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Finishing the Work, Part 2

Jesse Zwiker


What is God calling you to do? What is your lifework? Has he already revealed it? We will identify principles of how you can find out what God’s revealed ideal will is for you and His remnant people. God has a plan on how to comprehensively give the gospel to the world in this generation. You play a very significant role in the completion of this task. Find out what the Lord expects of you. In this workshop every student can learn to bring their specific life goals into alignment with God’s ideal will and live accordingly.


Jesse Zwiker

Vice President of Outpost Centers International




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him justify thank you we justify the way who is writing right now archive contact okay well I know what you know and by then God I know you because I am about I'm being a testimony at my job right and ended up and I think I for you to do evangelism right for you to do this is that we think this is traditional and this is how we think right is normal and less of us probably INET system right we begin that and this hour is to try to show that this move this project will admit it obvious judging the people around Manhattan Bush I don't believe me according to this map because of the lame admission is the day I have a responsibility that we actually found diamond on a mission work every single to commemorative full-time involved in mission work that the gospel will be precise definition in this generation in London I believe it's not just one percent about invisibility we given up when he comes again right with one of the one hundred percent at least according to the women's morning if indigo largest portion of the church are to be doing is actually a Roman Catholic and the shakeout of the church for their work with this with with display wilderness find out and I would find out what was God 's comprehensive plan for Adventism to involve every single judge member to buy full-time him so revolutionary when never thought about this okay well time for mission and not just the testimony by the desk anybody ask anybody that works in a worldly job and how many people do have concluded that their job and I I I didn't disobey understanding these days for a little bit fairly young but was exact probably but that but I decided to add a very impressive because actually the cause of the low it doesn't want out of it I wanted to leave the Senate I want somebody to come to judge with them once or twice a one of us was that I believe that it had to do that anyway so the time to hunt said the problem is I mean think about your sin is anything about your friends all of you people think about your life think about it the only people have you been able to that can lead to the feet of Christ to be that I had to join the church this concept of a U S is not effective okay it's not affected and we see ourselves by thinking that that is effective as of a sense we deceive ourselves think that affected and that simply value and present of my money for something to do some evangelism within this debacle it's not going to finish the gospel like ethanol if no members of the night once I was as I want one hundred percent back and was and is the actually means you along the path that God is the shot with one is ten percent start with giving the present and will teach you along the way out the what about that actually but anyway so we had a problem with system that we had what good does not work we're not getting to heaven by the judge membership check the Swedish trash membership list check loans and check membership CMA will have been gone now to go check whether we are doing the responsibility or not it were not doing that and an executive and it's not working okay it's not working that the concept in which we are living right now now we already met on and I'm not trying to criticize any eighty and all anybody right is is is is our beloved church not a problem but we have the we have been accepting the system of the world you are the lines of business this is the problem that could have been trying to make is not be able to finish the work and is willing to get out of me so so this is not working what is going to look right is it that is going to work what is it that is going to fiction make this change so that we can not only being anonymous success that will fight we went was struggling to keep the charges are invaluable in particular how the Islamic world after all you know that he was trying to trash is witnessed by the dozen in the classified doesn't happen it doesn't work this is really one if you want to see that this does not work him us out of there okay what the solution right how can we do this with business work and visit other blogs they are you able to again underneath I divided the all right let's go to the beginning of where it was started when it started God had designed this would actually from the beginning of baptism we witnessed the finished debacle roof shortly after he was brought right and it is money shortly after we listened to enough books other than a good heaven is actually in the fifty thousand people in fifty thousand Adventists right in eighteen forty four and after October twenty eleven you haven't is that were the eleventh two thousand and that nothing happen if the people if they had held on to the Verizon will not have an right there now is it happen God is mercy Christ himself again right there to get motivated and do this right in eighteen eighty eight actually the fourth Angel right of revolution making allowances he actually came down the eighteen eighty eight to reveal the righteousness of Christ have you ever that causes eliminated Minneapolis downtown with okay okay good for my