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War in Heaven

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Crockett Hospital, Lawrenceburg, TN




  • June 14, 2013
    9:45 AM
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father in heaven we thank you so much rain here this morning I decided for a special blessing as we study from your word that we would understand the things that you would have us understand our presence in Jesus name okay so secondly great controversy sometimes each tend to think of something that's going on between Christ and Satan but sometimes we don't think about the fact that we are the ones that are at the very middle of .com the our lives the decision that we may on a day-to-day basis are a reflection of this ongoing struggle between good and evil and I'm a start off by giving you an outline of where we are headed so we are going to be a four-part series on the role of Michael on the great concert Michael was found for chapters in Scripture Revelation chapter twelve the book of Jude Daniel chapter ten in Daniel chapter twelve my thinking item Michael is right you can prove that from the Bible is pretty simple revelation twelve Michael fight against Satan the book of Jude Michael is described as the Archangel then a first vessel audience for we see that the voice of the archangel will cause the dead in Christ to rise first and it's in the book of John chapter five that crisis that the father has given him the power to resurrect so clearly Michael is the Archangel and he is Christ so that helps us to understand who Michael is now the question is why is Christ described as Michael these four chapters because there's many different names for Christ right so apparently in Scripture when Mike the name Michael is used for Christ is conveying a specific idea about who Christ is and what he is doing in the particular context that he is mentioned well what is the name Michael me the threat Michael means who is like God which means he is God and with that name she is identifying himself as being a divine power and she is coming in each of the four chapters that we are going to see she is in conflict and warfare with state so whenever you see Michael that means that there is some kind of great controversy struggle going on and what we're going to see in 's you look at these four chapters it's very fascinating how this great controversy plays out between Christ and Satan between Michael Satan and I'm going to read to you a statement from Alan why as we get started here describing this great controversy because now we talked about how Jesus came to this earth and he died for her Sandinista made a way of salvation for all who will choose to follow after him and that is very important there is more to shoot the issue you the map believe it or not this picture of some preface page sixty nine the plan of redemption Hattie a broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man you realize that we talk about salvation and as important as that is that wasn't the only reason that Jesus came to this earth as it was not for this alone that Christ came to the ears it was not merely that the inhabitants of the slow world my radar the law of God as it should be regarded analysis but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe so you realize that when Christ came here to this world she came here not only to save Madeleine I was a huge part of why he came but he also came to vindicate the character of God before the universe what does that mean that the next if you vindicate somebody will try and instead to clear their name and means the proof that they were right all along someone has made a charge against him saying so-and-so did this summer in a prayer that they were wrong and you come to court and you're not only found not guilty your family you never did anything wrong your character for your name is vindicated and set when Jesus came to this world he came to vindicate the character of God and understand Pastor skeet when he talked last night he said that the whole controversy started over the law of God and the logon is a transcript of the character got right with improvement from the Bible Romans seven so the laws wholly just and yet those are the characteristics of God is holy God is just as good and so anyway that's patrons and profits page sixty nine that Christ came not just to save man but to vindicate the character of God before the universe okay now let's get a revelation chapter twelve and this is going to be our first study here Revelation chapter twelve and wherein a start off in verse seven in the morning to come back and look at the whole chapter relationship to twelve starting in verse seven says and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels flawed against the Dragon and the dragonfly has Angel and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out the old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceive the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast that wasn't so here we see here's the two key players in the great controversy it starts off as war where it have Michael is fighting against the Dragon and clearly the Dragon is defined as being the old serpent the devil and Satan now why is the Dragon described as the old serpent 's been around a long time he shows up in Genesis chapter three any cons Eve to fall in the Senate that's part of the great controversy right there so clearly we see that the Dragon assayed in the microwave proven as Christ said this is the a controversy between Christ and Satan and noticed here in the very first and as far as a time when the respondent revelation twelve persons because that's the first place in the timeline and morning energy twelve to be the second place in the timeline and Daniel ten is the third place in the timeline and Daniel twelve at the conclusion of the battle between Christ and Satan but this battle goes all the way back to heaven and what this first passage teaches us is that from the very beginning in heaven my full seats Satan Michael defeat Satan and specifically you will see