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Stay in the Tent

Zachary Page



  • December 16, 2012
    7:00 AM
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in an burner walked over the door he opened the door and there was a milkman is the milkman heart is broken down outside he said hey these I thank them the milk in my car and again as well because my heart is broke down right outside your door and the children use milk this morning the anyway to take my milk this morning and he was faring in the melt there is another knock at the door and ended he opened the door smell of fresh bread the incoming room in their with the Baker holding a large trade of bread anything I don't know what it was but God will have been two a.m. this morning and I develop you guys needed breadth you guys happen to need rather than baking bread all day in the large case of bread and the children had plenty to eat that morning all in answer to a prayer of faith and incredible prayer of faith no wonder that it was said about George Mueller 's years later as he was the man who got great things done by a great humor read the story of George Mueller you know that this was not just a one-time occurrence over sixty three years he received one million four hundred and fifty three thousand five hundred and thirteen pounds and thirteen killing a donation and get everything you never asked for one single donation in all that time because he was determined that he would show people that God answered prayer that God can provide people and the recently relied on the power of prayer at the door and at a lower incredible man he goes on to talk about why he would've done that Mueller wanted to show Chris in the I was worried they would mobility promise to her favorite Bible promise with Psalm eighty four ten and he talks about how he came to claim this promise he said one evening on December fifth the subject of my prayer all at once and get I was reading Psalm eighty four it would particularly struck more than at any time before with verse ten open your mouth wide and I will do it you moment about these words and I would like to apply them to the case of the work and how it struck me that I never asked the Lord for anything concerning and so began his journey of me that it inspired millions all based on one you're wrong he was able to affect the lives of over two thousand children in time ten thousand children in his lifetime or management on answer to the prayer is incredible what made Jordan Fran I got outing we believe a promise like that while interacting thing Dorothy Miller said that you learn to trust the Bible by reading the Bible or anything in fact he would read the Bible read report finds the year is like trying to read the Bible about two hundred times or more two hundred five the incredible no wonder the unit shot either because the ability to see you do think that just formed by being in a very present of Jesus he knew what it was to be close to Jesus certainly in your Bible to Joshua chapter ten Joshua chapter ten records one of my favorite writers in the entire Bible is one of the most hour a powerful answer to prayer and answer the prayer that really shocked me it's probably in her home miracle in the entire Bible and got through it Fred that is life and death coming to the promised land they cross over the Jordan they had an incredible miracle think places across the Jordan and conquered Jericho busying arguing credible things but all of a sudden they are facing one of the greatest challenges so far I can come together and are headed out with the Gibeonites were the one who made a league kind of dishonestly with visualize they made misleading with them and so all these five things that it were to think of the Gibeonites in order to wipe out the Israelite and silly given that MS is not with a Joshua please help us they're coming to destroy the Joshua men a friend in the state goes to God and ask God what should I you look in verse eight of Joshua Jefferson and the Lord said to Joshua do not fear them for I have given them into your hands not one of them stand before you and Joshua came upon them suddenly by marching all night from Go Daddy you might go down would have taken him all night long it would've been brought about twenty miles info that would eliminate and mark them but they marched all night long the moment they get there then in verse ten the Lord confounded them before Israel and he slew them with a great slaughter Gibeon in pursuing them by the way of the incentives that are run and struck them as far as the gap in McData and he cannot as they fled from before Israel while they were the defense of that horn that the Lord through large stones from heaven on them as part of busy guy and they die there were more than their more guy from the hailstones than those from the thunder video killed with the sword and are going from this incredible validator and a negative David began to attack and everybody we can enjoy in order to not appear on what Kleiman had the raising of the climbing this evening going up as Leslie cc after them there in their walking of God is done hailstones upon us imagine how tired they are at that point as they marched all night long and not trying to take you guys are running up is not built on the coming down from God there seems mighty victory taking it to the top of the imaginative as Jocelyn quietly trust that he'll get that dirty looks down on the other side with a very easy to send the list on that visit that point I think in my own heart I would have been found by the living God answered my prayers have come down from heaven our enemies are being destroyed praise God they were seeing a mighty victory today with Joshua it is not a promise that God was going to totally wipe out Joshua by the promise living on a midnight visit Joshua Z looks off in the distance he notices something you notice is the sun is beginning that I didn't get the notice of the sun is going low in the sky reverse slope with me Joshua prayed one of the creative friends I have ever my life and Joshua spoke to the Lord in that day when the Lord delivered up to him right before the sons visually satisfied a visual oversight of standstill I give you and no moon in the Valley and I will one pray that prayer done them no I mean I like I like to last long when I'm in Hawaii from the out on the beach on there and I'm enjoying the surf and I'm having fun maybe I want to go snorkeling a little bit longer