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How to Know God's Will For Your life

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • February 15, 2013
    7:00 AM
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hello for me so thank you Lord for giving us another day weekend and we can serve you within that way is by loving is to assist my help us to understand more about the plans you have previously used in necessarily go and let God some of you may have gotten a copy of the devotional titled Pitocin line after Dwight Nelson it was the devotional for the year two thousand twelve anyways I let the message on the first page the reading for January one and the message goes like this have the language chosen and ever wondered what it is like the night you were conceived I hadn't either until I came across a stunning description that biologists on the campus assuredness all of your parents came together whether they stayed together ever really got together overstrained it doesn't change this incredible scenario for any of us and father pocket half a billion tiny number of cells or sperm inside mother that's right five hundred million sperm issue with the solitary mission to find the single old on Mother's Day and penetrated and only one of those sperm can make you you which meant that it had cost them the four hundred ninety nine million nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine others thrive in that race for life and he goes on to quote as a business on author of the book content Chris Connelly says he just left you know the weather and they didn't follow up on the screen happened to what is one complete different on you could have been warning you had that one unique by the software life that one unique open in a very real sense happened the other human being will go like to make away what you you especially met strictly for the Google point of view your presence on the other is a miracle at the very dawn of your life you have to overcome overwhelming on on hiding a you will ever have to face in any other situation no matter what you may think of yourself no matter what else may befall you in like manner what's stopping you may be forced to endure what family of money on you may eventually have to face it is imperative that you understand this you came into this world at the champion Jeremiah chapter one verse five got this before I want you and will I knew you before you will walk through dozens of first event that this completely new meaning in light of lecture and you suppose that this got wanted in the will be supposed that he has a plan for your life I like the way the NIV puts it in my claimant was eleven I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you have to give you hope and a future but amazing for me God has a plan for wife's but it is possible that we can sell on God 's plan for life because we are busy making our own plans because we are busy going up only is it possible in this uncle is calling for your life because we choose our own calling alone like that I know that human beings suffer much because they step out on the path that God has chosen within to follow they want to live in another self conditioner result in the addition unrest and sorrow which we might have avoided if they had submitted their will to God permitted him to control it away all the suffering we wouldn't like if we would allow him to leave from him to control all links for the book how to ruin your life by worst but before walk and please don't mistake this for trivial book into the deficient title on this book was based on University taught that people are would get the young people and basically what you're saying is that is that we're all built with an internal alarm clock goes off every kind were not the eventually but a lot of people especially young people in their twenties they look like hitting the snooze button and what he wants to do is he wants to do to help young people to avoid on the life shattering consequences of making foolish the basically in his book how do we page forty number one what can you do through that will number one just a few got any life you got the number two it's married the wrong person marry the right person is such an important decision your usefulness in this life for God 's glory we did a lot would depend on who you marry number three then your life ignoring the laws of cause and effect on a lot of with them read the book of Proverbs thirty one chapters one chapter which they so much of it is about hello are you doing that this is just simply live your life before feeling and how often do we Christians when doing things simply because it feels a Christian this is a feeling will make no progress in the questions were culpable in not by sight or by feeling I like that we are not limited to plan our own life it is not to shoot our future is good news to many and planning for the future making under the knife been there that God planned for you how did you like to have God on your life wonderful it's good to see some a handout that you know a lot of people and I know I'm guilty of this and all the young unlike I don't want God plan for me if I would like to analyze my life would be just in the morning and actually miserable and that will probably live into our minds and thinking that that they got eventually and that life would be aptly miserable it would fully surrender the friend there is nothing better than to be fully surrendered me think about having your child in the one day and said moment that I realized the Yosemite more expensive my guess was more wisdom from now one hour commute with them for advice with every any parent you waiting for this day I went because talking is was possible no and yet we think God is like I love