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Health Evangelism, Part 3

Silvia Pel


“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” Gospel Workers p. 363. How can we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and apply His method which alone will give success? What part does the health work play in reaching out to others with the message of salvation?




  • December 31, 2012
    4:30 PM
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I can't I want to thank you so much not for your ways and your faithfulness that is being every morning to think of what a blessing that we had experienced so far and what is the relation of the received signal listening to different submission required activities that are going on parts of the welds within the lines of medical missionary work on you once you change in five resident was also going to brainstorm and think of ways that we can be in full on bank ways how we can apply the principle that was spoken about on my and also how it can be able to take away intoxication and community that we can to reach out with the right arm of the gospel to open doors for your tree to enter their hearts and I went to pray that you like this last significant have to get her going to pray that disparagement of precedents that it may not stay human thought and human wax is that it will be way more information words from the and want to thank you for it precious friendship fish they can't even send out the drug product caters for all the different aspects of life to pray in Jesus name amen okay so you see just as he is a short summary and especially we were on talking on this history of health workers in him at how I learned presentation that I want to think in a agent and agency fifty and another kind of that station and how they are the hardest and hard before her time actually when it neon is expected to exactly what the author so we instantly sends an antilock and were not able to finish up everything that I had the sudden I'm a little steam engine and you got all your insight and now is a little duty is to just go through some overlap point for those planning to go through session and then we will walk into that last fast efficient and which is some of the basics of medical missionary work and also benefiting to brainstorming think about how we can apply the principles in our own life and how we can use them to win souls for Christ and I think the last life as we close off waves and especially was this from spiritual gifts what about the relationship that seemed at first fishing that I want to see in eighteen fifty three she has only received for many at issues relating to how they are beyond her time back that it was also strong emphasis on that close relationship between diet and lots and spiritual health and I think we all agree that this is one of the main reasons also why is given a help message him help messaging on my will how do we remind us to question the things of God 's and we also see in the health message with other people that made it so far I'm not open to special just because they don't have special needs that the apparent difficulty in turn would help them with their physical needs and clears and the ways prepared that they can receive the training because we do not aim or goal is not to make healthy fitness that is that they shall be paid and that they still be able to do for eternity together without that article and would always need to keep in mind because many times there is a tendency to talk about the group yesterday I offer and it is a tendency that we take the help work on it so far then we are prayed for this breach into the spiritual dimension which is which is so important both for mental health of people and of course for their salvation and I know I just just let's close with you from an one disclosed in J H Lackner and he's not difficult life event within the nineties has been a huge wedding like they would think about the Dylan Lechner eighteen eighty eight message that I get you yet heard and the JH Spyker he was the father of the letter that we think of as you look at them he stayed in the health movement in the very beginning of that the Adventist movement the devout it was one of those that went one most wanted in fact for health reform act this special live events and one hundred feet from God and on the topic of how it's told I say that the data takes the attitude tobacco into the effort I think that he was unlikely as spokesman for the temperance movement he was actually also the first editor of the basic health Journal and American parents know that it's on religious liberty but he was also the first editor of health made it back is just and it was the next manager of the finds the time that's many more of us are familiar with the game slot starts the wonderful picture that make this he pointed out the uniqueness of the health and efficient we have effective because communism hunt is the winner actually authors of both advocates and helped reform kind of this and especially if you read about how an aspect of the movement would also have health as one of their and then think that they enter and I don't get very much associated with that in our society today because with actually stealing the show when it comes to how many times today in a try and they actually taking the nation and even monsters and we experience is the visual experience is down yesterday and they gave us a very unique and you know him SSI how for the relation that how they felt facing our dad came for our eternal life that is not on it but if I don't buy ten thousand and this one as big and black noble thing and the development is that a new ideological in hunting training the principles of how to fund might be studied by fun and nice shirt their free time than these and others identified as a little consequence but when placement level with the retreat the third Angels message but as sanctioned about their weight and sudden awakening makes strong to overcome and I defeat body cleansing and defeated for translation then comes the essential pocket change to be received with the blessing of God which is the better parent and it was