Bible students and as a backup in the conference Christ was going to reveal himself was good and pour out the Holy Spirit actually came down and he was going to each start start pouring out the lettering what are you rejecting the message of the righteousness of Christ how we can effectively surrender everything to God and God lives of hundreds of when Jesus lives on in that happens sure that web agreement and like a year okay that's all that I live in a non- diabetes page two hundred and fifty that raising them into the usefulness of wrongdoing by putting so I felt even if I is not limited the usefulness of one will by putting seven five minutes went by the working of the Holy Spirit and on automatic and lives allied only consecrated within the meaning that there is no think about it there's no limit any election year the bustling little and Sweden if it's just one person in this room that gives their lives wholly to go about this one fifty okay like in this room one person because there is no limit no limit to what God can do through just one of these one this one edition this article was great there's no limited usefulness of one of Microsoft's side makes room for the fifth heart of his life holy consecrate this is a C that whatever is available there was a delay to the crisis but they rejected it they had a split of criticism we like the spirit of criticism in Europe especially in rural monk seal and typical right-wing intellectual thinkers in our life is so criticizing thing right and he was smart about it and actually him we can neither spirit of God in this I don't say we should be independent thinkers we need to be thinkers but not criticizing and let's go into history ninety one after him anyway in nineteen oh one God wanted to do more time one that actually come down and fill out the latter rain it was it was almost a happen ninety one in the general conference in Battle Creek they have to move an agenda that the restructuring of the church which is where they do back when they developed largely developed destruction about now with no conferences and union vision I will check for a mission that would help at risk of having a division of having a union of having a conference in in in Sweden but most of that admission back as fast as possible that was the first to point second point on the agenda of the General conference was the leading of the Holy Spirit they never got nineteen oh one this was a hundred and twelve hundred eleven years ago they never got to that point in your life since nineteen oh one nineteen ten nineteen twenty nineteen thirty nineteen forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety two thousand and two thousand and and not think that in our church is a mess this problem why because we think we're rich where Lucy Norma we all know that that's a condition that's her problem felt without limit then get him us him praise God the president changes no as I know I will get on him then I wanted that was on that will then that God is using this man right that wasn't now to call up a revival and the Reformation to shake our will there's been a promising and I find while and all the rebounds and all these things and fail in movie and I will cherish anything during additional and you can see that many its amazing from the time working on the iPod and unrelenting it's amazing how many calls I get all kinds of conferences of the unions and and and charges and from what the brilliant adventure in all their practice in Windows and Columbia we were doing if anything we minute in my discipline and making it harder than medical mission in and out of the Expos in Ottawa was stopped by a hawk of the additional rent so many obscenities of the Iranian civilians calling the shots wounds in their country and their confidence and their union mission schools but without an appointing official calls just just a novel and ten thousand livestock centers on Sunday the health centers and begun to think that when you are starting to be really great him and when I'm waiting on you I just got back from you is that just a few weeks ago right and then in English I got last week I just got that I just thought that this is unofficial this is because of from the Costa Rican conference on odd that they wanted said that in the fact that I discovered that there was an upset on the one hand what evident and manage it for them I think that this is Manhattan in history that Priscilla Krishna not how is the concept of the redacted is the question that organized the how is God 's design and visit him every single judge member of the administered in fact I got work in Bosnia or not national in a Mac file so we will not be deflected without a goodbye rather than the daily living let me start out from the beginning the beginning of the whole vision within Madison Madison God 's beautiful farm there's a book actually at the Madison that this microphone not Madison Marcus on route here but I have all the books movement of the books with all this information is contained okay you wanted one every movement every app that you have a book that one and that is rather the next medicine live the rest institution that actually that the comprehensive sustainable evangelist the concept for Adventism it was the family institution this was in my you are okay nineteen oh four started the school at the head of ministry Edwards seven and the father of this education is known as the father about with education denominational and even self-supporting education and and this man under the guidance of five on the vision that I like that I had all the visions to develop this system comprehensive sustainable environment and that's what we're recalling just as easily as you want was never a member of GC never about member of Battle Creek are out of their