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Reaching Human Hearts, Part 2

Dan Millares


This seminar will inspire through many testimonies from the work of reaching the human heart and provide practical tips to effectively share with others in a way that is simple, engaging, Christ-centered and winsome!




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him and okay so we should get started as welcome back and had those of you that I need here I see some faces and welcome your you will be going right into the an exercise of that is that Mozilla here and hopefully that will work before we do that I would like to get some help with this beef is working it can help me with we then with using these this word in order to get fungi somehow moved to take the conversation to conversation and relationship that you have with someone into a more spiritual talk to know someone help me with this what is therefore doubtful what does that mean talk about so why are people out of the box without the other divination you can practice good listening right and then home I invest than confident one hundred questions that went to bring the puppy 's religion is why it got thank you and as you have your family have any kind of religious background knowledge that these in Sweden and maybe why did I give that fit right you can begin it can be offensive to be the first one that so what can you really do know what you think you belong to a order and their subject of talk and then see what's that testimony and does anyone have any of the pics for us all and when you show your your personal testimony by short right to the point at one of one of those before when you met Christ in all there is some good request has benefited when you build your personal testimony and and most of us in here we have we had from them we have had all over why day of writing down or short one minutes to three-minute testimony right and hopefully we have done that then we would now start with this practice that we did not have time to do last session and and and divide into groups and we will jump to someone that we don't know right absolutely normally sit next to someone that we that we know and this will be a blessing but because you get to know other people as well what will this fix will find someone that really want to talk with and and and then I will call to see if I said that it is important to keep it short I and we don't have much time here I will call two minutes okay because I said between Montevideo and so that's making initiated in the middle of next two minutes at one of you start so there is not a short edit testimony at and then done one can practice on being a good listener arrived and remembered I might want to have and then we'll switch when I I will tell you upfront when went the switch again I ended and those of you that and have feel that you have made in the pendant the time to prepare I tried anyway okay finally destress on some or some other testimonial what do it here and would have experience doing this conference game before we do going to that practice it before we start to move the fuzziness and station that's that's that pray that in one kind of thing father in heaven I thank you so much for and the time spent here and then we had the discuss the end and shed some practical tips and tools and and experiences together on how to reach the human heart how to witness to individuals personally and how to build relationships that will also lead to a relationship with you father I pray that you will guide us and what they would do this last session on this workshop and come with your Holy Spirit and Vito 's father that is my prayer in the name of Jesus on okay let's divided in groups of two or three that is suitable and that starts soon a telescopic talk in the about one minutes the other day plan is okay when yes I was not decided in eighteen minus ten seconds looking at setting nine eight seven sixty five four three one start today and I'm sorry I'm very sorry to interrupt you enjoying your conversations that I would love to give you more time okay yes the question adequately before we switch as you make it if you are placed on things got been and will not make it to you about your experience is that this method does not run really good one and I come into that more and more later but how many had more questions on you heard that some how many want to know more immigrants to blessing until you experience right you know this will not only be the case with with with talking about the Christian is not in this site I've asked is many times when I share my personal testing that people would will stop to ask those questions Picasso and the relationship that I've only started you trust to talk about a new revocable as I know you this interesting woman can walk right as the no switching will talk a bit more at about those things and often does your friend is done with your depending on year growth of this market remember at two minutes and starting now okay then sorry once again interrupting your conversation and I am a week we need to go on and it times out the exercise left to do this in and between one and three minutes and I'll tell you that secret I actually gave each of you three minutes you know this is one of the not obviously deviously hot yeah you had yet Freeman at not be enough of how quickly time goes by the hypothetical in the yesterday one-story and overload making one eight but most of the time this is the time that I write me some of that bus we need someone at the door will have a couple of five minutes to ten minutes at the end of the first relationship in connection and and and and connect in some way then you have those precious vestments to make some kind of impression showing that you are