the fund ministry of healing page four seven nine five never leave his daughter otherwise they would choose to be led if they could see the end in the beginning and discern the glory of at the going coworkers without one one day when you will look back on life I would think on how I think you the way you that in my life and never complained and got lightly creamy like why my social work why may not have marked her complaint got particularly the most out of life and you want to glorify God you think you're the way he's been just a week more is wired each one of us and especially in a very unique way because for each one of us are very special work to do and that's why the format and favorite uncle in one thirty nine physician working for you formed my inward parts you covered me in my mother 's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous audio work and that Michael knows very and maybe things don't make sense maybe things don't make sense of a phase to think on anyone caught our thank you for making me just the way I is less sure that you have been through a lot of pain a lot struggled to mount my there been times where I hurt so badly run in Cleveland got to put me to sleep and pain was so severe I've been through clinical depression on four occasions we are getting so suicidal communities want out of life you would think God is so merciful is to produce up with some really better answer those prayers and never done it for the people in the Bible that print the same price yeah I can understand the words enjoyed the winding up I'm not I die at birth why did I not had the money came from the world I want to read to you this one home visit is a blessing to me Thomas others felt like automotive and truck for right away desperately hopelessly long way I cried quietly patiently loving the God reply I plan it I went for it which might aid in the master said Kelly said child you must wait wait you say way too much saving reply Loo or any answers I need to know why is your and what have you not heard by a glad and claiming it worked like you all to which I can relate hangs in the fountain you taught me to wait a needing a yes go ahead sign or even a note to which I can resign and lordship promised that if we believe we need and we shall receive the Lord had been asking and this is my crime and worry about in your reply they quietly softly as the investment master replied once again you must place lump in my check if needed and caught and grumbled to go so I'm waiting for what they seem then to Neil and his eyes looked with mine a Congolese that the continual sign up to shift the mountain attrition in the heavens and documents on the rate of the dead and causing mountains to run all you speak I could give up leave you would be even how much you want but you wouldn't know me you'd not know the depth of my love which think they did not know the power dedicated to the faint do not want to see to the clouds of despair you cannot learn to trust despite knowing there you'd not know the joy of resting and naming darkness and silence were all emergency you never experience the fullness of love and peace of my spirit descends like about you no idea and I save for a start but you did not know the depth of the beat that my heart and love my comfort into the night the evening came when you walk without site to depth beyond getting just what you ask an infinite God makes you what you have left you never know sugarcane completely what it means that make racist sufficient to be yes your dreams for a loved one overnight would come true but over the lost as I lost when doing so be silent my child and in kind you will see the greatest of gifts is to get to know me and fell off me my answer seem terribly late my most precious answer of all the scale weight rates going back a couple of light we read God never leaves his children otherwise they would just be that I can look back on my life now and I can thank God for sparing my life on those four occasions right the definitely want to die I mean when you go into severe depression and its worth encounters with anything the world hopefully why we had cancer you want to beat you have this hope you want to survivor not when you have severe depression all you want to look back on my life and I like to think on the paintings allow me to go because I would be Ryan today I went defending when you hear this morning it were not for those with painful expenses that God used to shape into the person I am today as I want to encourage you to think God trust them and try in the future life industry that you have anointed the plaintiff will be made I wish so clean that are thinly unanswered prayer and discipline of have been among our greatest blessings that has really happened all was a gifted writer to the politics and devotional writer my favorite hymns and I like me she's not a writer of that him he's also written that Kim that we know very well take my life and holy consecrate look at the gym and do a lot like on during the last years of her life and she passed away my around reporting lately during the last years of her life she was in a lot of pain she suffered a lot but his worker work got was delicious he makes no mistakes the worth of a someone who who who knew her father and trust him completely elected to give to every man his work each have their place in the eternal plan of having each if the work in cooperation with life for the salvation of souls not most earlier the place prepared for us and having less than if the specialty does need on earth where we ought to work for God and an amazing friend does God have a plan for life it's a very very specific plan he has a general plan for all people before each one of you is a very unique and will look to and will stitching