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A Deeper More Intimate Experience With God

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • February 17, 2013
    7:00 AM
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him I found a deeper more intimate more powerful experience with God and if they do nothing to park in your life I believe God can take you higher and higher the blessing away you cannot imagine that begin with the word for the government thank you for being such an amazing guy we thank you Lord for the things you have in store thank you all for giving us a desire for a deeper more intimate more powerful experience with you I pray to God that he would speak to what help us to understand what health do more than it helps to apply the message that weakest morning and usually about a year ago the more than year ago in October I got e-mail from that high my family and I think they do not teach you the past few weeks now I've been meaning to write I've been so busy I know you go around and preach about praying and so wonderful I wanted to ask if you also preach about fasting and praying a few weeks ago I walked into my church on the bookshelf I rippled out of curiosity and afterward I was so very inspired the book entitled the five senses and Franklin into the Franklin is this Sunday church pastor of a church outing Georgia this book is not only inspiring but just amazing pastor Brinkman 's order and his brother since there were eighteen years old without constantly before they would preach and got to open up doors all over the world he found each year beginning January first through the twenty first or twenty one days she said when you dedicate the new year to God and God blessed throughout the whole entire year Scott was a blessing in so much that he started at his church too fast with them for forty one days from January first through the twenty first already think this cannot possibly be forgotten in the ten thousand numbers each it is what is done and got the trend in the number the left and right there were many testimonies on the Platonic audit and with physical healing emotional and mental healing spiritual healing and even stories about how God has he gotten people have a theory that is a story about a single mom with a child with leukemia she fast for twenty one days and wrestled with God after twenty one days looking at is gone amazing story after story anyways after I read the book I was so inspired a card asking for twenty one days today is my eighteenth day of Mike Daniels we just eat fruits and vegetables you should really get the book is an eye-opener my parents weren't made of God was answering my prayers and also started fasting for twenty one days the week behind me my network on pouring his blessing upon our family and were not just talking about spiritual and physical buttons but financial ones to how we've been praying for relatives with a God who would never have come back to just two days ago one relative called out of the blue about this very reason I share this with a few of my other friends were all made were talking about young people in their late twenties it started asking got been answering the request which they had been praying for years I want to share this because I really think in the last days the only way for God Holy Spirit reported that four people and freight that you goes hand-in-hand in order for the blessings to be poured out into our life his book makes complete sense he goes over verse after verse in the Bible why we must fast and pray and give for us to be able to know God 's will for our lives it's been such a blessing I just want to share the things I thought you may be interested in looking into it thank you and so sorry if yard he knew about the book so Judy later my wife telephone with after and we just want to ask all the questions to make you kind of development is what I want to know about God is pouring out his spirit when I don't want to be left behind in a no limit on the Fox folder about a year earlier almost they did ten months earlier in December of two thousand eleven God did not intend that it got are related to this book she was talking about my wife and I were in Indiana at the South Bend regional Air Force in December we need to catch a flight to flight to go to Seattle for the holidays my parents were living at that time and our flight was delayed by two hours my wife goes to the bookstore and she's reading this book on the bank into the Franklin and I have to how was the design of its great so I picked up and start reading it but then we have to board our flight and so I ended up buying that small little book and on the truth life in the layover in between and houses like Salome by the story I was reading the book the God I want to back are you calling me to fat Pentagon you know the struggle that I had my stroke with it if I is late evening for ever to gain weight I highly always been a struggle and will have been a struggle okay the next morning I'm having the more devotion going to the meeting that a reading plan and the one story that read the Gospels is the one-story reviews highlight the importance of prayer and fasting reset this kind cannot not and I believe God has spoken to me since I want to be developing so on occasion I have one day a week the water but after getting this e-mail I just thought God wanted me to keep this to a whole different level anyways four after that I had already met this book you know she said to me so what do you knew you knew and didn't tell me by the way and the latitude in how people come up with things was right when you knew these nuclear complements of you new engine and Tommy Nathaniel is a