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God Doesn't Waste Our Pain, Part 1

Christian Berdahl


This first message in a two-part series seeks to dispel the deep-seated belief that bad things only happen to bad people. Christian enlarges on Job’s experience, urging the growing child of God to flex the faith muscles and take to heart the lessons to be learned through our current trials in preparation for the tribulation to come. 


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • January 1, 2006
    11:30 AM
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him him to you and him and is is is is no low wonderful to be with you again Carmen as they are limited in that moment on the laser beam I am certain that this message will be a lightning is Kristin shares among the source of enrolling a child and I live in since I don't believe in him is simply naïve sera will strengthen our hands May God bless me with the wind together there's minor with our opening prayer is gone is the need to use a lucrative and cloudy seventy 's and a test I am going to try and e-mail thank you my big boy years maybe one December week he's going six years old thank you Monica will be reading from free controversy starting on page four ninety three before the entrance of evil was peace and joy throughout the whole universe all was in perfect harmony with the creators will love for God was supreme love for one another impartial God desires from all his creatures the service of love homage that springs from an intelligent appreciation of his character he takes no pleasure in a forced allegiance into all he grants freedom of will that they may render him voluntary service but there was one that chose to pervert this freedom soon originated with him who next to Christ had been most honored of God who stood highest in power and glory among the inhabitants of heaven Lucifer might have remained in favor with God the loved and honored by all the angelic host exercising his noble powers to bless others and to glorify his maker instead of seeking to make God supreme in the affections and allegiance of his creatures it was Lucifer 's endeavor to win their service in homage to himself God in his great mercy more long with Lucifer long was he retained in heaven again and again he was offered pardon on condition of repentance and submission all the powers of of Satan 's mastermind works now banned to the work of deception it was necessary for his plans to be fully developed that their true nature and tendency might be seen by all page five oh six now Satan 's in the key against the human race is kindled because through Christ they are the objects of God 's love and mercy he desires to thwart the divine plan for man's redemption the cast dis- honor upon God by defacing and defiling his handiwork he would cause grief in heaven and filled the earth with whirlwind desolation any point to all this evil as a result of God 's work in creating man and so was then Lucifer the light bearer the share of God 's glory became Satan the adversary he fully committed himself to destroy as many meetings as he could to hurt God 's heart and overthrow his government turn with me to Revelation twelve verses seven to ten and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels filed against the Dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which does seem that the whole world he was cast out in to the earth and his angels were cast out with him a massive war in heaven friends and the devil was cast out to this earth and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ for the accuser of our brother and is cast down which accused them before our God day and night only was cast out of heaven but he was cast down to this Earth and that presents a problem for you and I today we find ourselves Pinnock Hosni war Satan wants our destruction and eternal damnation Jesus wants our salvation and eternal life of very real war is taking place between the forces of heaven and the forces of hell and we human beings are the spoiled where the riches if you will worth of gold Satan wants us to deny Christ and the rich reward awaiting us and Jesus wants us to deny Satan and all his traps and inherit eternal life now Satan is doing everything in his hellish power to deceive us regarding God 's true character this special affection for us Satan seeks to discourage us to the beat is down to make is run from God even blame God for problems that the devil himself cost he wants us to live herself to question the value of a Christian life to look upon God as a harsh ruling dictator or maybe we bought into the lie that we are quote liberated from God and his exacting government or perhaps the opposite that were so filled with shame and regret that we have bought into the lie that God has cast a society do you feel that way are you going through trials and tribulations right now friend are you wondering if God has for seeking nukes do you feel as though you're your far from God right now where is using that your current situation is unfair and your bitter or angry because of your lot in life do you think that that God is against you or or that your problems are beneath his notice or do you think that God caused your problems friends God is not the source of our problems Satan is first Peter five he warns us to be sober the vigilant be awake because your adversary the devil as a roaring line walk about seeking whom he may devour he is the attacker he is the predator friends not God God was not the one that attacks of Satan he has had epic is a very fitting description because lions attack sick young or straggling animals they choose victims who are alone or are not alert and Peter warns us to watch out for Satan when we are