November member of Melinda international custody faces the days that she was at that member all the amenities you really to make the decisions right was a medicine medicine both beautiful medicine displays later known as Madison College is actually an order from Wildwood Wildwood is a satellite project from Madison Pettis were comes from its benefits that their mother actually think it's it's where everything was designed originally how to do it thank you a man may be the very better now living with his father forgive right these are okay I him then started we in nineteen oh four they started with institution and God really wanted to develop the system ideally in this institution was self-supporting institution it was not legally owned by the church by the conference usually like and also financially not not dependent on the conference but it is worth to work very closely connected with the church and with that with the notion is not a dictatorship and leadership as well as a servant hood right so so if you don't if you can't dominate the thing is not a problem you need to help each other right so that that that was the idea with Madison they started the school they started small with fourteen students and admissions school hype of a program and down and we started developing the entire organization from the only a small well in even if that I could tell his own story but you can read in the lifetime unfortunately the drawback but at the story of a Republican like today's it's like it's really very nice to read it's a very beautiful start and you can see how God had given all divisions on how to do it where the place was posted be like what that where the property was posted be an outlet that was to do anything all that agricultural list with the work at the ABCs of education and an accomplished they were there was another and that is a line that the president said okay you need to start a sanitarium in connection him will then have an together obviously connected with all the agriculture and with all the different industries somebody find that that will such an extent that it has thirty seven business is running at the same time run by the students so treating all the students how to become self-supporting all to become self-supporting missionaries right and then she says that this score this education that they receive there is the most important education that they could receive that anybody could ever receive the most important education is to train students to become self-supporting self-supporting that is the content while still supporting so important it gives you freedom right you can you can you can produce all of your own income and at the same time doing evangelism with that right anywhere so nobody can stop you nobody can stop you you're going full-time like Paul your member bottle he was what it was he was a straight guy he was a tent maker he was a tent maker he produced on his own money to sustain all the evangelistic efforts edited and he also did evangelism through a tent making through ten making itself right that's that the self-supporting concept okay so supporting content that is really important that we're going to develop right now as as as we speak so these guys at Madison developed his own concert these guys in ten years they started over fifty new projects all over new institutions to train more to train actually all church members to learn how to become self supporting self sustainable evangelism because not everybody can live off of the ties okay not all church members can say all I need a salary from that conference in order for me to also do full-time evangelism right doesn't make sense there's not enough time to be able to support all church members seventeen million church members at this point in time right to do evangelism so we have to find a better model the better model is okay tie goes to sustain the Levites remember yesterday 's presentation titles to sustain that pastors and everybody else according to the club remember we read it everybody last was supposed to be what self-supporting the pre- expertise and they were through this concert they were to be the symbol right there were to be the object lizards of prosperity in the whole world by being self-supporting that was the concept same concept applies for today what's the concept every church member is designed to be self-supporting actually know what I mean by self-supporting let me explain we have a class at that in the management course and administrative management course at Wildwood it's it's an advanced courses after you've done at basic training light affiliated of it affiliated school like Marcus on the Norway or keygen and Austria were Romania and India the remains again these are all light affiliated school Wildwood affiliated schools and so all the graduates from the schools they could come and take this management course and this management course we have what is called class Apple course called business evangelism event business evangelism and peace is the secret okay this is the secret how how it works the whole comprehensive content doesn't because it doesn't mean because everybody's supposed to be a full-time missionary does not mean that everybody needs to either like what we traditionally think of as missionaries like out in the Bhutanese working somewhere in the sticks in upper New Guinea right fighting against crocodiles that's not facile concept right it's also not the concept that if your missionary or full-time service you become a pastor or a Bible worker right that's what we think disjointed manner mines would bet that we think exists as a missionary that's not right it's actually there is nothing further from the truth so what is that the comprehensive concept the conference of content is which we developed