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Speak Plainly

Eugene Prewitt


Men need to know where they stand. We should speak plainly regarding those sins that will keep men and women out of heaven.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 16, 2013
    11:00 AM


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him this morning I don't speak plainly and the rest were clear how once the flaming brouhaha this morning the idea that Jesus is the person 's home when Jesus is not the person 's excuse what I mean suppose that you struggle with sin or in addition one of Jesus to you what is the name he is all ingenious author as an Asian and a weakness and eight issue S has never been an excuse train arrivals to the revelation Revelation chapter twenty one revelation twenty one were looking at verse twenty seven speaking near holy city set and there shall in no wise enter into the and the files neither Barcelona works abomination or maybe a law that they are in the Lamb 's book of life but exactly what can you not have been as a liar what about someone who works an abomination and is working on a public parking on making an abomination I want to fill you one application other than the Bible is Robert Crawford 's chapters seventeen receiving lately this morning the families they could knows the liars often it happens live Robert seventeen hundred and he that justify and maintain a ten thousand jobs eliminated all our abomination to the Lord may say that even more simple is there someone who is on his way to have any you might remember that you will need is Asian of God is an abomination to God as one of the children is why it is a faithful talk to his law review or rocker to condemn the righteous is wrong is an abomination in the Middle Ages I have gone any kind of happened in Muslim are is a man who was John and Rod but someone you might as God Denninger is an abomination or nomination August seventeen what is an abomination is the only man who is in that everything is okay frankly it is not his life is really over that if you are out of harmony with God 's will that everything is okay he passages this morning 's plan language what that means you turn it on in Revelation chapter twenty two the last page of your life the last fire as I might have had it for four thousand Proverbs twenty two verse fifteen him and him and sitting in the holy city is sad for power that is outside of the city are dogs and sorcerers and warmongers and murderers and idolaters and whoever loves and made explicitly along so those are the words and some of them is slim and related recall is gone there is not new A- class people and I imitate mobile phone over early money is one use of that metaphor refuses that is about here is that you don't have to arose before supplying computer is fully on you E eight hundred and usage in their classes people will clarify for you say metaphor he talks about dogs that are back in the third own father is the seeking of people who after there know the way of righteousness turn away from the men of them that's the classic people Peter speaks out the stops dogs and sorcerers can you go to heaven as someone who practices the dark arts as someone who takes our fancy use the word is benefited sorcerer across the city prostitutes and murderers in the world is vital for our site is turned back to the page limit is twenty one versus eight are you fearful and unbelieving and very abominable murderers and form long as often as I'm not working along and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the later fire burns with fire and brimstone which is that he is alive you can you can go to heaven as someone who works at abomination as someone who is all you are someone who practices is presented as nature someone is talking to Austin and Raleigh the unit is I think some of you know people that you know people who dabble in sorcery or who are missing less or who are dishonest if you know someone like that I think is something that is more hurtful and unless someone is lost along being lost their lives like Christians need to see what your motivation the automotive universe is on the positive side the universe is the first twenty one versus eight and seven he got over on Shawn Harris all times and I will be his God and he will be my son so those are the ones that made it so over comers in the one thousand dollars a year for an unbelieving and twenty two over fourteen sanitation for what I say that use MMS within a broader industry and law they made sure to gaze into the city knock you over that person say something different for the loss arose but frantically as class was lost the roads are the ones that he is in your Bibles to Galatians Chapter five is just before surgery is the universe is not the same as after the first is twenty three million proof of the Sears United memorize those will look at whether all five grooves in the sphere first nineteen now the works of glass art manifests were obviously zombies involved in fornication uncleanness lasciviousness no more words we can summarize them and immorality frankly they have to view all branches of him while talking behavior verse twenty dollars and which hatred variance variance that is a willingness to be to be an officer brother and relations that would be keeping up with the Joneses rat right seditions heresies that is all documents the meeting murderer on death row is hardly as socks life was inherently of what I call you before I also told you in my past that I is less than what is shall not inherit the kingdom of God you