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True Repentance

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • January 17, 2013
    7:00 PM
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a previous you are a God to be in the house print this evening and I'm trusting that you prepare your particular speaking this weekend with dealing with revival and you know that there is never time revival without re- formation they go hand-in-hand and tonight we just want to emphasize a very very key dynamic in the experience of true revival and I believe that if we can get this right we can get this first step and by the grace of God it will prepare us for all the other progressive steps we need to take until we find ourselves in the arms of Jesus and Sullivan prepare our hearts for tonight study as living God 's call to repentance and I'd like to invite as many of you is able to kneel with me as we approach the Lord in prayer is our father in heaven we praise you and thank you that you brought us all safely through another week you bless us life health and strength father we thank you so much that you still have found enough value in our last accountants amongst the land of the living and we know Lord that the breath of life if you invested in us today you expected return on that investment that return was that we were to offer you praise and Thanksgiving in full surrender we however Lisa give us a fully short of your glory we ask you that you please be merciful upon us that you send your Holy Spirit at this time that you truly and indeed open RIS help us to behold wondrous things out of people send your Spirit of God and the minister to our lives and maybe be drawn heavenward software that we ask in Jesus name amen what is the message without the word of God so we want to make sure that we all have our Bibles and handymen unifying network with anesthetics I believe is fundamental for God 's people need his fundamentals sometimes we get so excited about all the latest and newest and greatest things but if we don't remember and commit to heart and into daily practice the simple things that God has taught us to do so that we can finish this race all the other things won't count I want to notice something that the Bible tells us in the book of Matthew the third chapter in Matthew the third chapter we look at man by the name of John the Baptists John the Baptist was one who needed to prepare people for their God and the Bible says in Matthew the third chapter from the start of verse one is a diverse breed looking at the life and the ministry of John the Baptist the Bible says in those days came John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness of Judaic and saying repent he for the kingdom of heaven is at hand for this is he that was spoken by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his pass streams John the Baptist when he understood where he was in time and he understood Bible prophecy John the Baptist new that people needed a message that was very straight and I was very direct and the message was could not be any straighter than simply saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand you'll find that as John the Baptist was doing his ministry giving his work and as he was called of God to get the people writing for the coming of the Lord eventually he found himself imprisoned and as John the Baptist ended up in prison you find that as his ministry was phasing out another ministry was phasing in and I want to see that ministry in the book of Mark chapter one the Bible says and Mark the first chapter speaking about John the Baptist as he was giving his message and his call to those that let them know that they ought to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand you'll find that as he was put in prison and his ministry was now going over the greasy there was another ministry that was going on the increase notice whose ministry was the Bible says and Mark first chapter to view this in a manner the Bible says in Mark chapter one verse fourteen it is now after that John was put in prison who came in together jeez this is the ministry that was on the increase it is as now after that John was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God and it says in verse fifteen and saying the time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is at hand what if Jesus and everybody within a and believe the gospel as John's ministry was going on the decrease in Christ ministry was coming up on the increase Jesus take the John left off and you see this now is on the scene and she is telling anybody repent because the kingdom of God is at hand with elementary diseases ascended as Jesus ascended into heaven Jesus no depravation was about to close on his own people because they were under a four hundred ninety year probationary time to get a victory over sin but because they did not enter into the spirit of righteousness by faith they had no victory and therefore here is that as Jesus ascended into heaven and began his ministerial work in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary you will notice that when probation closed on Israel and now the message was the goal to the Gentiles the very man that God views was none other than Paul preach to the Gentiles I wonder what was Paul's message go to the book of acts seventeen notice that the Bible says in acts the seventeenth chapter first John the Baptist then Jesus himself and now we looking at all the Bible says in acts seventeen chapter Paul runs into a group of individuals who were worshiping and on known God and Paul want to proclaim that unknown God whether he began to teach them about Jesus and I think it got to a point in a sermon that he makes a very powerful point right here next the seventeenth chapter and we now going to go ahead and consider verse thirty the Bible says that Paul was summarizing his message that infers that he said unto them and the times of this ignorance God winked at but now commanded all men everywhere to do what they once again him goals the message of repentance the message of repentance is a message that is on the mind of God and anyone one oh is a sign from God that this is the only am I as well can you statement that and therefore you will find that the Bible is the calling of God as God worked through Jesus and God were to Paul and the message was the same as a method of a call to Rick attempted in vain message that God is given to his people in the last days before this world comes to a close the message is not to tell everybody that everything is all right in fact you'll find that the actual problem go to the book of Revelation chapter three from many individuals today that believe that the more the phrase about a message saying that everything is all right everybody thought right that the more that we placed this kind of message is that this supposedly of the message pressing that button the Bible emphatically different notice of the Bible says in revelation the third chapter the Bible says in Revelation chapter three C eight people of the judgment now to see as he sees them these days been going through challenges and I want to know specifically what the challenges the Bible says in Revelation chapter three I'm going to start at verse fourteen movies sex very well imagine the Bible says and unto the