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The Gift of Prophecy - When and Why

Justin Torossian



  • April 5, 2013
    7:00 PM
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is this Burleson was written out of hand languages whereas anything in college is located and when California is minutes from José Helen White flat home communities on sanitizer all right nearly everybody if you have to be make sure that you make it out beautiful place and you will be blessed to live according to one high privilege of growing up they are spending much of my time as a child and my grandparent 's worth of own statement while I was growing up someone are cousins came and hung at family get-togethers it was there on the same grounds only life like home you know I was missing the thing is different in the Fresno social search our senior receiving what is going to be when you next weekend and when we found out about going in and going out on that hope this weekend is that I turned away for me that I hadn't like John the Baptist really blessed to have them working nicely to all his entries and he sends his greetings in a wanted to start by saying that I have a heritage of which I am very wrong and that heritage is spoken on in John chapter one verse twelve it says that as many as believed on Jesus name to them he gave the right to become children of God you have that heritage of which the economist allowing in addition to this I am the great great great grandson of James and Alan White as we know God is no respecter of persons and I am no different than you when it comes to that anything really but the privileged he related to sue individuals who thought he was in on my way to begin is him will not process the movement 's second coming of Jesus this evening as we look through history and through what the Bible has to say to us about getting the processing time I believe in all my heart and are going to be blessed not only that my friend had to be motivated to share things that you learn is immediately reminded of when those of you coming contact with the message is entitled prophecy when and why tomorrow morning message will be called when stones cry out you're not going to want to missing amendment immunity share quite a few stories from non- Adventist were speaking very highly of Ellen White and her most definitely nonconformist business is going to be a powerful tomorrow afternoon at three thirty were going to be addressing some of the accusations that are against the spirit of prophecy and got life insurance is called EDW versus the legally Elimite versus the Internet were going to become some of the major accusation out there floating around on these various and silent websites that will be closing with my favorite message and in our last message telling the woman behind the ministry we will be taking a look at what Ellen White was like the first often times we read her writings and we forget that she was more than a messenger of the Lord she was a grandmother she was a loving mother as she was a life there are some some great stories that you're going to get with the year as I can like to learn about how enlightened sense of humor not many people realize that only did have a good sense of humor and tomorrow afternoon this is how I want to be specifically about what she was like as a person the woman behind the ministry before we get a license I message this evening I'd like to invite all your heads at me forward I find that having learning him before you tonight and we thank you in advance we thank in advance because we know that you are present here tonight if you have something to say to each one of us we printed it would open the ears of our hearts we pray that you would open our heart received the message that you have for us near Angels the presence and we pray for each of us just what we need to shift this evening thank you so much for the gift of prophecy this wonderful gift that you have given to mankind let us now we pray and we seriously come on we ask in Jesus nine the gift of prophecy when and why in order to answer our first question Larry the gift of prophecy was given we have to go back in history all the way back to fill creation we actually went adamant Eve were created let me ask you your all Bible students will notice very well what was the condition of the perfect world what were some of the things the characteristics of our world and within profession no sin yes face-to-face communion with God again when no data no violence with no pain no sorrow no doubt no tears but most importantly I'm a representative face-to-face communication when I him is unknown my son is free resume and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the north Thomas full-time in the face to face now we know that this did not last unfortunately I usually chose to disobey God he fruit of Michigan the knowledge of good and evil and one AK when they failed and how he has been on my percent or less five percent while CNA had entered into the planning they were banished from Eden according to Genesis three verse twenty four and there was no more direct communication with God there was no more face-to-face communication within the Bible says and I have fifty nine versus two but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and USA had a hand in his same separation between mankind and our Creator will not have a dilemma because he wasn't going to leave mankind in the nose a sense of the state but he had a plan the plan of salvation the plan of one thousand conceived before the world began the fact that the father son Holy Spirit enter into an man shall say Christ in his life the following race this is something I have to communicate identity somehow the question what how would he communicate a plan of redemption is an how was he going to instruct