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Health Evangelism, Part 2

Silvia Pel


“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” Gospel Workers p. 363. How can we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and apply His method which alone will give success? What part does the health work play in reaching out to others with the message of salvation?




  • December 29, 2012
    4:30 PM
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what we just went crazy like that have been attended to be here at this conference there being so many colors and to speak myself listening to the different speakers hearing their insights insight into what I was afraid that steering these works of sessions that she will be with all the different speakers that are presenting their topics that you'll do with old that are listening to penalize the ankylosing decision that your statement be very closer resume via instruction archives and I just want to pray that you'll use master pages and that you will speak to me and I want to thank you that you given up on completeness since we spoke about yesterday that you given us that method set pertains both the spiritual and physical social and spiritual and physical mental and social area and then so we went to think that you are carrying causative great that you have and that you have the councils for life and I think that's you with efficient batch women feel your presence and made learning new things and also that we may be inspired to equine facilities printed the principles in your own life and certain other people and to pray in Jesus name amen okay so I is in the first session on health evangelism for those of you that I him twice as fast quite the lowest woman looking at the quicksand density between how to listen I think it's hospitable center how financial is an area we look at that connection between the physical and backspace when the mental aspect how do you think other mostly connected and so again this session we are going to take a look at some history in that I industry at all how can they help at once and with how gods had been getting along the lines advance and we can apply that is a very effective tool to reset and when you look at attitudes and air movement we know of course that God gave lost gradually get some dental infected with Apple snail I'm many things Italian and can tell you what and so it is also in that history as we know that God gave increased line and done and we know that we received specialized on the knoll on the fact that the sanctioning fish the company was bought yesterday I forgot to care for all the different life and so he also gave graciously lies also when it came to how we look back at the other kind of our movements in the beginning of their health habits was not actually very good day where starting a long and lower their books that diet and exercise I saw lots of their antenna which was about to say how important it is ways to help individuals in order to have it reminds to comprehend and to understand special matters to sell as is the big three do they get a victory in April and needs again I want received her first position on health reform and the cost told her in the first edition this specific topic halted for one of very revolutionary turn times there are so different and with our young lass was that common in all the medical understanding at that time or a practice of the time to look at someone and back onto the field zero inefficient and was very fascinating and how medical science today confirms the thing that caught to guilt her and then I feel very privileged to the clients plan movements that God is leading us as a special way you know how he was getting her life and I mean not just happening even the same principles we find in the Bible help principles with a Bible that she founded after decisions and that was expanded and it was more specifically given to the people absolutely looking at some wealth I will know what I readily say before revelation pulling and back I pointed out in the first edition activities on health reform aimed at Muslim guilds are less than vegetarian diet enhances ethical and mental joy now that was very revolutionary they cost they will at some examples of good paying argument is that you know I'm a vegetarian and literature I will and that is a lot then me but are still existing in today's society we expect when I frame things like I told many okay I'm not going on the doors and using the entering wedge 's acquittal but they have a health workings of the entryways to reach people with the gospel now anytime that you love my experience in the changes in diet and how would I improve my how many know as cited in the communication of what Billy and Young in Indonesia and in no and then I'm sure he is continuing in no event they found that the actual justice of their own there has been met with very young like the way our world today the street and then time and thing time and money signs actually destroying me but of course and like many are they will sign in and I think people even after as I predict so I am close and where I want to last what she got circular anxious affect individual language of power on June thirty from the ninety fifth and sixth glossy honey is at home in the book councils and I think it was so interesting and very interesting information when it comes to science and especially nutrition as additives and relations help adding on page three hundred thirty and that it is sending messages of hope and strength that had only used the annual things now actually when you look at many of our modern science in Italy and England in nineteen hundred was a study that was found by two different and he was starting out he was studying about that and what kind of programs that he invented in relation to enjoy infected string and so forth and now is what really didn't think and that was similar to just see what I would be most beneficial for their component as we had two different weeds that he was skating the one and thought that was based on needs or animal print layout agreed .net was based on a protein that we can just climb on how this secondary is the one that works of sitting on the plant -based protein they as I said in the science of the nineteen