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Shadows of Heavenly Things

Chester Clark III


“Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary.” Psalm 77:13. In this message Pastor Clark explores three things about Jesus that are illustrated in the sanctuary. Follow along in your Bible as we see a clearer picture of God from the Old Testament!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 8, 2013
    11:00 AM


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I would estimate this morning I have a certain person than I hold in very high esteem in fact you might even call a cold dislike session with them and Moeller was his his his name is Jesus Christ are you having a video disciple of Jesus to want to live as he lived and believe as he believed them to teach as a team taught and one day to be with him for eternity that's what were looking at today as we look at the sanctuary today were going to just look at three things that we can learn from the sanctuary now as I thought about this message I thought you know there's just no way I can limited I mean I know I don't have a lot of time the St. George was restarting saffron at what time twelve thirty and then so I can preach to one or two like I usually do just getting I don't usually read that right but then I haven't had time constraints and I can talk about sixty things I learned from the things are about Jesus I can probably talk about six hundred things we learn from the things are about Jesus but do they alas we can only think about three and so were going to try to discipline our minds and just hone in on three things I hope that they are things that that sort of our big picture things you might not think about as you as you think about the specifics specifics of the sanctuary but they are working lessons we can learn from the sanctuary nonetheless as we begin I just invited by your head with need for an additional word of prayer father in heaven today we're just so thankful for Jesus were thankful that we can spend this time just focusing on Hammen as you said through Jesus he said that the Old Testament Scriptures testify of him we think of Jesus and his Bible study on the road of the natives as the old when the Scriptures from Moses and all the prophets and taught the things concerning the Lord what a privilege it is a habit the sanctuary set up here to be able to do just spend some time thinking about Jesus and the sanctuary as we turn our hearts toward your word we just want to pray once again that you be with us in Jesus name we pray and our Scripture today some seventy seven says that the highway of God is in the sanctuary the question what way is Damon talking about when Damon here to get his due wax eloquent almost poetic theory is described the sanctuary this revealing God 's way what is that weight is talking about I believe that is more than one way to look at I believe that there is in one sense there is the way of salvation revealed in the sanctuary MN we seen the sanctuary service not as a means as some people might think the day not as a means for the Israelites to earn their way there their salvation by by slaughtering animals and offering sacrifices no it was a way for the Israelites to see and save what was going to happen with the coming of the Messiah and with the plan of salvation and by the way the sanctuary service not only foretold all of the life or not all that many of the details of the life of Jesus and not only foretold his death but it also foretold his further ministry in our behalf and the eventual reconciliation of all things the restoration of all things in the earth made new sub the sanctuary is like a huge panoramic prophecy if we talk about promising you living in the books of Daniel Revelation but thanks where is the greatest prophecy that God has ever given to mankind because it was enacted on a daily basis and people can see in living detail what was going to happen and exercise faith in the promises of God Isaiah chapter forty in verse three made popular perhaps by handle but nonetheless a a a prophecy of the Messiah is coming if we look at the literal translation nobody could read like this in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord in the desert makes great a highway for our God the sanctuary gives us a clear understanding of the ways of God the ways in which he operates and the ways in which he seeks to bring us back into harmony and restoration with him today were going to be looking at the sanctuary and just a few of the components are aspects of the sanctuary were just going to focus on three things that we can learn about Jesus from the sanctuary ready the first thing that we learn about Jesus from the sanctuary is that Jesus wants to be very new here to me I love that about Jesus because as I understand it Jesus is God then God is God is one but he is the reverse of the father the son and the Holy Spirit and Jesus is the creator he says spoke and it was Donny Canady and it stood fast the Jesus that war-torn world and created universes want to be close to me now he just think about that for a minute it will well for me Elisa trips and breakers I just cannot I cannot fathom I can start thinking about how excited I would be if certain people who I respect greatly wanted those to come and spend time with me imagine somebody you hold in very high esteem may need to celebrity out with a positive celebrity made some of them very a lot of good in their lives they need someone who has a lot of power influence because of their character because of their choices they've made better honorable and godly and suppose if you imagine that persons as you know what you can insert your name the blank here I just wanted I just want to come the next four years okay not tell anybody I want to media out there but I be close to you imagine how you feel and then trying to translate that that that that pitiful persons not even worth and translate that into the creator of the universe wanting to be here you and him that's the Bible says the very first thing we find about a century that God wanted to