it when you get to verse ten that Satan is described as the accuser of our brethren were going to get into that notice the wind when some of the accuser of the brethren they go around and they say set and Satan is the one who started this Satan was saying things again that was not true he games sympathizers but he's eventually cast out he could not win that war in heaven okay now where to set after statements cast out worth of work on it comes to the server and what is Satan going to do here on this Earth is to be the same thing he is going to be the accuser of the brethren and were going to see an enemy to be some versatile like that were going to see how Satan continues his work as the accuser of our brethren what we want to see his what vehicle does Christ work through here on this Earth and how to Satan were here on this Earth to continue this controversy in the controversy starts in heaven but now continuing here on this Earth how is that controversies continue altogether revelations are patrolmen built a vector verse one says there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the man under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars okay so we have this one phenomenon in a draw the right words and you have a son on her head the man under her feet she is clothed with the sun the moon is under her feet and she has look around the house false starts okay now you have to now when you're looking at revelation chapter twelve after you look at verses seven through nine that revelation chapter twelve is describing the great controversy right so what does this one have any with a great controversy who is this one is the church how do we know that the woman is the church because when you buy the timing you get to verse sixty see that the woman fled into the wilderness and she was there for twelve hundred and sixty days which is the twelve hundred and six years this is describing God 's people who were under persecution so clearly this woman represents the church and then you see a different woman a corrupt woman Revelation chapter seventeen she is described as the mother of harlots so here's a pure church in Revelation chapter twelve and what are her characteristics she is clothed with what the sun the men's under Fiji has a crowd filters what Islam that she's clothed with both right and workers would you take a need again to prove that that being clothed with the sun means that she is clothed with righteousness of Christ in a Malachi chapter four verse two Malachi chapter four verse two universe before talks about the coming war the wicked shall burn them refuses but in the unit fear my name there is the first Angels message value to fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings are as so she's slow with the sun this is the son of righteousness analysis S UN Sun of righteousness so what does that tell us that Jesus is the son of righteousness if a woman clothed with the sun what does that tell us about the church law and violated Ms. R any hard questions that's right the church is the shine like the sun setting forth the raise of why the way Jesus did but the purpose of the church the church is here on this Earth not to just be where we come to our younger members of the seven badness clobber one of her know we are members of a body that Christ has raised to set off the light like the sun the way Jesus gave off the light of the sun specifically his righteousness that when we had his righteousness we shine like the sun now now the next question has says the church also has the man under her feet know what you think the men represent to know that the government wants to the man she thought her face and says that the foundation for the church that's right the man as the lesser light of the sun it reflects the light of the sun gives off Christ is the light and then you have the man that reflects that why and I heard someone say is yet the when Ellen White referred to her word she referred to herself as the lesser light leading to the greater light and what you can always say about God 's church God 's church has always been designed to have the sun of righteousness shining forth from an Aniston has it would have for office who would be a lesser lights pointing you back to the greater life I so you have Christ the son of righteousness you have the man and the lesser light leading back to the greater life and then you have a crown of twelve stars what is the crown of twelve stars represent his assessment of the needs of the twelve apostles this is the apostolic authority that came with the church so you have sort of this order of leadership when you look at and what what's happening here is you have the son you have the men you have the stars the sun is the greatest light of the moon is the next why is lesser than the sun and the stars are even less than that so the sun is the greatest life and nonetheless her life the man reflects back to the light of the sun and then you have the stars that the apostolic leadership that you are faithful to God or even muster like yet but they all have their place of authority Christ the prophets and the leaders of the church and the longer the leaders of the church are faithful to the word of God they have their role in the organization that God has raised the now it's interesting you start off Revelation chapter twelve verse one and you see that this one has the sun of righteousness now if you have the sun of righteousness righteousness the Bible says all my commandments our righteousness so if you have the righteousness of Christ and of all of God 's commandments are righteousness would not make sense that God 's church will be a commandment keeping church what is interesting that when you come to Revelation chapter twelve seventeen as is the Dragon was wrought with it the woman the same woman in verse one who what which keep the commandment of God that means that the sun of righteousness and have the testimony of Jesus which is what the spirit of prophecy which has the lesser light sonatas you start verse one you have the one she's club of the samples of the sun of