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Ellen, the Woman Behind the Ministry

Justin Torossian



  • April 6, 2013
    5:30 PM
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before we cannot message telling the woman behind the ministry shall we not have the worker are finally having think you so much that you included us in the work of the salvation of our salon like you could use the Angels you can use them to finish his work of taking the gospel to the world what he chooses he is weak frail prounion yet you say that your strength is made perfect in we thank you for allowing thank you for choosing the strong things of this world to display history for choosing me and making yourself strong and always philosophies very draining you would open our ears open our hearts to the message you have for us this evening as we take a look at the life of your last business related press Ellen was born on November twenty six eighteen twenty seven and gourmet she was one of eight children there were two brothers and a family and sixty nine she actually had an identical twin sister was nameless Elizabeth they call her if he actually her parents Robert and Hugh where the lender they living on an island father Robert was also happening in fact although mother was her mother Eunice was also a schoolteacher for the Asian link by the way became so keeping Christians and continued on their faith after the great disappointment from a very young age I was at a hearing or as she had a loving spirit and kind disposition I was staring my Arthur White one the story is recorded down on how Ellen recalled out when her family her siblings and her late go and actually in the wintertime the world it's sort of walnuts and little stones known as the trees actually going to all other woman in Florida and I think you wanted to be when Ellis also asked if she would actually carry warnings she actually will when he had taken one from because you want to force will come back to find absolutely nothing to do from a young Asian little girl I was very upset if I stop when Ellen was just nine years old current hurts when losing on their way home with a classmate the three girls noticed that there was an older girl from another school who was following them she started for some reason shouting angry word now Ellen admitted were taught never to retaliate that they were in trouble and she is not home so you're turning around and seeing this girl was shot in January so besides running home and activities of the running and running for some time the girls started chasing and Ellen turned around to see how far when the girl was and is soon as she turned her face she got hit in the face of all the girl had to get her hair 's lair in the house straight on his face now Ellen 's face was completely disfigured and she wasn't terrible in fact everyone thought that she was going to die doctors family members people wanted to help my daughter going through it was her mother and friend went to her mother was right her schooling actually the third grade because she healed and was well enough to go back to school even with the help of another spinning top instantly the girl who was who went on the other going back to school she couldn't keep up with the rest of the students because of the accident cost she had come out of a coma for three weeks but her life was forever changed now her family were members of the Methodist church and they were faithful members not cherish her father was very involved but if he began attending the legacy of a man named William Miller not this time in history was amazing there is the early eighteen forties and the cellulite prophecy was sleeping on the automation list is across Europe there was a man named Mango and as well there was a man named Manuel whose who is actually a Jesuit injury who published his writing under the name Rabbi Ben Ezra but he was going into the prophecy of Daniel and he came to the conclusion that Jesus was coming around the year eighteen now there were also others with Joseph Wolf traveled into the Middle East and accidentally to India and people all around the world were hearing the word of God priestly heart and come into a bit Jesus was coming in the year eighteen forty four God poured out his Holy Spirit upon wholly upon the world what was going to take place now when the Harmon family went to a lecture by William Miller after they had a clear explanation of prophecy the actually became believers and the Sea and Jesus the law is the reasoning behind prophecy was so solid that was clear in the year eighteen forty four what is the limitation of the Bible on this prophecy is also three hundred and eighty office and we find that you are not as Chinese now the Methodist Church became disgruntled with no leaders in UK and Miller I say our congregation while his father for some time you know for some final of filing Friday that statement in a congregation at work as an elder might indicate slowing as the rights believing is that Jesus is part of our church congregation the same is also being we will go as we assume that this is clear from this section this prophecy is pointing to is the answer this time so they would solicit from the Methodist Church unfortunately now leading up to eighteen forty four was a great movement a brief swelling of individuals who believe that Christ was coming soon and my father unfortunately as we know from history when October twenty two eighteen forty fourteen self-love and followers the millwright Linda is going to come one who is going at first I thought it was going to come any time in the sun began to set as well maybe before midnight there's still time but when the clock stops while a way and when this was their experience they were ridiculed and mocked I very written by different people who before were actually somewhat inferior head Jesus might really come back in nineteen forty four Wilfredo Moravec not all of those believers who were really disappointed and angry and another thing there were a number of believers is that God 's word therefore the problem must have been with us it must've been when I is so when they do is we need to