be with his people access to twenty five verse eight Kenneth me there in your Bibles exist at the twenty five Mercedes one of the first memory verses I learned as I recall the little kid at least that I really remembered from head others before that I forgot but a short verse but full of meaning pregnant with meaning guys Exodus chapter twenty five and verse eighty menu there is a man all right let's read it and let them make me a sanctuary that I may want that I may dwell among them God says Jesus wants to be near me that we might ask the question why couldn't Jesus just being with the children of Israel in their tents where they were running their coming out of Egypt they left behind the slavery of that landed there on their way to obtain the promised land why why Clinton bought just being with them where they work why they have to build a sanctuary it seems that the reason is because sin separates us from God when I say separate is not sin and so for God to be close to his people he needed to help them understand this holiness and that they needed to part ways with their sins in order to be closer to him to make sense so we have a sanctuary building is very interesting as I thought was traveling there with his people and is drawing close to people he had his presence represented by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night and Austin physical manifestation of the glory of God and he would want to place himself as close to them as he possibly could now I I I've never found I get to be hard to find an illustration of the painted illustration that really illustrated what it was like for the camp of Israel in fact the tents weren't quite that close because in reality according to the Bible 's records that did the gents of Israel were placed at a distance some two thousand meters away from the arc of two thousand years meters is just over half a mile why was that here you have a you have an illustration of the awesomeness of God that there was to be sort of a secret zone surrounding everything that had to do with God and they were to have this this is all around them that they could they could be as close as possible to God but not so close in which they would begin to make God trivial interstellar insane because God not only wants to be close to his people he knows the only way that he can ultimately be one again with his people is if they realize the seriousness of sin and his Holiness I and so God created a sanctuary and gave instructions in such a way not already good well this people but that he could be in among them to help separate them from their sins and draw them closer to him he seemed there was a way in which the people could come even closer how can we get closer that two thousand cubits as if they came to the sanctuary themselves right now can you Matt what it would take another things right of course there are times and they does want to worship their timeliness went four for for activities of ceremonies the most common reason and his wife go to the sanctuary would be because what because they messed up my and imagine you yourself living in the camp of Israel which ever tried we were in and making your way down through the rows of tents where your neighbors can see you and then out through the terrain of Israel of Levites were the Levites can see and eventually out into that Plaza that opens him of sacred holy ground where everybody could see and you're walking across their and you know what people like me I assume people with the same than they are today I've I've I've learned a few things about human nature sure you have to what the natural thing for people to do start looking start surmising start even gossiping there's only one way that a person could come even closer to Jesus come even close to God 's presence and that was it they could put aside their pride they humble themselves and they made the journey to the sanctuary themselves using I love the verse in Isaiah chapter fifty seven turn with me there is a chapter fifty seven and there's nothing in this verse is not clearly illustrated in the sanctuary server-side Zayed Isaiah chapter fifty seven and verse fifteen notice with me what it says Isaiah chapter fifty seven and verse fifteen for the setting of a high and lofty one the sanctuary of illustrating the awesomeness and the holiness of Jesus of God yes it does thus says the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity whose name is holy I dwell in the high and holy place we're living down here right argument of verses in their eyes dwell in the high and holy place with him who has a contrite and humble to revive the spirit of the humble and improved revive the heart of the contrite ones all my friends the wonderful thing that we learned in the sanctuary that Jesus wants to be near us but when Jesus wants to be near as he demanded we require our cooperation to be near Jesus as he wants to be near us requires us to let go of what a wonderful world we would live in if people were dwelling living near Jesus United Church full of humble and contrite ones I imagine there would be no looking at other people and gossiping about what they're doing right there will be no pride in I'm not good I'm not to say I'm wrong I'm not going to invest on not to try to make right the thing that because trying to enclose the Jesus we would all be accepting his change of heart giving us he wants to give us a humble and contrite spirit that's the only way we can get close to Jesus as he wants us to Jesus comes right here in the midst of his friends the Saints was right there in the camp of his Alessandra you notifying Nellis uses for not knowing about the sanctuary Jesus came as close as England is able but not as close as he wanted to because only with their cooperation is needed is closely wanted to ask you one so today friends we might have Jesus right here in our church the question is are we approaching him in the spirit and attitude if you is one of the sanctuary mean to us it could be possible for me to be Christian beliefs in the meaning of the century been administered believes