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The Balanced Christian

Christian Berdahl


Not sparing himself in his second message for the world today, Christian focuses on what it is to be like Jesus. Many are allowing themselves to be like pendulums swung from one extreme to the other, when Christ desires us to be at rest - fully balanced in good works through faith in Him. 


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • January 1, 2006
    8:00 AM
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him and him and him him to go as little as him is no hello I am glad you are going to be hearing today the balance is the day when there are so many wins and Duncan mine is not what is right and wrong is difficult nowhere so I is my hope is in the news and my name is in and claim very happy that our youngest son and read the opening prayer maybe not in view of their time together here's my newfound as being those days of Madison is keenly as ever and something that was loses his name children are a heritage from the Lord amen no I am truly blessed me my boys are learning to love and trust and some of them on the again my boys know that mommy daddy aren't perfect and we don't pretend to be either friends in fact all four of us as a family we prayed read you are trying to help each other to be a better Christian and when we make mistakes and often we do we confess our wrongs and we ask for forgiveness and we move onward and upward as our hearts are drawn closer and closer to each other were just trying to by God 's grace to to be a balanced Christian family and friends asked the message today is the balanced Christian turn with me if you will to Matthew eleven and verse twenty eight with start Matthew eleven and verse twenty eight Matthew eleven and verse twenty eight come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy rain and on I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me Brian meek and lowly in heart and he shall find rest for your souls for my ilk is easy and my burden is light of friends I understood verse twenty eight I understood what it meant by a heavy yoke and being heavy laden a yoke is a heavy wooden harness that this over the shoulders of an ox or oxen and is attached to a heavy piece of equipment that the oxen are too cool eight a heavy laden animal is to pull a heavy load right on my childhood was full of unrest and the burden that I had to carry was heavy and I was pretty heavy laden as a boy one of my earliest memories was holding onto my dad singles in the foyer of my aunts house he was leaving us and we were moving in with my aunt for a period of time and my mother was was done with the unrest of his alcoholic and drug laden ways this divorce while it of course brought some rest from an unhealthy situation it through my mother and us three boys my two brothers and I into a most certain state of unrest I will over a year later my mom remarried and this seemed to bring some balance some rest some some peace but this rest didn't last however we were thrown into a terrible state of uncertainty are you became very very heavy the abuse that we all suffered friends was sometimes unspeakable in the physical but mental and emotional abuse was criminal we all learned very quickly a legalistic existence if you will know do everything right on the outside while inside you just hated what was going on we thought that if we did everything right then we might have some rest we might not even get beaten today but even if things were in order the abuse still came we were in bondage and this bondage continued until I was a sophomore in high school ten unbelievable years of terrible unrest I needed Matthew eleven twenty eight to thirty I needed that but there was to be no religion found in our home finally my mother was able to see through this man's deceptions and a most wanted a most coveted divorce was going to be hours complete with a police stand by our other family members came and helped us to move out then it seemed that this was just the gift of all gifts now we were free free from the bondage of a slave master literally my brothers both swung from bondage to freedom and they win while both of them got involved in drugs and alcohol and spent time in jail in fact at the time of this recording they're both in jail right now that breaks my heart they space one from one extreme to the absolute opposite extreme did we need to swing if you will from the bondage to a place of freedom yes absolutely but was it necessary to swing all the way to the other side now and for some reason my mother and I didn't come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest now imagine with me a pendulum await on the end of the string or cord suspended a little lower than your eye level now this pendulum it's just stationary right now it's just hanging its resting it's in the state of balance spiritually speaking this is where God wants us to be centered balanced at rest fully trusting in him fully surrendered to him ready to do whatever he may ask of us and when I found Jesus about eleven years ago I began to experience this kind of rest it was very healing for me all my pains and all my sorrows of the past as I came to Jesus and surrendered and opened my heart to him as I would to a close friend my heart was miraculously being healed to prayer and communion with my new found Savior his yoke was easy but over time in my Christian experience I began to load up my ilk again and became heavy laden but this time I loaded it up in a different way I became a Pharisee a leader must I was brought into the church by very conservative person and in a went to work for God full-time at that point and I adopted many things in my life that I saw and that I was told that I needed to have in my life but I didn't necessarily have any convictions either way on a lot of different things that I have adopted I didn't even read last but I developed a works religion where just like with my stepdad if I did all these things may get all those things in and I was a perfect worker and I never had any otherworldly desire again in my life then I