sincere in your faith you have a trust in God and the Bible and anger on the earnest about this no one can argue against the fewest sold by a single unique experience that lets you experience the interpersonal crystalline vessel makes it so powerful it's a theological argument though any OJ thing that you need to shed a bit time in Boston and in use share your experience right to remember the quote let's read it yet it's from a desire of ages page three fourteen through close this system of systems this week again as witnesses for Christ we I will leave you remember no what we ourselves had what did you see you I felt and this is the witness of which our Lord called right methanol dance is the question of the people left the door extra regret about right because your experience is not even good and you need to have the wind unions train yourself and having those senses and instincts but primarily personal witnessing and reaching people 's hearts when the guests which I think when he is chair your personal experience with God I suggest novel let's go in soon so that the last part of all this said this and this journey towards the hearts of humans taking them back you gave you have your stuff another place you can go back to your place and find those that your seats but we haven't talked about the ad how includes a meet people right how includes this stock conversations and how the deleted includes a more spiritual nature and I will come to having our own experience and novel coming soon something that that that I I believe is key in reaching a human heart that if the understanding that it is not so offs is not up to Austin convert people right will call to witness a called feather experience recalled the shed the message of the Bible but we need to do this incorporation with the Holy Spirit we need to know that God is with us and working on the human hearts as we are trying to reach them this is very important for us to understand I would like to invite you to open a food the gospel of John chapter sixteen where Jesus speaks about him with the Holy Spirit and John sixteen verse eight Johnson sixteen Jesus and as callous as that is the focus of the Holy Spirit and he says he talked about the Holy Spirit when he comes John sixteen hundred eight when he comes he will convict the world concerning sin righteousness and judge not a thoughtful for a bit and autochthonous than these words and I translated like this and the work of the Holy Spirit is to teach us to come because of sin that is what's wrong unrighteousness that's what I and judgment that if the consequences of choosing either right or wrong right now so the holistic biblical the Holy Spirit is to convict people right and wrong and consequences of choosing either right or wrong and this is an experience that I believe that all of us in this room had gone through when we come in contact with the character of God when we come in contact with the word of God in some way through a servant throughout personal Bible study to someone telling a testimony to someone seeing assault focused only on lifting the word of God and Jesus Christ as the coming conflict with the character of God and the Bible this spirit of God is working on their hearts on our hearts dwelling those closest to him what they are appealing tossed for low what's wrong I and leave what's wrong and this is conviction of the understanding of the consequences that this is a serious decision am called to do right assisted in the conscience the Holy Spirit voice of God for conscience this is the work of the spirit and listen not all we ought to experience this several times but who doesn't seem to us who did Jesus say that the Holy Spirit will convict Christians the right and well everyone everyone that you need at least three dozen for your family member that on the all towards my feet so not interested in all the spirit of God according to the Bible is working on the hearts remained when you some weight with Christ the character of God the Vodafone become competent with it with with with with with and the word spirit is working on their hearts this is why I ate nine years ago never read the Bible in my my entire life when I did something and that I is I I heard this invoice to this kind of this conscience speaking to me that they thought that this is something that you ought not to do it for me this is when I sat down at a told you with my sister attend I need to practice living Bible successor states of the rest of this we sat down and I I I hold my own experience from the topic right I made an appeal this is why my sister started to do that is to feel uncomfortable with this one my sister didn't want to look into my eyes before me because the Spirit of God is working on our not practically we need to take this truth this understanding that God is working on every human 's heart when you come in contact with them and in some way up the contract to draw their attention to the Bible we can take this to me to think that understanding and we need to be there at a friend to help our people friends to make the right decision in this precious moment at the time for you to come there anyone in some kind of judgmental manner think you are so right someone sitting and crying someone deceives uncomfortably say I know I am uncomfortable in the following value right to push people down no one will listen this time we need to reach out the thing I struggled myself I have been there I know holidays I know that this is hard I know that you need someone to support pray together let's do this that's that's that's doing this decision together this is an appeal from your heart sick friend I know what you're going through right now although the voice of God in spirit that extended appeal that should come