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Finishing the Work, Part 1

Jesse Zwiker


What is God calling you to do? What is your lifework? Has he already revealed it? We will identify principles of how you can find out what God’s revealed ideal will is for you and His remnant people. God has a plan on how to comprehensively give the gospel to the world in this generation. You play a very significant role in the completion of this task. Find out what the Lord expects of you. In this workshop every student can learn to bring their specific life goals into alignment with God’s ideal will and live accordingly.


Jesse Zwiker

Vice President of Outpost Centers International




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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welcome welcome or money today to the workshop on finishing the work you all know what would you be talking about milk while you read on living I will reiterate Diana so what are we can be talking about God 's live our lives a man what else you tell me education rights yes okay so I'm taking excellent undertaking I'm assuming that all of you guys in the argument be here and we can develop this the whole concept over three hours is Iraq as the seminar this seminar is for the first hour here is the beginning is that setting the stage for the conclusions that we had taken that in the second and the third hour okay so it's it's really important that actually everything is building up to that the final hour so you get a unit definitely want to be there especially for the last hour seminar is also very interesting will talk about with Doug about that Adventism and and what was the ideal design of Adventism and and how we can but how we can angle jumped right on up again okay so let's let's have aware print and then we can start writing to get right into our topics missing the spring if I haven't bored we come before you write now you ask for the power of the Holy Spirit when we ask that you might open our minds that you might soften our hearts that you might would that we might be willing to see what you have designed and what you have planned for our church and also for our personal lives specifically Lord Lord you have a specific calling for each and every person that is in this room today Lord I pray and ask that you might fulfill that hearts question of what would you have me to the Lord so this is our question and we pray that you will answer this tonight and also in the next two hours please be with us be our teacher Lord let and not ours the humanity be in the way of your divine revelation tonight in Jesus name we pray all right let's start with the clause which is good to be the context of everything that would be talking about in this end is our the con the main quote that since the foundation is is that you can find it in the book education page two hundred and sixty two saw the art he know this it's it's kind of that fee of the whole weekend held weekend and so this is that this is that the context of what would it be study and has anybody can anybody find the quote for me came I find a quote education page two sixty two and it's found in the chapter called the life work the life work who has read that chapter on the lifework already please raise your hand one two three four five six a Mac okay that's why we're having this our here right really important ally for that chapter tells us tells every one of us what was supposed to be doing that we don't read it what happens when we don't know what were doing right we don't know what God wants for our life so therefore it's very important that we read that chapter on the life work right the lifework now let's start with the first think it's the first three phrases all that chapter first three phrases first three sentences that's a story I'd first presented is whether that summary hasn't been agreed it would education among everybody with your iPhone 's learning okay if not of the start how to start success in any line demands what a definite aims the everybody that has read it they know by heart data that's important that's how important it is okay though succession and demanded that the name and then not as a continuum he would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view that aim worthy of his endeavor right then such a name is set before the youth of today the day God has set before the youth everybody everybody is room what were supposed to be doing the definite aim of which we need to ask steadily in view steadily what that means steadily these all the time right on I like every day when you wake up you need to have this met that at this mate that this aim in your mind okay this goal in your mind what is the goal is the crucial because of race that haven't appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the whole world in this generation in the noblest that can appeal to any human being is the noblest aim okay the noblest aim the goal objective that can appeal to any human being what's the goal okay excellent so the goal looked traditionally we have been saying this all over everywhere waggle if there are fairly biblical right in our churches if they if they want to do the right thing they treated this way they say let's give the gospel to the world right we need to be bridging unto all nations Tesla were used to that's what we've been saying but it actually loses the main phrase the main phrase was the main phrase that changes the perspective in this generation so the goal is actually what the goal was to finish the work to preach the gospel of elevations in one generation like you and I are not going to die before Jesus comes a Mac that's the bulk so that's the boat that's the best plan now that's gone strategic plan is right okay you plan he wants to finish the gospel the gospel derision in one generation Zemeckis now how long has been begging us now like a hundred and something years acting since the time again so we have actually we have not embraced that so much we have actually not taken this Council Tahiti we have not made that are definitely do you'll get up in the morning and think I need to try to see how I can use my day today to try that finish the work in my generation using that everyday millwrights that we all