hundreds the building had already added that priests or that indicated because they are guys in baseball and is superior when it comes to billing constant during Billings comes to this question and okay and you and will go to someone as well the research also found in the old it was announced that it was god-awful in the nineteen sixties like to researchers that was named Harding and start and they were also looking ask that you need donations of the building blocks of president and they were looking at what examination would be the best and would most closely resembled as they were looking into the World Health Organization and preventable list of the human breast milk since that is what the formula that got him to deteriorate and available sex domination athletic college in these studies they were having treated as one unit was on and needs based on their diet and then I'm not a wonderful Sunday at your vegetarian diet and one that was underneath as diet of human history and loss milk in a keynote like animal products dairy products and that they were actually amazed to see that the Queen that I or or and dad and I had that and the information it was most closely resembling the human breast milk and expanded wealth health health organization was actually I'm a total vegetarian and CC easily trace the history why is the front and back again to him I think that I have since we set something down that path and printing him in life that didn't sound like spelling out in one eight eight three that accepts your vegetarian total plant -based diets is the best friend joins for slipstream not only on individuals without a pointing out that have to vegetarian diets would be beneficial to our physical got sick that's fulfilling continental is quite nationalist effect here consequently as if that is much less clothing meanings intellectual activity students will accomplish much more in their studies if they never taste that we went to the human nature Street behind the eating intellectual power diminishes proportionate think that's quite revolutionary socialist cherry as an interesting word proportionately so it's in our relationship to God that we also and or mental accomplishment area to add an end it is also quite intimate connection with and modern science this shows the same thing that is needed profits have certain chemicals that are actually harming different love you in his books him as is a letter to use the phone it is horrible I was called as a direct assay will have pointed out is called a hot show I never thought to hide show got at but if they find is especially a sausage and cheese in the typical mistakes him for the last relationship between these ones and then questioning of the note and if you're into selecting to view more information on expected earnings he left the genetic variance that if it is some interestingly the humanities Chinese footprint possibly also in the book that is cold and lust after thinking those two books I recommend that very good when it comes to assess the relationship between mental mental health and by doctrine very different sources and there's just a few quotes from and about every possible in relation to what we just full of that what you see their first visit that all these would be a benefit both your physical health and mental health if we would me more than any other fact or die and you my ten page one hundred forty one in print but the bags as possible so they could pull a hot looking high meat diet can triple get it daring to buy switching to a vegetarian possible hot couple might decide single so you think that way knowing that as a adherent and then I think they add facts and I was intended to drink hot all over diet that spends you an increase as I will know the truth of the is is a will is is is is is a you is a you is you have the whole truth and he is in ratio is in is and is and is and is as you disable the will will will use the system will is and is will is and because of the way to stability in the home to me asking what this means anything was changed and will say he is is is is is is is is is like for a home and will will will will will will I know that if I is a is is is is is is is is is is is easier as he comes in as will a will so as as I verify that we will see Lulu is using you as you are in the is wrong and I said that is how it may help as you're wrong about you and also a view of the potential was just saying that the withdrawal symptoms let's talk about challenging all they want to Switzerland and Liechtenstein I want to thank all that is exactly how old is interesting because I even want press about when she was switching customers questions mediators and needs to talk about her struggle when she was you know receive notifications and she just really struggling big time because she is she was received around me and talk about back when show switching because of Christ for her she has received a special patient the children motivate this change of heart Sandra was from God so this is changing an advantage is that in the beginning so saying that she felt like an individual and I can contract with the Lord now when that's helping back on bad after all that you want again after five months or something this recognition is so good and important to share those things also with people you know that you are just entering and the gorgeous hanging out and it isn't going to links and also in the process and that they also realized that for many things when it wasn't the will be explained in the process and how they just go through the second grade and it is quite right for your body and soul someone telling him what he thought that of course what we do now is basically just to go through some of them then thank you strange about history and see how they fly testing in a share to some people even thanked and down and it gets a huge blessing that it's is also didn't have digitized that the dinner about how we can explain how we can share with other people she am the mother quote from the book group often from manifesting the only thing where Seattle and shares some of the more mopping a recess that basically backstop or considers the life that I want to see in this first that is an elective called banks need to intensify the betting here is the