from from from every Christian seeing someone we need of a friend as important especially if you know yourself and when you go through conviction when you are selfish nature draw seen this direction right and good the vote of God the Spirit of God in an opposite direction is that a decent situation where a hot situation hard-won right it's hard enough that you don't need someone to come there and just push it down right you need someone to encourage beneath some of his show sympathy you need someone to say I'm human too I have struggled just as you did let's do this together let's help each other I miss the people that should come from from from from every Christian in the movement when you see people go through conviction how do see that Jesus spoke about this with Nicodemus to remember is the work of the spirit at the center that Johnson the free Johnson three him Jesus is eating there must and says in verse eight and joined the patient and object lessons on the patient of the HSS the wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound but you do not know where it comes from where it goes so so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit when the script about foster work more on the human 's heart we might not see the Spirit 's right between my feet if I felt it would actually see and we invest the seed effects of the wind we might see some signs to tell us that that person is going through conviction the spirit of God 's working on their heart and always smile it shouldn't be that's a friend reached this and that this in vigil 's heart a slowing you know when I started to share my testimony I don't know about these things I do not know this but I'm sick state is achieved on how to help people how to reach people 's hearts I I was sharing with us church and author of December I guess you know we go down the defendant agreed them in the same pay and thank you and all the things and then in one one nine comes up to me and I've never experience this I do not understand what he was going through the milkman and you must cry and he came up to me and how humans and on the item listing a Christian not analysis then I was afraid I did I don't know what to do if only I was shocked I was uncomfortable this grown-up man standing a try using on the Vineyard Christian what I don't write for as I didn't say anything I didn't do anything for this now if I missed what was going through was something natural when we are with Christ a focus on the word of God is going through some conviction that God was calling me to do something with us is that I should've given him a word of encouragement practice I met him several times also was in his amended affirmation as God has had a falcon but my point is that we need to be there someone he could be there someone helped him okay if a company someone didn't someone to help him and in his decision is on a time and we need to be there also this is as friends from Sears not just talk about some of the signs that you might see a very practical it appears as my friend might be signs of conviction a conviction might be joining a here and this is been speaking in front of of of of people telling you this similar or sharing the word of God 's with an honest heart and any of you would tell us you will see we will see in the face of people when the Spirit of God is touching this is the sign of conviction different ways someone might sit there smiling with this peaceful expression some other person was that the home is shake his hand over her head look up and meet the eyes of the preacher before different signs of convictions that you will experience him in something that's good solicited happiness and people start to tell the others right that's a positive sign and that she has been talked about that they can be tears of joy again to cure Zometa sorrel or months or understanding of both of the my own condition another is sign community cannot stay awake any of the close to where ever the word of God basically shattered right thing and there becomes every Bible study they come to every meeting you invite them to Digby is just the sight of God the Spirit of God is working on their hearts him other on the opposite if the people might avoid you write and they might then don't want to show up below Matthew calls to be uncomfortable among people that that that is reflecting God 's character and now I have been a very extreme and experience in that area I was standing in our church who had we had some simplistic meetings and Australian Holden and greeting people that came in for the purposes of meetings and I see this edition law dragging his space to her son off their author and end and when it comes up so that the work and where they are to enter into meeting all this this is the sun at this pushes her away jump something that insults flung down the staff of the church again at NIC there's nothing okay I get eye contact with her and I know her and I I think I have promoted slightly down there and on my way down the rungs on okay and he has neither runs out from the church I'm thinking something 's happening okay this is not their normal behavior I might be that the work of the spirit on this heart so I've taken up my jacket and I run off and out I look at the Bible working that you donated your Bible worker you get to know that this good students in the corner and all that the whole significant working very well okay so I have an advantage to using dung of the me I'm getting old so I can't run that fast but I know the fiftieth I see that he's running that directions I think if I run this director I might meet him again often I'm running and running and then shut off in the corner we almost bump into each other if it's not hitting me before we have talked of it