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Secrets of Ancient Scrolls, Part 2

Chester Clark III


Constantin Tischendorf’s discovery led to evidence of the New Testament’s authenticity. But the critics weren’t silenced yet. Now the chorus of skeptics claimed that there was no evidence, not even the “merest fragment,” from before the fourth century to back the Christian belief that the New Testament had been written three centuries before. But God would use unusual ways to preserve evidence of the New Testament’s validity! Join us as we turn to discovering principles for Biblical interpretation as well.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • January 19, 2013
    2:00 PM


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our father 's day weirdest so grateful for your work with thankful that we can come here again today to consider this meaning for our lives and how we can trust it as well as how we can understand and use it quiet I pray that should help us as we do so that you'll send your Spirit to guide us we thank you for this promise claim that Jesus name amen but this morning we were talking about the the secrets of ancient scrolls and we talked about how fish endorsed discoveries put the critics of the Bible on their heels they really are not expected a complete new Testaments and then discovered up to that are back to the time of the early century we don't take too long because gradually critics and doubters will be doubters right as always there's always enough room to doubt their modeling not ever removes all occasion or opportunity for now there is what we call faith is there and then so there's always as always it an opportunity to exercise faith and it's very true that even even if we can improve and on earth and find and study there's still some room without food daughters out the skeptics were still skeptical and they pointed out that they were still over two hundred years between the apostles earliest text at the letter here is doesn't seem like a lot of time looking back over two thousand years but during his lifetime isn't it amazing when you think about it for hand copies to be made and survive in the past from one person the next two hundred years not one time for there to be corruptions and and you know that bullying and and changes to be made in the text itself one of the challenges to those who believe in the veracity of the Bible that the critics made fine even the barest fragments I was wanting in terms uses America's fragment of the Scriptures earlier than the thirty fourth century by then mayor fragment and this would be a a a a a challenge that the archaeologists and other Bible believing scholars were facing now as we mentioned this morning the codecs and additives and similar era of manuscripts were written on vellum which is a pretty durable material and much more durable than parchment or Pap breasts which is essentially what the media Greco-Roman world would've written benefits on parchment Chris is essentially just pounded no plant material and and dried dehydrated in a thin sheets and it's not very durable and so the critics of the Bible were confident that they would never be able there never have to face the chat the challenge of such manuscripts now he story takes a familiar as well as a unexpected turn enter to ladies to women who had a tremendous impact on history the Bible were two twins sisters they were both sniffles are made in a near twin sisters and they had been briefly married to a to let Mister Lewis and Mister Gibson so they had different that need that last names but they were Orientalists at Cambridge University they were experts scholars and Middle Eastern world and they wanted to study manuscripts and where you think they would go if they wanted to find the most ancient manuscripts imaginable wherever they go they are go to Saint Catherine that's right and so they made the trip these two women and remember this is in the mid- eighteen hundreds late eighteen hundreds of purpose of single women to be off traveling in the air world was quite a feat it was quite an unusual circumstance but there often the bed reading Zen and then traveling across Egypt and making their way to Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine's monastery and I here in eighteen ninety one they discovered a partially erased a copy of the Gospels in Syriac something that petitioner never come across but it was there nonetheless a Syriac New Testament Gospels part of the Gospels would you it was generally accepted not just by the sisters of the scholarly world and minute this had been written before the year two hundred now with this copy now was a complete copy but still it true that what Constantine had and this is the correct medicine I guess and that Janice had in three thirty one eighty had been in existence hundred and thirty years earlier a big jump in time and it proved that it was in in circulation now there's other things that you have to consider when you think about these old manuscripts one thing to consider is we know the New Testament was written in Syriac rite it would've been written and great and so you have to avoid some time for four manuscripts to travel from the place where it's written to a place where it is interpreted or if it's interpreted for the travel are translated to travel to another part of the world so so here you have in you can assume it was before two hundred that John had been written right had been written earlier for it and then translated the fourth two hundred into Syriac and made his way to the Saint Catherine's monastery in Egypt Doctor Ezra Abbot would make the next discovery and about the same time in fact this was a commentary no this was in Armenian language and it was it was it had been known for several decades already Doctor Abbott was simply dismissively studying a manuscript that was Artie known to exist and what he what he did what he discovered was that he could dated from a period earlier than one seventy so this is another thirty years this is a commentary about the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John and hit indicated in his commentary of Doctor Abbott showed that eight in it it indicated that those four Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John were held in quote undisputed preeminence over all other narratives like Christ so in a commentary written about the Gospels in one seven beating out in the Allen takes these Gospels have to be written then they have to be disseminated to become to some sort of notoriety before in commentaries written about right we don't write a commentary about the letters we