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The Unexamined Life

Sebastien Braxton


“It was Socrates who said, upon the edges of execution or banishment, that the unexamined life is not worth living. How do we find meaning in life? Where are the wrong places? The right places? Solomon grappled with this very question. He found the answer to a life of purpose and significance.”


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • June 1, 2010
    11:00 AM
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have a father it is your time we are not called to hear the words of a man nor the philosophies of men another seminars are believe to hear the word of God and we praise the Lord that he would fail not to grant this was help your people to not remain the same that we would not just be shearers of the word but to us as well this is only possible the spirit of God would come amongst us in trouble from heart-to-heart and from mind to mind impressing upon the soul the truth and that this truth would have a sanctifying effect for the rest of our lives it is proved to be across rules before we realize it is my prayer that she would give me the time of the night and they know how to speak a word in season to him and her that is this is our prayer and we trust that you will experience we asked Jesus and to move this down K got him the okay yes is a little more all right Socrates famous philosopher a vinyl in maybe read some of his works die very interesting definite line and Socrates was on trial because Socrates wanted to ask questions you know they say that children go to a stage or phase of likely begin to question everything when they learn to ask questions like why you need to send out why now if you grew up in the Caribbean home like me you don't ask questions so that are seen and not heard amen somebody knows when talking about what Socrates was one of those children for the drink society and he was questioning the actions the Perseus the concerns the indulgences of his society but this was troubling a few of the leadership because this began to cause distrust amongst the constituency and they began to question may be these men are not so honest then we should entrust this aristocracy that is set up maybe we should entrust these men to lead and guide the nation so Socrates was brought forth before the committee and when he was brought what they said a lot Socrates here's the deal stop asking questions or will banish you away from your centers of far far away place N all not believe and I won't stop asking questions so they reconvened again is it okay Scott a little stubborn maybe if we threaten his life services Socrates will make you drink poison hemlock you don't stop asking questions and in response to this his favorite artists he remembered statement was if I cannot ask questions than for me I'd rather not because the unexamined life is not worth living as the beginning to go into this subject of the meaning of life on one hand I'm happy only have to speak on this one time on the other hand I'm a little frustrated because you expect to cover the meaning of life in thirty minutes on following Jesus it probably wouldn't take as long but it begins with this fundamental premise is that life is meant to make sense it was hard to Russell who was an atheist asset unless you assume are gone the question of life 's purpose is meaningless another individual you may know CS Lewis one of my favorite authors he writes in the book mere Christianity if the whole universe has no meaning we should never have found out that it has no meaning as if there were no lights in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes we should never know it was dark dark wood have no meaning so the very see all meaning in life as a system right out of Sunday school this morning that God is pleased eternity in our hearts there's something that troubles us about death that my life is raising twins and as the sun sneezes the right that we are not grieving the life we are grieving the death every breath you take is closer to you greetings and has a sense in the human heart that I don't have a lot of time and so you got a live life to the fullest I don't have a lot of time so you better enjoy it while you can but we understand are three approaches currently that I would say covered fruitlessly genital the whole world and then will do into Bible believing Christians are we doing this quest the first approach to dealing with the issue of seeking for purpose in life comes in the form of Eastern religions and Eastern religions it would be to deny the desire for purpose and according to Lord Krishna and his scriptures and Hinduism humanity must be cut out of the dark forest of dilution your desire for purpose is an illusion there is no purpose the problem is the designer SOM Buddhism Hinduism it's about removing yourself and making anything personal about denying all my desires are desires were married your desires for success your desires for peace your desire for happiness that is why you are troubled because there is no peace there is no happiness there is no joy there is no purpose and not you get to that place of Nirvana this place of enlightenment and now you are completely detached from the world detached from people leaving yourself excellent Eastern mindset freedom is not to be an individual but from being an individual it's about losing this entry in your mind so the first approaches to did not