just pointing out is that you don't help the helpless is just like to engage anything in only a few more years this lesson is that you can't change a thing I didn't only become like something that is a point of interest the title lottery check that actually had a direct relationship to salvation and that the Bonnie's a complete in body mind and soul we haven't created out of given us no physical law special laws come into harmony with Aeschylus then will be better able to have a close connection with nature to prepare for the general life so well on this is a housewife and healthy for making that this text since you use him no one has seen the first edition and a big victory during the ten years A+ continuo procrastinated and expect but not to exceed in batting in the test as they think that I attend a half years after she received the first fish that helped reform that within the program is called for and she received a major health issue in addition it was indicated that they want and need to go back there and what needs to make in these jails or this last in our own and we also have the responsibility to share with other people in this nation it was indicated that the nomination she starts health vacation place where people can on the house you know some of the things that I had at that time it was also an increased interest in helping ethnic award that fewer institutions that many times it was a specialist that had very strange ideas they think anything so you can then go into effect how is Philip England today in a way that we didn't age that that have running we did this today and I than to help perfect so this is a should and Yahoo this is interesting and should make available both to just continue well they do not think the physical and facial restoration this is a huge step and if the whole front from the sensors that predicted the movement at that time for him to do anything so than a year after she received efficient but I dressed help in the case was an established and called the Western Reform Institute and the kitchen I can see CNN run and see that you can sell and that was that very small beginning actually for once we may be no concrete material and it is told back in the beginning of a very humble beginning they had on the country in the Institute to see the pending federal help on help out like patients in the beginning that only ten years later during eight and seven to six the invitation had hundreds at this time Doctor Kellogg came into the picture and I guess mostly a he was twenty three and at that time you know and he was shocked and electrified because he looked so young and Walton I thought what the wealth of the Nike any proof that he has had a strong ability and that he was the area the Howland and Doctor and after short while actually it creates military unless well-known and many very known personnel because it came to the material to get help if you think in the beginning all his design and the beginning of his ministry I very much him he was always added as they said I believe the five years ahead of all of the other doctors and even working in one of the fitness they are and what secrets Doctor Kallick that you had so much success compatibility of doctors the USA and then he said okay I will tell you the secret of my success and waited to be the secret to his success this is referring to defy like that he had to get it he when you sneeze brought out in the medical wells he knew from his knowledge of this there is practically wintry things along in our system if you can't instantly updated that while the rest of the doctors were slowly peeling away and when they find a definite he had five years after that is the one who really would do the UNUM group who really is shed almost had an opportunity to add that in the beginning you can't add salt and illustrating you coming on that lets you know that it was a cigarette they were just running with it if I was in the hands when the medical profession was swept off their feet by seventy five days with lots we had received he simply did not touch what I got for their mistakes they wondered how he can't how entertainment talent and not focusing that it was so interesting they related communication between him and him and to see because the press today and that mostly you have many methods as well it's conflicting you know when you're in a medical kind for example with even having enough children often conflicting an argument about health you know we are using of course the sources if you read present with Doctor Neil met in an efficient easy think it is in accordance with me there is nothing sacred in recent years you know any priest is so important for us to follow the same help was following and making the ethnic pioneers had all the others because in his mind and who knows not then laugh that an medical time that I mean God is a major technique that the body is made of machinery that he had ahead of his manual for how to and so expectedly asking price and then you know what response would have been run with the Java things which are despised and I think that's important to keep it online because we will definitely won't be at a meeting at conflicting an argument in from other signs that we have to have a strong nation and I think they starts organizing of the revelation of God into Yahoo and then you closing for the history and of course we can go what Taliban schismatics sometimes I think nothing you know that just like to thank in the beginning he was very close to following along with bad in the Council that no one didn't in and had a lot of respect for her that she had the practicality unfortunately he also was swept off the path and each was especially defended the idea that's really cool of the power about the nature not just that God 's power and not be seen in nature and that God is the greater nineties working to nature and the nature of security part because gone egregiously that nature is decided to research the nature of God in nature is independently run her over her better than to accept that so and detritus of the financing for estimate was very clear to connection there he was suddenly following the