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Help the Oppressed

Eugene Prewitt


How can you claim the promises of Isaiah 58 (for good health, continual guidance, answered prayer, etc.)? How can people who struggle with sins despite their long-term devotional habits, finally overcome?


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • June 15, 2013
    11:45 AM
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cry around Severna so my people their transgression the house of Israel their iniquity before we get to that person with you about some nerve layer using the sooner there are eighty boxes of sixty decibels five hundred and I looked this morning is that you are missing don't worry when you're not troubled if you do what you are from me he did not you are you paying one of these with union leaders today are fewer fibers have given whoever it is anything would love to have as friendly as first bodies for a reason that wasn't even given the people you make a half north of someone and you wish you can get something for them you just don't have money to give life will no longer is money and excuse it is really verbally taken to use revival books before and where it means the front part of short for you while you try to Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight we just were the Scripture reading has come to be one of my very favorite chapters in half five at what factors have almost incredible half of the enough of the problem is in this chapter one of the promises is in verse eleven is in the Lord will guide you what the word genuinely I will versus said your life will rise the person in your life right during your darkness of the new day is something your life is usually not heard all of you are wanted on about something that happened goggles playwright and I had our hearts let the person on you will call and what will happen the Lord is the way you're just as calling with a priority on you will dry you say right here whatever you look at verse nine University your help for the only end up laughing the impersonator says will be a real reward that were literally not what is your health you are now not reward their earnings will be your rear guard I have your back you can go forward in life I will cover the land that are beyond your control I is the sisters you find a better election promises binding between a revelation in verses eight through fourteen we then look at verse thirteen fourteen we summarize the problem is there in your Christian express of the Hawaii finally showing their experience with God 's word continual guidance Mercy health life in obscurity you pray God here is your desperation he's right there with you your experiences in the life and under what conditions you get a sense that condition is found in verse six verse six is is not this the fast that I have chosen when the Bible speaks about that you shall give you a little a I have regarded as Israel was full of people that would fast occasionally in the days of use a very limited fashion around the back lot another one in Omega what about the one that may require where are you now twice a week the video wouldn't reason for himself food as a way to getting the attention that never was the fact that God shows the path that God has chosen that he told on them once a year they were humble themselves and put away their sins they can make themselves right with God in him in preparation for a day is called Day on November the day of atonement this is the damage on their getting ready for and on that date ever I can fasten a sense of family nursing humbleness all for God but people really lost track of the meaning of that is viewing that they had made themselves my God they viewed it more like a day to stop eating out original burn accident differently instead of coming close to God by five separated from sin they came close to God by doing some symbolic activity for which they bring you close to God symbolic activity or putting away his sin is what separates us from God runaway who brings us close to God 's involvement in the government is closer or further away can the symbolic activity without teaching method assembles a tedious things remind us of the importance of the other aspects first of July I'm not in the symbols are important but the symbols are teaching the in themselves they never have made a spiritual life happen so in verse six before you get in the promises of God I doubt you shall you said it is loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the rest of really is great every young woman come back to verse six when it means the first is just briefly observed versa is not dealing your bread to the hungry and the regular order asks out to your house and when you see the naked and covered him and if you hide myself from your own flesh is sad that I find someone who is really hurting someone who is in need someone who's hungry or naked or cast-off ministries I cannot view their misfortune as separate for me by feeling myself out when you that it is not convenient to blame someone to your house it is not sufficient food it doesn't seem conveniently shared American verse seven is often practical for us as his first six that is our government tends to feed hungry folk and even the poorest people in America tend to have too many clothes I don't mean all that I mean that as a general food and clothes tend to be available the first one on verse six is a truly versatile people even right here in our myth that are in bondage to sin the truth is that verse six is the first condition when God said to my table I is you want bursting how if you want a wonderful Christmas view my prayers are answered in warming you remember please find people who are beset by cavitation people moreover by their weaknesses and help those people for semester in part one of three parts part one was if you want the blessings meeting the conditions the conditions are help people with their sins and help them with their visible or otherwise practical needs for part two of the verse in Isaiah fifty eight versus yet they see me daily and I discussed people yet is me daily and they don't like to know my ways like a nation that is the right