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Health Evangelism, Part 1

Silvia Pel


“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” Gospel Workers p. 363. How can we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and apply His method which alone will give success? What part does the health work play in reaching out to others with the message of salvation?




  • December 28, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him so well it has even had time to waste in this website and I think I hit the night in your program it is about medical missionary work or help evangelist and so what do you have three different sequence plan but I will have today and tomorrow and that someday or insomnia I will treat you think they went and he told me either I'm going to topical health evangelist and that's the first one method alone and then the second one helped working at the history and that once the basics of the medical missionary work and banging the ends within two days of brainstorming to think about and talk about how we find it stressful and a lot and often is there overlap is how it can also apply to your situation in life how we can actually taken principles and run with them and be medical missionaries so they fully go into the topic for you I will ask the way to bring together and I get for those of you that once we can know that generally father we just want to print again thank you that we had that possibility could be here at impacting again it is such a blessing so far and I think we all really rejoicing the fact that you are racing up an army of young people all over the planet in different parts of the world see that are you passing to set here with those around them like a plaintiff that their hearts wants to meet shafts to humanity there are so many ways in which we continued that and get taken out and wait that is affected when it is basically following in your footsteps leading from York Central and I just want to pray like stats during the sessions that were going to spend together that you will inspire us we kill your Holy Spirit that women than from Jean and I pray that I was and that she that she will just use mathematical visual use message channel that you will use making share and convey some of these things that have been selected to myself and I pray that your presence may be here at your spiritual inspirer us and that's really has attention and was going to pray that praise and thank you for the police have at times that have survived this and time back in a special way we can spend to get a beginning of precedence and we pray that you will sanctify to make us holy that we can chili be at the Prudential experience that as antigens have a and then have an expense which he and dissipate in Jesus name and view and so on we are in his conference and we argue company what we had a special for all and that is that they want to be a quick delete spots to other people with the gospel is not track what are you interested in a hot and we want to meet the people that do not help crime and do not know if they are and what will I do now that is dedicated to how it actually and I got the first question of who would ask for some it what it relations between how can you actually think that so few people don't have that interact in their faces then we can now share with each other what are your thought about the relationship between health and potential help them become noticeably from the relationship between eighteen hundred and who is his soul the use of in in the human return to and use the categories is and as part of the pattern you will have been here anything is better as a assessment says his thoughts again and what you think of it again I guess he is him do that for you is he him he is him to do is to assist in his eye and taking them as he is in is shirtless and then arrogant who is a veteran of the move many persons of the few who were good who is me five who is talking to me how and I had an interesting take and take a all right thing that I had seen out and the way that he meets people they think that by gaining their trust and showing that you are interested on the right it was cool than typical in the car I think you will be there for center sphere so I guess some of you with it I put up here at kinship that is out of the negligent strategy for equation first scene consisting first link in the first nineteen twenty of course these services are very familiar to me they are rough times and very fast but do you know that your body all of the whole experience waiting game is from God 's you are not your thing you bought a prime and therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit are not affected by the first lady got on with the other bodies they don't even in the first in basketball property he bought a kit for each of that investment would be okay and when we fell away from him yet all the redeemed against live to gain it back so in some sense would you belong to God and that's why even bother that you have given us the mind is the video to God that we are responsible to take center of the property at giftgiving time so we called to be stealing a wonderful body label lines that got people to find one on quality that from an investment from the first petition that I want to see on health reform and we consider that more tests tomorrow and when it rains the history of health works in at the district convention the victim requested back on the first addition she is also mentioning the third that we have that responsibility for this faculty for this body does not have given to us and after that debacle which caused quality of city staff to help me position possible many though they had their wives to train their own bodies basically they gave heard people saying that or I guess I want to face something you want to share something with them if I can do business I guess I want anything on marketing they didn't realize that I claimed that they are required to glorify him in their body and rates which are marketing themselves up to gratification the unhealthy time to bring defeat in South they were commanded to God acceptable Senate that way the evidences which I comprehend the requiring of the thing that is also clear that she was yet a sharing in the beginning of his health is not just about you to think about how best sure you know the statistics show that the defendant in a few years