and I seated the funds about this that maybe I does one applause when the I went out there and they stand still with mapping will be nothing right why what would have to happen within the stop think about that as we reversed thirteen the sun stood still and moving stopped until the nation events themselves are the enemy is it not written in the book of Joshua and the science stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a old day twenty four extra hours for their battle to find that Bill what got happened I'm not a plate we don't exactly know exactly what you think about it at a minimum the earth without it stopped rotating the bank is a place in the sky of me you can somehow got hold of you and then placed above the air without rotating around here anymore God is stopping you have been in answer to prayer for Joshua to promise the beginning God and from there they were in the promised land they were on their way to victory that God promised them and God was answering prayers of faith we are on the verge of the promise that God wants the answer prayers of faith today just like he did not want to answer your prayers of faith you want to stop having the problem you want to answer our prayers question is what gave Joshua the audacity to ask for such a crazy thing why would Joshua even think that you what gave them the boldness to try out the God made the funds spent to you had a relationship with God in music Your Honor we were back there was needed that it is up to thirty three because when I think about the life of Joshua I usually think about is early writing about in later years I think about the time he was in a promised land and you would be only an incredible miracle that think about how he marked the children of Israel around Jericho I think about how they crossed the Jordan I think about incredible things the document is what about when Joshua was younger Exodus thirty three starting in verse seven is now Moses is to think it's a exit outside the camp a good distance from the camp and he called the ten of what a meeting attend the meeting it came about that everyone saw the Lord would go out to that meeting which was outside okay so what would I know what is good and outside of Asia what it even what I go out there to do it see the Lord is really interesting when you read the Hebrew Bible it is from the more alive and in the words very Hebrew for seeking God the word they doesn't just mean like an ordinary evening after subduing replay hiding of the individual is seeking like this taking this talk about personnel nineteenth you where all is taking the life of David think about her minute what is always willing to do to think the life of David which when followed to get a life of David he was willing to make himself an absolute emergency life of David if you would like to do whatever it could even when his all inside instead of the way was ready to pick Jonathan to the wall in order to get the scene Joshua was willing to do whatever it took radar brought to a bigger God were to find out what here is that those who went to the wording of any God life policy in the life of David they were to seek God with all their heart the review whatever that they were even let me not being given the way of seeking their God continue on his verse is a game about whenever Moses is said that all people would arise and stand each of the engines of his engaged after Moses until he entered as a magazine through a million people not back and it like they are sitting there in the wilderness and they all get out they all look at the bed verse nine it came about whenever Moses entered the tent the pillar of cloud with descendents then at the end of the and the Lord would speak with mode at church on imagine that there would be articulated both standing and walking and loaded Govinda and very presence of God the door of the tent and there they know that their leader is communing with God what a church service those on versus and when all the peoples of the outstanding things that then all the people would arrive in worship each of the engines of his tent verse eleven the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face justice amends the human brain while not don't you want that kind of closeness nor you want to know unified way to the bank though Joshua begins I usually stop reading the verses that point the continue reading the verse verse eleven continues this is when Moses returned to the air 's servant Joshua the son of nine young man would not part one what do you go to the then new words Joshua you went to the vet can do whatever is possible to see the presence of God you went there to do whatever it took to be with you and Joshua would not department anything Joshua just the young men following emotions but that's it how many great mission he wasn't a great preacher he wasn't a great warrior but Joshua was staying Joshua was not the party from the presence of God Joshua was doing whatever it's to be with season in first Corinthians San Rafael Lebanon and felt that all the thing that happened to the life and there was their wanderings happen as an example to those of us who are living in the end were losing the very end of time and could it be that we need the example of Doctor Joshua who did not depart from it it was then ready to pray on and Bill and William Amalia Knight maybe having with the ninth grade my favorite and a little on your witty thing the secret of success the unit of divine power with human effort those who receive the greatest result of those who rely most implicitly upon the Almighty arm the man who commanded a sign of standstill it in the end no moon and the value lies on is the man who bore our lay prostrate on the air prayer and they go down the men of prayer are the men of power exerts an prop eight five oh nine Joshua remember Howard laid prostrate exam to go down before he went and my son and I love you imagine all the things and just when you pick the next day you knew that you were on the incredible battles of life would you spend your your night with your base the ground grain of you I hope that I would but I'm afraid I would be going all the thing they need to get done all things and even organize all all the things that they got heated we left when I got it done today I'm not all that WB and eighty this would be this common help me I need to get it done but Joshua would not department and Joshua was the one who or how words they prospered enormously the men