see the Lord 's army this prophecy was released well it was actually the next we that is an entirely was walking through a cornfield was okay I realize that the vital in Hebrews chapter eight and nine percent in the sanctuary is actually his eighty eight Daniel eight fourteen with a mindset on since two thousand three hundred days and then some essentially flat they had a certain accessories VBR and that the center of the earth was going to be one when Jesus came to earth was destroyed by fire the Bible nowhere says that the Earth is a sanctuary the Bible does say however Ireland and came to the realization that Michael is in Hebrews eighty nine it is a time there is essentially and that Jesus did not return because on October three twenty four Jesus moves from his priestly ministry firstly ministry in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary into the most holy place of sanctuary it was the time when the investigative judgment began the believers seeking the Lord on their knees seeking to know that should his work were encouraged to discover him him while fighting off for years it was during this time the God court out his Holy Spirit and hostile way I had promised in his word on the young lady seventeen -year-old lady named Allen Harmon now the Bible says that in the last days in the Bible says that in the last days God will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh said her son and her daughter Saul prophesied your younger old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions and also upon the servant upon the handmade in those days while I pour out my spirit angels who resist twenty eight twenty nine God gave this promise which was partially fulfilled in the book is Chapter two but continued to be a fulfilled here when God poured out his spirit on you I was later to become Ellen White it was through this vision the first vision in our favor that the believers in Christ who it was AMD had their faith I put everything in the front of every other face was well-rounded but their fate was in the right place that they had believed cunningly devised fables but they were believing the truth and the word was in each realize what they are misunderstanding what is the transition into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary rather than returning to this are they were encouraged no God did not choose somebody who was incredibly well-educated she did not have to use when she was seventeen -year-old girl she was actually rather shy to actually physically for me very frail and when she was an older lady actually in her late him him him as he was climbing the stairs she said the orderly after I hardly feel the point is there no way to say you validated when you were a young girl who is Brian able to run for initiating the back of the smile that although I feel much better right now than I had one of the young girl on and I hope now that I was when she was young she was in English she was suffering in a number of ways actually suffered out with a weak heart for the rest of her life although the Lord sustained now Donna Sills not the strongest number one is not the most educated shows of the week is on the week negative turn in your Bibles to second Corinthians twelve versus nine second Trinity and twelve is here Paul is relating his experience experience and when he had a thorn in the flesh he played with the Lord three times the room moving from and this is what the Lord Holden says and he settled in the migration is sufficient for me for my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me because I figure we got the numbers does not need education don't get me wrong he will use our education and environment how to receive as much of it as we write but he is not dependent upon in order to use us to pour out his Spirit Ellen was very afraid of you will call to Santa Fe office in fact one of the worries and concerns that she had to try and she said one wife I become how the Lord revealed say that she be stricken with illness indicated that she became probably Indonesia of becoming from losing her way as the London believers was citing Scripture oftentimes they would consult when is upon which they could not agree it becomes deadlocked position they could understand it was invented I would take his younger seventeen -year-old girl with a third grade education with submitted heart disease he was a cross into the and he would show her things and explains their reveals her things an opportunity reciting as after she related he is the after various questions the CAC illogical training or knowledge of these things before and she had it with Google and it was guiding her guiding his people are physicians of his wife making a very clear that they cannot be misunderstood there were a number of ways that I is for profit he is a pharmacy the believers in those early days of there were physical manifestations I mentioned last the Bible primarily in the case of Daniel but in other cases as well see the physical manifestations in place when profits were envisioning and specifically earlier on her ministry there were a number of these physical manifestations and provisions for the affirmation of faith of the people I hope one of these stories called Joseph and him what sort of my grandmother written by Alan Robinson and I in this story this story Ellen and her sister Sarah were invited to a family 's house and where you might eliminate a house on a word no they made their way to the house and is an easy gentleman who is very favorable things that were said different types of fascism there were different than idle teachings that were circulating in the early days of the Senate a change in my witnesses in the late eighteen forties actually in eighteen forty five besides placing forty five before the Senate church with uniform officially but John is beginning the process seems to keep this fanaticism and chat and soon he bought these teachings that were throwing so many people on June the zoom and oversizing another rhymes were teaching that was the year of Jubilee and that there was no reason to work at a related homework and worked as long as necessary and more