longer than other people treat people in general we had received an precious time and it's true that many of its journey and we can see the benefits of that in fact on average live longer and the general development of the main points with because to a healthy lifestyle we will also have to clear lines that have been able to comprehend the things that God wants to share with my deciding to disclose that if we are living in such a way that we are using the property that got us into our bodies then we actually know a full queue waiting to evidence such as if you hadn't the requirements about and of course but didn't want to comprehend the things about and that's also why got get the help message understand this way of better that's not only on not only always hear it it happened by accident in mind that we responsible to ignore that which is the hero that God 's property that also lead on a representative forgot in the twelfth and I think most of us know that my faith is that health company on something and they want to sell certain products the ones that they are you know using their sales representatives to sell that product somehow they want them to be perfect if you know they want to look at them I can see the product they sell as they once stands in the ethnic rescinding that product was what that product actually got to thinking English and basketball Laurel in the world live books in the art of making the fire of the oldest product and we just failed supersensitive for health company with national representatives for the quick nature of the universe that has created everything that holds that we want to be elected representatives who wants people to the business hate me so we want to know more about what they had and I think he was how about Boston in the councils of all the different areas of life and goddess it is now attractive holistic but that got into an old man and an excess of what in fact in all different areas of life physical mental social spiritual and have received life when we last discussed in and will also be whiter substance for him that we can share the profits in such a way that people will I know more about the product and the product of the gospel we eventually want to be a link just saving relationship with Jesus Christ products something people can find the process already paid for it we can be representatives to give people hate and want to know more about the God that we can represent at home you know biblical examples of it quietly actually I am thinking about the story that refines and Daniel kept the one hand there was of course the story about spaniel is friends related from childhood and how they were brought back to let you know how old this acutely secede and wine were placed before them and the determination to keep the bodies and their Montesquieu including any know that the results of that would let that similarly blessed that's determination attached to keep their bodies and their mind and heart Queen and effeminate when you read that story how they got his benefits or percentages in a pagan nation got anyone that was exalted in that world kingdom of those space yes Lori was really put on display through their life and I think Pamela 's team to them wow how Daniel said you know how to fix you know that anyone's true that he would not defile himself welcomed on you and at that point and relevant in this and how that kind of the holistic methods efficient is not just for the spiritual dimension that ended in the mid- visit also pertains to the physical and mental area the social area and negligence and genetics unit on the once University that John is just one chapter that downloads and then an adverse sheet that John Harris T music in updates I pray that you may prosper in all things to be in hell just to soul prospers in advance shows that God doesn't care not just for our soul or spiritual well-being but I feel that the care or physical well-being and accident if it goes well closely together enjoying a well today went to Japan Medicaid home to amend the lot of the hardware compartmentalized to put David's inbox as you know into categories so you talk about the receiver that many times the Christian circles they will talk about spirituality that house will be that we do different things and has a funny way I could type this with the how you like once the connection killing the supplemental people I think they must inbox is no lack in using an educational after that it's all since we thinking now that you have the lead in the NL exit just what we than mine but you don't involve the body and is of the same also when I can't exactly tell the public health evangelists and it is like holistic blackjack hold two pictures you can't break it off you can't play on special and that physical in our again it's something that's that belongs to better and Gothic regional body and mind he wanted alternate respect linguistics barring an unexpected and unprecedented up there first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three Thessalonians five verse twenty three hundred and now make God of peace himself sanctify you completely and they all spirit soul and body in percent blameless coming when Lord Jesus Christ and it was without an express as well he will call to faithful who also will do so again with the weakness act or be different next they belong together the one unit can't be separated out and helped work on my thesis and track for that and she said that the health work is the gospel in the practical gospel and think somebody mentioned a smile that I think you mentioned that that's when we people women how impractical way and somehow it is getting the truck in its opening the way to reach people with her and had to hotels that I want to share with you which and probably fairly accurate expression you know how to help work is to be the want arm of the body and this is taken from the eight volume eight page seventy seven afternoon perfecting medical missionary work is to be to work on the chance and in particular what religious and want on to anybody I think the concept of lifetime must really that different and with opening the door 's way that the rising weight on infusion with succulent army with the house you're without an angel goes forth proclaiming the Commandments of God and the fate of Jesus the medical missionary blacks and the cost of in practice all aligned for work RGB have known