brain activity of the brain needs to function well and here it is missing out one of the substances that I just mentioned them and its effect arachidonic acid found in the inherent optimal functioning of the brain center for with the judgment of porcine the frontal low sex and the Hezbollah that not the session this shows that the relation between diet and mental health as he is one of the neo- and he is young also staff myself the same questions and you are well seeing as when you made for example in the way up to the pressure from the own in the box and give valentine stimulation to mental health issues talking about how and when I was told by any combination I think that is how willingly and they all diminish actually and they all have a negative influence upon the function of love and then add another amino acid called on which is very needed in order to producing methane and that his comments last thing the other hanging offense that is lost upon the needs in the bank sleeping English or they a and decrease the ability of the brain to you live the kids upon in order to greatly threatening which is important in order to have exists and no brain now and to have hundreds broad outlook on life is a solution is the only good in the way he and his eye in need at any tests or things that are in large amounts and twenty one they actually interacting that invitation to the pond in which to create and produce threatening in the brain as so I think that is also why when we talk about amino acid combination in need products compared to when not on any and we not only talking about you now reaching the breastmilk of wealth helped organizations and individuals at the I don't tell him that's even possible in will is beauty and in a you see then that is she is and I is is is a thought is what is this all is needed and will you and I and I is as these as he is so I have an compulsive about that that wasn't the case was that in order to produce the threat and so on when you have a plan select answer lies coining of the products are known to have for data collection is threatening a question if I move on to him and him do in an HFS and he is in him and of course terrible moderation and in and in and in the match you is is is will you need to do is to wait home and I know that this is not him as a you yeah it it is a living husband and wife but I think that for example when it happened after that in other conversational hair MacLachlan different from the completion of such of the immune products so you have the shorter acting contained in such a so they don't have the thing in the body and the solvent with the sworn into the same eleven at him to a is a is is is wrong in your okay is a little while and then will take our fun and positive I feel it can to take some questions in between also since my small request that class but of course I will track him up in Huntsville Ontario I will again out in it now we can move on in a presentation and if you have questions or comments of my family is really pertaining to the thing that was talked about I hope that the gates of a moon for another thing that I was healed in this very efficient wow I was back in the use of the need to do that is also revolutionary in turn time it was not still today it is coming we know that nearly can use them to be everything but the following action it is quoted in an New Jersey one page two hundred ninety eight and is expected to upcoming loss means he used to take the place of freshly we know that the combined grains fruits and summaries to make truth that are helpful and encouraging now it's interesting that and and you let me what this book proof positive that just as many hostilities researchers went back across the link for helpful helpful phase and it was due to their high fat content reelection at the money the university on a secure know what blood cholesterol to provide corresponding decrease in the risk of heart disease so when you compare for several others of course this is also to be used in moderation was accused to my sabbatical is a great citizen the body had introduce it is of course it also has a high fat content bad and him and they had of each pump and other polyunsaturated and monounsaturated which had been knowing on the bad cholesterol and is to create increasing the good cholesterol HDL for example they have done it means that if the weeks wore chest and use that medicine in order to lower that yet for the brain as well also what is lower than that cholesterol is one of the valve plus the so-called Sunni exclamation that is holy is divided on if these weightless individuals going off to on this way showed that it would decrease cholesterol and that was a almond that have actually been on theology to increase cholesterol that I train now that I went to have an ability to increase cholesterol not after the fact they haven't got with my ability to increase out with a hefty increase that is why they made this ratio and so with the guys like she that delighted that case is in the hot old movies and replacements for me they contain that are beneficial to add our health of the blood vessels for example in comparison to me that because the cost of the high content as easy as his is a you a is a you a you is a is okay as you together is not something I is a will in public he is all in a fun and you have a him you will is a you a you and is and is and I is you are in is to is a central point in the recommendation of analytical and vocational opportunities that upon what something is incredible medical technologists I think they can to produce a loan based on all the prison isolation there is a is is is is very companies is a very good and bad thought is that there is you a will and is in a losing his diet is that is not what this is why I question I should and will see in a you as an is is is an is an and in different temperatures until the South Florida scene will just be sensitive for legal and contract out now one of the life that got the better is somewhat old ones are preferable to keep is not simply won't fly in concomitant no knowledge about no specific than the competition and sell it for several the fallen off to London against racism and peanut like zero something now so how bad a condition affecting only is much better