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The Radical Prayer, Part 2

Derek Morris


Do you want Jesus to use you to impact the world? Then you need to follow the example of Jesus and pray a radical prayer. But first you must see the world from His radical perspective. And then there are lessons you must learn about radical dependence. Don’t come to this workshop if you want to maintain the status-quo. This teaching from Jesus could change your life.


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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but pray before we start our father in heaven thank you for the opportunity to continue our study of the teaching of Jesus thank you for the many blessings of the Sabbath day and this impacts Scandinavia conference we open our hearts again to you and to your spirit as our teacher in Jesus name amen okay thank you to audio theme within a that the music you listen to her sing along with him as it is a is in the day is the first and is in an man is now in a in a man is not a good meeting you and me as a is in a and he will he is in and in and him a new time you're saying that he is in the afternoon is in a in a Navy man is in a in a you in writing and in is not a and then ran a the man he had a is in the name of man he be in a you and you singing you to take your Bible you would in your incident words of Jesus in Luke chapter ten some of you were with us for part one how many of you were not with us for part one of the seminar you just you know okay some good do a short summary bank and by the way if you would like to get the presentations that you missed you can go to the radical prayer .com and download free that study outline in fact you can download a series of sermons on the radical break you if you'd like that share those with the with some people back home the radical prayer .com and you can download this free but here's a brief summary return it to Matthew ten and verse two Jesus it says in verse two said to them and remind us someone who is here who visited them in the context is the seventeenth and and by extension Austin this seventy unlike the twelve who I just sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel the seventy sent to every town and village so they are to go as Jesus said into all the way out to preach the gospel and we know it's also us because he says I'll be with you even until the answer is not just the people back then so he says to the seventy and also to us the harvest truly is what is great and we discovered from our study in part one the harvest as a metaphor can refer to two activities one the judgment when at the end of the age and who are the harvesters know Jesus seated on the throne with the sickle and the Angels are the harvest is in the final judgment right we read the text Matthew thirteen Revelation fourteen to one use of for the harvest is the judgment of the end but there's also the present harvest work and who are the hardest duties for that work that's us and what is that hardest work is inviting people to become a part of the kingdom of God and Jesus says the harvest truly is what and we studied in part one that sometimes that's obvious from a human perspective but most of the time we we don't see the harvest the way that God does so we need to pray God help me to see my community help me to see my town my city my country the way you do and by the way God doesn't count in numbers even one person is a great harvest for the kingdom of heaven and the harvest truly is great that this radical perspective but then in the second part of our study in part one we talked about the radical problem and that is even though the harvest is great the laborers are few I feel he got plenty of laborers but the laboring laborers are few the working workers are few and in our study we discovered that there are not many lingering laborers or working workers because those who have been called to be workers many of them have become what was the word you remember become what distracted by material possessions perhaps or by work or by relationships distracted them from being laboring labors appreciated Jesse 's message this morning an interesting relationship between the wise virgins and the ones that use the talent that's the same thing it's like we are not just called laborers but we are laboring laborers in the harvest that's what Jesus wants right so the harvest is but the laborers are few that is why we today study because we want to talk about a radical prayer that Jesus asked us to pray now this is not safe if some of you want to live there the safe life you probably should leave now because this is what I'm go to share with you is quite dangerous I have shared this in many parts of the world some people have played in the lives have been radically changed including some who were at this conference I've also had people even a pass-through told me I heard this one year ago I haven't prayed the prayer I why I don't know what will happen while I do agree something needs to happen we're still here and the harvest is what so because the harvest is great but the laborers are few look in your Bible with me new chapter ten we just studying the word of Jesus here the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few therefore pray therefore is a conjunction it it relates to what was just said because the harvest is great but the laborers are few therefore pray in the Greek language of the New Testament is written in Greek in the Greek language there are several fires that can be translated to pray addicting me to make a request to express a desire but the web used here is the verb down like this and carefully oh my and downline means the bank but is it me know our translators I don't know what it says in your finished Bible a Swedish Bible are you