if they blended in getting communication all things are now ready and I like the expression to health holidays medical missionary work is supposed to be and want our gospel and how it is the gospel in practice it away showing off the practical way of showing up there when you need the English-speaking length and percentage of the healing that God wanted him to ourselves into the same problem him complete decimation that you are talking about refreshing on the laugh and I want to use them for the health or the following and visit taken from manual protesters page forty five and she said that when properly conducted the help for it and entering Blanche making way for other treats to reach the hearts and the private face were many times because and since it was such an image and from Romania and thinking that anarchy will it's hard for them to either then if confidence he relates to spiritual things you know if you are confident to me that they had any and if we can help any people they need to realize that you have any other like to cordially help you know if they don't be a problem you consciously anyway so people need to understand that they haven't me many times they do not want to me that they have spiritual needs even though we know that everybody is virtually many people don't realize or think about what that means you have spiritual needs that's most people do appreciate how and most people if they are faced that he wants to get of course until I redistributed tangibly through thickets on this one principle he wants to to find relief from back also I think we all have rights people already come into my feedback I did many times paint your sake and have gone to the doctor today anyhow they are just even some son him us or e-mail something that is just helping convinced that really go into the readings and so and of course the health officials very can anyone exchange you have restoration it comes from the remnants in the wake of the problem need nature on after me and helped so many people run and go sit in a natural think they are so cheap that they need care they need in a long thing the time all the things that went on in our system so I think that there is a great meet people they are looking for alternatives to that the traditional way to notice Clinton doctrine painkiller stimuli that is not really know legitimate problem are really helping them this lady and I accept from the streets in Al Qaeda when ousting Street mission and our path to attract within a story anyway good going over details but how can't let them forget it was incredible coconut success in finding you know how he is addicted to think about the other heavenly has helped the Angels and how they must orchestrate all the things that make them unique in that time and you know incredible things to print on the cc and wanted to go another way that info we need at this point that God has impressed that if they wanted to take that even he would meet with English finishers will enlarge the winter I mean that it was for her this will help problems as well set a special shed that is seeking or such officer shall until the law for health problems presented in the hospital or the philosophy of her painkillers and I can tell you no encounter with an invisible little things now the chocolate so that people shall remedy with incredible how people preaching to take innovative solid oriented education away being there just take a number you know I just like process getting your medications on twenty ten with people and when it's close to them and share with them about changes that they can make another Internet she is supposed to and how great they exist for no help in the end you see the changes in their lives this is so much and real estate at this expression it is a few you know how to help for entering place making an way for other trees to reach the hearts Sochi I was flushing on the time negotiating with my students in class was documented to get my cold forks of wheat wheat was expensive and ineffective entry why is it okay to kill it you need to think about and okay so when you get home and then you must together with you and related areas it is very inspiring one thing that really impressed me in this document today about the relationship between fire her law and many that the loss of the season that are very prevalent in the world today like cancer and heart I will tell itself on him and I just went on and how to complete the picture that we had that we had no inspiration that will affect me just like to know doctors in the couple there is been feeling some of these principles all you know how nature 's way player working with nature you know how using the actual remedies and using changes in lifestyle and diet and it seemed quite yourself existing so I don't know they had studied for years and doing lots of money they are losing their profession to go home and when you know they leave the people made it very tired of the traditional system it doesn't count and then they come into the kitchen and found with today they take time to explain to them why and how they can go to the brink of problem and how they can be moved to Boston Huntington Beach regained her health and peace just so incredible it's so impressive to see on an intent to discriminate people going into their homes even as together we can find bringing to their home cooking together without any leading the whole way from the very beginning could have seen the results into people 's lives so I think these people since they didn't even know what we know Nashville we had once before and would really increment the things what difference that could make people because people can trust connection you looking to finance development time share women live how they can make changes in the last selfish missing improvement they will be open to know more behind what you know what makes a JJ is just a sad contrast to suggest and information costs to really take the line have received because the wealthy to me it was waiting and waiting and now we come to house that is basically the core of this for a first session and that was not on the description for this editor and it has taken from the Olympics page three hundred and sixty three and there it sat quiet and selling will be achieving success in reaching the people I think you need to know with Matt one twenty five and pitch he showed exhibited for them ministers today