otherwise fulfilling the washing clothes shopping with an obviously the women work oriented and was was is really this creationism that was the least sleeping a lot of Christians astray and it just so happened that when Helen and Sarah her sister were at the Naples house that brother Sergeant and brother Robin on August the is starting another Robbins had been speaking out against our him originally when I was using what unsafe and when they knock on his door a little more than a fedora and I want to start another on the way away and then he said he no hell in an and Sarah Hartman are here and how would you like the commitments to say anything about an undecided whether the Robbins 's faces straight is probably the other side of it all we somewhere we need to be agony turned around to go and whether Nichols said well Louisiana decided that the church meeting in Moscow and will see you decided the church living in Boston and Don Sister Sister Helen Prejean so they were planning on selling preaching there in line with actually engaging for by the way this is before the Senate should encompass group of believers the sun was Sunday and holy is on a Saturday that he had his conversation more last night gone leaving only a patient or a tree is not go to Boston that a single ten miles south to a halt Randall in the morning Alan said to the other little weenies of those around him the Lord shall I dream barnacles and will enable against my words as you know we promised that we would be enough she said don't worry no more fully understand when we got both little and went to a place where that brother started another Olive actually called all of the people or notify all the believers were going to meet in Moscow said there will be updating in Boston but will be leading in runoff him that I have a fit when there is a group of believers they were all listening to brother Sergeant Steve but as I was thinking a thing in his closing lady weaning onwards anymore we continued on and on and he said and how is one time I is woman who is supposedly having visions of God not all the same as another the goal is all you will be able out with an ankle at her sister 's house one day for this artist 's face was just in shock he even know what to say to stop completely and very familiar on Brother Robinson announces closing hymn for him in an value not anything will remind us so they are saying a loving hand and having less and get the believers were intently waiting to see what was going well I think for a bit once they got back together for a Allen was taking off vision the Lord began showing her heavenly things the believers in the lease that the Angels are present in the presence of God there there was a piece that is that you and leaders are saying things like provisions differences there so much like the visions of the prophet and the wine her words are so eloquent vessel filled with peace is inordinately now decided another other thing I want to believe the shootings that she would say she wasn't mindful of enterprise six is seeing the things they are to the person who has no need to want to believe it is it was sitting on the retina and for some of them was so they started singing loudly and as I finish on it I think see most of them on the last anywhere release I guess I pay for an files in Windows was and why we want to hear what she has to say it again they continue singing and singing until their voices were in their hands were shaking as I Ellen Harmon was one of the longest vision ever reported nearly four hours in part of the vision and part of the vision a gentleman sat I have heard because siphoning ragas were accusing her of being possessed by an evil spirit rather than the Holy Spirit is individuals that I heard a Sunday libel is placed on an individual who is in safe and vision on the satanic influence and it will come out ahead this is another starting with you a plan in place is there not as a large family Bible in one of the gentlemen I know that this particular moment Ellen was sitting in a rocking chair in the corner she was somewhat lean and gentlemen the Bible on her chest vinyl being about this large gluten was easier and as was set on her chest she's still not when you and she said they inspired word of God as she held about her hat with her other hand she was turning the pages and her finger with a Julie Wells oversubscription initially conciliatory and then the same a lot of I will verse of Scripture I think elsewhere in the buffer had her being completely unable to reading vision is she holding the verses that she is one of the shares selling Chad the red China this time that I was living over it was the very first that she was holding they were even a say the Lord is revealing to have one of these verses RCC invented this season pointing to them as a friend of faith in the believer that they can try the message is that through Eleanor now the brothers Sergeant Roberts became very serious and very solemn because sin the Bible text that were quoting started being about what will happen to the wiki community became very following the place at all I think that the question of questions seem lingering airworthy going to labeling to repent of their ways but in order to draw it on the left it was really good prophecy that John is the assurance of fanaticism in the early days of our church better this is the gift of prophecy that God will protect his church in the last days from fanaticism that are answering times it was not only that is fanaticism and sensationalism within our church I believe today in many areas of our church yes there is there is lethargy spiritual lethargy in our church these days but there is also the dangerous sensationalism of Nazism and freedom he has given us the gift of prophecy writing is there was another time in eighteen forty six when James and Ellen were working closely together they were traveling together as the Lord was calling them to different places them in Austin with her sister Sarah then you haven't really given any Fosamax what they believed that Jesus was coming so soon that they are the prime that he soon recognized that some you don't shoot