many of the sanctuary and yet we define the teaching of the sanctuary and the way I relate to my fellow churchmen the sanctuary teaches us Jesus wants us to be very close and he invites us to be very close you see humility is the adjectives in the antithesis of pride humility is the willingness to say I'm wrong humility is the willingness to seek reckon Salesian how many families have been destroyed how many churches fractured because of the absence of humility say this morning humility is not weakness if you've never try by the grace of God have the heart of humility with your brothers sisters Alice than you might think that you know this weakness but if you have you know that the experience of a life of humility is a tremendous victory in the grace of Jesus humility is it should be a badge of honor but the devil is so warped armoire that we think we have to protect our own reputation we have to protect our own dignity or whatever it is listen Jesus the Bible says made him cell of what no reputation took among upon himself the form of a servant is made in the likeness of men events good enough for Jesus it ought to be good enough for those of us who call ourselves his disciples and all I want to be near Jesus I want to be close to Jesus Jesus wants to be close to me the second thing that I learned about Jesus from the sanctuary is that Jesus brings order and sometimes a reorder to my life you see when Israel was leaving Egypt they were quite a motley bunch they were a bunch of slaves four hundred years nearly of slavery had rated them in and I have changed their whole perspectives on life many of them were illiterate there were some who weren't of course but a lot of them were and there it was it is difficult for God to try to bring order and organization to them and in order to do that again in the sanctuary now the sanctuary that a lot of things as things were topped in the way of salvation that also just talk and how to live their daily life centered around their daily life was the sanctuary the sanctuary was the center of Israel of the can and so the century brought order and organization to Israel I just give me a couple of examples of how that would give taken place for example we find that if we study the sanctuary we see that there were sort of vague in a concentric rings of of a result you might call them centered around the holy place first of all around the camp of Israel you have the wilderness right and that was just well they're passing through the wilderness there were the nations around and and so forth and closer and you have the mixed multitude with their tents can't they wouldn't fit in any of the specific tribes they came out of Egypt with the children of Israel they were they were welcomed just like the children Israel to make their way to the temple and look at that and in a minute but then there are the mixed multitude and they were they were pressing closer from the wilderness they wanted my donations out that they were actually traveling with Israelites and they were invited to be part of it and then you have the twelve tribes around the around the encampment for any side will look at those in a second and then inside as well try to believe I cannot slather the right to you with that that open area around the sanctuary curtains around the courtyard and then inside that you have the court as he would be closer and closer to the Shekinah glory you'd be progressing through these different zones inside the court of course was the tabernacle of the holy place and ultimately the most holy place where Jesus himself was and in this very very organized very strategic very intentional layouts that God gave the children of Israel he wanted them to have order and organization on the east you had the tribes of Judah either side of him is a car and Zebulun on the south had a Reuben bordered by sending an dad on the west you had Ephraim with Manasseh and Benjamin and the it in front of each of their countenance would be there in signs with the logos or these of his artist description ideas what they might have looked like that on the north yet Van with Asher Nasca lines everything about the camp was to be ordered and orderly and everything about the camp was to be clean from every soul from the commander-in-chief to the lowest soldier in the Army was sacredly charts preserve clean cleanliness in his person and surroundings for the Israelites were chosen by God as his peculiar people they were sacredly bound to be holy in body and spirit they were not to be careless or neglectful in their personal duties in every respect they are to preserve cleanliness now how do you teach a Navy and nation of slaves to be self one the rainwater be an organized they're not used to doing things on their own the reason being told by a sublime God created this whole system and an established away where they can one habit is like a huge school really going on there in the wilderness was in a training camp in order for them to be educated and motor of an order for them to become more like the God they were following and serving as they as they went through the wilderness one thing after another got been to try to teach them the principles but he was trying to have them live by for example if you than a slave and accustomed to working when your master told you to work and not what would you do when you got well when he got three Iran in the wilderness camping going on a journey and no one there to tell you wake up one morning and students of your own home league in town probably nothing wrong sleeping in from time to time but again a nation asleep send knockout productive nation are not an orderly organization so what does God do we start skipping the manna from heaven member while we didn't because he said he uploaded up every evening you know it's good to be there till midnight so they can be our name crash and sleep in his elegant felt it was there in the morning and when the sun got hot it was God that had friends and by late in life you can just be you can just be you know in a productive one day of the week and reported on