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Reaching Human Hearts, Part 1

Dan Millares


This seminar will inspire through many testimonies from the work of reaching the human heart and provide practical tips to effectively share with others in a way that is simple, engaging, Christ-centered and winsome!




  • December 28, 2012
    4:30 PM
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I have and I thank you so much for giving us time and energy to meet like this now I pray father that you will guide us that you will need also be your Holy Spirit and teach us that we might be more efficient than and encouraged and inspired to to reach our friends from a personal level Friday we will be more efficient in especially reaching people 's hearts hearts know what to say when the state as an house is safe especially father now I pray that you will guide us and protect us from from sickness and keep up a help health during this time we had together wish for a blessing father because we give our time and our energy right now when we speak you to use it for your glory that is my prayer in the name of Jesus he so that it is first that I need here will discuss stop to discuss about and how soon some practical aspects of how to meet people and it's not that easy to exude to try to talk about your faith with others and we will talk about that the first initial meeting with friends how to go you're welcome to come in and see if you like as some as something 's got to go visible that it helps me in dealing with people how to get a connection with them and and also to bring the conversation from yesterday with a stuff into more spiritual things and try to sue to a thing as a given interest from our friends in in in our faith in the Bible and oh God and we will have one exercise doing this the first meeting also sold that's what we'll do I will start by reading something and it encouraged me as a sacrament from message and ministry of healing code from minister healing page one forty three minister healing page one forty three it describes Christ that meant none of reaching people and incest minister healing page one forty three test Christ method alone will give a true success in reaching people the singularly mingled with men Athlon who decided there good he said that he show his sympathy for them ministers to the needs and why their confidence then he bade them all over me the excess here very clear that there is one method that works the abuse gives true success in reaching people how we might have apparent success whom I have and numbers and we might have apparent success but here she says true success will come from and he describes mingling with people I someone who decided very good show sympathy for them administered today needs and win their confidence and that Jesus we can ask them to follow Christ Athens is full of all love this will be the main message this first meeting we will we will expand on this and talk about these principles in this verse in this passage it comes to meeting people mingled with them excited good at there is this that is one thing to be this one shareholder here and some own thumb in the corner funds and we it is not always an the easiest thing to show someone that I intentions argued by the following bow I attended no notice of something I say your something I do at an end sometimes we tend to as Christians we tend to settle with the best that we have good intentions deforming with him is a letter I I I had a good motivation seeing what they did sleep the day to do anything right before me this time sometimes we would tend to have this idea especially witnessing and other things that my motivation somewhat at all at least reported being my my intentions is the important thing and even though that's true it is important and that's missing here and price me know wouldn't want with the demand as one who decided their dude we need to have that decided the science that we won't people 's that's one thing it's an uplifting to make our friends and people that would try to witness to understand those motivations that would have before me I know I used to say that it's when it comes to relationships it is more important they should him more important to be able to add comments fully I would say that if there is the back is fit and what you say that perceptions on the one that your talking with rather than your own intentions need to get those present is that the right word perceptions you know how I perceive something right right and pop-up people understand things about someone trying to say is when used when you meet people it's not important whether you will have your motivations there and hopefully they are doing right and you have good reasons for why we go out and fight the witness is very important is that you know what kind of perception and you try to control the perception that the person that you are an witnessing to have hashed about the interaction effect that set in a practical way I finish I might say I might come up someone and then there were rather I would love Dorothy and that the thing that stands out let's mistake this dispute is this thing that happened neat to meet all assaulted doing a Bible work I was knocking on doors so we knocked the mother work and I was thinking I need to I need to be really really joyful and happy and since it's included to make sure that this person knows what it what's what's I think I know my intentions were good I was happy I was glad to be out there doing the work of God and I had my motivations on the right place right so I came up there I know at the work we knocked at the door is one open the lady and she is started also use these the beast talked angry eyes she was looking at us and before we had a chance the second being she started to scream I just love the screen and into the one you should know that you you you you believe I live in my church is the right charge as you thought it isn't good and scream and only things at hand and in the in stations and came up IIA could understand that you must she believed that I was a Jehovah's Witness right at the best perceptions to give all of me she she she thinks they are and I I something that I'm not the only and also what happened was this and that not that in the thickest and