Romanian Bible a lot of times they follow the English translation of clay okay but you know Kraken this means the class to bed something little stronger than pray right now if you don't read the great language you can you can use a concordance to find other places with the same verb that all my issues does anyone here own a concordance you know what it is okay I have a little one in the back of my Bible that's what you can lookup a word and he gives you all the places it's found you have one in your Bible maybe but did any of your own like a separate concordance you have one on your iPhone okay good weather on different concordances a helpful one is cold young spirits in the English language Youngs concordance but you can look up flag will find different barbs that you find down why that's the one here means to what what is data mining today I very strong and then you find some places in the New Testament where that same verb is used it helps you to understand the meaning that me give you a few examples of new Chapter five a leper comes to Jesus and it says that that that he him Jesus Belmar and if you are willing you can remember what he said you can make me clean now if you die I do that are just a little casual prayer to Jesus on the company 's day now Jesus is coming at the left database and down my leg can look like it if you win it I know you can do it but are you willing to see the strength of the work down what you find the chapter eight verse thirty eight Jesus has just sent a demoniac freed from a legion of demons you know the story of the legion of demons and now Jesus is going away and the Scripture says that this man really now by the power of Jesus it says eBay Jesus down my the bacon to go with him when you want to go with Jesus if he just set you free from a legion of demons but Jesus was going to be with him even when he left he says go back to your people tell them what the Lord has done for you I do see the intensity he begged him down my best ever one more example of the nine numbers thirty eight where a father has a son control by demon that cast him into the fire and he asked the disciples to cast out the demon and he couldn't and so the father comes to Jesus at now there are some fathers you have any any father here the other somebody here okay that if your child was being harassed by an evil spirit but you better pray just like a week little prayer we go to cry out to all you cry out to God right did the father it says he thinks Jesus he begged Jesus on this one more a beautiful reference in the twenty two you can find this in the concordant to discard find everyplace with the unwise use it it's it's about Jesus where would Jesus says the Simon Simon Satan has sought to see if you like wheat but I have prayed for you you know the text is the verb that on my I have cried out for you see Jesus doesn't play weak little prayers Jesus Christ strong prayers because flies out on you thankfully Jesus cries out for you with the day Scripture says he ever lives to make intercession for us so that's how Jesus Christ Jesus prays earnestly and that's the word that is used in high-tech in chapter ten it says because the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few therefore for I doubt might fly out from the bag I listen to me carefully wait a minute Derek wake up in my trying to change God 's heart by praying more earnestly I mean is is that what it's for them yes you question whose heart needs to change is God 's I need to get whose Chinese suggestions my heart visit I'm flying out to God because the harvest is great but the laborers are few I'm flying out to God God is going to do something miraculous I'm not trying to change God 's part on telling God that I'm serious my heart needs to change you see God wants the usually impact the world and and same is go to complain and say how dare you use that young woman how dare you use that Matt how dare you use that person so powerfully and Jesus will save my child cried out tonight someone at the same of his Gospel though despite you Jesus Domingo to get so angry today in coming out to drive too fast the word payment when the world is dying it's time to play strong prayers even before you know the player he feels strong because it is crying out to God is in it sometimes I think what was the last time I really cried out to God I think I'm okay and okay be fine now not fine is it God wants that kind of upside down God doesn't want you to go back the same as you came the edge of the home time for strong prayers not to change God 's high to get information to change our hearts the harvest is great but the laborers are few therefore play that that's that decade and the imperative I know that's a tough word to translate it's a command pray command it it's it it's it direct appeal to you pray it is not just the suggestion pray because the harvest is great but the laborers are few you say in okay woman cry out to God so what you write well but see what it says therefore pray cry out bank the Lord of the harvest and hear my English translation fails what my Bible says is pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest integrate the word that send out is if the Greek verb hapless fellow we get the English net the English word apostle a pasta loss up with fellow meets to send out at its founding verse one he sent out the seventy Apple Stella is found in verse three I send you out as lambs will talk about that in part three of the seminar the film is that third one okay that's really important apostolic to send out a new middle and verse two Jesus uses a totally different word and get the English translators translate it exactly the same as verse one and verse three they translate send out when that's not what Jesus said to Xavier dirt while why do they translate it send out if