synthetic drinking up wherever I go if I went walking preach it will be this message because in as little as three weeks I think God just turns people 's life upside down if they will take the challenge of doing the benefit of it with me to message up to six verse one Nephi chapter six verse one and the greatest sermon ever preached in the sermon on the Mount Jesus actually mentioned that the Mister universe one of many chapters six taking they do not do troubled youth before meant to be seen by them otherwise you have no reward your father in heaven therefore if you do a terrible deed the weather nuts is when you do a terrible deep do not sound a trumpet before you had the hypocrites do in the synagogues and industries that they may be that they may have glory from men assure the ICQ me have their reward as followers of Christ we are expected to determine the Dana is one option is not if you did terrible deeds Jesus talked about them in trouble deep and then he goes on to talk about for her and in verse five once again is not and if you pregnancy when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets that they may be seen by men assure the ICQ they have their reward Jesus talks about trouble getting into important to pray and then what is you want to talk about that fasting the system down to verse sixteen moreover if you were to be great he just made the optional if you do this moreover when you fast enough you like the hypocrites of the Fed County for the disfigure their faces that they maybe appear to men to be fasting assuredly I think you may have their reward but you when you fast anoint your head and wash your face that you do not appear to men to be fasting but your father who is in the secret place and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly know when the last time you heard a message about the importance of fasting you know here in America we only talk much about fasting I mean you not pray you will be very popular to talk about that because that's what we like to be lucky enough front and there's one thing the double hits more than prayer in on this prayer and fasting were told in Matthew chapter four verse two and when he fasted forty days and pointed afterward he was hungry give this begin his ministry I think waiting in the Lord in prayer and in fact the exact ages we exploit by fasting and prayer he was disgraced himself for the blasting past you must travel in front I wonder if we need to prepare for the things are about to come upon this planet by prayer and fasting I wonder if we need to prepare for the great work that God has blessed you in these last days by prayer and fasting did you know that the apostle Paul was big into fasting it talks about his sufferings and we've experienced in citing previous chapter eleven in verse twenty seven twenty eight is that in weariness will you often and hunger and thirst infesting and cold and need beside the other things which comes upon EBV my deep concern for all the churches now the early church following my example put great emphasis upon staffing church historians tell us that the Christian and early churches the first four hundred years with that often fast twice a week no I've found that in Scripture or in the spare property building of the Pharisees did often the correct in the parable of the Pharisee and the public and Judah says the Pharisees stood and prayed thus with himself God I thank you that I'm not like other men extortioners unjust adulterers or even as this tax collector I fast twice a week I give the highest of all that I possess some of the great men of God Annette who spent a minimum two hours in the day on his knees in prayer some of the synagogue does nothing except in response to believing prayer God uses them mightily and he preached a lot of sermon on prayer and also priest a lot of sermons on acting and he has said the man who never fast is no more in the way to heaven and the men who never pray it's that important friends John Wesley John Knox John Calvin Martin Luther gives great reformers these great men of God in their spiritual warfare to restore carriage to the church they were all big into prayer and Martin Luther not only maintain the spirit of the open of fasting one day a week in addition to his three hours of prayer every day we got it so much that he is criticized about the God work through Martin Luther to impact the world with fresh thinking his holy boldness so after the free one day Daniel and she invited the more friends to join her I wish it would get another testimony she invited her friend Cindy to join her on the staff with her husband Sydney was a new one I think this she was what I would call a second you know what I mean by this do you know if you know of other sentences that may help me understand what I mean by that she has no problem if her husband wanted three ABN on seven but it was agreed again during the weekdays she stuffed the run while watching Canadian as I understand there's something for this is her testimony we started at twenty one devasting because we were inspired by her friend Esther 's testimony and has been an eye opening experience we are surprised to see how somebody pockets in the Bible after the break and we would like that that should be a part of our Christian experience so this is our ten day and got it been with us in this experience will be first-order theft in the body might be too difficult but when we saw the answer our prayers and help close we got to God we said we don't want to give up on this experience with drinkers need to start up at the house really inspired and excited that they only thought of some people than actually hated by the people yes the heat and I