overkill revealed what exactly where he would have to be ultimately slept a lot he can win souls interesting than in the Lord Elana this unit but it will not be leaving to have breath to go to Joppa or to Capernaum just reasons for financing the face toward which he had been direct the left then you have the desire to go on a short-term mission trip committee got on you to go spend a few years of the career missionary was to give you that encompasses work on your part is that a look and looking to have human contact the organization you know where you would like to go start winning again on honeymoon they got wherewith you have needles from I would rather be in the hot Saharan desert single serve as a missionary in the Bahama is gone with colony the Sahara desert I'd rather go to a place or go to the jungle to have and to be in a mosquito infested have you present in the on vacation in Hawaii without his presence so often we think it's up to us to decide what we want to go and when we want to serve God Galicia was an insulin were writing the center of his will will expand the greatest blessings and give Murray said there's nothing out with closer to God in union with my loving and keeping and doing the will of God how many of you one God look to your life nothing more nothing less nothing else how to determine possible if we want to do successfully in the Christian walk rent it is so important that we understand how to know God 's will for life and that's what I want cover at this time number one we must believe that God will guide is meant his work is full of promises that God will give us guidance and direction idea chapter three verse twenty one years of your word behind you think this is the way one in the Navy turned to the right and open a return to the John ten twenty seven my sheep hear my voice and he know them and they follow me something to pursuit I was structuring teaching in the way you should go I will guide you amazing on this something that I think that the demand ordered by the Lord any delight in his way by the way when you make the decision to have the heart plan for your life it's like the most we think that these official with everything you get the picture his initial equity have this book with the next few years never all God will do it you'll see the next is the stuff of the demand in order available in your that requires you to do in question everyday distinction exercise the adopting got delayed all else the only show you the next but if anyone we must believe that God will guide number two we must surrender our own will to his guidance in the second step is just so important if you don't get a second that everything else lead is a matter to you not the guidance in John chapter seven percent to visit anyone will do his will he shall know concerning the doctrine and like the way the new American standard Bible does the wording to fight if anyone is willing to do his will he will know that each you have to be willing to do God 's will if you want to know what he's want to teach his work or what he is wanting to reveal to you all like that until you have the resolution to obey God 's will you cannot have we need to be surrendered from the gecko but how often do we go to God and we have gotten valiantly because we want to consider it as an option we knew that what you think of a situation in anyone but even gone like that you'll never know what God 's will is Joyce Miller talked about at the beginning to get my heart they didn't have the will of its own in regard to give the matter night has been the trouble with people it generally is just your it's coming to us surrendered state knife ever been difficult to overcome the heart are ready to do the Lord 's will whatever it may be when one is actually in the state it is usually bundled middleweights the knowledge of what his will is unlikely that a defendant many who believe in find the lowest monthly talk about life and about the Holy Spirit yet received no benefit why supposing that it will be Jerry got back to surrender they do not surrender the full to be guided and controlled by divine agencies is expected to be filled with the Spirit of God that were not fully surrendered so we can be used by the Holy Spirit minute what are we thinking that we want to use the Holy Spirit we cannot hear the Holy Spirit the Spirit of youth that it is not working as people too willing to do what it is a pleasure but many will not submit to this a want to manage themselves this is why they do not receive the heavenly gift friends we want to leave this chat surrendered at the end filled with Doctor Ayman only says that we begin each day concentrating ourselves to God and to make this our very first work this into the threat is she she recommends taking a old war as wholly thine I lay what all my plan affect the unity and a servant abide with me and that all my work be brought previous prayer every morning as the Internet as you begin your morning devotions pray this prayer is a maybe a life of God was surrendered to the father 's will and dependent upon his power please understand that Jesus walked on the sort you do not want to go he walked as a man is ended he was clothed with humanity in John chapter five thirty Jesus set up my phone I can give me in John chapter fifteen respondent was Jesus a apart from me you can do we depend on Christ justifies dependent on the father not your skin which is spending time paper until another time going up I thought he was beautiful of God so he was able to speak these things and what all the miracles noted is dependent on what the Navy has been quite unimpressive in the chapter house asking to get a license on price received from God week to the meeting the privilege that is ours through prayer okay