that there is meaning in life the second according to the atheist most agnostics and the naturalists that says there's nothing young what you see they would say you have to decide your purpose you'll make life what it ought to be endless there is no inherent purpose in life is what you make it you are not the story you are the author who writes the story this is the biggest right Captain of my soul is so you have the sunset in the atheistic mindset in the words of Bertrand Russell again we are all lists counting on our shoulders the world that we have created you bear the life that you have made yourself as my mother would say if you make your best you have to sleep in and the last way in the Christian energy Dale worldview of approaching the purpose of life is to discover whatever the object that is being sought a must-read exist the seeker and its search the me explain what I mean go to Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one beginning in verse one whether there say that they're not as they have mercy okay Genesis one verse one are we there and then anybody else in the mercy is the first chapter of the first book of the entity getting was that sort law Burton Russell you must assume of the in order for seeking by life 's purpose to have any meaning at all the Bible assumes God from the very first verse in the beginning God Elohim created the heaven and the earth and the art was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God move on the face of the waters what please find here is the Bible says that the earth was without form and void this phrase in the Hebrew regardless without one and boy is called the mobile phase in no sound like tofu right told Volvo who and you have to sense in the Hebrew that the world was in chaos is what the phrase means you looking Deuteronomy thirty two boxes I found you and always howling wilderness is the same freeze trade-offs what in the world does it mean to have no form entered the empty but there is something there so whatever it is is the Earth international one and it's empty it's going what is that and the Bible says Harry was right there and got comes into this with our whole and without any kind of senseless substance inside and the Bible says that the spirit of God moved on the face of the water so we see that God is not afraid of chaos and when God finds I will give the water savings somewhere in our life is a chaos of God from the very first verse of the Bible teaches you in meeting the bodily sort of moves in the midst of a the garbage when I served as a God that says his life falling apart is young there is not holding together a sharp family somehow dissipated I drink water out of chaos that is the very first thing you must know when you believe in the creator you can order anything and he brought order to you and brought order to cancel the Bible says that God orders Cheops and in verse three got also speaks to the chaos let everyone and there was not what we find here is that purpose precedes existence and as we have said before the object being sought must precede the searches as soon as you say that you are seeking meaning in life you assume there is a meaning to be found and if you assume there is a meaning to be found in your must be a meaner there must've been a person who put the meaning in their there is no such thing as a calling caller as so when you see set down as a Christian we do not ask the question what is the purpose of life we ask the question what is the purpose of my life and if you think that I'm just speaking off-the-cuff John chapter twenty one Peter says Lord what will this man whom Jesus says what is that you go into what I told you the computer don't worry about what John 's purpose is don't worry about John's destiny just yours what is the purpose that God has for your life if we spend so much time on other people 's lives we may find that Arthur's trust the Seattle meeting people should it start criticizing others in their choices when diluting their own unexamined life what shall it be when you need to make the question so if purpose precedes existence and we want to see the purpose for life even our own we must assume there is a purpose to before that purpose was placed there by the one who gave it our Creator orders chaos within the Bible sport and it introduces God as the one who brings meaning out of meaninglessness think to yourself for second what do you consider to be pointless in your life right now what do you consider to be if I could just get this thing out of my life I don't see his purpose I don't see his contribution to the fact that God has placed me on I don't see its contribution to my destiny you see a friend is easier to do that when you know when you're going but when we when I do not know what happened we don't know the destination is harmless to determine what is worthless and what is not worthless in our lives so we are then making choices on some other principle some other destiny I got to get rid of this thing in my life life is not all about he's because he doesn't always get you to the destination it will get you to the depths the split Ecclesiastes chapter one Ecclesiastes chapter one you this seven finale have mercy please asked his wife his sister did a very good job in Sunday school summarizing five to spend as much time on this lately but Ecclesiastes one introduces us to pool is the author of the book now we want to Genesis one verses one and two more