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My Temperament in God's Hand, Part 2

Ernst Zwiker


Discover your own temperament and learn to understand others in theirs. Learn how Abraham, Moses, John, Peter and Paul had special temperaments that were changed and made useful to God through His wonderful grace and creative power. We will get to know the four temperaments, their strengths and weaknesses, challenges, spiritual dilemmas and God’s solutions. IT IS TIME !




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him him and him and me thank you that we can come to you anytime anywhere who and who we are and you always listen to you want the best for us you know where we stand you know who we are we do not know everything but you want to help us to be ready for heaven so this is really a motivation for us to find out who we are and who everybody else's so we can help that the epic the line for you and me you really need your help doing that we thank you for your help in your holy name amen him and okay the title here is this and I really the same day is there another word for diary journal Palestine Journal so they said about somebody writes in every evening reflection of the day today I had to face and they said it wasn't a good enough to go in whatever understanding providing the market doing you're coming up now okay so she's writing into the diary and he is writing into the diary and we will hear both diaries now from while imposing a great now she's writing tonight I stopped my husband was acting weird we had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner I was shopping with my friends all day long so I thought he was off six eight the fact that I was in the late but he made no comment on conversation was not flowing from going well so I can share state that we could go somewhere quiet so we could talk he agreed but he didn't say much I asked him what was wrong he said nothing I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset he said it wasn't upset that it had nothing to do with me and not to worry about it on the way home I told him that I lost my slightly driving I didn't explain his behavior I know why you didn't say I love you too when we got home I felt as if I had lost team completely as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore he just sat there quietly and watched TV and continue to seeing distant and upset finally we silence around us I decided to go to bed at about fifty minutes later he came to bat but I still felt that he was distracted and his thoughts were somewhere else he fell asleep I cry I don't know what to do I'm almost sure that he's thoughts are with someone someone else my knife he's at these fast and she needs his diary both wouldn't start can't figure out why and I him him him how I know what possible will remain to synchronize the base mania standings depends on how some are okay and you know is in this interesting someone was talking to me yesterday after the loss our last meeting is there a difference between the brains over woman and name and are for all of you who know how to watch YouTube Thursday at Worthington putting is called the empty box the empty box okay you won't regret it is a lot of fun and it's showing in this amusement way amusing way the difference between the two brings the characteristics what caricature and it's a little overdone but it's really making a point and that the crazy thing about this case the crazy thing about these new forming as well yes some scientific care background resources he says we may remain we had an empty box woman when these we may have an empty talks please consider this because we can go wishing we can do that we can nothing to me sometimes that can drive the car and paying nothing else we can see that it's okay and that we saw at the point is I don't we may think we happens that use human thinking nothing and please don't deserve you you are okay that he felt about the women's brain you know and Mary 's question should looking at an difference is okay however you have turn serious stop the care him him now for those of you who visit cops okay for those of you who have the answers are listed we do one example very carefully not first month I say but to if you have a yes in question number two fuel rights to this question you're right a little creepy okay P okay I think I these two already so if you vote yes on question one two four two yes yes you would be important to know okay that lets the analysis you have to really listen carefully because I cannot repeatable time and twenty five twenty five no makes it be twenty five yes or no makes people get ready twenty six yes twenty seven yes even always be all peace two yes was abused by twenty nine yes him I him again yes they are yes for you to know when it will be no fourteen nine yes CGI 's safety yes safety five yes safety six no sixty five yes sixty seven yes sixteen nine yes seventy five yes seventy eight now you how old you add all the peace and you write somewhere maybe the anger at the beginning maybe at the beginning of your life seven these are not being so whatever okay I him to see for malaria hot very smart guy and see how soon we start with question one yes three yes AC power three yes six yes a no time no eleven yes eighteen yes twenty three yes thirteen two yes thirty eight no forty five yes fourteen seven yes watch out fifty two fifty three fifty four fifty two fifty three fifty four yes nine sixty yes sixty eight CS seventy four years him and he said yes and need to know how you know what to do all this lease K now going on for sanguine let's see how sanguine we are five no seven no I know well will know teen years nineteen no Twinkie yet twenty two yes thirty five and thirty six yes thirty nine yes no fourteen one yes forty eight yes fifty seven yes fifteen nine yes sixty one sixty two sixty four eighty yes seventy seventy one seventy