felt so utterly with an empty desktop and he made no plans for the sake that they got NPI data father unfolded his plan or alive were amazingly every morning I would never thought me and God 's chosen a nightly hour by hour how do you like and experience do you think I want to give us that can experience which one so should we depend upon block their life maybe the simple outworking of his will from associate the young people yes Sony decisions to make what easier when you're done with with Academy what are you going to go to what is funny what question are you on what while I will be going to take more than a married you have so many important decisions to make guess what it feels when you fully got sleepy got you'll have to make those decisions I will show you exactly what you have you we must surrender our own will to his guide number two number three we must be in much prayer for guidance the Psalms are full of earnest pleading to God Psalm twenty five versus one five show me your ways old Lord teach me your path the meeting it should then teach me put you on the God of my salvation on you I wait all day I do like to wait on the Lord the Bible tells us that God is good just all who wait on him a few days before I believe it is would put that God the one who waits on him we must wait on the Lord at the mile of the global revivalists and he said at one get one at the junction is worth it a shot at the wavy at all enterprises which are not according to God 's will may be arrested at the very beginning don't look forward working on the plans were dumped into a relationship and that God got his as you will never help from the very outset is late April but the matter out into got Hansen out that he will not fail to shatter the project and the deep vein which is not according to his will he will you want to pursue something that is not according to his perfect will James Frazer with the missionary who worked with the great missionary Hudson Taylor in China and he has been unanswered prayer at half we just think the Lords was that of my own I suppose most of us have had six this is praying and praying type but no answer has come the heaven above and had been run by the way I see the many oxygen photos on a comment PowerPoint available on the morning talk you just go to the ACP booth which of the ministry and representing digital sign up for newsletters all the happiness you are send you all the PowerPoint and at home anything else I share and what happens in commission stories so please stop by our exhibit inside something opposition has been such a good want to alternative but that is not a straight being of God many good designers received from or what I'm crucified so I went upon entrance is right everybody wants a certain position everybody wants to be a head on it we want to be beheaded whenever how often do these desires perceived work on crucified health event you want something in a gone to the one for you graphically examine ourselves more thoroughly before God we might even discover them to fit the whole course of our life was not in accordance with his will what right with the Manhattan Institute taste expected first to be answered but is this not but is not that the fact with regard to much Christian work get to work from God is a needed injunction topic Christian leaders make their own plans look hard at them and then honestly ask God 's blessing on the which is why we're told in Matthew chapter six or seven when Jesus has many will come to mean that agency Lord Lord have I not done this had I not been in Jesus will say I never knew you you who practice lawlessness I think that you think there is a lot of people here on revenue came in late and I talked about the book how to Win your life page forty I mentioned earlier when you like the audio life number two million and one only for the men and women I know how to pray like the day before the containers should create or find a date when such that it anticipated very differently no influence and affect your life both in the floor and in the world to come a sincere Christian will not attend his plan in this direction without the knowledge that God approves his quest do not want to choose for himself but most feel that God must choose would you trust God enough to choose for you you know when I was young and I for the three that I can help I think in Rebecca how how it was an arranged marriage I did ask for a I would never want that to happen I would get along but she is funny why because guess what I was not converted and I had desired carnal desires and digital lightheadedness avoid God will not give me what I want and I went out the young person and made important with this meet and speak I think you will like this one God 's word is true in song and father thirty one for thirty charm is deceitful beauty of passing but a woman that is the Lord she shall be praised and they came to the record island of the monk was the smiling I'd rather be single and be stuck with the wrong person I think the place where I was penniless but just for me in Psalms thirty seven is that it circulates up on the warning something that is a hard working on England Gospel warming in God who created me that he not know better what the desire of my heart I did I know you would call in Jeremiah seventeen the heart is deceitful above all people and desperately wicked long story short you know I look to the Lord and the Lord brought my wife Jan and I together and add when people ask how did you need enough on Australia with an arranged marriage and in it I explain is not who he is wrestling matches for you that God shoes for you examine carefully to see you married life would be happy or a harmonious and wretched that the question be raised with the union help me