that's not what Jesus said maybe the same reason they put prey rather than bag maybe it sounded what Jesus actually said sounded to radical like to intense and so we go on for a nice little prayers to Jesus him to have a nice day when Jesus wants us pray strong prayers please a lot the English Bible says pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers using us know what it actually says in the text doesn't use up a cello there so what does it actually say in the text went to my Bible I'm not a Greek scholar at any Greek scholars here like really you'd like you can sleep in Greek and in a debt I looked it up at an end of this use I was surprised I might whereas up a skeleton that there the verb that use their inverse to the Bangalore to do something to laborers is the verb at Buffalo we just created a new Swedish word about new Norwegian words at the battle of new finish work at our new Romanian work at byline Heather German work at ballots it would created a new word in our language what's the work at Buffalo that's why we're crying out to God to do to act battle laborers you like what is it made before I asked him to do it what is it well the verb Balogh in great needs to throw Balogh meets to throw at it if you looking you concordance for battle you'll find that when the fisherman cast their nets out of the boat battle à la mise to what to throw when the seller pass the sea the verb Balogh is used as a means to differ out even even in a hostile way when that when the enemies of just picked up stones to throw and then add him the bird Balogh is used the drug or when John the Baptist is thrown into prison by Herod and fitness battle is use Balla means to what the okay but you said the verb is accurate battle right bellow means to throw the prefix at these outs you so if act means out and Balogh means throw we got some brilliant linguists here act means out Bellamy is to throw at Balla means still throw out at sounds a little more intense than send out doesn't it but actually gets even more intense X Balogh is used more than thirty times in the New Testament for casting out demons does that sound like safety you I was pretty intense Jesus when he encountered a person with a Damon he says shut up get out at Cabello cast the demon out so this is a very strong word I don't know if I want to pray for God to do that to me wetware will land up you want me to ask the Lord of the harvest it asked not only what's going to happen to me that doesn't sound say could and I just prayed to Jesus only to have a nice day this work at Cavallo and economies to what Rod I know what were you thinking translators didn't translate that verse accurately anybody wouldn't say I'm you ask any great scholar want at Alameda nobody will say send out another solid names hottest to radical it just doesn't sound say could we just say pray the Lord to send unharvested and were still here or shall we beg the Lord to ask about low laborers describe at the battle is used twice in connection with Jesus I'm always interested how it connects the Jesus because I'm a follower of Jesus they are about I'm a follower of Jesus I okay such important to me it's used twice in connection with Jesus once you some of you know the story John chapter two Jesus comes to the Temple and they have turned his father 's house into a den of days it was supposed to be a house of prayer for how many all people and they turned into a marketplace gone to and it says Jesus made a whip out of cords and he he sent them out no it says he made it without of course by the way there is no evidence he hit anybody in fact these are major says that the divinity flashed through manic the glory of God is revealed and I think that the these religious leaders live in the before the presence of the glory of God but it says he made a whip out of cords and he you know what this is what is he saying your Bible that's liking John chapter two may be around verse fifteen anybody how does it translated in your Bible John chapter two this is the verb after Balogh in connection with Jesus of the made a whip out of courts what is it saying your Bible you what he will then out anyone have another translation then up at him he just will them out or cast them out okay that's one place where it's used out is that sound casualty or pretty intense I measure my testament imminent what happened to me when I prayed this prayer is not safe believe me it's not safe I told you that at Buffalo is used twice in connection with Jesus the other time is even more interesting because the second reference confirms in my mind that Jesus prayed the radical prayer what is the radical prayer simply this Lord because the harvest is great but the laborers are few I think you to echo Balogh laborers into your harvest and by the way you can pray for God to Balogh laborers without saying and I give you permission to begin with so I can just say God I just think you to act Balogh Dan I love the net at Balogh in LA you me some of the name Christian asked battle others cannot I pray God flow out lots of laborers from impact Scandinavian but but could I say I thank you defraud laborers into your August and you have my permission to begin with may in its agent Jesus Christ the radical prayer is putting other air look in the gospel Mark chapter one many times only read the temptations of Jesus we read from Matthew chapter four where it says that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness after forty days he hungered your member that story Matthew but look in my chapter one and verse twelve this is instantly eight years to find this I'm pretty slow eight years studying this passenger found this affect wow Mark one and verse twelve what this is saying your Bible immediately or something like that it says in your Bible the spirit what will him