that this vicious one eventually it illustrates the perception ID nonliving if I left it on the door I remember we were talking and by working again and I was training some some some friends and we were going out there and all of our sin and trying to to show how how I meet people at the door okay how to talk with in the salon stylist can alert them from everything that that that that happened on me I think you can drastically can I need to be new students who give and encourage my sense of it so this was that several years ago and that the one boy and something similar happens at a late again opens the door and she looks at Los Angeles and as you said you Jehovah's Witnesses again and I are the direct deficit will only let you that he always uses you all the time because I is a video to another though I'm trying to say is that the situations situation with you to understand China cannot move people and understand where they come from right him trying to understand the perceptions and try to help them have the right precipitous and lots but the coders and what happens in the relationship by developing my first tape of trying to understand that if and when you have your motivations like the more important than motivations and your intentions if other prisons sections right okay that's the first affect the picture that I share how we can many different ways in order for Ross to have someone all over getting a good experience with this course with our relationship with our meeting when we where we are at the floor at the street in the family gathering website witness to someone that enough evidence there changes in favor thus while the people are famous in school or work in the salon and I wish I just some states while all of all the practical things of all of the what what it helped me during these years number one slide to understand their current need right try to understand the current need and an white said that tries to mingled with men as someone at the site they go to show his sympathy for them and he ministered to their needs right in order to win people 's confidence in relationship and it does seem that should help is to see current need with your friend with your family when someone you meet and try to submit that try to satisfy the needs or that type that whatever it needs a mike might be on their mental physical and healthy it might be that whatever this type understand what these people are right now and and try to meet them this caveat here by another principle that is very important we often think when you talk about personal witnessing will think that that means that we need to talk about that is witnessing when you have something to say right neither advances now I have found it more effective and thing is to him in with the same is listen listen so my principle number two listen more and you talk like because that shows that you are interested that shows that you you can about that person another other thing practically is also that that's that that is giving the perception by your topic to something on them right now since it's a force them into something to be like you or something but you didn't listen to get to know someone right and often impacted after death really helps us understand the needs within the talk so ask questions trying to get to know about their family their interests and the religious spectrum you coming to some of those things then late on their but and this should try to understand and see where they come from right what kind of worldview that they belong to and and and what kind of questions and needs do they have right now it listen more than you talk and witnessing I will say that you can quote me on this list witnessing what about listening than talking a that is my experience try to get new people development and this will take away the grapevine that you sometimes that we have that we need to have all the answers right we need to be able to talk about and that's not true at all outside you show some interest this and that so many people add that in the Indians was the sweetest and they got that just feel alone it doesn't have people talked I work as a TV unless you some of you might know the name of Tina channel we are reaching all of Scandinavia New York 's of people I can I can talk every week millions of people thousands of people every week through the Internet the satellite TV at an people like themselves people people write e-mail if cholos and and and many many times people write something say something similar to this I feel that you are people that listens and I want to share my story with you they say that they are low to say that they don't have anyone in their family that they can talk to the side of the site old people young people people with families people with social networks and estate I need someone who listens for this in the share that and I tried to answer the stinks people are low we might believe they might have a lot of friends that they are low and being these are people that I like so I'm trying to fit it to the value this I need out there for someone listening to the meetings and questions that people have and we can beat those people right that's a great way witnessing number three at related to those trying to understand how they think also I want to switch to this visit this is sometimes perception that we have and that is that we need to make people understand how living right we need to make that make me with you soon we need to the possible density see how we should think of anything right now more important I say in relationships and meeting people and personal witnessing understand how anything right Jesus when he was out there meeting people he had what questions right many times he did not answer have you noticed that including through the Gospels came to answer the questions that they asked he does not primarily being some situations if he doesn't adopt and show how he used thinking all the time right but sometimes she gives question answer to a question right he doesn't give them the pictures of another question today they come up to him and the asking I know some people say that they plan that you are just right you're the top of the UN peace and not a Jesus who are you and his answer is what lunch things right do you