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My Temperament in God's Hand, Part 3

Ernst Zwiker


Discover your own temperament and learn to understand others in theirs. Learn how Abraham, Moses, John, Peter and Paul had special temperaments that were changed and made useful to God through His wonderful grace and creative power. We will get to know the four temperaments, their strengths and weaknesses, challenges, spiritual dilemmas and God’s solutions. IT IS TIME !




  • December 31, 2012
    4:30 PM
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hi we thank you for the possibility to talk about some very important people in nine year history that you chose and that you changed for good and we are also no people in history not only presence even and we also are called and we also want to be changed by you and Lord have mercy on us that we understand your love for us and your efforts for us and you release them so we can be changed from you we thank you for this privilege in your holy name amen and somebody is CC is a is writer that he repeats enough some Saudi somebody likes this is a overnight yes some other people might like to be sometimes but no he worked for peace and somebody who tends to be lazy Zen phlegmatic not when I say somebody doesn't mean really depressing is a phlegmatic it means he had a pot of the model all would manage the we are unique to your not a melancholy sanguine of magnetic you had at all these model okay so don't say I met I met you don't feel like him because we are we are courageous from creatures from God designed everybody in a special way so I GE so I think objects as so strong labels he gave says even the strongest day will begin at one you could choose you want to be King Charles songs of Laura daughter the want to be personal Bill Gates 's son son of God do you want to be just imagine you would Xbox all the time you'd be privileged all the time whatever you say is important somberly know no watch the law is much higher right so we are children of God and mean what else do you want to tell me anything else found anything better and new ending it is and I hardly can say but we can call Jesus a Lebron authority do not anything so so considering our weaknesses and strengths we have to be no we are very high self-worth very high on your very please do not build your self worth on your lease on money orders on the season build yourself Caesar thanks home home home going to things because going to briefly see the things can be easily destroy this will help us to grow in our and their way into mature cool she likes to who these problems temperament Mount Holly Satan but might you hold for amendment all four men ice and we have a problem with pride or form guy some more assembly elects but all of them the problem because pride is all probably there are two other property another problem is power having power over whatever means or people of the problem his last beliefs which temperament has a problem we can join easy things things they had an easy problem strong problem actually leads enjoyment this is one in showing they do everything that enjoys when I first came through to reheat my my hobbies is a case in the states I still remember it you know are you a enjoy your stay John O'Neill in China moving in July there am in charge John Johnson as the same as no shame in your eyes and open to all of the enjoyment were four kilos is every time and every time you so are so we these three main problems in every temperament has these problems now all nice moralists and not only see about PJ what temperament do we see in future culinary segment payout suggestion pneumatic not the site is not for me the idea is from a long time ago from people they say Peter is a single great sorry thing they say sanguine know how what what same characteristics that he had important out of the show when he did show he called Marcus here in you just imagine what it takes what it takes to duties you didn't say without thinking these exact typical sanguine right I think all later on I said it I say and you know what he bought a store so he could keep his word and depression is indexed and out I'm sure we plot those penguins tend to do things good looking they are wrong way and dangerous writing so we tried to work for God we mean well and be doing the wrong NEC 's these Peter in many ways you know you would take Peter over here over the fact that they are not waived unbelievable easy excitement first time he heard about Jesus what did you do he ran into the water even though he couldn't sleep and am so excited about technologies like theories his temperament goals for fights for you just trying it this training is among eating you he sang to Jesus when Jesus one-time use that you please declare off these penalties very spontaneous and he wants to know he wants to know good okay he has a lot of feelings feelings about himself a lot of feelings and he realizes he's need his sinful nature and he said also saying it to Jesus himself personally I think romantic path from me good what about feelings same Quincy feelings feelings are dangerous Jason told you the hierarchy is working the chassis and leadership remember keep there is a hierarchy of biblical hierarchy how to handle feelings where is the priority of the feelings how important all feelings there there on the farm there are other priorities a lot of other priorities before feeding scum with his sanguine feelings first usually so not only was her feelings prop problems are having to watch out Bay home it's run God gave all of us and he wants us to hit that he says rejoice always so he really wants is to have good feelings but the feelings get easy Detroit inside not golfing his grace gave them always on special qualities concerning feelings feelings