that is Jesus into the wilderness troll and I find this strange way to Senate vote and would you like to guess what that is in great A+ it's at battle now at battle really means to what to throw out okay so if the Holy Spirit this is really important say with me now if the Holy Spirit and Cabal those Jesus into his ministry and by the way God is go to use Jesus to impact the world right if the Holy Spirit and Cabal those Jesus into his ministry of the Holy Spirit never forces anyone he never forces us against our will if the Holy Spirit and Cabal those Jesus into his ministry that means that Jesus gave the Holy Spirit permission it means that Jesus prayed that the radical plan he says father the harvest truly is what the laboring laborers of the guide thank you to act ballot laborers into your harvest and and here I am at the beginning of my ministry I and you have my permission to begin with me and so the Holy Spirit at Balogh 's Jesus that's a strange word growth about it at the ballot him he did his ministry another said it if Jesus was and followed by the spirit wouldn't it make sense that then he would say to the twelve begged the Lord to add value and into the seventy bed the Lord to add value and then to the people you invite Scandinavia when it makes sense because Jesus said to his disciples follow me and he has set us an example he says don't just try to sit around and stay out of trouble until I come back to work for you to do as we heard this morning you to use your gifts as we prepare for the return of Jesus so don't just try to sit around and stay out of trouble but then the Lord of the harvest to act that will yield into his harvest is that make sense if this is what I prayed and that's what I want you to break you say will happen to me if I if I do that well I discovered the root the meaning of this teaching of Jesus about the about fifteen years ago the longtime gun I was reading through the text and I'm reading through the ten verse one and negative verse two and I might what where's apostolic is not there it's not afraid to send out what is he saying it and I discover that it is very intense it's very radical to beg God to the end cabal of laborers and unthinking while the law want to pray that prayer what will happen to me I was teaching at Southern Adventist University it's in the state of Tennessee on the east side of the United States of America as some of you may have been there I have one of my students sitting your pastor to be a suit studied their at it the nickname for the place where the University has is happy Valley it's probably like active in a home is to Sweden you know when people go there to teach I was on the faculty they stay there until they retire they even have a cemetery there so you can sleep there until Jesus comes school happy Valley why would anybody want to leave happy Valley and that's the problem because you should only be somewhere if God wants you to be there right you're not to be anyway even a good place like a lot and say what elegant and be there well I've got another fifteen years and then I can return your not to stay for that yard to be there because the Lord of the harvest once you there someone asked me I just left the place where God was working so many miracles in Orlando at to go to Washington to the General conference to work with the ministerial Association they said that I will leave to be up there I said I have no idea on the own as long as his God wants me to I don't want to be there one day longer than God wants me that is a leg I know I sent no idea so I pray the radical prayer as a professor at Southern Adventist University happy Valley everybody stays there until they retire or die and God takes me on and he and battles may about four thousand kilometers four thousand kilometers all the way to California now fortunately my wife and I my wife and I no longer two but one so we got a ballot together Olivia 's command of the California and God teaches us many lessons there and and my wife with two years plans are to build a house she does I is a house and we've just started to build the house just put the foundation it's expensive to build a house in California just the just the permits the building fees would be about the two hundred thousand kroner just to get the paperwork they did the whole it's a lot of money for pastor or anybody we just dig a hole and just start building the house and I get a phone call from three thousand kilometers this way but they don't sell we have a nice job it's a nice big bigger than here and you know know know no this person says we need someone to come and lead us the Jesus and God spoke to my heart God spoke to my heart said God do you want us to go there the church was facing some great challenges do you want us to go there and so you know you listen to counsel because sometimes you don't know for sure so I turned to my wife and my wife could easily said we just started building a house again they let me building a house at dinner my wife shops to me she said we didn't come to California to build a house we shouldn't stay here just to build a house while so I go to the conference president unites vacant estate all you know you just came here for you have years ago I expected him to say all that you don't need to go there is hot in Florida human you know sticky in one he said he shocked me he said then we we didn't force you to come we we ask God to lead you and we won't force you to stay you need to let God lead you thank God for leaders like that and then come before the highway from three thousand miles of a dozen kilometers to Orlando Florida and we saw more miracles in the next six years and I've seen in my entire life we still got I shared a little bit with you take take a church and set it on fire and and a global media ministry thank