reasons that you got on the shelf verse two of Ecclesiastes chapter one vanity of vanities saith the preacher vanity of vanities all is vanity now interestingly this article yes meaningless of meaningless meaningless of meaninglessness all this meaningless now is that something want to keep reading everything is meaningless cooking am interested with your unless you resonate with so he starts his book and say here is my thesis from the beginning everything in life under the sun has no meaning he says let me explain what I mean first three what profit hath a man of all his labor all AL out everything that he does what have you really gain what can usually save you possess no on whatsoever it is suggested that Solomon wrote songs of Solomon in his youth problems in his middle age Ecclesiastes and is adhering is an old man having experienced a lot of life and he looks back hold me no value I gained nothing when you least Solomon is a firstborn he says look at the article one generation passes away in another generation but you aren't abide for ever versatile the sun also rises and the sun going down in haste as to his police where he arose the window for the South intern at the bottom to the north in world about continually and to win returning again according to his circuits all the rivers run into the sea yet the sea is not full unto the place from whence the waters calm vigor they return again all things are full of labor men cannot automate the item is not satisfied with sane nor the ear filled with hearing when you find a solidly painted a picture cross here's the one generation to another but the article remains the same back to the same place from where you started he says the sun comes up in the East sets in the West and it goes right back to where it arose in the beginning he comes to the wind he comes to the waters he says that it was constantly flow but it's never full your eye sees what is never tired of seeing your ears hear but there never tired of hearing what is a better odds of looking for what is a better ear is waiting to hear that finally I will say I'm satisfied this is the ultimate quest behind the purpose of life I don't want to die a life of insignificance there's something in my heart I says I was supposed to see something before I die I was supposed to hear something before I die that was supposed to be a end point you have to want a good point I'm ready to die but how many people can you walk up to today even in the church this what are you ready to die but the Lord is fine crossing when bowling team waking up every morning we are seeking more money on your position more salt in the back time we can go on and on and on and it seems like the work is what Solomon is describing here motion no progress every time you leave one situation life here we go the sun is moving but it's my back which started while the winds may move this way it always returns back to working and he says look at nature and even humanity when you start listening there was sound than the sound stops and you're back to where you started you see back to where you started motion versus if there is no endpoint if there is no purpose if there is no way this thing we have to move from point a to point B now we are called to the point see how do I know that what I'm doing anything where are we going and how you sit down and ask yourself the question and listen as his purpose was installed therefore it is my life motion or is my life and progress for many of us we cannot truly say in our hearts that I am a better Christian than I was last year we cannot say enough hard there's some things I struggled with in two thousand nine I no longer struggle with our Christian life is in motion there's a lot of busyness but not a lot of progress so you can't adjust busy here and there we go home busy given their where you going and at the end of it all fine individuals Carlson Paul I have nothing to do it go in my life is meaningless not because they have a purpose but they think the purpose is busy I just need to be doing something you ever see an individual who just came out of a relationship you never seen a busier person in your life because what's the purpose distract myself from the feelings of suffering right now I can't believe she broke up with me I can only be broken with me so as I wanted to occupy myself with so many things I won't have to think about the emotional turmoil that comes with the fact that this relationship is over busy some of us get older our children graduated to go to college no one at home keep myself busy because there was my purpose with my children what happens when your children are not your children now what's your purpose we were just emotion no there is a Greek myth myth of Sisyphus Sisyphus was a key who decided that he would take it upon himself being a very shrewd men to work the system of the box it oftentimes pulls them against each other according to Greek mythology and even got himself out of debt this is how slick this guy was so that it holds which is the great God of death came to Sisyphus he said look it's only that you have to die he bound to change this is a visit eight initially I was least changed just curious before I die so that it will sponsor this guy works that he binds Anatole 's death himself with his own chains and it escapes in a lifetime I know this is those who like Sabbath there is with early women as a God says it is decidedly did his business let