righteousness she has the lesser light which is the voice of the profits going back to the greater life and giraffe is rock for that one so here's what we learn Star number and in the very first verse the vehicle of controversy shifts from heaven to earth and saying announcer Rex his warfare against God 's people remember that when we liberalize on a daily basis when we take our stand for Christ we are being targeted by saying that you know what if you look at what happened in heaven who want Michael prevail so we need to stop working so much at the power of Satan and reminding ourselves of the power of Christ Christ prevail against Satan and haven't and he's one of her male here on this earth he's raised up the church to be the vehicle to gain the young were good that's what this whole four-part series is all about fifty two so I write so God has raised this church to be the vehicle that he is going to use to defeat Satan specifically housing on to defeat Satan with Islam the man in the star 's and the sun is going to shine forth his righteousness his character and he will have the man which will be the wide that reflects us her points us back to choose the word of God and that will keep us from going off track and he will have spiritual faithful leaders who will keep us headed in the right direction for you and to the issue of leadership especially when we get to the book of Jude next hour okay so Satan is going to go after the righteousness of Christ is going to go after the properties in ago after the leadership that makes sense and you can see it in God 's church today the message of the righteousness of Christ 's bench was that it's been distorted under attack people are saying now you can just be covered with a righteous Christ and he and then whatever you want yet when you come to the Zacharias chapter three you see that when Joshua was was clothed with a new garment when the lady occurs they check off the filthy garments yet Satan is trying to get the church the belief you can get the righteousness of Christ the cover you while you still have your filthy garments on so that's one of the way that Satan is attacking and I don't have to tell you house Satan is attacking the profit and the church to see what people say about a long way in the Seventh-day Adventist church and grown up in the church we call it sophisticated on the week like all she is totally what I want to believe that the rest of you after reading can't but what she really means she wrote that over a hundred years ago we had power levels over a hundred years ago I was so long ago is now doesn't really mean what it means today and then not only that God 's faithful leaders are under attack by Satan 's alumni should get on some of the Internet sites and see what people say about some of our godly church leaders so anyway just to summarize again the church the one she has the son the moon and the stars the son of the Sun of righteousness this is the light of Christ and his righteousness Christ is the why in the leader of this church and those you receive his righteousness are a demonstration of his character but not only does the woman have Christ in the sun of righteousness she has the moon under her feet which is the lesser light leading back to the greater life not only was that she has the apostolic authority the twelve stars the apostles see how this order of authority the sun the moon the stars price the property the leaders of the church and that is what Satan is especially going okay now but keep working to just keep going through me most of you probably studied Revelation chapter will try to bring out something that you may not thought of before first person she is pretty straightforward she even with child cried travailing in birth and pain to be delivered and so this is speaking of how she was going to bring forth Christ in onto the cheapest or the number three we see there appeared another wonder in heaven and the holy great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads and monitors for in his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and a Captain severe and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for two devour her child as soon as it was once a notice where and one assist in a Satan was cast to the attorney drill injury the third part of the stars of heaven but the Angels afloat with Lucifer Satan where were they casting fear and what is the very sure what his essay Satan did when he came to this to this world since he stood before the one that means to stamina for the woman to have a conflict to have a battle to have a fight because he sees that this woman is going to bring forth the deliverer that will deliver the same tearless retina noticed the quote I read from hatred and profits it wasn't just for the salvation of man that Christ came to the street it was to vindicate the character of God so Satan sees that not only are those that he is kind of fallen to send on to receive salvation that God is going to vindicate his character before the universe by coming to this world by using the vehicle of the church to demonstrate his character power model into this world but to be onlooking universe and so Satan stands in front of the woman as soon as he sees that Christ is going to come in he wants to devour her child as soon continue she brought forth a man child who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron this is clearly speaking of Christ that is businesses and her child was caught up unto God and to his throne so despite the somewhat effective Christ born and he went straight to heaven but there's a lot more to give out another place in the book of Revelation talks about Christ's going to the throne of God but there's other places that I have one one specific landmine here just what it is like okay he was born but then he was caught up in the God and to God 's throne will happily get the question how do Christ get back to the throne of God I would invite you to get to Revelation chapter three by now when your chapter twelve the writer of Revelation are God inspired the book of Revelation is going to