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Secrets of Ancient Scrolls, Part 1

Chester Clark III


In the mid-nineteenth century the critics of the Bible were having a hay-day. On every side there were voices asserting that the Bible was a forgery, a fraud, and that it couldn’t have been written when Christians claimed it had been written, soon after the time of Christ. In this sermon we follow the efforts of one determined German professor in his quest to find evidence demonstrating the authenticity of the Bible.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • January 19, 2013
    11:00 AM


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well the Bible where would we be as Christians we wouldn't have the evidence of the Savior who loves us the Savior gave himself for us we wouldn't have the understanding of the way he lived in the way he wants us to live we wouldn't even have the promise of his return we wouldn't be able to look forward to that day when we can spend eternity with him the Scriptures are working to us as Christians and and today were going to be talking about the secrets of ancient scrolls that in the next few minutes were going to be talking about some of the ways that God answered the critics of the Scriptures because you know the Bible 's always had critics had it seems as though the brightest minds the most educated institutions have been pointing their attacks of the Scriptures for centuries and yet the Bible still stands today would be looking at why the Bible still stand looking some of the evidence for how the Bible was preserved and how we can find a trustworthy I want to invite the buyer has with me in traditional wood of prayers begin father in heaven thank you for giving us Jesus thank you for being a seeker after our hearts thank you for calling us today for bringing us today for for preserving our lives today to hear that voice our conscience your spirit speaking to our hearts today as we open your word as we consider history as we consider the Bible we want to pray that he would speak to us that you would help us to leave here with greater confidence greater assurance and not only the word that we hold in our hands but the Jesus that word describes to us we thank you for this in Jesus name amen about the end of the eighteenth century Sir Edward Gibbon wrote his masterful work on the history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire now this is a landmark work in Roman history but Bridget late interest in us for our Sunday this morning given me some water rather sweeping statements about the veracity of the Scriptures this was a growing trend in educational elite in the academic world in Gibbons time Edward Gibbon wrote in the history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire that early Christian leaders had not quite been satisfied with the story of Jesus and so they had gone to make their own adjustments in fact he said they had with rash and sacrilegious hands conveniently tampered with the original manuscripts this was a was a opening up of the war that would continue throughout the next hundred years or so as one after another educated men scholars began to doubt and question whether the Scriptures were authentic whether they could be trusted FC Bauer Ferdinand Christian Bauer of Tübingen declared nearly all of the books of the New Testament to be on authentic now what did he mean by on authentic this would've been about the middle of the eighteen hundreds by unauthentic sibling of power meant that that the books could not have been written at the time which Christians believe them to of been written nor could they have been written by the authors which the Bible claimed had written the books he gave a few exceptions and all of the books of the New Testament this professor tubing and growth that only Paul's letter to the Romans the Corinthians in the Galatians appeared to be authentic the rest were just forgeries somebody decided to make up something nice passive the law as your name became accepted and as part of the culture of the Lord Christianity but I was not alone Wilhelm Christian fund manager in Holland joined the radical criticism school of thought and he went even further saying that none of the New Testament books not not one none of the New Testament books according to man and fun men were written in the first century or by anyone who met any first hand knowledge or experience in the things in the life of Christ that's what was being claim none of the books were written the first century or by anyone who had a firsthand knowledge of the things they contain at Cambridge University which of course it was similarly challenging the New Testament he was dotted he was drawing doubt as to whether these books could possibly have been written by the people they claim to have been written by or at the time that it was claimed they had been written now around the same time discoveries were being made that would press the New Testament 's critics onto their heels and mobility looking at that here this morning were to be looking at how discoveries actually open the door to a new understanding of the New Testament particularly and its authenticity or veracity and I'm just going to I'm going to see we can't interrupting the New Testament Hawaii a German professor by the name of the constant temptation dwarf was listening to all this that was being said about the New Testament and about its unreliability even though he was educated at the University of Leipzig who was which was another university that was largely involved in this higher critical thought tuition normally undreamed of finding evidence that would support the authenticity of the Bible in studying the Scriptures in studying the writings of Paul you saw the common thread who saw their unity saw how how even though they've been written by different authors there was a unity of thought and purpose there was a a a a a harm harmony between the various parts of the New Testament and he believed in the New Testament of the authentic but where good evidence to be found to prove its accuracy and legitimacy so constant dentition dwarf began what would be a life work his magnum opus he what he wanted to accomplish in life was simply to draw attention to