received from a friend Willi Reich commentaries about material which is being widely consumed in the trip was overcompensated and written before one seventy eighty saying that by one seventy eighty these books Matthew Mark Luke and John were held undisputed preeminence over other narratives on the life of Christ tells us a lot it tells us just as we suspected earlier the New Testament canon had been closed much earlier than the mid- late fourth century like the critics say the believers had a pretty clear understanding of which books they believed to be inspired in which books were not one seventy A.D. this commentary was written earlier than one seventy BBC sort of that time line going back is putting pressure on the base critics of the Bible that said you know fourth century finding earlier were already in the Toledo second century and discoveries would continue probably the most exciting fragment or manuscript is not really mentioned you can call manager with evidence nonetheless you know I think blogs have a sense of humor I think God must have a sense of humor I think sometimes sometimes in the Bible says all things work together for good and in the lovelorn action and I think he also says that my Word will not return any boy that will come present you sent forth imagine how precious a leaf of Scripture work was when it was hand copied made by hand imagine how how valuable this would've been right twelve this discovery was not made in a monastery somewhere it was not a sheet of of manuscripts long forgotten growing dust this discovery was made while they were unwrapping an Egyptian mummy somebody had used the Bible as rapping for the loving nice I got has a sense of humor because the money because of all the details on so forth of the fine discovery among even easier deliveries pretty accurately date no other records included within the soap soaked in the madness somebody have their Bible taken from them forcefully maybe there was some monastery plundered or some believers out there while the Bishop for elders and one of the churches had some manuscripts and may need native the man was killed by another we don't know the story all we know is that someone decided they would use a portion of Scripture as Mike we would use newspaper and we think oh what a terrible you know what a one-day one in respect of the Bible this disrespect of the Bible this loss of whatever Christian lot of manuscripts becomes are being debated truly God 's word is not returned to him or does not it we does not return void it will call the savages been sent forth and then this money was wrapped in first of all they found a portion of of a manuscript written in Hebrew and what part of the Bible with that is expected from guilt as Deuteronomy so as a part of the Torah and it was dated to go back to centuries before Christ the manuscript would of been written two centuries before Christ but there was another fragment that was written in Greek and this fragment now we know the Ryland 's fragment it contains it is only about the size of a man's hand it's has rising from John chapter eighteen on both sides front and back so we can decipher almost and while Egerton versus parts of them on the two sides of this fragment but this fragment it says we we believe would've had to have been in circulation well before one fifty eighty now it's generally believed that John Birmingham we believe that John would've written his book he was laughing fossils live the Gospel of John was actually not the order is in the New Testament just when we had the book of revelation last but in actuality it is believed that John wrote the Gospel of John last toward the end of his life somewhere around one hundred eighty so you're talking about now only a kind of as little as thirty years thirty years from John's actually writing the dog with his own until the end these America's fragment even bigger the mass fragment has made its way not just outside Jerusalem it's made its way all the waiting engine and has been used to wrap among some thirty years thirty to fifty years later it's remarkable is that tells us it tells us once again the Bible wasn't written the fourth or fifth or sixth century the New Testament was written as the critics have tried to claim it been written by imposters written forgeries and tax names of the apostles want to give it credibility the evidence is compelling that the Bible was the New Testament books were in circulation even at the time that we believe they were in circulation so shortly after they were written for you have a picture of the two sides of the Ryland 's fragment and we can see here that is not a lot left that but if enough of them and the way in which we find it attached to among help to make us even more certain about the date that it had been written before I think God has an amazing way of affirming his work doesn't who would've thought that whoever sacrilegious we took the Scriptures and use them as money wrappings rotting corpse of who would've thought they would be Monday given credit for having affirmed and confirmed the validity and authenticity of the Gospels but you know what good is this unless we apply unless we understand the Bible to be the best book in the world but unless it is used unless it is put to use it is no good and unfortunately throughout the ages you not the Bible of the Bible was circulated we can see the evidence about throughout the me the world at the time of Christ New Testament and the Old Testament but there came a point when when the study of the Bible is not commonplace you're familiar with that history during the Middle Ages there are came of a almost a additions Hastings for the Scriptures as a variety of reasons one of the reasons was that a note the elders of the church is felt that some people would wear this using the Bible and they were these false teachings of ever heard of that kind of thing I'd ever heard of someone who goes off on one character net attention and people still do that today people still go off on tangents when you can understand the elders of the churches were concerned and there their response was not the response they should of had this fund they should of had his left let's get together as the body of Christ and get down on our knees and pray and open the manuscripts studied together and I believe the Holy Spirit would lead them into harmony into an engine agreement right doesn't mean that they wouldn't still be people that depart from the faith as Paul predicted but they could have allow the Holy Spirit to bring the church into unity of thought and purpose and spirit instead they said we want to have