angel of the church allow the scenes right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God it says I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I want downward pull the heart so then because thou don't want and neither cold nor hot I will spew me out of my mouth now that would make God wants about serenity got wet in the welcoming me back and they got such a wonderful divine individual what to make and to the point that he actually would he quit his displeasure to the experience up on it the Bible tells us exactly what it is verse seventeen inches because vowel a I am rich and Christmas is and have need of nothing you know another with editing it means that I'm all right loud as you want to him is that they are all right because that's what they already think about themselves and they don't understand and are all right but because the house is in other words God was not in agreement with you these are your words not to see it but then when God says this is somehow worse than his words you'll notice that he does not say that the all right when he tells the truth he says that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked you're the last time I checked the alcoholic can never overcome alcohol into the entities and alcoholic or drug addict can never overcome the address until they admit that they are drug addicts and the loudest team will never receive healing from Jesus Christ until they admit that they are wretched miserable poor blind and naked the more of everything ever all right when were all wrong is the greater we testify that this disease has metastasize and it has taken over our entire God wants us to realize that there is a message that is needed and to the people you know is interesting this is God last date able to does the last search and I want to see what was on God 's mind even to him was his last thing people notice what he says in verse nineteen the Bible says in verse nineteen of Revelation three he says as many as I love I rebuke and strengthen it doesn't be zealous therefore and enables that word again enables Edward so repentance is not a message that is limited just to John the Baptist they repent this is not a message that is limited just to Jesus 's day repentance is not a message that was limited in and took Paul a repentance is a message that is and when relevant today and got paperwork is processed this is must in these last days getting the message that is designed to prepare the people to meet the guy and therefore got the message of repentance but you want to know why repentance is still important what a lie Longhorn I want to go to the book of accepting treatment and see what repentance is important to God and I want you to show you why repentance is important to you God wants to do something effectively to accept apathy go to Isaiah fifty nine that was the reason through the Scriptures is what Isaiah fifty nine percent of first and then we'll come back to accept the fruit Isaiah fifty nine why does God why is it that repentance is still heavily upon the mind of Jesus Christ why notice what the Bible says in Isaiah fifty nine chapter of what you see this in Isaiah the fifty ninth chapter notice what the Bible says as we consider verses one and two Isaiah fifty nine versus one and two the Bible says behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot see neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear is what you what this is what your iniquities have done something what to do it has separated between you and your God and your stanza hit his face from you that he will not what he will not here not that the beautiful hymn called face-to-face I beholden to her that he number of the sisters is that him you just want to sing or that anyone experience definitely want to do what we want experience we don't want to say to him but never enter the experience especially since Powell helped him were designed to bring us into an experience is different from just a small that him is is is is designed to bring us into experience and got him is saying that things that they saw the I'll see something that we all looking forward to get address and now because of the fact that we are looking to follow to it than Isaiah recognizes you become very relevant Texas Virginia you and I become the Bible says that it was something that Clark got to do what turned his face from us and what was it can't withstand she believes in God is making a call to repentance is because he wants us to enter into an experience that we can turn away from the things that caused him to turn his face from when we think about sin we often think about what it did to us very rarely do we consider what it did to God God blew up the commune with mankind face-to-face God love to have been one-on-one time with there was nothing between them no meetings no burning bush is no human agents like Minister God love it when you can look at mankind like the faith that he can continue within but it was sin that caused God to turn his face and that's why God is in love with the call to repentance because the call to repentance is a call to him and when we come to him he gives us the victory over the things that caused him to turn his face a must and when we had three great God when Jesus comes once again this would be basically that's what God wants that's why Vanessa prevented the message of repentance is not a call when we have to simply to make people feel bad the message of repentance is a call to think God is waiting to be reunited with his people and the only way it can happen is that things that cause them to turn his face I must must be overcome and therefore there is a need for the message of repentance even something as began healing in eighteen forty four and when repentance is received right Jesus can finish what he started in eighteen forty four go to the book of acts chapter and accepted three there was something that Jesus started in eighteen forty four that if we can get this right Jesus can finish what he started in eighteen forty the Bible says in acts the third chapter accepted three the Bible says in verse nineteen the Bible says repent ye therefore and be converted that what will happen that this standings may be blocking out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall stand Jesus in order for Christ to come back that they that caused him to turn his space unless must be one according to the person what must it be it must be blotted out but in order for it to be blotted out in the step-by-step process using right now and have been Jesus is not just doing a forgiving work right now and have been Jesus is not just doing a covering work right now in heaven Jesus is knowing a blotting out work and applying our work is all in only one of two directions the first one we just saw is I is and is getting run out but we need to see the other direction go to the book of Exodus thirty two Exodus thirty two you will notice the other direction I can get I'll or something else get a lot out of the Bible says in Exodus thirty two Mosley sees his people in apostasy anastomosis seizes people in apostasy Moses would love in his heart the fattest people in his heart is broken because you see that they have fallen into sin people forgot a disaster and the Bible says in Exodus thirty two and verse thirty one the Bible says