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Be Thankful for Trials

Benjamin Ng



  • November 25, 2006
    10:00 AM
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on Thanksgiving you will eat separately in humans over these I pray that as this Day goes by sometimes it takes a day for us to be thankful to them yes as Christians we ought to be a Thanksgiving would every day alike please call me in the Bible this morning to our scripted sex in first the slogans with about Thanksgiving know the Bible tells us that we ought always to thank the Lord I think that's something that we all know that we all ought to be with you this Thanksgiving spirit goes beyond just racing your endorphins it goes beyond just standing up praising the Lord judge Windows 's Thanksgiving time it goes beyond just a day Thanksgiving before we read this politics let's not has once more for depression let us pray father in heaven loan we are so thankful for life thank you Lord for the Sabbath as well and father as we open your word this morning to study losses with wisdom and understanding and most of all help us to learn the lesson that you want us to learn from the Scrooges are about to read we send the Holy Spirit to be a fusion archive is our prayer in Jesus name amen alone is testifying is where us to the readings can be found for such loan is up to five and less than eighteen the Bible says in I think this class for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you and how many things and everything the Bible tells us that it and everything that happens to us in our life regardless of age circumstance or situation we ought to give thanks there's one thing I do like to point out that we need to be careful in saying everything that we want to give thanks easy because sometimes enough foolishness calamity comes up on its that God would not want to be there but yet it comes because of the decision that we make but I believe that in out of all the circumstances that happen to us that are out of our control the media situation Joe wasn't because of the divisions of Job we came upon him those situations were out of his control and his siblings it is within this thought that our flight suit give you this message this morning that in every situation that is out of our control that God allows to come into our lives we ought to give thanks and I know that in our lives there's not one person here that is not because the tribulation trial sorrow of such things when they conquered but yet the Bible tells us everything give thanks now we just go back to chapters two chapter four on me just one chapter Thelonius have to fully see in us figuring it says that this is the will of God concerning then it says in chapter four of us we this is the will you are one of sanctification now we've looked at this festival what is the vision media to be set apart for a holy use all really what this what is used in relation to is holy living so friends as we look at giving thanks somehow giving thanks in every situation has got a lot to deal with the sanctification experience leading a holy life as so it is a lesson that we need to learn today and what better time to talk about Thanksgiving on thanks giving day of painting began blocks if you want to costume my back one year have you be thankful in every situation that God has one the spots you and you haven't cannula back and say God has led and even then if you can't see that things to be thankful because that is where faith comes in sometimes long I don't know why this situation comes up on but he told me all things work together for what good even in times of distress discouragement disappointments simulations of file unexpected but giving thanks is not something that comes naturally not many people like him as a thank you for you usually when I was a young kid will give thanks white because we received one gift and that your degree of thankfulness is dependent upon the gift that you receive your was the beginning of all others don't know how I found exactly what I wanted our thankfulness is dependent upon the giving that we receive and understand the knowledge that was sometimes the effort it took to get that just the value on the gift and most of all is relevant to you three things what spoke for that person to give you this but so the woman that was sitting by Jesus he washing his feet with her hair and she broke open alabaster box has filled the room with the sentence booking due to how much that gives cops in today's wage it would cost thirty two thousand dollars as an expensive gift would you be thankful incredibly so for us the thankfulness is dependent upon your understanding of what spoke to get back to secondly its relevance to you so for example your mailing you get dressed to be thankful not I hope not so secondly your thankfulness is dependent upon its relevance to you and thirdly understanding that value on the gift itself when I was a young kid I love Lego if you give me a I let go out to the busiest little children we don't offend and sends objects of value beginning to go off road around Bridget Toomey diamond off-road run right message at all of the just because Longhorn she finds one fun at the sites you is the mind when it comes sitting just that we receive we need to understand these three things in order for us to now my question is do you understand the gift of Jesus Christ the understand the costs of active deal understand what it's look for that person to give you that did the PCs relevance to is very easy to praise alone in times of prosperity but as the Thomas files with this bus Williams took the fun of us eighteen really brings out loud and everything give thanks why does God allow trials to come our way we recently reading a book of mind off assembled that the patients in the midst of trials and afflictions what is the purpose of files especially as also as Christians that believe in God that go through trials we ought to see the gift is Connie and Jane's tough for one James chapter one I'm honestly not looking at happy situations because is it all it is always easy to be thankful in such situations but friends I want to look at files this morning as well that's what the gift that presents itself through trials and how we can be thankful when going through down situations and low situations in a life that is impossible this morning on watch and beautifully with the system gone sometimes up on me when he read stories that are plans fail sometimes that God 's plans for us we succeed failures upon wife's in