict people to be unable to learn self-control after completing the religiously thing fast beta five lot and were able to muster self-control how would you want to defy logic do you want to be in God 's Army weight of minutes these are these are people that have self-control there is the patient's of the things you're a day that keep the Commandments and have the faith I chase is that the refueling Saturday is a vendor that until now the really region so I believe religion was a matter of faith people have little practical use for religion this research actually suggest that religion can serve a very useful function people can turn to religion not just for transcendence and fears regarding definite athletic but also for practical let's review and then conclude our soul number one we need to relate Mohammed here today want to say I'm very labeled the situation for what it has this is not of God the doubles working in my lifetime that are intermittent then I'm not an independent anymore and I'm going to by God 's grace is that Holy Spirit free will is given to the rain focus not just about anything on his trial will set me free reinstatement of the I want to use free will back to our case study from Scripture as we close the end of sultans remember there were the cries of the questions over the reasoning of the resolve and now we google case study in science and now we go to a result I'll last verse look at it there installed seventy seven verse fourteen to twenty notice what happens when these principles are not put in place with the salt are or with the person who wrote the soul you notice the focus is now not on me but on you to view your dirt you are looking to focus on many this is a great focus I can't evoke the Army thing on your cell but hopefully not feel Deuteronomy you can focus on other in the soldier is always generated sound a lot very good against the environment out there how do I quit shouting is now being used by God to take out the enemy that's the victim is Kennedy you are the God who does wonders you have declared your strength among the people you have with your heart rhythm game that is his right arm is the right as always the right arm right out of the arm that God is the right notices in the running to write it locking is saying that the right arm was the arm the thing that led people to the sanctuary can you say amen the right I was the arm that brought healing of Exodus fifteen twenty six is that it is definitely harkens them I want to have none of these diseases the right arm do you want to rejoice in the right arm these help students that graduated as the power the right are Isaiah fifty three when a doc about Christ's work on the cross Google has the arm of the Lord been revealed he was the right are a man right on you have with your arm redeemed your people the sons of Jacob and Joseph the water-soluble of this text the water-soluble and they became afraid the other day we went to the beach and they were like making this announcement all don't a lot of because there's been many people wondered if they broker their backs in the next of their children have been swept away emigrated to be was like writing a lot eleven Hawaii why would they say that right then I look at it as big as way comes up same time the Flagyl is to look at this text is the text says the water-soluble God the waters saw you and were afraid in all the people were afraid crossing the Red Sea they were afraid of the one but then what happened it hasn't gone he he stepped anything with all show you what I can do the thing you most afraid of and the waters went live and they walked through the water what is holding you back today what are you afraid of I talked to one of you this week you said you know I have not given my heart to God and I don't know why I'm just afraid on you did not come up last night either what do you have anything to fear when God can take your worst fear and make it look silly but you've got a step forward the waters did not part Intel-based for war and investment sector situation they sang the Psalm seventy services I sent this was my anguish he was complaining he was it was probable that is of notable I will remember the Lord I'll remember his power I'll remember his life and death whatever as you begin to do that his strength is self-control his energy with rejuvenated and he had the courage she had the courage whoever wasn't the greatest that's all words and see the salvation of unreal and see the salvation of the Lord your these altar calls these appeals we haven't these are the bear not insignificant because they are indicative your site I am going to try and believe in God no longer counseling with my fear that you're praying with somebody today about some of the day that they'll step forward galore maybe your pray about somebody even understand that you say look they need to step forward for the Lord amen that's the point water-soluble got the water site and they were afraid the depths also trembled the clouds poured out water skies have found in your arrows flashed about though if you step forward if you step forward for the Lord of the last decade those are places where wrapping this up trust and obey display that if you step forward for the Lord God will not only about Sandy you need to trust and obey display trust and obey of game theory step forward for the lower and if you spend more below everything you write is where I write it in a holiday within the letter says and then the clouds poured out wine and this guy sent out a solid armament this is the Ottomans of the most hotly but I don't care