know we need is a CD because frankly in Arkadelphia there are some people who met all three early in a clean way for you RAV4 and four and eighty four S on the right to have and it just isn't true for many of Asia's first be checked for one person the sophomore is a Levine First Community one in the universe is a just and I thought you hated forward is for forcing everyone in the meaning of the law is not as if unmarried his law will knowing that the law that is ten Commandments law is not made for a righteous man but for the lawless and his obedience for the ungodly and sinners for unholy and profane for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers for mass players prosecutors to file themselves edit homosexuals passing on sexual permit a few of you all those kidnappers for five years for her to persons that is people who live on her own if you read any other in conflict is not according to the glorious gospel of the law is meant into my trust who is along a floor I even understand half is about law federal laws life here in the United States and related media so okay and that they were in the delinquency of a minor and meeting planning and executing a murderer of my evening of loss and loss by NASA's validity yesterday log in all my life and I wasn't even considering doing a better than yesterday I was obligated to abide by the law is a law is partly when you are in compliance is the same for the law and why is the law what do you know where your disobedience the law seeks language the law is turned outwards and twenty five pages of first and first Corinthians chapter six first Corinthians chapter six going from low person on will follow the righteous will not inherit the kingdom of God thousands of people in a short radio is an is a thousands of people to buy PeopleSoft nine hundred and one half the amount of person they are now working on a noting that the unrighteous shall not inherit the love of God be not deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves and their fun as possible as will those words nor thieves nor public shifts examined many Americans like their publishers nor long personally I is the source is explored in one year Holocaust is talking lower back like he is the person who takes over five and anyway the only source none of these is a hair at the Kingdom of God the living organism as a Firefox for some of you you are off when you are sanctified you are justified in the management of the lawyers is biosphere of Oregon is in you can be justified by Jesus the having others who lost the most long one of them is being sanctified and one of them is the law and where your loss is a five year no longer doing most of you are doing before you see what will one more passage like these even harder now I have to him it is translated or awkward when lives are hard to understand so I read you are is is is is not working now I just received her first fourteen myself to verse fourteen a paraphrase of what goes on that myself is about to happen I don't want you for a is awkward needless to say when you understand what I'm saying to you Ms. slaughter wasn't a lot of fire upon living in the Utah arthritis volume so I like to yet you say for what reason did he reject her offerings and refused to leave that God answers because the Lord has been witness of the unfaithful way you treated nobody you married in human milk yet she remains of your law and as your wife to whom you made fun of his manners didn't God make one like forever was not low on the rock of life no it was because he was seeking godly children someone should have suited don't be on able to the wife of your youth for Jehovah God says I divorce and I gave his marathon photographer virus so while she was here and be faithful in fog indeed this guy is more once you looking for looking for some sort as painful to your marriage is to see what so what is is there any good news in place feeding there is a lot of time to fight back about sixty pages for you Isaiah fifty five fifty five and looking at Microsoft fifty five and was in the middle of your life letter to get his first save his way and unrighteous man his thoughts and the return of the Lord and he will have mercy upon you you are God for he will abundantly pardon when Lucy 's landing site at all persons log errors and how does this person 's race is really a person and hate a person 's music is people are not going to have we don't mean there is less we need our case is that it is not helplessly because there is a God he will have mercy on them is able to learn what is able upon the part number how to start that is it is our hope that he is our excuse so you are almost lying is a whole to you Jesus is will you said that you were hoping you are away from your life and you could be forgiven only made an excuse will be most useful laws you will not if you saw the immoral thoughts Jesus is the hope there is hope that if you turn to him and he will abundantly pardon that he will have mercy on you but is he an excuse for ongoing loss she is never an excuse he is tall and is not an excuse inter vivos of the facts on this issue of your privacy when you see I suffered from poor there are some reasons it is about the size don't and what is not as dry as you know you are in a helpful atmosphere in the conversation at twenty four in verse twenty five and as he is Peter and hazy reason of the righteous his father in the stronghold and answer to this time when I put convenient season of Paul Revere was an article will be able to hear from it was a comfortable and there are a lot of