want you to think back to this verse Revelation chapter three verse twenty one were Christ says to him that over why grant to sit with me where in my throne even as I also overcame and then sat down with my father in his throne now if so how did Christ get back to the throne of his money read Revelation twelve is just like okay he was born when he was caught up to God and it is through of how to get there what is Revelation three twenty one fellows he overcame now what is Revelation three twenty one who is an associate church of Laodicea Laodicea means a judge people that's the message of Christ is really the last thing that he says and then he says to him the here for the spirits of the churches in use is that all the treasures of the last specific things that he has the later seasons to him who overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne Revelation chapter twelve says okay Satan is standing in front of the woman to try to them downward Christ the child as soon as he was born but Christ is born he lives his life for thirty three and a half years here over time and then he ascends back to heaven and he's caught up to godliness through the worst Christ said and his wife a church if you overcome the way I overcame you will sit with me in my threat what does that tell us what was Christ going against for him to overcome his guy through a few levels in check blackberry should it was clear not sure now listen price she was going against all the saints and forces that Satan and all of his evil angels could muster against Christ day by day for thirty three and a half years I guess there was a season or Satan pulled away from him after Christ came through the temptations in the wilderness but you have to realize that from the moment Christ was born revelations Satan was trying to devour Christ as soon as he was want and I continue for thirty three and a half years in crisis and I overcame and I was caught up to God under the throat if you overcome as I overcame the same will be given to you and humanly speaking sometimes even come Christ was God I mean in he had an managing the Union Army see he overcame that I may have to overcome like that that just sounds up out of the implausible from a human standpoint you may think that the root realizes when Jesus came to this earth they have nine matches he came if you are studying for example the K resistance for Muslims the children are protected for flushing what was as he received fourteen he also himself likewise took part of the same and then there is in Hebrews four fifteen and sixteen so that he was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin first Peter four birth wants us for as much then as Christ has suffered for us in the flash arm yourselves likewise with what the same my innocent people say that Christ was just sent it in his physical flushed but that his mind was not tempted the way we are tempted to be in first gear for verse one says forasmuch then as Christ suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves likewise with the same mind that means that Christ's doctrine in the mind he was tempted here and so Christ has given us an example that we should follow in his steps and he sang if you overcome the way I overcame not only was I cut up the gun their strength you will be caught up to God into us through me realize that is part of the great controversy because Christ is saying I overcame you can see and yet humans say I can't over of your people say that I can overcome some order they get the pickup from Satan wasn't one we talked about this great controversy warfare this is a battle in the analysis of them about what guns and swords and whatever this is a is and always have it was a war of words in heaven Satan said that God 's law could not be kept and guess what he says the same thing here on this Earth crisis and you can overcome as I overcame Satan assignment you can answer that means we as God 's church are at the very center of this great on tourism between present-day okay that makes sense therefore right continuing on numbers six and the woman fled under the wilderness where she have a place prepared of God they should feature there a thousand two hundred threescore days we know this is the twelve and sixty years which eliminates for the twelve sixty right one of the days right five thirty eight seventeen ninety eight you take the time to get her all the history now but you should know the history someone asked you what happened in five thirty eight you need to know because otherwise were just making up stuff that taking dates other than her mother not that is not our yes seventeen ninety eight Napoleon general birthday Tycho six fat that sometimes people get a little fuzzy about what happened five thirty eight because the dictionary to make the Roman emperors of the Bishop of Rome and to have power of the state that within five thirty three that it was only in five thirty eight which are truly road that the barbaric tribes out of room of the decree to the facts anyway just noticed for some of the twelve hundred and sixty years so for one thousand two hundred and sixty years the church is in the wilderness someone asked the question didn't work in the battle work across it what organization what way it was one but if everything was finished out the process as some as many in the Christian world said everything was decided determined fashion completed you name it whatever fully and completely why did the church leader the willingness for one thousand two hundred and sixty years a long time I mean that's the way longer than any of us can really comprehend human rights and according to Scriptures three and a half prophetic years what happens in the form in six years whereas that is little that morning we look at Daniel eleven this afternoon they cheer you have the power on earth and is describing a Revelation thirteen and the Dragon gives us power seeking authority to this eastern range for twelve hundred and sixty years or forty two months and so you have a union of church and state were a church power reigns over the state and they