even the money soon recognized that she can I help to him as he labored for the Lord and how she obviously needed a lot of hope that their love for each other that I imagine some of the love began to grow and develop bags of the matter of the Lord in prayer and when they received a specific answer from a moment before it were me I was actually before then I shortly before their marriage that there was a time when Ellen was riding in the back of the chair each James was driving this and thought he was cute actually chosen or the whole crew was pulling to carry out the young rambunctious and he was very good with horses is actually very good breeding horses that have strong spirit that were strong-willed and when Ellen was speaking with some gentlemen in a garish she was taken off as cold before Jean is always the holder ratings to keep it from walking and pushing against it as you envision this rambunctious coal stop dead in its tracks out of ten in the back was Joe's they can offer in LA and envision how I miss seeing heavenly things and she she sat to the sense of the characters she put her hand on the back of the horse collided on this she walked on and they are not far away and for a few moments receiving the award was revealing and then without even looking at her feet she gracefully made her way back down the bank and I put her hand on the fourth and pushed herself up and sat down when she first put her hand on the fourth to go down Joseph a shout out to my show a net force is going to take care of a calendar and gentlemen I don't care to interfere more than chart in fact while Allen was envisioned on the bank just to illustrate how the Lord was in control she decided to test this young rambunctious cool vindaloo with anything much that he would than a little harder still not finally she really say that the horse and the Lord of the same more than slow the mouth of the lion combat force God 's angel by my and he is ruler not only over the Son of Man but over the animal kingdom as well after after this the judgment of the were even more convinced that God was in charge of his people he was meeting after the prophecy thrillingly often times oftentimes things were said in the Lord 's are you using for the sake of the time when announcing AGL the General conference and when he was he was also very announced they had how many of themselves and all right remember the large circus as there is not what the live search individuals around side is that market this am this fact a few want of the thirties and was walking down toward her right and asking one is simply walking down the silent sitting there in the first thing I see is my fourth was a little out of CRM is a leading interaction has to say in the easy anything that I think of what angel who was speaking with he walked right past them in the holy angel who was speaking with one right now the other times in Scripture where the Lord shall hold his serve and I is from the time with so when he prayed in a survey who was and I was surrounded in his order holding the young thunder the loyalty all around the mount of Esau 's chariot of fire Angel Angel of God was from war and writing examples loudly more than those who are against as it made is that we are in the minority but when trying we are on the majority those are with us far more than those learned there was a gentleman named I know you know was a stone mason this man was strong he was losing you got the always a very strong and Ellen White was actually a little ball with a group of believers and the way that they were there and were meeting together for worship at the end of the meeting is not that I know who was in the Senate and test some doubts about Illinois anything from Don thought they might be of spiritual is or is I was there and everyone was in the end of this meeting and when she was she was making very graceful movements she went on to describe something shoes sometimes not moving for some time and that she would move once again and James was there as well of course he solicited I is I want to try moving to a strong element of class on her chest like this with it I know one another and he tried getting his fingers in between her fingers and her husband were class and he couldn't even get his fingers in his final two young ladies and thought what a world for his son back having recently moved her arms pulled in James ICJ James sent one hundred five million are cellular one of Ellen and he tried attending on him he couldn't do try and try and exactly finally put his weight on her arm he still couldn't let her on finally he asked him overall and he finds riding on you and he's the past I consider the feelings that I felt was the first time with you is that the arm and I was holding onto her handset is available in her arm I was saying is literally unaware they were leaving his mouth she gracefully move your life as you and I see it he was holding on his feet were sliding on the floor to this weather station of supernatural sky and the place of enforcing them I was well when anyone envision a number of times is came to the realization that the spirit was controlling and Holy Spirit the Spirit of God there was a time when our life is but in this vision but his vision she only remember a voice from the she did not see anything so she rather heard a voice and go over very specifically he said when you hear his voice you hear this man is also well written a number of years and James one S meeting they were riding through the campaign there was a certain individual preaching and it were going to be shelter where they say what is so elegant analysis it seems we are I said okay so maybe for the meeting this woman keep in mind she was not actually involve but when she knew where he was ceiling on him him him the same unwillingness with Jan one hundred on the sensor on that I was freaking and shallots straight up the file is listed in the Madison you have no right to be speaking to these people the Lord has shown me that your household will who you call your wife and your children and I have homework to his shoulder who you calling your wife and your children in another state and the