suffering are persecuted because when were feeling alone one more week and no more helpless we were cut off from other believers so focus sometimes on our problems that we don't watch for danger we forget to watch out for the danger this is when were especially vulnerable to Satan 's attacks Ephesians six starting in verse ten says finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might put on the whole armor of God that ye shall be able to stand against the wiles of the devil verse twelve for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers against the rulers of the darkness of the world who's that Satan and all of his agents against spiritual wickedness in high places friends this is a war like no other and the trial the pain and the suffering that we go through maybe a result of something much bigger than us there is a deep-seated belief in Christian and today that I hope to dispel a little and it's as old as the devil himself that if we as Christians are suffering having problems going through trials case because were suffering judgment from God that we done something wrong and were getting punished for it by God that there must be some hidden sin in our lives friends this is not always the case yes it's true that our own poor choices can give our loving God an opportunity to correct us and help us and he does this through allowing trials to come many times God will through his providential hand even set of circumstances that help guide us back to a healthy life-giving connection with him but God doesn't cause the temptation or the trial he doesn't cause it he doesn't tempt us he indeed made to discuss or allow the devil to afflict us but God doesn't tempt us when a test is presented in our lives this is when the devil of him he tempts us for example in the garden the beaten was there a test set forth by John yes the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was this a temptation placed by God or a test bow before you answer let us look at James one thirteen James one thirteen says let no man say when he is tempted I am tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil neither attempted to meet any man in light of the Scripture it was a test wasn't that it was the temptation because the Scripture just told us that God doesn't tempt any man so it was a test what's the difference you may ask it wasn't the temptation for God to place one more tree in the garden where every need and every desire was already provided for four-man it was a simple test of obedience here you can have everything else in this garden just don't eat of this wonderful tree this was a test but if God would've placed them in a different setting for example where there was no food for them to eat and then told him now you see the trailer with all the wonderful food on it here don't you have that even when you get hungry you're going to get hungry because that's how designed you but don't eat of it is the here is a temptation to disobey but God from his loving heart did everything that they could of ever needed or even thought that they might even need God provided for everything this was not a temptation it was just a little test and we all know the history of what happened are great-grandparents were going about life totally satisfied and fulfilled and then he wandered away from Adam 's side didn't see and she found herself at the testing tree and lo and behold Jesse was there the Temple Mount God had told Adam and Eve that there was a fallen angel who wanted to do them harm he was giving them every advantage my dear friends every advantage to continue on in their wonderful life notice when the devil what CC the devil was at the forbidden tree God didn't allow the devil just constantly follow them around tempting them to disobey he was word God had already told them not to go it started with the simple past and in the tempter was at the test site and now temptation she deviant she ate she assigned her allegiance to someone else she obeyed the devil and not God guess what came next the trial so it is with us friends God gives us direction and we sometimes disregard his counsel or commands and we go where we shouldn't and more times than not the devil is right there ready to tempt us then when we choose to fall into temptation the trials come God which is wonderful all-knowing mind is able to allow the test and supply the power for us to make right choices and in the very moment when the devil comes in like a flood the Tempest we can have any immediate victory amen you see God uses tests and trials for our own good for our own growth and character development now I realize that not all trials fit into the sequence because of the sin sick we sometimes suffered files without a test or even being tempted for example when a newborn baby dies there was not a temptation but rather any immediate trial the temptation and the trial comes after the loss in this case and the danger here is not singing because of our suffering and will explore this a little deeper later I like to read from in heavenly places page two seventy three quote God sends trials to prove who will stand faithful under temptation he brings us into trying positions to see if we will trust in a power out of and above ourselves everyone how many of us and everyone has undiscovered traits of character that must come to light through trial God allows those who are self-sufficient to be sorely tempted now didn't say God tempts them is that God allows those who are self-sufficient to be sorely tempted that they may understand their helplessness he suffers them or permits the deep waters of affliction to go over our souls in order that we may know him and Jesus Christ whom he has sent an order that we may have deep heart