two OES as seventy nine no that's a far sanguine Sudanese community organizing and for melancholy writing for yet fourteen yes fourteen yes fifteen years seventeen yes nineteen yes twenty one yes twenty four yes twenty five yes twenty eighth yes thirty one yes thirty three yes thirteen four no thirty seven yes forty two forty three forty four yes forty six yes fifty six CS fifty eight yes sixty four yes sixty six yes you mean you are seventeen seven hundred for a number of minorities in sixty six minus sixty six enemies say six six is now going for you Andrea I is known to put no luck at your all mad men I summed up I so know what though that phlegmatic ICANN number I said with no peace zero piece of it if you happen to have one of the new make like this I give you the percentage you write down percentage set below are makes to their number you have to and you know how many percentage you have all that temperament okay okay still be without a copy only be great one to six percent three nine four fourteen five eighteen six twenty three seven twenty eight and nine thirty eight ten forty three and eleven forty nine twelve fifty five thirteen the one that came the eighth fifteen seventy four sixteen seventeen eighty eight eighteen ninety four nineteen ninety eight will okay interesting let's go through cleric number of seat Suhail one two three four X zero five six eight percent seven eleven eight fourteen and eight legs okay nine nineteen ten eleven twenty nine swell the twenty ninth twelve thirty five thirteen fourteen you Germans never glared getting fourteen at fourteen seventy eight sixteen fifty six sixteen sixty five seventeen before eighteen eighty three nineteen ninety one twenty ninety seven my brother is the maximum is is letting the again escorted the same thing so one week to present three seven four nine five nine four four times sanguine means ninety percent if Wakeman five twelve eleven six sixteen seven nineteen eighties twenty three seven ten eleven thirty seven twelve thirteen forty seven fourteen fifty sixteen seventeen seventy eight to nineteen ninety eighty nine twenty one ninety four twenty two ninety seven twenty three ninety nine she again I ninety nine wow there was a lot about the clouds north of Mazatlan convention on one not so okay go to disabling a little insane and he still won the three four five four four four four twelve five seventeen six twenty two seven twenty eight him to nine nine makes thirty eight and eleven twelve full for you exactly thirteen fifty nine fourteen before fifteen sixty six to seventy four seventeen K seventy seventeen the eighth eighteen eighty two nineteen eighty six twenty one twenty two thirty three ago twenty four ninety nine as I never had a vasectomy and ninety nine percent whenever this is first time several at ninety nine very interesting and is now agitated for tomorrow life okay now please all the phlegmatic 's those who have the most percentage inkling that explains all days one two three four five six when faced among him thank you all place feasts may spend our way he's then enough one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen twelve and the system where you mostly see your but what do you say twelve they place England's Romania one two four five six okay Gonzales while two three four five six and five except thank you for the Mahoning so now what does this mean the same wincing now I'm the same the melancholy think who name I remember him doing anything him I don't mind him now the matter eight says I will change below is that he said distancing CEC name management all developed much more cooler testing management collects clay and quality what kind of job you I told you a bit about the city from the years now maybe I am melancholy here but knocking on management I develop management skills from the outside so that you can change behavior you have to want even you can change them your interest in now we will go through the four temperaments is the goal and when your temperament comes a new make sure you can correct this is correct to me are you not meet the guy has not good enough for what is it for now if somebody of you are often the today release the gnome is not me if so then you can talk to me personally and then we can figure out maybe closer to the truth now at the repetition and commencement talk now about that quality him to three weeks we had concerning our activity however recent activity our emotionality in our social skills they hold are included in the temperament and exceed what we had me talk about the sanguine sometimes you need you need people and you will if you really want that one is a great meeting you you will see people as you can say this is a sanguine in the sky there is a sanguine right away you can say that also related I shield the ladies yes a melancholy and self but sanguine melancholic probably something like that so when you go into these you can understanding people much more and you know knowledge is always power and power you can use for the good and for the bad so you know knowledge having knowledge means responsibility okay because you can just drive people knowing their temperament destroyed but we had Jesus an example and we wanted to the Bastille is new how to handle the business unit was not calling you and you want to handle Sean know he wasn't now so you do not treat everybody the same way if you know what I handle why white my desk is where in him I know how to help the person the best you want right okay how this text we cannot hardly reads you hear sanguine 's okay if you have you know what you percentage of someone who had the key run Fiji fifty sixty percent sanguine I thought you may is good to know you have some of this here somewhere maybe it's a strength maybe it's the weakest usually both the assignments and is fundamentally a blessed and I'm sure seeking similar people are sociable and charismatic