for the hot health and general 's opinion of those won't denounce the life that God gave to us is a visual visit while you are here in the city is uneasy moments in a position of these are red as myself will not be seeing is that as you will you will so your business is consistent staff him him him him the reason for him to do is to remain the same thing there is as much as you are is a you know is known as penis and get out of vitamin and engine I was left to the plaintiff I created no you think felt that but at hand now and information that is not that I want Wittgenstein and our and what that certain glaciers would be injurious to health and socialism I think that's pointed out what declaration of milk and sugar and we don't question today back in any case I mean what what medical nations that usually happens like milk and sugar in head and wipes are baking powder something I like this foundation was okay and wasn't hurt also I don't like revolutionaries they like what we know today when the modern research synthetic and inclination is to oxidize cholesterol which is very harmful to the blood vessels and especially what is topping the list removed it when you look at oxidized cholesterol that is expecting donations that specialized in all that cockpit mixes July pancake you know that this is what it contains data and milk and sugar angles this has been exposed to oxygen for example July two male inch-wide agony known that a product then and it was actually existing evils once that another writing additionally the committee shall act and in the future because the authentication in thinking your stomach as I left this one guy and he had a logical as well as the school that is shrinking or something and usually delineated I was developed all and gnashing with his doctor to ask him or see Judy because usually they would see the relation between checking out all this swing is now so anything else I don't think that uncle is the land that was trying to continue with his van and consultation to find out the reason and then I turned that everything is not screened for the evening he waits for Apple Apple leads are like ten days ago ice cream and effective vaccination had been left fixed to all old black contribution to the screen enter him to a movie is a is going to will and is the only faithful and their will at that and say that SSS also that found itself the second event was thinking as I think I actually got to know how well I know drinking smoking the vegetarian menu comes in London said no I do not like they all did a good love the sugar if we can be very narrowminded and just look at one point is we have to get back the full pension and then help fill out in an and in and in their and thought and emotion there is is is is a hero 's will is what you you will you and him what the men of all one hundred and eighty five Jesus is his first year Jesus so it is the highest possible that this was when we saw the people who are buying from you and you will is and will you know you is gradually moving from one another so that is is a is a is a cost that is important to see that the segments that you sent mail to differentiate shell that you don't put anything now I am quite certain that there are things that are bad the word is that they work the way and it is important also to keep that distinction and manage string that I made the debate between what she had discussed for fourth on the conflict in addition the Fisher you do a gap who will you thought of as an duty to that exchange and all quiet on the other executive look at the milk in general now as we could share the link that kind of moment Stanley Fischer about at that is one documentary that I could recommend that if really good showing in a recess in the field except for that and that is the document letters on the ninth I sat in Chris Clinton mentioned that is sorry that it's been three sessions I spent most of the recess of the concentration on in times that he had about the time that it is so having him there and he then continued to display Farish was this and Doctor Ed Campbell bats but the China study is also as you know is a populist voting not soliciting an awaiting company is in the president and then in contrast to printing in relation to breast cancer and that is the basic ministries that is that we are proposing that he was using that he could spin out to catch on in the philosophy lists language difficulties authenticity you know then add that the different sources a lot of things make such a big difference I think that if it was actually experimenting with carpeting was that no part of the other angels it's taken to prostration when constituting two G spectrum scam and is willing to do a tour manager is not enough in person and have no possibility to choose so is an assessment to force your will is because we were more of you absolutely you in Berlin and is is is is I want at any ten a.m. and understanding reasonable in your way we are helpless on the show I hate him I will say that I wanted to love a man swimming in the last three thousand eight an interesting distinction for example an anthology killing so many people very open to state people outside are more open to these things and the people in the Jets to win the weekend is an opposite extreme the people are just waiting it is critical with the demented folks of a knife to defend my documentary that it would sell it to Ed mentation English made in a home and there is a you know and usual known as a name and plan on you and is easy and is a will is that you will see the same expanse that no apostolic people I really want a real advantage here the things that is truly held with a special thanks to last more like white arms open the door for gospel is and is and is shown in a you and a key you are in and him and him who is to show in what is that that is what I help expel him just like you are saying that I went to help explain how they're going through the different as there is no question that you told that the constant attrition and having just that you level up the hill I do not want to sell not lesser levels let me know what prepared an initial when you make a penny she spreads her name is and is not intended for the community because they think the thing is it bloggers get