in business evangelism in this class and basically goes through how every single almost every single job every single degree every single talent that you have can be used full-time in mission work so whether you are a farmer or you are a mechanic or you are an architect or you are an engineer or lower businessman RUR doctor or ER water you are what however you are exactly like a bartender either but whatever you are you are designed to actually use that talent for full-time service now what does this mean this means that we as a church okay as it is any high church were designed to develop all kinds of businesses using both businesses or nonprofit enterprise whatever kind of enterprise but using those enterprises to develop the work of God and not the work of the world that was the concept right so how do we do that let me give you an example examples are the most powerful that they understand that the concept I'm a friend 's name is Evan he was come here and bankruptcies are designed actually right now at Wildwood is our desire our director for media he does a lot of the designs for led UIC and thinks actually is going to be gone then in appearing Finland Sweden Finland and he was that he was to be here but anyway he's a designer okay he has his own photography firm the firm and also a design firm now both of these companies he used to build any type of business is to use the work for one of roles and these guys right back guys right pleased the design stuff then like T-shirts and all the stuff right pencil and for different other things but when you talk about it he realized all I need to use every dog that I have remember the quote that we read this morning what does it say let every dialogue be used in the work of God right everything about that means all of your time all of your time all of your strength all of any doubt that you have amazing run so we need to definitely redefines consequential he said okay I need to use all of my comments to work for God okay I'm not going to accept any more offers from any worldly institution this was on a work only for Adventist institutions to develop work so he dedicated his entire life he said I don't know how I'm going to survive he had an apartment in the card most offer on the Holland Dennis arrive with only only working for for for an intensifying only did the usual but this latter should suddenly his agenda was packed full with working for all these institutions for blog traffic no blood check for four at the review and Herald and for for all the diseases of it all the UIC in all these ministries that are popping off and then for Austin for wobbling while Louis hired a full-time now praise God 's and that's always electronic but but but he decided okay I'm in a use all my current he's not it be Monday's mother traditional new missionary age passed during England that uses business to do evangelism right what were or or limited another story this is that an non- Adventist organization if you if you've heard of Alaska air Alaska airlines Alaska airlines if you said into their plane unit I have Bible verses on your food okay these guys their Christians are not Adventist unfortunately but these guys use their airline to convince us that make baptisms to baptisms and all the stuff through their airline company okay if I got at the Bobby audience it is there were a few hours so you give them a magazine you must ascribe something you don't all thank you primarily more help me just a surprisingly affects the case pay disputes its effective Friday that's an intelligent way to do evangelism so suddenly they understand the concept of business evangelism they used their business and change it into a ministry right amazing that was actually how happened to some was designed to be every wheeze was to have transportation companies buses I'm tired I've thought about this in Honduras in a minute 's travel these buses and they put all these nasty videos on him on these on these buses and stuff it on your driving for hours from one city to the next city and uses like 's video room is like destroying you are you and and you just stopped there imagine if everyone and not unfortunately unfortunately we have actually the biggest as revision companies in Honduras at least you'll thereafter this event that all done but unfortunately the normal decision right so they just put any video on the right unfortunately man they could make it as part of year as part of your ticket to know that you bought you by the steps to Christ in you everybody steps Christ or Mister feeling something else and then you put the video you put force overnights using a video yeah I feel it was a bit late at night and they put in all documentaries on whatever I coming you can put in time to stop on their and everybody like oh wow nice health education right and present recovery in this and that God got stuff of their right then you can do evangelism through businesses and the I was actually designed that we have now traditionally what we know as what one is part of the missionary cause of actually we only know this for the last two years this is been written a hundred and something years ago that the concept was that we went to work the city 's right when you learn tomorrow or whenever the last hours I think it's more would you learn what the strategic plan was from God on how to finish the work with this comprehensive plan that were developing right now right with working the cities and all the stuff what we know about the city work is that we were supposed to do vegetarian restaurants right of your appointments ten restaurants and then what else on health food stores right have food stores the today restaurants and what else treatment rooms okay right clinics so we know that okay we know that but that's not where it ends