was a good Christian and I would get to go to heaven see I had I had works in my life I had reforms but I didn't have the grace I didn't have the gospel of Jesus Christ to change my heart and discontinued in my life for a number of years eventually because of the weight of the oppression of bondage of trying to live this kind of life of of do 's and don'ts without the most vital key to success Jesus Christ helping me I found myself frankly wanting to escape and run back to the world sometimes I I look at my life and I look at the life of others and I think we must not understand how to surrender at that time even know that we even realized that we are just swinging all over the place and were not even balanced I wasn't finding this rest unto my soul in Christ CEO seemed very heavy to me frankly I felt like I was spiritually speaking running or swimming all over the place like on the pendulum let's look at that pendulum again look at it again in your mind is at rest right now and of course this is where we know that God wants us to be at a place of rest but there's some interesting things about a pendulum off I went to grab this pendulum swing and over here to the left and let go of it can you protect workmen ago as a gunslinger to stop center again no it won't because the laws of physics teach us for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so if I let go of that from over here on the left and of a swing right over here to the right password goes is not an easy swings over the about equal force now the law of physics continues and it says for every action there is an equal amounts of reaction unless acted upon by what some external force now if the pendulum represents you when I empty into the string how do you suppose that we are swung back and forth on this pendulum well I've come up with four and I'm sure there many more but just four for our purposes today well I think the number one way that we are swung around in this pendulum of life if you will from conviction to compromise or from legality to liberality I believe the number one way is by ourselves our own choices our own desires so in other words a bike if I happen to be in a state of balance if you will and living a balanced Christian life and will get into a little more about what that means my own choices can cause me to run over here to the left or run over to the right is not correct now others can influence us as well and and others can pull us out of balance or even help us along into a state of balance therefore often does some other extreme if you will and of course the third way is by Satan and his agents if you're a Christian and you want to be like Jesus and have a walk as he had been Satan and his angels are going to do everything that they can to keep you off in some sort of fanaticism more often the world and the fourth influence that that can can affect us in our walk and an swing is from one spot to another in a positive light is God the Holy Spirit and his angels if I'm out of balance isn't Jesus always sing here Christian this is what balances this is what Christianity is yes as a travel in our ministry I find that a majority of Christians are battling with what is the balance in their Christian walk what is compromised versus balance I like to read a statement very powerful taken out of testimony volume five page three oh six there is in human nature a tendency to run two extremes from one extreme to an entirely opposite many are fanatics there consumed by a fiery zeal which is mistaken for religion but character is the true test of discipleship another powerful statement and and a warning to each one of us is found in steps to Christ a beautiful book page sixty there are two errors against which the children of God particularly those who have just come to trust in his grace especially need to guard those two errors begot a look and got a be careful of especially new converts if you would the first is that of looking to their own works trusting to anything that they can do to bring themselves in to harmony with God and otherwise just like I was experiencing early on in my Christian walk I was earning my way to heaven if I do this if I do that I'll be bringing myself into harmony with God but the second and less dangerous air is that belief in Christ releases men from keeping the law of God there's the balance but since my faith alone would become partakers of the grace of Christ our works have nothing to do with our redemption so here the two heirs that we need to be careful of trusting to our own works to bring ourselves into harmony and saying I don't need to worry about the law of God is done away with it was nailed to the cross no it's a balance that we need to seek there is a balance between grace and the law there's a balance between the law and the gospel in the center in the balanced walk is a Christ centered long revering face say that again in the center is a Christ centered along revering faith those who were preaching just the law the law the law they're not teaching a balanced walk and those who were preaching just grace grace grace are not balanced either there is a balance between the law and faith in the law and grace and today we don't have time to bear all this out and we will in the future message will study deeper into the subject of righteousness by faith but friends suffice to say when were having a wonderful experience with Jesus Christ out of that deep love and respect for what Jesus is then a change will happen in our hearts we will have a faith that is working in our lives the character will be changed the abusive spouse will become calm and loving the alcoholic will become sober the adulterer will become sure the liar will become trustworthy and the inpatient will become patient the workaholic will come home and be with the family the gossiper will guard your back and the Christian life will look as it should desire of all we will establish that God 's law his government is good and fruitful by the faithful change lives that we live we will prove that the law and grace must cohabitate the gospel is the combining of the two you