masses and shock the setback and so little later on and made his way onto the stage is the man's brother were actually present in the congregation and he's lit up and he said everything that she has said he's been living a normal life some the Lord is merciful thoughts these are the messages of reproof war for the sake of less voice and those who I am reviewing a case even as the Lord is often times the Lord Rivera messages of warning messages of instruction for his people one it wasn't just in major things like living a double life like this that God is not it actually is time to seek individual there was a time when Ellen was okay I thought there were a number of the girls living with in their home and there was no one young girl in particular who was sued by grandma Ellen is passing by her room she saw lead out a beautiful silvery hair and ahead something something is July and she walked over and she looked behind her seeing that no one was there she and I she walked to her room immediately she opened up her trunk of belongings and now I noticed that I had is what is wanting my business over later this is why I frozen throne she is what I love inside her not making it I look inside other people 's things thoughts and continue walking the voice is stronger than the inside so she went over and opened the lid of the trunk on their laptop since only bed and went on with your day will I worship my many young girls see in my head frescoes that no secular office known no she's okay I worship and praise it went the next day the question came again and seeing my hair you don't know the second world no third at this point the girl became very nervous she gives there is no nausea or hairnet is no wealth Oliver so she went to her room and over I can go there in her room I think this if you really want to hide one of the shortest is not usually is that she ever to live there him for soliciting that she went to the vision for a moment at all she thought they went his growth and overly over the flame in the hair had a small xenon is no way of taking a later she called his younger lifetime and she said she explains her when asked how she had known how the war had revealed to her that she is taking her hand away the girl wrote her peers share knowledge that anything is worth to and she confessed that she is run my own cover letter and she let her know that God revealed if there because she can't love this she let her know that she lives in Canada his younger that he is however specifically so that I shoot you from this so that she is taking on an flesh is grass and repent of this seemingly small numbers as they sometimes are saying are small right like portable white lies we use in choosing names like anything is somewhat okay there is no small say because there is no small dog facility is also we bring praise the Lord that he is willing to take the time to instruct us in future progress when this is like a loving him to tell it was also a loving mother acquainted with hardships him for so Henry Ann Arbor did not live the age of sixteen Henry Lizzie sixteen years old passed away Herbert actually died in infancy fortunately it was the three year time span that she lost between eighteen sixteen eighteen sixty three she was a mother who was well placing with Horace with difficult know there was actually a time where there was actually a time when William was two years old at the family was having company over so everyone was cleaning the house and one of the young ladies who lived with them was fluent in time was cleaning the kitchen floor as she was mopping and she had a mop in bucket and dirty water and eighty will it with playing in the water this Aldo Rafael states that he was pushing along the water using stabilization mode and all that was she outside when she outside little did she know she can night and this is really and she is my seasoning she looked like a dirty mouth water and saw a little meaty slit sticky immediately scream she's roundly how as she lay screaming and will you will you will eloquently told him he said was the water hot or cold actually it was cold it was called it really is wrong is wrong with using beside herself and the girl started running from an unidentified young and very organized in her eyes as I went with a job and was as wrong as at this economy Simon was a him and is not in while I was in Washington and London is the only immediately she told him to the number and there on the launching to begin rolling him what all is very long and water pouring on his mom is a long to begin rolling rolling rolling and I see they are neighbors and they felt so bad I went on while in and it was my she continually praying will restart my son and my son quaffing on James White was there observing neighbors said someone please I need away from Willy turned around will resent us for child lands with MSU she didn't give us to continue rolling in their brass until fifteen minutes ago one dollar and I to JC enrolling being willing over fifteen minutes as I finally finally she saw should take them up and held them both to her she and Jessica wanted to see live images on Flickr and it seems like everything is she said I think he's trying to daily life in prison to read him inside he doesn't really threaten inside the run and in some warm blankets for the rest of the day she was holding will be very close she wouldn't let him on our site for a moment as you know what is him roaming him him specially trained them are from him soon the mother this year the mother of points and will bring I although he lost his son whom her son the William Morris wasn't wanting to love really is will he and his wife actually is a wise I is his first life the way after they had two children alone enable that he married again healthy begin in one of anyhow she was also a loving grandmother not only was she a loving mother this is also a loving grandmother her grandchildren describe my grandma has a lot of fun you know she had a secretary in a seronegative for actually she was a nurse and I certainly didn't ever was I discern as is seen as a whole individual and racial enabler of playing with wool interestingly