longings to be cleansed from defilement I may come forth on the trial up your holier and happier and I can attest to that every time it seems that I've gone through eight a deep trial I can look back and I have come through it your holier and happier do you want to be pure are holier or happier in your life then I'm sorry to see friends cleaning trials in this seven watchmen February seventh nineteen oh five affliction temptation adversity and all their varied trials are the means by which God roof lines and sanctifies us Satan knows that an free trial and every episode of suffering he inflicts to cause us to stumble can if were connected to Jesus can be used by God as the very means of bringing us closer to God that's awesome to me only that omniscient mind that mind that can see the future the mind that knows everything can thwart the Devils plans every single time only God can do that to work from every angle but the devil tries to trip us up and cause us to fall and stumble and the fall in to temptation every single attack God can turn around and work it out for our own good that we can come forth more pure more holy and happy year praise God that's awesome to meet Satan is upbeat and slow and you say amen amen without God friends life would be just constant meaningless suffering and toil because of the Devils hatred toward us and his attacks but God doesn't waste our pain he uses the assaults of the devil and turns them into productive character development and success by bringing us closer to him and if were going to be grown of Christians and we just have to accept the fact that we are going to have trials it's just accept it it's going to happen first twenty ten thirteen says there have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man honestly folks who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able God will not permit in a Melbourne suffered God will not permit you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that he may be able to bear and that waiver scheme is through Jesus Christ is through God 's power I discovered that I was praying to prayers in my life to prayers that were absolutely opposite of each other an interesting challenge for the Lord needless to say I would pray Lord please prepare me for heaven help me to overcome whatever doesn't please you and I still pray this prayer and how it because I want to be him among the hundred and forty four thousand one a beat among that number at the end of time that doesn't even see that I want to be like Jesus in character and then I would find myself in the middle of a great trial have you ever done this and you cry out Lord why it is happening to me please take this child away I'm trying to serve you and and all of this comes at UCI didn't understand how trials testing and temptations work is CI was asking God to help me overcome different character defects and so God was being faithful to continue the work in order to get me and he was allowing specific trials to help me with specific problems so when I would pray please take take this away from me right now Lord the Lord was a non-Christian you've asked me to do to help you become one of my delete to help you overcome all these things and in your life then and now you're praying Lord take away the trial Christian the very way and went to help you overcome your character defects is through trials so which paired you want me to answer you want me to answer the first prayer to help to purify you or the second prayer because you don't this right now that you have you have those kind of prayers friends we have to get to the place where we step the fact there will be trials and we need to stop whining and complaining about it we have to remember that there's a devil that wants to discourage us he hates us and he wants to lead us to eternal separation from God help but there's also a God that loves us and wants to help us to heaven amen Blessed is the man that endures temptation James one twelve for when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life no notices as blessed as demanded in to temptation are you in during through all these trials and temptations for when you start and say it is tried it says when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised to them that love him verse thirteen that no man say when he is tempted I'm tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil neither tendency any man turn with me to the book of Job the history of Job will give us great insight as to one of the deeper reasons why there's so much misery and pain and suffering among God 's people will start in Job one and verse one there was a man in the land of Oz whose name was Job and that man was a perfect and upright man one that feared God and his skewed evil and there were born under him seven sons and three daughters ten children his substance also was seven thousand sheep three thousand camels five hundred yoke of oxen five hundred she asses and a very great household so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the East is him rich man and his sons went in and feasted in their houses everyone his day and sent and called for the three sisters to eat and drink with them and it was so when the days of their feasting were gone about the Job Center and sanctified them and rose up early in the morning and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all for Job said it may be that my sons of sin and curse God in their hearts and dust did Job continually he was a faithful father now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came in among them and the Lord said unto Satan whence come was selling a word you come from then Satan answered the Lord and said from going to one fourth in the eras and from walking