they tend to enjoy social gatherings making new friends easily intend to be boisterous loud and noisy us on why this may want to be more known and now Peter and I had they are usually quite creative and our friend daydreaming I felt I burdened to do these things in writing and writing starting projects not finishing sometimes and they had to be very good in beginning you need to say when it was for the beginning and start saying where it can also mean selling the compassionate and women here so sanguine personalities generally generally struggle to they are I never liked the majority they'd like to be they came to be okay well already forgetful old Gallic temperament you are tomorrow so you don't they don't know they don't know what was said by them and even my slots then must be very strong language usually forget and soul so the segments the twenty hey you cannot hold guilt somebody you should think your old you cannot hold back then you believe everyone in an and or and and and and you didn't remember a will and and yeah you are singling so also is when they pursue a new hobby they lose interest as soon as you see haste to be engaging or farm this was fun level of old-style they lose interest as strong as it is on their way things so easy happy to bring something missionary thing you don't have to sign no rusty farm on his feet he will be the first time no second time writing more okay they are very much people person they like people saying was that the worst thing they can have the same lenses these something must go on at least two guys already there very difficult they you are very talkative and not shy so you need somebody not shy I think that's why the church sentence stand at the door will follow up with as well fastest in the past he devalued he's not a segment develops sanguine qualities because he cannot afford to be shy he has to write something so he develops if he doesn't have the size you will develop the same qualities so that this their shawl for this sacrament then say but generally had an almost shameless nature and in almost one side I think it is certain that what they are doing is right making them they had no lack of confidence so usually they feel very good strength where I am and I am placed you will get peace is a summary here there's more on it than here I chose the most important thing here okay so you will get this paper makes a install enough segments of the show is not wanted I declare his laptop case and that the last all parts so even in this critical situation someone says something or sanguine quality in a you he can be a melancholy accumulation on your mission all right everybody is unique you qualities of all you have qualities of different temperaments sometimes the present situation you are saying when you act like statement like when you have endless Marseille as soon as you are in the work you are making every melancholy work you do you are melancholy so you have different roles you play different roles will face great storyteller so when you share a good story is from the same issues okay makes friends easily optimistic okay each apologized makes good first impressions easily engage the new plantings brings enthusiasm love I think nobody can see me sing this song I couldn't cry I cried before every time my son is a sermon I currently know very difficult I can see in the leverage they go only good movie really good movie and I can try I can pray and cry this is him him okay so anyway is the eighty second to none and some dangers and I talk about that Robinson had the problem the problem and the single instead and these most serious we have to than to be more reliable and dependable we have to develop a grateful south beach is cleaned by that something things go to YouTube to replace him go with genuine immunity people think he can speak good she can speak good and evil sermon but genuine humility might be somewhere else you see professions here topic speaker actor actress salesman saleswoman preacher reception is visiting caring for six in the health section very very very light nice not being a parent and given to hospitality very nice guests and hosts of okay now let's go to the glad you see the collection here nosediving him I first found it in I really say Donnie may summon Western Union leader kind stream strong whatever disorganized sometimes a lot of things of course optimistic set of Lutheran regions then we need these people set goals and reach is that these Jesus could mind good decisions the problems temperament house is very fast and efficient segments don't like that because we think we like to get in so sometimes the same political economic and ancient but they tend to be self-confident and one main thing is they are born details hide details board I'm just not clear the color quality is not that he or she can concentrate on like going to the meeting and things is not possible it's not possible therefore we need some other qualities that I'm not going quite finally choleric somebody like me right now is not the only paper lace in the future collect links in the future he thinks ahead he think he's more thinking about tomorrow than today what about the same the present of the sense audio he enjoys the moment you enjoy similar to which communities in the past twenty seasons in Cleveland which may each August the present is so much there is more there will be choice the presence and the problem now I have to mention some problems anger problem is a really big problem for a mature choleric temperament and especially having children ladies if you watch out if he had if you choose to marry choleric be sure he's mature certain degree because if you have children larynx can destroy the emotions of children now file it comes however from work late season child wants to go to that the side the boy left his daddy to come hold becomes to the dark side and agony that even on IR