that's not where it ends that's only the beginning now there's a distinction in business evangelism is actually for four things for principles that you need to guide that you need to be guided as when you are implementing this the system for things first one has to be whatever your business is whatever you're doing it has to be a ad benefit to humanity okay it has to be a benefit human HIV something that destroys you write that's why Al White says there was posted to vegetarian restaurants not McDonalds restaurants right because of your evening off for a month lab is doing your problems right for movies that so what was the vegetarian restaurants because because it supposed to be a benefit humanity which was new health food stores not any store right have the sort have to be a benefit humanity so that the first one the second one is that it must have as its main objective to to proclaim the three Angels messages that's that's crucial okay that's crucial this means that ideally nobody no Adventist was designed to work in a non- Adventist institution no Adventist was originally and this is a sneeze to happen is going to happen our was designed to work in any non- Adventist institution why not well because the vision is not the complained of Angels messages right if it's not then you're not using all of your talents not all of your energy to proclaim the message right so that's crucial that's very important of his revolutionary right this is the ideal this is what were supposed to get this doesn't mean that you need to now stop your job right today right and as a lawyer you know I don't have a job anymore how do we do it intelligent okay wait we don't want to be imbalanced okay you don't want to be extreme in anything right so hearty good intelligently while you wondered where it what we're doing is we're defining the ideal were defining where we need to be where we could go and fill so that we know what steps that we need to take towards this ideal okay so if you're working of hundred percent job in some worldly business don't just quit your job but maybe it is a Alabama number were you present in used twenty percent for mission work and slowly but surely maybe you can if your doctor and you working in some some hospital gave you can either transfer dynamics hospital or you can start your own clinic start your clinic what can you do yeah David which will drive you can start you can suddenly you can say okay let's do some health education ride and you invite all of your people right here might all your patience and you'd start doing some presentations that the first biannual health presentations on this and that the most stuff right and then you start broadening anthrax and you start showing from the Bible all health is important than this and that and so forth driving those that so that's out works at so that was actually the ideal so you need to start doing intelligence steps towards the idea of this is really important okay I don't want anybody going on and going wacko pain smart intelligent they think I'm how can you put in the plan into practice step-by-step okay so so that's really very very important if we don't do this manages not to come back to so we need to start committing our challenge everything to our mission right and and artists are cities were to be worn with every single church member was to be working and sometimes an area not weaving of the city mission in Scandinavia when we asked how many signatures the way having Scandinavia what the gun rights set that is that we consider that as an is ministry I don't know and I think so hopefully from now they're working on that definitely do it making it the more ministry more restaurants and different things right we would we used to have a restaurant and also write the right things so was recognized and Adventist non- Adventist fame what will happen what happened back so the idea is okay actually according to the design every single city and power and even village was supposed to be shot infiltrated with all of these comprehensive sustainable evangelism means business evangelism in the restaurants everywhere Amy's health food stores everywhere it means it means treatment rooms everywhere orphanages it means restroom relief and eating anything you can imagine to try to help all these people and to give the federal messages you can't reach through the messages in a secular hospital of your nurse if your nurse in working in a second hospital in a hospital right you need to shut your mouth right now I can't believe that we can think that that's okay it was the word narrative that if they come to shut your mouth have we lost our focus here that's why we think it's fine right so if we don't lose our focus then obviously it was available that don't make sense I'm supposed to do that much affected over there right so we need to go to hospitals right we need to do our own clinics we did oral and everything write our own architecture firm Dragon architect hey you not many city measures we need to build I get it while you full-time for the rest your life your now unserious writing a winning architect with engineers we need we need everything everything you can imagine why would we that we have a carpentry shop then we have a ad on a mechanic shop we serve the community and a reserve all of our minute of the whole ministry right now about what the longer people on campus right eighty students I everybody and and and did you train it on these days women and culture program and eating right you need to get into thing we have is an restaurant in the city in Chattanooga to do so you mentioned that in the city right and and so forth and many more things right than that you know we need to that we need to develop okay that was actually the comprehensive plan now working the cities