see Jesus will save us from our sins but we must have a Christ centered lover during faith to be saved in this pendulum of people swinging back and forth between legalism and liberalism is not new it can be seen all throughout Christian history I think of the Exodus out of Egypt here the D people of God were under extreme Egyptian bondage and oppression if you can work and do exactly as they said they were killed and when they were read out by the hand of God out of that bondage they had freedom and it was wonderful and as they had the freedom that Brinkley didn't really know what to do with it they had to have idols cast out of their minds and so much changed and what was amazing was that some of them even wanted to go back to their bondage is that you let us out here to die this can't be God leading us in front on hearing the same things today and then we get to Mount Sinai and here we are the people of God gathered around Mount Sinai and and they say okay everything that God says we will do we will do it everything you said we will do legalism and were saying that the power Jesus Christ and where did Moses go Moses went with God didn't he wasn't Moses unbalanced man he was there's a lesson the balanced one was with God taking in and we all know the story by the time that Moses came down that pendulum has swung from saying we can do all this because were good little Pharisees and legalists and is one all the way over to where frankly friends they were having a party they were dancing around a building draft the pendulum has swung friends they couldn't stand be they couldn't keep their promise without the power and the grace from Jesus to do so John fifteen five says I am the vine and ye are the branches he then invited the main and I in him the same bring forth much fruit but without me you can do nothing and the devil knows this and whenever we make such claims as the Israelites of old he comes in like a flood to prove his claim that there is no power there is no victory with God and that his loan government is impressive and an cause loss on fire he loves to exploit our careless statements and claims and then we warmly fail and we will without the grace of God we we reinforce the notion in our lifeless legalistic religious experience that there is no power in the Bible and there is no power in God in fact we reinforce to others that the devil 's claims are true when we stay swung over to one extreme or to the other on that spiritual pendulum we will always fail we must for this is not a balanced walk from Cain and able to the exodus to the birth of the Adventist state to our day we can find huge examples of the pendulum swinging all around in the Christian community in our church and in our lives a massive swing occurred when Protestants began to break free of a cold legalistic crisis clutches of Romanism the religious pendulum began to swing toward the left from an oppression to a rediscovery of justification by faith we had to escape from that religion of bondage and friends I'm sorry it is we went and confessed our sins to a priest we got our punishment we had the like as many candles and pray this many times and do do do do and pray or paid to get people out of the man-made fallacy of purgatory where's the gospel where was Jesus and all this where was the relationship with our Savior God became a God of do 's and don'ts and if we do wrong and don't appease him were going to burn forever in hell it breaks my heart that many Christians see God this way is not looking for reasons to wipe us out frankly he's got plenty of bowls one he's looking for every reason to save us friends sass and as the Protestants broke away from this kind of bondage all what joy filled their hearts but instead of stopping at a place of balance between the Commandments and the grace of God they kept moving dangerously away from the center toward while and eventually embracing the lie that I'm free and users he keeps the law for me the law was nailed to the cross no more dues no more don't I don't need or I don't want any more rules they swung too far now now let me ask you question was the swing from legalism bondage necessary for them to find a balance what would Jesus yes of course but they went too far and it was here in time when Adventism came into the picture this new movement had a message of faith that was Christ centered and long revering the balance my friends and this was the start of the church as God revealed over time more beautiful get distinctive truth to the young advents band the church was placed in a situation where they fought self-defense was necessary they felt they needed to defend the Sabbath and the state of the dead end and the sanctuary message and the judgment and on and on and these truths you see they set Adventism apart from mainstream Protestantism and the young church came under attack Adventist preaching over time you fall into a highly skilled proof text art form devoted to doctrinal debate eventually this defense of the law including the Sabbath began to breed within Adventism a heavy obedience to the law our emphasis the pendulum began to swing now realize there was a need to swing the pendulum away from the false liberal teachings and a defense of the law was needed but the Adventists did the same thing as the early liberal Protestant church they swung too far and this one right into legalism they began to neglect the Gospel and the free gift of grace and they slowly began to lose sight of Jesus this is what happened friends it is tragic but it's true and book after book would be published sermon after sermon would be preached in the gospel of Jesus Christ would be scarcely mentioned Ellen White saw what was happening and she penned the following dates and work speech fifteen on one hand religionists generally have divorced the law and the gospel while we the Adventists on the other hand almost on the same from another standpoint we have not held up before the people the righteousness of Christ and the full significance of his great plan of redemption we have left out Christ and his matchless blog we brought in theories and