up and down in it and the Lord said and the Satan have still considered my servant Job but there is none like him and the heirs of perfect and upright man one that feared God and his ski with evil than Satan answered the Lord and said that Job fear God for not have cell not made a hedge of protection about him and about his house and about all that he hath on every side down has blessed the work of his hands and his substances increased in the land put forth thine hand now in touch all that he has no curse you to thy face so here's seeing the accuser of the brethren accusing God of training Job too good at it and accusing Joe that he only love and worship God because he had so good now the Job know anything about this meeting did he know that heavenly beings were actually talking about it did he know that God himself had called him by name was talking about it now did God have evil thoughts for Job of course not Michael 9/11 says for I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil will continue an expected end you see God had unexpected and for Job God wanted to bring Job even closer to him and even closer intimate personal walk with God himself others in the lesson here we think about this meeting that God knows us personally and intimately so here's unsuspecting Job going on about his life a man of faith ungodly men a multimillionaire that was well-liked and looked up to he was a judge Councilman he was sought after as a very wise counselor in the community he was a family man and his wife and children loved him he turned his face against evil things he offered prayers and sacrifice for his family he never engaged in adultery he helped the poor the sick and the fatherless he lightened the widow 's heart the Bible says any help the blind and lame people in the community had the utmost respect love and honor for this wonderful man and as Job one about his noble life Satan was planning his room I wonder if Satan sat back and thought how could I really hurt Job what would bring him down down so far that he would curse God I have to prove that I'm right I know I'll steal his wealth of killed his children and all of his friends even his family will accuse them of being sinful and evil they will all counseling and in turn from his evil ways when in reality is an upright man this will seem to feel far away and first taken by his God this will drive him mad I will cause all the look at him with contempt out will be teaching us I will even cause some of the calamities that would miracle that will look as if they came from God himself this is bound to work he comports Satan doesn't change and he does this seem to us he wants to take us out he wants to be used down he was to take away the blessings of God if he can I was redone in Job one thirteen to nineteen and there was a day of the speculative verse twelve actually and the Lord said on the Satan behold all that he has is in my power now noticed God is allowing the devil to do this only upon himself but not forth thine hand so Satan went from the presence of the Lord and there was a day when his sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother 's house and there came a messenger under Job and said the oxen were plowing in the asses feeding beside them and the Sabeans fell upon the net and took them away as they enslave the servants with the edge of the sword I only am escaped alone to tell me and while he was yet speaking there came another and said that the fire of God 's fallen from the heaven and it burned up the sheep and the servants in and consume them and I only mistake to tell me while he was yet speaking there came also another instead the Chaldeans made the made out of three bands they fell upon the camels in a carried them away to and slain the servants with the edge of the sword and I am only escaped alone to tell me and while he was yet speak threads can you say this is a trial man and yet while he was speaking there also came another and said thy sons and daughters and I wonder of it jobs hard to stick to be right there on the home now when thou wast thy sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother 's house and behold there came on great win from the wilderness and smote the four corners of the house and it fell upon the young men and their dad and I only am escaped alone to tell me friends this is a trial this is troubled this is tribulation did Job know why this was happening as far as he knew he was living a righteous life did he know who was behind all this terror Job didn't have all the facts dating all he knew was what he could see in what he could hear and the first calamity that came you can see very clearly that it was sinful evil people they came and stole his oxidant gases and kill the service the second one was fire that came down from heaven and killed his sheep and his servants and in the third calamity was caused by people again again they came and stole his camels and killed his servants and at this point now all of his wealth is gone because in those days you measured a man's welcome by the amount of livestock that he had been in the fourth calamity wind or a tornado came and smote the house and killed his children inside this was an all out attack from the devil the devil didn't sort of tempted the devil wanted to prove his case that you can't live by gods law you can't have a faithful walk did God do this now did God allow this yes did Job know any of this novel did Job like this no did Satan tempt him oh yes Satan caused all the pain and then began to tempt him mentally and friends we have to remember when things are falling apart and there's no apparent reason for it and we have been living in a healthy Christian life then we must conclude that there is more to