heavenward will it increase my love for God and will enlargement your usefulness in this FB 's request is present the drawback than in Europe God move forward battalion on a different engine Mitchell an amazing young man I love the brother is about thirty two years old at the age of sixteen he went to prison and he busted to spend the rest of the prison he grew up always getting into trouble just because they are both educators but she was always getting into trouble at the age of sixteen get together with the wrong group of guys and come up with this idea that the always brilliant on Halloween night they were math and it would drive up people 's homes hope you like them while others would go in throughout the health dealing with the current and they appointed him to be the driver of the getaway car in the ship like more pipelines and then all of a sudden they would drive down the street a result Christmas lights they were surrounded by cop car it was high with several counts of kidnapping and kidnapping because it will give a complete and eight at sixteen he doesn't imprison people on the plane original monthly short you get a copy of God 's word he begins to read any of the painful experience from having read God 's word she was crying at the admin does work but he could not find help bring the Bible to antiaircraft God thank God is it possible to forgive someone like me won't long story short God saves him and he determined to live his life when he got present in such a way that no one would ever know that he went to prison the miracle after ten years he got out of prison in his testimony he shared that the ten years in prison with the best years of his life from God through our worst experiences into a great blessing I know some of you in high school and having an Academy you been through some painful experiences gotten used inconvenient testimony anyways I had the pleasure working with them in Southeast Asia a couple summers ago and I have finished any plan to get married and answered is really amazing and as it was this event I often pray this prayer Lord if I can bring it up I need being single I can bring it to you three hundred three people to live on turning heaven than a single but if I can bring you three hundred four people to live for all eternity by me being married the new dinner for that one extra soul I'm going to marry that amazing siphon some of the significance of the number three of the reports of these that help on nothing is a number always changes the method seven hundred and hundred one illustrated the point is that one soul the summit has a learning for souls I met him last winter he told me that even a relationship and now I am getting married and flexibility title with respect to the ship and he said he made it very clear to her universe that have medical mission and she comes first to ever get married and got called us to go work in downtown Hong Kong you got to be wonderful and he don't call it already calls to Dublin after you got to be willing to follow me he made it very clear win why don't people like Andrew Mitchell Inman don't number three we must be a microphone and before we must hear him speak what and how to thought it was how can his voice be heard through the word how else the Holy Spirit speaks to make an impression upon the heart and departmental working God where God waited in the card through these three-way number five friendliness with the divine harmony with any all three voices got word the Holy Spirit making impressions upon the parts and the ponderous workings God what must be heard through all three activities and must be saying what the same thing every microscopic present within his word without our always corroborated by his providence around how we should quietly wait until these refocus into one yes an amazing space is left this morning I had another plan was widely focused on soul winning I should message a couple weeks ago at my church and my wife and my brother you just found up so I had another message this morning but all he can not have uploaded an old T-shirt message that I find the Lord is another method you have ensure I felt like this method would be a better message for this morning but please understand that using on a per piece based on Friday night as of the first chapter we learn to be better to have it on Thursday my wife went last night they would laugh but I made the decision I can open this message preparing to show this message this morning my wife went in on advertisement this morning she was the first issue system yet I don't think it's good that you share the other message possibly I said don't worry I retained a militia this message about living up everything and she said you know what I thought also that that would be the better deal is exciting to me I know that God is speaking to me and learning to hear his wife doubtless the very thing that got been oppressed need with Holy Spirit but I wasn't really sure but God gave me confirmation with publish a working speaking through my way to admit is that I think the meeting to get my heart is such a thing that it has no will of its own we met earlier he does not say having done it I do not mean the result of dealing with and when present and so I made myself liable to great delusions is unique in its trouble if you simply move my feelings if you think all I had the feeling in the field Holy Spirit impressing and uniform even find yourself into trouble there are three voices and we must wait for the what the divine harmony I think the will of the Spirit of I like messing with the word of God is Spirit and the word must be combined if I look to the spirit alone without the work I opened to great delusions also the Holy Spirit guided at all he would do it according to the