thought the web fast with those people to the so bad but I didn't know what a figure I was for this experience I always tried to forgive the people who hurt me so terribly but I was never successful on the third night in that they realize how badly and was at not being able to forgive and didn't cry during a time of prayer the next morning like forgiveness in my heart for the people isn't this the I think that we will write about my husband 's dental practice which was quite slow the Lord with the miracle in providing on day three the Lord with another miracle to help the financially on day five we received the first offer on a house in a hole Ohio which we did just saw more than one year on the market is no one interested no offer the first offer comes in and right now when a path to doing the paperwork to sell the house this afternoon immediately Michigan closer to God and overcome distractions in your life I always thought that maybe it was so boring but ever since the thing when I'm at home I love watching three AVN I don't even wonder any more about what's going on in this one in Hollywood on TV acting has also changed our case but for the first couple of days I make vegetable soup and it was so yucky and not respecting this is going to be horrible now we are so used to it that when a salad without dressing or veggie soup I feel a little guilty because it tastes so good as you think you have implicitly through the back to Black help Avenue your family and ASAP to me to Matthew Chapter seventeen verse fourteen Matthew chapter seventeen verse fourteen Jesus has just come down for the amount of Transfiguration withdrew the disciples and that's where we pick up the story first fourteenth and when it comes in a multitude of men came to him kneeling down to him saying Lord have mercy on them for he is an epileptic and suffered severely we often fall into the fire and often into the watch imagine the heart of the other parent would definitely want ceiling for his son 's iPod into your disciple but they could not hear him enough that I brought them to your disciples I expected something from your disciples but they could not share in designer ages were told that the disciple him the spirit to leave the game and unlock them with a fresh display of power and United how embarrassing them then and which one and then ages that the disciples cannot account for their defeats and it felt like there brings shame and dishonor upon their master and upon themselves and friends other times where we bring shame upon our master because we can't practice what we preach we can't walk the talk is going for seventeen and Jesus answered and simple basis and perverse generation how long shall it be with you how long shall I bear with you bring him here to me and Jesus rebuked the demon and came out of him and the child was shared from that very hour were thinking then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said why could we not cast it out to Judah said to them because of your unbelief I shared a couple of mornings ago that would put an affair that unbelief is our greatest sin the media who were there that remember that Emily is such a great thing because we make God out to be a liar through unbelief but after question I know I'm sure the disciples have had success with Kathy out demons in the past why do they fail in this situation because I think it's been met the topic and was one report accuses gave them power over unclean spirits and his father twice and the disciples and knowing that they could do something so why did it fail in the situation what is an aided report that when Jesus told them for the disciples that he was going to die soon it really brought sadness to the parts and went to the plaintiff through the disciples unto the mount of transfiguration it decreed guilty in the heart of the others the disciples were discouraged and they were focusing on their personal grievances when they entered into this conflict if your enemy that's why they were unsuccessful in situation that you sent to them because of your unbelief was surely I think you if you have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you not just as I think however this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting for me to pray we need to pray for loved ones we pray for the work of God but there are times when we will pray and we will pray and fun at the time we need to pray and fast enough friends are you struggling with an addiction is struggling with something that you know does not bring glory and honor to God and you try to overcome you tried to get overcome this bad habits you have had any success and you prayed and prayed and I believe it's time for you to pray and fast that God has laid upon your heart to do a special work for him in the church and the funds are available and use it later making no progress at all in the work I believe I pray you have a loved one than you and praying for four years and you see them going further and further out into the world and you cannot see that God is networking up his life I believe it's time to pray and fast him down I've recorded from him before he's with them so much on the appropriateness to every aspect of purges within many many books and he says prayer and fasting always accomplished but please don't misunderstand if not always been accomplished will always encompass something in line with God 's vineyard go through this Asian-American church near Chicago in one hundred and I went and share their over a year ago in December and of course I share this message dimension with you today in a few month later she shared with me that she sent this testimony via e-mail outfits four years unto the