evidence that suggested that these critics of the Bible were wrong these critics of the Bible were attacking something that they didn't know what they were attacking and so at that time the oldest manuscript of the New Testament were apparently from the fourth and fifth centuries now this would be about three hundred years a third of a millennium after the event they wrote about right Jesus walked here on earth between well you know sometime around the zero ADA guesses or a one eighty is when we would ask that his bride-to-be that's one least one reason the date was set the the time period of his ministry was somewhere around thirty one eighty twenty seven eighty to thirty one eighty thirty and so forth so there's there's the early first century was a time period of the story of Christ we believe as Christians and Christians in addition to our state believed as well that the the book of the New Testament would've been written in the latter half of the first century so between about fifty A.D. and one hundred A.D. the New Testament would have been written the critics were saying notes impossible these manuscripts all this madness if you can find is from the fourth century three hundred years later each of possible knees would've been written as others for manuscripts formatted as addition or began to study and he began studying these four manuscripts from the fourth and fifth centuries the first was the codex of Alexandra 's and this was owned by the British Museum also there was the Codex Klara Montanus which was owned by the library parents and soap dish and him went to London to the British Museum he went to Paris to the library heresy studying these these manuscripts but they were both incomplete neither of them had the entire New Testament even though they were from the fourth or fifth century there was another manuscript that additional new about this was the codecs that it has sent about a canvas that scrolls were kept in the Vatican of course that's why was named this and the Vatican did not allow the codecs that it has to be studied by any Protestant scholar which Titian Dorf was so this was a significant barrier tradition doors being able to examine it probably one of the more complete of the manuscripts in the end with extremely persistent and finally the caretakers of the Vatican allowed Facebook to spend six hours six hours with the codecs that anise and then he was able to compare what he learned from the Alexander Ness in the Claire Montanus and the fourth manuscript was a codex of frame I and this was a this was a very challenging work because the Codex a frame I was actually of a part of Scripture by the New Testament that had been a raise probably several centuries after was written so imagine written on parchment or vellum and then erasing it maybe with the mechanical means maybe with some chemical means but then overridden where the ridings of philosophies of an Orthodox Assyrian Orthodox theologian by the name of African and so it was a raisin written over so imagine trying to figure out what was written underneath the writings and very difficult and the kitchen door began studying these manuscripts and poring over them very very carefully painstakingly examining comparing and he produced what he thought was a little bit more accurate Greek New Testament little more accurate than that are Rasmussen then three hundred years earlier or so and even the German Karl Lockman had produced only a a decade or two before when he realized he had really found much new evidence he had really discovered lots that would convince the critics but the New Testament was reliable that it was authentic its authority was still lacking significant portions of the New Testament were simply missing from all of these four major documents could there be older documents to be found could there be evidence manuscripts yet to be discovered if there was if there were to be these evidences of manuscripts kitchen door was determined that he would discover them that he would find them so he went on a journey in search for New Testament certainty led petition door to some of the oldest monasteries of the world he wrote about that in some recess of the great Greek or Coptic Syrian or Armenian monasteries there might be some precious manuscript slumbering for ages and dust darkness these sort of see what addition I was imagining is mine designing interfaces has to be something out there course he didn't know that it existed it was all a figment of his imagination this point but it was bugging him he was driving him there might be some manuscripts some precious manuscripts slumbering for ages and dust and darkness well making thirty eight he ran well the celebrated American archaeologist Doctor Edward Robinson who reported that in Saint Catherine's monastery there was an expensive collection of the most ancient manuscripts and imaginable so in eighteen forty four eighteen early aging forty four kitchen door set off to Egypt determined to examine these manuscript is an market-making forty four petition door arrived in Cairo is not thereby some monks from Blake Saint Catherine's monastery now Saint Catherine's monastery is a very interesting place it's right at the foot of Mount Sinai the traditional the place where we believe for the churches believe that Mount Sinai was located it's one of the oldest continuously inhabited monasteries in the world is one of the two oldest in the world it may need the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the world it was founded by the Christian Emperor Justin and in the early sixth century something around five thirty eight something around that in six twenty five the monks of Saint Catherine sent emissaries to Mohammed himself this is the start of the Islam religion the religion of Islam then it is that the monks of Saint Catherine Catherine sent emissaries to Mohammed himself seeking his protection even though they were Christian they determined that they would not get into these battles we call the Crusades they wanted to remain neutral they were Christian but they would they would stay loyal to the powers of the region and that was they were the followers of Mohammed by the way 's Mount Sinai in this monastery is located right in the Sinai Peninsula near