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My Temperament in God's Hand, Part 1

Ernst Zwiker


Discover your own temperament and learn to understand others in theirs. Learn how Abraham, Moses, John, Peter and Paul had special temperaments that were changed and made useful to God through His wonderful grace and creative power. We will get to know the four temperaments, their strengths and weaknesses, challenges, spiritual dilemmas and God’s solutions. IT IS TIME !




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him at meeting most important thing in life I went to the most important thing in your life give me some suggestions please try try which would you say is the most for me I also my granddaughter she would say milk is five months old they anxiously mommy and daddy and from and does not apply if you are welcome what if I ask some students they say money please help me what what what is what is the most important thing success money what else can it be a health line gone okay religion okay anything else relationship to God I just I asked at one of my here exactly what's the purpose to find out what is the most important thing I thought of myself I ask not sorry what young people I ask people because when you are seventy eight GUS will and you see seventeen eighteen years you might decide before then when you are twenty years old they slide off three people yes I know except saving they said they said they found out then everybody believing there were they said they are relationship to Christ so if their relationship to Christ is the most important thing we talk about when to want to relationship quality is our relationship quantities of him romantically relationship you are on the horizontal if I had my neighbor who whatever neighbor how can I hit movies and regional they if I go with areas that were not sold mature problems themselves in these problems scheduling over on children we know that the relationship to the welcome the relationship they spin off as children has influence on my work to call relationships skills today we talk about we talk about relationships that goes vertical that was horizontal and that goes about me because you found out loosening to what we heard some far as very important to find out our who are you who are because they've gone it is very important that you hope they come from themselves they hold my weight they don't know they run the ten find themselves if we find ourselves here housing you gave yourself to somebody horizontal or vertical so you have to find out who you are meant to give yourself to provide away from yourself how do you all do you think you can give yourself noticing that it makes sense so relationship skills skills are very important thing no relationship relationship has to do something with company change the date your current they varies at not seeing a possible they couldn't relationship all we special place in the Christian year there was actually you are the relationships as you are there is no relation is only about speaking when I speak I know what I speak has about ending at all you are off seven percent hardly anything so it's not how I move whatever you know you heard this they get statistics about it what keeps workstation it contains it's not so much talking it's a lot around so even if you are silent no joke UK -based no locally case you might have hurt the sentence is known locally so when I will be missing when missionaries are the art machine others we are like and like easy to see some of them so we talk about communication when we talk about relationship to God Jesus among we talk about we talk about going to inspire why don't we had problems with communication I had a error issue seminars and then I stop assuming not saying about life in Switzerland are you nursing off the comp of the marriage merges the Mars was there that the strongest of the reason why is the reason why I always looked very bigger sheet I need some help sometimes the highest reason is so want to have a happy marriage one very important thing is to look into a mirror back in school and my king Kate cannot not communicate Bangkok why don't have problems with the principal on this technique is okay not sometimes we have to look back one know about ourselves in economic childhood the reason why the problems of communication is not because we learn publication of childhood and maybe the parents were not so good only take this I felt that screen would be a very sorry that I think that may be sustained or who thought my parents don't love me subject is infinitely precious maybe they did not or just to a certain point to influence out our communication may be your think my parents left my older or younger brother and sister you know all these things are stabilized our communication skills we parents have skilled and long about rob a bank the children to talk to on the Isle of Man oh five mom mom needs special skills not everybody is even two years old not everybody can really only things you still using these depicts the consultation skills a lot depending on your childhood experiences maybe the parents may be good parents don't understand what it is all about they want me being on standby to efficiently fulfill his school they did not act that may be the possibility maybe whatever reason they do not know about your education maybe they do not know where to go because they do not know where to go maybe they get pushed in NBC's lasagna on the communication on the way of our works of our actions maybe we some times you have maybe you have a good grandma that is really usually they say in our my grandmother to help me know because they have time now that the patients sometimes and especially they are and maybe mature good chance that they are maturing they can help but be vigilant