time for righteousness is not kind of stuff like a nation is the right time and had forsaken the ordinance of their God they asked me to ordinance of justice they live in approaching to God verse two tells me that it the class of people who need help with their sins in verse one that hostility help with their sense of people that have devotions publicity and reporting versus is that anyone recall he got in when you talk about devotions that they mean by the word about this kind of fighting were not everyone uses it in the world but devotions means that after seeking God as your development in him an address that is within easy so your people are afraid in starting and people that are exciting and helpless in Sonoma according to Isaiah fifty eight one two unique people and starting the help of sin less and part two of my three parser part two is that even people who pray and start really need help with it goes like this people do crazy side of human daily that you have found hers in the best of them they say things that are true even though they always want to send it for even a light after they say they regret I saw that there is that means that they want to have clear and pure cost but frankly many times in a week or month they find themselves their minds wander into USA's of obscenities I think you understood anyway that is thinking in your thoughts so what when part two of the three parts are it is best that even people who pray and start need help with decisions in their lives easier that relationship part one part two that is if you want the special blessings and how in the end of my favorite EA you should help people living there are real problems their cottages for their bondage to sin and are held captive in the second part is either unit who needs help with that the only people who are displayed out there in the world surely people in the world do you need help any is not job people and sharks that have problems but are going to is that it's not just people in the world I have some problems that we need help people who have devotions and she got a regular basis they need help let's go to Hartford part three is my effort to take advantage of the promises in part one that if I want to give you some instruction about how to get reasons that the letter that I like suppose I want to be let in the writer not what I wanted to write a realignment to rewrite one so I want to try to give you some possible help on how to have victory over besetting sins and by sharing that with you I hope to gain myself access to the promises in part one now if you pay close attention even if for some mount miraculous means your you don't have to send issues what is an action figure these things out with you visually sent to summon help you access to promises in part one but maybe we all use more help when it comes to getting victory over sin so turn your life is Daniel chapter four Daniel chapter four are looking at verse twenty seven Daniel for his awareness another is confronted with his personal staff Nebuchadnezzar Santana wasn't one that is hard to put a finger on it in half like you say when someone lies than you can say when someone steals you say when someone kills that is hard to say when someone is found by you is not something you so much do something that you involved in enough problem that Nebuchadnezzar had because of his pride he was in danger of acting like an animal really be going to finish all Nebuchadnezzar that having an uncontrolled by his job as shameful and ridiculous is having on his role personal call that he is eating grass and acting like an animal animals are the ones that don't have any moral control if they want to be a leader they want Michelle L a normally don't have a moral nature and when we just let our sins alive in a moral sense rational animals Nebuchadnezzar God is not intended another to act like an animal look at verse twenty seven wherefore okay this is generally speaking where you are okay and left my house all the acceptable to you and bring all your sins by one prayer is by righteousness and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor white wine in section three this should be as close to take notes one and section three is if you want victory over sin begins induced values for other people a surface light one God work through use of the last father is one where God lives inside you so you see someone who needs help help that you see someone who needs assessors assessed that the same thing twice you understandable times but I reimburse myself that if you see someone who is struggling he is heard and you can carry something about this little later and I went to yourself and us service mode you setting yourself free from your own visa it might sound like likely to help in helping Joe make a difference with my own sin the Bible says it really dives I think it works something like this that most stands power after foundation selfishness selflessness is the reason that I involved myself these times of burgeoning God and how do I reduce selfishness in my life I really thought out to help someone else I'm really striking at the root of the things you know what John the Baptist said about three going through usual at the root of your sin problems by being selfless in the way you serve those that happening what to trigger my lust of Proverbs chapter four from chapter four verse twenty four robbers chapter four verse twenty four foot away from the eighty 's from order now and a perverse reverse letters but far from the relevant universes on this idea is a simple idea most reports related verses twenty three problems for receivers and twenty three he and your heart with all diligence out that it are the issues of life we waited amid a prolonged mouth and the perverse list is that when it is not life right here that is we stand with our list even we don't send almost any other way many people who never shall never steal that never do a number of other honestly with you guys they say I find her all selfish governance values multitudinous times during the week is firsthand idea is to selfless service to secondhand he has put a dog on her mouth that is self-discipline self-discipline is the