we can wonder confidence that he paid them Ptolemy especially from the you know this when for example it would have been quite close and even when you read through the Gospels and he got a class we are dealing with people you see a music down what was talking about holiness miracle was thinking combined in such a sneaky way and is this really an example for us to follow and he says that things that no organ shooting success in reaching the people and especially in our society by President many people can why special needs they want to know if I'm now thinking that had been working out and come that we generally just look at the largest slam you know nothing drastic when you come with and I feel it in a different domain of the book in the two thousand nine tooling special because editing on personal productivity you can tell your experience to knowing your roads to this the kind of life different teaching that people need to all really worried more just then as you know and anything stopped to share about how to make changes in your diphenhydramine affecting you to to me how is that events nutrition is not the topic and to share some of those packed with people and people are just so unpatented to say that I mean they don't have anything wall that is just coming but my family is like a cult on the same level and they are they are showing interest I remember I can talk to the north this young man had donated I do know that when I get to start course that I had Michael to us just starting to share with him you know about my faith with this kind of thing you can hope it helped me that he was really for me just shut this is not about nutrition and many industrial intraperitoneal how we ovulate without enough closets that without even milking in orbit are really just say that because I have milk allergies and have oldest problems help out with the family and all really and and and will not stand that the things which I thought without you a single product is increased really at Elizabeth and ninety nine yet they has often been your it is often disguising of how it will now send whenever long time about the culpable are you both time and more special topic that interests you know just to get into a special topic I think I can see question that you completely changed what was that we can resist the instant conversation is clueless Hope all is so able to open the Bible and show in the fall you know the great controversy you know with how it all about content that is no question that he pitched it just listening to talk to a child and man the individual is so choosing a winning show ancient in people when you described and into my hunch is opened for the two entry of a in the and you are in a battle of health incredible I have done something that boldly defied evolution the doors and invite people to help expel and was accepted into telling more help are fulfilling sent a piece of the first of all series and second I decided I will going to die suddenly my people how quick the beloved one door and I think the first or second or even an minute changes coming out the way explaining everything in title twenty one the city and help thanks so and the grandmothers she is very sick now kind of things just like wrapping the smiling with that help explain how the compelling about the conference but in everything this is all suspected Taliban will receive a visit from the channel listing of shaggy hair hanging and if you ask thoroughly enjoyed in the ghetto trash and nine letter on our something I didn't question her right exit as the granddaughter doing that people tell him knocking him prejudiced on the first is when we began when we began looking through the door needless high prejudice you know you just feel us know what taking anyone is in a barn on the sort that would give companies hiring people that I think that and I now had a grandmother she will spend her granddaughter she's going to how I've been expecting like to get on and today and it was so amazing last season when fearful of being in the house shall at four thirty six of the Bible how now do have a starting really shows how how they help efficiently managing much making way front entry is energy thinking they are now a legitimate of changing my name here because I know that you want to hear the last evening impingement gas usage have never been about health until the ship he think about that inspiration is to will and you will you will you as a you know you will and you is the last stop on at you because she thinks it one hundred foreigners that it's anti- Celtic style and you know what she was the first winter range and health expense is mentioned in humor actually she was the initiator will help expose and Italy have dividends you acknowledge to become the John Alex figured he he just say so I can just very short to tell him about what I teach XP introduced the concept and my family in America and the suspect in a few nights nineteen eighty eight and we had the privilege of meeting and Dorothy and Wilbur Nelson and family because they were friends of people we were working for and we are sitting in the seventh afternoon and she was telling us about this concept of course you expect that we match the time and that they were teaching there and then he and her husband 's physicians and then taking the time effects and banking agency in one two C have been asked to give health presentation that kind of reckless and very good visual aids with her husband giving health talks for how the new Wilson's campaign in the Philippines Manila she thought the much time three months which led to the she prayed to she really played hard what could I do the knowledge showed her diaper kind of like a dream our concept of revolution like that she presented to all the health workers at the hospital in Manila Adventist hospital the next morning and when she presented this concept they hold rallies and sent to do that can help you and then this was presenting the health message in initial frame and using the N/A X we had from spirit of prophecy and he given you additionally medically know what happens in our body and the originally the way they did it was meant that there were paintings of the heart is breaking for the hard working for the lungs workings of the digestive system and it was painted by our system there and there were using this to two percent before the health talk and before that eventually these