be lying if we said yes right now the truth is we don't think about it but that is the definition this is what we are called is what were raised up to do right so so we have a problem here that the habit of like the drivers were not taken into consideration so much right now working as see how God had actually decided God has a strategic plan I'm serious like step by step plan okay status of implementation if you have there is any business people here business managers is on the line that you had your you would enjoy this strategic plan because it's so yummy and it's the most intelligent land I've seen how to comprehensively present Oswald all nations go to see that over to see that in the in the last hour okay in the last hour in that in the second out to see the cognitive plan on the map on Howard one hundred investment donations and raise our will get to see the tie in Israel how Israel was actually supposed to present Gospel of all nations okay are you excited about that one of my knowledge Israel actually was designed to live the present gospel is incredible it's incredible sadly unfortunately Dave they didn't really do it know and therefore we have been a bad example and guess what we are the anti- tribunal and identified as it needs its it's it's like ten times bigger right like the land and in Jesus Reich 's way so we have we have Israel admitted a bad way right they did have a bad way now we have to and I thought right the religious office what we do now we allow our site visit was happening that this was happening so how do we hardly figure out how not to do what we're doing or we have been doing while we need that each get out of our boxes and look at ourselves as a whole actually we're not as rich as we thought we ought right to make sense where Laodicea we have to realize less than lukewarm I'm not on not cold I think I'm rich and have need of nothing right privilege and three were supported at twenty two but I think I'm rich and have need of money and we need to realize and mosaics wait a second are we really that rich all we heavens should year with no that's baloney right it's like completely wrong why because God loves us and what he say what he said according to the revelation three yeah were poor blind okay poor blind him yet feminine that right I mean regedit with the worst people on the planet according to that verse right according to divers with the worst development yet we think we are there good people right so we have a problem here and we do realize that we are poor that we have to repent always done it at that and we need to figure out Howard and actually present us to want on measures in one generation and goal on my book to have an event that's the whole idea so Israel let's go to Israel Israel was the Deuteronomy four Deuteronomy chapter four verses five to eight Deuteronomy chapter four hundred drawings of the four versus five date this is the old testament gospel commission under listen to this misconstruing right listen to this visit as the Old Testament gospel commission this was the design of Israel how Israel was supposed to reach the entire world in their time and their and their time so let's read from verse five behold I have taught you statutes and judgments even as the Lord my God commanded me that he should do so in the land where there you go to possess it number six keep therefore and do then do what what the Commandments are the statutes and judgments do the Commandments of God because there's smart drive keep therefore and do them for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of who in the sight of God yet in the sight of the nations missions in Hebrew means pagans okay a reversal all the pagans believe all that not godly secular people all of the time right the Philistines of all these people they were supposed to see Israel as a very it says here this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations of the nations will think that you are wise and says we shall hear all these statutes and say surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people for what nation is there some way that God 's solemn nod unto them as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for mercy and what nation is there so all graphics that have statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law which I set before you this day while so how was the Gospels was the matrix of all nations by education yes what Gordon text host was average but it are going to add evangelistic campaigns militate yes they him him them the baby will want God to do right by there it does there by their testimony right by their testimony people today they want these people are the wisest people on this planet right are the most intelligent people on this planet these guys I want to be part of these guys because these I'll want is an understanding people these are the most intelligent people I want to be part of these guys right event that even the pagans would have a say what you want to go and become Jews because they were the wisest people on the planet right that was the whole idea that was the point that would be that the goals that they were headed for Israel it was deciding Israel was designed to be that this often best of the best nations in the world right let's go Deuteronomy twenty eight through the quick Deuteronomy twenty eight verse thirteen Deuteronomy from verse one actually Deuteronomy twenty eight firmware verse one up to thirteenth it's all about the blessings that God bestows among God 's people if they simply do not Commandments right if they would simply do not commend the God would make them what is a saver thirteen what is a summary reader will be shy hot reverse while you should be the head I'm not detailed of society you should be a bomb only actually in all things right in all things was was is you have decided to be a bomb was designed to be the head of the entire world Deuteronomy seven verse fourteen M says the same thing it says it says that you will be a blast you will be blessed above all nations says right he will be blessed above all nations so Israel was actually designed to be kind of like that there the most prosperous nation the more the best nation in the entire world let me read you a quote from the