course that she went enough to follow and not a pending disaster was the school all five of them so even today I actually speaking about accepting the first meeting how today these virtual path that you selecting those they can donate a now coming back today and entered Christianity from a big basin Way for integration into their own cash and we have to be aware of it because it was an act that had beginning the movement and we can just expect because and what of the seventies will come back and she said I'm here for you to know that the omega of the state the weekend expect that some of these same things okay for the system new age had the basic idea of becoming facts in our database and with the him to be aware of him will will settle in and in and in thinking that that and that's like a selling point all set which I should get just enough yesterday the people and we need to treasure that because I like it got given up anything that is the question okay so I will end short in the accident of an sequence of my patented just want to share with you what experience and this is from nineteen oh one and in many years he had rectangles and the old obstacle that annual is sure and neocons consultation with a vehicle that and how many great and during this year it was so inspiring and it was about the destination and that helped that it is natural and logical comprehensive health evangelists or something in your beneficiary and discourse video night before that he was a serious extent below what was taking place in San Francisco and I want to receive as they should sixty first received deficient which is sort to be and now in one of them and was in the one feet high what the physical and it was very little activity there and she didn't be contagious just before that it would become beehive of activity I see and affect the human house on him him would be very clear that it would be like in the example of us it happened now all cities of exhibits and levels of mercury in the main hall then all four CDs actually when I asked also we had just forsaken actually in many other large cities of the well I decided to share this with your installation with some practical examples of what they were getting back time and negative skills in administration for athletes out of the woods that we can run with entire discussion and and holiday rental listings some slack there are many lines of Christian birds think having fully five regular districts in the Cisco evening please visit you think and I think he appreciated how you argue that worship this morning how many are you are it was after the summer they did what they think that Weston at based on the five fifty eight and is not given to us that we really have an shoot and tips here for humanity and changing show to show our faith in a very practical way and they do not seem to be there for the needs of humanity into two medical wishing it was all about removing the sufferings and is well physically that these include visiting the sick and the destitute finding homes for what they can work for the unemployed nursing this teaching of the law of Christ from house to house the distribution of literature and of conducting a classic for healthful living and care of the things at school for the children him in the name of any house in the mistaking our wedding mental health and medical nation maintains three meet at City Hall everything that established operated a branch of the Helena vegetarian in a locality event that had other help his company but things are not only all that instruction is given to reforms in the Nina the center of the city of people conduct a vegetarian which is open six days a week anything time to close at here another five hundred Neil said they know flex me thinking Doctor and Mrs. says Doctor and I do not submit legal work for the poor in conjunction with a regular practice and after that that anything must be what it was meant to help the medical and dental school in the city brother when they are young people in attendance with their health effects taken in the future in the words in front of the goal will still be the progress that what has been done the work that has been done there is a beginning of the murder is also a very new to you you will go year low as the will the software will will I be able to learn and work the ability to talk at a meeting at the soon informed that he is wrong on so is over as soon as you will chain attaching into the starting point I also woman just told him I asked Emmanuel health institution is looking to make that many times when that identity actually happening on a specified that this institution we are we are a few full access to financial ethical square frame to push people away it was inevitable they sleep in and out of the government and that an e-mail on this is open until somehow a fashionista trusting God that he should provide to all and without you rely on the state joint income we had a health institution in knowing a difficult Fahrenheit this one an example for other institutions like that it is a self-supporting petition and they had decided to be free to that is a trust patent -based collective energy system may soon resolve the debate you know they endeavor to follow the principle that I received as a people and a blessing of God you people are changed people people in the business business-related trust that I think I thought when you do something then we would have to believe it I'll have to believe that saved one pounds backpack on the mouse in a is a yeah and other new in Canada by a very fast because you said in an is is is is is is a is will you really think that you know you is really all all times will choose very I will will will you will is a home on the Internet I have all the amenities and is now known as unit in the home is no help will go to run in for our online as well as the plus is it interesting just likelihood out I think has such a way that formation the deflation and immigration I believe that the same also it comes to health heading out in the beginning there was formation and God gave the principles that would follow any position which blessing the Philippines and admitted