his spoil right and so and every single morning if you want to be God was teaching them happen it's it would bring them success habits of orderliness of regularity and everything connected with the sanctuary was to teach them these lessons as well they weren't allowing nothing untidy or unwholesome and their surroundings nothing that would think the purity of the atmosphere inwardly and outwardly they were to be pure in front of me to book of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter twenty three were to look here uterine chapter twenty three does one verse very quickly even cared about their sanitation how they took care of their needs and there was specific instructions given to the smallest detail about all of these types of cleanliness and order list details the notice with me why in Deuteronomy chapter twenty three and verse fourteen for the Lord your God are you there Deuteronomy twenty fourteen for the Lord your God walks in the midst of your care why are you there is glory no gotten and not he was not content just to be in the Shekinah glory he wanted to be walking up and down those rose again he wanted to a Jubilee friend that he wants to also be Ms. of visiting your home he sang let everything be clean and orderly insanitary and a need because he says the Lord your God walks in the missing ear can't deliver you and give your enemies overdue therefore your account shall be holy that he may see no unclean thing among you and turn away from you all God wanted orderliness and re- orderliness as you might say in their lives one thing I learned about the sanctuary one thing I learned about the century is that if I want Jesus dwelling with me I have choices to make there are some people who might say you know what of course we want sanctuary go ahead and build a list but I don't want to make my project goes straight with my neighbors I don't want to have to carry my garbage out of the camp and throw it away I thrown out my front door Glenville new Saints were not one hour no there's some people still today who are saying is I want to use my suit I don't want with one of my life I want to make changes or if I make changes on a James in these areas but I can tell me anything about areas A B or C those are my inner zone of saying that I think anything that sorts that I mean out I get pricked myself because very easy for us to try to compartmentalize to be Seventh-day Adventist instead of seven-day Adventist to be followers of Jesus on our day of worship but the rest of the week how our lives an invitation to Jesus did well a recognition of his holiness and invitation for him to be part of a casino it's something that each of us can learn from Jesus reorders my life he wants even my lifestyle he wants to change the ways I live my life the third thing I learned about Jesus and the sanctuary is the Jesus involves everyone I love today's world I love the fact that we have in Jesus loves everyone and gives opportunity to everyone there was nobody excluded from the cap from the from the experience of the sanctuary the only person who might be excluded listen carefully the only person who is excluded from the service of the sanctuary was the person who excluded himself by his pride the person who felt no need to get century the person who said I'm good enough that person you could say was excluded that was our choice gone are not excluding anyone from the experience in the sanctuary rather not included every one look was made and what the weather what the Bible says was possible using in Leviticus chapter four we thought we see being the though the sacrifice of the priests and rulers would offer we see also the biggest chapter four in verse twenty seven the sacrifices of the common people another common people we look at what that word means Israel is talking about those of other nations it was not an uncommon people among Israel no it was anyone good because Israel was supposed to be a light for the whole world Israel was supposed to be a a an opportunity to blast all donations through the seed of Abraham and still all would be invited if they were willing to be part of the process they were beaten by the commoners also good to come and offer their sacrifices there was no exclusivity there was no there was no denial of based upon a person 's ethnicity but also there was noted now based upon a person 's socioeconomic status it didn't matter let's say you were too poor to have a land to bring to the Temple if you are to bore you can have a lamb to bring look with me nobody does chapter five I want you to see this year as we look at it together I want you to see how inclusive God is in the sanctuary Leviticus chapter five and this is read very quickly couple of verses here Leviticus chapter five and will reverse verse seven that is after five and verse seven this is God speaking to Moses if he is not able to bring a lamb then you shall bring to the Lord for his trespass at you is committed to internal loves or two young pigeons one is a sin offering the other as a burnt offering you see my friends Jesus did not want church did not want this thanks Yuri giving a a a couple of a social club this was not about what you have that all of who was when he went off into that allows by yourself on your walk of humility it didn't matter how much money without leaving the sanctuary there was one God was no respect of persons and you didn't have the money to bring a lamb we didn't have those resources it didn't matter the dog says listen in on the lam bring that which you can afford those two turtledoves or two young pigeons one is a sin offering and the others abruptly bring what you have noticeably verse eleven if your skills incorporate facts verse eleven it but if he is not able to bring to turtledoves or two young pigeons then you send shall bring forth offering one tenth of an evil flying flowers and operate basically this is the situation if you are alive again full day today you can go to this entry God didn't want excluding at every one was included if they were only willing and interested they could experience that