the tip of the Sinai Peninsula and this is where the they found their their protection from Mohammed every year the monks would renew their allegiance to Mohammed every year for five hundred years even even in eleven fifteen year eleven fifteen during the Crusades biking Baldwin they specifically at the Christian king not to stop and visit the Christian monastery because of the political challenges that it would bring to them they were determined that they would remain neutral even though they were right in the middle of this this Muslim world and so this is the story of how the monastery has been continuously inhabited longer than any other Christian monastery interestingly the base year of Mount Sinai and within the walls of the monastery is a bush that is believed to be still the eye will be called the descendent of the remains are what you would call it but it's still the burning Bush that Moses at which Moses met God and had his communication with them and if you believe that I have well we won't go there but I kind of have some skepticism about the validity of this being the burning bush but at any rate it could've been the region in which Moses met thought for sure it was probably in this area that he was tending sheep so here the Saint Catherine's monastery kitchen door arrived in early eighteen forty four and he found that there were so many piles of ancient manuscripts that get this there were there were there were barrels of them being used to start fires and petition door was aghast as he seizes the income just to look at a library you know go through the date the stacks of manuscripts in the library and you imagine looking these ancient manuscripts in different languages and Syriac and Aramaic in and the Greek and Hebrew in and try I knew this in the summer when they were in if they were parts of Scripture perhaps you have no viable party well wouldn't you be able to decipher word by word and understand word by word and decide hey this is Mrs. from Deuteronomy this is from gospel John or this is simply some philosophers writing reminders and similar words and phrases I mean if you understand this is a challenge that Stephanie is dominant and a no googling and now you found whether these benefits exist nobody was going to the library but developing an understanding of the library every note and cranny of this large monastery compound he was looking to find there were manuscripts like the ones he found when he first entered being used to start fires perhaps Sony began searching through the monastery and toward the end of toward the end of May he felt that he found the Pearl of his researches he says I perceived in the middle of the great Hall a large and wide basket full of parchments in the library and he was a man of information told me that two heaps of papers like these molder in my time at Artie been committed to the flames what was my surprise to find amid this heap of papers a considerable number of sheets of a copy of the Old Testament in Greek which seemed to me to be the most ancient I've ever seen and of the two hundred most three hundred pages of these manuscripts the monk said say not caverns allow him to take home forty three of these manuscripts and from this he went home informed of the Codex Rodrigo August on us in honor of the king of Saxony who had paid for his expenses to travel to Egypt but you know having returned with these portions of the Old Testament which was good vision or something wasn't satisfied what he was looking for with evidence about the new test I'm once again he was not content in believing that there could not be some manuscript in some place in the end of monastery or elsewhere where he could find in seven eighteen fifty three he set off again almost nine years later visiting monasteries and Lilia and Cairo and Alexandria and Jerusalem Laodicea in Smyrna and Constantinople this guy was determined wasn't the he was going wherever he could find ancient monasteries and finally made his way back again to Saint Catherine's in the shadow of Mount Sinai and then as he is he travels again to Saint Catherine's when he arrives there they actually pretended or feigned ignorance of knowing anything about the manuscript that he had discovered last Monday there whether they didn't want him to see it whether he was up they were afraid he would try to take more of them away we don't know but amongst librarians at Saint Catherine is simply claimed that they didn't even know about the manuscripts that he left behind after spending some time again at Saint Catherine's he left empty-handed but he found information of these other places where it stops so addition Dorff went back home and from his work he was able to produce some ridings back home guess what kitchen door could not get Saint Catherine's out of his mind he knew there was something there more than they were letting on he knew that he knew that they probably weren't giving him all the information that and that they themselves knew and so finally Titian Dorf begins planning a third trip to Egypt back to Saint Catherine's this time he was at his trip was financed by the Czar of Russia he arrived at Saint Catherine's and began going through what manuscripts they would let him see again they seem to be giving you much information anything is very until the common companions whereas they are three more days after three more days we don't find something significant the study were going back to Cairo going back to German those three days would prove very pivotal in the history of Christianity those three days in those three days CNN covered three hundred and forty six parchments that included a codex containing the old and new Testaments in their entirety all written in the same handwriting nothing like this had ever been seen in the history of scholarship neither the he wrote his wife it is the only such manuscript in the world neither the codecs that account I saw that London Alexandra 's contains the whole New Testament and the Sinai Codex is undoubtedly older than both this discovery is a remarkable occurrence and a great one for Christian knowledge kitchen door for filing finally discovered what he had been looking for he now held in his possession the earliest complete copy of the New Testament