keyword in overcoming sin when you are at all what I think is quite overwhelming even if it is Monday some of you did not get proper discipline growing up even say most of us to offer discipline and if discipline at home was the only discipline you react to anyone who grew up without proper discipline would nearly be due to die in the fires of hell thankfully there is hope when you have received proper discipline and discipline from God is when you and I talked to modify behavior and discipline yourself is twelve for I have been preaching for our right title certainly but I can always stand up for just a moment the three of you are almost asleep you are stand up for just a moment and now you can sit back down and go your covers for the chapter six chapter six verse two you are snared with life the words of your mouth and your taken with the words in your mouth the fact is that the word of mouth is used at times in the book of Proverbs is like the chapters in this book and what song is saying is that every mouth get you into big trouble thirteen Chapter thirteen and first three he and he says now he should lie but you know why is and will have one regard about how to have vigorously over the personal finishes University and some of these verses of problems a second idea is discipline yourself to God you need to understand that you will like the beautiful you session you will but I think I'm not in a less flat one wrong word because I'm looking at using these narratives what the words in your mouth we read Proverbs are working Sara do what he does not lose anyone who is working as a God who has held me to destruction found in my word unless it was possible for me to a God that is just what the Bible teaches that we can not to look at more verses on this idea but in the garden amount I just want to suggest that garden in your mouth isn't magic is a kind of exercise program that is when you start out in your but if you made an incident it easier and it becomes less to with your mouth if you get in the habit of starting yourself it becomes easier and easier to say the right thing looks like someone just fit in the willingly are starting a out-of-the-box modified is that you need to learn how to make use firms properly Leslie will need to look at the first conversation in who will one of Ezekiel thirty Ezekiel thirty three I was driving I think I roller fifteen hundred miles this week alone and when you do a lot of writing in your founder may occasionally a wrong turn wrong turns are not as a threat unless you're exceedingly star and that is true also in morale Ezekiel is reimbursed fifteen and was the first fourteen again I say who the winner here you will surely die yet he turned from his CNN do that is lawful and right and restorative lashing him again Rod and walking the staff of life without manipulating you shall surely lay you shall not die do you see there is as yet again that she and Rob got the idea that I'm trying to get three God gave us something to do when we fall back is kind of like thinking for ourselves that he is trusting God is it works like this I was yelling at my wife immediately by Raven God asked him to forgive you know just possibly nominated in Iraq when asked for forgiveness that reminds me of you it's like a little staying that helps remember I shouldn't do this but then I also need to talk to her my wife and I don't know my wife is a hypothetical condition in she agrees me even after privacy is still there is the video part I would need to apologize me know when I apologize to her that hard because I want to be overheard he didn't do something brutal if someone does something to provoke me to justify in your knotting can justify the and I doubt even if I was provoked early it was wrong for me to raise my voice in regard to suggest a so I confess to God well I confess to the ones in whom I am wrong but I never invested primarily in the confession although even one publicly heard that I like to go to step three that is make it right now taking notes and just got really confusing this is part three and part through that is part three is that is making right which is done Ron involved in apology to read it wrong there is much as possible what you got is when you have to do is and have to apologize when you can fast and you turned away all I have the same of effect on you loving thinking hat on you when you are not they are disciplines that help separate you from your sin so that first one was to do something for someone else go on your way to serve them not expecting anything in return that will help reduce your selfishness make that happen but what is the regard on your mouth in real life that self-discipline like yourself when you're in danger of being provoked that the point is Jehovah come accustomed to Utah's know how to do it without any trouble upon your return involves confession to God apologies to the people you are and you can make things right that is how where is no way that I will work one out of five do you need to gather proper motivation to help you and I recommend three times a day trying to Daniel chapter six Daniel chapter six the first Daniel says in verse ten for those who are weary we are sixty percent done with the third part three sermon armor for all Danielson 's first handset note Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and his windows being open in his chamber for Jerusalem he opened his window was already on assist the health message election officer prevented and have a way to close windows I don't know but anyway his window was open for Jerusalem he kneeled upon his knees three times a day and Friday and gave thanks before his God as he did before time you can follow this logic there is no rule in the Bible that says you have to pray read times a day in fact was not even a rule that says you have to write every day and are proven in the Bible that you even have to pray once a week to be a good person but the Bible teaches that prayer is one that means that you deal with temptation Jesus and his model prayer and authentication your that lead me not into temptation and it sounds like that might have benefited Heidegger says give me this day my daily read so