it was a formation in information with the best blame and we need to do what we can to restore that picture the course we formation both Windows and help the okay so I am down when it was as interesting and would like one activity before the destruction is now we know what will before this is not just illustrated in LA and in and we really need to also take according optically excellent preparation and does anything I just adopt the him hello and New Zealand and when I do that I just did that last year only wrestling the air when it struck that so that anyways just talking about that just before the meeting that was held before to extract it was about the Senate and efficient cars real estate should have the next meeting if you disclose everything is going to continue meeting that he wasn't and now and that even after this is for people to you know make decisions and I remember we came in afterwards and went back into the visitation went to visit his compact and of course it is quite as it was one that had decided that when we came to his place house was ultimately smashed testing of labeled with the ground that is just united opposition undoubtedly saving with San Francisco in the earthquake and how they got in an age of nursing and before the destruction and we never found the probably time to this yet made a decision and that it was just I I was just as you want to then act as a religious setting out that God is his official nursing at and before the destruction we can see and when he pointed out you know how this is quick and can afterwards that that's in Cuba that asked respondents if of the work is the defendant we need to do now when we need to respond to take up the one okay so I won't go into just what I think for most units are series on ninety million with some of the basics of English there went back we do repeatedly get waste will just have open discussion and see how I also bet what I know you have either traditional ways of testing out the traditional medical away whenever and then was actually distinguishing what was actually the basic principles behind no natures way compared to using this article to whatever and we know that as the physical and little did I thought he's not only the originator of the ten Commandment that he is also the reasoning for the physical laws article that he had laid down a nature and if we plan on seeing with nature you can if we are to obey those will speculate on the nature and helpful being a result of that which has been still be there is also it is a cool effect relationship here and now admittedly determined to accident screen with Internet access at the fifteen answers and twenty six and until the first this is that problem in Turkey and access listing twenty six and they reset the clock if you diligently heed the voice of the knowledge of God into what is rocking his sides here to amendment to keep on his back to output nine hundred and eighty seven he was I have brought on vacation for I the Lord will heal seen the biggest principle that God has again second law and if we apply to does not then the blessing of God will follow I'm not that way if you know I'm on the knowledge of efficient I want to heal see the promise that is undisguised that you know when will I find the will of angles not that God laid down for spiritual well-being for typical outing that will not see well was a key potential and vindication that you are talking about here their prevalence network today is finished and I expect you know in the game tea and some of that figure that were prevalent in Egypt they will think I'm sure you know that if taking some a lot even today wildlife and now live in those awareness of what many revisions are very prevalent in the world today they were also the diseases of Egypt as is without a balmy down in the next minutes as we do about the disease but they haven't that you have in your is I was in a you and is a safe interest in is because they desire this meeting the time love you and is one of a high and he is yet that she had a meeting today with equally busy and so affluent in a lifetime did all healthy faces that have left penalty Mister Giuliani sound like an love it down more it is due to the hunting and efficacy since it is of course related and should not have to she and he was encroaching into the wrong sources and commitment to what is interesting to see how history repeats itself and okay is is you that I will like to see you as a loser is is is is is is is an and a and in and so they are this is all the Suharto and him him she also landed that it will also deploy an agentless origination and I can set in those classes in which I wish I also came within things that are in our week of the season so listed also United Kingdom relating to die him that you are the owner of this high whom I was very little or Rosie is as far as the loan is a is in their front yard and said that many in and in and then and there is a you is him another reason to go through if they attempted to unlock and open the heavens the reports are described in the program many are not as to see that there are now these movement where I in others the focus about implementing and using the change in your specifications actually be forgot who said that I think it was sad and that ignores affecting her neat maybe even you know like acquisitions that is long study has been elected with and come back before you know where able to initially excited to start working to use the opportunity in every situation we are in the process of the changes are of course ways to you exactly can we him how do you like doorknocking or something maybe I would never be able to our annual preaching regularly meeting fears or something with many never be able to meet the commission wanted to reach the Palestinian campus and putting in an action and science and T-cell increases with facts and the physical laws are originated by God you and I had clicking on the book helpfully in page seventy and it has a better translation of physical law instance question about law a quick teacher Jesus Christ is the author award be keeping alternate law and militant and one law at the human being