eyes beaming and he harks right him and student teaching me to get something to be wired the Martha tries to put Pete's comparison now painted off the wire there is a problem and two weeks later Peter Christ which can invite normal Christ Lakes cannot stand tears no missing data angry Angel leaves later this year father came me off anyway he just doesn't understand while first-time investments that houses possible just me you can think it just me but now he's beating me the child that doesn't have the brains to understand so the child is very very nearly confused very much confused and any overtime the child will change his feelings and he can think can count so far that the child will destroy his own feelings it will put that aside and because he cannot stand the risk of being hurt this is a big problem felt choleric is the September hair tested become under control very important the greatest names in the become sensitive to the needs of all this because what this means our ad is not easy to go down to the other people that Jesus did for us to our eleventh cleric is to go down to the level of the need of the people confess angry and transparent in order to change something you have to confess to see that you have a problem if you don't see you have a problem you cannot be changed okay not gingival you can go to church you can go the Church of England in recent and nice pregnancy if you hide yourself from the truth of from you you cannot the call can help you so we have to open you mind me and then we can be changed to develop in their strength and beauty bike Hawaii eight hours reading the Bible and praying these people help to collect it will help everybody but Clay community needs you really need to these the user recipe let's go to the melancholy this will be here if there weren't any melancholy because he wanted I only mentioned as I melancholy when writing convenient audio he going many commendable you must know you are who the will of tried him everything you think I should know what he's a musician and minimization without being a melancholy nobodies and painter nobodies maybe you can imagine who they did what was he will know the community melancholy particular cool DeskJet taxes at home that's the question who is in Texas you do okay how many melancholy and eighty six and so she's willing to do the taxes no and you might not like it now because the same with me sometimes I fear that your color and everything is her readiness while strong lady okay okay okay now where does the melancholy in the past which means you which means you tell something to the melancholy he won't he won't he will remember you will remember a team I remember he's a life of her pro-life so if you have to do with melancholy people shots be careful down unnecessarily hurt them okay to you sang when you can do that with melancholy him will him and him and a good and not in the same thing and now they melancholy and a lot of things now finally I say to the melancholy because of these quality or quantity to go into detail here she can be genius and what beliefs and in Sweden Novartis and Sotheby's are many more okay okay at the least melancholy work is that there are countries that are melancholy contents seats in the making I don't know the Polish People's and Mark Idol season 's melancholy and you know the way the squirrels are our melancholy we hex was chocolate and a melancholy to id. easy something I both also choleric but may develop as well okay and and him and noticing the dividend various things with chocolate and want to slip quietly in an miracle is produced quality teeny-weeny now going him I wanted to quality work at machine I wanted to go to me there only developed in us okay quality and so they are responsible for quality church and his clocks and Google clocks in your okay Nice temperate here is an critical temperament because he knows she knows the details she knows and Longfellow the nation will invite only other people make mistakes now now is the people in easy easy to make the bow and stages what they talk because thinking exactly thinking and then you can talk bad about all things Missouri although the melancholy does not like to talk by testing you like to talk to you I think but there's a reason for that is all little competent do you know the four years anybody knows the forties before ESV have to know that the relationship year the field here and in information here and I she developed a melancholy clutches around me him pay our next goal our government needs very intelligent people physician nurse was it shows that greater designer offers support for me this is important for us to overcome critical spirit these monies if you know all the weakness that you will always listen he's not call it a great managers in the last even though he could really talk about a lot of things we know our weaknesses the critical spirit is area as they know it collects tends to think about themselves they always leaving themselves and their note to seem worse shape worship practiced leadership like talking about in the for melancholy talking about is not only not everything related to me by away from me about myself I difficult for melancholy get that will come out of themselves in a difficult thing they become occupied a lobbying service line means the interest of other people and service and service and develop a Thanksgiving spirit even the Thanksgiving spirit is developed they won't get depressed you need to find a depressed person is there you go him and Teresa date here and figure drawing himself you can destroy himself yellow temperaments don't but the government can destroy yourselves with thinking about themselves they can do you can destroy yourself this is an amount closer usually quiet when you're quiet to hear and is somebody that says your name I know an end with a critical spirit you here that things even though it might not be that