the picture but we don't have all the facts because my eyes like Job 's own vision he could resign the first calamity to misfortune and man's sinfulness but this second calamity was very different was meant it was a supernatural manifestation it wasn't just the lightning bolt friends it came out because I've never seen or even heard of a lightning bolt that would wipe out seven thousand sheep this was a supernatural fire they came down out of the heavens and consumed seven thousand sheep and the servants so now and Joe's mind there had been some confusion the first one was man the second one appears like it was God the third one was man again he starts to think this is all orchestrated and in the fourth one was supernatural again an event an act of nature or some people call an act of God he thinks something is really wrong here and Joe begins to mourn what's going on why is this happening yet the middle of great loss my friends he worships God Joel one verses twenty to twenty two then Job arose and rent his mantle and shaved his head and fell down and worshiped and said they did not come out of my mother 's womb and make it I shall return thither the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord in all this Job sinned not nor charged God foolish friend this is a man of faith he obviously had a walk with God he had developed on a personal knowledge of God even more ADD experience with God amen God didn't allow this huge trial to come to Job at the beginning of his walk with God when training a dog didn't allow the big trial the heavyweights to comrade the beginning of his training no Job started with the little weights just like you and I have read we exercise with weights you don't just go throw a least I don't I don't go throw three or four hundred pounds on a barge and start bench pressing it I got a start challenging my muscles like to start working them out and using lighter weight and adding more and more over time and as I begin to strengthen that I can continue to add more weight and so God didn't allow the heavy weight trial to comment the beginning of his life that wouldn't be fair you see because God knows what we can handle it and he's not allow a heavyweight trial to come in and beat us down and the trials and lessons they will continue and the most likely increase God is using the trials of life to help us trust to help us rely on him to prepare us for the great trolley at the end of time friends Matthew twenty four twenty one says for then shall be great tribulation you think we have tribulation and trials now friends they're nothing compared to what's coming that's why God is working so diligently to help us overcome all these things and to begin that weight training that spiritual weight training there shall be great tribulation that means great oppression or functional or trouble and distress such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor shall ever be and if we have an experience God 's guiding hand now his providence exercised in our lives is deliverance from trials now there will be deceived in the last days because the big trial is coming the heavyweight is coming and if we haven't learned the voice of the true shepherd calling to our heart then we will we will see Matthew twenty four twenty four says for there shall arise false Christ's and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect the big trial is coming friends and the only way to want to make it through life as real Christians overcoming is to look to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith amen we must stay connected to him through prayer reading his word and stepping out in faith to meet life believing that he will continue to do the work of changing our hearts we must come to him by faith and believe and trust him to finish what is begun in us we all have faith and God wants to exercise that think and grow that state so we can stand according to Romans twelve thirteen we've all been given a measure of faith and God doesn't ask us to go through more than our faith more than are our spiritual muscles can endure a man turn with me to James chapter one the most ardent verse two my brethren count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations knowing this that the trying of your faith work if patients about work patience is a very powerful word friends and I think is very misunderstood in the New Testament is the characteristic of a man who is not swerved from his deliberate purpose and his loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and suffering this man cannot be moved a patient man is a steadfast man the Greek word is his Obama name knowing this that the trying of our faith workers coupon in a work of steadfastness consistency hence but medical palm and eight that meant consistency let steadfastness let endurance have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing blessed is the man that in the word temptation for when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised to them that love him that no man say when he is tempted I am tempted of God and you know the rest of the verse for God cannot be tempted with evil neither he tempted any man Job didn't know why all this was happening and he had to put his trust entirely in God 's did the walk by faith as second Corinthians five seven says he had to walk by faith not by sight the very elect Joe was nearly deceived by what he saw and by the emotions that were beginning to overpower him but the moment the Job rent his robe and fell down to worship God Satan 's accusations were proven false grace God Job one as he held on to God by faith not by sight victory was his now did his situation change no he was still than have to bury his children and live as a poor man