additionally it is not shocking that the millionaire site as well him I said okay and I said I was down with SSL honestly running up and charging up vote you David McKay would you think that Novell case I asked him so how you talk and we started the wall and I'll threatened everything you see what else they expected to cherish us to talk to get to nothing about their newspaper reader while just about general things because he switched subject of a talk tonight and direct our steps back to the church and we came back to the church and as though this but I stopped outside the church is like looking into setting up a shocking enough without they don't give it up at the effectiveness and in his name is David David why don't we don't need to drink immediately this could only continue a conversation based on church legally at least two thousand on there we continued talking I'm trying to do this trying to direct this is mine to do more of the recent because I know if he's going through something like this going through probation try to reach his heart but I I'm stocked of having to say so I pray I you sitting there and I destroy father give me words give me something to say is that this is God so when I pray all of a sudden we hear this voice out of it for you you jump delete your check this is what happens someone upended in the all in the meeting hall the son only to the speakers wait to hear the kitchen all the other places what's going on right so that's what happening housing in vain this is this kitchen in the basement over and I pray God give me something to say and all of a sudden this area the speaker goes on there now espouses his wife is an interesting and preaches the Macintosh if you never heard him as you just go out because what if if if you stop him again and then continues to tell this story listened with this sort as I pray this basement with this kind of situation continues to produce testimony of an and one hundred amendment of testimony parking his testimony consists incoming to attempt me feeling the conviction of God he starts to run from the tenth because it feels uncomfortable is running someone sees that the full city this is the specimen this is a experience with sitting that at an end for a follows him and and and helps them live listening to that story and taking it to the story is the assist if you do not only I don't know if I'm interested today is this because of self so I think the nineties and hot but I don't show that my face looks a bit and my friends say statistics for this offense he has to signify the only thing I can say things the first was that the Macintosh that I finished I believe the recycle body today my friend Cynthia this is he comes from a background of the way that is conducted he has a very hot back from the experience increased since his mother as a integration estimate would imagine a Pentecostal dragging him into the CDC is by way not taken the steps to join the church yet but he is doing so so my friends there is someone on the house which someone were Washington's heart didn't put things together in the spirit of God expressed opinions in the cost great with him I don't know what the heck would it happen with my friend life but I saw the signs isolate something is going on so I tried to be closely much right to be there and the story that has helped me in my in my eating my understanding that this is true we have access to the greatest power in the universe on its way through an analysis of our site when we try to reach people saw rifled and be practically see the signs of tears joy avoidance had been near and meet those people be a friend and support them in their decision another technically been in this in this situation is timing is so important to know what to say and but more important when to say so important and when to say is when you see the conviction before me you can do it too early when you don't see you will not have been Dave the response that you would like another things that you might do to make you see conviction but the way and the longer you wait from the moment that a person goes through conviction is more likely is that he will not as the voice of God speaking that if that data set that is white and I I encourage all of us if you need the press and see and be there and encourage people 's I know went when I learned this note and a slice of the last working address the TV and says doing programs and also doing Doonesbury personal with whom I worked for life of the local church and reflect the different speakers and was to live the king was less marked family and the tortoise if you know that if Martin was doing so these are people that I I thought now here I would take them with me to my Bible study complexity they believe the Bible studies and I look at them never thought this would be a great experience for me to start both of them agreed on let me make my friends and I remember that easily especially when we went to a lot of my friends are a he he he he he did not believe in God had a Catholic background list everything is a vesicular life professional basketball player profusely and everything was just down his life carrier and then I come and look at a store take young guys my age at an end result of anything well I can try this was thought to me I tried to say the Bible but he's very insistent that we talk about God 's existence of God religion I shift my lures I'm making for several months tsunami was I going them fairly I tell them this divine I think I need to I need to inform admin for my mentor I think I did so well this is the guy doesn't even thought you should stop with this this is something good to either Louis falls asleep with it who has a one-hour drive this out home sleep faultlessly they might know what