night and Sunday morning before Sabbath opened the Holy Spirit that the defendant of the rating church but it wasn't like that some extras that make individuals I believe that the days we've been having testimony might of miracles due to acting and prayer something is happening at our church the Holy Spirit is moving I had a few people passing the first three days of each month we had the most unlikely if a person really an atheist receiving the Holy Spirit and join our church and now is doing mighty things in our church within a month I pray for the lost person during my path what amazes me is that God will still use if they were like me to bring other sinners to Christ and that without Griffin is keeping me on my toes acting has become the buzzword that amazing that they has become the buzzword in nitrogen the powerful testament of those affected spreading the news back to those who would never try otherwise I read the acting book two years ago and was greatly blessed but was too shy to come I checked about it so you don't know how excited I was when you came and mentioned so anyways yesterday we left my brother he mentioned that message and his personal testimony that first year as an interventions was a very very difficult for the brothers met friend I'm going through my first year as an interventionist with the maiden know what I understand it I know about the power card I really like that when I did my first meeting space five at the style I administration which is located which is in the suburbs of Seattle Washington we did a revival weekend at the church one week before we start off the summer and I should message and and my wife and I would just pray that God would impress the church leaders and members to do the Daniel fast while we're going to the party some an endless supply that many the number the leaders of hate that students now please understand that when you're preparing for your first coffee seminar without a translator it is a daunting task I like the presentations I had to prepare my PowerPoint slides and get all my notes and the way it worked out I had just enough time to get all the light coming is ready to have adequate time to go through all my notes and to know the material very very well secondly we began the meeting in October and the first two presentations were okay because as I have was able to spend enough time going through and getting acquainted with the material but in the third message on I was glued to my notes and this was a great input and my wife went to watch me in the back my wife she just wanted to go into little mouse pointer modified and I wanted to follow her and go hide but after we as we saw the Spirit of God moving upon the house the people as we heard the responses coming we knew that God was working for us in God was working in Spain only we no longer we change the way we pray to God if you can do what they do work through Martin's weakness by him being polluted with soapy we ended up baptizing thirteen individuals were talking about a little church with my fifty seven was what God did for us it was amazing I share with you one testimony that my electric members sent to me hello brother Martin I just want to share with you what a blessing the recent Pakistan accepted to me personally I was baptized in nineteen ninety six and have gone through many many paths December with a range of speakers at the FDA member since then I'm convinced after the series of meetings that it doesn't matter who is upfront as long as the Holy Spirit is speaking to them as they understand why they can't use all of you to go out to proclaim the third Angels message and the most important thing is not whether you have time with your eloquent the most important thing is whether you have the holy spirit I love seeing the Holy Spirit move in such a pop away and off the summer what the harvest of attendees and baptisms with a clear testimony that God was abiding with us through the meeting and speaking to the messages I believe these blessings were in part if not all due to the Lord graciously answered our prayers from the time of fasting and prayer what a blessing the meetings were every night and sat at the meetings have ended I look forward to the next time we hold meetings and hope that we can begin again with fasting and prayer I convinced there is no other way to really see the outpouring of blessings and power in these meetings than by starting with fasting and prayer so couple months ago in December I was down in Sacramento the main effect workers meeting and are invented and directors Jean Ross Pastor John Ross asked me if I would preach at his church on Sunday what you preach about the quest talk about prayer and fasting the same message back into the members that were just sixteen days away from the new year with this church all the members you are an Elvis sighting this got the new year off the Daniel fast I just started on some a person on Army King who lives not too far away from the trenches should say that God has been working on meeting ways in the life of the church they participated in the morning and I'll want to hear this morning I passed by some people from Oklahoma Academy and a physical idea that you want to give an idea I'm thinking that God is blessing your school with such a mighty revival what I think I got altogether and the connected at the school for twenty one days because because you know after Evan mentioned before how cryptography is when you go back and I want to look so hard to drive people to and we need something more than just prayer is that we can go higher and higher think about it do anything about pray about an elaborate with the leading figure in the nineteen oh