if it's a nuclear bomb you cannot man's power of God in nature anything all that is at your disposal how could you turn her mood right your arrows laughing about how it works on the and voicing your thunder was in the world with light in a year terrible that shut your way God was in the scene you have a great one anyway the people in the Red Sea any leads you through your rights are that was a great one in your footsteps were not know sometimes when we look back and say I don't know how I got through that situation but how many want to get to heaven to watch the video again and say what all those angels they came down they did this they did that Algeria your footsteps were not known to let your people notice what he says here you lead your people like a lot got this not drive us in broad the December will a broad hero 's poison it follows that any leave at you let your light in the other hand both in a magazine of this all the finale tells us you know there are problems that don't notice the focus now is no longer on that person is done God himself will notice the attitude the attitude is being me Lord lead me to coming to I don't know about you I want to have been in science is live and visit oh they said they looked at all that reasons I served in the middle is they said brain processes alone cannot account for the full rain phenomenon including consciously well another with a seven starting is that we don't know how worked it has to be something outside of my humility is that it that God is God 's same in writing element one one ago came in the nature like yours and I mind became in the Senate when human life but guess what and he said not my will be done humanly speaking but your will is elevator that is exactly what he wants it was impossible for us it impossible for you and I to resist the power of the world in a gardener will God Interpol is that I will leave you with this because of the any wants to give this to you but as many as the again demand he gave power to become the sons of God even to believe on his name what you want not what more of the well of the flask and said Leslie willpower that does anything this is why when the site is that it has to be something outside of fun I may look is not your willingness will bidding that is unique is a reminder that we were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor will the job you see everything depends on the right as anyone will many are entwined how can I make a surrender myself you desire to give yourself to God through me more power enslaving them down controlled by habits of your life sin your promises your resolution I like the only thing you can control you that you're involved in your analogy relative promises and morbid lenses we can surmount in your own sincerely having never been there it causes negative building God can exempt them but remember this you need not despair I need to understand is force the will the governing power everything depends on Friday will our choice God is given the men you can change your heart can of yourself either God is affected in kids shows deserve them you can give them your well that he will work in you to will and do a business and what a blessed my appeal to you today sing a song about Alice on her hair and I don't know how to make this appeal is just the daisy relisting last night in the night before of God said waiting for his Ryan wanted the story men drivers said God wants Doral on the same way today I was a fantasy story you may have felt as you must then he will lock somewhere those first member of the way is validated and that there is a way out is made away this day and letting you know anything unless you are endless to do what you look like a way by the following is so that's in your heart away first appeal was listening to when they are last night maybe you were here maybe today the first time and you turn in your heart and your voice is voice saying you look and you mean whatever your name is I need to go over that but he resisted and you said not only can I doubt this I doubt this agreement today I just wanted to give her the worst of the price and you heard a message for you today you say when I need to go now but you stand right now the Lord is here I is there someone today saying Lord I want to surrender my will to you and I got in and is there anyone else say they love Alan and had to your same today I'm only seventeen Jesus is and is anyone else anyone else is not illegal and whatever they are afraid on I whatever you're not sending him money has sitting in stepping forward and anyone else that I was less than human what about those related to work except I want and I want more the user is anonymous bringing people out there that you will understand and follow them in a thankless trust and obey is selling for a and and as we do your goodwill promised to be with us all the way it is your will we has villas with your will and your way not my will but thy will be done already those who come forward as the landlord thank you for that Henry Ford and that's them this has been taken you already know what the next step is for both brothers and I know that you get a guy that you would like crazy for the decision and asked me all the way to the rest of this we thank you for the freedom of choice for my life every day by we ask this in the coming -year-old only on the I grew up in a him and him is is is is is is is that God 's word into three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse as Moore asserted him to visit www. .net verse .org


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