with cameras and reckless over how they fit concerning physical life and helping against Scott God is not respected a recognized this is showing by the injury done to the body in violation of physical so when we talked about in other than the basics for this understanding of what this helps consequently it's all about we have to understand the foundation that is not only the spiritual lots of driving I got the codicils again the physical loss or do not the nature is a you a question is the not so easy as well so is God 's will is not sure what I said I I I think and do everything here you know you can get the public afterwords and I think it's very interesting to bring up anything so I'm hopeful so I ha ha how how this related to salvation it is my salvation and him and him and his mother the other thing is in written by a way you and I is in is is is is is that is available in his will is is is will a will you and the van and is in that message you can always in a and he will hunt the last thing that when you go to downplay questions and younger question at that and we will see in I add to and he is him him listen and is set in and he is and is in Greenland and is is is is is is is is is is and will be in an index is true of you are he as you and they are so as I will relate his will to you and he is in the heat and in and is and is and is will you see what his vision is as is so you are on our way to prison will the young result is a will is a no-hitter in to serve a is is an and him at is in an and in and on a lunch in a is is is is is is is and keep her in so they pass in an advantageous so in a will learners were no leave a and is a eye on that and there is a you will for a lot of you have the third Honolulu I is in a panel is she died in nineteen ninety five to eight and when they are in will and is a man now and go out into the is now alone in a will or will you as a is a is how will you he was wrong he she he will and will you and he tried to the is is he is later on it will in his and we are sitting related only to so will you as a are him the strategy is not a benefit is that the message is addressed this is a shame and a you is or is in you is not so in the and of the unity of the month is the same with all the incoming moment in the game in the beginning I changed my friend at you with getting away the patterns that creates it and what you gave been worried that it am in the thing that's collecting that whole thing another thing that I love the game before I just can't trash him so if I how do changes and adjustments it also can and will come back to that asked with it with you so that is not it is very important in the biggest holistic picture when it comes to health benefits at the time we talk about very specific things like for example the announcement by the also prison work oriented exercises will be things come into the digital compact too that's what you think of the long interval is one hundred flight Pentagon in the room and Lavinia and you will do a little moving the roof and health is not in him so I is and is not to be here in the know it will never leave home and I know they were little people who is on Verizon wireless uses a so you hold the cause and will not go as you is a is a will is a is on this is why is is a a a a is united on this is a very Murphy's mother is why I is anyway as I think Kaplan in LA now and it is unlikely any insight in part as it engaged me in trafficking the cost part in our madness McCain 's wedding ability and many other talks in a younger lady holding me know if I why is actually more than everything and understand that he is taking on the trust of our knowing made in due time he will be dealing to manually think I mean reading age for men received so much the songs songs and women even got explanations for the things in other like it got I don't know we have enough exclamation out of you they all are they not only is he a and a man in such a testing change in an you and documents that are and I will will will will will and will is a will you will a you he is only as he knew he is and how I will knows there is a limit on and and and and and team health benefits I think I think they are continuing in the patient in obtaining it is okay and what is technically singled out okay I will go is that I named them all about yeah yes that is not about now I was sitting on the same day I do all the things I don't know what you are in our salvation by grace alone through faith behind us I request an application of course so evidencing that swear that when you are when the zombies work Association in you will bear fruit it is just as most children that he wants to conform are also it was with God that is not just as well it's often because God is greater on the whole body the president was willing to be vocational and being editor in the Fisher the videogame is my Yahoo! the negative family you and I will have access restaurant and in his is a you assure her that she is doing I recognized as okay so was looking about how the physical loss or loss are also mentioning I thought we're going to come back to block those physical multiples are never practical and this of course and reason points followed by so when of significance we can train the clock with moving costs because what I cannot turn that is likely ranking out you will obey him things he knows the motorbikes without and then five or so we would have been told to drink and drive and twenty eight about the curse is out hunting for the next relationship we don't have anything with thinking that the results of that and now you okay first thing I do know if we should meet that you can dislike it down to first is that brings out this principle about what effect promise that his first bigotry and Matthew twelve thirty three new problems that he first thirty three okay how I became fixtures of the placebo effect in countering your enemy said it was basically an essential that I okay so this is a principal at all cost method for encoding the produces better and the ringing nose produces lots of the force in Iraq produces strife with you that in all things during the course of effect relationship until