persecute the saints what is that tell us to do so this is paid around where they get their power steam authority from the Dragon okay the Dragon escape saying okay so you have this one in the church the pure church and then you have of these in Revelation thirteen who is also also a woman in Revelation seventeen a woman who rides the beast the woman ride the beast that means the church controls the state the church felt they were again okay so Christ is working through his church Satan is working through history and in twelve hundred and sixty years Satan uses his church which is a corrupt church to persecute the pure church rather talk about this and then alone Alan watts is the same thing on history is going to repeat itself seen similar pet why did God allow Satan to persecute the saints for one thousand two hundred and six years of the ever wonder that K Christ prevail McCroskey died vindicated his character before the universe why even now does he allow Satan to rule for that one of your woman about what was just if you comparisons how long was Christ ministry here on this earth three and a half literally years that is twelve hundred and sixty literal days of Christ so how long to say enroll through the papacy three and a half prophetic years a crisis literal Satan he has three and a half prophetic years at now it's interesting at the end of those three and a half years what happens to Christ is crucified what happens at the end of three prophetic years the beast gets a deadly one what happens to Christ after his crucified is resurrected what happens to the beast Revelation seventeen since he's gone ever resurrection so Satan is an imposter he is basically copying what Christ did it on earth but in a perverted way Christ came and blessed the people he brought healing he brought while he brought salvation he demonstrated the character of God for Christ's had three and a half literally years of ministry in addition of the thirty years of the people of Nazareth who got seen the three men appears that we read about primarily in Scripture that were talking about Christ's have those three and a half years to demonstrate the character of God to the Satan has three and a half fresh set of tears to demonstrate his character to the other question is what have at the end of a twelve hundred and sixty years there is a deadly one right before the deadly when another fulfillment of prophecy check place just a few years before seventeen hundred eighty one I was the French Revolution and in fact Revelation Chapter 11 just the chapter before it starts off by talking about the twelve hundred and sixty years arising them to measure the temple of God only the court without the thing given to the Gentiles which should trample the city underfoot and then you come down in Revelation eleven you see that you have that she witnesses that are clothed in sackcloth for twelve hundred and sixty years and healthy and about twelve hundred and sixty years you see a beast comes up from the bottomless and for three and a half days registry and have literally years they would make war against Scripture and this power was called spiritually Sodom and Egypt and now you can read this in the great controversy that saw them for its licentiousness Egypt for atheism and that prescribed for so empty and of the twelve hundred and sixty years you have the French Revolution okay now let me ask you this what does the French Revolution how did the with the papacy and the dragon gave him his power CM authority to the beast without the Boca Beth while the French Revolution the front of the French Revolution is when they burn the Bibles in the streets they worship the Goddess of reason they said were atheists we're no longer going to follow God we are done with God forever this is a horse and got for the French Revolution and the .net remember Christ's has three and a half literally years to demonstrate his character this character is fully and completely demonstrated when he is crucified on the cross along White says hanging on the cross Christ was the gospel at the end of the three and a half prophetic years Satan 's character his government is fully demonstrated by what happens in the French Revolution the how is that here's what happens it's in France in five oh eight which is this is the beginning of the twelve minute your prostate engine covers eleven and France were with the kingdom of France he first in our church and state is a lawyer is my army to assist the papacy and in France you'll see an ally talked about the slugger receipt in France the principles of the papacy were supported in France above all other nations in Europe when the Protestant Reformation came along when the wife started to shine forth in Europe France suppressed that you have the same Bartholomew 's massacre the shooter notes were driven out that the Albigensians were driven out France would not harbor the Protestant Reformation they would support the papacy so guess what happens that people in France they see their view of God is skewed based on how the papacy portrays God to them they won't take the light from the Protestant Reformation so they say our view of God is the way the papacy for Trey Scott here's our view of God we can pay off son with indulgences if we mess up organize burn in hell forever through the ceaseless ages of eternity will get zapped every time we mess up and if we go against the church there condemns the excommunicated membranous at the stake John is a tyrant God is horrible God is me we want nothing to do with them when in reality what the papacy was there and they were simply for trying the character of Satan so at the end of the twelve hundred and sixty years complete anarchy breaks out in France and France says if this is your God as we want nothing to do with him we are just going to get rid of God and weird in a rule for ourselves and what happened complete anarchy God is totally cut out the Bibles were burnt people work better you kill a guillotine and so forth and what happened in the French Revolution is a demonstration of what happens or what would happen if