cannot have helped either then where do we learn Coney Creek and maybe it is it is the school some people learn in the military to communicate special language to communicate millionaire personal reasons may be my temperament is introvert since introverted means I are we then call I rather think and talk business introverted I keep it to myself this makes a special way of communication maybe I'm extroverted these can also have a problem in communication maybe we had made bad experiences with environment talk to me yes that's all thank you Tom at no another problem that can arise with communication easy I besides having a better indication of problems seem to and I'm just starting the topic of guilt and what happens everything that can happen and has influence on our lifestyle in our seeking an hour decision concerning guilt there's unnecessary to carry around that we should know that we should get free off of Jesus does not want us to have these guilt that he's not our respect does not be taking over from P&G from childhood no and this can have a place that I that I should give up his ass also influence on my mind especially in both both directions maybe we had a bad integrity Jesus sees for me that best example of a man who is intact integrity integrity means my who has integrity money can buy you cannot buy Jesus 's money my body heard that very very good sermons and talks we heard the name scene as seen beneath the skin tag is called scene by saying thank you now we face and works don't match I am I have problems with good mature glycation we might be afraid of being rejected in her and we want to protect our thoughts and our feelings these happens that these hurt usually starts in childhood we take you now take somebody here that is already eighteen okay everybody is often able to predict the captain put your guilt your guilt on your parents now you are at and now from now on you decide what happens if you should decide what happens if you your are on your own also before the Pentagon who gave me that guys this is from me you can have everything I give you I I I really want to make you rejoice I want to make you to prepare you for having that then you do-it-yourself so he thinks he offers he makes the site suggestions for artists to mature to make and communicate to us him and him and I was really lazy from times a week doing out want to really calling Kate and that sometimes he do not have success maybe we made a mistake in going to maybe get afraid and then we are told that the staff not when we talk about the case of vacations when we talk about misfits it is we have to know this sure personality that makes useful mutation which is built up a child who invented by humans and our genes and everything else it's your personality it is a value system that you had him sitting integrated is it integrated into you into your system if schools your Greek schools buttonholed about Greek and Hebrew who knows about the difference all of our current amount things for me those winters which is cool difference between Hebrew and Greek we could cannot talk about just a little party now in the other room I continued our value system is very important and put it all together in one word you know communication is you see we are the heart and not these is out only to itself I said that a question of if not the about not hopefully we have to feed for these ladies know when we talk about you and I guess you came here are you are very very good existing who we are and you and I will marry but two years the general conference made a project written the project to go to Utah in and is outdated Janet and helping us to find out who we are and he asks these and women's tennis team to find out who we are showing us the four temperaments there are two find out who we are when I was twenty three Mary Terry I was cool things is my time like I was convinced I got I knew what I was doing I said so secure when the differences off to you I found out about things that surprised me most global grade I found out about these but her physical being I didn't have any idea I then deleted integration test questions before the test I knew she would be hard I knew because she was going out out of herself and she was extrovert and I don't my most low and I found out surprisingly that I was in science you have you about I want to know what does this mean aggression so hard both of us so that these mean and I realized aggression is everything using negative image was addressing saying no can be effective sorry of being aggressive for some people integrity can be using some aggression so there is something good about it but also some bad so now useful information about us to you now you know they we're just not always having renewed peace with each other because we found out we okay we both have pretty much and what says Eric Diaz a lot of gas alarming than what they've taken a harder I read as accurately and automatically something today the obsolete no soul when you have going to shoot you and I you by the text is the know you will is that that's going to find out who you are and what you know about who you are back to you who know who Jesus that he would know who you are parents are the better you will know anybody is that the zoological summer otherwise after him so what are you sometimes need on the other will talk about these four characteristics I give you an example are out there let's start with the melancholy with the mentally one quality measurements let's suppose let's say your house when it is a melancholy like diseases or developed saying when quantity quality so this is why service to their melancholy hospital in the morning dear Peter please bring a melancholy boat going around calling him home from work he goes out and looks for these tools effectively