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1- Celestial Plan

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio

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him four hundred thousand years is talking about freedom why is this instruction concerning studies of life for what he thought among the big is recognized him and us trying to join Georgia and Jim Maher for an exciting twelve episode journey in remodeling and you discover that God 's transforming power Israel is ready to provide the power to guide Jim Ayer to take you on a journey of a lifetime and amazing and dynamic experience with John understood the book of Daniel that Jesus was the human propensity is often pointed to proclaim the message when the prophetic time clock struck the cosmic allergies severe John stop baptizing those a lot of the water then behold the Lamb of God church leaders and members were altogether on the bank that they very people will shut him recognize Jesus but they did not use the foundation of the religious no one knew him the question today is you know him is the real and personal thirty when he recognizes nothing want future is already in full join me as we discover who Jesus really is exciting plan for your life plans I can almost guarantee you never heard before and your mayor reminiscent melody by the name of Jim Ayer were confused a lot of times when he actually tells me that we are related years ago UCI is any more genealogy and found back in England in the sixteen hundred we were all part of one big family we were welcome greater this is the minimum is very finely from an older genealogy genealogy of human history and of royal blood humans were created by creation visa and we were creating his own image wealthy are limited for the cure stream directly from our thing in the universe just imagine the funds and daughters of God but that was a major glitch in the perfect plan caused by someone else around the time God was going to institute a plan for his new human race the most powerful creative being in the universe started having an eye problem though not an eye problem but I'm I from you see we started thinking he was so wonderful and beautiful when she was there he figured he should run universal rather than God is creator but because God built in free will into the genetic pool gazebo Moron you see his plan he had included free will because his entire celestial makeup exudes love and love is not the named obedience and worship it only yearns for the debate arrive in the creation worth it in your account and many black and was fashioned by God 's own hand in the couple was made in God 's very own image a reflection of him as well the Lord spent a great deal of time with him as a new home we created for the absolute enjoyment nothing was missing think about an entire planet of unbelievable beauty jobs program that was time to share the sad story of the devil 's rebellion the devil was kicked out of heaven open rebellion and he was on his way to Earth with a heart full of treachery already run through with one crown modern .info stay away from one three was a one single tree on the entire planet and they were told that the demo was restricted that once more but you may have one what was even restricted to one why have you remember Adam and Eve had free will the father had built it into the genetic makeup of the hair May two hundred and five whose leadership was the best God more than we don't know how long it was before you found yourself in conversation with them when she did would it do with you if I sounded so convincing that may not seem like the life that maybe the father you want to withhold something to thought it was really good for maybe the devil really a couple in enough excepting the entire pack life for themselves in the flavoring of posterity me we were wild for the Prince and Princess on her and holding her to the death of Iraqi treason against the bailout the crown Castle with the King of the universe had a different plan his love is so powerful that he would focus that someone that's how precious we are to him Jesus called over to Little lambs that were grazing nearby then he did something that shocked the couple he slit their throats both of these little helpless lambs they had never seen death as the blood trickled from the now lifeless body of the Lord turned when Adam even said this is what you deserve this is their this is the result of choosing the way of the devil 's lies only result in pain and suffering but if you love you can choose my point because one day in the history of man I will die for your rebellion just the little lambs and I moreover right to give you my right like that the land is now covering the making and I will live inside you to give you a power to once again resist the lies in the temptations of evil you can be restored to you heritage will give you access my free here invite me to live in you so that you have power to fight the devil please understand how much I love you this gift choirs I him and wonder why your life is a powerful change in every person and the temptations away I'm feeling is that you cannot shine one hundred and having no secret everyone leaving out loud there is a wildcat is now about it or thought about it until now transformation may be the most having life-changing is naturally he vividly how annoying is that this transformation is inherently Muslim he is as is and don't miss out and calling eight hundred eight seven seven three one log on transformation and found .com the human race with a graphical window had gone to the separation of the human family but God would not let go notoriously to make the pain when Judas had consented to become the help of land him correctly the pathway of the devil 's wrath is a must exactly is the perfect time clock and ten nine twenty four predicted Jesus arrived upon the season feel the history restore humanity he stepped from the throne what celestial city removed his robes of royalty becoming a child before though not Roosevelt did you see was trained as a carpenter and as a follower of the one true God he now headed by John the Baptist ready to begin the public faith and ministry what was his mission going on fourteen offer great insight both in the beginning with the word and the word was with God and the Word became flesh in both among the word you see in brief for the word Islam is the English word where we get our word logo if I ask you what that logo was actually the checkmark sign of apparent finishes you would know immediately whose logo that was like the similar stand for the company feels that everything they are even if you've never seen their factory for offices around the globe you know them because they've demonstrated the quality and logo answer that call save this release is the logo of the SEC Jesus and you watch how he performed in his qualities in what he says what he does you know you've never