James one and verse two the Bible says that really count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations now she has a house that links out with lust the slowness of the fund was eighteen count it all joy before the founding presentations documents many high-tech temptations now how can we be happy in temptation are you happy when it's on the count it all joy but the key phrase here is found mostly deathless one was a sick note online you need to rely the purpose just as with the gift when you realize when trials come your way then you're able to come out with a thankful knowing this that the trying of your faith what patients do not understand the files under locations in relation fourteen twelve Visio is not a patient on the same that if you want to be part of the last people anything will help me increase my faith allow me to be part of the hundred forty four thousand buses okay I'm to give you what tried if you don't know that in opening the so you need to understand your state of mind when you're possible and one receiving the reason from this text the reason why God gives us trials is to develop our page naturally myself very impatient person very impatient I like to be on time so this morning I was into but generally I really dislike it when people like Eleanor pleasantly I believe that this was yet that wasn't still later and God is always trying my patience but without understanding the situation of why this happens is easy to get a so since I was age of fifteen Moscow to give me patience in what he did he gave me try Buddha says the joyful other examples of this in the Bible yes let's go to Job chapter one Joe if you have not studied this book before Job chapter one this financial is an example will liberty in a time when you and this was the possible Confederate historians believe in those alone times say that Job was written by Moses while he was in the wilderness off that he had fled from Egypt this record is there for us today and job title and we know that Joe was a prop prosperous man and that someday one day while the sons of men and the sons of God met together Susan came along and important accusation forgot saying this Job the antifungal talk to Joe respect you and audio for nothing is because you blessed with wealth you blessed with good health you blessed with a good family that is why peaceful and then God boasts about you as he does with many of a few Satan do anything you want I guarantee I will put a way to publish that he will not christen the answer what happens Job loses his sons his notice loses cattle it was his house enough of that he has for the one and only says that disease a result of what the body phonics lens itself and sometimes we have disease because of what we did is a naturally joined Joseph inside joke what he do when you do to displease God but I was in the case until new in Job chapter one the Bible says in plus twenty one Joel was speaking here he says naked came I out of my mother 's womb and naked shall I return to the glory days and the Lord hath taken away but nobody's lost he was was is a Blessed be the name even in this situation Joe was praising and thanking God can you just the start of this year while I was at my college that in half visiting a young boy at age about ten felt about the is brain-dead upon entering the hospital how can parents give thanks and fondling this still breathing the respect we get Joe he lost sons and daughters and one day how can you give thanks and situations that friends is important for us to learn this lesson of Thanksgiving despite the circumstances and situations that come away with me show you text in second Timothy how is it important to us today why is Thanksgiving so relevant to us today if you thank the Lord and tie the prosperity bus in times of adversity what is it that we have to learn second Timothy chapter three starting with verse one second Timothy chapter three and this one this note also that in the last days I'll be leaving the last days Helena in the last days what a lot of times shall come powerless inherent danger can you be rejoicing thank you Elizabeth England's loss why the student for men shall be lovers of their own selves just boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents and in what thankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God none of us like having a form of godliness but denying the power there off from such totally on unthankful these people are called they have a form of godliness but denying the power thereof we living this conference it is ever a time that we need to learn and know how to give thanks in times of peril and trials of simulations is now is not the friends I don't know what sort of situation that you've been through this possibly go this path you but I want to let you know that whatever comes our way God has given you strength to various geek and you brought a Scholes to carry why because he standpoints why because you have a new to be part of a hundred and forty four thousand and fourteen twelve assists here is the patients the Saints James tells us that when patients is one about is because of trials you cannot have patients without files and in Revelation seven I want to show you this revelation chapter seven speaking of this group of people the hundred and forty four thousand Revelation chapter seven cents starting would bless fourteen La Salle Google is looking to get the context John is envisioned here and he has been able to see them the hundred and forty four thousand another thing to direct his attention to the great multitude when an author that the age of point and back to this group and he says in a setting of one of the oldest artist Anthony what are these which are rated white robes and whence came they invest fourteen says and I said unto him so well-known and he said to me these all day which came out of great tribulation and washed their robes and made them white in the blood will as a result they are called saints and the patient alike tells us to strike the part of the hundred forty four thousand was the understand what it means when you strive to hundred forty four thousand one hundred five one help me three pugs this group which had patients will really want awesome for his crimes promulgated files you better believe they're coming because rest of you don't have to file you'll note policy to come in the near future which while one says when my social status shall become trouble such as the losses that was a nation what you imagine the calm in the future it no mind