ministry of healing who in his room has read them is revealing a few more okay okay measure failing testimonies volume eight says that Seth is the great physician 's wisdom God 's wisdom the great physician 's wisdom is in the book minutes are feeling that great physicians with them so you fear if you're interested in knowing how God views health okay is said that the minister feeling on the book measure feelings as if out of all kinds of things and in in page two hundred and eighty three okay page two hundred and eighty three it says one of the most incredible statements that confirm what we've just seen from the Bible it says had the Israelites obeyed the instructions they received and profited by their advantages they listened to this verse they would have been the world 's object lesson of health and prosperity prosperity listen carefully Israel would've been the object lesson for the entire world of health and prosperity is as a people they had lived according to God 's plan they would've been preserved from the diseases that afflicted all the other nations above any other people they would've been possessed they would've possessed physical strength and vigor of intellect and what have been the mightiest nation on the planet on earth on the earth okay what they would've been the mightiest nation on the entire planet incredible incredible but let me let's think about this okay Israel was designed what would make a connection to to our time what will were supposed to be doing a written actually designed exactly the same way from from what these guys are saying Israel was actually designed to be that most prosperous nation in the entire world who was the most prosperous people today who do you think if you don't like the richest man in the world of the saxophone when Husak book I was then Anglo-Saxon all the successful man only out of it again now I understand against X I write this all the successful men yet who is back today what you think you think of Jewish people okay we think of George Google dance we have some of his blessing now they'll get the money correctly arrived but anyway and then they do have all on down they own a lot of banks right all right all the Jewish people you think of the Federal Reserve right the Federal Reserve that owns the basically owns the United States right these guys all just about anything they all the printing that the dollar printing press that that actually controls the entire world economy right maybe except for Norway as you have enough oil here but for their Sweden and I have limited this so so I mean I mean quite impressive okay these are the guys okay no Bill Gates and so forth these are the ones that we look at we say while Hill these guys are like the most prosperous people right there the richest people on the planet actually Israel and Adventism think about it was designed to be the object lesson of health and prosperity so that these guys would look at us okay the Federal Reserve okay would love to us as a how the to okay visit this is what is happening okay so may Babylon would look at Israel and say how do they get so wealthy right how did they get so much money they want to be the object lesson for health and prosperity actually health if they would have done the laws of God if they would have lived their lives according to the laws of God they would have had no one sickness according to Exodus fifteen right Exodus fifteen verse twenty eight forty four twenty eight says that God will put none of the disease is of of Egypt on God 's people and they simply follow the laws the Commandments of God by which command the visit talking about was commanded is it talking about their own commandments which commandments are the Commandments then making not have disease yet the actual loss write the laws of nature it's it's it's so it's who it's so simple right look if you eat a lot of fat what even if there now can be fat right that's out works right it's cost-effective simple right so if you can and if you need a lot of cholesterol eating a cholesterol -based diet right well you can have problems because of the clog your arteries you to have high blood pressure if you have diabetes you can have hypertension you can have all the city in August it is this amazing strength and simple it's funny though that today there will be more people read all the junk food right and all these fatty foods right and then they go to the doctor and not another all the S2 bag would have to give you a pill so you can continue eating what you are now all the bad stuff but now at least we can control you your diabetes right diabetes type two but the right and you can maintain that for the rest of your life until you die right thus is nonsense right is a nonsense yeah why don't we just say an end and not follow the doctors because doctors actually don't necessarily mean all the things wrong but they understand that people don't want to change their lifestyle no it's not so easy suddenly the doctors as well actually it should be all that you know cholesterol type foods well need them and a bunch of cheese and the things right that have a lot of cholesterol well that's good it's going to make you fat and simple right but he can say that but they won't change anyway so then you just as well me give you a you at least able feel this way won't die fast enough but that's not the point of God 's commandments God 's laws the natural laws while a negative ability to say that every single every single Jew right the people of Israel were not have any diseases not one disease they were not have depression there were not that I have diabetes they were not have hypertension thereunder have cancer they would have any of this stuff right why because they follow God 's laws of nature God 's laws of nature are exactly as important as God 's laws in spiritual nature rank saying absolutely zip and part the gravity is part of God 's loss right it's a law of nature it's God 's law he made it right so God says look at Manny pay I would recommend this is what God says I recommend that you follow gravity by don't don't try anything okay so far will follow the law you'll be fine now I can say as a rebel right human beings for Isaac I don't want above the law of gravity on a blog get up on this