Scriptures and never contrary to the next vacation don't tell providential circumstances is often play in the cake got the will and commission with his work and spirit that I went through the Holy Spirit will speak to us through the word and then God will open the doors or you will close but what if I want to go through by the way brother and I guess he talked about the Navy fact Bible reading plan and what you like about it it allows you to read important reflections about we really need a deeper experience in God 's word and convicted of that economic and I about him I myself I need to learn to be but one of the things I do every day if I do spend time with anything that I will be on to allow me to read all about the work at least once a year all of Scripture the whole of Scripture is inspired by God in the front of giving what you gravitate to certain books that we like that speech was that if you really want everything God 's will and is I feel like it's good to be on a Bible reading that allows you to read through all of the Bible once a year but have a way of speaking what what we need on a specific date and I'll be praying about something enabling to thought what I'll be praying something about according to my heart and then on the idea I need to have an answer it's like I have a way of just speaking to me through the reading for that day and I do it this is how I believe that God is the one who placed the burden on my heart do the one with the passing of Frank and he knows them than it does in chapter you provide the answer so I wanted you should be on Halloween and also allows you to read through them all about the word as well depending the number I will wait for the divine harmony and number six when the usher of the guy we must obey without question a friend when God made it so clearly open the doors you got to move forward to hesitate what what happened to your ability to share I like to discern his will if you're doubting you hesitating when God made it so clear through his Holy Spirit through the work on an open source providentially now I share this with you earlier about how I found this quote did I get a similar talk about how to know God 's will but though the time what I really needed to know about a year ago about how I was leading in my life and with the audio version and I found nothing to the hand of God will buy from the mic and abilities with any shared this quote I found I later went to the life and how might they wanted to read in context this is what I like that if you choose to open your heart to think of suggestions in each of the surviving of the white enemy that I do expect God to work a miracle to keep you from your diseases power evil angels are gathering about your full but they are invited to get they make propositions and you accept and then she said until you have made the resolutions will because when you cannot haven't gotten so I heard about this one gal last year and is letting religion she used to work for the Lord actively made on her life several years later she and the Nina sky the Buddhist not add she get the what she got her heart announced she wanted to marry her and all the things you asking irresponsible is that it is possible she's praying is run as you call your friend got answering is precious so new that it will be possible that evil angels are gathering about useful but they are invited yet they make oppositions and you like and what we made earlier and it should open your artistic vision it should diagnose when adding an video expect God to work a miracle to keep me from noticing our friends if you open up your life to the influence of enemy the devil did you find genuine miracles you can be careful of friends we must believe that God will guide us number two we must surrender our own will to the kind number three we must be in much prayer for guidance number four we must hear his speech was number five we must wait for the divine harmony number six when the usher of the guidance we must obey without question I let on that agent page three three one are likely in a tangle but as we commit ourselves to the wife master worker he will bring out the pattern of life and character that will be to his own glory it is a beautiful promise I came across this many many years ago sum assured me and how God can do for him he shared it with me at a time in my life for my liking but it was that angle I cannot see what God was meeting since many many but I can see how God is beautifully fulfilled his promise in my life then there is that I wish I could've learned early on in my life now the team whenever twenty what decided to head for the ministry I wish I would've learned three things sadly its ongoing evening in my early thirties number one I wish I would've learned importance of strengthening political I went into ministry I had my own plan I still had my ambitions my goals I wish I would've to surrender everything Re: on in my life and what we have some young people here I wish you do the act your age while you can just surrender your life completed and God can use you in amazingly the one who is sooner my limits I wish I would've understood the power of prayer like I do now I wish I would've understood the power and number three I wish I would've understood the importance of humility why because God cannot bless the proper thing to do not use the proper set were told in the book that James or first Peter God resist the power to give the grace to the humble all the great men of God friends are living in a panic on a given history it will always render it all men and women that were and they were humble people are important the surrender surrender I love the fastest in the present agency love must will do the greatest amount of friends went to heaven