so he made their brain area where the feelings are he made the more developed ladies so when they have children they can relate to the children they can feel shy why is it hospice still sleeps they hear child they had no feelings always relate to having relationships to object or subject 's soul feelings are important to be need them to be able to call me take these these these mortgages will work without some very important they have to be under control they had to be and you know how we call these we call these harm that makes us feelings to control we call it emotional intelligence him four emotional intelligence many early look for education now for instance you can read the chapter about education of John the Baptist John the Baptist Eshelman wine for us my going because he's called the second and I don't know the first Elijah everybody knows who I directed to heaven with the second Elijah John the Baptist was beheaded who was amendment MacDougall a moderate pay than thirty lives in using the young entire movement accident movement so you can be the third Elijah ending any time you may be directed to our maybe be at monster now so we had the facilities I like this are very important for us to increase stocking John the Baptist 's education how he got educate you will realize that he got very strong education in emotional intelligence if you started Jesus is education you will find out very strong emotional intelligence we do not have much to talk about emotional intelligence emotional intelligence is nothing else is pushed to get the control your feelings out who is not a saving on him and is very very important question how to consolidate these in our childhood and we letting inside what if we have learned eight say thank you to your parents over time if we didn't already in your eighteen people have to learn it now by the way I reason why God is not always answer our prayers that he wants to grow us in emotional intelligence because of the enzyme processes we need emotional intelligence community on our emotions we are lost we would be lost if you are remotely will be enough we will be easy and will will be gone back to work on our emotions and bring them to emotional intelligence New York Embassy empathy for the level of emotional intelligence ladies never marry a man who does not have enough character before the new will be unhappy I very important that their five minutes in the phase level is being able to understand a person and do good for for this person understand the constant feeling that the process is like a Jesus action Jesus is the always best example of how he can help the people because he knows that and he knows it that Nicodemus is I know and he is out on this house off thinking of theology he knows what to do with heels of these emotional intelligence and more than you know these pizza at my again for art I admire him a little to have these idea when he saw Jesus on the water these need to go on the water in this and I thought you in this war throwing everything else and then gazes in his mercy Sesame Street 's account and you lost you must really imagine what this means goal of really go out and look at Jesus I know something sanguine comes up what is the distortion which which is typical distortion of the same continues to looking at Jesus and they looking at he's our instead of cheese and like good or as my good you are and is on the nineties of problem leasing am I good or am I so why doing good as I remember reading penguins tend to look instead of these twenty and he looked back to an microbiological and I as it happens to fall happens to be something sanguine that all those who have fourteen fifty percent optional have to watch out for it is a seen it used a problem with an then sensational meetings on the right time thou art the Christ the son on the leaving God no and there a lot of things sanguine to ourselves sensational crisis father is used the Holy Spirit and Singler 's date responsibilities because they aggregate savings they understand that because they have good feelings they have these talents in our responsibility pizza got a lot of responsibility lots and do this job we have to watch out in East recently that being me well and doing wrong very wrong it happened to pizza right I got the call you will become the rebuke go away Satan does sharply often so St. Louis really have to learn to strongly relate that techno out assignments are a blessing because it was half IPS only ideas can convincingly think someone are something qualified yes I went like pizza Saudis are at three the Transfiguration now I'd like these I like they gripe is the largest Jesus thanks Bill any I may keep them nice time date the people here are and then means well means well safe and well I will never deny you I will never deny you and you because he's a fighting color things are sayings need to build up this integrity what is integrity Jesus is integrity integrity means it right thanks for the right him fall in your new what I say I do I and transparent I fight for the jewelers I say no when it is no and when I say no I mean no like Jesus did and he said and a structure that is very important for the same shopping he got really mad at and had made a bad experience which you could say he's also a unique experience for me because he really cried often a something you know now he sang was crazy let me know the way Peter cried their and that was really going deep inside now time to salt even though Peter has sold and I face is sanguine I like this you don't even pizza with his weaknesses she's used to is not a surprise because it includes the community so he's a lot of work work with the same group the Zoloft of work bring healing tool maturity is a lot of work but Jesus did it and he was a pizza pizza