roof and I'm not about to walk off it was I'd like there's no long gravity was average to me yeah I'm in a reason consequences I don't afford down maybe maybe maybe die right I decided guide yesterday he was demon possessed he actually jumped off of the roof and broke both of both of his legs will just last week crazy anyway that's a different story but the truth is that you can if you're going to neglect the laws of God if you know that if you do that deny that these commandments are there while you're delivering your delivering some problems upon you right you can have some consequences while you jump up and even a desire you never get back something right in a breaking something and therefore it's actually wise it's wise to follow the laws of God right if you follow if you follow gravity you'll be fine this is what God says this so that is visiting AZ just follow my laws you'll be healthy you will have any diseases right if you follow my laws actually even in business business principles if you follow God 's laws you will be that object lesson of prosperity in the entire world that was what is real was designed to do in in our time it was actually designed to do continue to be exactly the same thing if you study if you studied any of averages history and I really encourage you to study out of this history because it gives you a whole different perspective on what were supposed to be doing right if you study in the beginnings in Battle Creek talking about being the object lesson of health and good health will going to hell first and then later on will going to prosperity and in monetary resources okay in health averages and was actually designed to be the object lesson of health for the entire world was supposed to be the reference point for all knowledge of science that has to do with medicine best to do with anything actually all sciences but especially medicine right we were designed to tech could be the head in all of this banal detail when when we started Battle Creek and Battle Creek College and the Battle Creek sanitarium have you heard of the benefits of their okay Battle Creek sanitarium with Doctor Kellogg Doctor Kellogg one of the most one of the most genius people that that we have had in Athens is a actually most most of that of the pioneers of Adventism most of them were were geniuses most of them were super intelligent they were inventors they invented your that product prop prophecies present their applications in a this was invented by Uriah Smith Smith and Ida brought the book of Daniel and Revelation that is the reference point for everything going on down in a revelation revelation is not invented protégés invented all kinds of other stuff right Kellogg invented hundreds of different things most things that we have today in our gyms in origins worldwide were invented by Kellogg okay most losing politics how to exercise at these machines do not oncologist off of a fire anything you can imagine this man is vented their according to the simple things that God had been showing to his people will like giving them convoluted this is how these the principles this is how you need to work and this guy cannot humble as he was in the beginning right he received that Council and everything that came his way every study every every every idea they came he would apply it he would he would he would analyze it according to the councils according to Ellen White's Council on health music okay this agrees with us okay let me implemented all of this doesn't agree with us all I'm not implement the spec is when he started implementing all of these things in the Battle Creek sanitarium which was that Adventist version of a hospital okay the Avenue 's version of a hospital sanitarium or lifestyle center Norton today our wellness centers the new terminal soul soul he was getting all of these patients and he was applying all the stuff I mean you can't imagine all the things that this man invented a light box of it and what do you know you can you can treat would like or you can treat with warmth of the so then so that he did he develops at and at the box would like a hundred light bulbs inside and you sit in it right and you can any of the treat all my stuff okay skin diseases and and and and circulatory diseases on Augusta sample on each simple stuff that hydrotherapy with water not water is one of the most effective ways to disease to treat any disease right I mean most diseases why because it's one of the most effective ways to develop your immune system right to increase your musician actually that the point is that the body is able to treat its own it's it self-righteous nature actually treats the diseases and so we are to simply a major in the process so that's what that's what hydrotherapy does right hard-core hot hot water and cold water Dubois water if you put your hand and in hot water why must you live zero nine is already right what is it you read yet all that blood which flows right so they do put a Goldwater what happens she writes so it starts this move you circulation right so then he says that that that the pump everything and it starts to move all that toxins out the back is very very powerful but so was Emily 's water nothing but water right so this guy State to realize all the things and start implementing it in and develops August all kinds of machinery 's okay these vibrators for feet and if you've ever been to Michigan but a great all man you need that you do see it an incredible look at machines phase you can you can lie on your on your own just comment if you have like an intestinal problem right he developed this this like Atlanta massage table with a hole in the middle and machine underneath at like six things that go like this on top so you lean on top of a grizzled horror music Asia faces you write me amazing okay this guy was he was a genius that he was a genius to or not now that wars and all the gems he invented this okay I mean I mean most things I'm serious peanut butter anyway our we go on and off now this guy started inventing all the stuff based on the councils of the widespread how how how the truth is about all the stuff and so everybody that came to this place all the others had no idea about health at all right I mean I mean these guys were like