is one aspect and then there's supposed to be an outpost center right outlet centers the idea was this having to them was ideally not to live in the city okay we agree with that it wasn't we were not designed to live in the city were designed to live in the country why because the city you're too close to all the temptations and to all that to all event that there on the civil influences actually I want is that it's ten times harder to develop Christlike character in the city than it is in the input in that in nature outside amazing ten times harder in city no and I'm not saying that developing a Christlike character is easy even in a country drive so imagine in the city who are gay so the design was actually delivered outside of the city but close to the city so that we can work in the city the problem is we have taken this message on out of the cities and know some of these a bit more in a you thinking people writing six extra missed bidding end I've taken to an extreme Senator Bob Bennet automotive and they try to be holy over there I didn't forget about the people in the city right that's not the point another purpose with most of the outside of the city but with little work in the city but because that's where the people are so that was really born soloist with the live outside of the city in nature and so forth because you can hear the voice of God a lot better when human nature right if you read Mister feeling tested three and could step three to four communion with God and nature is very crucial actually it's it makes it very hard for us to even hear the wisdom but if you're not in nature this plays into harms beautiful right man you can really sense the spirit of God is truly important why because it's calm quiet you can think you can see clearly through import RX so we were designed to do that now that doesn't mean that I mean there's exceptions right there's exceptions where people have alighted and says people some people have had to be called to want to live in the city because that's the work in the city and the city so maybe they can get out if the war don't drive three hours to get out of the out of C Wright of followers of the middle and a drive three hours recommend that damaging more frustrated and just think that you plainly there's exceptions okay it's all it's all reasonable and white is always reasonable please write very a lot of common sense a lot of intelligence involved in the whole thing so you need to understand these principles from an intelligent point of view okay very important I saw the cities outside of the city was to be all of our educational programs all of our educational institution was to be outside of the city on from primary school up to you to actually we were designed to have schools outside of every single city of the world every single city in Spain Sweden we have how many schools here one Fraser Iran one right I know some country they'll have any not so one is already a star in particular but how many cities are there in Sweden hundreds small cities towns but a great was a severe than two thousand members two thousand and and they had to have the whole program so so yeah we were supposed to develop this whole concept all over all over this would employ all of Adventism but you'll was so hot up in reality and what where what we just see that we don't we'll see what was supposed to be going so because we've lost our focus that's why we just stuck in you all I guess I need to work in the world of business a well enough of speed try to be the testimony doesn't work anymore meant it doesn't work if organ of trying to finish the work right for me to try to fit the work we need to embrace this concept let me read you and just a few a few quotes that kind of support this actually am I think I have some enough business cards here are a few business cards yet if you want that presentation are the knowledge of the content I said do a thesis when I was studying theology Apple and often I did my my thesis on on this whole comprehensive sustainable evangelism concept so you can you can I shared with you am glad to send you if you wanted let me read you just a few a few quotes okay own here Christian living page thirty one repeatedly the Lord has instructed us that we are to work the cities from outpost centers right okay clear we are to work as it is reducing emissions from where our placentas aware Jeanette Hubble said as we dive city missions right are in these cities we are to have houses of worship memorials for God bless institutions for the publication of our literature for the healing of the sick and for the training of workers are to be established outside especially it is important that our unit be shielded from the temptations of city life oh well right so this is a quote to explain the whole outposts out was with this was that all of our universities this bilayer that's why Avent is on almost all of our absence universities all around the schools they are asked originally they started all out out in the country because of this because of because another way I available read another one for the city 's testimonies one seven eight hundred and twenty two teslas one seven is actually has a big section on medical missionary work and you'll find that many of these quotes in there as well I've been instructed that one of the principal reasons why I did it restaurants or vegetarian restaurants and treatment rooms should be established the centers offer large cities is that this means by this means the attention of leading men will be called to the third Angels message while noticing that these restaurants are conducted in a way altogether different from the way in which ordinary restaurants are conducted men of intelligence of intelligence will begin to inquire into the reasons of