and will look back and there is frequent enough the one thing rather than he ever do anymore to the phase of in the attorney was independent rather than it when anyone called and certainly not afraid anymore because women have communion with God is a friend when we will like what welfare and Don and how we pray a little rude there was regret all how I wish I would've prayed some more Angels their own names that we pray for little because they know what I can do through per cannot the sun Leslie who said to all the good you can in all the ways you can in all the pictures you can to all the people you can buy all the news you can't at all but I'm here as long as you can Microsoft fake there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting up a fight makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his life upon his heart and intellect only consecrated to God in a meeting then I'll murder he said there are no that a Christian and are living on Christians what are you what you desire to be the one of you know than the Christian George Mueller quality with the no limit Christian no limit to what God can do through his life the remaining is no limit to the usefulness of one by putting a perfect makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his life and live a life will be consecrated to God she goes on to say that men will enjoy the necessary but without complaining or thinking by the way God will teach them hour by hour and day by day and the moment you decide to give yourself wholly to God if you will make you will be trials people will come your way and don't push all your weapons don't talk a little bit more about that tomorrow morning her friend what you do when the people come and stop pushing your button I will only hunt when I hear the admin link for the necessary and without complaining or thinking definitely get you complain you have to give all when the trials underway and the guy comes to you using other people reoffend knock it off in a way forgetting forgetting why do they yield to God QuickTime or to the trials thank you I know you using these trials two to refine you getting a file to show me what's in my heart and what I need to give up writing you freefalling admin will enjoy the necessary discipline without complaining of pain in Medwick got lucky spent hour by hour and divided from the moment you start walking back to you will have a wilderness experience is like the children of Israel were you won't be filed and when we will have to learn to trust God and what honestly went on the feminist might have been agreed on this are you come to a place we can begin to walk with God atheism victory after victory with the most worse for most of us the Christian life we know so little not victory we know so little about peace that passes on and we know so little about the latest full online of a our Christian life is more to be in despair and frustration but once we go through the wilderness and we learn to walk a incarnate and you come over but you've done the children is we come to place in the flight when we were victory would be begin to express the fullness of joy and peace that pass on any long to reveal his grace is the people we remove instructions she will pour in the water patient enough funding streams for the human channels of beautiful me I well what what what what what are the foundation everyday treatment for one of the prototype everything is Lord turned my wife and I didn't see an wide human channel through which God can work with the one facilities in abundance and I don't want to go to heaven I don't want to have to diffuse by the McMillan and they were told that we get into one account before we bring to I don't want to be content with the Bible or ten joules a micron when I know other the guys used to an thousand people into the kingdom friend now second Regiment I love the story at DL Moody very encouraging to get DL Moody was out for uneducated shoe salesman who felt the call to go preach the gospel and one day he heard his friend Henry Barley save you what the world has yet to feel like God can do with an poor and through an Internet with Willie and wholly consecrated to him will knows the words really and he thought about and one day DL Moody was great who later became a great evangelist made up his mind and he said there was definitely what God can do again and through and within four amen fully consecrated to him by God 's help I aim to be that now the Philadelphia ministerial Association was one time planning for a citywide evangelistic campaign and DL Moody 's name came up in one minister objected and white nobody renews them before why to use them again that the only have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit another as you know the Holy Spirit has a monopoly on young friend with the Holy Spirit monopoly in your life I want the Holy Spirit to have a monopoly on my employer you want a million souls to Christ they found a free Christian schools a great Christian publishing that you establish a well renowned Christian conference Center and inspire literally thousands of creatures to win souls and conduct revivals donating friends yesterday morning I shared about what Miller George Miller was annulled in the Christian DL Moody friends was a no limit Christian what a God-given what if we were fully surrendered and we live life fully consecrated to once again the landlord lets get into small groups of twos and threes I grew to become and deny everything or is sorry for this media was provided audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free sermon audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe the more assertive in the visit www. .com universe .org


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