them when he could no longer see them face-to-face the Bible in twelve verse six that God had a plan and that plan was to use the gift of prophecy this was written using their but it explains to us saying here now my Wirth 's numbers twelve over six in all my ways it is there any other prophet among you and I'm the Lord will make myself known up to him in a vision speak unto him imagery John United he is a prophecy so that he can explain what the plan of redemption was beginning to cross I was actually exist to help men as I said is presented again in the prophecy was astonishing with you and ultimately to help them understand the plan of redemption in a beautiful sense beginning of prophecy is all about Jesus Christ and the gift of prophecy and the message of Christ and his redemption are one this is what I call the prophecy the testimony of Jesus is twofold you know why don't you first of all because they get the prophecy when God speaks to him from thinking that he is Jesus himself spoke in those words in person secondly my colleague is a prophecy the testimony of Jesus Revelation nineteen percent because when you get when a prophet sees a message whether the morning reproof correction and instruction it is always the point of an individual to Christ's this is why the Bible says that the gift of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus this is the gift of prophecy and Christ are inseparable the Bible says and teaches us that God communicated with Adam and Eve through visions and dreams and elated eagerness was through Angel speak you know that angels are actually the ones that bring prophecy and messages the profits you know that relationship one actually explain this quite clearly relation one person one is the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his will by his angel unto his servant John finally you know who that Angel was designing his page ninety nine paragraph one what is actually Gabriel Gabriel was the one in Iraq based upon the apocalyptic vision John so Christ was the community of mankind through the ancients listen to this future is a sixty seven this will further illustrate how big is processing the spirit of prophecy as the redemption price are interconnecting infinitely in his innocence had enjoyed holding communion with his major but sin brought separation between John and the whole of Christ alone is any of this and made possible the communication of blessing or salvation from having to her men was still cut off from the direct approach to create a little time to communicate with and through Christ and the Angels so notice here it says that the atonement of Christ alone could send the abyss and make possible communication of blessing so the very thing that immediately the gift of prophecy possible was Christ sacrifice and bless the gift of prophecy exists to explain since I that we were going to be saved should set the sacrifice of Jesus please immediately prophecy and the atonement of Christ are separate that is sent in I will say at our first question and answer the first question when it was because of Nazi and we find a further answer it is there one verse seventy two assess speaking of God as he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets which is the world what you which has been since the world the in other words it is a prophecy has pay this season is fall in the very beginning of human history now for our second question why why has God given us the freedom to in first gear one verses nine to eleven and I might even turn it within your Bibles first Peter one verses nine to eleven please find our answer here speaking cheerleaders picking on the profits and the gift of prophecy first Peter one starting in verse nine says receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of your souls of our salvation the prophets had inquired and searched diligently who prophesied of the grace that she commented to searching online or in what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was invented signify when he testified before the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow so here is essentially saying that the gift of prophecy was given the prophecies that were written by the act of the prophets of old that were led by the Holy Spirit of the Bible tells us these prophecies were given for the purpose of the salvation of each persons souls ultimately in the broadest sense of Roth explanation the reason why not given us the gift of prophecy is for people 's knowledge and acceptance of Southeast now let me ask you when you hear the word prophet what comes to mind when you think of when you think you John about this mullet a lifetime as well in July two no one Jeremiah Joseph all of these individuals come to mind when we mentioned the word processing case something that many people don't think of often the hypothalamus I hear one verse twenty one prophecy came not full-time mother will but holy men of God 's sake everyone who is the Holy Spirit so the book is actually come down to us by the processing by holy men of God speaking because handing moved by the Holy Spirit this is a reality that we would not have the final were not great if prophecy when we think of profits we think of Abraham who got called out of early counties we think us on Jacob as he had a hazy angel ascending and descending on Jacobs line on the ladder representing Jesus Christ within the Joseph who donned the injury and his brother and their jealousy they sold him into slavery for his life it is easy but God turned around for life actually saving all of Joseph's family as a result when the famine struck years later we know that the Israelites when therefore him there I will have final say Jillson in other words he didn't acknowledge the presence of God 's people in his land as everything for not neglecting