people moved to take this at alternative that line is okay and so with the fact that they serve a milk and sugar there is soon and oxidized cholesterol is found often in agonizing here that often S measurable damage to blood vessels belonging and dramatically increases heart disease risk right to drive after Nathan typically containing sugar milk and some of the worst way referring to is interesting in the first additional sex horse fisting Asian sixty three staff making activation and him I find this the health organization said that bad I also got the own way of in the databases or something in that genetic effects of you said that the American Medical Association says regarding tobacco that the benefit outweighs the harm I will do as you are you expecting socialist revolutionary when she had health things now backing anything they please I recommend that you know the medicine kind of thing it also it was like pollution and when she came with Whidbey as he received from the convention and facilitating my bags tobacco is a slow video signals in the points and I did change them well the wisdom of late the victim in Lavery will happen difficult to overcome as an article where you will and will outperform the damage is her first and that it parallels it so as to make a no is a is is to say say so the client and should and when she and he sure as him to do something to say and will send you very soon how am I come in eight eight he is a that is any niche they say they had a area that people and in new I is I in you and you and you is that he is philosophical you and you and you and a is you and I is an and and and a half at the very below the knee they saw people in the other one will be the is a is a is balancing as well how can satisfy what you are so only and will exit exit try questions of law prohibiting gay scores I think ten times higher than even in China's claim is extremely addictive I know this also when working with people is just four ohms forty years and five years or so the hardest thing for NASA's token reprints if anyone has a chuckle in the staff in with the sound will quit her that dashes in the numerical way that hides the purpose of smoking the drug is okay all posted about that something was really chaining her well actually contact the miracle and so anything I just took it away like that and during making the question is not able to get justice start where struggling in her will so Christ through using drop at all cooking for some time and resources got to the Wayne one thing just in a different so yeah it down I think that we are very addictive and now we know I mean even on the silken packages affected state athletic young and not even a figure that we need to find another research on better wealth why smoking claims over three million five each year and also the mental and ability smokers are less able to perform complex and known non-smokers that resulted from the page on a construction is due in and is an money my boss if I is a you will you do final and new is that it will be they will have no need for so long as everything is the last love you and of course that engine okay I will not already going to find one that is infinite and that will how many of you are in the first meeting road one of actually West fifth Big Bang and those that want to handle them okay so I would think that happened to you while that was also when you are in the first patient that I want to say so that they were still in fact they were negatively affecting mental health of your check I am here just what copies official indulgence of the rare only on the minds that after his expulsion frustration parallax with the mental moral and physical powers and quite interesting when you know what confidence did you mean in the body within you it just matters and how it is thinking that I sleeps on it if you're just later until cooling and diminishing the new transmitter at Jonathan and we think this compares that to the president of ethnic heart so it's basically pushing the death is life weakening or an entire stating that the rate has nothing to remember and pronounce an overview and very high then tenant and break them up working and I think that it indicated to sell it within our bodies linking analysis assistant they had a disastrous result in you getting going out and we had a oriented when you inject illustration you know that linking thousands cost in position with the nurse and bad questions and anything you want to thank you no of course temporarily you feel that you have more energy and voltage coffee there and I can only give them energy and patently just the body thing a lot actually that's unique rep and you're just pushing on on on on on and in the long run you have to take the consequences you have to pay for that question is news one is beautiful when he is in their lives defending our rights and interests of David Jenkins is an is is they know that it is not a good and that you and me in the media is leading the way in a very often known as conveys more sustainable energy on a computer in way and is in you as little as a talent standpoint why don't you close your halves him him now I have been having to put into effect that avoid all season drinks that have intensely excites the next dimensions that will be followed by depression I will body that was bound into one something like no way would conduct forty three participants so it is an extensive study in the first half study by the deluded into thinking they study one of even the most over the coffee consumption is in no way until the students thing people so much classified in five people for coffee and that kind of thing and especially women that he doesn't have a coffee drinker if they had more cases of depression they had more cases or all info now of course would be difficult as well no wonder and more cases of difficulty sculpting was just what those that were drinking and I know he'll be a great and important so basically you are you in your making I immediately think I cried a great networking on the offensive is out and that in pushing that goes after that I think that this is the break is not working and the body has natural braking system when it's too much about itself as in much the thing the carpet is basically just weakening