everyone know this is was was is doing and of course you can imagine Zeus didn't like that socialists decides to punish Sisyphus is as you know I'm not even a trillion Sisyphus punishment is this even applies to older August Hill except right before you get to the top is a rollback to the one and you will do that for eternity and when you read this letter of Sisyphus was his name whenever you have attached the governor the free Sisyphean some people say this is a Sisyphean task it means unavailing in these endless this task will never become complete and when I look at our daily life I will work on pushing installed only to roll back down the window you push it onto the top and a space when you push it up and just when you think you are there just when you think your clothes if I can just get his last victory if I can just find a good life a good husband if I can just baptize these people I can just go Africa one time if I can just be constrained to be a missionary and once we have been the stone walls my background and I were pushing up another folder and the question is what is really is all you look at the church you look at the movement of Christianity which it was a movement movement assumes destination if you don't have a destination your emotion are not in progress remember the Israelites in the wilderness forty years for the Latin and Eastern why most knock 's you look at the route of going backwards it is that is not to be a type of the church today you ask yourself the question as a church of the emotion you education that might work success in any line that definitely and he would achieve his aim must keep his aim steadily in view such a case study for the youth of our heaven appointed purpose of taking the boss to all the world in this generation is the most noble purpose that could appeal to anyone think about this for a minute after the apostles second sentence of the book the charge was organized for service how many people in the church actually sir you certainly attest how many of you are willing to Vonnegut Bible studies and today this afternoon I need more training how long you been a church member ten years I need more training so what's been happening for the past some of us been in the church all our lives could not teach the sanctuary to save my life could not explain a prophecy but we can get on an instrument we can sing a song we can dress we know how to garden not to come thoughtful but we can share the gospel the purpose of insurance motion not rock so what are many things that he wasn't what's the point of office I was recently ICANN meeting in Kentucky Tennessee and America and the first message that I shared a backend meeting another woman came up to me after the service she said brother Sebastian I've been coming to camp meeting for fifty nine years I've never heard the word of God reaches out fifty nine years just as I study the Bible I'm rather why but heard a lot of certainly you can imagine sixty years in the church now mind you she's a fifty nine cat meetings she has been administered fifty nine years just attend meetings and here you have this woman says you know Michael Bolshevism is about one first three paragraphs and spiritual and we wonder why was still here on this Earth waiting for Jesus to come success in a the myth what is the purpose of young people and not so young people listening to you this morning whatever God 's purposes for your life it must would would either say it lost contribute to the furtherance of the gospel it must get if you cannot ask yourself the question and answer this clearly quickly what is the purpose for your life I believe he wants me to how does that contribute to the furtherance of the gospel if you delay you are you know you probably had it all Barbara never call you enjoy calling Angela work that will not directly further it is his one aim is in this world okay now twenty nine to address world but some of us are not ready to go ready to die somewhere in our hearts we know I'm not fulfilling my purpose somewhere in my heart I know I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing on busy here and there while the same stuff everything the children the question is always asked of Sisyphus why do you keep pushing us all just let it roll down instead on the stone guys you know it is not pushing your note and this is exactly what Solomon and he proves it to you in the next not to hurry hurry to my conclusion on this escaping but I want to mention a few things before we said before Saddam knowledge of the notice with me and shop it to of Ecclesiastes the Bible says that I said in my heart clean Jesse stopped into going through now I hope Ruby with mirth therefore enjoy what's the next word pleasure and behold this also is vanity now let you to follow this was such sodomy begins a search for meaning in life in the first place interns is where pleasure that's the first place he seeks and when you when I think about men one of the moments in life when you like this is what life is all about those along the line when you get to send down on uprising went to the ocean is on the beach nice breeze sat down meetings mantis is what life is maybe one day you got to go to sleep and have to get up into you felt like giving like this is what life was supposed soliciting get up early on Sabbath morning there are moments in life when you say there is something I experience that tells you that this is what life was supposed to be