the history and the Israelites became larger number they started throwing the Bible says that when they let it was at least six hundred and eleven thousand and one thousand specific answers we know there were at least two million is a life for their children around two million in her life that left Egypt in the accidents as they were in slavery so God will deliver them from their others raise a prophet named Moses try Moses God is in a mighty way to deliver the Israelites from their slavery from bondage to the Egyptians and with the lighting and outstretched arm God did just then there were the prophets that were mentioned in the side of the game there were cellular and Isaiah Jeremiah then before the return from the Babylonian captivity those Daniel Ezra Nehemiah all of these great men of God in old times God raised up to be his prophets his mouthpieces is still some questions on how long did it the prophecy last in the gift of prophecy found beyond the time of the Old Testament we only this absolutely is a question were warming up with an easy one there was Simeon and Anna Byron says in the chapter to when Christ was brought into the city dedicated to the Lord we know that Simeon and Anna were there and lifted him up in his arms and bring a blessing over he was losing he was told by the Holy Spirit is not seen that before seeing them I was faithful to his promise sitting in the frosting on top of this to see price before passing away the day was arrested in John the Baptist being a prophet Jesus and there was no one greater than among women than John the Baptist of course Jesus himself was also a prophet much more than a prophet for us but was given the gift of prophecy was income that will be on Wednesday this is roughly active beyond his grasp is yes absolutely we see a day when the Holy Spirit was poured out in Pentagon that Peter influential tumors twenty eight he said that this is of course what is possible partial fulfillment of zone two twenty eight Bible calls it the early rain using harvest turns the latter rain yesterday now in the last days God is wanting to pour out his Holy Spirit in a greater measure to finish the work of taking off all the world and we can go home again this out for is said to be before the grade is awesome the Lord in the early shirts we see in twenty one person I had Phyllis four daughters were found this is an prophesy we see there was I do this all who also prophesied twenty one versus ten eleven in which he also of course John the readily who is getting it about this and to whom we have received the blood the revelation sunny early Christian church we seem to do that beginning of prophecy was alive and well that it was now we sat and chatted early figure him for some understand the plan of redemption for man to understand the way of salvation through the atonement of Christ but in the early Christian church we fear there were specific purposes say specific purposes in the prophecy actually like to ask the young people visiting the front row to go to each of you in just a brief rundown of the nose of this evening 's message will be easy for you to go back and review it also has some additional information on Lebanon over quickly the six specific purposes of the gift of prophecy and the early Christian church first it assisted in founding the change uses two verses twenty number two in initiating the church and mission outreach the Bible says that in verses one to seven one oh five and crazy guy that that the Holy Spirit revealed to them that he wanted to send a separate onto him Paul and foreigners for the purpose of ministry number three pages of prophecy edify the church it was for the building up of the church to strengthen the church number forty United and protective measures against false teaching over five and warned of future difficulties gospel through his prophets to his children are leaders in Jerusalem warned them of future difficulties that will take place at number six if the frosting to confirm the faith and times of controversy the question then comes the same day the gift of prophecy with him in the Old Testament and I think it is a problem activity is obviously logical question question three what about the centuries following will have Scripture that the New Testament was written through the original apostles I want here is the way was a gift of prophecy and the answer is yes when I think that history will from the second and third century Justin Martyr in Haiti I will try also this for the process will get to remain with us speaking of Christians even to the present time and had to understand that he is formally among your nation is use pending transfer to us I'm sure there were false prophets contemporaneous with your holy prophets so either now many false teachers among here in the second century we see that a gift of prophecy was given a research historian or historian who specifically wrote all the early part of the Christian churches such as yours from the time of the apostles and their first disciple clean uninterrupted succession of arrival is power the digital files of vision and prophecy the power of expelling demons of healing the sick and raising the dead we may have the design of these visions was for the most part either to disclose the future history or take behind the present administration so here we see once again and possibly in early centuries of the Christian church before or not you seem to live up to sixty three to three hundred thirty nine eighty seven on the list for us in these times quite just this was said to have been distinguished for his profitability the Holy Spirit also run many wonders and get them so I said in the gospel of her him falling in and hear the embraces it should with the truth they would never hold my cameras it is a gift of prophecy with this