never mind to open a dozen and the Old Testament ever discovered now it's interesting he was able to persuade the monks there it can't think on that Catherine's through probably not the greatest honesty did that he would borrow these manuscripts and having taken them he took them back and painstakingly copied them and then presented them as a gift to the czar of Russia would finances trip and widths with with amazing brazenness and iron he desired Russia actually financed a copy of the Codex this to be sent back to the monastery of Saint Catherine 's and eventually the monks did agree to sell for some nine thousand rubles the the manuscripts to the Russians as an interesting aside in the early twentieth century Russians decided they didn't really want the men stripping longer they decided they would sell it to the highest bidder for two hundred thousand British pounds that was their minimum well when when syrup Canyon Sir Frederick Kenyon who is the traitor of the British Museum found out that he was for sale he said we have to buy this let's offer them a hundred thousand loving them than sixty thousand Russians said we won't take less than a hundred thousand pounds this was in the height of the Depression and the only way the British Museum couldn't afford to get this codex would be if they raise the funds and so they actually went in gathering door-to-door around England asking the impoverished nation to donate a few pounds a few pence here and there by the Codex anatomists and with the money they raise door-to-door in England the British Museum bought the Codex from the Russians it arrived in London in a taxi company by a daily news reporter newspaper reporter very interesting ranging history of where and how they got to where it is now in the British Museum so what about this claim of the books of the New Testament were written between eighty four fifty and one hundred now there was evidence we believe that the the Codex indicated the entire New Testament had been had been dated back at least as far as their early fourth century back the story of the Codex is something like this book suggesting original between the end of the first three right between eighty fifteen one hundred and eleven Bible says Senator Peter one twenty one for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God 's they spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost right the Bible is not simply a of literature a collection of writings like any other document it is actually a document that is divinely inspired the Bible he says that holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost the Bible does not pretend that it is a is a verbal and verbal word by word dictation of blogspot words note the Bible says that God inspired men and those men wrote or they spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost there's a big difference between having the box being inspired by the Holy Spirit and having the words being dictated by the Holy Spirit you understand the difference in those two thoughts on the one hand if the words are dictated by the Holy Spirit that every single word is is in is an necessary in order for it to remain inspired right if we were to have some copy error in through the centuries that would introduce a different word than that which was used by the original profit it would no longer be the word of God because it would now be changed any in a single word if it was the inspired word of God we should also recognize that we would expect that the style and the RAM would be consistent and perfect throughout with the but the reality is if we look at the manuscripts we find that the big just like when you write something or I write something if you know someone well you can sort of tell when they written her with a copy to someone else right those teachers here that you know that you know when someone's written something or when they got it off Wikipedia right we know because you didn't even get to know people style of riding in a study throughout the New Testament particularly you can see the sky I will bring riders Paul wrote in an very different way than some of the think Peter wrote and not all Paul's writings are exactly the same because he even talks about the scribes of the Israelite right correct he describes because we believe he may have had an eye problem though is well educated he probably couldn't always do also so he would he would know sometimes this farewell of this this paragraph is hybrid with my own hand the rest of his epistle been written by his one of his scribes and fit the style of that that the way that grammar was used was different depending on who was riding is very important for us to understand the Bible does not pretend to be a dictated word of God word by word let me let me say this link and see if you can understand is the Bible writers were gods and men not his pandemic cents the Bible writers were gods and men not his head another something else very important about this very important let's assume legitimately believe in verbal inspiration everywhere was dictated by the Holy Spirit not used me know by humans thinking of the best way to express the thoughts God gave them but assumed that it was verbal inspiration this would require any translation of the Bible with me to be undertaken by someone as equally inspired as the original author write in God 's words were verbally word by word inspired and that's what he wanted to communicate to us we would not be able to read God 's word and left either we read in the original languages or we had equally inspired translators the reality is that I doubly translators are equally inspired Bible writers wrapped reality is that God 's God God 's word is instead has inspired the thoughts and it was a human element to find in the right grandmother my vocabulary writing it down the ticket he has not corrected sometimes just like when the province team to David's ability build the Temple and then he came back and he corrected himself right Lynwood when your profit you have a gift you have the ability to correct lots and make sure the message is given the right law but not necessarily the words not necessarily verbal inspiration very important in our understanding of how we in the Bible is inspired will affect