uniformity they began working on what was what they call a systematic theology with a good magazine everything 's in place with every other belief in teaching and they would they would they would define the truth of the Bible and I was talking to some academics not too long ago Fessler at a seminary and then he said well you know the problem in the New Testament churches that no one had even developed a systematic theology got angry at the problem the apostles were alive no they had the gift of prophecy in the systematic theology you have the Holy Spirit they are very alive and well the New Testament church I think sometimes academic world with too much stock in its own academic centers and I'm saying is if the academics are they after the problem back in the news didn't solve the problem of of diversity of opinions and varying views and heresies in the early Christian church in fact the use of a visa this is an ideology or creed actually began to shift from a trust of the Holy Spirit role in guiding the church and all true to a trust in human methods to keep the church together some extent you understand how the difference between God 's methods of keeping hearts together and lines in love with one accord to humility and and the graces that only he can put in the heart and human methods of using human influences trying to keep people in uniform is there between the spirit uniformity and man's of the spirit of unity I should say and man's uniformity and came a point where the church said we got to keep things uniform even if it means asking the state to help us write that's what we call the Middle Ages sometimes is referred to in and in a pejorative sense but the union of church and state is not God 's plan that's not the way the way God Jesus says and if I was the Vikings of this world then would my servants fight my kingdom is not of this world visiting them apart right as a kingdom where the Holy Spirit changes spots in mind and brings people into unity of mind and purpose in love together and so they even if the human method that began to be used during the Middle Ages actually began to explore the Bible say to say to lay people don't study the word of God because Minogue made them available God is always strange ideas and they may think they have their empowered by the Bible to to argue with the bishops of the elders right so they actually came to discourage the lathe from sin the Bible in fact for many years in many parts of the world it was it was prohibited it was anathema to even allow the Bible to be translated and written in a common vernacular in the language that the common people spoke the Bibles were kept in the biblical languages of Hebrew Greek and their captain laughed they were translated into the various and the various languages or or tongs that people would understand so their team this became this separation between the educated and the clergy and the uneducated in the leg and this is a separation was not I don't believe what God would have had with unwanted but it's the history and objects what happened anyway and today we still we still sort of having battle if I might use that term maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but it still salute to the battle with in Christianity between whether the Bible is really meant for common people or whether it's something we're going to theologians can find answers isn't and so that's what I'm looking at a little bit this afternoon now it's a story that I read about also that ability came from the Divinity school in a famous University United States each day they had a year they had a special day when they would invite all of the pastors in from the surrounding region to listen to an academic lecture from the latest scholarship and on this day it was in this particular day was going to be held outdoors is not grassy area and the pastors were invited to bring their own sack lunches and they would listen to a lecture by a a a famous theologian by the name of Paul Tillich and Doctor Tillich spoke for two and a half hours longer than the exact minutes we listened to our election and for these doing reason to a half hours he proved I use that advice in the proof of the resurrection of Jesus could not equal installer after scholar after scholar and book after book and included since there is no such thing as a historical resurrection the religious tradition of the church and believing in the resurrection is groundless it was based upon furthermore the churches teachings themselves are based upon the belief in a risen Jesus so it wasn't just the resurrection hope that was groundless but the belief in Jesus as a risen Savior was also called in to question Jesus could not in fact and raising the dead in the literal sense and after the end of his two half hour presentation he asked if there were any questions at first no one moved after about thirty seconds there was an old dark skinned creature with ahead of woolly white hair who stood up in the back of the auditorium Ireland turn to view this old pastor and listen to the question that he would raise Doctor Tillich he began I got one question and as he says this he reached into his sack lunch and he pulled out a Bible but Apple I've been getting Doctor Philip crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch my question is a simple question on crunch crunch crunch crunch continues to take bite out of this Apple of everyone's watching and waiting for us is now I have never read all the books he talked about crunch crunch crunch crunch and I can recite the Scriptures much in the original languages crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch and I don't night I don't know nothing about night her and Heidegger crunch crunch munch my stymies finished the apple all he has the core all I want to know he said is this year Apple was it sour sweet and Doctor Tillich said quickly responded in good scientific fashion I could never know I didn't need that I haven't taken your Apple I can't answer the question the old preacher said neither have you tasted my Jesus and sat down it said there was about a thousand in attendance and the erupted in a standing ovation the simple preacher who haven't read all academics he had to Jesus and he did know him as his senior the first principle for Bible study were to talk about here today is the spiritual things are spiritually discerned spiritual things are spiritually discerned and we we remember first printing chapter two in verse fourteen which says the Met the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit God for they are foolishness unto them neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned you see all of the letters behind my name can help me as much as simply having the Holy Spirit working her I'm not saying we should be educated please don't misunderstand I'm not saying that both pluses more long-winded it right and I think we should be scholarly or go in depth as we study the word of God nothing at all and I think we should be lazy halfhearted service readers all I'm saying is in order to come to a correct understanding the Scriptures we need by the grace of God have only that which he can give us that the guidance of his Holy Spirit spiritual things are spiritually discerned and an open order for us to understand the word of God we have to allow his Holy Spirit to be working in our lives when I say that I say that I say that full cognizance that it is applicable to every single person listeners because no matter where you are in your Bible study whether you are a you know whether you've memorized much of the New Testament in Greek or whether you simply read a few devotional books about but the matter where you are on any continuum that you can dream about in Bible study matter where he wore the spirit is still working hard that's the reality I believe that I believe God is working in every single heart looking forward to through his word yes and through other experiences of life I made sure and and so forth his prominences but when you hear Scripture when you when you study Scripture whether you're reading a devotional book whether you're caring in a sermon whether studying yourself whether you are doing at Jesus on end up in a passive doesn't matter when that when that Scripture comes to your heart and the Holy Spirit make an application of it to your heart you and I have a response that we have to we have to chat message we either submit our hearts and wills to Scripture or we put up a barrier and begin resisting what description would you just tell me since I like this it dislikes the word of God never leaves people the same it never leads people to say just like the sun one object lessons makes a lot of sense to me as if you put a ball of wax in the sunlight as it happened what happens if you put a ball of clay in the sun what happens same son has two different effects depending on what material it's affecting right and in the same way when truth shines into our hearts we choose what type of material our hearts our hearts are neither made of wax or clay depending our choice and when truth comes to my heart my response to a determines whether my heart become softer what becomes harder but one thing is certain it cannot stay this you'll have plastic hearts were still hearts or any other interesting amusing illustration when the truth shines into our lives we have a choice to me and it either becomes our hearts and to become softer when they become harder so it doesn't matter who you are here today spiritual things are spiritually discerned and if you're willing to open your heart to Holy Spirit to allowing the soft part you will be led greater long-term matter where you start out as an extension matter what your educational background or age or ethnicity your economic status of the matter those things are immaterial to the what matters to God as your heart and the choices you're going to meet with in that within that decision of a response the second thing that I'd like to see from the word of God is the understanding truth is progressive others doesn't mean that some of us can pat ourselves on the back and say well you know I'm further along in my Christian journey that you are not pointed all the point is not to be moving in a sense we're all coming from different places and taking the oyster is teaching us in different ways and we need to have more respect for one another as fellow Christians on this journey don't wait rather than less when you have more respect for God is teaching a God is doing but the point and try to make is that the truth we cannot stand still the truth will have us moving and changing John twelve or thirty five then Jesus said to them a little while the widest with you walk while you have the light lest what darkness overtake you get the idea that the source of light is moving in a walk walking a line or else the darkness in overtaking state if you stay in one place like all I simply don't believe Jesus trying to tell us look if you want to grow in your understanding of Scripture you have to be willing to grow in your experience and your living Scripture I doesn't matter how many degrees you have or how long you've been a Christian what matters is are you still I still growing we don't reach some plateau where we say okay well you know with all his people down there I I've got enough understood I don't need to learn the more you know software works were always learning always growing always walking in the light at as Jesus is in the light of John twelve or thirty six Jesus says similarly while you have the life you believe in the light that you may become sons of light while you have the like believe in the light that you may become sons of life so that Jesus would have us continually learning and growing I like this one John seven verse seventeen if anyone will will to do his will that is the new King James version of little bit maybe archaic the way that stated if anyone wills to do his will was that thing pretty common English today anyone chooses desires and wants to do his will he will know concerning the doctrine whether it is from God or whether I speak on my own authority and what Jesus said the Jesus say anyone who has access to the code Atticus will know my will my doctor notices anyone who can bring down the Greek and Hebrew an aromatic Syriac they will know my doctor notices is very simple what I love about the religion of Jesus is that it is accessible to anyone man woman child nationality ethnicity a language socioeconomic status it doesn't matter the religion of Jesus is equally accessible to everyone is dependent upon a willing if you're willing to pay the word you will be taught the will of Jesus you will be able to understand his teachings doctrine and in his visit was says that setting is saying whether I'm speaking the truth or whether you know I'm speaking for myself but that is the principle is very very important principle it just depends upon a willing heart a willing heart there's first willing heart mobile Corinthians is accepted not according to what we don't happen according to what we do have known many times I have been I found myself wondering what God 's will is there an subnet circumstance never found yourself saying Lord what direction you want to take