it is doing some companies home off the love and socializing okay he followed some of the things that we talked about a getting to know him a full five minutes talking and then sit down and and and and and should start it the Bible study know what to do with us is this the first thing he does this if it is my friend 's name was at a drug again can you read this verse in the Bible from first John chapter five eight chapter five at and Joe and Ken versus the twelve novices diversity reading the beginning of the Bible is the first thing that happens exist first John chapter five verse twelve the Bible says there whomsoever the sun hath life who ever does not have the son of God the snow had not been giving this person I am thinking no nudity doesn't need a Bible not that I'm thinking of the defendant 's face and get into it and thinking what a fee of up to the knowledge to ask this question altering that the effortlessness that you know who half life music was one of the son of God is very accurate from the Bible and benefit at Sue and you and you have the sum of God in your life thinking on this is the way and showing off at the other note I don't and then I look at who it was so beautiful that you want to have eternal life I look at Adam and others know about the new toys is not the one I thought he will slice him and within sense of not due to two minutes into the Bible study said they would person that it shows no interest at a distance of the HSL in the Bible or God finished sex item will have eternal life is just ludicrous if they do not knows there at at at and on the ten thousand one integral to do what should you do not listen it is so simple yet so difficult and it comes from the experience of tightening and reading people and know what to say and when to say free minutes into the Bible study at her fix their with no exceptions at all stone cold no I don't want to have anything to do with the Bible Christianity eternal life that's not me at younger and the torso cut in a surface how do I know I know your feelings and thoughts I know that you do not want to have eternal life if it's based on eternal life in the same that's what he says address if there is this guy he always has the snooze button Houston T-shirts that shows his muscles the sisters with his muscles this is that the guy is just that an annuity he looks down and this guy with his muscles starts to cry in response to say this I do not want to live the life I lived today four I fumbled for the looming three minutes into this Bible study stalks to explain the gospel someone that I would have taken on a year or oh I don't know what his top six things of this life is worried about here's not the life that we did today life and read about here is an eternal life with policy and has done this the gospel of the Bible this son of God is able to give you a new life here on before me know we cannot go out and talk to our friends like this is repeatedly with empty for me we can sit down and read this and then ask these questions why because he wasn't leaving this person in this situation in their investing his needs and selecting unit at and ask the right questions in the right moment when you what I and when God delivered him before so important in reaching people 's heart is to operate with only one that can reach people 's heart right listen to this clinical from its events this and the evangelistic page four eighty four the book of events is the book the events in this important page four eighty four it says while betraying some of the love of God ought to be presentence of the world we should never forget that love and love of Christ if it only power that can self than the hearts and leads to obedience yet we need to be there and meet people see where they are and what kind words of encouragement they need we need to show the level of God and sympathy for people that we meet this stuff here that should come from our hearts as we prepare to meet people and and reach their hearts another quote from from the gospel of workers page one seventeen one one seven Gospel workers it says it says ministers that applies sauce also this principal ministers should not feel that the whole truth is to be spoken so unbelievers on any or every and every occasion she should study powerfully when to speak what to say and what to leave unsaid the beginner this is timing this is what I learned from everything that I learned when I went out of my food first what I know all the knowledge I had some severe reading books about of witnessing all of all of all of these can be those guidebooks also whatever I'm sitting in class like this at and for all of this what I learned when I met the way and multifamily to see how they delete meet people are reached our hearts I learned while she seemed that is hiding me to cooperate with the Spirit of God seemed when they go through conviction and be there asked the question friend follow whatever God you do a festive notice when talking about appeals were talking about the bad something that could belong to subject the preaching or giving Bible studies right I talk about this here in the personal and meeting with people as well the condition this could apply to situation at the bus every day I got a question of getting it often my personal testimony as someone that isn't the case if I include the some kind of personal and talk with with the one I share with and just and we should listen to because you have shared your testimony of uplifting Christ to focus on the word of God now they insisted upon my and work on their hearts if you seen signs of conviction show something say a business my experience you know and may know my friends and experiencing same and I know that you can press well experienced what I experience