after Christ has risen pizza Saturday was very strong often you could say off to the conversion of Peter Peter was changing the law changing the law and I only know one mistake you can stop the only one that he was aware here is he was a seventy comment from Paul blamed from Paul once because he was not injured in a given faithful and so he still had to come that one but a lot of times he was very nice and and also fall Paul who came later you know peaks was a very important person Pete was a very important person so you could say pizza was besides Paul probably one of the most important person concerning building up the church sect of God using singlets okay and something for segments by the way who wants and fears we know okay thank you read and study peaches PC specially written for segments you see when you know who you all UCP upset in his and you see him how he managed his brother saying he's learned these and I learned that and you better watch out for these and that as well now he says he says be ranging in cellular billing obsession yourself according to form a lasting ignorance and he had a lot of problems she saw them he wanted to have enjoyment over time he says to his friends do not know if you did before is not important anymore and and he had something that is not so easy for sanguine stew 's student stick and stay with promises nothing and they needed to protect sacred he says to the process in the area then that's only for peace right okay anything to the sanguine from your side questions are the same processing the understand the sanguine package okay this is a model a model to understand human to help people what is it you have a sanguine in the Sabbath school class how is it you like assembling the chapter at school class is why they are always in interaction going no they might not always have the deepest thought him feel as I drive you know the moment you are there more interesting and you can know me these person on the citing the Sabbath school class is melancholy and I make sure when the melancholy makes as little assignment I have something leaving the more but he might change his mind and not eating check out most this is known as a melancholy man no melancholy I I didn't mention this last time melancholy to be a totally landing on anger I've have a problem with Angus not shown the rebel leader John is also known a spirit son over there with Andrew writes sound of thunder which means Jason jump widget which means they collect steps in person they collect things so these works like this keeps me that bikini of it needs me that he needs me and him him choose you see what I mean I know but think I was collecting all the time she got blamed for everything in our innocent these collecting stamps is what the melancholy death then so when there went cold at melancholy his anger towards you for instance you have to remember that he was caught again and you may do you may do something like this and I don't want to blow up anything what's going on in his not understanding them not understandable you had to go to do their tasks to understand them so don't do them wrong try to understand them to that score and talk about and help them to understand themselves know when you want to go when you want to become mature we have to be conscious of it you are here not to hear about hate there's something and more the going on you know I can reflect back and pray about law please have to understand my reaction how I acted like no I don't know why but he had to find out because they are responsible for our reactions and actions so we have to find out so so the amount are you collecting and trust you don't be the new diabetes person if you are this person need maybe you are in the chain the weakest element of these web and melancholy thinks now it's time to say that no so these sound thumping on August eleven not Moses Moses was collecting a trustee managing if you think about being leading in that house place having the best teachers there are being a little spoiled intelligent and not having their Christian education to being able to work out your feelings control your feelings manage your feelings you did not learn these spoil and cohesive education I believe my people and he was collecting aggression and then he became he went so far within then we would say lost case you killed somebody and he did it on purpose is not just it's not an accident or on purpose he's real America Moses and real butter melancholy can be murderous your mouth by Barney action reports they kill a lot of people they tend to kill a lot of people and how they have a lot of power because why is the they collecting this end how do they collect what you need to be able to collect coming what's there at a skill analysis the analysis then and in their life along the bank is because they know the detail all the temperaments might not know it but they only anoint Saul need humility ten ARS I mention you know about the song another one-time yearly library will one time you have a paper you put it adopt on it and you are what do you see it is this melancholy they want to see the docs enough so so when you are intended to the details are in the tens of the boondocks can go there were painters on fungal clothes here now when dated the picture and had one in a begging that was not on the right place they take these not acceptable so they can direct self him always you would say worked with Moses what did these the site promotion off a United he said I want to use these man he has to do what is followed all fourteen years old making the NBA Amanda was fourteen and the other to change name is because I'm skating to where to and a melancholy meets may be sometimes fourteen I know this is a difficult thing forgetting he said he to use into the know