of prayer is of our the decision process Ms. Davis and we might be thinking a tribal battle to fight I don't have any United to save from from the Army is so what is driving a new breed of you really want about having for me long to say we are told in the greater battle the place in the closing scenes of earth history when Jehovah has opened his armory and has brought forth a weapon the divinity we are on the verge of a greater battle we are on the verge of the promised land and there are greater victories to take place in the fun spending bill and the moon stopping over the Valley life I want to do greater things the method of prayer and the men and women of prayer are given to the men and women of our regular man and woman of prayer might be a man or woman of prayer I sure want to be we thought I don't want to be a woman first time highs only in the we talked about earlier in the week about the coworkers made stupid by way of life is this God 's messengers must very long with him they were not the best and there were very long on our advancement continually repeated me on a long period of time and must stare long with anything that success in their work the story is told in the link I sent a woman who was listening to the reasons that are neighbors gave other measures except a smoking against the missiles address of his manners and an old woman I will tell you what it is your mission is very with the Almighty did Joshua was very vague with the Almighty Joshua knew what I want to be with Jesus anywhere was not apart from it what it what it may the master he knew what it was that he got answered our prayer throughout the Bible history Niebuhr experiences like this I would talk about mowing the Deuteronomy nine twenty five he felt on his forty days straight oriented and nine is praying no food no water needs bearing prayer to save the lives of two million Israelites who got been ready the White House was that intercessor would go up on the mountain and with their forties are currently in prayer constantly in the very presence of God David and the funding to grade seven times a day Daniel or Daniel ready to go to the lions den or that it was ready to pray that I have to pray three times a day even if it means going to the line willing to stand for his devotional time I really thought about it even if that if we talk about not working on the Donovan and BG issue but what about our time would be that how important of an issue is not whether we're willing to go to prison for a time with the owner willing to spend time with you that we need to be on our phase before master per hour of the debate away willing to be lit on fire by his word is not or are we willing to take the time with God every single day Jesus in Mark one thirty five Infiniti Road early in the morning before what was still dark he went up on the mountain to pray in Luke chapter twenty two and verse thirty nine thoughts about how it would fit them to go to the mount of olives the grant when they went to the regard in Gethsemane I wasn't just like a one-time occurrence right with a crime no he was always going to pray with them spend the night in prayer just within as it in such volume as a testimony space you to see frequently continued his additions to the entire nine he is our example we would remember that and imitate him we would be much stronger in God you want to be much stronger in God I want to be much stronger now than I think that everything in and do this regularly spent the entire night in prayer to be honest I don't exactly know how this works as I get real quiet when I'm hopeful Michael but if you read about Jesus and his experience he would be energized by the time he would he would have come out of that in the morning ready work all day long the healing people to be working we're looking at his greatest miracle that they spent the entire night and a lot of you if I want to know God like that I want to spend time with God like Jesus than the broadest we can go on group of Christian history in I mean if you think about even the New Testament you have people like Paul who he went to Arabia for three years a resist their seeking God rep Peter you find them ranking of vitamin E resists their praying on the roof throughout the church was birthed in prayer with the the apostle when where they rapidly in the church and it would it would difficult to manage everything that was going on they didn't say okay while we need to hire people to go to be operating than we can focus on what the people need it and we're good enough vote are so the Bible and prayer that was the focus of the early church as the church progress to continue to be that way you read about great men of faith who would constantly spend hours got been properly being God 's presence was a source of power that was what gave them strength and the Reformation we read the great controversy and page two sixteen about Martin Luther is wrong the secret place of prayer in the power that shook the world and the great Reformation inning about it if the Reformation had taken place the world would be totally different that we know today we would've never gotten out of them after we were in during the dark ages the world with totally transform by what a few men stood up for being a great reformation of why we enjoy the freedom that we have here in America because of what a human or willing to do it is said that it was from the secret place of prayer in the power that shook the world of the great Reformation there with holy calmness the servant of the Lord that their feet upon the rock of his promises during a struggle at Audrey Luther did not take the day after day without devoting three hours at the prayer and they were our selected from the most favorable the study finally there was a man of prayer finally there was willing to spend three hours a day in prayer the most critical time of his life what he thought he most needed to do maybe was to be studying for the incredibly intense I believe that he was there made before his maker he was there to attend the one unwilling apart from God rather and he knew that that the source of his strength the source of his power are pioneers as they came to an online and read about the life they live your freedom I get to the first volume of the testimony and you and you just I found it appropriate and are marked around the time to experiment prayer is amazing to see how frequently occurred there constantly and rather frequently raindrop