cutting people 's peoples arteries to have the blood flow allowed if they had like Ed had a few noise like to much blood in the head okay let me cut would get the blood out that having Dan no conception of health no as a suddenly ill why has all of these on these visions on on on on this rational Horowitz was to work in and instead of using drugs used in natural remedies and this and that other stuff right so he starts applying the stuff suddenly all the people that go there get healthy everybody that goes than any other hospital at six okay but instead they die or not it on anything right so they all start going to the bottom greater than go to the Battle Creek sand that was once thought so suddenly all the presidents of the United States from other countries these are going to the brokerage said because that is where everybody was getting yield everybody was getting up not because of catalog but because of what yet because of the because gone God 's laws were being respected and gone was able to bless those people doing doing these things and giving God the glory I mean it was it would simply amazing so this guy was actually always years and had off and everybody else okay all that hardware then all the other universities they were all way behind in comparison to battle great that Greg was way ahead it was the reference point everybody from all the other universities they were going to badly say hello how do you do it right how do you do it and he says what would he say what he said no using what anything that comes my way I tested with the process if it agrees with the Bible is very promising implement right away if it does a great than is just a fad and it's a good idea to some some crazy idea of somebody and he doesn't apply so he always had success and he was always much faster than everybody else I much much ahead so that became the epitome of all knowledge and science in in in in treatment in health in everything that that was that was known back then right unfortunately what happened what got Kellogg got her out right you're probably started thinking that it was his wisdom not God 's wisdom and sore he started you started taking the glory for himself he started getting actually came in on a trip to Europe right is Europeans for I'm European development in Iraq but he came on a trip and he got into pantheism and so and so I messed this will bring up right he started thinking that God was in everything in Salamis that I mean all kinds stuff he asked the public to book that the review Herald you know why there was a firing room you have yet as they were trying to receive big publishers these this pen a book and other books are in horrible right so then huge crisis nineteen oh two nineteen oh three big crisis eventually catalog upon sizes and and and everything was actually he changed the legal structure of that that Battle Creek San so they would have been his own and anywhere they store a big disaster and it actually almost destroyed the church in almost destroyed up and is a bit this is how how strong it was and how powerful catalog actually was Caleb had a lot of influence because he was social social intelligent in him because he would do all of these things so everybody would look to him and he started going off and all a lot of people nowhere really shaken during that time so so have imprisoned was actually designed to reform the entire medical practice of seven modern-day world not only health but also education because of this situation God gave them alike another vision and told her okay we need that God is proactive not his bracket fee he doesn't say that why did you do this you don't know God finds a solution right toys is okay this dialect but we do something outside what you get when you do not what you do he says okay lets that was at California Loma Linda that's an sold so Godhead gave their life in a vision of a property beautiful property on Linda in California this was in nineteen oh three ninety oh four where they went down they purchase the property he got tremendous thing right day for like a fourth of the price they got they got this amazing property heretofore with orchards and all kinds stuff out of it out of the country close to the city to reach the cities and so forth and there we were to a design set in the actual Adventist medical program for the entire world okay for the entire world it was supposed to be done they were supposed to do it and AMD they actually started out well these guys were so cutting edge okay cutting-edge means like the line always the newest inventions they were being they were doing they were starting to be able to do surgeries and instead of using drives instead of using like anesthesia they're using ice okay I smell high in all engineered okay like high quality of these guys were starting to experiment with these things to try to figure on how to do it God 's way how did the best way to ice and numbs your your skin if you have it on so these guys were where it developing into these things unfortunately actually we were designed in Loma Linda we were designed to develop our own medical doctoral program okay doctors nurses and other programs as well to develop doctors but not according to God 's not according to the world system not the American medical Association right which was the world 's system of accreditation but actually according to God 's order she says according to God 's order if we had done this from the beginning back then it was easy we would've developed our own system of education not normal Bali downstairs accreditation from the world right developing our own doctors but these are real doctors of God 's order okay no of drugs know all this stuff real doctors doing our message starting sectarians all over the world and all the stuff right from from that time that was supposed to happen unfortunately after even six years six years into it and when we we we bow down to the world system and you can read all of this if interested you can read this in woman in the messages because it's on your phone as well if you have a gap over the messages incredible okay we went into into accreditation into the world accreditation and and so we started getting the teacher is that PhD 's is over from from from the world know that