I think you can find and you are right is that even if you can't find it as a rule the following idea of what someone said you should pray three times a day and you can say there is no rule that the Bible I believe no rule how much you pray today maybe you need to find out my religion how much prayer you need to become victorious flowmeters but it won't make any sense in the adjustment for you to say that you overcome your sin and then not ask you how much did you pray about it you say there is no rule is that I write it three times a day were trying to say is you are playing together and you if someone tries to make it into original followers know value in the original the value in the power and the same sex Bible study that is thinking about Jesus considering what a sad ending leaving what is considered you would really want living incinerator many times in the reading and considering that you get your motive power Hebrews says that this is think about Jesus and how he suffered contradiction from sinners and that will keep you from being wearied in your mind by paraphrasing here as well firstly what is one thing overcoming temptation is to find a ride on your motive am three weeks ago to get better person you need continual repeat Janet Mullally I can put you in the right direction and that will construct prayer and thinking about the Bible and reading the Bible thinking about Jesus and what he did Calvary especially thinking about him and forget that he offers his loving person you can find what you need me to push you where are you finding even one day in the morning but one is not enough for it just won't do to say there and what if you know by your own experience that have been enough with Al Qaeda in your own experience has proven view that is not enough and don't tell me that it is 's horrible handwriting was a very poor turn in your Bibles to solve all hundred and one song five hundred and one verse three is the last point to multi point sermon some hundred in verse three as I sat not in vain before my I hate the word them to turn aside it will not lead to me if you think about first repair window see something in a and that is the firebox with you people if I continually enhance attention to them the wickedness and then Amazon being sticky as me that I will mean we need from changed data to want to be changed by the rankings somewhat excited about he's not paying attention to what they're doing really this principle is the same as the principal employment for it thinking about our CSS and the truth in the Bible is what pushes you in the right direction thinking about evil and bad behavior or is you in the wrong direction in the later I don't think that I can make a rule out of the Bible is that it is wrong to read most magazines I rule this out it is really necessary wrongful watch television I make a ruling here that is wrong to listen or hear a bunch of other things that are in opportunities for bad behavior to be informal my eyes that if someone is lying someone is killing someone is flirting with a married person novels can have a book that can happen in screen that can happen a lot of place I can't say that it's against the rules and you and I say that if you have a problem with the sins in your life no one can save your being extreme and blocking off opportunities for recognizing influence you is not extreme to do what you have to do to be of every man and are you half hours only that is not extreme in no one else has to cut bars maybe you do because you want to the free I'm trying to illustrate an idea and that is we are consciously helpless that influence can we afford to allow to are correct I mean frankly the Alaska safer and so we get out of this world there certainly are you can do is find someone hundred and one I said no ninety four my eyes as when he says my servant will be blah number still seen anything you won't pay attention to in reading about Jesus you can just saw a lot of really didn't pay attention to let me summarize this writer review you can have been revered over the sins previously the session the one around your list and use them the ones that are underground the ones that happen on a daily basis you can have three but probably won't have a thorough victory tonight because there is a process to getting out the head that you've done yourself over the course of the last years or decades the process involved if you involve gardening that influence coming your direction blocking the influences of people were choosing the wrong way it involves number five involves the same went for other get a proper motivation as many five days you need to maybe once a day won't do it for you even the doctor for someone else Daniel Gay his motivation he went after three times and maybe that was just a good idea that is idea about making a U-turn you go the wrong way that's not disaster you know how to turn around infested God done the wrong thing infested those that you hurt when you turn in direction and see if there's something you can do to make things like United with regard on your lips don't just let things go because the leads to destruction but you learn to discipline yourself quite eccentric and a figure on a even though the boss Mike Doyle is the only if you don't get frustrated that they will have less impact on the negligent if you are like a the further point were to serve someone out to reduce the rumors that half of the thin wire rod radar rescinded by righteousness your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor these are fire practical steps that have victory over sensitive even held you down for weeks and months and years that was part three part human lives that even people who have daily devotions might need this kind of help and heartwarming is when you get this kind of help people who need it you can place the most amazing promises made harder by promises even for all holy hell fire in an front of him somehow a medium like I was the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading and audio and much more than he would like to know more about hothouse as Mike was more so than is www. on universal .org


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