tonight it probably joining together in a growth rate this movement would burn ran and it will be finished their prayer and in answer to prayer it had gotten have been an answer to prayer growing up there was something about going to fully devote my life to one of them was a kind of microphone sound like a great evening to fully devote your life to him but I do thought it was so important about you I'll do whatever it takes the one day out of the year nine hours around this chapter might find and if I can ride a hundred and twenty hundred and thirty miles then I will people build in order to accomplish this mission of mine I decided that I would train every single day per hour and so my friend told me that I needed view of change my diet in order to build a ride the microphone the first year I didn't really miss my router market Road ninety seven miles an workout will permit the next year they told me to give up dairy products and sugar need to give up meaningfully change your diet my favorite things again and just for the Python again the thing that broke like a phone like I'm in worth train ride my bike for my willing more staying when I willing to do downward think the environment is what my willing to do to have more energy the work is when I got in high school I started playing sports and I lived about an hour away from that the Academy room at the school and our practices for sports were about the Cayenne but update it up about four thirty in the morning that my alarm I get up at four thirty morning I get in my car and drive down there I would be supervised and I get to the gym and my coach would yell at me the runaround encircled in his view suicide up and down the court and you all the things that weren't necessarily much fun but I knew it would make a difference January they would can form my body and mind give me strength and unwilling to do it even now I hurt some time even though it was annoyed not much fun in other Sunday or we get there and when I was screaming and were playing basketball morning that would be part of the barn but other days we get there we'd be running the entire practice for two hours I wasn't as much fun recently I be in the wonder am I willing to put the same kind of exertion in my being with God am I willing to the youth like that am I willing to spend that kind of time and word that I was willing to be able to successfully support my willing to wake up early in the morning maybe to sacrifice some sleep if I'm really busy in order that I can spend more time with the heel because of the open of your Bible and maybe not as if speaking to you in this incredible whim I feel like it is running for fruit the amount of time like this that making a run blocker on the Internet if I reopen your Bible and you need there your I'm not naïve or not it is speaking to you through the entire time hearing is worth it warming but either way every morning if worth it to take that time because we know the end result in amendment and women of prayer are the men and women of our all want to be a man of power I want to bring glory to God about two years ago I moved to Michigan to go to school and I realized it is not time out and have a little more time online and in fact one of my friend be you told me about another of my friends who at one time with a really skinny guy and this guy he's not being it all anymore and when the bought this guy that I know you guys see you and so when I got there then I met with a friend he told me about how this guy had been released need before I do believe in the first event no really this guy was so any when he came back from the seminary you with either really how did I think but what where why do the transformation take place a good while I was in question is that what you manuscript describing tonight it is the guy lobby a Andrews they could well not really much else to do here he became a party with that as my friend told me the story I thought you know what you have my stamp of the like that but I know one thing that I want to leave your warrior is right on and become closer to Jesus than ever before and felt on this extra time and him and have this scheduled it with a little more regimented already whenever they become close to the not impressed upon me how you are willing to give up eating very private meeting reminder figure in a different vein burst or the bike on your line to get up early in the morning the place for doing this by now I be willing to be that you be my friend but that they needed on union that can want to know you needed a want to be with you nothing else matters you know you I began to spend that time I will wish that I could tell you that I came out of the seminary and I was just I I was lit on fire and I I'm incredible creature now but that's obviously not I wish that everything will be felt my life had been you I don't know exactly what I was expecting it I don't know if I affected to come out like Moses in my face and shining and it would be falling and conversion around me I don't know what it was that I expected but I can tell you that diseases change my heart all day and knowing you're in the presence of Jesus is the way of revealing what you really need it may not be what you think the foot is what you really going through a softening process follows their God has revealed that I was a lot harder than I thought it was a lot more patience than is necessary that even I might be right sometimes as they went about in the wrong way I realized that I had entreated people in the right way and that I needed to apologize to them the underrecognized community desperately and begin mapping out that he refined in the presence of Jesus than more of a desire for Jesus counted a success kind of think that when administered in creating the mind dwells upon Christ the characters molded after the divine will the author pervaded with a sense of his goodness and love we contemplate his character and not unit all of our thought being in love enclosed in where they're not departing from the and is allowed his presence is wrapped around it I can only imagine what it would like for Joshua to a unit of the Shekinah glory within the way through the he would bear with Jesus the same as promised 's loving closes is that we gave even for a moment upon the sun in its meridian glory we turn our eyes away in your home when you walk out of here we turn our eyes away the image of the sun will look here and everything which you will thus it will be what