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My Temperament in God's Hand, Part 4

Ernst Zwiker




  • December 31, 2012
    5:30 PM
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him can you I write a review but you know first John anybody has questions about owners and I like questions and I think question could be what many he knew what made me the way I like all my limiting any baby could be a question what can I may do what I do to help my baby had told it was off the temperaments we parents have and also try to bring the baby into balance the other temperaments that are not so well using our family for instance right would make sense we read five month old baby and enough we made out and that you know I received this hour he's a gloomy and it's developed some choleric like her and you know and he's like a little lack of the which will heavy influence on the baby in our very our being grandparents what can we do to support the grow op over the state him not earn very much and we have to watch out they do not love her like a monkey dust McAuley is often leaving the monkey laugh that does not in the lab education allowing that leaves only in the presence of melting ahead fast melt into the gold education in Germany signification these come from people for satellite holding cell patient means you pull your child if holding your child you can only will your child where you stand maybe you could push someplace but you pull so you have to find out who one day you stay first before you and hold anybody or you should have the right to the way you are PC 's this is where your child will go and when they are grown up you give them away these the most difficult straight stand for my office because when they had the baby they had closer you cannot have a closer than here no behaviors and then they have to get the baby further away thinking and not me not long everybody can do that if children away the process okay now you must ask some questions and complete if you have Christopher situation is your greatest in CBI questions in general about you know the temperaments he's not going to get things happening so something happens these the question may question could be what happens but I want to have concrete questions from you if you want to know something is difficult to have the same temperament like you have and let his legs get concrete I hope you do not mind what temperament do you have melancholy phlegmatic so your phlegmatic melancholy nonpartisan main of the same household looking at a phlegmatic and he is a melancholy but both are seconds in the office temperament so your and melancholy it might helpfully adjacent and melancholy fanatic with manuscript I okay the melancholy fanatic and now the question is for you could remarry immediately make sense him nauseous now running for Yahoo okay right so I looking to journals okay we've you want to talk personally that need doing and counseling became time to to know overseas affected shop of these is visible we usually say so so as I said in the beginning the choleric looks for a phlegmatic she thinks all he's not learning so and and and and the melancholy look for assignment this is what happens usually and got no positive because that melancholy face all these presently notices say something behind Romney 's person I feel good because I can talk a person talks and thinks and expresses feelings I have found expressing my feelings by this person really brings out interesting I had colony and the motivation because you're white why did God put man and woman together using right and what is not a complete each other into the information on the make you be at marriage these the strongest could be known to bond as possible these very strong Christian you cannot beat this combination these combinations gone this comes from God so maybe on the Chinese become to get to relive from each other some sometime you may say stop talking heading that I missed eleven of the time is because Parliament since he didn't know they have to live each other so they both came into balance of you you are in your meaning if you have the temperament these you can print for life two are not false all right and remember once I said no we had the core enemy buildup and revealed out what you've got in the core staging the corn the program UK program in fourth for first three years very much release like illegal tree very sensitive little three him these settings choose will be great right so so how do you get a program that had been in the program space but you can in flames this program people called us and you can develop you you can cut and attached a branch but you do not have to change your lease don't think you have to change it because of the law make a sanguine osmosis know where he changed the qualities can use the qualities gone once asked to use quality accountancy don't we learn to accept our qualities out in a song some confusion made when you realize even using you weaknesses sometimes he can use only as a and a funny thing is like a second we are not actually if we fund our talent is not used by God nothing good comes on anything that we do good comes from him it good address and we just have to make sure they what California needs more more more more more more off-season is that these modern systems that try to relate make the shapes in all things woman and metadata they say that time they do they do not say they do not want to find out he declared in the end and then phlegmatic and bring them to their they look for that Jesus interests what makes you stand out if somebody is in Skeeter and outdoor may be a little man they bring these person together with another outdoor person which means they will never bring it collectively visiting many possibilities are allowed to the right so so these attacks each other is from my point of view to a certain amount but it also see it looks like we also have to have things that together five points across our melancholy par behalf in common experts in using we like using black community of family we didn't have children that were puberty puberty they always wanted to go to church always know how you I him prevent when he was here just to have the judge will widely in their group going for short time and crosses are now so that you and and and and and things that you don't like it and I is in the day and will and what I is yeah and also a way okay and enhancing now some of you has to than taxes that will somebody some of you has to choose a car you will probably because you because mankind is seen in figures when I'm visiting say so so I be it in a punishing life makes the sentence said challenges which has been going on your on your stoop being a mother one him trial