they don't understand God 's way of feeling and so much and we started copying the wireless system of health the world system of how to do everything and and you know the horrible thing is that we do a bad job at your language a bad job at the world system now aware that a little bit of recognition you'll I do not know the study of Loma Linda right where wearing Loma Linda they become there there actually you'll have exists are the longest living culture rights together with like some people from Japan to be a driver and in him we live we live an average ten years longer than everybody else okay this lived ten years longer on average than everybody else now ten years and let me tell you it sat it's a shame as it it's a disgrace that it's only ten years actually it was supposed to be like thirty or forty or more years on average I'm telling you on average if we Woodland the health message the way God is designed for Adventism amazing but because we we got a mixed-signal within a minute to try to do it and with the world and try to help China do not know himself so we got to get ten years no unit according to the world statistics on the curing of cancer know what the Raiders of curing cancer curing cancer means that the person is still alive after five years after having been diagnosed with cancer that's clinical visitors about three percent three percent okay the vast majority don't make it okay now this is in the in the world system off of medicine not in God 's system of medicine is easy to be three percent knowing God system of medicine is warning more right it should be before actually if it was six percent Italy six percent that will be twice as effective as successful as the world system right that would already be extremely good night but you know what they did a study over ten years so far and it's not it's not an expensive scientific study over ten years at Valley at one of one of the institutions that does the dozen medical missionary work does it actually act actually a satellite project from Wildwood Road where I'm working on right now and they've done they've done a study over ten years of all of their cancer patients and they followed up with all of him and and not and they treat they specify they specifically treat cancer this place and been mandated they work with their patients over these guys you know how what what their rate is what their success rate is of of curing cancer cancer notice that it was six percent it will be double as much of the world mechanisms twelve percent twelve would be four times as successful as the world it's not twelve it's not even itself twenty four it's not forty eight it's so far okay this year it's sixty seven percent of all cancer patients sixty seven percent and you want these guys they do a good job but even they can improve even they can put your system percent in God Scripture God 's way she's in all diseases will come upon his people right God has a solution for all of the diseases wages haven't started into it it'll than Max a way of feeling God 's way of feeling right so this is closely important right so imagine if we had all our Adventist University on Raven 's M hospitals and lifestyles and it could ring out studies like that you know where would you most read if you have cancer where he will treat your answer in no event will this illusion now I'm not stupid right but that I would never do that I wanted to know what you're doing right now six is successful right so so having this was designed to actually do that okay not only intense events is one example playing at free single science right noises in every single size we were to be cutting-edge we would be the top we will be the ahead on that all of the world not the family and on I would like you don't belong next to Jan that's a disgrace to go it's actually it's we we we in the result was shameful no but but this is what we need that when will we need to learn that the disease it's a disgrace he looks like David -year-old David when he went to Goliath when he came down he saw Goliath laughing at their Israelites and God 's people for whom will write in a value of the right ladder that were argued on any instrument that's a disgrace you know the world is laughing eyes like I did on the data goes along and it was as broad as a wiki to do something about this guy had a burden get a burden thank God 's name would not be in such a disgrace to any came and killed his brother a wiki to do something about this what are they brother say shot out brother go back and then your sheep and you understand and you'll your David and Jan I think all I probably I was at all of the identical new I tried my best to visit but David didn't do that right how I was David is a audio not listening to me I think needless to dedication right this was because the game was spent again this is a this is a disgrace to God 's people how can we say that God is more powerful than these guys and end the megaphone of us is made by God in the rest of the story is longer one guy one guy that stood up and said no one we can't let this be continued to be a disgrace to go in a new lead to something we need to change something we need to weed that make God 's people be the head of the world again so that they can be the blessing that God has designed God 's people to be right this is for season for the health side as well as for the prosperity side prosperity side let's go there for just a few minutes for prosperity let's go to Exodus nineteen verses five and six and then I'll read you one more quote that shows what the design was Exodus nineteen verses five and six can read of course only on English somebody you can you have an English Bible will you are usually being in a brief and leave the use of the code is high this verse reveals something it actually says that God 's design this is right before the ten Commandments are sexist nineteen Nexus twentieth and Exodus nineteen tells us that God 's design for God 's people was actually that every single person was to be what increase every single person was designed to be a priest it's to be a kingdom of priests are a royal priesthood in the New Testament we have this confirmed right first first theater tonight yet I will priesthood exceedingly priesthood and nation