and often times those moments are moments of pleasure I enjoy this I like this and Solomon says iPhone is a pleasure to such a degree to such a degree he says that I fulfilled and the desire of my gratified every aspect of pleasure knowledge of the notice he says is in person and whatsoever mine eyes what designers I have not found then I went home not my heart when they need Julie for my heart rejoiced in all my labor and this was my portion of all my labor then I looked on the all the works that my hands had wrought an unbeliever that I had labored to do and behold all Solomon says you are seeking all these things materially materialism relationships I had a thousand women and you notice all of his pursuits for meaning about giving things to notice with me verse four he says I made who need great works I feel that who me houses I planted even years I mean gardens and orchards archived entries in the long kinds of things I need water the water there was the one that you want to use I got need service birthday I gathered me also silver and gold so I was great and increase you see you will find that the individual sitting right here in Ecclesiastes chapter two living in the South baseline when you are definitely for yourself you are headed to the conclusion life this means but we think if I get some more then I'll be satisfied it is like an addiction it just desires to desire it never arrives it never delivers on the promise every single time okay maybe this time I remember when I was in the soul hip-hop industry and water performed places you go to the studio to record songs will meet with famous artists this will be the time this will be the time this'll be the time every time we got a call we go it doesn't matter how late it is a manifest school in the morning it doesn't have to cost money if I could borrow money to get because this could be the one you get there you come back backspace who songs that I look back everything was all in a different sense there was a story that was written called the adulterous and in the adulterous it was it was trying to describe the fact that we are on a cheese for something we can never and it was describing the perfect scenario is a woman who grew up in a country rule never had a boyfriend never knew a man before she means this young man who never knew a woman never had a girlfriend before being the first time to get together and get married person relationship and are there for a couple of years all of a sudden the house labels on his first business trip and I saw anxious about this I've never been apart before and while they never been apart before the con planning is like honey is legitimate when I'm gone anything that comes up is this is this is this just on the cheek they part ways he goes out of town for a week her first day out she needs another man who takes notice of her she's not with her husband this time says excuse me on your note user is little pitch she's like no I'm married so I'm not interested he says will look tell you what you have to be in a relationship just one and you can forget about it never happened it would be exciting such is like no she clearly denies the request walks away but it was lingering in my mind so the whole week she's thinking in a mine the phone number in her hand site nausea to do this you shouldn't do this and things coming to her mind what you've only been with your husband before how do you know there is a Friday is coming back tomorrow is your last chance she decides not to do it her husband comes back Saturday thankfully right she survived and needed but you know sometimes the devil 's temptations building growing so that neither sleeping and that the mother saving investing sitting there are awake at night and she's still thinking about this and so she makes a decision in the story to slip from under the covers until the last of the ninth comes back back under the covers without waking her husband and again sleepless and while she was sleepless she's realizing the sorrow that she feels based upon what she has done and the author is trying to demonstrate that all of the issues and if I can just have this and I can go on with my life I can go on with my marriage additional experience this is one time and I'll be satisfied but he came back and immediately she started crying enterprise in China dissolving in a sobbing turned into leaving eventually woke up what's online crime and while that hat is in our hands and she's leaving she's like nothing just not telling the story and the reader to read a story like what is the what and why she crying while she cried she died she got away with it right so the author seeking to capitalize on the point that he says this is the journey of every human life that seeks meaning apart from and we finally come back to him we know that boasts Rasmussen 's liturgist is in the heart and feel at peace and for that I just what assistance is on the words of Robbie Zacharias commenting on this story says the loneliest moment in life is when you achieve what you thought would bring all these lets you archive and when you walk across the graduation stage it just doesn't seem to be as spectacular dramatic than when walking down the aisle with your arm under his arm it doesn't seem as spectacular as he thought it would be better when you're leaving the next morning I think the party was a spectacular precious I is the emptiness and there's the crime Ecclesiastes and every heart some