means developing coronary which means you feel your menu items that appeal year will grow from the first thing everybody because of the baby cries if you and get into something here to hear the you know you will change so you will if you are phlegmatic you fling that he will decrease and your clerical increase okay this will happen as soon as your mother there there are some things you responsible moment there are some things that will change and your your temperament will also change his facilities you have your responsible for the whole family before God you're responsible for you have to bring her to have that help our so you will have to develop leadership skills you are a priest in a you have this threatened role is uncertain things that God wants you to develop if you have the temperament on the okay and you will ensure if you go the connection you will mature no problem there might be certain weaknesses in your partnership because he didn't hack you don't have you can bring certain quality him on paper I shall give you know if you think there are some qualities on the same we might might be a law may be realizing in five years in all the history and something out we have a problem with a networking on what could I do to find out how I wait five years and is integrated in advice mission school as I said heels and makes that brings you to balance these very important goal yes I is about I you is okay okay not the other question when I want to say something I'm not containing the I hope everybody find something that is not or she's not content with how can I change out exit as a principal one is biblical principle of change if you have some problem the Bible says really played that game with something this is biblical system and other biblical truth is find out the truth about the truth will set you free and shown this him counseling of America he wasn't counseling so he came and he had a frozen shoulder process old and very sensitive he could only walk with the back secret falls hold on some of this is what I finally landed in sunblock because his daughter was healed there for months these become nobody else could help his daughter for six years old after that nobody knew so maybe possible so I go there as well so he comes hoping that he would be here finally then we went for for a walk out to the nature fresh air some and we sit down and think and talk about these fascinating and then I since he was not easy he's into eastern thing is a very soft so finally he had he was not minding the Bible so I told him finally about after half an hour I told his mother 's story in the Bible Jesus came to a place where they had the palms and there was a man and therefore thirteen eight years and Jesus I do you want to be healed I would say he doesn't need to our right I don't know asking person on the area I often do you want to be the only sent to yes off course and then he proved he and he said I went from there as he and he can't be used on talk about that myself knowing people I knew everybody who Jesus hates not only from this sickness they are also think she's not willing to find out where advantages of precinct by precinct this commercial is to work with his life had to do everything and he got special attention will have else's good and healthy they cannot special so so we figured it out slowly but surely and be farmed out there to be no big him me I wanted to find out how he did not however he makes these see how when acting as a knowing education I thought there must be so asked about anyone comes up comes out that he's not been the same thing in the family is not that big children whenever she felt like a bank about leaving the children all by themselves he's exactly what he did with his family the same thing and you see there he's children doing similar things already now so he has to find out the truth about why he's doing this in a bistro with can help a EV keepsake and if he is not now one of the one of me heal people will be wanting to come out and following what we can to fill if you really want to be healed if you really want that you and you think about the truth behind my and my wife had my having this problem if anyone is depends on the fuzzy little deeper and you will be free they call you I thought about this argument had think about I know you replace these places enigmatic ending bring with new students who add to something you know you want places drinking water and when you learn about new stuff you know watching eighty five percent here I do not drink enough my body needs water to take the liberty because here's eighty five was undertaken from the brain so my brain will software I will get what it tired and felt funny to think what how can you develop a new hat it may advise as I walked about okay but then he's not drunk yet that he is so how can you use it for my dear five when she gets up in the morning from bad she wants to think that she has about and she thinks and I heard race to bring someone in NY NY not if she would not do that sometimes you say might honestly I don't tell no one until I saw and I feel like I have to drink want it he became a heavy SL no if you wanted to in the heavy turnover had this will be helpful in and so replace that has as its things it is not so easy when you talk about feeling single changing feelings he says I'm not writing self how we change feeling how we can change feelings because these articles goes very deep feelings come from from the core of loss from the inside printed also all of these can be developed is a sick child in our FEMA in the belly you start to have any already know Ray our feelings we know low ratio by feeding stock to develop already and were going going through the child of help the feelings are there and they are the enemy 's chances the mother pregnant mom mother for Marty or young child of bonding these Charlie destroyed feelings feelings are strongly empty house can extract so these very very very busy yes and I him him and I is in a way that is exactly in your you know we mean we had our roles in the final rules will be Mussolini Italian and when he was in front of the mic what will one hundred solution was at home he didn't have anything to say because he had an Italian wife is my control the straw man out there we had we had different goals Jeremy going with the family with a lot of aggression everybody back to anybody talking the youngest Jeremy is the time to talk he is in me that he had number three on the back I actually number five North and wanting to listen to because he was not coming when he says something you must do it in a one hundred so he stopped in to see that a widely or ever an asset on the Cisco today he always said this is not good him at David