and Moses returned unto the Lord and said all of his people by saying a great sin and made them got the goal yet how about the gimp has said and not what is Melissa block me I'm craving out about Moses was never the goal of what God is Lord will give them take my name out of the book of life the looking like that beloved brothers and instances of the church like that husband the love you lastly why you love your husband like that beloved children like that you desire is for them to be safe to the point that is a well-known of these days you would go before the Lord please forgive them have mercy on the statement of father if not then you know what I can imagine life without take money out of the book of life the other when you say something if you don't have the local the only people that are there to make it into eternal life are the people who know how to love like Jesus Moses had the love of Christ in his heart most of the Lord block my name I would prefer to suffer the second and to be without those people that I do love that Moses had those people did Jesus have a catalog you better believe it is because Galatians three tells us that when someone hangs on a tree they fall under God 's curse when you die under God first there is no hope of a resurrection Jesus was willing to suffer severe first that he was willing to suffer the second episode for you and I Jesus was women to be separated from the father for Anna so that may live but Christ had that love it if you don't have it you got a phone and uses a lawyer please brought by spirit and give me this month but look at how God responsible even though Moses was filled with all of that helped was the reverent look at how God responds to Moses in verse thirty three we looking at the second biggest lineup it says in verse thirty three and the Lord said unto Moses who so ever sinned against me with the first day here will I blot out of my book Jesus eighteen forty four crisis doing a blotting out work and according to the Bible only one of two things to blog about either sins or people only two things get blotted out as sins or people I want to imagine that right now in the heavenly sanctuary your life and my life is being reviewed and the decision fact that God has been in the is either Dwaine lemons name gets blotted out or is in his blood and God is saying the same thing on behalf of you and I and the only way that I stands can get blotted out that the Bible says we can't that's where it starts repenting therefore being converted that your sins may be blotted out is a simple vesicle is not as simple as the concept is the experience is not a everything how does an individual have a kind of repentance that God can actually not only the DMS is but a part of them and eventually completely blot them out to the guys that I can trust you and him that's the goal that's the call that the study allegedly to Bibles with me to the book of second Corinthians chapters in second Corinthians chapter seven we have an idea we know that there are several Texas or two that tell us about this thing called repentance but I wanted to look at second Corinthians chapter seven because I believe it will give us some gems that will help us through the prophets I want my sins get blotted out and I want my name to remain how about you and I'm so therefore the Bible says in second Corinthians the seventh chapter let's notice of the Texas producers to yours in my mind the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter seven personal issues now I rejoice not that you were made sorry but that's a shower to what repent is still one of the first things we learn about repentance is that it is all inclusive of what the government was all-inclusive up it is always inclusive of sorrow so therefore I want to see that you were studying about repentance we know the need for repentance we understand why God wants us to repent but now we need to understand the word repent significant weight in this case me know either totally complete by the question is how do you do that when you try to turn away from sin and had failed so therefore the question is why well one of the things we just found out is what is it that always connected with repentance our own connected to know this the Bible 's honesty is not now I rejoice that you were made sorry but that in our derivatives for you when they already have to document that you might proceed down a spot in nothing now I want to introduce a new city what is it that's always connected derivatives sorrow some of these environments are grateful etc. this is not something you know and him being a father this helps out a lot because sometimes was sorrowful about things have you ever hurt him I have yet heard somebody say some like this they do something wrong and then they say sorry have you ever said that to a person suddenly this know you're not an incident report is an Everyman center of these is not visiting Paris adiabatic children and the children are together playing under whatever they do and eventually one shot offends another and when the child and the other then all of a sudden the parents tell oneself and started to the others out there if you do that before you tell one time to the others out now watch this window one South is starting the others out have you seen the child is simply difficult I'm sorry in a conversation with an attitude you know what I'm talking about now when the child says I'm sorry to say what attitude how many of you have done this you go that's out-of-state you are not sorry to say it again is anybody other than that all right so there's a lot of common ground is rumored now do you know that we were wrong you know we were off doing yoga DiGenova positions that every time every time a person says this already need is another looking at me like I have two hits every time every time someone said every time that husband was says Lisa did you know he meant every time that wife husband she said honey I'm sorry in a cemented every time those children parents would ask out the mommy daddy I'm sorry these are the limited using the issue is not if this art I believe that anyone's of this RSR the question is not are you sorry the question is what kind of sorrow do you have easy notice what he says in verse ten of second Corinthians that the Bible says in verse ten six twenty seven it says flow God a sorrow what kind of power this is for godly sorrow work of repentance to salvation is not to be repented of but that's all you are all at work that public authorities universe easy to what it do godly sorrow that needs to live wherever he saw that these two debt so it unawares mindset is sorry are starting the question is not I sorry the question is what kind of sorrow it is not decide what is it where we saw that more of the question that the husband needs to find out from his wife that's more the question the wife needs to find out from the husband that more the question that the parent needs to find out from the child what kind of sorrow do you have because been a false repentance but it is a truly repentant and tonight God was making a call to Sharon repent you know the difference to both sorrows but they have two totally different experiences one is that the other one is life how do we determine how you know this is why I believe the subject of repentance is something