think it's ceasing in relationships and getting to know people like to understand how they think right whether coming from because many times we might be prepared with ANSYS and see this and that the recent and an information we think that this is that people need to write but they might not thinking the same way as you do right in my thoughts things in the same with all at least we see Sweeney to understand how they think and independent widely believed they were the right estate at some of anyone ever met someone that goes up this this this is the thing that how well I kept leaving Augustus and suffering is relevant and that people add people just eligibility and God is so almighty and and he doesn't do anything right secondly not anyone will some lust since they come to that argument right now some of I believe that we haven't that offend and I think we we we do has questions as they would have have the perspective of the great controversy right so but some of us that myself sometimes and I believe that what I don't wish to make them understand the theme of the great controversy right that's choosing me that eventually but if you meet someone at history at the door at a methane that you will never meet again in your whole life like them unless I hear from Romania you will meet people Sunday that you might never meet we're going out Sunday on the streets and into people 's home in my meet people and you will have one chance a couple of minutes to show some picture on your faith in God 's character right that might not be the time to try to put the incident of information about the answer to that is this in right and and suffering world and Almighty God sing write recipe divider for me I something much easier might be just asked that Pete that person the question instead of coming with and subscribe either this minute that I have had this conversation to success conversations I will share right now many times in invincible okay I'm not indoor I I I I I meet someone in books I need someone at the street and we stopped doing some way get into religious and thinks that talk about my faith in God and so on and then they say Dawn continued leaving the there is so much suffering this world right this much pain so much evil and got six out there somewhere with all this power and he doesn't do anything right now instead of coming with all ounces I ask this for my friend what would you like onto the front but the question now I thought no what is right maybe that's not the problem minimum problem is not envisaged authentication people we meet the economist is also indicated that it is not encased the problem is not always fit the bed their argument to be throughout right often the argument is just something they repeat from salinity and hurt someone they are right about everything these through the stop is nothing the thinking to himself before so the question so what do you think God would let what we do not want to refute if he was out there right the question has been the things will you white light what did they use chemical of that argument right and it helps you understand what I come from they might save off the deck question asked lips what would you like going to do it while I am out of the middle I admit that this bad Christians in the last ten years old I had a really bad experience they switch topics you get that this would stop in the league argument within the thinking through it it's actually something as it was a bad experience they had it when they were tenuous hold with some perfect Pentecostal friends that and work patterns or grandfather it just was a hypocrite for something for me now in a location that had been discontinued something else or they might start to think anything while the will of course I won't want to take away all evil things but nothing logical good answer that question right that what we do not want to do anything while take away our legal right multinational questions that you starting to argue right I can ask another question that is this so if you want God to take away all evil things why do you think that God has not taken you and I await you idiot thinks this when I asked that questions my friend I know because the Bible says that the Holy Spirit convicts the world of obscene righteousness and judgment so I know when I asked the question I know that my friend knows the inside of him he has business voice this conscience speaking with my publicist and heed this bid he knows that she is not always leaving his life as she should live before me before I was a Christian before I opened this book I went through some some some situations in my life where I I just need to stop me what I am doing what I am the way I'm living is not how it should be right I understood that something is wrong before me this is the case with every human being on this planet Holy Spirit is working on the hearts of the things this my friends to this question job why has felt a fraud take a what I have done with two questions is that I have turned my friends named arguments into our shoot which arguments that proves your love and grace of God before me because what Spencer what has gone taken almost away at the sinners because his patients and had another that I plan this information will want to destroy all God has appointed through a real one what's up golf this higher speed and we would repent them back to him and live the life that he has prepared for us right at the gospel from my friend sits there and he is not on his image on just getting boring into the golf open for me and I have had this conversation similar to what I just described you in just a couple of minutes in France and then you start to think they're tunnel different way some of them I've had a chance to use share the gospel with custom database and will job will what do you say not what what what what why and I don't even believe in God but if he was there I'd I don't love that's illogical to me now why has he not taken us away and this is a problem but I think this is the to say this just did the mystery of iniquity of Satan that woman seemed awesome things there that we don't quite understand the second set it's equally being an hard concept to understand that there is the love of God in the mercy of God would need a full and I'm