for the difference I mean business methods and will investigate the principles that lead us to serve superior food is just a photo that is a thought of a restaurant thus they will be led to a knowledge of the message for this time and so forth there's pounds and pounds of school add-ons and tons of quotes that can that can they can tell you about these things when we read you another one concerning training schools training schools testimonies volume seven page hundred and seventy that the postseason customers volume nine feet hundred and seventy says says the Lord called upon our young people to enter our schools to quickly take themselves for service what kind of service gone service service for them in various places and continues in various places outside of cities schools are to be established where are you can get it can quickly do train into things it says in evangelistic work and one more thing and medical missionary work two things all of our youth God calls upon our young people are more young people to quickly fit them so as for servicing a wide line two lines what is at work and medical missionary work have Uganda's school yet somehow praise the Lord amen but many haven't rights everybody actually every young person is called to go to a medical missionary school with a train you to buy more and the medical missionary work right very important if you have one you need the other you really need the other right everybody that has done well can testify to that so this is really important actually testimonies volume nine page fifty two is another quote skis and decimals volume seven I complete it was mixing those one million seven page sixty two sixty two I miss the numbers of testimony volume seven page sixty two says we have calm to the time when grant member of the church should day called on what medical missionary work I that's as clear as you can get good you can't get any clearer than that right so we have come to a time where every single member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work I have hundreds of quotes here but I can read you on a regional war more quotes that that shows the comprehensiveness of city evangelism was it this is from New York this evening from San Francisco okay as long as they actually did a city mission like this okay actually did a whole program involved all the church members to do this read count how many things they're doing in in in in in San Francisco let me read this to you the title is at the height of rudeness during the past few years that the time in San Francisco has been indeed a very busy one very busy at the items like all these beasts is right in order networks got lots of work all the church members have had it working right they're not doing worthless out there working in God 's work I many lines of Christian ever have been carried forward by our brethren and sisters there these included are I count these included visiting the sick and destitute finding homes for orphans and work for the unemployed nursing the sick and treating and teaching the truth from house to house okay the distribution of literature called Porter work is part of city work and the conducting of classes on healthful living and the care of the sick are a school for the children has been conducted in the basement of the Laguna Street meeting House for a time I working man's home and medical mission was maintained while out in medical vision and a working men's workingmen 's home was maintained on market Street near the City Hall there were treatment rooms operated as a branch of the St. Helena sanitarium in the same locality was a health food store most near the city center not far from the call building was conducted a vegetarian café which was open six days of the week and entirely closed on the Sabbath a man along the waterfront and dishes look this is how it works this works for that city right but you need to think what works for your city not everything applies to every city but she does it what was that these guys invented stuff all the time on how they can get better angelology stables they even developed here look at every Disney Disney's along the waterfront shipped mission work was carried on their map shift mission work okay I made these guys came up with all kinds of ideas and eating okay transportation companies that's ship mission work right bus companies you name it right design firm or whatever at various times are ministers conducted meetings in the large Alden the city thoughts the warning message was given by many amazing right that's how these guys were doing mission work on these all the church members working full-time in all these things and on all the church on the converts one of the wettest of the comforts while you send them to church right so you send it to the church there the church since gone with the faster the pastor motivates everybody on Sabbath right from all his ministries and each range that no converts what to do what is the new comments to what they don't yet they have to learn how to insult actually think that the pastor was designed this was the passes work was designed to get every new church member and teach him all the things that Shahram okay actually worked ideal concept is unique that live outside of the city somewhere right and what you tell us what will you do your danger of excellent book I have ever liked and schools here write and eat what you average twenty okay we can put you right here and I usually incorporate a full-time missionary in one of our schools one of our institutions doesn't make sense that was the program that means finish on finish with this quote there's a quote on the purpose of all our churches listen to this year that the purpose of of churches this is a medical ministry page three hundred and fifteen blended