the fullness something into the effect include the other one shot this is appeal the appeal is very simple actually it's it doesn't need to be as complicated thing and also muscling uncomfortable in making appeals court and also listening to appeals and we should not be a calm comfortable option what makes the message practically practical atheists shall message to every that this information is ever asked the question if you never appeal to people to follow information on the theory a good message done in just not reached a half right in the preached so important especially has been made in Sweden I noticed that we are very uncomfortable and preachers and pastors and other O box meet me feel uncomfortable in making direct personal big questions people don't I'll share of Sheriff on serious that that I did I just felt impressed to share with you on this subject and sort of flirtations with this many of us we believe we have dismissed the disc and misunderstanding in the conception of open if we make appeal 's people live feel uncomfortable and and from the way from okay they will be will lead the church in which not to do these things listen to us our consul from from from the book of the venison once again thanks to the seventy nine two hundred and nine it says here it's that our souls in favorite congregation who are hesitating almost persuaded into before we took to be a little God the decision is being made for time and eternity but this too often the case that the minister has not this and how were open message of truth in Omaha and consequences this is hence no direct eye appeals are made easier if Johnson close to why mode many of us don't make appeals why because the creature 's head the message in their own part as he listened to what she continues to say this is what I want to focus on this and what she contains the Saints city growth rate would be felt this is probably not making appeals there is sold these that impressions are not the end upon the hearts of becoming addicted ones and they leave the meeting feeling that inclined to accept the service of Christ and when they came together great sermon great information wonderful message the spirit of God moved the people 's heart they were rated to make the decision for eternity but no one asked them to take the north and they leave no in a better mood is a better situation of making that decision but no burgers burgers situation of making a position while the cost no one knew what people 's they decide to wait for more favorable opportunity the network 's but it's this is why we seek here for twenty years secular Scandinavia Sweden and and listen to sermons that are great for your interest and with great church we sit there with your grandson is all done no appeal no appeal no walking through on China throughout teenage and throughout an appeal to me I just buy the message than one than seventy feeling there shows up and he makes appeals and what happens people think that this is not like they had been enough already they went through conviction ones because I heard that spirit filled preacher and shed a great message and godlessness only but in some way they'd be the book that no appeal if necessary and people are inverse conditions of making a poor decision I work in three different churches in Gothenburg moment and more shipping Sweden and in every church I've met people come than the meet people that attend church all there believe that adversely but Christians and they are not baptized I asked him why are you about things September the same story no one has ever asked me this simple question how is your relationship with God we do not would you like to take that step of threatening your life when you want them to study focused on the group the study prepare for practices designed to appeal if a single question simple question okay let's go back into I jumped in some of the documents with quotes here at so reaching people 's hearts and did the Pentagon and the practical and aspect albeit this is that it is the as and when you see people go through conviction is seen these signs be there for a friend asked the question given encouraging word and okay so important for us as we minister to people at the engaging personal witnessing acids hard-to-reach people 's hearts hearts I will end with the articles on this note and hope it will get some powerful questions in this whole workshop but we get some directions and then here so this last quote from from 's review and Herald I found this one August thirty eight year eighteen ninety two eighteen ninety two retrieved the review and Herald in August she says the secret of our success and power at the people advocating a bonus truth unit the secret for success and power at the people advocating about truth will be found in making direct personal appeals unit to those who are interested equally important timing for those who are interested in having him with a wavering reliance upon the most high for things I want to take from that from the quote at five things the success of us advocating of loss truths is to make direct personal appeals to those who are interested from the three heavy on on the wavering reliance upon the most high that last one very important it is not off asking we have become fiction that there is someone it was because there's someone to scoop that God is calling right now if we talk to someone who see the size of conviction was see the interest developing was seen we find our timing up on wavering reliance that God is working the Holy Spirit is working it's not me I guess this instrument helping right before me trust in God as we make appeal make it personal and naked direct and so I I and direct appeal or the specific appeal if the most ahead of him have been the best