trying to say is that stretches this mean runway the site is to get both of them object to some of you believe that these are the big questions like this these arguments that stated the applicant that connect that thinking the story of site directed together and say that siblings have never had this argument they say that them at all I can't believe in the Bible of Christianity regardless of you with all the awful stores in the Old Testament write all this is not only through with all of the things that this is Paulson think okay this possibly him and him friends just throw out any amendment be thinking to this is why I share this this is a key principle comes in how they think and as most of them don't think and and and and that's the problem with and that it helps us to know did not listen this list all all they are several stories in the Bible Old Testament and New Testament this well is not hard to understand when God is dealing with them right the flood as well even harder some money tells his people to eliminate other nations right of this this this worship is not going to the questions but the principle and in what's happening if this God from heaven to create their you and a and he AAC he goes into the history and acts he he he gives the consequences for sin right with God punishment than all of the things that people feel uncomfortable with it for me so what went is what they said is this the FSA 's this now I can't believe in the Bible Christianity of God because God is acting against them before me that's what they are saying all that the same people say this I can't believe in God Christianity or the Bible because God is not acting against the first document before me so I was one of them say this and you can be the same person that says that in almost the same sentence the web I can't believe in God because there's so much suffering in the Roman goddess and do anything evil is this a him because he doesn't act against them but I decide anything I have meaning because he is acting against the Islamic still missing is the argument goes in conflict to each other right now I'm not saying that it is easy to do to explain these things and especially for friends and so on a full-time but what I'm saying this we can help existing and and and and understand this this is a big question that just finished filling out some some some some and just to repeat some some argumentative heard from some atheists or something like that and say what this is some bigger issue God has a problem that's true of sense there anything he has to choose to hee hee motion must you want to destroy Satan right if you want to say you're not right and that's that that that that the great controversy and because the Adventist message that we all of us should be familiar with the business on full justice this is not an A- controversy that God is infinite in extent but so but that will come later but first we can help people to think and see how they think they did for me so you doctors are having fun for Valentine's Day we are still the point can't understand how they think and that the second one is one two three four one with the and ask questions we have all been therefrom that's a little more about that that's that's huge help in relationship and trying to meet people that ask questions after you said asked this questions help students get to know them and to understand what look what kind of needs and things that adults they had right now and how obviously this could best question in the whole world is this simple send this why why meet someone and when this guy don't believe in going get out of here is a block to the divine to argue with people to start developing some of the aggressive case of Hawaii is that they can speak you listen that the speak and try to leave their thoughts by asking questions and have been living and that looks but most of the conversations I've had that believes in suit regular Bible studies and eventually by the grace of God people that have been baptized into our church and in my experience I started to give me standing there asking questions and listening you fully that I never thought would would would would would would would give their life to Jesus on the market discomfort started when we're talking with them I was talking with my eyes asked questions and listened before full four minutes hours maybe in several meetings is to know them and eventually we set out study the word of God exist on any they might might might did nothing on this well every once and I will number the session do that and then positive and supporting Alito that all you once again with its roots and be supportive encouraging and positive in a meeting with people and time delimited experience is another thing for you as an individual talk to develop developed a happy of service is a practical thing that at the last a few weeks Jeannie where I work we only have morning devotions every morning and we had this down payment in our studio the sick when we don't have any facilities abound there is no if you come there you would never think that we are running up Canadian pianist satellite-TV channel from there at six a small facility and so we sit at the morning devotions and gatherings in the studio says okay to record all the programs so in there would have some some yes regular checks that we have for sipping and then lots of comfortable but they would also have this conscious and think about your full of these nice things so very very gather about ten fifteen people and some get their nice bag couches stripes and some get that they are comfortable seats right evolving not I I started I started to notice I felt in my own life several years ago and when I started I thought of myself you are I think that I need to I need to develop my character I need to develop a habit of you seen people 's needs the forming society I made a principled decision that was fixed I will always say I will always take one of their hard uncomfortable chairs the vote reported that before okay if I come the first evening of the company later I didn't have anyone okay and left for my wife and eventually and I still find myself excited to develop the habit of yoga you serve yourself of helping others in and give all about trying to say the smell thing