ninety five starts but after two hours you don't believe this is an and at home Nicole Larry King the other hand usually married to have Larry otherwise it would work so in the morning she says honey please can you copy text and for no problem and he almost wanted to the point will work on Jenna he comes home and do you plan on doing some very fine thing that the left shoe to something so and tell you what he's going to declare away our again and him to you yes you know there seen the holidays now it's not he is saying sanguine why is brainstorming and any morning she said the Saudi police don't forget to copy its two-day meeting he comes home and got all all values of the newspaper will ceases honey please contact all yes I just read this and he reads it he gets on and he has to say the times four times now I find that he doesn't and he goes to the shop where the tools are any really looks for the tools and finally finds it he comes out and he wants to do it nineties and has no I you and they are due I was not used on ID -based talk about so same time can forget is what having a good detaining talk to me twice to the Silvanus and no seasonings and Blair have sympathy to you is very nice man he has a click wife Ethel tell and he goes to work it works well under pressure and so he's fresh out of license he comes home he thought but you can I want you to do it he thinks she can do but no this time she wants him to do so she put some pressure on it and finally he said okay okay the new style on his tombstone and he seems to be serious about ten in the stall is somebody child's life the error help or want for these difficult flight may not need the work necessary for life okay maybe not funny thing about these days when you are responsible for a part Joni on four twenty two mean all forms and because all forming they are just unbeaten if elected and they are unbeaten at testing about-face and when we go in and out on Monday I think we had the last part when we go into the Bible and we will see they are members these graphs with these temperaments and means say what ever and whenever we are managing these complex we just have to find out the qualities and talents God gave us and put them into his kingdom each of these hot chicks CDs nation things and then the least developed novelties and find the stories actually is we can't develop and begin everybody who ever had a temperament we are it's just a matter of taking mutual if you have a mutual culinary if you have a mature melancholy in your church feasts unbeatable in heaven and banking they even had an mature sanguine who knows how to talk these the bank Regulus also fanatics also went okay well him help and hope picture they are missing the first life picture you see an main seating on a hex of another type of anonymous second picture there may take advantage the reaction they you see him showing the reaction and what does he do in the first line house the reaction angry the witch temperament is a letter the second line same thing how is the reaction in the direction tonight is the night that makes sentences I don't mind I held my problem is I don't mind a release I don't mind the next which is the next matter why because these how he got his head from you I will know I made a serious business in the iPod contains any visiting and the end they really fun I think I found out of any elitist why they make fun of rain in just the news duties for people like Israel if the question is reasonable him and you know what you know is you don't see much of them are some things I miss you into valleys right to big Valley of these two temperaments what do they like exactly more than beneath okay I is in the eighties more than anything that is a difference between coastal and you see a difference between those two weeks so I got in the past on my foster and he almost almost basic difference I see the difference here I somehow felt that Islamist that is hot heading you can so what's the difference workout with you one walks got along they sound like they are always wanted to help and eighty one which is one I doesn't matter I know I will then things changed enigma slow the peacemaker thing on the left anyways there are the one on the right bottom essay assignment him around only time I cannot stay I can fit on one spot mainly fossil right don't excavate for the other two types where gazing where characteristics there are over the next eight say not run say about no on right and is not how is a combination to me to be using this information how can you express them in in no other way is that all he knows what will you gain nothing up people are being eaten he's about feeling is all of the content realm has to so what else makes people and the person 's strengths and peace crisis mainly inside starts introverted strengths this person I hope sources of his or her children to help you out and were a lot of energy comes a lot of engine plane and the right to go there and see what these same route give me a out yes anything else the yes to see the going with significant students no half we really didn't venture out get movies there is wrong and in the New Testament will very appealing to Paul and Paul when I read Paul I see very strong personality you can not be in the eye research was time to add to since England's like to talk and they they hang to all and then the younger scooter is accepted when you go through Peter 's letter will be writing in the last time a vastly popular and how sometimes people do to you maybe you can you will him maybe you haven't a difficult question I think with the class you will never have a problem saying that he at add puts up his hand before you off the question is what is this is is that he's not thinking and something in a artist lessons on the removal symmetrical Mister