God for lifestyle TV and what they doing a little church from nothing to forty hours of global television coverage a week we had no money we sell God worked miracles for nominal miracles like a young man about your age okay and I saw it was filled with the Holy Spirit I didn't have any money and I said I want to invite you to become a full-time volunteer passed on my team he prayed for one day he came back he said I accept no money that's crazy you say how can you avoid that that he wanted to take it a PhD in New Testament and and teach the word of God is I need to earn money you know we have all the plans we have outlined that we ask but the glass is that of thanking God to end now the last way he wants us these young men comes into my office and NII said then I award off field position as a full-time volunteer teaching pasteurized at came back the next day he said I accept he'd only been with us for two weeks I introduced to maturity there was an elderly couple sitting in the front of the church the spirit of God impress them they called him on Tuesday they said we would like to give you six hundred thousand crawl back to sponsor your PhD program that does not too much money near apparently you say all they must have had a lot of money to give him six hundred thousand chronic lesson I know people that have a lot of money that would give you ten kroner is a miracle that God touches on what type did give six hundred thousand Ron isn't it the day that young man he has a young man like you is a lead Bible teacher for the whole channel by the ways to starting his PhD program is good to learn is good to become shot it but but you don't depend upon you you don't depend upon those things will learn about that in part three of this work don't miss that okay but we don't depend upon that we depend upon the Lord of the harvest because he's going to ask about the loss to where we will be most effective in his work I learned the eye learned a lot about this thanks that by studying the game of basketball anybody think they don't do that but that's not they play basketball at Tacoma anybody who like to play basketball okay yeah yeah yeah okay I'm not too good at basketball you know what I noticed I was talking to annihilate the enemy independently from Finland now he's like twice my size and and and he was talking to me and someone was looking at us than they would they thought I was sitting down and I was standing up so I'm not too good at basketball and but I learned something about this tax debt from from the game of basketball some years ago someone sent me a YouTube you know what YouTube video is now kept to someone sending a YouTube video of a basketball game is just a little one minute clip is the most amazing thing I ever saw it is just the very end of the game and a businesslike maybe one of the half seconds left in the game and add that with this game that has possession of the ball they they are now behind by one so the other team is ahead by one point and then the ball just one of the half seconds left on his way over here new in his court and the basket is way over there like this basket over there and there's just one and a half seconds left there's no time for them to come down the court and do the fancy layup shot at this no time easy way far away in just one and a half seconds left and at one point am I and so he does something amazing happened on the YouTube video watch the Eagles like this I don't if you've ever seen that he takes the ball and he just goes like this had ever seen someone do that I asked him what's that call is as valid as I said I got on so much as is go to hope shot you know you well and then you hope you know I mean I don't know what they call it but you know you in some kind of bomb you know it today takes the ball and he could see visible law it was flying through the air and time stands still and his team they are hoping it will go in and this game elevator logo and the bullets flying through the air and is coming down and at the clock goes to zero but you know if it's on its way down already you still can go in and cannot and time is at zero and the basket of the blog from throat and snake through the end estimate the play on the year is dancing like this and a label arrive Andrea and the game is over because of one amazing shot this that was amazing and basketball but with Jesus Jesus when Jesus makes the hope shot he makes a basket every time in fact Jesus is so amazing he not only will add value at the wonderful Savior they says I'll never may be over thank you these better cactus don't like him why did I go you you'll never go wrong in your life if you give God the Michigan to be to act about a year into his harvest field who please you exactly what he wants to debate while this another shot in basketball is called a slam dunk anybody know what a slam dunk is a for those of you that don't know it goes like this okay basket goes outdated practices the Summit and then he has like little rockets and issues you know and he goes up in the air like how did he do that way up in the air the person passes and the ball is right over the basket now and he goes have you ever seen a slamdunk in the is amazing isn't it making and when the person does the slam dunk what direction is the ball going straight down is not as I like it like that straight sometimes sometimes when you beg the Lord of the harvest to act now will you into his heart sometimes he makes value three thousand kilometers he may throw you twenty thousand but sometimes you make you say I you serious you want you wanted to add value just what I want to debate you say yes but wherever you want to go whatever you wanted to do so K Reddy yes red and he goes right here stay at the Madison mission school stay in Washington even though you hate the traffic standstill