Satan was allowed to be the French Revolution was a small picture of what would've happened she was the universe if Satan had prevailed against Michael and you see the price of three and a half literally years to demonstrate his character to the universe and with his victory on the cross he demonstrates that his way is the best way now since a look at my turn he has three and a half prophetic years and and then got too much on at the end of the three and a half prophetic years of the French revolution takes place in the deadly one happened and got much of the almond looking university can say you really have any questions about which way is better you see what happens when my was done away with complete anarchy takes place so that's what the French revolution was all about okay so that takes us through the twelve hundred sixtieth and that's why God allowed Satan to rule for one thousand and six years because it took that long for the character of Satan to be fully developed now after seventeen ninety eight the time of the end there is the final conflict the final struggle Christ demonstrates his character to the universe on the cross Satan demonstrates his character the University through the papacy culminating in the French Revolution and now first seventeen ninety eight after the time of the crisis okay now it's my turn I'm in a raise of a people for the last days still be a demonstration of the woman that described in verse one and verse one club of the Sun the moon under her feet the crown of twelve stars and Satanists thanks okay your idea about that I meant to get my resurrection as well and were to have one last run between the church and the powers of Satan the two churches are watched one final time facility picking the number seven there was war in heaven Michael and his angels spotting of the Dragon and the Dragon fund his angels and prevailed not neither was there placed on anymore and haven't in the Drake of the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceive the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with market share we see that for it gives is a foreshadowing of what happens in the future based on what happened in the past Michael defeats Satan have now started up in her sentences were things get very interesting and in the last fifteen to twenty minutes of our first presentation here this is where we are really going to drill down to the speak into the key issues letters at stake here the very first and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strengthen the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night now versus then you can apply this in most of the time we apply this to the cross and that's not the probably the best application but there's actually three places this can apply to you and desire it is page four ninety one white says Jesus answered I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven amounts accordingly chapter ten verse eighteen the scenes of the past and the future were presented to the mind of Jesus he beheld Lucifer as he was first cast out from the heavenly places solicitors cast out before there were some honors he beheld Lucifer as he is first calloused off in the heavenly places he looked forward to the scene them is on anyone before all the world the character of the deceiver should be unveiled he heard the cry it is finished announcing that the redemption of the lost race was forever made certain that heaven was made internally secure against the accusations the deceptions the pretensions that Satan would instigate so now you not only as of the fall of Satan from before earth is also the follow-up across the notice she continues on the beyond the cross of Calvary with its agony and Shannon Jesus look forward to the great final day when the prince of the power of the air will need his destruction on the earth so long marred by his rebellion Jesus beheld the work of evil forever ended and the peace of God filling heaven and earth so there's really three parts to the accuser of our brethren being cast down he was cast down when he prevailed not against Michael when the controversy first started in heaven then the cross up until the prosody got it to the gates of heaven so to speak and and make his accusations and then some I still wasn't a modest book question of why tells us that Satan lost all sympathy with any questioning mind that might they decided to stand with Christ that all the questions were answered it for the Angels beat unfallen beings their questions were answered across that you know what there's still people here on this Earth that are wondering what all the issues are and so there's still a final conflict with certain place here so that's what we are involved in so what's continue here verse eleven and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives in the the thriving people through the ages you overcome the Dragon now notice Jesus was caught up to the throne of God and when we see how to do yet there I overcome and what Revelation twelve says there will be a group of people who overcome out of the overtime by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony so the blood of the lamb that represents the forgiving grace that Jesus gives to us as you know the blood of Christ also sanctifies us the research and make that very clear sometimes people just want justification than one site sanctification of the complete package so we have justification we have forgiveness but we also received sanctification and we have the word of our testimony we have a living experience with Jesus and we are following him so closely that it's temporary life on this earth doesn't matter so much to us as does the vindication of God 's name before the universe we want our life here on this Earth to rightly represent the character of God to the unit that's what it means every numbers twelve it's very interesting therefore rejoice he heavens and even well-known blow to the inhabitant of years and of the sea for the devil is come down and eat having great wrath because he now with that he hath but a short time so the devil has come