that needs is not something that you talk about what is volume effective it is the unknown everything about this message every single time there are people from the past that the new perspective on this date I have never experienced to repentance Minnesota five years ten years twenty years and years and never experienced that because it was never spent the Bible says it is worldly sorrow beneath adeptness copy saw that leads to life I need to know which one have I demonstrated we will start with godly sorrow hope to verse eleven of the same books into his second release after seven hundred eleven the Bible tells us about the godly song when ascertained that one very quickly the Bible says in verse eleven is this will be whole this selfsame thing that she saw after a godly sort it says what carefulness is brought to you you were wearing up yourselves EAN what indignation game what the air J what we have a desire gave Wednesday out yet what we banned in all things you never proved itself to be clear in this matter the Bible has just revealed in verse eleven the route that grows on trees of those who are experiencing true event the first group the Bible says what careful notes it brought a want to imagine a father out and shoot a story and I never get tired of it because I believe it makes the point so wonderfully to the father who has two sons any as worship of his children every morning with his bride and to come together they have to worship and as they have worshiped he has a three -year-old and a five -year-old and they all come to get everyone to worship as they come together every morning for worship when worship is the financing outerwear mother stays home to homeschool their children her foster hardware and a three -year-old cannot work with you that Elizabeth versus the -year-old daddy says you know you can work with me you have to stay home with my debate about me please please can I thought possible you cannot go you to stay here with my child disappointed and father both outside and eagles and scientists at the start of the engine so the engine can warm up and while the engines warming up he's going to newspapers getting ready for state mothers in the kitchen with a five -year-old and mothers preparing food to get ready for breakfast as for your overseas mother busy and a three -year-old Wilson sees father busy of a truck for your oversight out of a glance of my day I than a goal to work with you that three -year-old opened that door and he begins the great it is one that is easily secrete the newspaper wrote oh and I screaming when you know he's trying to get behind the trust because what he was ability just behind the chuck is that a climate which I can sneak inside of the bed and when is that both of them were even phase him that little three -year-old what behind extra and he suicide because the medical enterprises that he would write at the companies behind the joint getting ready to surprise the daddy is bad he realizes that the engine is now ready father goes and puts his truck in reverse feedback status of the driveway and he crushes his three -year-old son killed the mother the father and the five -year-old writer we looking at a café that is hardly any bigger than this television screen refreshes for euros inside the casket the father is trying anything my son my his heart is broken eventually the Verizon they go back home and now the father has one child remaining eventually over time the father has to go back to work when the father mother and now only their five -year-old have worship the father says all right family am going to work question when the father goals in the truck and starts that is from a scale of one to ten how careful do you think that father is going to be when he backs out of that drive from a scale of one to ten how careful would you think that Protestant of the utility ten ten plus ten ten plus plastic you can imagine this on investing in those cameras that they put in the back of the truck you can imagine his father putting those alerting signal things you can imagine this on investing and everything necessary to make sure another mistake does not happen but with the police before in other words that topic is seriously careful that he is the question arguing that careful to not fall back into the sin today that you fell in yesterday the Bible says that the fruits of repentance J what carefulness you walk walking you being over this is one of the reasons why we plot the same sin over and over and over again is because we are not we save our effectiveness our unique and Neapolitan skills gears is what I trust the Bible intelligently and we do not feel on his based on emotional expression just because the crime does not mean that we were repented just because we shed tears for this is this not mean that we have been repented it is so easy for us to do those things and think about it is not that we commit no sin every day we are struggling with the same name by because Menachem we get we clean equipment the Bible says to repentance brings about the carefulness in an individual that had two ways that we can be careful of the book of Galatians chapter sixty three I will walk us through the process of want to see this because God wants us to understand that it is truly effective that is the true conversion that leads to the blotting out of but inevitably if we continue this roller coaster lifestyle with Jesus and we have never entered that expensive to repent for the Bible says in Galatians chapter six is Galatians six chapter the Bible says something very powerful and versatile and I want us to consider using I like this verse because the first is so much to me it influences if you have the places that covers what it has a net devices if a man be overtaken in a fall ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of the next kind caring nice owl that has now also being tempted is enough to bring out the reality of being cattle how many times you have a young lady than the estimate she needs a massive fall head over heels for him and you know that brother becomes the agent of the devil at the better fornication then again the practice that was the Bible calls it and then says that all of this is probably doing we need to stop every five thousand and eleven and all you need to come up with Joseph about how I want to win him to Jesus Biffle she continues to pursue it continues to pursue she's not being careful she has not consider herself messy is also tempted by so-called being careful represents this message if you know when you use the bureaucratic you want to necessarily be the one on the sexual victory is going to have to help you have a crack at because you might end up being around anyone you know what I think the couple 's nest and a couple observations and when you were trying to identify them they imagine I how many times has that happened young men will go around all these brothers he know that these guys are not conducive to Christian growth they know that these type of friends on the kind of individuals definitely need more into Pakistan and health rather than eternal life but you know what they say but I like them you know what I'm a time when these brothers of the Julie and Nick can you know when they were trying to evangelize the brothers brothers and all events are likely been using is