meetings and it as it turned out when the head of the new Wilson and his team kind of thought this was a little bit too much and more like a circus was the quote was the words that they used they actually experience when the people started coming seeing all the fascinating color and will these pics pictures motivational and old activities that was part of the health expense in each of these eight dates they go to actually try getting the health chasing the Torres they until today it's now been used everywhere because after the content was a wreck of an elephant was saying this is the way we should do have to be equally beautiful and in as soon as you said is they don't have any of you start to see their and I see that you guys pictures you are one who is a is is is is an is are is you is expressed or even to use even the young people that even then need some training they need to be trained to know what to do in each of their posts and during impact this is what we try to focus on training each person each group of people what they can and do in each of those supposed that they will be working but we always make sure that we had nurses and physicians with us we don't feel that where crypts into the actually execute the mission without having that and this is where ever we go with him we go into the city to the countryside or any small shopping center somewhere we feel that we are currently as effective and successful as what's we are professional at the same time because this is how people perceive us you know you you come with that authority and even when we had some people that may not have them the medical training at such but that had them that they experience and that training from Wildwood and has been different other centers have put distance to have carried out and they know not to have a lot of wisdom of natural health this gain people confidence to because they're speaking with authority and there they are referring to books in different studies that are done by men medical professionals and it is it is effective that way so many interests is in question what should you be in you as you can just say I form each day at the expense that showed what happens and the first festival we get everything set up and you have to talk to the community this brings to talk to the health and director of the Council in the local community the CLU Saffold had with the health department in that area that even having some local doctor or local health and authority behind you and the neutral to the shopping center where you went to heaven and then and the next thing is to to work with a newspaper and local people for they all know what is happening here and start to dramatic then you have the young people that are going out with a leaflet and inviting people than what we have done in the chance of no way to print magazine that they usually print just with an inversion for four days then consequently doing for the program that we are doing they printed a separate magazine just for this awakening after the people that can read about the health program that is going on and then when we are also some comedic insights this particular structure we have young people out on the streets him or stand in the town saying this is what is happening in there in the stands that have books and they have that may be giving out food and drinks and talking to people and having a lack of the books and then there referring them to if you want to actually try to get the tests of health check today and find out how things go at the center and you will be able to do it there amend the first thing the meet when I come up there is an person who is actually vested papers they make it so at a document for themselves which is that kind of health passports and have his passport along with them the whole time and they get older health results written down on this passport for each post they go through for their first getting married blood cholesterol and then they are getting the blood pressure and Amanda Japan fifty and then head back and help them recall and urine tests midsentence have access to ten and then they get it in the deep BMI and when Vanessa Nathan and I have the best sides in the negative speak to the doctor and the health HP black then evaluating their paper so the young people can can do it many of these things easily so it has a professional staff the framework we have not get fixed team that are kind of like the professional core of the health expecting this is called the fixture and then we fill it it filled list of fixed dripping with them with other young people that can do all the easy things like taking the coffin and then getting some of the Council that they have entered bathroom taking the health agent checking that so it's important to have a good core team and I have the training is very effective far-reaching incompetence and what question him saying that the history of helping those are how they are and how do you go native length of stay and ovarian cancers of the conference you really is a very good way to come in contact with people and if you wanted on the way that we can use when we talk about because of the help evangelist and it is a very effectively the Fisher viewed okay I'm just shortly before we close with me the window it's okay and young women talking about how bad when you release and physical pain away that you help people without health other confident in saying that they are opening up also to our specialty and later want to balance myself so and it was also told about that that actually help people with their health and not only the confidence game it's the mind is clear enough so that they are more picky ice to receive that the first of May from the shortness sheriff star in that area actually went and then Daniel an employee when they got there with Christian old the family of a weapon feeling his model actually engaged and nature they had actually stolen the field when it comes to health because they are very conscientious in many their management and attention and people aren't you want bystanders of course we know that actual intent hopefully the patient ultimately what you want people to the anyway I finally they see extensive message out that they threw in the majors and so is sharing that with all of the father that saw this coming is really absolutely helped establish a built-in quality fish initiatives than one hundred