reasonings and have preached argumentative discourses as a rebuke for its that's one of our founders of the Adventist church trying to say come on we need to come back to a place of balance continuing on on page eighteen the danger has been presented to me again and again of entertaining as a people false ideas of justification by faith I've been shown for years that Satan would work any special manner to confuse the mind on this point and friends it is so true that a mixed confused ideas of righteousness by faith it is amazing in fact if I asked most of God 's people to tell me in to give me a study on why just my faith many could not even do it they couldn't even explain actually what they say I've been shown for years the Satan work in a special manner to confuse the mind on this point the law of God has been largely dwelt upon and has been presented to congregations almost as destitute of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his relation to the law as was the offering of pain I been shown that many had been kept from the date because the mixed confused ideas of salvation because the ministers of work and a wrong manner to reach the hearts appointed and urged upon my mind for years is the imputed righteousness of Christ I wondered that this matter was not made the subject of discourses in our churches all throughout the land when the matter has been kept so constantly urged upon me I have made the subject of nearly every discourse and talk now I have given to the people and this is so powerful there is not a point that needs to be dwelt on more earnestly is not appoint friends is not a point that needs to be repeated more frequently or establish more firmly in the minds of all in the impossibility of man meriting anything by his own best works salvation is Tuesday in Jesus Christ alone those are not my words friends so the pendulum swung too far it swung into legalism and sister why saw this and wanted and wanted to help bring God 's people back to a state of balance and there happened to be a change of focus of Adventism was to preach the final message to the world preaching just doctrines would never win the world all yes of course it's important to teach solid doctrinal truths but only in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ can you say amen and the gospel friends was missing from the message being preached so God brought two young men on the scene I love the fact that it's too young the men being a young man myself quote the Lord in his great mercy sent the most precious message to his people through EJ Wagner NAT Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior this sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the Charlotte T Jesus invited people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God friends that's the balance quote many had lost sight of Jesus testimony to ministers page ninety one they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person to his merits to his changes love for the human family all powers given into his hands that he may dispense rich gets on-demand imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the third Angels message is which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of his spirit in a large measure but friends sadly enough the church 's one deeper to the right it's one deeper into legalism as a precedent Jones and Wagner 's message as liberalism creeping in a church rather than embracing the glorious light of the gospel of God 's free grace they felt threatened by the call to an love motivated faith as the basis for salvation thus generation after generation of Adventist youth me him queue of Christ was preaching of Christ this worship and Chrysler's efforts to keep the law a liberal swing was in the making of liberal backlash was in the making and finally the pendulum began to swing to the left now didn't need to swing from the left of course we can't earn our way to win friends and all as it swung it came to that center placed all how wonderful it was to see Jesus again the deep inner sense of the need of Jesus his mercy and grace and forgiveness control the pendulum it was necessary friends for the health of the church for this to happen but I can't believe him but I have to say this the pendulum overshot the mark of violence and liberalism was born in the Seventh-day Adventist church then ideas that some Adventist doctrines were contrary to grace began to circulate like wildfire anything that even smell like it had to do with the law was cast aside as hostile to the gospel and so it is today plus a great debate has arose in our ranks the Conservatives and the Liberals are now contending for the supremacy and friends this is not just in the Adventist church this is in searches all throughout the land we now have two groups the conservatives on the right defending the law standards overcoming sin teaching reforms and judgment to come now is at all important of course and Emily have group to the liberals on the left emphasizing love acceptance mercy grace now is that important to of course but what's amazing is each side views the other as an enemy to the truth him him truth and they both have arrow we look at the enemy and not just the brother trying to learn to walk with Jesus no they're the enemy I know this is true friends I know it's true because I used to be a conservative looking at then the liberals soaking wet dripping with their world the compromises in sin yes they were the problem the Liberals were looking at me though as a spiritual Hitler that was encased by the stench of self righteousness that permeated everything I did I couldn't even sit down have a meal with you and now look at whatever might be on your plate that I don't agree with so now we have the conservatives on one side who look at the liberals I know for certain that they are the weeds there the tears there the problems in the church and yet on the other side we have the Liberals looking at the conservatives and they know for certain that they are the tears the weeds the problems in the church they both can't be right or can they about four years ago God