not the sort of many of our youth today in the church you have all these wealthy friends each other listen God says that those who are friends of the world are enemies of God testing school in Bristol you can be friends with willing to try with this event which will go and befriend them and hang out with them in every circumstance because it back to consider just how many you legion it I realize that amount like I remember I got to avoid ice to be a major video game player love play video games all the time the videogame called it always been God 's money and I remember I got to have been convicted of is looking at management is a waste of money on putting all the images of violence and and and sometimes sexuality why why why they probably do you know what is the but you know what I had a friend in my life and every time I went to my friends on every single time I go to his house and he notices aren't meant to stop playing the game and you know what I was so weak that all of you to do is usually long and is displayed again in Encino no matter I think I could barely walk in his house with a determination not to keep on the city definitely definitely not again anything at all shadows as they come on and wait again as they come knocking at our missing only we operate again you know what happens now that you convention hits me like a ton of bricks on my didn't you Shane God 's name and with our witness to my boy and I saw one day got David occurs either but I think the list in Outlook eleven North but listen I'm realizing that I was going to two different when I come by accident all I want to do is talk of Jesus industry excellent new medicine I can't help it is it God 's Word has an online chat can help it that's all I want to talk about and I know that you want to hear it so please understand that if you find that when I hang out like we used to just understand is because we are both decided pastor can't mix that was a hard thing to tell a but I have to that's when he finally said you know what I respect the law you got a note to self process is stop trying to be Superman 's superwoman and keep going to places that you know are instruments of temptations that you know you can handle the stuff out to find itself that is not clear whether this is part of true repentance is being careful and being Catholic is to be manifested by the fact that you notice it while I can want to win others to Jesus I must be mindful of my own you got to know that I have learned we have a study on men decide exactly when we deal with many what makes about what makes a manner document and we guess I just wanted to talk about you know one of the greatest strength of the man is when you knows his weaknesses as one of the greatest things of a man is when he can know his weakness is insane I can't have somebody else has to do his job can't handle it to handle your weaknesses so therefore when we talk about silver tent is the first sign of it is that you have to be careful and and being careful you are going to come later the fact that you know what I can't just go everywhere and I can't just do everything because I'm not Superman I got to know my weaknesses but there's another side of the book of Matthew chapter twelve we see one has to be careful is the refraining and stay away from things that can tend to any agent that into since that's how it happened for this is every person in this room right now that is addicted to pornography that he tell you something number of the Sassano was going on even in the administer the many revenue come to church and also the seventh two million of WW X X X things way too much and you looking at them not even with all and thanks and so therefore I'm telling you Jesus said if I offend you pluck it out if you hand offends you cut it off if you keep finding yourself of these files sites cuts international there comes a point in time we got cut off there comes a point of your look anything I can handle this right now I can handle it right now every time I get access to the survey information highway I find myself going places that I have no business going and I find myself going down the relative addition you know what I need to go back to the got a couple of restraining its killing me got a learn that the time that God would have to call you to cut off sisters this am brothers in your life right now that is nothing but bad news for you anytime to get around them all they do is the consistently beat you in your life and to send it taking you away from the prayer meeting and taking away from church services for taking you with a morning and evening worship the taking away from a lot of the studies aware that taking away from the message if you are running their life that you need to cut that run-up all so salvation is on the line that is if you've got some woman in your life the next visit she's always the one that's calling and willing and trying to get you to get into everyone and call OSU makes you finally do with organizing and illustrated in a study to get it in the list goes on of learning how you can grow together and finished a lack of the gospel you got a woman like I proceeded to cut that system all so doesn't matter if it's an object it doesn't matter if the person whatever and like I said don't give me this about all of when I went so the Bible say 's he which are spiritual resources to one if you are not spiritual at United marketing if you notice on a vital connection between you and write that no matter how hard they bring temptations that you can stand against it if you have that however then maybe you could still be around the environment of insomnia in that person 's presence all they have to do is to say something and get my putty in her hands leaned that person alone do not strong economy all went well as I thought all is a photo of the book of Matthew chapter twelve Matthew twelve chapter does the Bible says in Matthew Obama says in Matthew the twelfth chapter do this amen the Bible talks about in verse forty three a house and unclean spirit the Bible says in Matthew the twelve chapter and verse forty three notices now is that when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walked through dry places seeking rest and find not that anything I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he has found he find that what Andy and what else sweat and garners two thousand twenty but it can see the following clean but energy that goes on is adversely five then go at the end taken with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself and the last state of that man is worse than the first even so seven the also under this wicked generation in this case is rather difficult to use the regarding this house used to be messed up the family goes in my life used to be dirty dozen my life is to be messed up but then we find Jesus and what was happening on the continent of the cleanup work there's not enough would Jesus do a clean up work because you got to make sure that Apple does the cleanup work any getting around the fields you have to be dealt with righteousness if you just sleep out to help but there's nothing in between and you and he and Hollow and I will than idle time becomes the devil 's workshop so while it is true that we often cut off all the bad we are in place and ready to go you can't just leave your