four nineteen oh five lost revival the press at the time called the most remarkable in less than five months half a million people became Christians in Wales one of every citizen was converted as a mighty revival and every Robert he would think my mission is the first to the churches for the charges are Ralph and their duty then other will be slept in picking up a portrait I need it irresistible you know when I visited church the spoon and I think my first mission is not to save souls my quick mission is not to call people out of Babylon my quick mission is to get the remnants pray when the churches are around the duty men of the world will be swept into the kingdom of whole church I need praying and fasting is there was but I was a minister in the nineteenth century the free Church of Scotland I believe the what if this is a think of anything that fingers cracked the please understand that acting is not just abstaining and free from the that they all think that in your prayer television radio video games anyone been more time in God 's word and in prayer it is abstaining from food in mouth nothing more than biking or starting fasting in the bank and painted hinders prayer for growth goes on to say that Dean is a think of anything and it's all in order to grow more spiritually or serve God more friends are there a lot of innocent things in the activities of the unit all of our time with this book is not a bad thing right and it's a good way for us to share the gospel a friend other people addicted to Facebook their people that spent hours on Facebook I have rather close down the Pittsburgh account because they knew it was not helping them there was what I call the night way to spend your Sunday is some sunshine little exercise but from talking about you all your time to correct sitting in the gal whose definition is little bit ago she said that she believed the double critical her husband was spent on all on the golf course as you want to spend time with things that should go join him and now it's keeping them away from their children in a phone call me that golf is an accurate for gentlemen only may be preventing I did look it up at the urban legend but what of the devil and the benefit of doing business on separating people grading division one of innocent activities that you could possibly think maybe to give up on on a little late in the morning he can begin the day and got what legal has written a book on mighty predating for an excellent book of encyclopedia on prayer I can only keep one book in my library on the subject of prayer in his book might prove incorrect and his book he might think of the God ordained form of self is self-denial so now the blessing only as we deny Phil King it is like we tell you why I think affecting species it's so powerful from my limited experience and from this is the conclusion I've come to the reason for the soap operas because within each one of us there is the carnal nature and there is the spiritual man and there will be a struggle between the two until the day juice comes from giving your body and therefore every morning when we wake up the call man begins to screen and give me the things of the world turn on the television turn on the music the Carman a screening and then there is the spiritual man spreads messages to meet up filming with the Holy Spirit and friends and a great if we could just put that Carman to sleep once and for the Wii can't you only way you can allow the spiritual man to gain the bring in your life is like farming the comment and when you go back you will start that Carl Manley you never start in and you start feeding a spiritual man used a phrase used I think I'm in God 's word and this is a man who gets to grow and become the Giants and able to pin that comment under his arms the mix of which is like able express amazement of victories of that helps understand why this is a powerful he says in his book the purpose of acting as the subject the physical to the spirit to give priority to principles if the disentanglement software time a month environment serial and daily responsibilities and care it is to develop wonderful spiritual attention to God and where this one out we limited the different type of fact mentioned in the Bible after that we don't bring any food any water haunted this after he was blinded the methods wrote experienced after the juice to do this for three days when they thought that their lives were at stake this is not recommended unless you feel strongly directly by God to do this if you give you this I don't want it wasn't pretty then there is the normal path we just drink water they believed you this is a normal path for Gates when he was in the wilderness there the liquid that this is where you just drink juices if you want to put that you want to get the best and excuse possible you don't want stuff of added sugar preservatives and all the other stuff is once use in its purest form and then there is the parcel back and the Daniel fast enough in the fee-based are so fast where you just simply reducing your guides to fruits and vegetables and water is the author Daniel topics and were Daniel Queen of the kind of people begin to pray and fast defendant persisting in those days I Daniel was morning three full weeks I know a good climbing he ate no grad and no nothing sweetens no meat or wine came into my mouth nor did I anoint myself and all three whole weeks were fulfilled now I wanted to funding to you because a lot of people here about the Daniel fast they go to the Internet as a search engine the Clinton Democrat they find the terrible website aptly horrible Daniel fast WordPress .com been about food in this show you what good this looks