but now he has linked with God and through that beautiful unexplainable miracle of heart communication with God Jones Hart was comforted and encouraged and friends herein lies the difference between a man of faith and a man of the world the man of faith at the beginning in the middle or at the end of a trial can hold all things he can do over all things while the man lacking faith is easily discouraged thinks the worst it gives up hope when you are tempted or worse the one problem we can immediately gain the victory we can immediately gain cease in the middle of the trial if we run to and not from our Savior amen let's go to Job to now starting in the first verse again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord and the Lord said to Satan from once so and Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro near than walking up and down in it and the Lord said to Satan and I love this this is almost like not that God is proud in the wrong way but I believe he's proud of Job he says and the Lord said on the Satan hast thou considered my servant Job that there is none like him in the earth are perfect and upright man one that fear with God and askew evil and still he holds fast as integrity although they'll move is me against him to destroy him now God didn't move against him another were jaundiced pulled his head back and let Satan took as we know Satan attacked them but put forth thine hand now Satan says and touch his bone in his flesh and he will Kirstie did I face you see the devil wanted to step it up not just take things from them not just cause heartache but now physically attacked him and the Lord said to Satan behold he is in thy hand but save his life so Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord now the already oppressed Job gets hit hard statements smells and was the most disgusting painful thing he could think of you know the devil thought I've got a do I got a pull out all stops I can't no one wanted how one American curse God so what can I do that would be the most painful disgusting terrible thing that would cause him to did curse is gone so I can prove my point he didn't give him a little skin rash brands know on top of this is hard egg already intense physical pain is an torment is added by smoldering him with boils and then to add insult to injury and to pour salt into a deep wound Job 's wife pays in the visit and says in verse nine then his wife send him dost thou still retain nine in integrity curse God and die would it be fair to say that Job feels all alone his wealth gone his children dead his health is failing and now his life is against them she has no compassion no pity on him I don't know perhaps she blames him for the loss of her children Joel was all alone in this world sometimes whom were going through hard times we feel all alone to do only we might have been written off by friends family or even the church of God hasn't left us and nor had he left Joe you know this this amazing test it seems like it would be too much for Job to bear but God says no I will not allow you to go through more than I know that you can handle I wonder if Joe like me sometimes it said you've got it wrong this time this is too much for me to handle no friends we must live by faith and by faith we must believe Romans eight twenty eight and we know that all things work for good to them that love God all things friends didn't say some things even our trials all things work together for good to them that love God before we read more into Job 's history I want to explore a few of the reasons why we suffer and what we go through trials and then will come back to the history of Job next month where we left off when his friends arrived to comfort him so when were going through trials I think a good question to ask ourselves first is an mind being corrected by God for sin because God is a loving parent corrects us his children Hebrews twelve six tells us for whom the Lord Lovett each ethernet for whom the Lord Lovett he instructs he corrects he he helps to reform and so it is with our children if we truly love our children we will chase and then we will correct them we will help them to reform bad habits and so on and so forth sometimes as Christians we will have times when the Lord will set up or allow certain trials or circumstances to develop in our lives so he can get our attention and set us up on the right path again will when my children disobey our sin we do the same thing they might lose a toy they might get it a timeout then I received some other varied form of a punishment now are we being mean or arbitrary by chastening our children will know as long as one on taking out our frustrations or anger upon the children no were helping them to want a better life were setting them on the right path again but have you ever noticed that when we try to correct our children amazingly enough they look at us as being mean and unfair to them what you send me word is trying to lead them to a place of acknowledging their own wrong choices right so we can leave them to repentance and confession and victory through Jesus Christ twelve friends it's the same with us as adults many times we look at God 's being mean or unfair when we are the ones that send and all God is trying to do is to lead us back to a place of a technology and owning our own wrong choices so he can lead us to repentance and confession and victory through Jesus Christ it's the same thing and as Christians if we sinned against God by transgressing the law then we need to do the same thing no more asking our little children than do we need to own our own bad choices and stop blaming others and stop whining and complaining and ask God for forgiveness believing that he will forgive us and