effect on people although we can make general appeals of the differences is a general appeal is this I make an appeal for you in right now and that is just so we have lived through that and then the new heaven and new earth and revelation nothing doesn't do some wonderful friends how many would love to be in heaven one day not everyone rate raised their hand right and that's good this is that it is an appeal more terrific left without direct personal and specific appeal that have reduced with the debate some specific needles specific thing a gain and maintain a more odd situations they included people talk to you not us I like how many of us not to be in heaven right but but rather the simple echo would you look for July through the processing here the room and there will be people there is follow the principles of the five principal and pistols of the Bible and the love of God people will not be there that the not have a right question for you today do you love have the love the principles of this kingdom I believe that some human voice of God and know that there is something in our life that is in contrast to what we just went through right of friends I ask you to surrender the Sphinx God if only this is because feeling of the personal appealing than a direct personal question that most of the head that I located the state then yes the general appeal although an important genius make any appeal taken to help people to make the decision and be there in the right moment and find the time okay I was I would emblem on that's on that note and then and open up and asked for four questions on their holy worship and been going through from the meeting of people practical principles and type thought talking book festivals and what to say what not saying all these things appeals and reaching people 's hearts and other secretions that you are you and that you might want to some some input oil Council on time please share with we left from from this distance as an independent open questions for if him and him and told okay thank you right right and at went in and of your personal testimonies you want to make personal insulator includes and relates another person not what you think now this is a very general and visibility is very specific on me when you didn't want again we need to read the people because dear finally right and meet their new remember anything current needs and trying to understand what they are and so this made me very but it is especially if you have in some way you're your own back although your own expense as I said my own experience eleven background in engineering if I called someone that that and I share my testimony from from that aspect I might include something that I noticed it relevant these people did for me I subscribe to do this very hard to give some specific to specifically might be something excessive strong talk about the beginning it is very identical thing again and I do know something to the effect of note this is what I expect I've seen that that the word of God truly this is that the Bible truly is the word of God speaking to my soul you know I I I believe that if you can also experience the same so something something is selected to that is simple tried to include other one I know these things once again these things this is not encouragement on the list and we can help to secure readable commission to my experience and my specimens in this workshop or any other workshop or whatever it is then think that we go out than I would have necessarily know I should not know why I love the front of the store but I do not have any experience and I thought the shared the fate that I had I've learned so much from just being out there you know you don't learn spinning it on that right even jumping than what the substrate and that's so important to him therefrom whatever you've learned here for this conference we have been inspired and encouraged about the also think this begin to trust that God will guide and leave you you will learn so much but seemingly foisting the freedom book and ended up their as everyone is connected to this note and make people through the years of experience missing the so-so that is out there trying to meet people questions on on on market talk about him and extending it to make appeal to early and was right and yes definitely a very timing once again if a person is not in elements if a person is not open at all it even if he doesn't go to the science of conviction and and and I believe that yes if you if you push if you push it is within this will be that Bath invested in perceptions right people will feel that you you're pushing them right this one thing I want to take a look at the that that they mock physical men and women who obviously this one thing that works when you try to appeal to people that this is push release push release push and release many of us make this mistake we went we pushed right that other people make the mistake push released released released released released today is all that was uncomfortable that lets me that they believe this guy and the people that I go to Vienna what I do think that a study nineties I keep notes and records on the plenty I write in my in my John a Lejeune Journal of them I write if I'm not Bush we not release relationship right before me and gave only a very direct but because I made appeals to something that gone through some some testing to the main appeals and then I release something ready for me I released it and maybe check help yourself hope of all a lot of these important things to do practical things maybe and that that I know that this person might not struggle with that this will help and build a foundation for later all right pushing release pushing the spring for all my second time