my life and we know that God doesn't usually write these things in the sky force doesn't he doesn't usually send a thumbnail by FedEx or are some UPS or even e-mail from the heavenly court saying this is what I want to do so sometimes little bit of a mystery and wheat we pray that we will know God 's will and is almost as if were praying that God will reveal his will to us in LA were using brain wears a focusing on last part we should focus on maybe and maybe you made the bastards doing this but when I can't figure out God 's will I'm usually thinking gotten to tell me they don't not thinking just you need first be willing to let go talk about a few minutes ago when God reveals his will to us and were not willing what happened to my heart it becomes hard so God in his mercy is not reveal some things to me because he knows I'm not ready or willing to ask you see I I I I become completely sold out on this idea I really believe the truth God is always able to reveal to us in one way or another what as well as he is not he is not limited in his capability to show us his will the delimitation is my willingness to listen I found this while in my personal testimony I have found that if I will spend more time praying about my willingness to be surrendered to whatever God shows me he will much more quickly be able to show me that I'd like to spend my time praying about his ability to show me the make sense I focus more now when I pray about this will I focus much more on my willingness because the Bible says if anyone chooses their wills or wants to do his will he will know that the doctrine in this garden have provided sky it can show you he can show you for sure what as well as their life in a thousand different ways that point he certainly done it for me so if any man chooses her wills or wants to his will he will know of the doctrine he will understand truths of understanding truth is progressive next principle is the Bible is written for the what the Bible is written for the common person now some of my theologically inclined friends or or academic friends they really don't like this idea I was even within the church gargoyles not critics of the Bible just a little learning is that your life we spent tens of not hundreds of thousands of dollars getting a big radiant and anyone can understand what this inning in the Bible nothing we don't need to reason the thing we don't need theologians we will study all I'm saying is listen the Bible wasn't written to be mined by experts it was written to be comprehended by common people like you and me it was written by common people writing for common people as so much so look at what what what Paul said to the to the means and methods in a thing about his experience and that from a child you have known the holy Scriptures how old from a child well maybe convinces the prodigy while it was a good candidacy doctrine when he was a child and effeminate child who known the holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise in the salvation through Jesus Christ your questions praise the Lord the Bible is accessible to every single person I have known very brilliant people blessed by the Bible I've known common people bless them I've known less intelligent people and I'm being a little maybe maybe I'm confessing too much or but you don't have to be too smart to understand the Bible right no matter your intellectual capabilities aren't nearly as important as a willing heart as he and his desire to know the truth oh I'm afraid sometimes it were in danger of slipping back again into the way of thinking of the Middle Ages let me just give you an example of this and I don't I'd know we'll have a little have time to go into great length and detail of hermeneutics and the dictation but there is today a in the preferred academic approach to Scripture is what we call exegesis and we believe the next two sisters means of the drawing something out in the text and reading what you want to see in the text getting in their effective things of the text say what you say but that the benefits of scholarship today says basically I can learn the truth I can learn the truth through drilling deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper letting this one by Paul and I look farther and farther and farther and in order to do that I have to start looking in the words of the original language the words and the closer and closer those words in them and where the Limited derived from and the derivatives and the own the whole the whole etymology of well those words were formed from all those things I begin pulling out willingly because is working that were never know when that word and that women was when he is now an there's some of that is valuable but the bad news is that most of the Bible writers didn't even know them onto the words are using okay they were common people and furthermore if we drilled too deeply into paying too much of our theories on eight a word or the etymology of the original language word were almost going back to this verbal inspiration concept are this idea that the words were somehow dictated by God what if that wasn't really that an action was waiting by the writer shows that were good the best free thought you might could use different word know if the Falcons important controversies if we do that kind of study at the expense of having a broad view of Scripture of studying why the Scripture we can find ourselves conclusions are warranted in the Scripture the common person may not be able to go into all the different nuances to parse all the birds in the Greek or worked understand all over the no punctuation will little love titles and jobs of the Hebrew of the common person could read what David said about what Isaiah said he can read what Jesus said about it and from all those using human in the common vernacular the common person can arrive at truth in that wonderful something while meanwhile we want to have a correct understanding of the truth we want to study carefully we want to have we want to remember the Bible is written for common people even a child can understand the Bible even a child can be made wise scriptures of the salvation that is a wonderful thing the Bible is written for the common person another point will make really quickly here there was ever there is a right and a wrong interpretation of the Bible secondary tumors fifteen paintings a study to show yourself approved a new King James be diligent to present yourself approved to God a worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth of course if there's a right way to divide the word of truth there must also be it what a wrong