to this earth and he knows that he has a short time and he especially know that he has a short time after the deadly one after seventeen ninety eight so when he comes down to the years especially after seventeen ninety eight yes he always of money is not a short time since he's been here on this earth since he got out of a need to suddenly saw Jesus on the cross he's always nobody said a short time especially since seventeen ninety eight in eighteen forty four when God raises up his last pictures he knows that he has a short hi now why does the same mode of the inhabitants of the earth and the sea why because the same Satan that was the accuser of the brethren and happened is coming down to this Earth to be the accuser of the brethren here now how does he work at the accuser of the brethren here on this Earth for missionary Michael fights against his accuser of it I'm working here on pack them up and you know next hour but when we show you in shooting verse nine is as yet Michael the Archangel one contending with the devil he disputed against the body of Moses Durst not bring against the railing accusation but so the Lord repeatedly what the issue in the book of Jude in verse nine why are Michael and Satan contending with each other back in contention of the body of Moses and why Satan is the accuser the brother he is saying Moses says I have the power over the grave price you don't have the power to raise amount he sends people watch the knee he is my property you cannot raise him up but because price of the land from the foundation of the world he knows that through faith with his sacrifice Moses have the right to be resurrected the price of the contents of the word got word of God says the Lord rebuke me so one of the issues and the great controversy as the accuser of the brethren is does Christ have the power the resurrection of the button it clearly shows Christ hath the power of the resurrection by the way but it is way more than just about that one to get into that so that issue but how the issue of resurrection of the righteous saints and those who have sinned and come short of the glory of God that he had by faith accepted the merits of Jesus which he accuses of references Moses send you can't raise my prices for Ruby Christ ones Michael and now notice this with now the Zacharia chapter three and this is where you're clearly going to see the accuser of the brethren spirit of Satan Zacharias reverses our numbers one and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resistant to hear you have Satan resisting he's accusing first-year and the Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you Satan even though more that have chosen Jerusalem rebuke is this not a brand plucked out of the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments instead before the angel may take away the filthy garments is in every passes away to here's what's happening what is happening here Christ wants to close Joshua with his righteousness and as I said before he takes away his filthy garments he claims his wife it is only when the life of son is with the Christian world wants is the way you can keep the filthy arms and discovered up with her robe of righteousness now known out the filthy garments are taken away that is not just that Satan is saying you can't give him your righteousness Christ that's not fair they send Norman Cindy any one of you since you said you could guide you can't give them your righteousness that's not allowed they have soon and God ascending for review I've an emphasis in this is something that happens between Christ and Satan and by faith whereas in for forgiveness but in a this is something that someone literally saw so to speak where everyone can see that this is a behind-the-scenes great controversy where Satan is think God you cannot forgive sin you can't does not fair they sent and here's the issue Satan is thank God you have me out of heaven because I send these people of sin how can you let the man into the argument that here's the difference Satan was a perfect being in a perfect environment to knew perfectly the character of God and he rebelled against we have been born into a world of sin where we can only take by faith Scripture tells us so with a different playing field so here's the issue soon and what is pro se Indiana two seven the book reviewed here and Zacharias is the Lord rebuke you see you have forgiveness of send that's taken care of because of the cross that noticed this this is where we wrap things up last roughly ten minutes flow to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea for the devil is come down and even knowing it having great wrath because he knows that he hath but a short time that he has great wrath his wrath is directed against this woman in verse seventeen which keeps the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ there is one last issue that the accuser of the brethren works against the heat has worked against things I ESA has worked against Christ about the issue of the ability to resurrect the dead he has accused Christ he is accused of rhetoric he's worked against Christ 's sake you cannot forgive sin but there is one last issue the lease is up top I can win this battle still Christ you say you're going to have a woman who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus that the accuser the Reverend Satan comes that he has short time and he is saying I am going to print that God 's church is one from keeping the commands of God and having the testimony of Jesus Christ because Satan says I still have the power of temptation I know what human bends her life and have since I still have the power of temptation Christ hasn't taken that away from me I'm not a user to my floor was and I'm going to go after whoever I can't find one approved a crisis yet that he can not have a woman could use the commands are gotten to you price your standard however he overcame that Christ undervalue everything the whole battle the whole right resume why was that you think I'd bet you with my great route with my temptations I know when the spell you see