what is that this is good for thinking which is now called anyway on adding box also walked things you have time to do things yes and yes yes you learn about the nature loss you are in the pendency of nature loss and I hope you remember this because on the unit with several people not just Moses caught my to read with you life and you and you are you he wants to heal you when you say to use me to my first they say that you do that what could this be what couldn't think about it think about it what could this be because we will make at the end we will ask this question again and I will often be felt he is in the data set what happened to him behind being universally just imagine that aren't as a slave growing self-worth like this I'm very important everybody obeys me you went back to where he said we cannot I cannot I I must will speech is low take anybody else but you've got you use you he will help you and your friends in Christ him surprise because I sure then Moses could think I'm sure Moses Goodspeed well because he was going through the school year that he was able to speak the tools and God could have made him speak to the fire all himself but in his generosity but the clock to you directly he checked into a sense of if you think the problem with me okay view and elect don't together with Erin it's good for melancholy to have a friend this is a help a true friend that he talks to talk about many things are important for milk the NPR they can see themselves they can be helped and be helped Marco is always a help okay very typical so he has ever and as a help then the other thing work one who is not only who knows what I'm talking about okay Lisa a challenge for the melancholy because he likes to work and I think he likes details like systems they you know you are I felt I was losing they will benefit right your problem now and so you can take you to a game to you in the morning if they are signed and okay take it again in the morning so you you are sure you do not change a would you want anywhere in the psychologically you can get help you can training lay everything aside so so so anything alcoholic does not leave new start and you better find out what new stockings plus DC Scott's crossing into these not only glossy lifestyle messaging in time duties our genes Hasek and teeth to become from tail to head inside because the devil works for us he makes everybody seek by their lifestyle we have anybody would get sick sick and God it tells us these the Mac you can heal the people and we need to act you do what Jesus did because Jesus did exactly the same thing he looked for the meetings everybody was so almost everybody a lot of them and he healed them Paul himself go to key along with him hello I will acquisition so we all walked to his mission trips he had always he's medical missionary pain who could help at the Mojo we know our knowledge mean we three in the movie that work for us they found out there gawking lifestyle healthy lifestyle he's going to be scientifically proven we normally mean always so all the say very important respect for anybody but the workaholic at their melancholy is especially challenged in this area just go totally to Moses so we had to organize he had to organize these people and only four million people following you because there is a challenge ready big challenge so the melancholy 's they don't mind cannot even go to a room on the melancholy you can look to connect to basis their melancholy they had our faith through one nope don't fret I've been on I pay off payoffs should they find their stop they finally so well you can say they are organizing a chaos but for the holidays I know so when you had a chaos this means you have the chaos in your brain I'm sorry to does it so easy anything else that day there remember having these my brain I might have to will see later how it is structured as a and it is that some stocks using your outside will change to start here than anything Apple will adjust saying a novel law what you have been shy will come out if you marry about what comes out you work on means if you change your child's heavy coffee year please do not give the old bosses as your coworker thank you but the problem is here I once I had somebody in the class he was retiring eighty three time him he was talking about his life and then he said and then I was here and an vendor boss say there and then I went there than I was then and then outlined his and he went than you may view and he blew it away from himself melancholy type she flew away from himself he never found himself he ran away so does the surroundings danger even though Wayne Moses had his people and his big responsibility he got still leaves anger problem and he had had different situations he was towards his people children unforgiving situations where you really wanted to me I can understand completely I must say are really difficult box A+ it happened while I suffice that God chose a melancholy to lead how can go choose a melancholy to lead four five million people in Ivy League degrees S I choose you to lead a family who is okay and about so many its area it's a surprisingly surprising advance a melancholy can do that in reality is which means wrong call me can be used for anything if it can be used for any interviews as well as he writes working can do everything okay this was a show since and he has some very good qualities developed in the years and one of these really strong qualities these neat sneakers everybody knows me all question of pride so when you weigh weight when the melancholy develops losing and is due and when he's knows what she's losing the pride than he or she becomes me and usable and Jesus will end and Moses was usable to use a unique sample for GCC equities humble except exactly but you don't