this was a women reading this morning when and if you are not the phone it is living a righteous life is full of himself as I see about his life it is possible and what feelings and if you decided our conversation for later time but we never did get back to winning we can follow the apostle for you you know what but we haven't even met you also have you heard is the way of implementing because I know there was never anyone before or after this is when people I don't know what to say but man is in his human nature is independently not it is needed for the Hebrews chapter twelve some have even today where is as fortunate as he was well overlooking the first talk about some uncomfortable as well verse fourteen the news is very next lookout on the same page he results for scenes that follow peace with all manner and holiness without which no man will see the Lord happened a couple years ago that I was at a funeral right here in Arkadelphia was quite an experience for me because of the funeral of a murderer and increase your funeral and no murderer has a long and he needs to write and have lost so that will deposit or will the third also I will summon me to use when speaking to her something is down and talk to her as a people without holiness no man will see the Lord easier to thought what is working chapter thirteen number four marriage is honorable in all in other words there's not a lot to ask for whom it would be there's no young person say hello to me as soon there is an all or some people who are already in an infant but God forbid that anyone who was there for as all and matter only five that is there is not please forward your marriage experience the warmongers and four hundred dollars Verizon bill Josh you know it is a physical experience for your issues and of the law and the best theaters start DC universe and what are those violating the law reversed says yes we have more personal look at passages is a new chapter twelve is on Jesus as we monitor our work is free to in the Old Testament is all you are you a lot of information about what is there in class Jesus is our own interests at an or to follow and look at chapter twelve in the first phase also I say to you whoever will confess me before men him will the Son of Man also confess before the angels of God is an easy format shall be denied before the angels of God you know there is a class of people for Christ NSF and right here on our that is they are not even there is no money for the rest of you got it off as bad as there is whether they live in my Firefox or whether you have and now they are able to do is talk about how you will will will will receive an honorary close as you are he will blossom before he's a beautiful and occasionally for the father is former maybe twenty pages the shock doctrine class I have to say John is satisfied and looking at the first working to look at one reason why some people did not confess Jesus will you are John twelve forty two nevertheless among the chief ruler is also many believed on him writer Herman is is is an and she will learn religious articles are often a lot is a lot of reading is the robot is able within a lot of really or is that you believe firstly as you believe in God but half of the Pharisees they did not confess him laugh they should be put out the synagogue verse twenty three for the model is a man more in revenues of God Jesus is DVI input format will be denied in his interception is definitely more than one hundred and eighty is a man who believed in him I wanted you to know I can give you believe if you log in his mad more than the praise of God you well enough on the Lord Jesus here on this width in a different way it is dangerous to love the praise of men more dangerous for you to go to Google map will be found we all sat person calls an abomination of our season is enough in our abomination to cover them exhaustively at all just look at one of the want to go back as I wanted is there a right process and the hardware is to excuse the can justify the author abomination tomato law law law to use the law is all places relentlessly as revelation to the SRS to practice in morality and moral clause for you to become a chef for their to be someone who is fighting for the past page letter and is there a number of times a day that Paulson and Johnson and Jesus is a science you will not inherit a living and as far as I is almost no a phone in most societies you are wrong by this is an online as far as I will have mercy on him and God will abundantly pardon fast food there are many people who will never turn there is not because they will but because you don't see the patient when they don't even know that there is something philosophy of all you are obviously some of my feelings make sure you hit him English I don't need to see someone you tell what they're doing wrong Jesus is the reason why you must live in a house fire by humans live and he will forgo the opportunity you want to or for someone you will and him and all of a sudden one is she is always looking for and more one hundred and one with you as long as I have an market is in but there's no opportunity after the salon is useful when seated by the IRS anything you have in life is seeking when they give people a chance and where is Jesus that's similar to what we are thinking the whole mess started receiving mercy in the past and God is the only this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse will feel like this is more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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