nearness to Jesus on so thankful to God looks down still today in two thousand thirteen and doesn't judge us according to who we are what we have simply invites the matter who you are no matter what you've done no matter what your past is no matter what this sends you struggle with our sanctuary is open for you and for me Jesus invites everyone to be a part of this experience and not only listen to me carefully not only could the bring their offerings there might be some who would surmise from the fact that the center brought a LAN or the center bought two turtledoves or two visions of the Center for Center could bring a little bit of flour blind flower there might be some who survived the century was teaching some sort of salvation by works as if that was meritorious let me tell you when the person brought the land of the sanctuary and that walk of humility which by itself flies in the face of the ideas of marriage right it's humility is not pride I'm going to sanctuary no but when a cinderblock that land and confessed his sin upon the land and cut his throat with his own hand in a literal sense the center 's work was finished and this priest would then take that blood and do with it what he was supposed to do with the unexamined thing the center could not save himself be with me the center couldn't come and take the life of the Lamb and can catch the blood and mingle before the veil and sprinkle it is not only the priests could go into the holy place and do that on behalf of the centering with me everyone was able to participate but everyone was eagerly equally dependent on the priests ministry everyone is equally depend upon the ministry and the work of our Savior Jesus Christ and as as as the life of the Lamb was felt that did not save the center of the whole ceremony had to be taken out and prove that the center depending wholly upon the priests if you understand the sanctuary service my friends you cannot be a legalist because nothing you do nothing you do is able to save you only your faith in what the priest is doing for you will say oh there was something to be done besides the dastardly deed of cutting the neck of the sacrifice the center was to follow the work of the victories by faith as he went about the sanctuary the rebels on the garments of those priests garments so that the singer couldn't know that priest was officiating for him and follow his activity in the mind of thing so also we walked right with God and our salvation but it's only Jesus saves us amen it's only through the work about high priest the high priest would go to the holy place of the treatment and is undergoing and bring in additional revenue no it is the sinner go in and offer incense no are we to be involved in what those representing the center I I follow Jesus by faith into the holy place I follow him as he ministers in the sanctuary and as I'm following him that I shouldn't and heating of the word of wife and I to them washed by the water word that I could analyze the world as he is led with that I too am offering my prayers to him as he mingled it with his righteousness but it's all co- mingled with the perfect righteousness of Jesus it's him not me Pennsylvania for Jesus so thankful that he is our preached you comprehend the meaning of the sanctuary you cannot think that we earn her own salvation on anything we do will save us but there's a Savior who invites us cooperate with him three things I learn about juice from the sanctuary Jesus wants to be near me Jesus reorders my life and Jesus invites and involves everyone what about you today my friend of Jesus were to look down on the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist church this community your dog we find men and women boys and girls were wanting to be near approaching him by faith allowing him to reorder their lives and giving invitation to all of that experience of each one of us has and I hope that as we shared in the size mentioned this week if the experience with others can enjoy as well as we learn more about Jesus let alone allow him to work in our hearts allow him to give us a heart a new heart heart of humility heart drawing close to him heart of obedience a heart of allowing him to work in her life not because anything good will come of our own efforts but because we want to be close to the one we follow the one we love the spring father in heaven today we do something for Jesus thankful that in him we find salvation we can complete salvation but I just want pray that you would help us help us to draw near to him help us to put aside her own pride in his private opinion makers are part of accomplishments it is our pride of correctness I don't know what it is that we all know human we all have that right may be surprised that brings contention because you said Robertson only by pride comes contention what is pray that whatever doesn't help us to set aside we might not be touring the sanctuary and yet defined meaning a person 's that we might allow Jesus to come very close to us we may seek Lord help us to give him the opportunity to reorder our lives well maybe there's somebody here that's been convicted about something I just want to pray what do you give them the strength to get that Jesus to surrender what he is calling for their lives to know that he has something vastly better than what they think for themselves what is a negative somebody here who thinks that this is all great and good but it's not for me I just pray that they might see the sanctuary excludes nobility that all of us matter who we are are invited to come to the foot of the cross there the ground is level there were all equal but no matter what our background is your where we do for what we look like it doesn't matter Jesus is no respect of persons and help us I pray that your community with this in my life is only nine oh a media was brought as a audio nurse at spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more and if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than him please visit www. audio person .org


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