that you can find these things in your everyday life and is hoping that this end and thus help it does change a way when you when you go to the Boston and in my feeds higher than you want to sit down and you have this habit of thinking that I want to give the best place to some one else deforming and sometimes we hi we don't think about that sometimes we don't we don't feel like talking to people about this time he is one of the things that we don't even want to abilities but we can always be betrayed and and and have this habit in China's capital being in the suburbs before trying to say find the same thing in converted to school in York Samuel B are trustees small and thinks all of all our acts of love and and and and a service that will help when you meet people also it will just they will tell you that you this is just one person from my sixtieth talk with you and and and being saying your and socializing with you this is a question and him and that is sorry yeah this loss to this is little and say thank you on doing something one can read four five six K I had eight points I just love this place number them and this was how he thinks it a habit of service seven this is all of these qualities on the day the day and then the title and meet the need of people or or a getting to know people building relationships between positive relationships after the seven they keep a positive attitude do not be shocked but whoever people do not be shocked I will tell you a story that I use the felt when I checked this is visible a genuinely people that will be hard to deal with that who behaved in a way that you just fancy to you right and what you stand for your principles and tried to not show by expression word what do you do in any way of communicating that to that all you you are you the skin got our own what they're doing there for me trying to be as positive try to be the support and help for that whole era that in your relationship with people that does not mean that you take part consume that does not mean that you that you that you show that you accept and think it's a chain that people behave as they do that you should always accept that at the respect people 's choices and how they think they may take this doesn't mean that you accept it before me they I will know I meet people but many thanks I meet with the new church on the other working in three different churches of my worker and when it comes a new area where we were and I used the Glen meet at backseat inhabitants Inc. just a list of people that just come to church I glimpse of them many times they are the ones to try that once the Christian right they wanted they want to survey the coffee occasionally sit down with a recent Sunday is that anyone who is anyone to see your reaction right to see that you say that all this ascended out of a lottery of informing what he wants or whatever they they just sit there with this bid this regarding is loaded smoking your face and white something development and see that all he is just here for four for money or for whatever it is and don't give me and you will need people like that don't be shocked if they blew the smoke in your face and display the delay of this is going to screen a certified automotive and yeah I I promise this disorder and this is something that you will you will look as Ken Jen encounter when you often need people to the needs of many different people sign up to the door already we started studying the lady and one the strange about that but there went to discussions and she was growing up in what we did last weekend I one day and I'm not even the worst of this easement schedule a Bible study she opened the door and this lady opens the door with all any clothes on her body totally naked so I I I just take a step back and look up in her eyes and I think this cannot be sure that not enough to make it to the dentist dentist is going to face whatever you do okay trying to try to consent to them to behave in a good manner okay and I and I follow they are not a principle that is not the long list but that and that is to go to back to when we get by with that strike me to outreach that's very helpful for many different reasons and it's also good to be I got in the woman several different reasons and we I had my friend Sarah with the funniest Christian funds I maybe should think that's okay this is an official a reason for this code installment minister healing again by the way Minnesota evening have this is a wonderful chapter many many things in their minute think that even if that's not only deal with physical things right but also with social things in and it's a great chapter called I think how to how to meet people when they hear it I think in the area remain in effect this is in relationship with others of a that is dealing with some of these things alone or how to meet people and nothing in a way of witnessing but just not start a relationship how to behave when we had this agreement and all these weird that that that that that this person that chapter is will have a lot at another you are viewing page one and sixty five she described Jesus and his ministry it's a big loss our continual pay for Christ to be brought in complex with entity declivity and impurity the men started thinking through while expression showed that these sensibilities were shocked what is refined taste often is a ship comes to seem less spot this perfect character Jesus comes down to this birth not achieved more than I would be offended to him about the eighth in socializing people right he more than than any of us would be offended and his refined taste of success here would be and would be an what the CTU 's authentic solicitation she said that no funds to the author one direction to show that if all why will because he knew how to meet people how to how to interact up the build positive relationships even with people did I believe with your way of thinking a way of living but she continues what ever evil habits the strongest tragedies will be overbearing passions of human beings she met them all with pitying tenderness is as we partake of his very foolish of regarding them when similar temptations and trials unless the feeling of falling and struggling to rise again I went with this garnishment and difficulties craving