what's happening is the accuser of the brethren and he is saying okay got you resurrected Moses you're forgiven people since the I am going to tell you that I am going to keep the church from keeping the commandments of God in heaven the testimony of Jesus and so he works through persecution you see that in verses thirteen through fifteen and sixteen these which again talk about the twelve hundred and six years of verse seventeen is where things really wrapup and this is where we are going to spend the last few moments first seventeen the Dragon was raw for enraged with a woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so the war begins in heaven and it's going and here on this Earth and Satan is now going to go after the woman and this one keeps the Commandments of God that the righteousness of Christ all my commandments or righteousness this woman is shedding forth or shine forth with a son of the righteousness of Christ and she also have the testimony of Jesus which Revelation nineteen ten tells us is the spirit of prophecy now some people say of the testimony of Jesus is just a testimony about Jesus work in your life Revelation chapter twenty two weeks a very clear when we shall see this is important enough Revelation nineteen ten and I fell at his feet to worship him and send me see that you have not I my fellow servant in my brethren that have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the set money of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy now go to revelation chapter twenty two verse nine then said the enemy serial diversity and I John saw the Sims and her then and when I heard and seen I felt under worshiper for the fee to the angel which showed me these things were done saith the enemy see that they were not a somewhat revolutionized for I am my fellow servant and of thy brethren the prophets so the correlation is the testimony of Jesus and the prophets and since Satan is going after God 's church which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy and so in this final struggle he's making war with the remnant in other some people that don't even like to say that the Seventh-day Adventist churches around what if you don't want to be identified with the remnants you are not going to be among the room because the run is God 's blast a church which cheats the Commandments of God has the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy there is no other church in the world that keeps the Commandments of God and has the gift of prophecy and its myth in the last days if you want to be part of the remnant you're not going to be part of the remnant Satan is deceiving you he's making war against you and so the issue at stake in the great controversy and we're going to develop this in our next three tax the issue at stake in the great controversy is that Satan is making war against God 's church and he is making war against God 's church because they keep the Commandments which is a demonstration of its character and because God 's church at the end of time will keep the commandments of God which is the Sun of righteousness of the righteousness of Christ this is a demonstration of the world that God 's law can be checked and it undermines the entire argument in the great controversy so he knows the things you this church needs a young need to really keep the law of God upon the ever relationship with you little them matter if you keep on sending so on so forth and yet he's going against the clear teachings of Scripture and Satan has been hundreds of the widest appeal against the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy wasn't sure in the spirit of prophecy there is no question about what the truth of Scripture as chief century Argentinian example reflect the Methodist page three sixty Quito has not sufficient faithfully that Christ can keep them from sending out while the fate of hundreds of the kingdom of God in heavenly places page one forty six everyone I say to obey the commands of God will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam was before his transgressions I thought it was on page sixty nine when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in the people that he will come to claim analysis of the statements are chew clearly misunderstood right so you have to believe her or either and that's something the lesser wife the man one back to the greater life and the Bible makes it very clear you can overcome as Jesus ever came Rob will sanctify you wholly even now to him he was able to keep you from falling during the study next hour all of these verses are in Scripture is not a felon why she just going back to the greater light and so Satan goes again the Commandments of God in the spirit of prophecy because he then all those who stick to the word of God the Commandments of God and the spirit of prophecy they will stand faithful to the final crisis and they will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and so with his rest he is enraged and he is going after this church in Revelation chapter twelve seventeen leaves us hanging it doesn't give us the final out but we're missing the final outcome as we can not your study so working and they are but as I myself business warfare between Michael and Satan and achieve a in vivo letter venues alas they are is the woman that Christ was raised up his remnant church which is in the status of Baptist Church and then there is the corrupt form which in this day and age is the Roman Catholic Church and those two vehicles of the vehicle seat menus by Christ insane in this final conflict is playing itself out before our very eyes right will take a short break given your next section father in heaven we thank you so much for how you make things clear in Scripture and were thankful that Michael who is what got you is will prevail I pray that we would overcome by the blood of lamb but where is my main means of our Lord is one he was interested in a this media was brought as the iPod is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. on universe .org


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