life empty and I know you must be filled with the Spirit of God and you must do the work of Christ in your life this is how do you get a boy addresses the now a lot of young people especially find themselves falling back at the same time falling back into the process and idle time idle time when I think it certainly is what I call Samara for what you don't visit nothing we need to another usually doing something predecessors we have to understand that when Jesus does a cleanout work he also wants to do in input work and he was to put his spirit inside of us and he wants us to be engaged in his work this is why you have the story of the laborers in the vineyard and you remember the unascertained one of the Lakers anything while standing idle in my opinion when you come to Jesus and when he got to clean up where we must understand that now I need to update out myself to him so that I can be one of his workers because we're living in the time of the harvest when the great reasons why can't people continually fall back into sin over and over and over again is because it too I don't get too busy sometimes doing things that have nothing to do with building up talking it all the doing is trying to gain the things of this world is why we have a working the harvest the Yugoslavia training is a work that needs to be finished and got these workers into many people did try to make a penny what about Gothic bivouac that he is visibly and if you do God says while I cleaned while I want to fill you with my spirit I want to empower you to do my work the idle breakfast is is the devil 's workshop you will find that that is one of the easiest ways that he takes God 's people down every single time so while there is a cut all there's also a cut on you must be busy about your fathers business Jesus at twelve years old his parents were not about a father 's business but thank God Jesus was and what his parents finally found that twelve years old Jesus is going to understand I must be about my father 's business is one response that you can get an advantage over Jesus was always busy about his father 's business brothers and sisters I'm trying to tell you that you and I did not understand this principle of being careful diminishing falling back to the same thing you know what happens when you keep trying to stop sinning and then all of a sudden you find us of being overtaken over and over and over again in the same thing is I giving up a beautiful gossiping is foolishness is not real at least not for me and this is why you see a lot of people leave managers Jesus has given us a formula of how we can cease to be dominated by the things that take the majority of people in this world which is true repentance what about his worldly sorrow what is that good Matthew twenty seven Matthew the twenty seventh chapter notice of the Bible since he and Matt twenty seven we find ourselves for the clothes of Christlike the Bible says something in Matthew twenty seven that we would do well to consider Bible says in Matthew twenty seven starting in verse one S is when the morning was come all teeth present notice of the people took counsel against Jesus to put in the dead when the inbound and they led him away and delivered him to produce part of the government then Judas which had betrayed him when he saw that he was condemned repented himself so what do this do just as by the sisters repented himself and brought again for thirty pieces of silver to the chief reason Elvis same as sending that I have betrayed innocent blood and they said what is that Dusty Nelson that he cast down the pieces of silver in the Temple departed and went and hanged question did you deserve it obviously not the Bible stated obviously in the last rhetorical question digit is event corseted my fifth what we learned was always connected to repentance sorrow how to solve it to conscious all once are least to life and the ability to that all right so therefore the real question is what kind of solid media okay yeah what is I know what you're saying and what he saw because he hung himself saw you saying his repentance is not genuine because he hung himself exactly thought so that many Zionists are you saying that when a man deliberately doesn't than that he knows will take his life that he is not truly repented I'm just asking a question premises were studying about the stimulate thought definitely could are you telling me that because I made a decision to do an act that he knew was going to destroy his life that you call that suicide and therefore you say that he did not have to regret is that what you're telling me okay so do we know anybody else in the Bible made a decision deliberately that he knew was going to take his life that was a servant of God is evident to repentance of the Niger simply is was up with that was going on rather what you can send no defense is going to push these pillars I know there is going to cross me and kill me yes I know you are a in other words and arguments to you that your people regularly working for the harvest will present to you their movies therefore strike out of talking about to his experience to repentance and if one executives of you have been nice to know is not something about the normal done wrong with you what are you ever been on holiday accept the fact accept the fountain word of God pouring no it is not vulnerable to accept a five month reason the words pouring notice with the Bible says and accept the five now and is visiting about repentance very important verse thirty one accept the five hundred thirty one lovely with long zoom in on Judas 's line numbers and think about citizen because not enough to just know what godly sorrow is we need to understand it as well we saw is so that we can care to examine our hearts and find out which one we haven't got the wrong one we need to get the right the Bible says accept the five hundred thirty one it is at least a manner the Bible says Jim God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior for to what for to jam the written content is to Israel and forgiveness of sins what we learn from the birth record to repentance what we learn what do we learn about repented and asked five thirty one as the getting it all right with you again please assume a seminar that got me to come together states expected to know they believe as five thirty one sixty would try to get a lesson about repentance Jim God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior for to what jail of repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins what we learn all right Senator Dennis is an and is not something that comes naturally brought out from the verse yes repentance is given is not something that you and I can develop naturally it has to be given to us from God I find that so far now what this is why I know based on this visible this is why milk is no way that students could have had true repentance goals of the book of John the thirteenth you watch this this is why I know that the Jews could not have possibly said that the six John thirteen John the thirteenth chapter Jesus is sitting with all of his disciples are having a final meal and having Amelia notice of the Bible analysis that Jesus tells them one of you are going to the training verse twenty one with this aim in John thirteen verse twenty one the Bible says when