of priests this was the design of God 's people and everybody in the Old Testament in God 's people were actually designed to be priests where priests or priests priests are the ones that were separate they were separated for what for a holy cause for a holy purpose those were the priests actually the entire nation was separate for this holy cause for the holy cause of being separate for God 's work now there was some special priests which which which where which who which priests were the special ones in the Levite priests right the Levi please delete entries with the ones that were taken care of what yet it wouldn't give the sanctuary right those are the ones that today would be the pastors right the pastors are actually deleted by priests on that time done by priests we think that the prices are the priests that the and we were we but with the laity at with the laypeople actually that's a wrong concept that's a wrong concept it shows it it makes us think that only the priests or only the Levi priests actually need to work for God and Delancey listened to what they died so that they can do the work right that's not how it works right who'll produces the sheep machine or the shepherd he has to shave drag VC producing not separate it doesn't work that way it actually does not work and the system in this is probably the greatest alive the greatest deception that the Lord that that the devil passport into our concept of life that that that we can be normal laypeople and and still be fined not have to work in the in in God 's work and not have a design for that and and it's still fine and the priests you know they they work they work full-time that was not the design actually of of of Israel every single person was designed to be a priest is to touch a priest is the Levite priests the Levi Frese are supported by what types type actually gifts offerings they were also for other stuff in the Old Testament were for Windows and for different things right offerings but I was specifically to run the sanctuary to run the past yesterday my best to I'm tied to the church is to be able to start the run the system I told so that's that's really important but all the rest they were designed to still be traced they were actually designed also for holy cause to be missionaries but they were not to be supported by time they were to be supported by what they were to be supported by the me region the court minister viewing page one eighty three in God 's plan for Israel every family had a home on a land on the land with sufficient ground for killing sauce were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful industrious and use the keyword and self-supporting life okay every single family was designed to actually be self-supporting sustaining themselves and why they sustain themselves actually through what they are doing through their work that they were doing they were designed to preach the gospel through that thing that they were doing through that business whatever it was that they were doing this plan is the most intelligent plan it says it says here it continues it says thoughts were okay as a sporting life and all devising all men has ever improved upon that there's nothing smarter than that do the world 's departure from it is owing to a large degree the poverty and wretchedness that exist today while we would have no poverty if simply everybody would have been all when sufficient to build their own their own food and and live an industrious self-supporting life as the most intelligently actually this was the way how they work to achieve what prosperity to be the example to the Federal Reserve okay through this system self-supporting and supporting the Levites with that right everybody actually being a priest everybody being a missionary priest is an old term for missionary today was a modern day terms is his missionary so these guys were all designed to be visionaries but most of them were designed to be self-supporting missionaries and everybody and everybody else they went into the ministry oracles right into past oral work and they were supported by time so that was designed back then for prosperity in their nation and and I propose to you tonight that this same exact plan is proposed to Adventism at this time if of worlds history and actually it is the condition that we get back to this plan that would actually finish the work in just one generation it's following this plan that makes us be able to finish this work now tomorrow is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Sunday where we will study on how that plan was actually designed comprehensively designed how every single church member was was designed to actually become a missionary a full-time missionary actually in the comprehensive plan of Adventism to do to finish also in this generation that when I learn how to do that how that was decided to actually all revealed right and will will find out and that will give us the basis for us to figure out how our lives can be aligned with God 's plan is in a sense you want to find out it's amazing how it's amazing however this was designed and we don't know who don't care about you all right well I hope I hope that this says it has has helped us to head to see a different picture in different vision of what was posted so so a you will see each other on Sunday let's have a word for finish the father in heaven or thank you so much for being with us Lord for giving us another perspective of what you have designed your remnant people to be Lord Lord that we do not have to be ashamed of who we are but that we can truly say that these are your Lord Jane methods your are being commands your ordained principles and Jordanian people to have the entire world Lord to bless the entire world with these beautiful knowledge and beautiful practical truths that that that you have given us lord or help us to be good stewards with all of this knowledge and actually be able to bless others with please bless everybody in this room that we might follow this plan in our lives by a is not a spy I assume the website is that God 's word to me seven hot want to know more about how the universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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