Henry and me doing that because I thought when he's twenty one doing okay maybe not no for me and I so he felt qualities that that the other children did not have or he develop the language as much as I could often he went to the Junot feel he he chose to go for a shift here called teleconference came near you can use me maybe four years please put me some sleep finally he gets the idea alternative suggestion call to go to two admissions school without being a visionary interview an elementary school but missionary kind entities so we bought the cheap cats he went their way to the airport song new nobody wasn't enough to come to a particular Sony callouts and be organized from figs or someone you know so he differences the Tucson no teacher at home he had to be a teacher to speak he had to be initiative he had to be we are so we had to develop on on on on the next level and develop other skills and it was not just not been so easy a big beginning and he was just nineteen nineteen and he's students were eighteen and below it I had a lot of problems the girls and befriending one of obeyed he moderated one his such a thing that he opted after he was thereby paid to three months and we talked about what was the problem and then we saw a movie about the best teaching states and finally the conclusion was he was the best teachers because he left his Olympic and he started to law students not just being there had he sought to have decided in all I wanted to go for the students so he didn't one of them whatever happens and eventually in an and will not settle in the UK is finally have is that we still have our system we try to think more about the the question now is in a address a and you will is one great job in a you and you are beholden in all yeah and you and I know you and I got the wrong theory from the South and EIA now I can I can follow that as they know much of the time about things but they they served people think they know for an explanation which is wrong so the explanation of these temperaments of the Greek is wrong with the wrong I can talk about this because it's wrong I don't want to talk about wrong things the observation and observation is not necessarily wrong is it is normal so when do you want to say things and take the good out of it there helps us to understand ourselves why not take psychology modern psychology and will and no I think there is a lot of good things you can and he was like phrases your timing is everything there were a lot of things that we can use but they are from heathens from evolution is I'm not afraid I'm not afraid somebody's afraid no problem you are a and you and you and you and I and you and you are in a me me me he is yeah and will and he threw a conviction is good to know this is called in and on and on twelfth of July he is a juvenile and for whatever okay have you will also find other temperaments born on the day in a dead horse colleagues all queasy veggies of you can read horoscope and immediately concealed place at the next day think this is an and you will you are in a way in and will and are in and will be in writing the installation clean air or in her horse I also horoscope is using psychology and psychology and sometimes sometimes they like to describe people they face a lot of people because he was the description of the a lot of people there and I do the changes if you know this is an him to talk at all Larry will be developed is not from the beginning you will develop some money of the family has been at him to any sensation in Ryan and he and are down dramatically and in and in and will and I would do temperaments as for me and he is him saying is you know you know yourself well as you know what what you can expect you and all you I would not know in an right and give your evening if you do an impression send you all know what's coming as you know what no ahead so you can adjust if you're not conscious of it you are a victim of it and in a and in in the him personality and personal I know I have some sanguinary Lebenthal and that it is awfully small stuff helping us to many understanding and maybe even expressed feeling a lot like nursing around I is just to help me set up and in and I and he is making in an later the and you are in an and in where he will be in you and so is the question make something more sweet we know what he's all about and if you reviewed these your responsibility and you do not see what this person is by leaving a certain temperament that you know what you can expect to know you and you and you will are and I and I you know I is an and in that first time if you know what then is a few hundred dollars you know him to be in a adhesive dreaming and melancholy again it's a good interesting combination and I each government in the needed a will and in and in and in exactly five degrees hot new groanings it is not the number of lines I wanted a to bring his businesses tell me when we articulate what are known as much as we say yes Mrs. Patty and her cohorts wanting a medical PC eight is an consultative he had he was an old woman he had nicely and that house hunting to maintain said Lucien and the knees Bill Clinton lost her questioning said Lussier then he because he knew we would like to talk to her now that she was infected girls so he went to get some food came back then he asks and then I thought that this is enough by thumbing I just hanging I thought I will tell him I told him we would go on the problem call putting these that whatever you do your brain will be influenced by doing working you call only savings right door to door me please sometimes a little more there is there always is not when you do that ten years and he is what happened to the party you cannot looking you so he cannot break will seller waiting to analyze create writings what to say about also pastors what does you say about they had to be the name calls learning process they had to go out and she said about a half message which always changes in behavior to use the ring if they don't they knows he and Linda comes available just to edit the link problems then I quit because a notebook faith so watch out what you do watch out for your brain sometimes you might have to change you want to get something know because you knew my taking on balance situations are alive because of an young and he highly expect God to use us in the best way in the times he had to write the easy way he wants us to use our talents in Dallas in a balance and that there continues people they already looking one thing they cannot drive a car so I think we should also be that car okay him I mean the same thing thank you for this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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