for sympathy and help that we shall meet them in such a way as not to discourage or repair them but so we can hope in their hearts you get minister healing page one sixty five read that carefully grateful grateful to all if you have time to a dreamy state he made people eat mingled with them we decided to she needs and and he and he showed his sympathy for them many people that we meet behave in a way that not because they feel rebellious against looks like the dude and and God but because they had no knowledge right and left knowledge or because it's a real struggle for the have the right knowledge to know what to do but it is a struggle for them they don't need someone that is taking their cigars and throw them away in screens against the move whatever they do especially by their facial expressions this is some of the island before me they need someone who comes up than this I hate you I know what you're struggling I've been there I don't think so in my life that I'm not happy I know it's a hard thing now let's do this together they know someone they need someone to show them sympathy food to show them the help in the struggle I say that again many people that live in country the biblical principles lamented that if they believe in the Bible or if the vaccine the increased dose with the audit I think this whatever the people that you look at and you see that the things that offend you they are not the Mayor took them are not doing that because they are in shoot she would begin against God all yes the chart home against the doctrines at but because of lack of knowledge or because of its executive struggle should start with we understand that because then we can meet them where they are they might need information that they might need some of the thinkers have dated the very important point I want to spend some some thoughts sometime on the kid is continue so we will we will send this first session with winds exists me should see if I will say that okay with you this list do I practice that is a sandwich with some some interaction and some work and practice together okay add and we have a lot more to color but I hope that you would isolate the beginning unit came they said it will of this workshop and that is if you're here now should be here the following two fishes to okay at of you that will help and that's that he will get most out of this I've so much to share and and and and the somethings will be loaned sense of the funniest guy 's recommendation that the end with the practice is this an eye in the angular relationships and we we had a at least talk about the importance of old being a good listener I am a good listener and and and a something that we might need to practice on on being together been talking with someone you during the discussion and all of a sudden you see that I wonder why that is five the pacing how does that make you feel uncomfortable you did everything right if only in his New Year's message to talk with then it just showing by the body language the discussion will be worth it they say that they might not respond in the proper manner I might visit to my percent yes vote you know my my my grand father just died and a lot of thinking is that both his and that the development of communism that you are talking you know that the dental aggravation that is not good at and me at the problem is that you and I naturally at least then there are many of us will not say this naturally we are we are very self-centered and we want to talk and we want to show who we are we got naturally been a deliciousness right but some people are very delicious and you you you okay but but but some of us are another thing my own philosophy to train on being the business that you agree with and some of us would we know it we have been there and I've been there talking with someone and all of a sudden I start to think about something else in right especially you have a lot to do and you need a meeting or conference on this and you run through the area things and think about the need to get somewhere in five eight eight any stopping needs help with some of the development for years okay you want to spend the time within the same same time you think but I think the use of I became evolving to meet the practice and think Carmen Paulson and show interest and that's a good thing that the practice and that's what women do now in the latest death it says that he will do that this is the most similar to normally we see right now with our friends this is normally subnormal so we will yesterday change that around him we will jump around and we would meet someone that we have maybe not met before with the consequent to her okay I decide the rules my famous here I'm here and I am going to describe my my my my family okay well I grew up is talk about where I grew up my home my siblings my parents before me you know this guy that is for your friend and an distal talk on and add your friend this is the important thing you would listen to you listen on and off a lot when I say stop okay you is not stuffy and you will stop listening to Phyllis we stop and what you should do now is this you should have your friend what he is told he or she is still you become you think so is this a visit this is a good way of starting the via mean that your father is located from the USA that of informing you when you would like a firm Allen and he will try to repeat again anything you will that do it now in communication with it you will affirm about if this is something wrong with it no longer what I will say I said that my father yesterday informing only going to say yes that's what I said okay since I often listen to each other at an end of the things and it was a help us in this we would use a pen or something to add something that was talking anyone with a pen this one allows the evolving to take turns she will stop talking about your family game then you hand over this one you can save and take them predict this one day tell you about some music also you said that okay then to the detriment of him him him him him him this way of thinking that what is happening a conversation about this media was brought by popular 's new website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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