somehow got ahold of my wife Kobe and I and he started a process in us that eventually open our eyes and remove the scales from them so now we can see that both sides don't have it right on both sides of the firm road that Jesus wants us to walk with him on is a deep ditch friends there's a liberal ditch on one side and there's a legal ditch on the other and I don't want to be liberal oral legalist I don't be a liberal or conservative I want to be a balanced I want to be a Christian a follower of Christ and look at Christianity today I see everywhere unrest I don't see Matthew eleven twenty eight to thirty I see churches splitting families being broken up and friends departing from each other over what are just sometimes personal convictions that aren't always so operational and I've got a list I got a list that's longer than my arm but I'll touch on just a few some of us get so wrapped up about your dressing modestly and an dress reform and as we become a Christian maybe some of the things we used to where we don't wear anymore because they might cause a man to stumble the challenges we have the legalists looking over your sink you guys dressed like this and you just look like a bunch of worldly people only have the Liberals over your sink but you guys just like you belong a little house on the prairie with with your dress is always down and you just there's got to be a balance brains because on any side of of of dress reform is dressed in form whether you just like Little House on the Prairie are you dressed like while a harlot best-dressed D form you see the balance is an attractive clean modest apparel appropriate for our time and we talk about health issues in health reform and as we come closer to Jesus we will even I believes take better care of our temples and so we have that the liberals on one side going to allow us eat anything and everything it doesn't matter and fringes it doesn't matter because if we eat the wrong kind of stuff while organic is sick with the conservatives on the other side sink only eat raw you can only do this new gully that don't even enjoy your for your food because it might be a sin to him in silly it really is silly and in the centers of balance a well-balanced plate of life-giving attractive food that keeps our temples clean and healthy in fact I'll confess to you I might even have a healthy cookie to you noblest sons are in health reform you we don't know where God is working with somebody were not the Holy Spirit God might be working out with someone on the drawings that they're taking and he's just not worried about dirt she is right now and the list goes on and on and on and on and and music you know while you need to have this kind of music and and we get the liberals overhears thanks what we need to bring in our rock 'n roll we need to have this kind of celebration music in this guitar drums going in and on this music coming to say the same verse over and over and over and over even though a symbiotic list to all the Skaneateles just think and that this praise Jesus praise Jesus and on the other side we have the conservatives like no only hands all you him Zen and played with only a PR North Oregon as as though the hands became holy is there over a hundred years old or something I don't know there's a balance my friends listen to or play or sing uplifting spirits of music that doesn't violate known biblical principles it's really quite simple we want what we want over here on the left we won't will be won over here on the right and if you don't see eye to eye with me there were just enough by or understood Aleve you know another thing is country living will you know we got some people over here saying you don't unscrew to stay in the cities even though we got clear counsel this is what you get out of him is a arms to stay here and then the other people send Ron will get out now go go go to get out you can't possibly be saved if you stay in the city friends listen there is a balance of course this clear counsel to get out of the cities yes and we should be open to God 's prompting and we should leave them as his province opens the way we should run out of fear but we should follow God 's leading and you never know he may not lead you out to the movies you most likely if led by God will not be too far out of the city you can still help those who need to see and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ that are in the cities I I I get so amazed that we don't decide issues and we divide and divide and subdivide before you know your left of one person and that's you who just happens to have it all figured out you're the own way one that's got it figured out in fact I was I was impressed to preach a sermon called the church of one and friends that will be coming in the future so there's a legalistic religion trying to earn heaven and you know if I don't do this and advise I don't do that than an edifying if I don't get is that I'm lost in an IRI I I I and is no joy there is no peace there's no purpose there is no long term victory only frustrations and backsliding we know were going to fail again in the future why because we keep failing over and over and over again and then on the other side there's a liberal school of thought a liberal religion is it really doesn't matter what I do I'm saved worldly compromise they also want friends there's no real joy in that kind of compromise what might be fun for a time but there's no peace because we usually know better then went to engage in what we are engaging in and we usually don't have any real purpose of our life does no long term victory this frustrations and backsliding there is no balance and guess what will fail again in the future why because we've continued to fail up and it is quite why because were not balanced we don't have Jesus Christ guiding us in meeting us it's all of our own ideas on both sides if you look at it so I looked up the word balanced what this balanced mean I looked it up and you know what I found I found that balance equals C will yes once means to be settled so being unbalanced would be of course not settled no rest in