do it there's anything which could be feared being fearful and humble not the same thing some that I would say he was fearful because going back into the old time meeting a lot of digging a lot of fear and blockading these tools that he could use and showing him I'm with you I think you and beat you you can do it I'm with you I help you these what they need him finally long Moses was so mean so humble they are these not only for his people he would give his life to save his life for the people and you leaving your eternal life for somebody this is really really strong and a lot of times these the case it could be a long time is the pride makes us fearful no connection is especially for the melancholy music case specially melancholy does not say anything because they think the people might think what he said is not easy to adopt is not perfect to adopt the best business says nothing the same doesn't care not of noted now that motivates I like to make mistakes Novell and no not for melancholy when you say something turn it around and he comes like perfect picture okay eighty what rating will be about Moses Armas mentioned based note about ever happy to Moses is clear melancholy that the English this movie about Abraham does anybody recognize this picture so you saw it Harris and Richard Harris plays Abraham in a movie when I saw this movie is playing so well so well I is my dream play unbelievable and it shows how God worked with Abraham 's soul strong Abraham EJ advantage of who heard the friend severance this time you were here and there were sensors and also an example from it so not every every temperaments gets to the same place in okay and when it okay and then before ever he has characteristics he was obedient to his father authority these of authority and I I I will begin off too many years of him fading years and he had the privilege and may be chosen by the we do not know what would have happened with egg Abraham he wouldn't have been chosen Josie 's fanatics kind of funny things I enjoy listening to be the leader off a nice block was incubated so fanatics can be used for anything as well they are used the better is the more they let Christ in the big question now we have these experiences with that and then when he denied his wife because he was shot he even came to light only no that pretty bad software color in Trinidad even often ahead and talk to call we would say if I ever talk to go then everything changed it is if I will have been glad for this privilege Abraham had we think when God doesn't have a cold lonely I change no viruses good feelings miracles don't sorry change we need emotional intelligence that means we need again the fall Chris is a working aim for a we need some choleric directions and tools that he surprised me I hope how he could do that now and he said they few local laws taken from solo captured that you are making meant against the listings the forty three Kings and he brings them back I know where he got discouraged from on this slick mapping sometimes surprises the price you need it was his family he likes peace I like everything on any pending multimillion to make something for peace and fight for peace and he fights when family very good and then this I don't mind moved to know when and when he could choose the place and he could choose the mountain to reset your Jews you choose very generous very undecided maybe Steve I think what is the rest of the meal so when you need to find Manny cannot have some advantages and his fearfulness always shows again that ill you may say Abraham was not so patient because he always comes to God accounting please give me a job please give me a job you promised me try and promised me a job but you have to concede you young but he conceded new kiosk strategy is equal not asking twenty years and I promise you will get a time every year goes through no charge no charge getting older and older and often take years you can ask I think you can mean these patients he shows there is unbeatable unbeatable they something something for couples here as far as I can understand some around silently was very strong very strong woman and these are from eating a very good example and sorry for the shootings today today choose Sarai these very very high on they every Friday evening they sing songs about Sarai if these their example house variety is a strong woman on her husband him her husband so the theory goes like this ladies you honor your hospital you respect to your paths and likes hard how to labor I know he is if you can feed the if he had been sought your present will appreciate any will do him good because God 's will is himself Sarai although he gave her away I think that a lot of good that is as but he left Sarah to do beats and I mean I don't know how it got to the end and laughed she got in a song can you imagine a can you manage database for igniting clay at no any any new movie chose I work with Isaac enough timeframe the chosen movies daily minds some knew what he really wanted to educate I sent as possible him and him everything everything is not important I yet he was obedient and that he's very much always a man with that highest quality of faith how can we say how can you really want to see what his faith tribes leaving the word of God action be emotional intelligence and emotions on the control and he mentioned how he had emotions uncontrolled fanatics to contact me not having his own consulting means you are faithful you are having good faith because when you when you pray for something you want to what an important group you pray and you pray and you your feelings say hey what's wrong and he brought you that already generally not pray I pray he should ensure that they should when you do that twentieth amount and is and also everything