in the early Christian church even beyond the time of the apostles the reason so that problems with the stress when they heard that she was working in their hearts that was God 's message to hassle the Bible also make it clear in Ephesians chapter four races eleven through thirteen reader that the purpose of the gift of prophecy then I will set himself to something the apostles some process some evangelists and sometimes in the future for the equipping of the same for the work of ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ so here once again is the reason for the prophecy a little more in-depth for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry Donna wanted to use his insurance and he still does today I subpoenaed for the salvation of the human race it is very distressing I want to proclaim the message of salvation is only the message that we have a high freeze in heavenly sanctuary right now blotting out our synchronization this is the purpose of God 's church the next question is how long the gift of prophecy to live according to the Y one how long is the last vision for respecting that until we all come to the unity of the phase and of the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature list of Christ in other words the prophet in his last until the Lord comes in glory and what about the time of the diabetes young during the final files wondering the size of sidewall as a child the Bible tells us in verse and L3 verse one the child Samuel ministered unto the Lord before and the word of the Lord was precious in those days there were not many open visions in the same thing happens in the dark ages in fact in the great controversy in the great concerts spoken out rationally told that there were many things that the place that I can give a vast majority of which were never historically courted at least on our hands that hold references on page sixty one the great controversy as of the history of God 's people during the ages of darkness that followed upon Roman supremacy is everything in but they have little place in human rights in other words it was similar to the time leading up to a Bible verse and just read about Samuel how there was no open vision is a big problem being active yet interestingly enough the international standard Bible Encyclopedia volume four we read this under the term prophecy visiting spiritually around era in the history of the church prophecy again puts millions of your head altogether the gift of prophecy has been active virtually always in one way or another needle core some time between individuals and not the profit office but at some time or another the board brings back the gift of prophecy in question comes when the will you as you said in Matthew twenty four verse twenty four said for there shall arise false Christ and false prophet and shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that it were possible they shall deceive even the very as you can there will be no true profit in the last days zero a genuine prophet when Christ is specified here I said for there shall arise false Christ and false prophets is not anything really no genuine profits when Jesus is anywhere from the last days as it will load a very busy site there shall arise false prophets is implying that there is genuine as well interesting is the landslide verses nineteen to twenty one Bible says is not the spirit this applies not prophesying true of all things hold fast that which is good but as a central something prove all things hold five times is good so when faced with the question of if someone is a prophet and finally believing Christians have a responsibility to them by the word of God all of our responsibility to that individual buying software so if you are within the sound of my voice if you have not seriously read the writings of Ellen White has been done by Scripture according to what we just read a Scripture you have a responsibility you have the privilege and responsibility to those writing online to determine whether or not they are indeed message from God you don't need to come to the truth of this message may be you become a Senate this is familiar and new thought in your mind you I just don't know on modern frosting not so sure about an individual being a modern prophet what you and your vinyl window dressing is we have a responsibility to food all day the beautiful thing about testing individuals I think as I is in judicial singles is nothing like investigation this is a principle we should always remember this should lose nothing by investigation so something is true the more we study about in the light of Scripture the more show is going okay that makes sense if something is not to the more we compare Scripture the more I'm sure is going to the show loses nothing by investigation many of us here this evening Marty ran a test in the writings of Ellen White and the writers and that her life and writing every biblical test of a prophet of God in the years leading up to eighteen forty four God raised up a number of individuals across the globe Manuel South America 's William Miller in North America individuals like Joseph Wolf in the Middle East they are in Europe Don was raising these individuals based in prophecy as they were awakened the study especially the last the book of Daniel the key to the understanding of beliefs Daniel 's verse fourteen said the two thousand three hundred days as a sanctuary the thinking him that I was going to do anything in eighteen forty three and forty four they had a lot they had followed the time that had been given for the starting point of the prophecy is coming down the right side the only problem was they had been liable Saturday saw the sanctuary the plan is all of these individuals believe that there was once again fled his wife fire at Jesus second coming