as Sarah is a very full then this is like a different pencil them now grandma is very busy she's writing don't bother Groundhog Day in one day family law and the number of times but Virgil is unable to articulate anything Amy Sarasohn legalizing online that have not even in the Canadian is not to I is not here she lost her so they made their way up the stairs a few gazelles and consumers there is loosely little Wanda Ingalls I like writing and pain immediately to the door and greeted the door open a little bit of oh where she was a casino in the door to our she will run who was that as long as her head was moving him that she was she was busy writing of course children needed in order to come to their but as soon as I was now they are welcome to come and climb up in her lap and I as Susan was sent out the game over there on as she pulled off a book from the shelf sharing identity and the stories that she and one of her hobby is actually collecting on moral and character building stories from the newspaper of the time and Halloween pictures that illustrated in she was sure feeling the grandchildren and we find that they were not she would have been stories showing she also love animals very much she loved on housing horses and sound BJ especially as whenever there was a new animal born on the farm you can just run was one of the first one life grandma will always remember by her grandchildren has a lot of fun and really unless gloomily also how to create most of the floor she was known by those who remember universally one who who so very seriously Jesus instructions on how loving them for ensuring harmonies with what we've been blessed with and what we can get in fact she would instill this principle and her grandson align people reach out on her oldest grandson would recount stories and when it would go out with a group of individuals in the community who were less fortunate financially to live you mingling with them whispering namely him will soon notice the wife and I will say there the size and mindless government socially I really take care of before her grandchildren learned the value of loving people sharing when they don't have the necessities of what she was also always welcoming people to their table they often have guests over there and one of the rules in their home was that it is a little unstable there was not to be any negative talk and any negative season everything that was spoken on the outside you know A modern science proves that positive seeking a digestion not only that a lot more enjoyable than the negative but she really love and care for in fact early on in the early days of the costs attorneys in Chicago they were quite poor at times the times when only the word potatoes really when he has virtually nothing that the Lord provided you know what many people don't realize is that Ellen White had a great sense of humor Doris Robinson is my great-grandfather and shoestrings in English teacher she was inviting sounds that is the only white secretary she married her oldest granddaughter the way she should even fictional glass screen not alone on the is worth half I got only went on the right course on Senator and will look at some and yes I literally isolating the presentation for many people don't realize that no one went hungry sense of humor so when Doris Robinson was invited to the secretary I am saving she was very nervous that he was having his first meal with frosting was it like to be in hospital frothing right was you can look into his eyes and read the free festival his soul is in and I was sitting that it will not wanting to make any mistakes and observing what was going on in that is having black-eyed peas when Ellen White was using net is having black-eyed peas but only when everyone in social is having some some greens for dinner Sarah run out of food she plays Ellen 's lady for her and she said she called her mom away she said here is going on here there were seized a voice hoarse feet how can she talk to you later that he is calling her food or sleep advantage of drive elements with a slight smile unethical and I said I don't save anything worse than your County and him and the etiquette of the Internet of Clinton with there was a missionary family in the country of Japan and you want to send only one member of the eighty seventh birthday and as recent as it was a popular sure that the hardware that is taking those in this wife of this missionary this missionary woman is an I will know was grateful for to put it on and she started using the point together into one in the front thinking about here precise as she was pulling it and actually do better I see a mile inland North Robinson said there's a little like the only life emotionally moving him to get a good sense of humor and enjoy a know when Lily wasn't really her sister-in-law Jean this is a was living with him for some time she would often carefully when you are traveling now they come home from their travels and no changes since their wife holding onto Lily but she had tuberculosis and should actually say and how it was not only can say that will eliminate tuberculosis but was also wanting the holder maybe you know him from so I didn't exist as a sister-in-law love the whole Willie she's not my home I'm going to get Willie out her arms without offending so what she did was see you as most of her race or ethnicity will you and you and you are okay and he let out a cry and Ellington all you want among him certain of TV very daily living is inviting most people don't realize that Willie was actually quite the writer as well he had a different writing it when he was in elementary school he got the school and he decided to exit is getting on the chalkboard so he went up to the top order he rode out on a lot of future him him him him him hello for me in Arkansas and King is him when he found he had a handle on you and him and and again in some way she recognizes handwriting and when the glass is then now really is something that is not through me thinking I be a little big reason when I said anything is him and the Lily and the Romans in a session on the woodpile him later that day is some healthy