we behold Jesus everything we look upon reflects this image the sun of righteousness because I think anything else there talk of anything up his images imprinted upon the island of soul and affect every arson of our daily life softening and the viewing are whole need a label is happening in your help hoping that the doing by the holding we are conformed to the divine similitude even the likeness of trying you want to be like either you want to be lit on fire originated anyone have heartburn pain of my friend Romans twelve one of your talks about how we are to be living Doctor five elevated what happened with Doctor after they split the throat of the laminate that the land on the altar of sacrifice with the next I exactly right sacrifice must begin you might buy a love Meyer Hermann yesterday talking about the blueprint talking about God being a consuming fire and how the right is again a very busy in order to be ready to burn forever we do become living sacrifices today we need for the glory of God to let the day in order to be filled with fire we need to be in the presence of fire every day to spend time in his presence who is the consuming are we to be close to the fire because I remember there was one time where my friends and I would get the bonfire we thought we may get all the good we got to be about like the eye maybe tonight that had to be again burned I was getting a little lower me that I might find something that let them do it to you serious Regensburg to know where to jump through the fire of the twenty first of got violated good he sprinted off across the jump to the buyer nothing happened to me to do it much to my wife's chagrin so I got in Iran and a jump in the fire that led other side of the day nothing wrong and Amelia turnaround jumper by again I went back and forth across the fire and then all of a sudden I'm in the smell something like burning hair I looked in my arms my arms the many defendant on my eyelashes look little money my eyebrows rule twenty again then went up and work on it and invited on fire the more I was set on fire in the harder an object is usually the hardest to get it done by the put in that fire longer and longer that I found in my heart is very hard I do write rid of my real bath not a big effect on me to make that big of a different either be immersed in the fire I need to be in the consuming fire every day for a long period time I needed Terry Long in the presence of the info they love in a company that I can be transformed by the raise of Jesus Christ you might take a lot of effort a lot of determination the whole workers page one hundred says guard jealously your hours for prayer Bible study and self-examination guard jealously year our brand a regarding gallantly hours prepare I haven't been nearly as much as I want on it oh Jesus so much more to nothing else really matters to me anymore under the Times November eighteen eighty eight days this field your closet e-reader and then plead with God created me a clean heart of God and renew a right spirit within me the Internet is the sincere Jacob like rep prayer what a big thing I will not let you go until you blessing do not leave your closet until you feel strong in God remained until honorable longings for salvation are waiting in your heart and the sweet evidence is obtained a pardon the worth giving up anything out of work trimming down her light is where streamlining our live to be with either that spend time in prayer to spend time reading his word convert paper notebook is worth doing whatever they got a webpage of your time they log on to think that they got my time but I want to streamline my life became even in a time where the enemy is filled of our lives with the on from you everything you need to remove even in the list goes on and on about the things of this all of our time Gordon giving spending time with our to be a living sacrifice our view it on fire my God one of the light of the world is not only are they play as I illuminate the outcome I like the pulling me back it's worth it where they not only because of what it will do in your life because when Jesus was willing to do either through as he stood there and having the universal rule think about all the responsibility video that is that I'm clearing my schedule I'm I'm on what my calendar we am stepping down into this tiny planet and death rate for me on that it's been thirty years of my life walking around the planet thirty three years of my life the Diana cross over they can experience me that they can have the privilege of being in my present isn't willing to White is scheduled for you will you wipe your friend I want my challenge to you is personal to streamline your life you have more time for the second law power to challenge some of you out here today is a serious commitment of more time with you sorry this might sound a little bit out there but I wanted challenge you to spend at least an hour a day with you all I thought about that we've been a thought for our contemplated in the life of Christ far more effective in harmony on a challenge you the bare minimum to take an hour in the present of Jesus everything you're spending an hour don't think that you get off easily I think God is telling me more are you more want her to be printed rather than not the part that you want to commit has been a leader in our day and so I wanted later then you need it it everyone will be included I is not the it if you don't want to stand for this don't you like there's something wrong with you or anything like that if it is something I want you to think of it a serious commitment to be in the presence of Jesus everything greatly in our Navy and then the experience they were having here in Army continue if he is only in the presence of Jesus where it is than transforming our lives near it we continue after we leave here this experience will continue in all the thank you you are willing clear your schedule for hopelessly willingly we are scheduled for you help us to believe that you will stop having an answer to our prayers the test like we did for Joshua helped me willing like Joshua did not depart from the no matter the business is going around that the matter the responsibility that we might will see all of our more name and a balloon as I thought he was the same as that in God 's word to release an audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than is www. audio verse .org


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