meaning 's was the claimant 's what's the point of this facility to think of this for seconds everything you do in your life what is it for oneself we all make sacrifices in life we all suffer loss we all thought were frustrated sometimes we all come to church discouraged sometimes and you ask yourself the question what is it all for winners is going why am I going to face and you are now all the people in the Bible would say life was meaningless it wasn't Jesus going to die it wasn't Adam lost paradise who cried us of what is the purpose I've lost it all at once installed suffering some of the greatest suffering human being ten indoor meaningless thing from the lives of and access to every pleasure you never have to did not instill meaninglessness comes from weariness knocking that's why suicide rates are higher amongst the wealthy because we have so much to live with nothing to about this big house with my doing this the rest of my conclusion Proverbs thirteen verse twelve this statement Proverbs thirteen verse twelve the Bible says hold different makes the heart sick but when the desire coming it is a tree of life hold different makes the hearts brothers and sisters hope different a designer being for long before it is false the constant seeking of the human heart SC is list tried to capture in his words and he says I'm doing injustice I can get to what is in the heart of man this thing that drives another craving creature that it seems as if only financing to satisfy what is that man is really desiring what is it that is really holding for what you know what happens when you drink something in the University a stage of using water to drink juice and when you drink the juice when you're done drinking your more thirsty than when you first and the whole partners being quenched before drink something else still there's drink something else still there's like the woman with the issue of saw many physicians but was not in the Bible says in Proverbs that when the desire comes it is a tree of life from Genesis chapter three in verse fifteen this is my last verse were to be Genesis chapter three in verse fifteen do this verse tell a story and then I'll make my appeal the Bible says in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen and I have gone says he will put what energy between me and the woman between thy seed and her seed in key shall rose I had just and I'll stop Rosenstiel the very first promised in the Bible was actually not given to Adam and Eve this was law pronouncing the punishment upon the circuit and you find that God 's people gather encouragement from the condemnation of the circuit I find the developments so there is any overhearing God condemning the second they are being incurred and by what process and the fact that God says he will put enmity between disarmament and a woman between Christine and his scene as he is called in the form of a male child I following he will bruise your head so you find out how many send everything that God had given to them was lost turn over to the circuit so I turned on the circuit and process but guess what they're going to regain everything that they have lost and it will come to one key the boxes and now you find that throughout the rest of Scripture all of humanity is looking for he she named her purse on chain I have gotten a man from the and guess what her son 's name was African people which means that it meaningless who cares about him I've gotten the man from the Lord so here you have throughout the Bible why is it that the first born son is so important was that the mail is so important in the lineage is because we're looking for the police he now will regain even across who is he that will give me back my dominion over the earth was he now responding to the image of God who is he she thought it was changed was wrong sat wrong is not wrong know what wrong shown wrong Abraham wrong I think wrong Jacob Roth June the wrong David wrong Solomon wrong Hezekiah wrong Josiah wrong and then you come to the captivity trying to rebuild the Temple and while the Bibles given so many descriptions the heat that will come hack PI the Bible says trying to encourage the people of God he says God says he will shake all nations and the desire to what the designer of all nations will come when Jesus landed on this that's why the book is called the desire of each there is no meaning without Jesus all to every book of the Bible to looking for she only had the authentication that God says do you understand hold preferred makes the heart sick but when the desire it is true my barber in Michigan was telling his story about his daughter she was about to a three years old and his older son was about six seventeen eighteen a sociology driving in a car with my daughter and we dropped off at her brother 's house and came back and said you know maybe we shouldn't be a couple extra days so they left there after son 's house instead of just visiting they came back two days later and he picked her up she was getting in the car and she was crying in a wise escrow cry and I got to say goodbye to your brother and so she gets in the car and she sits in the back of both her arms holidaying in a dazzling looking straight up get in the car with an attitude his eyewash of problem Jesus Christ Jesus Christ what is our problem she just gives grinder like you you can get all estate which a brother Jesus ominously with my brother I wish I could live with my brother is