although so faith means praying for something and keep on delaying a what ever it costs independent promotions is the will these live him go at me where I go and when God says I will make a noise goal is good the business will he wants to prepare in these area forty eight and he will not let us compare two hundred regrading don't that Hussein don't don't throw away your crisis of homelessness and the throwaway don't waste problems healthy weight problems those problems because they might not have fueled to strengthen your emotional intelligence to influence to strengthen your faith grow grow what we finish all the culinary where were article legs thank you this is a collection why is this guy ones are good to what they have certain talent that will help why do we need good leaders today no what will the next him like they are really going to get there so thanks our very very good and I call a sad especially sample here he must have had ambitious parents parents show you where to go and his parents knew what was important so that rotting to the faith teaches commodity no note apparently sure he ate at Paul -based education at because as soon as they set sex came he was fighting the good son with some soul thinking the right thing so he was clear with his conscience was not knowing he was doing the wrong thing clerics sometimes can do things not going to the wrong things they doing with conviction they were wanted they will tour the mall without knowing the wall will come not by God 's grace I can't squeeze all called in and I see makes me how copy he led him into the wall I mean there's the life you know what he said he respected sold in the same you hurt me the bones you want to go and work with me inform you how many tasks seem very nicely in these very special moment kiosks and Saul had a good understanding he knew he wanted to do the face and features a very good strength collects want to do God 's will all mankind and he wants he was in anything all the wrong direction built them a stop in the because he was collated to working his work he means that the cost that you don't have much time only will that make questions that may be the world collects the fact they had to go in the right direction so wanted to tell you around Paul Saul made Paul K so Saul as well he became the mother but he wasn't reported with so he didn't haven't had coaches as fellow not out to change the choleric she needs cost you cannot mean to change the direction Larry needs grace now just to understand you won't get persecuted by a man noticed missing some I'm review I'm your friend and you say when my mother died because of you need me my son died because of you my father easy niche in shale because of you who leave me alone and you may not save his magnetic you may see the love you can imagine that Paul had problems to get integrated into the church big problems they threw him out several times carefully slice Damascus flights Paul had created problems to be integrated Barnabas helped not want the God do we all he sank in where like Moses he sent him to the holiday along the time one month be a just is an ancient choleric in the basement of the eye I will I don't know him me for years and repent this article are these means time these life forms he is currently married now what happened same the best again because she is the best act some of you need the best what happens we know you suggest you speak to have a lot been all going the wrong direction and you needed this to find the right direction and then you learn to going the right direction these the best dissecting means you go to an machine school it can be I want to know what it is all about fear what is not a strategy I wanted to nominate I do not want any training I change these going to be back at find out that I want to make named above and dominate me that I went into one goal how can I developed an practical relationship serious I have some diocese I have to work for marrying working out autonomy you have a good chance to go the right way can need to go into the present you have to make a decision when you Holy Ghost the base you as you can see with people who went through the ritual school my son is turning around at Jesse wanted to know when he went to old European he took a stick within he was known was that that's how we went to the airplane and he stinks when he was out there but they got slower and slower and then he is experiencing something at one time he called us and it will make minded being that Microsoft access maybe today I was working with tomatoes and pay and visit I was talking to them and him and so he is a I in a way he likes action no details out and he has been doing you you are waiting so he said the commandos changed me as is watching the sea and talking and thinking about costs financial loss realizing what it is all about what are we talking about here and even find out things in the nozzle of God to us as Sarah joking said this morning I see a fifty eight you what is to stop this you will you know how slow or slower and quickly critically exists I see it to you will you will heal us do we does anybody need some healing you wanted to explore all our human right wanted with no wanted with these want you to interview me you wouldn't fast easily see with our children and your young figure it have to be then choleric 's collapse like a defense their influence by eighty him at length binary one fifteen points off by eighty gosh one official last day of creation is a matter of Anglican called once to tell you use your brain use your ratio views that I gave you use that makes your brain dominant and your conscience will use these tools to read the Bible to study and that affirming and you will wheel change and your thoughts will change in the history strategy