the twelfth eighty three talks it talks about that ended she will be very different about three will be their bad fruit so there is a cool and fixed relationship with the Orthodox Bible in the serum is the first of America your will I'm really an opportunity to assess the immediate sense of who is the usual or are at the center of the roof will and then went shopping on how having an interesting manner of men who okay I case him to him now as in changing and infecting them as a rose will will will will you and sometimes we do ourselves about ourselves as well that are in development for our offspring will so far other people in connection with what she initially danced like that and I prematurely shall act stuff that you know how they actually illustrated when pioneers have it all worked consistent stateless feeling of either because they were robbing others from the blessing picture heavy there were constitutional deadline robbing humanity from the blessing of the kid of the then prevalent you will need to fit in if you are in is him for him him him and he and he is and I and you and you and is will is is is is you who is cheating down clearly on in the first edition and Anthony B three B Thomas specialty paints and twenty anything licensed fiscal the human family have finally it will help and had run to exit over everything they seem to think that an increasing the cost a lot I am not aware that she finds and councils for the chess page two hundred twenty five said carefully consider your time actually from Jeff at health weight self-control he got talked under the control of reason never abusive from the effort using it to deprive yourself of the porcelain collectible feeds that healthy men is an Allen plus there is an him him laugh and I is so and he is he is he is the chamber for me and he especially got attention and they wanted to having run and then make the talent agency that was funny in an e-mail and eventually can deprive yourself when you transfer so that it's very important to choose the descent balanced way and taking full dosage again and nine at the point of course the data is the relationship between cause-and-effect that when several hundred visitors the result with no armies therefore that and that of nature 's way is basically to trade back you know I can see where there has been a breach you know and been restored and then how can the EB games and this is another one from also the special guest at eight hundred forty four at pages that God will not work a miracle to keep those who think that note here for themselves but continually finally can google for how and make no effort to prevent the state when we get all the counterpart to have health then we may then may we expect that it blessed results will follow and we can talk and say to flex her face for the preservation will help second cost effective and positive way when we do the things of the specificity and following the conference that is given and he will also tell you that I think the results will follow I think it is important to mention that we are living in advance of course aware anything that they are in everything around us they think that somehow I think that there are also things outside our own choices that can affect to a sickness that can be connected or that can be environmental and so forth and it's important to take that into consideration and not every time we see a deficiency or significant like old man you know what things seem authoritarian finale expected Jesus in the case of a man that will set born blind and they don't get the principle is that vendors are me you know and we can make me ask a Mexican car had to do something about doctors that's the relationship as soon as you know you soon will you know in your so is judged them as a no because there is an ad that is the third twenty targets that an okay and antioxidant and when it was seen on our differently let's not that cold called by an intact lens thickness of cures and we can trade remove the cost advantage results about you know that that if he didn't think that God will bless the new knowledge-based lecithin versus Magic Olson after twenty three on the same school five six major UN patrons the defendant of the second at 's are helpful conditions of intent one hundred in nature if the interest rate fixed out impurities and to me that was why condition in the face if they could get a backbone and wingspan relationship between cause and effect so insignificant story and all nature being abused and you know she had been able to cope and because it seriously then you need to trade and health nature to restore the thing so that health can again be reestablished and also to happen to some page two sixty three in principle except that the heroine that to find the cool of the thickness and then remedy the wrong condition seen possible is is is is is is is it that such a event showcasing visitors you want to betray and remove the cloth in order to restore health and that even before that prevention is better than cure they can always restart there is a better way and that is of course to prevent and in province twenty T first three we find a principal on prevention and for that prudent man foresees evil and hides himself but the simple pass on and punished the documented principle that the better diversity of employees and distant past you know the punishment to him and him manuscript nineteen I add that this was in and I cannot see when we got the distinction between good and secular had not been made sufficiently important to the people that it is better to know how to keep well and can't secure the application survey why educators warning all I can talk intelligently showing that taxpayers from the things that God is prohibited on the way to prevent prevent greenhouse body and mind I think this is very needed Olson this with education you know it and we talked about how many people express undergoes a doctor that they just got some painkillers or something that is just treating the symptoms of what they are suffering from it was I really need lifestyle education they need to be educated how this can be something that is sustainable not just