over time but yet he will and a okay recounting this is not good question in this at moment what is the temperament what I'm talking about when we talk about his temperament character of life we all know they already take into him and Andy could be that this is part of our so sent from is a part of our character is in that sense where he comes from any suggestion expecting you have a right experience is unique anything else to maybe think letter from our parents exactly announced genetics so if your father is a professor mother sanguine Robert a professor you have interesting shoes vintage twenty three from their twenty three from the most complicated programs they get together and they make you an elitist the father has time spent time with you to develop your genes the agencies in who intermittent organ development if you have any time they choose you know you made that you may be going on up so watch maybe the mother with respect to the last cartoons in the strong talents to contact what you want here in a evening and I is is is you that I definitely think it is excellent and I did a test I didn't test with many questions I paid on the Eurosport you may want one thing that was very interesting it showed me who I am in the music scene who I am on top of that and who I am only a communist army outside enough but this is for a interesting way to save himself by child and he sent the same to both there is the author in a meeting in the leg anal site is the latest is on for instance when I was teaching high school I was going every time I was in China will have influence on my outside outside is always built by the presence right voice don't then I decided to go to waste air to be a programmer eleven eleven twenty two and okay now let me at least anyhow I see as a teacher coming and many of you directions all the time that you are a programmer and company make music when you sit down and put on your system and uniquely what you hope to get to the solution of the problem as soon as possible all optional network often look and I didn't mean musical and I never thought is okay so I know this is my same qualities were developed D we can not accompany my melancholy qualities were developed I warned to think for myself more than I ever gone so there's another a linear put on me as I have some new list over the years you know sometimes you have any action the reactions it depends on where you get attached where you get her to stop what when where they keep going catch you know when you should have an average day you cannot always be on the call that year you can and talking about sexuality the students then that's where everything engaged in the holy city Cooley however predictable and relationship but that's that's that's a tough only heaven can be placed so everything comes off people have no idea when one is but it's very important that we realize we are in that sense and we are not the more we know who we are the better we know how to choose our part we first met me just be our young people you have to hear this first before you choose a partner you are married with Christ and you make sure that your partners also matter him not maybe Christ because of you just on to be on the safe side okay what are we talking about when we talk about temperament we talk about Gigi what is teaching in comparison to be executed to execute a case I come to you for asking the case how you react to help me relax to my activity those parts so you be your characteristic you to five minutes a day in emotionality how do you feel the way you feel that your link because you feel that way or that way shows your feelings these about next year 's where do they come from how are they developed not to have okay I will how can I manage that are important emotional intelligence we do not probably in a human in this they are trying here the county and neck sociability so how I associate with people in him will be able to do with the fate these four components will talk about a morning to detail all day and tomorrow we will talk about the same thing stopping with respect to hear today today you that some Linux each as established in the things to my lady will get will get some questions will not want to find out not have to boot okay this is really free homework okay you go to lucky delays every question you say yes not even then they know him then Chris saw yes or no class or minus whatever and tomorrow you come back with paper at least maybe these years that he had question one yes not absolutely no less than normal weight and is something to maybe hello we might not have enough people who can put together the here do not be afraid I him him him and him body is that he likes to play Ace so good everybody and if we would have the same lifestyle this is so not what I wanted that comes our way and union will be a little different anyway so it is about okay commenting to me like this that make the case for big things in a couple he listened if you run it with a couple with a potluck sari is he can answer the question her and she can answer the question for he which will gain her picture of how she sees you and how he sees are very interesting discussion of all let me tell you in addition yes no this rating is as such there is seldom a image help assess English contains a self image is him is not only what you think about it what the partner thinks about her which is then transmitted external image and the external images moreover the most important option and also elliptical noticed you said you raised rates okay any question I remain unclear or in UK and yes you can ask off to tell you who you will you face-to-face as a White House media was brought by Los Angeles a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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