thinking him to ride him in the this is because this is so him down what you want why is God or is not an individual right right is a right to him to your life right and and and and to that EAI I agree we need to be sensitive especially when we meet people personally like this when we have the chance to meet their specific needs in specific situations and to try to find the right timing I was also at this and say I believe that there is a deeper problem also with the I think all of us should also be encouraging our church our pastors ourselves to the start and develop a show making decisions and in walking together with Jesus and since we feel comfortable that this is Christianity this again is just not good not luckily sitting there listening to information that they go to Christianity 's and to develop the seller and I think all of us and if we missed if you live in Scandinavia I would like to encourage you to be on my part of changing the culture and some of the things that that that that I believe did this for us all and anything faces note on the same time when we meet people when we talk with them it I think when you have a hard prepared we need to begin we need to click this is not the people connect up people to question what it meant for you I connected to the house should come right to come from from from you personal devotion insult this is so important to shed some this is a decision I want my friends to join you that if there that people at thank you that's an important and from him he is an and and and is will is is is is is an is in a and in and out and he and he and he and he I he he he he he he and he is one is is in the Navy 's information is in an right and you and I get explanation yeah I need it we need and honestly is that Sharon pay on the sand I think I think this is so important I made my decision on musical whatever it is six years ago I made this decision and is just changed my life to them that I can never imagine being here and being be glad to be gotten to know what I do today and if I did not make that decision you know I would love for you to join in the experience that it has transcript of the appeal that we would love to share with all event questions if you have any final questions unless you grab me during the conference if you have any other thinks you will like to focus on the question in one then this is this is suffice to say this ongoing question yet if they have focal and when they had the feeling that if we wanted when they made it if that's either making the same by the study over your seatbelt defendant and they say it is that I will take for very very important ethics like to share when you try to reach out a hand called for an end and say I will pray with you that's what you want to do often the decision also pray and see you this this this decision that your friends are on making and often appeal a you can you should also I do this and and if you are a if you're able to do this you should also that offer continual contact in some way that this person that you have just had this experience with I think that is so important to pray to build this relationship in this trust you made a decision together is a precious moment in this person 's life that I share my phone number since some some people if I can't need the knife and a friend I will pray for this decision continues to pray for if there is an efficient and follow anything that you go through please fill free to call me when ever called me at and a fight if an outright Hansen will will talk about these people call alumni people cost me an arm this is my struggle and I pray with them I think I have a friend stopped to walk away from that place stopped to walk away from the face and company update the software walked are trying to break again this is the kind of ministry personals and relationships in an existing need to aviation I believe it's it he takes time it takes effort this is the call of every Christian want to follow David then this self-sacrificing way of our Savior this is how he ministered this one and this is what this all works of the spin all about that personal before the personal witnessing and reaching people thank you for that that left investigation pray with people and is healing you have important important thing and leave them in that spirit of decision this Friday at the head will go to lunch right now saw that heaven must thank you so much for speaking servicing one of us in this room and guiding us and giving us the faith that we having you in the relationship that would have been used in the photo I pray that you will take the things that we have discussed and the tips and practical tools and principles and bring them to our remembrance when we meet people are friends coworkers and friends in school and family when we try to to witness to the other and read others and reach their heart 's father I pray that you will help us in some way to be more effective encouraged and inspired to share your knowledge with others may we see many people that you haven't together with the cost of the time you spend here this conference got the time that we spent together in this workshop father I pray that we will have the joy of seeing people come not lost that day and see thank you for the time thank you for this thank you for your words thank you for helping me that day in that moment I'm here because of that fun I pray that that will be every single one of our experience when you come and get them to get us I need to be very long that is my prayer in the name of Jesus and a media was brought by Nautilus is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how humorous is like the more certain please visit www. on universal .org


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