something that removes some paying for a moment that actually in principle makes it even worse they could ask an appointment to to defining the holiday with their last health practices can make imminent changes that can be lasting and and and and snapping in first class how in this documentary forecastle and I met that I was really impressive to see you know how addicts young doctor couple was really enough being why educators and they would visit people in their homes they would take time with them that would explain to them they went at seldom cost-effective and they would say something with them and making things with them and you know really taking the mission trip educators and I think you will be nothing that is exactly know exactly what I'm about a summer student learning on their him to go with me as a man is alone he's the Lily is going quite impressed in the patient's tape they know now I paid off in a bus is okay as an shape I can then send you time and strength so I think we'll just a rush line and I'll open a friend of the interaction you know when Howard and implement with which we had so what is fundamental reminiscent of the lifestyle in a act and I would predict that the first one because this is something it was not just about taking that in addition to just folding along with it will not help him they would promote practice and you know actually killed so whenever a people just cannot I think the lifestyle changes they are really different facial and we need to educate and entertain Congo peopling that the medicine we know that the Bible and eight also emphasizes that are doing is that God laid on the nature and simple treatment and him and this is from New Zealand where we find these eight Google accounts that have been Muslims are familiar with healing in Sun Life 's statement can exercise at the time to use the water trust in divine part of the energy committee that was fun you expect a so much pain and in the middle of using you as always enough in the music continent in this afternoon I made Larry cheating here to there is a will is an should last about how every family should educators how to use their intent is perhaps old-fashioned people that used intelligently to the viewing is going to their wealth and actually have some very good books like in knowing how to handle it him will you know that this is going from enhancement enhancers is true or not and it has a card and the upshot is that it's an and is in and how people and even though you have every in our old man is in you and they will know in this change is really in the AVI will and will and so I can take and plan Crown while finding updating a mechanic and many of these facts suggest that while conventional reasoning trade unionists with arrogant benefits and just sees me just begin any drive in in which plaintiffs you have on their thing so they are too little knowledge about that that increasing strength in just about the patient has been decided that when Africa was like this old or people that they know and have an Jarrett I should like certainly and she told her grandmother something seemed to be about old Earth is just kind of packet on noggin enter the moving of the going away because of the ignorance of the people divided all people that is sometimes analysis being the added some young salt then shall suppose that you know how a few simple treatment and treatment and then we talk about things like direct the odds exercise restraint saying top goal of way now we commenced a similar manner somewhat like the expenses with tropical for example was an amazing result Ms. didn't have time to go into listings now and then of course we had just arrived the sound a L but sometimes they argue that the new stars of God 's plan is different acronyms that are being used for that Yahoo mixing down a bit of thought and knowledge community simulated nation because the mental and working on nine and the time I finished in the mind as a child area then it's hard to just impact on the other things without having the information so it's done anyway so I was planning to go shopping taking that into share some some insight as to if we don't have the time for that and that he will have less I want to take to just raise them very efficiently and think about how just and practically hot wet slimy things to know in life were in your situation even some of these were told was already in know it in addition writing in a sadistic different people you know something input will will will will are you a you are these good training for those who are set so saw this on as you rightly will send a something just so long as there is as a talk tension is a knowledge that I am a little message is still in the is I is a will is an and him and a will you and in you is you will is a will your will are you how is yours she has a will and will not is after it was taken over as the case is only point here is a here and is hosted with education and why this love is all that is about as safe as he is the time to tell son Nathan thinks it is in a very something similarly there should be present in parts of the and and and and and I see you and you know that in a something not easy and I will be him five thousand dollars in back to you you know you know is is is good and is also a threat as the unit is a is is not as is seen in a you a you and I and is in a in a in is will is is is now in the exercise is a son is a will is a will is will will words will will will will you are him is not important the physiology is now now know how you may want to him and as a is is the only way a you are also a couple in so and will is a science and will be as big as a and in class and a and is now possible to make money with no points and I can't help to explain why is staffing also nutritionists thirty hours or so interested physiology and function in the disease and treatment and so him oh well I'm only going to bring in as many as an old live in media was run by audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how the universe will review like this is more certain than please visit www. maneuvers .org


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