then walk with him turning our backs on our sins network to return amen God does as a loving parent he helps his children to get back on the path of righteousness thus trials are allowed let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace that's the power of God to help in time of need Hebrews four sixteen for God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble Psalms forty six one don't run from God friend run to him he's not looking for reasons to destroy us he's looking for reasons to save us so let's give him the reason our choice to serve and love him amen even if we have chosen to sin and have been suffering because of the sin in our lives if we surrender to ask for help he will work good out of the bad I can't Spillane except I know what happens at God won't waste our pain the second reason why there's suffering and pain in this world 's goods in its closely related to the first one is my suffering a consequence of my own poor choice on the first one was MI actually actively engage in seeing outward sin the second was a little more subtle you see we each have a free will we can choose to follow God and his counsel we can listen to sell to others or to the world were to Satan much of the misery and suffering comes from our own bad choices no for example priest Eli made some really poor choices while raising his children now he wasn't outwardly engaged in seeing himself and this is the difference between our first example and now the second the sons of Eli feared not God nor honored their father Eli had not popped them self-restraint any overlooked their sins he did not correct than more established a proper respect for God and he even he eventually made them into priests positions that everybody knew that they were not worthy to occupy and then one day their great lack of respect of God cost them their lives didn't not Eli 's poor choices as a parent eventually cost in the lives of his children no matter how many times my children disobey or reject my requests I still love them friends and God still loves us he tells us in Jeremiah three twenty two returned he back sliding children and I will heal your backsliding 's behold we come to be but thou art the Lord our God and just as God accepts us back on six my children receive their sorry and my longing heart rejoices when they come back to me in heart all read from the faith I live by page one thirty four quote we should remember that all make mistakes even men and women who have years of experience sometimes air but God does not cast them off because of their errors to every erring son and daughter of Adam he gives the privilege of another trial friends that's very different to me that it's a privilege to work with God to go through these trials and tribulations and can be changed in our character just like a faithful coach with an athlete he causes that athletes are run more to jump higher to go further so he can win the gold if you will and we as Christians God wants us to did you go hired to go deeper extent to draw closer to him so we can window gold brands eternal life with him to overcome the world to overcome the opponent 's agent amen so we can we have to stop whining and complaining when we fall into problems and trials this is the very means by which God helps us now dig dog raised Eli 's children wrong no it wasn't God 's fault that they died Eli raised his children the way he raised them and now Eli was suffering the terrible consequences of his own poor choices overlooking their sins and not correcting the monkey should have as a faithful parent like Eli though we must accept personal responsibility of our own choices we we can't blame God but when he did run into Don and asking for for grace and wisdom and Eli through the trial of losing his sons he was drawn closer to God the trial was some good and he was given a second chance with the training of Samuel and he did well and God will give us a second chance to use the dog didn't waste the payment Eli went through in losing his sons and so God won't waste our pain either now there's a third reason why I believe we suffer and have problems in this life I think of young Joseph sold as a slave and eventually became the second in command of all of Egypt that's amazing only mine God can take a slave and make them second in command of a great country Joseph was a slave for a long time he was acquainted with sorrow and loss and loneliness he was at a stranger in a strange land now did God do this to Joseph no good God allow it well yes but who did it sinful people in this sinful world that can day at the beginning of his journey not knowing where he was going just sold by his brothers Joseph was was crying he was upset at what it just happened to him and this is no doubt where the devil came in and began to tempt him to feel sorry for himself but no we know this young man wiped away his tears and he made a choice to be a Victoire not a victim Joseph stayed true to what his father had taught him and he made the best of the situation he chose to excel in everything that he put his hands to not to wine not to complain he wasn't going to let the devil being him down and through this experience of totally trusting God there was more to the picture than the deep loving relationship that was now Joseph God was preparing him for special service God was preparing him to blessing millions of people sometimes suffering and trials and hard times come to us and friends when we served on we have to understand that there just might be a time when when there's more to the picture as to why were going through what were going through God may have allowed this thing to come into our life to happen for a greater purpose for someone else or for something bigger than