coming so he says he legitimizes the letting go so this three overall opens the door get out the car started walking industry to go back to her brother 's house and easily get back in the car so she gets back in the car and when she comes back in the car he says what is a problem why such one as they were to brother wife is Wednesday was her brother what was the big deal she says because because why anyone has been with your brother she says because you please was recently talking about the deficiencies last week that he wants we got to the store she says no you don't play with me anymore is when talking about she says that he you don't get down on the ground completely and as I was listening to my barber the frustration that we all have that little child that you're not meeting the real neat little one got to take us to the spiritual strategies with no one going to bias the latest police we won't have been to come in the Bible says the word was made and dwelt among us and it will never be a child of God that can look at heavenly father in the eye and say with a little gross it bosses unwilling call now for this higher interests I don't know what you've been seeking and assumed the title for my sermon for the end just one desire just the church has lost its one desire there is no meaning outside of Jesus we live for so many other things but for many of us Jesus is not our one designer that Davis is one thing have I desired of the Lord that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life one are you content with in the words of CS Lewis if I find in myself a designer in which nothing else in this world to fulfill the most reasonable conclusion is that was made for another designers have their fulfillment and God says in Tunisia wondering whether I put it there I told you in Ecclesiastes I have twenty twenty but when the desire of ages come what do we do reject smitten afflicted Hassan every head is about in every eyes closed keep digging behind your pursuits when you seek and ask yourself why are you seeking for one just leaving to a place of emptiness just one desire on one and I a life of insignificance just pushing boulders only to roll back down the same so my question my invitation this morning is for the sole this is what I want you to give me back my one desire I want Jesus to be the object of my desire and I know that hope deferred makes the heart 's but when the desire comes it is a treat so there's a solution when this is what I want my desire just unwilling to come up this morning and say I only have one desire that is the gold justices every head is about every eyes closed and was thinking to Ohio State that's me I switch extensively sesame just one designer the following give it back to me just one designer we see so many things but one thing is just one design in my last appeal is for the sole that is sick hope deferred makes the heart 's and maybe there's a soulless like other waiting for Jesus to come for a long time but hope deferred makes the heart 's new things morning Lord I'm getting tired on wondering if he that will come laxly assessed solely as you say I'm tired the Christian life my host been deferred my heart sink this morning you need peace with God is what I want to come forward I know how it is in the church we talk about the second coming along the soldiers fired waiting for the Lord to come so that you actually want to slip welcome to the front my heart is sick my hopes been deferred maybe you're dealing with some disappointment in your life you didn't receive what you thought just slip out come forward God bless you sister we had his bodily eyes closed and I would do when the church would like to look around the seams coming the lowest think into your heart my heart is my hopes been deferred slipper Ironwood my hopes been deferred my parts you can trust that the desire will come in when it comes it will be a tree of two essay this morning Lloyd just one desire in him I hope deferred makes the horse your just come forward with three heavenly father we thankful this morning for you were thank you Lord for speaking to us it is our prayer that as we have stood this morning we desire many things and it is our prayer that you would teach us Lord just to have one desire just one and we know that when Jesus came the Bible describes them as a desire of all nations that every heart that is seeking every desire in the soul is always pointing back to but oftentimes Ward he is able that we reject and we consider him meaning it's just that we pray for your forgiveness for seeking so many other things about you but we pray that we would make a supreme in our sweetest thoughts my bureaucrats and that our deepest longings may be difficult and lastly Lord we pray for the sick heart this morning heart that is safe from a deferred from seeking something and wanting is so earnestly that it does not it is our prayer that you would encourage such a one that you may help them to know that you have need of peach it's that after you've done the will of God you might receive the promise for he that will come shall come and will not tarry keep us faithful father as we await us in return and walk the walk with us throughout this moon is in a you a media was not as high as the website is spreading God 's word into this free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more so than in the visit www. .net verse .org


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