like including United Kingdom all depicted all the vegetables all whole grains all enough indeed all against all quality oils including but not limited to all that can electric feed peanut company what type of beverages and other stuff just hopelessly product vinegar evening saw her and I said and in their input the boy on the Daniel fast this all meat products etc. I came across after the horrible horrible white uniform will first of all figurative follow the left is just a little better than a vegan diets and most of you priority can and if you were to go by the left you know what you like to shop you look at the Smithsonian preparing foods and it's also tempting to want more she died in Sydney foods conventions the correct and if so time-consuming to prepare meals using this list as it really defeats the purpose of doing it into the next you want to simplify everything I'm in his book would progress if you want to simplify and I can't wait for the day that God blesses me with an extra twenty three pounds I can do a water bath white juice that you want even more powerful warning credible experience you want to enter God 's presence in a meeting with Emily heard about we hit like a fourteen on a juice fast warpath the conflict so clear you enter the different states we need to sense God 's so much more I can afford to do it but when communism from the purpose of effectiveness to really simplify is not how much you can ask you die how much you can take with me but in my case I would add out and vibrate position to add not limited that helps me not to lose so much weight hate it between you and the review of the greatest blessing and work of denial the greater the expense number enjoyed an indirect tremendous spiritual blessing in employment act but no one enjoys going without food and begin a language after a few months ago in the fall she did with them at four hundred days as you think I do amazing things in her life and her family you might as we pray and fast as we are desperate real estate gone working in a more pop like in our lives and to our life to bless others in the land which you look at the money quality can with another friend also joined after the Daniel fast as I can tell you that the time of prayer at the hectic in my rations and gotten entirely new level and ethyl we all want to win all the discussion of work Enoch Internet Facebook activities etc. are all what is me and the Lord that when he can really speak and I think there has to know to see the time come to close it I think the commune with God walking with God was so sweet that everything about it without the cult there were so many times about Thanksgiving dinner in my head ha ha or looking at the book even though I couldn't eat any of the things that I was looking at but God gave me the amazing power to get through it and got to give all of you the meeting power to get through it I lost ten pounds and the reason it didn't close I can only imagine getting into before I've also noticed that even though I broke the fact I still prefer the fruits and veggies control of their lack before consuming up now is richly abundant I can easily walk away from foods that before I could not resist I got better I guarantee you will lose a minimum of ten pounds if you get a Democrat from the house that printed front of me have everything to gain nothing to lose a pound own life as you know the controlling power that will prove the ruin of thousands width they had conquered on this point would've had a moral talk to gain the victory over every other temptation but those were sliced up it will fail a perfect increasing temperatures struggled upright so many and an estrogen struggle with what can we do that we struggle with appetite I believe the answer is per the continued transmission of man Robert W thickness paint and that at this fruit and as we draw near the close of times each as condition tingle his appetite will be more powerful and more difficult she resists she reluctantly even religious student and patient that were not good related before was so difficult but now back in the victory over the praise God again research has shown me that after three weeks have I got has proven that me during this time I recommend reading the Daniel fast it's a good at that that's a good period of time when you have can be formed now my wife and I after our initial conversation with a strong fun we decided to do this because we were so desperate to experience God in a more properly felt I knew that finally I was going up to life for our Republican this was in two thousand eleven winter and I knew that at all right now can't wait why doesn't you want to get to recipe to start this one I initially went over to life and on Sunday for the first unit of account began on Wednesday we had camp trap and what it is really really good the encampment and on Sunday on the dinner looks so good but it is a guy I was able to resist but when morning came around I was so tempted would look so good in the wild handicap we had a late lunch Camille had to know that they and they had these pineapple slices in the any sham Berger 's new assembly to write veggie burgers and it looked mouthwatering and I have been denied and that this is a good idea that I started to the steadfast before the IPO or a floor beside a comment like this you definitely should like ongoing partner now she would answer the phone should I go to sleep because she was six hours ahead of us issues in Michigan I cited somebody I need to get some advice some godly counsel what I do in a situation site met with one individual who I knew was a trained individual who understood something about acting we got together we pray and eight