how we understand and interpret our thinking never never came by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they remove smoke is there moved by the holy ghost you can tell I've I've I read the King James version a lot I do the translations are sometimes tingles my tongue I donated three persisting sending our Scripture today all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness but the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work second Peter chapter three verses fifteen and sixteen notice with me this is very important to you now is talking about his beloved brother Paul is my city is an endearing term here is no sort of get a little bit of the criticism of his paintings he says he as also our beloved brother Paul has written view some things hard to understand which I thought instead unstable people twist to their own destruction as they did the rest of the Scriptures confessing their something the Bible that need to be understood properly they need to be interpreted properly right and he is telling us that unless we do so unless we understand them properly we could have fatal consequences to their own instruction he says this afternoon were going to be talking more about some simple principles of how to interpret the Bible simple principles of how to understand the Scriptures but I want you to notice something here this is the arriving we believe this is early still Christian history still in the first century A.D. and notice what he says here it is our blood and Paul's written to you some things hard to understand what you talking about is talking about Paul's epistles right is talking about perhaps the Corinthian scrap the Galatians I don't know exactly when talking about some of all letters which we assume we have still today we know we'll have all of Paul's writings in the first letter of the greatest we have in our Bibles he talks about having written to them already which means first and second segment and segment executive directives to say that straight so we know all the Bible in the outlaws riding in the Bible can but PR here makes an important statement a very interesting statement he says which some people in Entente unstable twist of their own destruction as they do also know what what word is used the rest of the Scriptures what is the air doing here in the first century what is he doing he is including Paul's letters with the rest of the Scriptures can you believe it using the Christ of the Bible said no the New Testament was was formed by three four hundred years after the time of Christ and Christians didn't agree on on on Google to the Bible or how was written or any of those things in the early church Peter gives us evidence that early Christians actually already began to understand some of the sacred writings to be to be canonical you might say to be inspired and authentic and fourteen as they do also the rest of the Scriptures the rest of the schedule very important phrase here you see the critics said that it was not until the third or fourth or fifth century but Peter here's giving evidence there was already even in the early centuries even in the first century understanding of some of the Bible books being its liar by the fourth century we do find the first exact list in the same order of the books in fact will be on time to go in all of the Council me to see in Constantine 's role in in in in bringing together the Christian authorities to agree on these things that the idea that Constantine somehow dictated what the Canada Constitution of the Scripture is is completely unfounded in history if we look at those conferences that that he didn't speak at it was not as if he had anything to say but there is this what happened in an eighty three thirty one the Emperor Constantine ordered Eusebius of Caesarea to copy fifty accurate manuscripts of the Bible I understand this before printing presses right we didn't have Bible that you can just go down to your friend your nutrition book centered by Bibles were rare and by this time than the Canada Scripture had been closed it had been decided the Christian church was agreed upon what was to be included in the Bible and Constantine in three thirty one hundred BC BS of Caesarea to copy the higher expert professional copyists to copy fifty copies of the Bible imagine imagine handwriting the whole Bible now imagine without a kingpin imagine with some sort of the any of the dignity and it is what a ballpoint pen fifty copies of the Bible on an end Constantine Emperor Constantine also specify which type of material balance should be used in these fifty copies these were to be special copies it would be sent out then to all of the Christian world in many different places so they could be used the best trained professionals strive to be hired for this task as a result these fifty copy verse were sent out one of them remain in the library of Caesarea that's where Eusebius was from a library of Caesarea retain one of those copies it is now believe highly probable that when Caesarea fell to the Arab invaders in the in the seventh century in six thirty eight is highly possible that the copy of the Scriptures commissioned by Constantine and carried out by Eusebius of Caesarea the copy from the library Caesarea found its way with a lot of other manuscripts to a nearby remote monastery of Saint F and therefore nearly fifteen hundred years it remained unrecognized and undiscovered a complete copy of the old and New Testament Dakotas codecs and Atticus and the coated synthetic tennis is now believe are probably both part of those fifty copies to the fifty but only the codecs and Atticus is a complete up and this is what Titian Dorf discovered there in eighteen fifty nine Sir Frederick Kenyon examining the evidence some years later most a hundred years later he's a curator of the British Museum London the Christian can take the whole Bible in his hand and say without fear or hesitation that he holds in his hands the true word of God handed down without essential loss from generation to generation throughout the centuries now some of you are asking will that only takes us back at three thirty one that's still almost that's still two hundred and fifty years or so after they were written this afternoon were to