Jesus had thus said he was troubled in spirit and testified as a very very icy and to use that one of you shall betray Jesus said that now it is then the disciples looked one another downing of whom he spake now there was leaning on Jesus 's pleasant one of his disciples and Jesus love Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him that he should ask who was the opening he's great event but Jesus expressly amended him Lord is Jesus answered he is the Lord myself give a sop when I'm fifty and when he had stopped he gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon now look at what it says in verse twenty seven the Bible says and does is stop what is the commentary on Genesis condition things in and to any Canadian so notice that the commentary on the life of Judith Ben is no last commentary on the what time anything now is this the first designated in the eye you know that the pertinent perfume wafted over please enable you doing this expensive oil and some other bargaining on how you know that anything is ended have you ever have you ever dropped something as easily so we know what a whammy every I don't know if it would would you say honestly that the demonstration that Satan has entered into Judas the fact that he looks he was questioning a use that oil and use the money to put into the treasury immediate signatures are good concepts and the first time this season entered into Judas Johnson you remember Jesus put out this test question as Jesus put out this test question Jesus was testing the people we talk about those we my flesh and drink my blessing of God when he connected that all the people following him the Bible says in verse sixty six where notices on three fifty six the Bible says from that time many of his disciples went back and will know more within a whole other people went and left Jesus mounted what happened Jesus of course is hurt by this but it goes on December six two seven then said Jesus unto the twelve will ye also go away then Simon Peter answered him nor to whom shall we go now in the words of eternal life and we believe and are sure that now that Christ the son of the living God and the pure versus seventy and seventy one it says Jesus answered them have not I chosen you twelve was the end of the and one of you is what I get always thought about her seventy one is so I think my hair is not the first attempt of his estate became part this is not the first time that right so therefore when the Bible say that Satan entered into him it is to be something deeper than simply that Satan had an influence only thing that influence over him be well before the Bible says Satan entered into him the Greeks as they can have full control over in other words this is as it was right there John thirteen twenty seven that uses probation clothes it's been just entered him Satan now had old control over him and asked why we John thirteen twenty seven in verse twenty eight twenty nine it literally says it was probation clothes I guess my question how can somebody repent God has to what give it to them but how could God gives you his repentance in Matthew twenty seven if in John thirteen twenty seven his probation clothes that need times up it's over so there's no way that this could have manifested to repentance because that only comes from God and his probation was already closed so the question is this what been motivated to this is repentance was resistant to the Scriptures giving over and I'm about to see the cross of worldly sorrow was just a student of the Scriptures yet the text of Scripture that do this remember when he condemned Jesus what did you syntheses that I condemned a what kind of man he said in a statement in the one in the last tackling duces my political flashback Deuteronomy twenty seven watch this this is the foundation of all worldly sorrow all all pretensions Deuteronomy twenty seven knows what the Bible says Bible says in Deuteronomy twenty seven chapter we get there please amen here's what the Bible says about find out just as we condemn an innocent man this is what gives remember Deuteronomy twenty seven verse twenty five knows what the Bible says the Bible says in Deuteronomy twenty seven twenty five it is the Bible says twenty seven twenty five right person being he that taketh reward Jews they had enough innocent person and all the people shall statement Judah 's new because I have been an innocent person and took a reward for it Judas knew I am under God 's curse and that was the most patient for his repentance in other words to make it real plane worldly sorrow is never been focused worldly sorrow is always consequence focused the genuine artistic worldly sorrow is now her focus worldly sorrow is always a consequence focus is when a child says mother and father I'm sorry the question is are you sorry because you realize the wrong but you don't will argue sorry because you know the wrath shall come when the child says mother and father I am sorry but in their mind is saying I'm saying that because I don't want that Ron that is worldly sorrow that he would a man goes to his wife is funny I'm sorry but the only reason he says is because he knows that if he doesn't apologize she's been accused shattering shattering shattering weight and give him I had so that life if I have time consequence focused consequence focused we go to syllable please forgive me for my sick but the only reason we said it was because we knew we just went on a job interview and we don't want anything to mess up getting that job solemnity make all my wrongs with consequence focused is the truth be told and do you know where this is is it even worldly sorrow when we say over what please forgive me for my sins because I don't consequence focused see David David fell into sin David was looking we should not been looking at was gazing and he was looking at passing the plate with advanced mind so much that David got to the point of David's and you know what to do all that had befallen the Sanya innocent man killed just gratifying Damon is confronted by me needs and presents that story that I know you know very well Nathan Letson no you would demand you give the data says something so powerful in his prayer of repentance and I want to see this as we close in Psalms fifty one is in that prayer out through repentance that David says something in that prayer that we would do well to consider I want to see what he says in verses one to four David also forgot he realizes what's about the fall of onion is the first one he says have mercy upon me O God according to buy lovingkindness according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from I think but not sure if verses reinforce the hearing repentance he says for I had mounted I transgress in this and my sin is ever before me I can be and the only question and done this evening I signed that thou might be justified without speakers and the leader went out to David was not the consequence of David Sydnor I procure I broke your heart I guess you and I guess you only have I sinned against you it's even nice I thought I'm not I am not signing away the reality that this is something that I has broken your average man comes before Jesus comes before God he so broken social with sorrow for sin but all he can do Jesus is being his hand upon his breast and hang his head down and say