way and must also be a wrong way so there's a right and a wrong way to interpret the Bible that the last of these principles were to look at is that misinterpreting scripture maybe fatally touched on this this morning from second Peter chapter three as also in all his epistles Paul's writings talking about are some things hard to understand which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction as they do also the rest of the Scriptures so there's there's there's something really at stake here is another there are some risks that we taken putting the Bible and particularly we don't study it in the right way and so this is what we want to avoid we don't want to study the Bible and only have an in-depth to our own destruction we want to study the Bible for our own salvation right and for the salvation of others and so this is it another way of saying it in one of my favorite books big controversy before anything accepting any doctrine or preset we should demand a plane the say of the Lord in his support of the plane and thus saith the Lord and his support and that really means what that means is and I'm using this as an illustration of our last of our last best taxpayer those were unlearned and unstable twist the Scriptures or or rest Russell like taken out of their proper place in front of news in a way they weren't intended to be used never seen that done that I had all kinds of people to give all kinds of ideas in a safe radiator the Bible says right here sure enough right there says this accident so that will mean this is not assuming that is very little of the Bible says and what you say it means okay first of all the Bible wasn't even talking remotely anything in the context about the subject line up like so you can't say that it says that all this is right you know you sent me that right there I have to keep pulling them back pulling them back the Bible doesn't say that you think it means that there's a difference now some things aren't abundantly clear in the Bible but if you can accept something as a doctor represent something is followed something you can obey it should mean we should demand a plane that saved the Lord and support networks the Bible is actually say on the topic that you're discussing what you claimant says don't tell me well it really means that after a six-hour convoluted pathway through all kinds of other things try to convince them what it means listen I'm convinced the more important a doctrine is listen carefully the more important to document the Scriptures is the more clearly as can be found I think that the Commandant reserve and if you have around if you have Illini round and round and round around the neighborhood all kinds of assertions and assumptions about all kinds of verses before you get me back to what you think this is the same meaning is either not very clear some are important both right of the more important than doctrine or understanding in the teaching and teaching the word about is the clear it is in the Scriptures and so I believe that we should be asking people if they have an idea that they want to share with us does it really say that was eligible to kindly but firmly why because those who are unlearned and unstable twist the Scriptures to their own destruction and that means it can be fatal to share with you another principle that I have found very helpful I used to I used to change the doubles rabbits there were that expression before you can imagine you can imagine them you can imagine a dog going hunting and in order dog does when it sees a rapid rate it takes off after and then expression on the word originated but earnings around for a long time the expression is like just like a dog is distracted and has off distracted voice was due chasing a rabbit the devil with rabbits in our pathways to try take up all her time and think of our energies and keep us distracted from what we should really be doing that six that's going to be profitable for the kingdom and done so throughout the years of my even as a teenager and onward as I stay in the Bible and that friend the state the Bible talks people there are those that came to me with their ideas and if there was an idea that I heard that I didn't think was very accurate biblical I would go spend a lot of time studying that and then try write something or argue with them and try to disprove it just bothered me these heresies of these strange teachings should be going unanswered and that's really what you know what is the time to do that but there's a hold up a whole world of vitamins know the truth and if we spend all of our energy responding error guess what we never talk but the devil doesn't care the only plenty happy if we just spend all our time there and never share the truth that we know it were confident in the Bible very clear about I didn't want my strange way setting I teach these things long I don't like to respond in the right everything and I I came across the text just blew my mind for a specialized chapter five verse twenty one King James is prove all things test all things new changing since hold fast what is what good so what if the Bible standard of understanding through in the Bible standard anything that's true the candidates group zero difference is when somebody comes to me and has this strange idea from this facet of this verse of this whatever it is they say come on Vermont wanted to see this is great like this important message the whole world spinning and we just show the world this message and this is so important I always felt it was my job to disprove the air their kitchen but when I began to understand this verse Einstein began to realize it's not my job or disprove anything if you want to be except that you have to prove that the Lord of the there are actually listened to development assistance in this their action we a lot of things that aren't true that you can not form not very easily disapproved from the Bible Dickinson the Bible never claims that it is capable of disproving all error when it is able to do is prove the truth used in the difference so now if someone comes than anything well what about this new cash only Texan prisons wrong I don't have to show you exactly proves that you simply have to show me playing the Civil War that proves it to be so the burden of proof is on you not only brother sister knows everything I don't have to try to disprove everything that comes around now I simply have to ask them to prove it clearly and if they can't be proven clearly the word of God I'm not interested I mean out of this program may not be a text that says whatever but I'm not worried about because the burden