thank you note from the forties of those with no equivocation about four years you know and we send them every sentence can be understood in four different ways for different ways good in four different ways that so a different place so it depends on how the sooner acts to what the recently said he had a different possibilities to understand something you can imagine a church somebody say something eight people hear different things different things that don't already sent which which which which you then this is anything one is good or even one of these that it's very complicated so I base this paper these person 's personality has really working in the Bible we have people that working out it is possible he had to make sure melancholy house everything from him and him to know was showing Moses is very true friend will call me a chance to get divorce that enforces ball and melancholy ease into friends and he goes through every storm that you have a single house things like Google Chrome will shower flow usually married with the melancholy life hopefully that has the qualities to signing not entire time just watching that night at we can see to tie all the four temperaments to data because of a man he says I don't mind to the choleric old temperaments I know my and all the other temperance like to hear that it would manage is a good binding to find it and send very important for us and when I was sick phlegmatic him and Abraham Abraham will talk about the MRI dessert or how long will you see they like to see him go at night father you won't lose the much effort at all the things together for the children and to whom much they gone in the warmth house why do you'd be paying rent known as a rent for using the hottest deals on my cell phone Lacie as they had been all place good reasons but have they rather laziness you don't recognize the laziness and things that maybe they can see the laziness but they don't think that Congress visually easy they can be stingy they are selfish and temperament can be selfish okay then okay go on this is my CV on DVD via exhaust works out on the pressure unmotivated and lazy so you anything sudden pressure between the people in the church utensils he then trumps than a note here is in control any color control you find that makes it the administrative secretary the commissioners social workers teachers one pennypinching patient education you need either choleric gone wrong sports now so comparing the player Doctor coaches for unique lighting conditions appendix A one hundred and five minutes MX if Americans would say pretty strong thematic I was surprised coastal exec my emotional curve my emotional car is likely in and sell music start music if you need a young man whose morning they might be having a nice guy told me my students they know my temperament and they tried to be a indicating they can make a big tribe with your putting things on the chair and stuff and one may but they cannot make but just imagine as imaginable these might look marrying phlegmatic lines in our last Saturday I don't mind at all so now him him to say no sometimes his mother 's young college sometimes I want the feeling of my mother even if it's go down you know I know you exactly expect anyone in Miami and depending on the Washington Independent situation and the people that influenced you like his friends you will develop the same quality as you will develop your same quality you can go to commentary you will develop your same qualities now you will be limited to you will develop your melancholy quality is he had to get to become so the train based exactly on the end of pilot tells you take off in thirty seconds and you will find that these and every night I know you have to be incapable to you will teach you so going to Germany you are you different culture the culinary culture we are strong like the watch is water resistant you see the Germans they might not be the best to update me my pickled eggs bagel be one we been wanting me want to we will mail this complex I read Paul know we all strong are you meeting Paul is choleric showcase our very smartly although supporters marking on you I was right Sean Shaw regulation and shown the chapter on actual economical when he starts you have our first Christ variously as a melancholy ride away he does not start on the thirtieth he links back off through in the back of the way he says his sentence he turned to sentence around ten times two times and when he cons it easy and very sent so when you study Sean on on the link know what was Luke Doctor and Doctor Zola was one melancholy had the melancholy quantities so what does the film he was to marry and who is the only one who asks Mary indicated serious thinking detail to an obscure policy with Elizabeth at the time now and he asks how the base had been with the birth and stop ghost interviews a lot of people realize okay he was not defeated we still remember when he was all inputs things stop at nobody else wrote very fast okay the greatest need is something I have to mention by the phlegmatic all-encompassing that you you wanted to do it me I cannot I have to lay down now I have to rest that the lives and gave off self into on this every evident in his problems with no not this is what I want to tell you stop acting like a Christian and be one of the behest that medics in the church using their various questions my they always make peace the responsibilities they do not fight they do not like fighting at all so they when they are acting they work focus and everybody was for peace you think has connections for peace out of the reasons on robberies and work for peace songs a very big challenge for a phlegmatic too to achieve the end a genuine him on Nauru this is what we will stop tomorrow in her a media was brought by audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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