have mercy upon me a sinner great issue allows the can't see this it because they're too busy gazing at their own righteousness gazing at her own good works I think that because the right dress right and live in the right places and do the right things the things that this constitutes my consent and therefore they feel even better because they know the majority of your brethren around them are not doing the same thing therefore they begin to think something about themselves I feel they can't see themselves as rich miserable poor blind they and therefore the local forgot SLO twenty seven more so because the consequent focus not because this info of this is Christ is about to blot out the sin of his people in the sanctuary and Jesus wants us to be a people prepared me to but it is not going to happen if we keep making excuses for us keep ignoring our sins keep falling into sin and playing and cheapening God 's grace is then you'll be there tomorrow to give me what I do it again when the time that we will let him fill us with his presence and give us to repentance so that we can start being more careful to make a very real deal with I don't want to worry about who's the other two you're right there is no one in this room including yours truly that have to happen to help with you it you'll walk with God is yours if individual person I want you to safely scan in your mind right now and I want children to listen to as well as the adults if you look back at the life and you can honestly say Lord at this time I see more clearly than I ever seen before I have not been careful I have not been careful I fall into sin I mess up I say I was sorry I'm not careful unless and I thought but again I fail sorry on not careful I thought what I think sorry if I'm not careful on life and the people around him this ridiculous article not realizing that all you're doing is waiting to give me to repent shoes are to appoint that like David I can realize against me and the only advice and invited respondent you know we never hear that story again about David doing how how nebulous in fact when you study first Kings chapter one verses one through four carefully do you know if universities were first used for what it tells us very clearly that David was stricken and all engineers and when he was called that are wanted to survey the landscape with it to get along with enormous force that is the king knew her identity got one exception should repent daily guide got David and David L five hundred you don't think I can do there with you you did do you do you honestly think that you have to keep going back to the same thing all over again and again and again and again a be a real with I'm telling you I pray God never I pray that this never dies from a very honest approach with my heavenly father and I totally forgot I'll be the first Filipino and be honest with you I hate you and I will and I and I don't not like that well saying is that I will not know because the originals my heart and at times and I went to God as a father to be honest with you I hate you I hate to work but I'm begging you please take the stony heart give me a lot of the somehow to so not alone I hated word pictures I had all these things I want to cooperate need to be read what this thing is so real in my heart literally on on my bed this morning and I'm been amended by the pattern of the family fun and interesting field and decided to distinguish that which is executed and you get your points better on what we do is like the house noted CYC another training another church service another thing but I hope that vexing myself when we get tied up and we get to what becomes real to that he can actually keep us from falling and he can present this fall before the presence of his glory with exceeding when the ANOVA no got not cooperate as got one if you look at our tonight and honestly similar I have not been careful and as a result of that I have not entered into the experience of repentance in the matter of the book tonight asked me to give me that it may get real in my heart the buyer agrees all start being more careful that's your testimony similar I have not been careful by the responsible one we experience truth is that I may be a careful of all I like the sanity of the you're being honest with your own heart is nobody else and you have anything to put you when you're being honest with the own heart because time is a Las Vegas gun safe is he just a little while the only things we tell the truth to the matter is as many of us we are not us on people I promise you under the authority of the Word of God if you take the lessons you've learned tonight meditate on and you learn what it is to live in crisis let's talk about that tomorrow you focus more from this visit I have had this on developing Zohar talked about several things going on in the church I talk about these things in brothers and sisters I believe that the least points are necessary at various times I believe beyond anything else that what must swallow up every other doctrine is Christ our righteous how he can give us power to live a holy life in a sinful world to talk about that got to be real with because when I look at the prospect chart I can see time is running out and I know I need express with Jesus this deeper than what I had I believe easy to as a real with God you want to do something very special in your heart to do a miracle inside if I can get is Christ is that a work in you and throw new voice glory in such a manner that even as his work as you will be surprised at the power of the gospel cry out slices stand of the crisis know that Jesus is on your side he is determined to make sure you are saying or cooperate with cooperate please cooperate with that spring up father in heaven we thank you so much for this gift of true repentance we thank you God that you can help us to recognize that it is not by might nor by power but only by your spirit that we can see ourselves who we really are wretched miserable poor blind in the blogger you are networking heaven to blot out our sins other we don't want to do anything that will frustrate network we want our names to remain in the book of life and we want our sins to be blotted out of the book of records and father would think the message of Jesus Christ this is possible so we pray to God to please for atmospheric digital miracle tonight that you give is that gifted to repentance and that will be careful will be more careful the things we need to cut all you need to cut on registered leaders may show us and make it plain to our thank you to give her this prayer teaches how to apply the we ask it all in Jesus name amen all his includes new scenes in relation to three angels messages preaching teaching the same day after Christmas and to integrate healing a medical missionary work in declaring the gospel more information on our ministry and the resources we provide these log onto our website at www. PCH .com X www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe you are part to meet the needs of humanity in the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner a a socialist plot is my hot is that God 's word to us peace sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life is more so than if please visit www. audio source .org


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