of proof is on the side of those who bring the ideas over me as I studied the IQ test all things hold fast that which is good it does not say disapprove all things anything you can't approve disapprove hold onto it says prove all things and hold fast that which is good were not told to throw away that which we testifying bad but to hold fast that which we find good in the word of God this may seem like a nuance but for me it was a very liberating concept for me it was very exciting to realize that if it's true God 's word is committed her claim that the board and I can understand it as being something I should hold fast to it is not true I'll have to try to disprove everything in order to answer those who come to me therefore things I want you to realize that as we study the word of God were wrapping up your that we should be the one thing to keep in mind as we study the word of God first other relevant Scriptures as a jet and twenty eight in verse ten you're familiar with line upon line precept upon precept here a little and their little that Jesus even use this princely quoted MacIsaac twenty first ten and talking to the squad as they write and this is an appropriate method of Bible study now that doesn't mean that we take things out of context does it doesn't mean that we just take an assemblage of texts and we put them together and say well they all had the same word but they all use the same word light metrics from from Genesis to Revelation all using the word white and we say this words of this amount not ligand in the squares of the spotlight in this verse is this about life method that about life and by the time you have an greater than what it may be that we simply neglect to realize were looking English words right the Bible may not abuse the same word throughout the Old Testament for light of hypnotism flights I'm not saying we shouldn't we shouldn't have a deeper understanding of the need to look into those words and make sure using them rightly not taking them out of context I can send text without a context is a pretext can I give you an example of someone taking something out of context you may be familiar with this the gentleman who wanted know God 's will so he decided he was that he Bible is nothing Bible study was to close his eyes never heard of that study method is to close his eyes and the pages and the visiting nurse and then the verse that he read first was actually in the gospel of Matthew he went gas down the pieces of silver the Temple departed and went and hanged himself the gentleman said well you know not sure what I has taken in that verse may never tried again so then he flipped his pages through the Bible closes eyes put his finger in a verse on this one person changing Deuteronomy fifteen verse seventeen thousand two likewise this wasn't working too well so once again he closes his eyes any flips the pages of the Bible and he puts his finger on earth any reason John thirteen verse twenty seven thou don't do is to quickly learned that you can make the Bible say almost anything you want to say right if you take verses out of context so it's important that as we study the Bible life online here little their little were not just mindlessly lifting versus out of context aware saying with each verse were saying is this really what the Bible saying how do we understand it and then we compared what the rest of the Bible has to say on the topic so the third principle that I'd like you to understand is simply that the Bible didn't have the words inspired verbatim but the thoughts were they fostering down my original authors in the native languages and they spoke mostly Hebrew and Greek and then the words as they use the foster been translated for us into the languages we read from state read in English and will eight hundred other languages Elyse the Bible published in and so is not necessary for us to learn Hebrew agreed but we could benefit from at least considering the original words right if you wanted of him having his wife in the Old Testament or the law or on whatever it is you setting you can look all the English words but you don't know that you can draw conclusions between different uses of them from something English you need to learn Hebrew or Greek now you can simply get a concordance and in the back of a concordance was different types of courses but I suggest a strong accordance is a simple method because you'll be able to look up that word in that passage and then you see in the column there is next to that you'll see what Strong 's number every single Hebrew word used in the Bible and every single report using the Bible as the index in the numbers alphabetically as agency what word that is well that's the word from light there you look and looking the other passenger looking the word life and you can see the same word not even to get even better without learning Hebrew it gets even better in the back of any strong accordance is what we call lexicon has caused a fancy word for dictionary as in alphabetical order but it's in numerical order also so you don't even have to know that order of the Hebrew or Greek alphabet in order to find the word look at the number is enough right if not of the metric system no decimal system should say with systems of ten you can understand you have the number in there you find a definition and the roots of that word all without ever having taken a single classic Greek you can know that you're looking into equipment words or two very different words the transit is simply chose the same word to translate as and so you'll have to learn those languages nothing wrong with it I enjoy I have enjoyed studying Hebrew and Greek I will say that you don't use it you lose it and don't ask me any green great Hebrew Greek questions and I'll have to go get my lexicons which I have a number of good tools by the way all of this is available in digital form now where it's so easy to have some of the Bible 's authors many of them are free you can just hover your mouse over the word of show you agree to say in the lexicon the definition of evil it's amazing how many different tools we can have with today's technology the fourth thing to consider is a historical setting and the this is this is a an important thing because remember the Bible writers were writing something many cases they are writing something that wasn't intention to be understood in their right and is not is not meaningful breasts they are simply that as we understand the situation they were addressing Oracle setting in which it was found we can then draw appropriate applications are right if we don't understand is this setting we may