so it is great awakening many individuals were coming to knowledge of the truth and the acceptance of Christ the Lord and they believe that Jesus was coming any day we know that there was a great disappointment at the place in eighteen forty four great disappointment will be speaking later this week but suffice to say this evening and his greatest appointment hundreds of thousand individuals have their hopes and waited until midnight I will start off and he realized that the Lord had many head lettuce potatoes and other cross unharvested thinking that it would have no need for others and quit their jobs and sold all of their belongings to put it into the work so that the message of the gospel to go for now their hopes were dashed did not want to leave his faithful followers and he says but he gave them all and God decided for all his Holy Spirit on an individual and first of all an individual name was actually the person 's name got some for out his Holy Spirit upon them for his church and bring the message was named Natalie are you one for the point of the Holy Spirit on William way this is actually leading up to eighteen forty four was before the previous appointment at Williams 's wife faithfully shared some of the dreams and visions and on but after being unfaithful to share one particular vision the Lord withdrew his spirit he poured out his Holy Spirit upon an individual name is involved as a file and hate at five was actually bad as Ellen White the third individual is rejecting shared his vision is not given God 's will for his Holy Spirit upon the week is the people were not his Holy Spirit upon I'm young and Ellen and Helen was telling the vision telling the story of the vision that she had brought peace and comfort for not following his response was that you are sharing this and when he said that the same vision and opportunity is a firm that got the atmosphere on this young lady out of about one hundred thousand individuals were looking forward to Christ's second coming eighteen forty four over twenty two years there were little over fifteen who were serious about continuing on studying these people say no God cannot be wrong and therefore we must admit a mistake they went back to the finals and diligently search they found that the Bible teaches that there is a sanctuary that is sanctuary inhabited is what was being in eighteen forty four Jesus was moving into his high priestly ministry but these individuals that were approved from very different shows I will send you to the Mayall got together on there usually would spend time studying and doing comes on libel children sometimes they would come soon to a roadblock theologically they just couldn't understand us as your section of Scripture they could come to an agreement and that I gone with taking a linguine division and he was revealed to her things that you were saying they were to the things are not so much fun of France vacation gone directly this group of believers in history and he restored show that in the law for years these individuals should like this is based on which came in the beginning of a woman named Rachel and Nathan James and Ellen White and Josephine Choo 's life what happens when an individual lines the same as that and on restored his children these individuals who were to comprise this movement I say the second coming of Jesus no we as a land recognized earlier in the apostolic church there were sixty specific purposes for the gift of prophecy and we see it in the rent insurance all six of these specific purposes are fulfilled in life and ministry of Ellen White number once you set it in the founding of the church number two in the gift of prophecy got initiated churches and mission outreach and it was solved many of the leaders over a short site but got his biggest of prophecy to initiate the churches mission outreach and Jan was our first missionary to your obvious negative prophecy that had applied to search the United protect the church to warn against future difficulties to confirm the faith in time controversy for many of us in this evening has taken Ellen White's writings other visa process desire phase is where any of their other books and held them around them side-by-side with the Bible and it has been confirmed to us that she discusses the test of that shooting the messenger to his people in these last days but just for the rest of my message this evening we're going to focus on the question does Ellen White Pass the floor the little test of a profit on your hand on the handle for spiritual Festival français you also have written their physical test of a profit and we won't be going to those for the sake of time but that may be available to you later you can feel free to e-mail me at after Justin T Gmail .com maybe we can put on the website anywhere interesting the question God 's light Omega medical tests of a profit first of all the fact that we are going to examine is from first John chapter four verses one ensuing management a must confess that Jesus is the Christ and possibly saying once because you believe in and what this individual must believe that Jesus was incompletely not one hundred percent and one hundred percent they must acknowledge the final teaching of Jesus incarnation his virgin birth immediately his true humanity is atoning sacrifice his resurrection and ascension and his soon second on when you've completed in his high priest the ministry the Bible says every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that confesses not of Jesus Christ is come in the flesh I so hear you finally clear the individual must confess that Jesus is the Christ and all of those things I mentioned earlier are really what's around the celestial did LMI acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ is not in gospel workers page one hundred sixty