seen heaven God 's office complex where the management that God is from the you know what God stands for because you think Jesus the best company representative the logo business listings as this set of the most aggressive new history of the universe to reveal online him me free from the bondage of sin John one twelve fifths as many as received him for then he called to become the sons of God notice his desire to restore the former position of one of the is doing the family the family car he healed the sick cleanse the leper he restored sight to the blind hearing for the deaf safe to the fundamental defense down the human any raise the dead white face is broken every single ever attend a fund-raising event Jesus can fit in one free from sin ten but the ultimate test and trial income this was fine for victory or defeat the devil and his evil leave his towards everything into this battle and the location of the battle the garden of December among the olive tree Christ was in his early thirties he was taken humanity upon himself the double folding that he thought upon himself this the free values of the human race the same for the human race that he would be for ever identifying with them he was beset lately Hemmer it would be ripped from the father-in-law the mental anguish was beyond human understanding but he continued to repeat these words father not my will but yours be done would he ever come out of this as a man seem to know what he made the choice that he did not want to continue to be gone unless we can be living forever in your that special to God any other word on the subject is another line of the devil Oregon has only one design and have to live with you for ever enjoying your everlasting friendship and company for all praise God you been working on it at her while I defended a very sleek nine -year-old girl by the name Bennett she was just adorable Henry the eleventh area rapidly one night after work I arrived home to find Jeanine and tears are going to film the etiquette signaling the film then again I said twenty five hundred and three feet of those awful words and then added the parents can afford to keep a folder going to seller the flavor of philosophy because she turns eighteen years old today later we discovered that this was a common practice in that region the world that the parents can afford to keep their children in film will meet with the failure absolutely heartbroken dinnertable conversation with only about our sweet little defenseless girl from her friends and well why don't you never find out I have you ever filed someone will know you then we the more we thought about that of the idea sounded and guess what we acted upon the idea is successful we wanted to be able to center free we put her in school where she received a wonderful education applied for and hammering away now she still lived in harsh environment in our world but we did all we could provide her with love support and happy to purchase this from the bondage of sin of slavery he's given us the opportunity to accept the free gift of my head except that our free gift when we do we begin reorientation process our minds begin to focus on God rather than the things of this world rather than the things of the devil out of him so much in letting our highest in our minds have offered to him lately to do that is to begin looking at nature 's God 's book of life design just for you him or know who they are this conversion is said and I quote I remember the morning on which I came out of my room after I had first trust in Christ I thought the sun shown a great deal might have finished ever had before I thought he was smiling upon me as I walked out on Boston Common heard the birds sing and the trees I thought they were all singing a song for me you know how I fell in love with the food I had never said before the season leave it I was in love with all creation will itself be added the state of mind that sees God and everything is evidence of most English and the faithful heart of the sunlight dances across facility evergreen trees resources for the fifth of July okay and the birth of their anthem of happiness it all speaks of God 's love to you and to me there was no sunlight there was no fragrance enriches life at all until God reached down a dirt floor and touched his life I got derailed a little bit I made some bad choices some bad decisions and I ended up using drugs white quite a long time I had some scholarships to go to some certain colleges and whatnot in congressman wrote me a letter wanting me to go to West Point why there but I chose not to do that I kind on around town I love working on cars so I got a job as a mechanic up at the local Chevrolet dealership and now began drink a little bit with the boys and smoke a little bit and one thing led to another and got introduced to cocaine then one thing led to another and enough I was living downtown Doctor Maddow in a one-room shack with a dirt floor and had a little beer K with the front cut out of it and I would put wooden that had a sewer pipe running out the window and at what I get warm I go with my fireplace was a little beer Kagan and had the chemicals the cook the methamphetamine varies in the dirt floor underneath my sleeping bag where I slept every night and have been a far cry from class valedictorian of his was one choice it was a series of small seemingly insignificant choices that I made me from one where it looked like a total like I would never ever ever do that but that's where I ended up I did run into the devil because I was going the same direction he was I didn't find that out till later on after my conversion you know that that guy when your general and the devils army if the trip you up much of meaning life is miserable but it's not it's hard to describe when your edit your deceived in year just going for my life was a speedboat going to a five mile an hour 's only been awake and destruction everywhere I went when I realized that God wasn't trying to get me in trouble that was already in trouble and he was trying to make something good out of my life he was trying to train me to be something some type of royalty some type of person that would be to get my dignity back to get my arm self-worth that nothing dignified about living on a dirt floor there's nothing dignified about a lot of the things that people do when they're marching with the devil and to I realize now that he was just simply trying to restore the image of God in me that he originally planned for me and I messed that up and he's able somehow and I don't know how he does it but he sweeps up that broken glass of every wreck that we make somehow sweep that cleaned it all up and start this right here right on the right direction again the difference in working and living for Christ versus working and living for the devil there is there is a piece and enjoy that comes from serving the King of the universe and