ourselves so we can relate to people on a deeper level now hold this to me is a new dimension to living a life to serve others amen amen God had worked through Joseph and gave him great wisdom and through Joseph God help an entire nation prepare for a terrible famine because of one's slaves surrender little heart millions had food whether might have been millions dying of starvation and then it gets better eventually Joseph saved his own family and that it gets better repaired all their hearts and the family was reconciled the terrible relationship between Joseph and his brothers was healed and was better than ever and that it gets even better Jacob now had his beloved jealous of bat and they live and commune with each other until they die God didn't waste Joseph spent a name in he-man Joseph I'm sure he could look back and say I do it all over again because through this I become holier I become pure and I become happy here first Corinthians ten thirteen since there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the two you should also make a way to escape that he may be able to Mary and Jesus Christ is that we've escape God with his power is the way of escape the Holy Spirit indwelling in most of the comforter here to help us through the trials this is how we have victory friends surrendering to God accepting his power and moving on through the trial so we can look back and say wow God is helping to exercise my spiritual strength and I'm becoming stronger and stronger in Jesus Christ and those of another reason why we can be attacked and why we go through trials and tribulations sometimes by just living the Christian life we fall under the attacks of others and the devil I think of Jesus from his birth to his death he was misunderstood and attacked and you and I have never come through that his brothers misunderstood in his parents his community his church his disciples the Roman government the leaders of God 's chosen nation all of them misunderstood him Satan made stronger attacks upon Christ then he will ever make upon us you and I can never be tempted and so determined and cruel manner as was our Savior signals upon is that every moment and all the attention of the hellish man was at his heels constantly tempting him to become discouraged to embrace self-pity tough fight at the abuse that he has suffered at the hands of angry men Isaiah fifty three three says he was despised he was rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was a I then with his stripes we are healed he was oppressed he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he was brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb so he opened not his mouth he was beaten he was away at slashing open his back he was spit upon the laughed at and found guilty of sins that he never committed he was caught on across males drove into his hands and feet appears to decide with this horde all of this cruel treatment because he was just living of God filled life he was healing the sick singing with the children encouraging the Windows feeding Enrique was persecuted for living the life that each one of us Christians are called to live he suffered extreme physical pain but it wasn't the physical pain that killed him he died of a broken heart the people he came to see you didn't accept his salvation and his father whom he loved to please had to separate from his beloved son for the first time ever he died for living a Christian life sometimes we as Christians are misunderstood rejected Haiti persecuted because were just living the Christian life and if this is the case and you are truly living a life like Jesus did tonight I want to encourage you to continue being like Jesus knowing that God won't separate himself from you like he had to from Jesus understand that Jesus chose to take the road he did for you and me and we as Christians might be called to go through the sufferings of Christ as well this the Bible declares that the readings after Jesus died he rose from the dead God didn't waste to Spain it was worth it he chose to live a life of pain and sorrow so we can live with him for ever it broke God 's heart to see his only begotten son tortured like it was God was suffering to think about this God is the one that is suffered from the first sin in heaven to the first murder to the first abortion after the first war all the way down Earth 's six thousand year history of suffering and pain God is the one that is suffered through all of this with all of us individually there's no one in universe that once the pain to stop more than God friends and soon when all the suffering when all the pain is over all the torture is done God 's pain will not have been wasted either he will finally have us all the saved from the grips of the devil safe with him for ever praise Isaiah forty one ten cents viewed for I am with the be not dismayed for I am thy God I will strengthen DEA I will help me I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness they be his face all my friend 's New Year's of ways was seeing can not on this new use on all rule and Steve says unless read and the ground on all gone hold a cool way reading all the New Year's on a her a error or are error all a new name is on a new use of her own and is in the is a news on Jesus name on and on the laying in an is her and there were better or and him and him and all will and in the things that were wrong liaise and the time of John and he has a man to him him to him and him lay you off the news on on on on a friends want to thank you for your prayers version letters in the financially supported to send without partnering with us to go to sleep contact us at the .com and him and him


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