critical now tell my calls who gave created three years of better quality Paul's Paul in your neighbor in his you are not affected because the University of Nepal is in the University studying in the assets are the three years by the way Paul went back to Jerusalem and tried it again we got the cake again they could not handle him and you want I would guess choleric when he comes with case stray and clean you are on my something like this which is sanguine what do Murray will be here arguments about who can handle it sometimes we are not humble enough we do not want to change so fast we cannot handle good arguments can be throw them away and they believe the way and he what he needed to and items home home based process so adhering to cause us it couldn't be quiet of course he was there now he tried his first mission skills mission skills may be gone once you were first when some things at home and they call choking how he sank on the busty one of us he's friend had to get a soul Paul and after that after that the Ferrari was than it had from that moment on home plate through he's pacing he knew and he gave all of God is not trying to change the and then in and we wouldn't be there where we are now when Paul warns their disease is diffuse for our handling from church and you hurt you know how he did it either you take these day the message we do not throwing away okay I go there I go there although there and I hated I just missed the price of these emotional intelligence collection does have a problem with emotions but they usually can control it they however their emotions already fast coming out I know they at least not so much as the melancholy who collects no way to go it when he finally turns again it had a little bit more and that's why people think he's a choleric but he's not aquatic nonsemantic in the things but often often comes but then they show you within a few crazy now they come out very fast and they have to look at is your opinion no go back and neck are the ones have space as well these is what Glick is depends on the jawbone in Omaha on the call you have okay and then then you understand Paul after going through these education system thoughts education system you think wow all out what is wrong he would say that this from the University I learned I I stopped into a relationship with the real Christ I have a relationship and he gives me information I can talk to you I not hear his voice this is where lots of visits all for what is studies off for okay and getting a little dessert supposed to sit to think that I imagine we ought instead of school status morning no we had four women survey around before the house will then will teach the lesson and yes you he likes as well like the segment that's angry melancholy sometimes as well three major components they are so choleric the court comes out maybe he gazed Doctor usually it's better to stop and listen inductive deductive let's talk nonstop the document says God is not God is not a problem who has probably guess which temperament will not have a problem first it's a good idea he thinks but he doesn't in what way is fine with the same patterns that will not possess I shall trust is the right and I became not became only the choleric reviews you know I will say I is is is is actually an and a mix that you watch and you want to you have some knowledge to enjoy and enjoy enjoy status schools is a really quality not anything old and the passing on the sanguine now using it now he's a seesaw that is when he said there's a call having the competition competition there and competition makes clerics strong because the competition and open they do that now the defendant is not in with me now there's something going on should be exciting as he sneezing Angel area now he we are diplomatic behavior because he knows all about peace that you have a wrong other than our very me and I about Hawaii now what is it you start thinking he starts thinking the same when realizing that what I do something wrong I think he feels as he feels the atmosphere and tennis and feels what I hope not you know they they they know often while they sometimes are too fast the ice is something wrong and they might think I may maybe and say no no no it consults up to us I felt this agent at now I'm in the line this I'm not wrong I arrived in you yes yes eight K cannot say anything without yes God is also just yes yes it is not a fanatic I want you now him to him he is a pot team tries to bring the next I'd like people to think that we consider anything is collecting right I do not want to talk about is not in fact the whole thing okay I don't want to talk about justice and I'll have to give directions now I first their melancholy has found her and his conclusion is not justice and love developed at so he founded out of a cop spotting Eureka so he brings something maybe he easily named recipient you know if he has enough time can bring at and they phlegmatic likes these thoughts immediately because each keeps peace as well yes you okay and you're fairly ex- things that I belong together in the meantime Colette this patient and he wants to continue my time is running out here saw business where he wants to go okay he's just a little dissent from how old you know why the segment types these sanguine kind of applying a going scope learn if you think you learn something then you have to keep it that prove everything and keep it low-key music we heard some information if you don't keep it what you will get very so you think this was something important will you like us a website dedicated to spreading thoughts are these audio and much more you would like to know more about us feel like this is more so than is www. audio course taught or


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