she said she is unit is people live in my same song in prayer let on your policy directly invoice in full confused they will live long for the last she is let's examine another quote actually I rather share a quote with you not from her directly but from someone at the Library of Congress this was a secretary at the Library of Congress while twenty years and I believe who was at all and somebody asked him on the phone when the blood outside of the Bible on the life of Jesus Christ this is what they said my front porch light would be guided by what I was thinking from a book or books to be read in this way I'm the designer these days by Ellen G White first for spiritualists are a practical case first when it comes to spiritual discernment and practical is a fantastic book if you have not and that it highly advised to replace the five Sunday November the first festival from it she confessed that Jesus is the Christ absolutely test number two agreeing with God law and with the wind in verses one of the Bible says the law and the testimony it easy I is where there is no light in the individualized agreement and the Lord has already said in his written work and must agree with all the blessing comes daily life in the great controversy page one ninety three she says true Christianity receives the word of God as the creation is also inspired to as a test of all inspiration she upheld the Bible in fact this is what she said in review and Herald December fifteen eighteen eighty five the Bible and the Bible alone is the art freed the soul bond of union also about the only word in harmony C all opposition they are not the same it is rated as the banner on which is inscribed the Bible our rule of faith is it clear that she upheld everything in the Bible teaches last of all her last words ever spoken to the General conference with these lines she went upfront and she held the Bible Jesus insistence I commend you this book without saying another word she turned and walked off the platform is the last word that she is less than the leaders of our church what do they read him for the Scriptures the word of God is the second testable prophecy agree with the law and what the Bible absolutely she confesses that Jesus is the Christ passes test numbers you agree with the law and all of God Bible and then question number three customers become within the individual or the profit prediction are you must confess Jeremiah twenty eight years life that the prophet was prophesied that Jesus was awarded the prophesy come to pass this on the front to be no that the Lord has truly sent so prophets prophecy comes in five dropping is a true prophet of God in a did Ellen White House this in eighteen sixty four she wrote this survival is a plaything of the most deceitful and malignant kind it is all the more dangerous because of his effects are stimulating effect upon the system ourselves slow and scarcely perceivable this is out of lung health is eighty four paragraph three of you when she wrote this that survival is appointed to a strong word but not as a poison on most malignant fire this limited time when many doctors would prescribe smoking their patients for their coffin for the long so she was completely going against what medicine was doing or many medical professionals were saying but nearly a hundred years later in nineteen fifty seven the American Heart Association finally concluded that smoking was a cognitive factor in lung cancer the lessee have to say the virus also lives in almost one hundred years for the health field with the American Heart Association to catch up but she was right on nineteen nineteen oh two Ellen when warned that San Francisco and Oakland would be visited by the Lord because they were becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah in nineteen oh six just four years later there was a great earthquake the famous San Francisco earthquake that struck and fires destroyed from him while I just four years before she is sad because of the wickedness of these things would be visited just so customers read the prophets prediction they don't want to pass this class absolutely we seen that she was Jesus the Christ number is creating generating with online with his holy where number three preparation comes a time in the fourth and final test will be looking at is that a prophet a true prophet of God was how a fruitful life there is Jesus says in Matthew seven versus fifteen to twenty by their fruits you will know by their fruits you will know that doesn't even individual has to be completely perfect my Los Angeles chapter five and Elijah was a man with light passing this way I know he prayed earnestly that did not rain upon the earth in your profits are human is not right but Corinth which is assessed by their fruits you will know the trend of their life will be so holy this friend of their life and righteousness and we should be able to look at the foot of their minds and see that it matches with their message and without holding her what about Ellen White her writings this is from Paul Harvey ABC radio her writing finish translated into one hundred and forty eight languages it's more than ways over one hundred and sixty five more than marks or Tolstoy more than I do electricity more than William Shakespeare only now is the world coming to appreciate her recommended this is all spiritual and physical health Ellen why you don't know her you know George Wharton James is who actually authored over forty books sent this this remarkable one though almost entirely self educated has written and published more books and more languages was circulated to the greater access than any other one is you have a fruitful life ethanol absolutely the Bible says let anonymous reading non- on the astray is not my home and here we have an example of individuals seeking