to even imagine we cannot even bring for using a mobile no one will want to be single to back you haven't seen anything yet when the whole world will be arrayed against you but since before format time breaks for we need to learn the lesson of patience at Thanksgiving and times of trials and adverse how do we get this this is the will of God concerning what is the will of God again sex vacation Thanksgiving but how we sanctify John seventeen seventeen by the word of God it is addressed Honda we need to study our Bibles it is now because this book will give us strength to stand trial that's called I believe at the end of the day that one thing is to be the dividing line between those who are real Christians of false although the study the Bible than those at the most won't allow the truth to change their life those that left patients of Vienna time we knows study the Bible and of the what comes to misunderstanding Thanksgiving one of the three things we look at one understanding of that person in the class that he had to pay you to get secondly the Valley of the gift of the relevance of the gift to you in coming back to this issue of Thanksgiving really the third one is oh one one oh one a look at we know the cross of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice and the price at the Godhead the pain across what is relevant to you and me what a Jesus Christ conference what the right we can respond why did Jesus Christ can come to die Mister to save us because he loves save us from what so that wasn't just that hung across the unit but is never to be relevant to you and me until you realize his relevance to and that he died on the cross for our sins but you said in the treasury we are all the same we all sinners in need of a Savior and that's the reason why Jesus questioning those that love God and most of those that realize the great sacrifice that he paid and you know in real life the sacrifice of Jesus Christ you realize that Garrison I preach this before I share this with you before but in the light of Thanksgiving this is the one thing that will bring us back to giving thanks to Donna daily basis why because we realize through and through how long you've had a sensible experience significant that you are soon any fuss Peter I want to go with me that fuss Peter chapter one and the seventh SNS we need to figure yet it seems that sometimes we get a life to God that files come away such as an experience of 9/11 to happen so many years ago that sounds people 's hearts and minds back to God but yet they turn and insane why don't but it's looking at this question is why don't we should center around saying what you try to teach me because in verse seven a fuss Peter chapter one this is the default of faith being much more precious than gold that parish will be tried with fire but we found that the praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ what is more precious than gold what is it is not faith it is the trial of your faith France is not a Gnostic profess faith in Jesus Christ because I think is that there is a seat on this post like in the bleeding no one mentally tough I got was a Satan do anything you want to do I guaranteed he will christening or she will accustomed to as a trials and that is what is precious why because the trying of your faith what's what we need to understand the blessings of trials for we need to I know that many of us here would probably go through hottie extends the garden is better than unions have taken that if you are living a holy and sex of my life that she has the best intentions for you a special list thanks giving day weekend economy assuming they was two days ago but especially on this weekend around this time thanks again is not about shopping for Christmas automotive sales is not about the turkey Tofurkey is not about family gathering together take this time to reflect on the year that you and see whether you can be thankful in every situation and experience that God has given you this positive often all clients fail but God 's plan for us we succeed on a show you this little illustration before we close in and they voted before but it lines up very clearly with what I'm talking about this morning there was a Muslim who one day all while he was reading a loss of his thumb the seven fatal to him and told him it's okay not been everything we should what defects looking at a seven point and will he thought to himself how can I give thanks I had my phone cut off well the following week the master went out hunting with his seventh remembering what the seven heads hold in the previous week he was still quite angry with them and so he's really took that same station and I will come back to you later thinking in his life let's see how the seventh and give thanks that while while he was hunting the Moscow will support my final cannibals tying him up it's a philosophy sacrificing the film of the sacrificing one of federal shout it out stop stop stop we cannot sacrifice because he's black he's missing his so they let them go being free he ran back to his seven and explain you are correct in all things identified invites if I cannot talk like him last week I would be sacrificing in my candlestick the seventh having been help out of the pit mother must agree with them yes in all things the kind of things if you had not thrown into the noted sacrifice me instead funny as a Navy friends sometimes God gives us little files now save us from the default in the future what are you going through this morning the trial of the relation that God has allowed you to experience because God is still the I know the story the footprints when I'm not looking back more lowest finds why the only one set of footprints and uses nonsense is in those times the average friends there is coming at how much file in jubilation such as the world has never seen before and never will see it again up are you ready for that time is gone making the right by meaning trials it's your life I pray that on this thanks giving weekend and into the following year that you will realize in the light of prophecy the lot of the Bible when files as relations come your way that are out of your control to get things because God sees something in you that is more precious than gold that he was refined that count the national woman so in those last days in question is who shall be able to stand that is not retribution everyone that as we go through this life we can give thanks and how many things published


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