draw conclusions and try to elicit principles from that setting which are not really accurate or appropriate for us today for very simple very simple principles of understanding Scripture that anyone can do only give unit will exercise them to understand this text let your women keep silence in the churches for screenings fourteen thirty four Tomas and questions I want to make very clear from the outset that ladies are free to tell me what you think to over to talk about why if assembling the best person isolation would it mean that women can range what it means without the author hoping lesson is not just couldn't sing either I mean to take it literally when he built fingering phone service right I'm not sure about our pianist about the e-mail she may be silent but she's making noise over there you know would be allowed for instrument I don't know but yes I'm saying everything is literally we might have some challenges and I have met Christians United method to believe that this had a meaning like the woman should talk in church of winning stories and other relevant scriptures any other relevant Scriptures that we could use in understanding the first stuff out of your head doesn't may be a good model and Bible study is not the courts out but I think any group session like this the public think of view versus any versus that he would think it would be relevant any verses in the Bible of women leading in worship okay by the Riverside Sabbath morning Paul Mita the group of women who were evidently not been sorry okay yes okay are you getting ahead of me there yes I understand so we have promises to who took part in worship service of cleaners other scriptures that age that a literal understanding of this verse would conflict with that mean we don't have a Bible literally no the point is we need to understand historical setting that we get as all four of these before was right to other relevant Scriptures already why does an idea that we might not be able to make it to where we should be careful how we interpret this verse because obviously even in Paul's own riding and almost Oracle accounts he speaks of women who were not silent injured right if that's clear when the context is anyone looking up at context very very important in the first twenty fourteen okay now you're getting the historical setting energy what is frustrating is fourteen about prophecy and tongues and when first twenty fourteen Paul sang another's idea of having at one speaking the languages without interpreters of the noise and confusion not a good idea let people speak one at a time and when they speak how to translate his people to understand what you're saying Kate God wants us to worship him not still spearmen intelligently pay less controversial and is working and if you look at the immediate context for thirty three for God is not the author of what confusion but of peace as in all the churches and saints the context is here talking about confusion the larger context confusion bedlam during the worship service and elitist of the historical setting right historical setting of brother Bob mentioned here minute ago historical setting was that as you would find in some churches in Asia still the day when people violently sex segregated by gender in all the churches many churches in rural areas of much of the world still that way I've been in hundreds of churches many across India of other parts of eastern Asia southern Asia for some of the Middle East where I'm talking about procedures administered just they come in and they set segregated by gender and age children one place when the placement of miles and this was the historical setting no were not there we live in Dalton and leave the church we all sit together and so it's been that way are alive and never crossed my mind that people somewhere else with some how differently when people back then might of the summative but does that impact what this means it does aid it indexes greatly because as as it is they are not expecting that expected the speaker certifies as if they want to learn something let them ask their own husbands at home for it is shameful for women to speak in the church now but it is the menacing over there in the winter sitting over there and I'm preaching and this is a once asked Mister a honey delivering the Castrol and from the car and all the women are speaking over there and they're asking questions of their husbands over here what you have got confusion about the context is in it God is not the author of confusion and so is very simple there's if you simply know other verses about women involved in worship if you simply know the context look at the context anything of historical study did the problems with the verse begin to dissolve away don't they just these four simple principles we can look at many other verses we won't take the time to do that day you know I'm thankful that the Bible is not just for the theologian not just for the pastor I'm thankful that God has given it to each one young and old rich and poor matter what language nationality I think about it and all the summit you thankful that musings on very simple principles that he can teachers if we first have a willing heart I want haddock heart out of a heart that God is able to teaching history and lead me in the way that he wants me to go how much do you like that I can impart wireless ask God to give us their heart today to start its father in heaven thank you so much for giving us understanding to spend a few minutes reviewing history learning about the veracity of your word trustworthiness or even knowing all these things we could yet we could yet not use the knowledge right we need a heart transplant you said he'll take the stony heart out of our flash and give us a heart of flesh he said he must be born again we want that experience we want a heart that is willing to do what ever you ask us to do to follow you where ever you need us we want a heart of Clay heart of wax that as a sign of your truth shines into our hearts that it might become softer and softer and be melted by your love Lord make us willing some of us may not do what we don't want to be willing to were willing to allow you to change is to be willing and I just pray that my pure experience the matter what each individual here might be facing I know you have in your word just what they need to be prepared for this week for this month for this year make us students of your word help us to bring our minds to your word humbling to allow use to use this is a a a a is is is is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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