highly appraising the writings of Ellen White around the world there are over forty four hundred kindergarten and elementary school that was started based upon her counsel on to educators those founding educational institution there are nine hundred and twenty seven secondary schools in the Seventh-day Adventist Church ninety two collagen picture should look familiar one hundred and fifty five hospital two hundred seventy three dispensaries in over six million people and how you know when LMI was announced she was known by her neighbor is a little old lady who love to speak about anybody people know laws the student onto the people now as someone who loves the statement is a is being a shining example the story is all of the little girl who was a Christian her mom were Protestant Christians and they want this is a Cathedral Monday is a relatively preventative health I assume that the walls and the ceiling she noticed stained-glass windows and anything glass window she saw people at Chicago moms go and mom went down with a smile that had certainly most people as locals are older to see in other words those are followers I is available to safely and her daughter I love the look on her face and then she smiled as she looked down and she said the mother the analysis would honor you know what I think is you say is someone who Jesus Lancashire is saying is someone who sees the light and to save is simply someone to the light shines in the Bible never uses the word saint in the singular but I only uses it in the plural we are the face of God another was the holy ones of my own holiness by the holiness of Christ 's sake in his righteous praise God for that righteousness as a gift to us her life spoke loud and clear that she loves you with all of her Lucido unlike classes of poor spiritual test of a profit in all six physical ones my viewpoint enjoys studying the leader she confesses that Jesus is the Christ she agrees with all of the words from God 's from the Scriptures her predictions have come to pass as she had a fruitful life it is still there and this is a good example of this group Missouri tonight I found one illustration of nonregulated institution him for his parent generation tossing the second coming of Jesus and some thirty four versus eighty the Bible says this old taste and see that the Lord is good if I have time and I am just standing there eating his life joining him as soon as I have been one of the only way to really know this how I sleep or is it sour bitter tasting it yourself and at the same goes for the writing on LMI and I is conceivable in a pick up one of her books to overlook the river but start with one there so easily accessible lastly on a smart phone can download all for free and it has one page a day start reading her writing and compare them with the Scriptures side-by-side and I guarantee that you will draw closer to Christ as your Savior is wrong to the foot of the cross every day the purpose of the Helio prophecy the entire point is that the right people I know in the messaging that is for the Lord and Tracy God for the wonderful gift that he has given us and just as we close our last whether you are someone who has not read undulating how to read any of the rights of way or whether you're someone who is very familiar with her right away if you would be willing to make a commitment I within the next eighteen months to read in school of her books let me say this before I continue on this if you him Christ is not rather small is a classic on the life and you live in is changing the lives of millions of myself including probably many of you here it's a very smaller fonts from a lot of laughing another very small confrontation is a small yet powerful but I this evening though not on this where individuals are required to review thousands upon thousands of pages in a single quarter so this is a question as a challenge is not a burden but it's going to be an incredible blessing on how many individuals in your hand if you are serious on the individuals you would like to say by the grace of God before this year is over I'm going to read completely covered the author Silva on Illinois so if you're willing to reselect Leonard rereading arena for the first time liking my newsreader for the Lord and the Lord is the littlest thing I thought we thank you for giving us this crazy the gift of prophecy Lord in these last days when there is every wind of doctrine lonely people drinking all kinds of different things look we thank you that you have sent us your messages were individualized personalized messages for Austin point us to the clarity of your work Christ and supporting us to our heavenly home Lord thank you for every had I was reading this evening thank you for every individual who made us less just moments ago is really schoolbooks the spirit of prophecy before this year 's and Lord I pray for grace for strength for determination for what I is fulfilling although no one was taking how nonhuman we know they were angels for and we know whether this will be for our blessing as we praise you for a very opportunity we have to know that their countries in the world where people don't even have the opportunity to be these materials in peace and safety we think you still have that privilege thank you Lord for speaking this evening is taking and what you're going to share with you throughout the weekend we pray to know from this place as we has allow us of the sun hours are upon us and he will help us to keep them holy may we want from this place that we leave with the presence of your angel we love your thinking they were coming so as Harrison three bring it tomorrow morning or ingeniously in this media was wrong audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio person or


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