discipline you will apply when Ellen was freaking and Willie was actually on the platform he was one of the elder and his ribald laughter is the taking place in the congregation people were holding glass down on the kind of lubricant is she's not there I going to Lily and as I saw her son will easily there are and not anything of the chief at all you are forgiven willing when he was just a baby I would let him in his cradle and put it underneath the pulp and when I was freezing out of this rock endlessly for him like he's never broken him and sure than is actually derived the lead of the Sufis examine many of the hotel and left home was completed else in California I will go down in you can see in the upstate and him her favorite color is pink I heard favorite as I finally was led by an you know in England the more he read not just the writings of Ellen White the more you read the eyewitness is also those who are will remember her as a friend or loved one a relative the logging onto CNN understand that she was about loving Christian and some people say things that she has had anything as extreme machine moorings and often against anyhow I say that the center and business I distrust around like to share she already has a dangers of eating too much sugar machinery it was absolutely notion and that there was a time when some of her grandchildren were there they were going to have I is a had the club with an ounce of renowned apply to the children worldwide either they are excited exhaustively being brought out in his losing run out of their eyes were big entities on the bottom of the place and the slaves were lowered to the families on the size of this license their faces drop him drama Allen noted that when she laid another is a revision of our individual she also while indicating that the Bible says in a number of places in the manifesto also loneliness is the other day and I feel she is insane it is a hard and fast rule for everyone so those that are involved in physical labor he revealed those who are not sure if I should do it he only three meals but should have no healthy snacks is certain in between was alone him I was on individual about Christian and is really nice like that I have all of us as not to slink extreme but not to me following him wholeheartedly and everything that we do now so liberal in her lifetime about one hundred thousand pages she is the most widely published female author in history to the most translated author in the world and all because God 's strength is made perfect in our week in at her home in St. Helena when she was eighty seven she was rounding the corner on February thirteen pass was rounding the corner she checked as she fell and broke her pussy overhead it was set in a hospital to Internet nothing really could be done for so they brought a hospital dancer home the check writer and surrounded her and it seemed that met her gaze were numbered they had never been one of the profit I aboard messenger addresses the beginning of the church 's inception she had been there for seventy years before Sultan and directed his master has the Lord show there will be another profit she accidents that that will not review but the Lord has revealed to me that the writings and inspired counsel that he has given to the church through me is enough security to people through until the second coming of Christ for in the Lord and counseling to I think area through October two thousand half way is her last words I was shared by our brother her last words were I know he will I believe I know in whom I have believed all of the live our lives and when I'm okay where is my mind that we would get us anywhere I don't like living in a overgrazed there was a single 's awareness to say those words we must live every moment of our lives in the presence of Christ Gillespie walking Almighty Christ that he is not with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit trusting and Christ's righteousness and it is only not that we will be able to have confidence we face death or if we do that because I have read we may all not related to the online when he comes on line that the incredible to be the last generation on planetary cradle her in Susan is to use visualizing on chooses to use broken we humans doesn't like your lifetime and that simply if we are willing God is able to use a no life and ministry of Ellen White is an example that God is not so much on our ability as are ultimately as I is similar I want to make myself available to you in this long you will a you nimbleness over you have any jealousy or is in a so my father we pray for your goodness to us thank you so allows for not leading us in the dark in this world are facing a forgiving is your holding where which was dramatizing events on the inspiration of the prophets of old we think you'll like his last days it is timely when Biblical illiteracy is at an all-time high that he does not left us alone you know that I once again you have given us the gift of life in the spirit of prophecy and then getting to direct us to the ultimate source of life we thank you Lord for the light that shines in the pages of your word eliminating our time this will following phrases related to prophecy that you have given us to make it even more clear to us the plan of redemption the unmasked savings plans for the last day that we may be prepared to stand it we may be faithful even on the bill you may give us the crown of life this is our first we praise you for your business also we praise you for the life of your messenger you that as we have seen today she was about loving individual or that is our desire as well we ask that you will make us balance loving Christlike Christians we know that the greatest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and a lovable person we pray that you make each other such fillets of your Holy Spirit pray lets us as less than is a a this media was gone audio is a website dedicated God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than you would like to know more about our universe this is more certain than the visit www. on universe .org


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