this court this is the explicit purpose of your church your home church everybody's church this is the purpose and will see that it works exactly in with what we've been studying right now upon all who believe God has placed a burden of skews me this is medical ministry page three hundred fifteen thousand are upon all who believe God has placed the burden of raising up churches for the express purpose of educating men and women to use their entrusted capabilities for the benefit of the world of humanity right you understand what started the month using your capabilities for mission work in England continue this quote employing their means she has length for what glory over your glory for God 's glory right eye he has made human beings his stories gladly and generously they are to use their means in their possession here means all of your money and all of your everything you have read all of your all of your means is that they have in their possession for the advancement of righteousness and truth they are to employ his entrusted talents in building up his work and enlarging his kingdom this is the express purpose of every church and to train every single judge member to use all of their capabilities to use all of their means to advance truth to advance it does to a large the kingdom of God amazing right this is amazing I can't believe it I can't believe that this is written like have never read amazing amazing soul this would these are the cause that we've had right your remember the right outpouring of the Holy Spirit cannot then cannot come until when the largest portion of the church are coleaders with God right and the other one says lack and breakdown of the employed in the work of God right you know these quotes and there's many more that that are on the on this document over to finish now but this is the constant dishes the whole plan okay how every single church member was actually designed to work full-time mission work if we lose plan if we reach the cities like this and would starting tomorrow how we were designed to work all the cities in the world in one generation it's amazing to see the plan God has already decided we just need to implement the with statement to read it until it's right and ended up training center that can train everybody to do this in all our schools that's what this post is with us Post do this was to train people to do mission work but not to be a good worldly person that has that can gain a lot of money and be representative and world know now no train missionaries that was the plan right and you will be trained I've been trained we've all been trained in the world 's concept of life phenyl in the world system on how to incorporate Babylon with our lives right but on with the Christianity or the Christian faith negligence of Sabbath I just died and then I worked all of my time like ninety percent of our time we work to do that is to advance Babylon we think it's fine it's amazing simply amazing R that's what we need to learn we learn how to get out of Babylon right however my people let's do it right finished his work and go home with all modern one of the year I want to be an old man then you must face is working then finishes work and go home really I really design we need to have decided to get heaven you decided to go see Jesus meant this is our design this book does what is what the Lord wants is what we should walk in them and every single thing that we do every day should be designed to its remember that's where we need to be absolutely need to be okay so let's pray do you pray that God can can can really show us what we need to do not everybody has their own jobs and and and studies and I understand I also work have been insulting and on I'm still trying as well it are trying to implement those things so we can figure out how we can make the shift so that we can finish this work not waste our lives and waste our time in doing with the Enterprises really doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense anymore it's too late inner-city streets it took to waste our times and stuff if I haven't bored you have given us a burden board to finish this work in order were not here to waste our time any longer what we have done this for a hundred and sixty something years and was sick of that flood worked hired of this and Lord we thank you that you have shown us everything that we need on how to do effective intelligent evangelism board that it is even sustainable it actually is so sustainable that it will be that we would become the most prosperous nation in the world Lord Mayor thank you so much and sorry for not having embraced it for so long but Lord we want to humble ourselves now and we want to repent of our old ways and we want that we want to commit our lives to to this plan go to finishing this work and and and using every talent that you have given to us and every energy that you have given to us in all the resources and all the means that you have given to us to finish this work to advance your work to automate it whatever it is if were an architect or where an engineer where teacher of where whatever it is Lord that you might use this full-time to finish this work working the cities as you would was to thank you so much because it is only by your grace that we are able to do this Lord we cannot do it not even one not by our might nor by our power but only by your spirit board we pray for that spirit that spirit might be poured out in our lives that we have such a desire to win souls such a burden for souls that we cannot sleep until we make a change in a a this media was brought by Hotmail address a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is like the more certain please visit www. .net verse .org


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