the rear beautiful statement that'll drive this point home now not the page one ninety two just as soon as the people of God are sealed in therefore hence it's not any Selah Martha can be seen but a settling into the truth yes both intellectually and spiritually so they can not to be moved just as soon as God 's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will come in deed it has begun already this is where God wants us to be saddled not swinging all over the place not being the Holy Spirit either looking at the spec of what in someone else's eye and ignoring the telephone pole that in your own know we need to first focus on our own lives and overcome that you will see clearly to help others if the Holy Spirit indeed asks us for help you see we don't know many times where someone is coming from and we think that everyone needs to be exactly where we are spiritually and if they don't have my convictions then I can be with them because you know I'm the one that has it right old friends maybe they were brought into the family of God as through a liberal church or conservative church and that's all they know they don't know any better yet or maybe they were raised in a liberal home or a conservative home and have followed in their parent 's footsteps or maybe they swung the opposite way maybe they've tried one camp and it just didn't work and now this one over to the other camp will Jesus can bring them to a place of balance on the I tried both camps and they know that there's got to be a better way than these they know that there's got to be some balance somewhere there's got to be some truth somewhere you see the major problem I see is that we are using others around us to gauge whether or not we are balanced we don't look to Jesus and his example as the gauge we use others in the church or around us as the gauge so sometimes we can't as some even compromise conviction to keep the peace and and to have fellowship with others that don't happen the CII with them is that balance or is that a compromise review and Herald January sixteenth nineteen hundred those who love Jesus and the souls for whom he had died will follow after the things which make for peace praise the Lord we should follow after things that will make for peace but the statement continues but they must take care lest in their efforts to prevent discord they surrender truth lest in warding off the vision they sacrifice principle true brotherhood can never be maintained by compromising principle on points of feeling between man and man concessions should sometimes be made but never should one iota of principal be sacrificed to obtain harmony all our words and actions passed in review before God and if we wish to stand in the judgment as having done all that we could to exert a correct influence all emphasize the word correct influence over our fellow men then we must return kind acts for acts of mischief and malice Christ is our pattern we must follow him friends we must learn to be kind loving and long-suffering come unto me all ye that labor all of you that swing back and forth and I will give you rest I will settle you now me ask you a question is it accurate to say that on the conservative side that there are those who are cold judgmental and self-righteous looking down there long thank you Lord that I'm not like he noses would be fair to say yes I was one of them and on the other side is it accurate to say that there are those who are at heart just world loving compromisers that want to have their own religion and the way that they want to have an is that also accurate okay now here's a harder question is it legal for them to have an experience like that either one of them can they had that kind of religious experience if they choose I didn't ask if there was healthy yes we should all have the freedom to worship God as we want to that's why the Protestant Reformation happen friends now should they ever be able to hurt others while there having that kind of experience absolutely not now back to the conservatives is it fair to say that on the conservative side that there are true honest souls that really love God and they know that obedience is necessary and they just want to obey Jesus and maybe think that this is how they have to do it and how they can be saved is to do all the stuck without a fair to say well of course would it be fair to say that within the liberal side that they are those who are true hearted men and women who genuinely loves Jesus and maybe they tried the conservative side and it didn't work and they know that there is a loving Jesus who forgives and forgets is that these C2 one yes you see friends there are actually two groups here and the groups are not the Liberals and the Conservatives want you say yes there are two groups friends those who are the lovers of God and those who are the lovers of self on both sides there are true people of God just trying to figure out what it means to be a completely balanced Christian and by enlarged their open to a healthy discussion about the Christian life and they're willing to change in fact there are even willing to admit if they were wrong conversely on both sides there are those you are centered on self and they wouldn't listen to anything that Jesus himself would teach them they know they have the answers and I'm not even open to talking further about it must they get to do all the talking the weeds and the tears that the Bible speaks of is referring to both the Liberals and the Conservatives there are wheat and there are tears on both sides there are the people of God on both sides and there are the people of self and of Satan on both sides and the ones who are the loudest the ones who are the squeaky wheels they get all the attention are the ones who are that the selfish ones who love themselves and him as a quiet group on both sides going on just watching all this I really don't know what's going on I just want to find Jesus and all of it and the real factor that will determine who are the week and who are the tears is our spirit friends are character and so I want to encourage you find the people in