those signals and then you're pushing your body more than a man and that of course in the long run you have to pay the consequences them as an data and him and he knows is viewable we need on what is SSN you will have more satisfying and will suddenly he is resigning his seat was president of a flat and you need a fool loses class in connection with any luck Esquire is that there is especially celebrated in thinking that since he has had success at the more things necessary focus or something will be strengthened by me didn't make sense because he had the requirements and also when it comes to her I mean your you know I'm thinking this morning when I asked him out with an irritated him it is wishful in a relation of those animals that have brought to be started of course the trampoline is that you know I stated before it gets warm if they are counting the question in the box and then he you he wasn't the complexity so I will defend anyone who invents recession and the is that we get a good word in your you are going to be a fairly decisively as he is in him and we have is that I is will him to go to all actually happened out when I how the cells that if I need coffee he in all call it that low tenacity 's blog and it got its place like the king that he should be willing the lower centers in our back and lower centers like a general feeling and smelling and tasting all those offenders they are to these objects to the King banner how bats wings and wings of the old animal food energy saving virulence is basically strengthening the lower centers compared to hire center that is supposed to be the rules and where you have the will so good for an invalid as there is a visibility so as you are is is is was funny to our forum is a good point and was the first appliance and Yahoo I know if Lucy goes to local oldie funds because then it wouldn't have time for that and then added another thing that was also very strongly emphasize in this first vision with the connection between diet and lifestyle in mental and spiritual health so it's not just about physical health what becomes of us know how it is affecting the physical health adults and also this is really titles a special health or some have talked about this already and will and in people 's use of is that it I will be more positive in all of this will only use more humanity and that it is now a useful changes I is is is is over meeting is going to register and is nice so is our aim in the Institute is an you will is is is is sand sand plus that Nelson Hall was delayed so that living longer that morning at five living five years on this planet know how the something in a Colton life means that we had and that we can comprehend process questions and we can go to have the things of God better and we know that it is the case with others just like a mouse of of course want to check it was a want them to be able to clear lines to get things to say to you and you will and vision John is a you and you and you and I will do something that is all is is is is is glad to see you soon as you is what he will do so will while I is him home and will positive as well I love you all and will and sauce is also will follow as all and all of you will I and all is known as close as you said a simple and what he is certainly as long as you this is a fun class class will form all that are not necessary Justin points and now I think is important we also think that it has in life as we know we had a very active in the Tempest like no less than herself but they are not sure you know I is working all the things that statement is not just avoiding all track is lighting will consider harmful and using logic they instructed me many times would lose out on the concept of what temperance is full of it's not just about no all cold notes talking and everything don't think the country they were in fact reading news in our community we need to take the frustration and college are redefining this is the first status in the forefront of those even want to read the conference of the first issue is pounding this little gifts that fourth following the whole sequence then very interesting they just said those things also this time Jane's Jamaican injury accounted they can appreciate the value of spiritual things except anarchy in their sensibility in London and seeing that she had very thankful to trade either the range of valid in the trash that really shows the relation between accepting diet and special capitalists nonetheless you also get a lot of my thinking what they can to preserve healthy bodies and found one it will gratify at times and by facilitating blunders his ability to the clouds and perceptive faculty so that they can appreciate they sold the character of God 's will delight in this patio with words they made the assurance that God will accept the word to obtain is only bringing out just like to say you know if you thought they contributed to have a Bible study to believe for you because you don't mind to be able to copy hands across many seconds young and analysis of expressive enough if they liked it when you have questions in anything from a program Internet they are having tonight just so tired and I think that it was time to bring civilian in the Old Testament talks about how death that I think should be in a blameless without bothering whatever and between elves and evening sacrifices today how long do you think of what okay so when wiping sentimentalism difficult enough when it ran and then we just continue accessing this past thing tomorrow I think that it is on Monday the last session and then we cannot do anything since then have someone you I will continue to finish up a fun event and that representation is basically about them at basic principles old I wish there were some of the basics once what is the difference between Intel using other features when compared to the traditionally so some of the basics going to some Englishmen close with that prisoner and success is that it has been so interesting because it got effective than necessary the new rule entertainment and more he this media was run by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how humorous you like the more certain is www. done on universe .org


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