industry because after this after this discovery no one could say that the Bible had just been conceived in the fourth at six centuries it was clear that this saying the same books in the same language in essentially the same content existed and was established in three thirty one so now they began to say well you know that's still two hundred fifty years is still not hostile at times he seen before before this time before Constantine 's time the Greco-Roman world the Bible would've been written on actress not know and the critics of the Bible well new the past dress could never last for two thousand years there's no way they could find evidence of the Bible written before three thirty one but they did an absorbent talk about this afternoon as we look at at continuing the story but what is important here says in his second epistle for we did not follow cunningly devised fables when he made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty Peter is writing to those who are doubting and skeptical about this man named Jesus appears as well when understanding of something that when you'll might've been written up by some fictional writer somewhere we were there we saw that our eyes we heard it with our ears and he goes on it describes is not a Transfiguration party received from God the father honor and glory when such a voice came to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased and we heard this voice which came from heaven when we are with them on the holy mountain beers is what you can tell me Jesus wasn't real you can tell me Jesus wasn't the son of God we have heard of fathers boys with our own hands we saw his glory with our own eyes and we heard him affirming that Jesus was his son with and well please I believe peters is because I was there all when anyone are for the been there when it be wonderful to see with your own eyes and ears but before we get too envious of what Peter is saying here let's read on what he says next verse and so we have the prophetic word confirmed the King James says we had the more sure word of prophecy when you do well to take he is the light shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the day star rises in your hearts you see my friends we might not have been able to be there with Jesus on the amount of transfiguration but we have the privilege of holding our hand a more sure word of prophecy the Bible my friends is more trustworthy than even what our senses could experience the contact the Bible is more dependable than even the things we can see or smell or hear using there's a lot of things that can be forced and fake just go to Disney World right there's a lot of anger since has been experienced with which are not really reallocate the Bible as we study up to the aid of the Holy Spirit the Bible is more dependable than even our very sense we have also a more sure word of prophecy where do you do well to take heed until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts as the morning star the Bible is all about Jesus Prince Ennis that's why it's important it's not visit an academic argument about some ancient manuscripts it's about whether or not we believe what it tells us about the son of God about the hope of salvation and how we can know him as our Savior and then the Bible is a trustworthy book the old and New Testament prophesy Christ the New Testament is his life story the entire Bible is a revelation of Jesus Christ to gain team to demonstrate the planet rebellion when his father was really like the entire Bible is about Jesus isn't it Jesus judge you said in John five thirty nine you search the Scriptures for and then you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me see this is why the Bible is called the living word is the word of God is able to change lives and change it carries with it and a life transforming power it gives strength to the week incurred for the depressed hope to the dying all throughout history we can see the power of the Bible to change lives and friends more important than Titian Doris discovered to me today is the fact that you and I can experience the power of the Bible to change our lives the lustful the immoral enslaved inhabitants to become pure and clean drunkards and then delivered from their drinking thieves from their stealing all the power of the word of God you have to look very far today to find people who have had their lives transformed their lives changed by the word of God we see when we study the word of God faithfully when we look into its pages when we experience what it has to say for us it's impossible for us not to be changed the word of God has creative power just as it did in the big battle of Jesus all about Jesus is about changing lives and changing people that's the heart of the Christian religion is the heart of the Bible and it's why we have the word confirmed to us so we have the prophetic word the firm would you do well to heed the light shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts anything for the word of God are they a family God has given us evidence that we can trust the you thankful that no matter what the critics might say we can experience the word of God for ourselves today I'd invited bipeds with me as we pray father in heaven today we are thankful that we can look at the word of God not having to wonder but trusting and believing that it is your word spoken in love to us today Lord as we as we consider the Jesus the Bible reveals to us we want to thank you we have such a Savior such as Savior desires all of our hearts such as Savior that is able to change us through his Word to make us clean and new make us better people not so that he will love us but because of the great love that is shown to us of Father's Day that is why Bridget help us sometimes the Bible said on ourselves and our cables by her bedside outpost of value to treasure the word that you spoken given to us but love letter that you've written is not allowed to go unheeded or unread but help us I praise your people learn and grow more than two or a media list is my audio nurse website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I was always good life is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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