the church whatever side they're on find them that are like you and like-minded in other words things you want to become more like Jesus you want to figure this thing called Christianity out and leave the upright for them but leave the others to themselves the each other 's friends anyway focus on the ones who want to be like Jesus amen testimonies to the church volume one page one oh one as we near the judgment all will manifest their true character how many all and it will be made claim to what company they belong this is is moving to new groups will emerge one will be led by the Spirit of God and will have the courage to lay aside the little differences and walked to the pearly gates by stopping the swinging of the pendulum in their own lives will that be you went will you have found the balance will you Matthew seven fourteen says because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which lead up in the life and view there be that find it the other group will be led by the spirit of accusation and condemnation as a swing even deeper and further and further into their fanaticism 's Matthew seven twenty one to twenty three says not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he did do with the will of my father which is in heaven many will say to me that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in a name have we not in thy name cast out devils and I named done many wonderful works of my works religion seedlings what they're saying and in Jesus I believe with that the most heavy heart first twenty three and then I will profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity yes our own works are still be rags without the love and power that only comes from Jesus dear listener are you having are you pulling a heavy load to did you have a load this is just pulling you down and you wonder there is God what is all this about do you have a heavy laden load of sin or guilt what about a load of baggage from your childhood like I have works of baggage from a previous marriage that failed or or failed business are you suffering under oppression or persecution right now maybe from family members a spouse because of you following the truth are you overloaded by the excessive demands of religious people and even leaders in the church are you weary in the search for God or are you weary in the search for a four piece and purpose in your life are you weary helping others to see their sins middle Junior Holy Spirit are you weary from swinging back and forth from conviction to compromise Jesus wants to free us from all of these Burns friends we don't have to keep carrying the load by ourselves Jesus wants to help free us from our baggage and from our bondage and if we allow Jesus to bear our burdens then his yoke is indeed easy in his burden is light first Peter five seven says casting all your care upon him for the care of for you the rest Jesus promises is a rest from sin and selfishness and a rest from our old selves and our old thinking he promises love healing and peace not be in the ball effort no he says take my yoke upon you so we can be equally guilty with our Savior and the more you joke with our Savior Jesus Christ how we can overcome everything but the demo in life can throw at us and this makes his guilt easy this makes his burden light now come with me one last time to that end imagine it now this time it's not still is swinging back and forth and consider this that each time that the pendulum crossed the center mark this place of balance there was Jesus calling to you and to me this is where the cross is he saying Christian stop you don't have to swing all over the place there is a better way I can stop the swinging in your life I can settle you into the truth into a healthy Christian experience right here is my cross on here your balanced example right here is where my guilt is easy and my burden is light if you take my yoke upon you not anyone else's and learn of me for I'm meek and lowly in heart he shall find rest unto your souls come unto me and I will give you rest friends when we are on that street at and when we stopped writing that pendulum of spiritual life back and forth God will help us of balanced people that will have an experience of a settled loving Christ centered longer during faith that will be a testimonial to the world and the latter rain will fall the message will go out with power because our friends our families our neighbors and our coworkers will know that we have found something different and through our lines and through our words we will unmask the Devils lies we will prove that there is life in Jesus so when you allow Jesus to lead you to a place of life in balance it's not complicated simply go to him in prayer and ask them to open your eyes to see your true condition of soul then fall at his feet and ask him to forgive you and you to change you and then get up get up and walk he walked and let Jesus without his girl her horror that is the is a you had an assassin named and I and him and him is the and and all things inane I is in him and means an as then as he and he and is as high as I know all is he is a man is in you him for him I is him to him to we had a bad for him to have him sign him a him so bad she is a nineteen is I see so you know the man is not as I see him now a phone line I him and will and her father will train you help each one of us to even race that balanced one help us Lord to to take your yoke upon us and help us to experience what it means for that to be lights and we don't know what Lord were so overburdened with so much stuff in our life and I pray that you would help us to to cast all of our cares upon you and Lord I pray that you would help us to stop swinging back and forth and help us to walk in newness of life today Lord I pray that you would help each one of us to give you our yes yes I choose Jesus and yes I want to be a balanced Christian and him as we want to thank you for your friend is currently what I without him partnering with us that God is contact us at him to sign him to suffer for him to


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