understanding that all he wants all he wants is for you to come to him and be restored back to what he originally had intended and you know when I learned it was not his plan for me to become an addict I messed that up but he isn't going to take me and take me right why math and make me something very very special I've always been special to him but it realize that either you know when you have low self worth that's an excuse to treat yourself better and so if I just told myself that I was worthless and I could treat myself like I was worthless and when God said Gammage or you're not worthless to me you may think you're worthless he your infinitely valuable to me when I understood that maybe when he was doing everything he could to get me into heaven not keep me out the thought of of me being royalty on the fun of him treating me like he treats his son the thought of him wiping everything clean and say I won't bring it up if you don't bring it up that I am here because of God because God loved me so much that he was willing to white clean everything bad that I had done towards him everything everything that I is you know I spit in his face when people would knock on the door of when I was running with the Devil when people knock on the door with Bibles and wanted to Bibles that I was it was with God to get my attention and he never gave up I can remember laying face down on my bed and went screaming at the top of my lungs for God to help me screaming I think your party I was all done I was always done and God can take someone like that and make them part of his cabinet if you will as well be his ambassador we might be help people calendar beings what it's like to be forgiven when I love you yourself with light that you are valuable you think you have no value and that's amazing to me because he doesn't in my book doesn't have to do that I mean I earned death and God gutsy is dissension in their crate as loudly as I will as long as the one he is or has been going to church her life this guy is an individual guiding her the greater and more insurance and your family and transformation probably I say calling eight hundred and seven three one me the logon information and .com Jim Drysdale or an alcoholic thief until God called him that was just the beginning of when you have left he became wealthy lobby on Capitol Hill and with the church leader that he was lost and some guy gave him a second chance people when you start reading second chance you can't put it down your loved one who may be wondering that God will give them a second chance allotted to you the information you need or visit us online the time is coming very soon when we're going to be reunited with our Lord in the year you will walk hand-in-hand with Jesus just like adamant he did in the garden of Eden zero missiles in the world the place where the devil controls everything sometimes we look no further than our noses but we must reorient we must begin looking up with our mighty God the one who smiled when asked in his creation or right here on a main thoroughfare and had to stop your interest in all places really think in America fit for a fraction a oral and heart ache that's all around us and has been for a very long time delay from a human standpoint time as a matter fact within your phone will benefit except in this world the desolation of the best the normal mode of life most people would come to accept this world of slavery is absolute we really have little or no frame of reference to conceive of anything I think again of our little slave girl in the history of the world where a single 10K units of the will is just accomplished that a lot of things this is on the desk in searching for something else to help someone to do because we had a little extra time so not an area hospital after they give you some free help the hospital is responsible for taking care of intelligence possibly leading to the outside wall where him him what I would enable white outside the window they won't have enough everywhere you go after the yes is no well I I just can hardly tell you what it was really like the way started paying this place three stories and on the final day one of our framing crew and anatomy into thinking this hearing before we knew it will want to materialize around as they began fighting over this remaining single PC was troubled with the ability thinking can you only had all jump in the truck and leave immediately fears are safe to see you have nothing of this world I is the meaning or night as well the list goes this is the environment and pharmacy for fifth analysis is the center down in the described a fairytale land is here in North America and water slides and all the wonderful things and yes we're telling you it's all out there it says the plane ride away she said what I see no matter how well we explained to train with he is really difficult on you will however you explain the real magical kingdom God has prepared for you the enlightened power the Holy Spirit to help us understand the graph that which is beyond our present realm of reality you think John specializes in half describing the real delivery from God 's word when he prepared for her slaves found in Revelation chapter twenty one and now I find new heavens and a new earth for the first seven firsters were passed away also there was no him from a holy city the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a brine on board for her husband and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying before the tabernacle of God is minimum and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there shall be no more death so far I know more painful on the former things are passed away and Hughes who sat on the throne said behold I make any sense in the light of these things are true and faithful and he said to me it's not my mouth will make the union is everything to us in God 's plan all these things and many Sizzlin is my son you will feel like I'm all for fiercely the third meeting dynasty in the home that is going to be moving in years of my other continue his original plan living with you really going if you want your name or your home to England to dispel the life of my think that God is anything you said free the slavery of the people will continue to join me for every episode this twelve part series entitled remodeling your life God 's transforming power is safe I want to leave you what you are blessed volume one five release and join in direct connection with him or for your guide into why because he planning on you join you and Jesus on a roaming the universe for all eternity hard to believe yes this means you might need training on how will well and all have to do with you know who they are better than perhaps you and I do today this is all about the relationship going on our exciting adventure it will become the experience life him to


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