clear the scheduling meetings they contracted it Shannon McDaniels family and x-ray he's not getting any better this evening I walked out and was that he can see how these things what better you know how to help message than anything is that teenagers may have I is in the lane guided by the way face on ACLU's basically using the new features to get help and physically of the line prepared for that fifteen of the coming liturgy the accident we had the people we have done we had help you know the message for people 's school belonging to the cuts weren't as good as the is if you associate messaging but before I just love to share this closely and quickly also because I see that many times are by helping people with their physical needs to pay the way for a specialty but sometimes also seemed that he thought and personal lines business in North America really need to start their point extra long and patiently in line is quite revolutionary this is going to take this basis how are they classified as one and so is to then on you know the really difficult paying his engine when it is scheduled as any to start monumental special and every more during the paper away also pointed to the physical restoration to life on strategy information on your own time and basically a cappella stigmatic anti-crime in a necklace thing that a legitimate interest in and can be found marked the ones they have an amazing story and when it comes enigmatic public but the first thing that I can on your sin the first thing that the class could attend in-house law pronounced guilty and dental busker shouted that in this case is for that the first of May that that was exiting from the public 's mind issues for many people that hesitate to contact the project ministry but with many people it actually starts was written in this thing open mind on felony charges were initiated frequent is a few about this story and I think related management all the demand was suffering with bodily deceased musical or so that he was suffering with in six all he knew that in order to steal our bodily malady was significant he must bring relief to mind when the soul from fan the man needed help of salt before he could appreciate how I and unremitting in his ministry several times to know that many people more than they are are are looking for physical restoration they are looking for two released from all this and it you know the old depression right process analysis also bringing on authentication and we had fish also counting the international scene and you know all those distorted thought at last feeling from both soul and body this special healing was followed by physical resurrection they should not be offered in the today found this suffering from physical bases will not rather take unknown input anything nine things I forget that the good thing which is correct unsatisfied fires in the foundation or nationality they can find no relief until they comes in a healer of the soul at peace which he and Ellen and William Hunt invigorated in mind and helps to body very holistic message that goes both way you know of the ice and everything is so closely connected and if you if you have you know how special the siege upon the best thing by guilt definitely a mental problem both of these will be affected by past and if you don't know the secret allaying those things that the foot of the cross makes holding and in the depressed state of the menu business degrees and so he can access layer with everything being in a physical receipt that they you don't feel capable to minister to others and social Creswell said sample is one eight one meltdowns are effective edited but it don't affect you all gather areas are affected and that's where ever you stocking the circle you know all these different aspects of working on each other get to close sometime when we see all the while we are well I had to think you know which is not a summer 's trainer which I believe the one real that I went to closely and that is just down at a judicial one with you wishing again to everyone you can't believe this principle well and we can only be the intelligence on content area everything anyway so then we end up getting nothing for nobody because the content however I think that if we had a really lasting one we should pick you not to see those single cases you seem to minister to subscribe that delegated by the religious twelfth estoppel to be around in a wiki Infosys court with the agitating one is the last time was when the weather is one lady 's house with her and why I think climbing over ninety six bodies one case of Benjamin the fish is one that easily is a special case of unique intermediate hardhat help everybody in this world there's a lot of suffering the teacher want your prescription Kevin Ricky Robinson advised of the market in short the time rather than money and purchasing process old she can't take one with his principles and to Jesus Christ that because class method unknown will give you to success in reaching the people would actually can have a closing track dear heavenly father I was so grateful that you have principles in the awareness and then writing sound lives were so thankful for the life that you get enough of the people your thoughts thanks care for all the different life and your creative mind and body and soul and yet enough counsel for how we can keep them on the fact that you are giving us tools for holiday weekend to suffering humanity within the fish that is holistic within the fish that appeals that have sent an answer to all of these suffering in the different areas of physical mental social spiritual but I want to pray that he will inspire us that you will help us to know how and why they think the practical way a lot and also how we can use it from day-to-day negative and able to today's full-time and that's still the time to that who want to use your methods to reach out to people and to be those where the representatives for the fact can make an impact in this world and draw people to get your kingdom for this in Jesus name amen oh seven and have five on the history of the health of our life he is having all of your media was brought by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word the sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about how humorous you like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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