at a quarter about my problem and I thought she was any sympathetic I thought she would understand and she would say something like you know the plan is for Catholic but the first is that it is a gifted than by being three dollars and cafeteria I will bring you the fruits and vegetables becoming which one I'll be achieved using outside she secondly said that you quit now these are over later popular configurator very good point I don't wish is that if you give up now and you know that anything rashly not going through this suspenders the shoe and I didn't know what they had and she brought out some food for me so I went out and on the benches in the ocean of any patient in the end God in my check my cat on my wrap my gratitude anyways after that evening the next morning how they were going to week about the benefit with leather and the Lord blessed my wife and I and so many ways that healing that we experienced and as many doors gone just amazing within four months at the start of the new year in January my wife she did the again after an entrepreneur David again when talking about doing this free money Daniel fast twice in a form that helped topple an amazing expense was our end with testimony after that initial phone call I e-mailed her and said could you write for me in an e-mail all the blessings you experience because I cannot recall any position on the phone and she sent me e-mail with sixteen different point that Michelle Eckstein but most of them do that and I've been leading the NBA lady showing me so many things number one who I need to forget the people I not even know I was supposed to forget the McDougall again I'm not even on the part that God might make you a quick and tremendously number three one and also we need an experienced friend friend in the book the great controversy in the chapter but the time and trouble we are told that we need a space Jacob number for the things I considered not a big joke on official me just how big they really are just starting to see things from God 's perspective five how God is so compassionately he never condensed me even though I keep falling and falling at an about you but this is not the Pentagon I grew up knowing about a compassionate God who there for you to pick you up it's time you fall number nine garnish on how to see the good in everyone and that before used to be the other way I focus on people 's weaknesses and mistakes and never really thought the good and the number twelve my friends have gotten so long so heartfelt and the interested process had become so genuine my prayers are so long now that if I don't them a lot I might be late for work so now I pray with them a lot I would like to have that problem then he can break the five-minute barrier you will find analogy understand something when you can select you want to pray initiatives on the first morning in the devotional time it's really easy to want to pray when you go home to get even one it's easy here because the Spirit of God is falling here and the Holy Spirit is the spirit when you're home alone on a soft and you have people to come together to United per with someone feeling pretty defensive but I believe if you do the Daniel fast God bless your experience hello this point I believe the law might just want Jesus I just want to be I like I might have started with my back is the root along with the wind denote unit and the truth but as I continued in my fact the United MICRA the request don't seem to matter anymore and it is in a in the event newly begun fundamental and we really don't want God the only one we want within him we want to get but it was a godsend because we want to get God is still so please look at the anyway you can figure it can get you in a and after she was motivated to the staff because you need some practical through the resistance that is just discovered something better than to get was a she discovered to give I think this loveliness and beauty in the character of Jesus and I just want to be like you and God blessed me with answers to prayer and peace care of my needs she is extra good and worth full to me and I'm grateful but what matters most to me Jesus and me Matthew chapter nine verse fourteen fifteen is that the disciples of John came to understand why we would be and the Pharisees that often but your disciples do not do that to them in the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them but the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them and then they will fast I'm coming after I ended having an till I return again during that time my following my disciples and they will spread that there was ever a generation that needed to get there is about prayer fasting I believe this generation is ever a generation been needing a deeper more popcorn and more intimate experience with God I believe it is his generation as we see the signs everywhere Kelly of high soon return to the unit are run to have a deeper more intimate more powerful than spray they'd gotten thank you for being such a good guy a guy who is longing to partners and lesser people thank you for putting within the hearth a longing a thirsty all hungering for deeper more intimate more powerful experience if you are just craving to bless each one of us Laura is not a question of if I should ask the question of when I should start the paper that I should do please shall each one of us more completely give us the desires of our hearts which is to know you have it is our privilege to remember is hearing and use me as a this media was run audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is more certain please visit www. done on universal .org


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