you have in wherever whenever Goddess planted you to stay there because this is my one year you say why that didn't work I prayed and you still get no no this is a big difference between getting up and saying on here because this is my job and saying I'm here because this is where the Lord of the harvest has acknowledged me and I'm here because God wants me here now someone said to me a dirt how did you have time to come to enter the home to be in Florida on January seven and then have to be filming in the Hope Channel January eight through January eighteen and then at the film the hopes at the school for thirteen hours it and how did you end up it acted their home in this wonderful beautiful snow and the answer is very simple I am here because God X ballot me I was so tired I was six just last week I otherwise keep we can half ago I went to a conference in the Alabama at Oakwood University and and it was a flu epidemic in that area at that time and and you know when you're with a thousand people it was so quickly and I came home and shortly after Québec I got sick so I was I was weakened and even even when I went to the airport last the Wednesday I I was out was feeling tired say what what why you going here I'm going because God says my strength is made perfect even in your weakness and if God is for us who can be against that I'm here not because the I have to be here and he because got a ballad me to go to the airport in Atlanta and I'm feeling tired and am waiting for my flight to Frankfurt eight hours and twenty minutes on foot and then from Frankfurt to Stockholm and and while I'm sitting waiting for the flight one of the most times the representatives comes up to me and says you have another boarding pets by taking an advocate and without even asking I have been upgraded from economy to business class now then Monday mean very much to some of you but but in business class the chair isn't like this in business class the chair goes out like this and I was able to sleep from Atlanta to Frankfurt isn't God good you know so strong we are knows and we only he knows what we need before you ask him and we can cry out to him and say God of what if you wanted to do with we wanted to go if you wanted to stay here I stay here if you wanted to go Farwell to faraway I just want my life to be in your hands so I'm going to undertake the risk to pray a radical prayer and to give the Lord of the harvest permission to do what was awake at economy into his harvest now I I hope you can come if you cannot come to part three I I want you to write down the web address it's just the title of the book the radical prayer .com because you must you must listen to part three of this workshop it is part it is the air in chapters four and five at at it you can also good to contact and ask me I'll send you an electronic copy of the book okay for that of Jesus only treated up because what we're going to talk about in part three is very important because if you are living and not I sense that some of you willing to pray this prayer I might write some of you letting if you're willing to pray this radical prayer you must you must learn what we will talk about in part three because Jesus said I send you out verse three now as lamps in the midst of wolves is at all like that physical divide through the workshop okay because would underline how we can radically depend upon the Lord of the harvest and when you do then verse seventeen experience Radek join but witnessing I-beams on again I don't know if it is still here yet but I want you to sing it with new but maybe a new understanding now the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few therefore prayer fly at bay nothing changing lifestyle given permission to change your life better Lord of the harvest not just to send out laborers but to what will neighbors into his harvest and give him permission to begin with and seem to get a opinion on this is an Nanaimo Verizon is in a new time this is a Native American and in more than a man to saying and ran a and in English as a union is a game him in the winter he is not an and while there is on the wall I had high Moon and a day off on the moon and honor this is a delay in and you as a a native array is important right as rain and say a day in Montréal in the live long graying saying the name and rename and made Lord God he would hour of Bible study together we have tried to understand the clear teaching of Jesus because the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few I'm thankful that there are people here you speaking to their hearts to the prey that radical prayer to say Lord of the harvest they I beg you to throw out laborers into your harvest and you have my permission to begin with me and we can say that in our own words but we understand that you are asking us to go wherever you want us to go and to do whatever you want this to do and to say whatever you want this to say to be the person you want this to be and I thank you that we can trust you that you will follow us whether near or far are right where we are that you will act Balogh us to the place will be will be the most fruitful in your work and the most happy because we are exactly where you want this to be so as we reflect upon this study and as we continue to prayerfully listen to your voice during this conference I thank you that you will give us the opportunity to pray this radical prayer for online and not just Ross Ludwig could be there from impact Scandinavia that you would throw out hundreds of workers hundreds of laboring laborers into your harvest just what you want us to work we trust you race she's the remainder of this media was brought by Hotmail address the website is spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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