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The Holy and the Profane

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 2, 2006
    4:30 PM
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I am as a world where not only to ask the blessing in our study but also to an assignment because the Sabbath was like an indigo little while ago on select foreheads than one hundred printer father in heaven we thank you for the marvelous blessings which we have received this day we thank you for this beautiful sunshiny day and father we thank you especially for your word what a terrible thing it would be to be in this world without any guidance without any knowledge about what's happening and what's would take place we thank you because you had given us the certainty that you will be with us even to the end father we ask that as we begin this week that you will help us to live for you to reveal in our lives the character of Jesus Christ to reveal in our lives your Holiness we asked Lord that you will bless us and keep us in your care and this weekend begins and we thank you for hearing our prayers for we ask that in Jesus name amen okay let's start in our Bibles to Exodus chapter twenty eight and verse thirty six Exodus twenty eight and verse thirty six this verse is thinking about the entire of the high priest of Israel and specifically describes a problem that the high priest had on his head it sat there in Exodus twenty eight and verse thirty six you shall also may I hope your goals and then right on like the engraving of a segment holiness to the low interesting that God what have I raised you best crown witness large letter inscription holiness to the Lord minus way God was trying to show the importance of the holy is not not only did the high priest where this crowd we set holiness to the Lord but actually all priests in Israel worked to teach the people to respect the holy and to distinguish the holy from the car is what we find in Ezekiel forty four and versus twenty three and twenty four Ezekiel forty four and versus twenty three and twenty four speaking about the priests in Israel it says here and they shall teach thank you thank you very much and they shall teach my people the difference who was to take the people will weather the preachers of the Old Testament of the ministers of the Old Testament yes they were and they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and unholy the word out all it means common not bad it simply means that which is not holding the holy and the common and cause them to discern it be are clean and green meadows and rolls up the priesthood was to teach the people the difference between the hot lane and the covenant between this and the other it usually is as we would refer to it today yesterday in Israel there was holding money in common money in Israel there was only dressed and common dress in Israel at a holy day and common duties in Arizona the holy place has an common places in Israel there was wholly amusing and common music in Israel never hauling occasions and common applications in Israel there are holy vocations and common vocation and some dismay had necessary to distinguish clearly between the sacred and secular between the holy and the and it was the role of the spiritual leaders the priests to teach the congregation the people to have the discernment to discriminate between the holy and the car will turn with me in your Bibles to Leviticus chapter nine versus twenty three twenty four and will study about what happened when in Israel they fail to distinguish the holy from the column Leviticus nine and versus twenty three and twenty four this is think about the inauguration also the tabernacle in the wilderness the sacrifice that had been placed upon the altar area and lawlessness pray and I want you to notice what happened as a result verse twenty three and mold Karen went into the tabernacle of meeting and came out and bless the people in the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people and their came from before the Lord where the fire come from from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fact on the altar when all the people saw it they shouted and fail on their faces sold by the way fired upon Ms. Coulter to consume the sacrifice 's and by the way this fire because it had rained from God was wholly fire is that God clearly told the priests whenever you bring higher into the sanctuary you make sure that you check the hallway fire from the altar don't you bring me any other fire don't bring me and virus bring me this holy flyer because I range and upon the old let me ask you if you looked at that holy fire and you've seen the fire that people used to cook with wood both players look somewhat alike you if you stuck your finger in one and the other player with both players bring your finger yes if you could examine and analyze mechanical properties on both fires whether chemical properties be some are yes the Flyers looked at the onset humidifiers look-alike this fire is highly that fire is what the sign so I you bring holiday fire from this altar it's different than any other high now the priests of course that means the fire with incidents and then they would bring the fire and the incense into the sanctuary but the fire was to come from the altar to let me ask you what does you represent the failure represents the Holy Spirit ugliness of interesting symbolism here the a while that the animals upon the altar represented the sacrifice of Jesus but the fire so that God accepted the sacrifice and so it was that Jesus died on the cross and the way in which God showed his people on earth if he asked for the sacrifice was by raining fire Donald living that was the indication that what Jesus had accepted before the father the main fire from them in other words the fire represents the Holy Spirit he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with so the flyer represented always very know what the sense represented because the fire have to be mixed with the incense of you Psalm one hundred and forty one and verse two Psalm one forty one and verse two were telling us both here and in understandable fire represented something the sense represented something bottle of them together had a tremendous spiritual lesson notice Psalm one forty one and verse two in the psalmist says that my prayer be set for you as incense and incense represent praying for lifting off my hands as the evening 's performance saw incense represents prayer notice revelation in verse three also on the incidents Revelation chapter eight and verse three speaking about the altar where the incense was offered as another angel having a golden sensor came and stood at the altar and he was given much incense that he should offer with my with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the phone once again the incense is related to pray not very interesting passage we find in Luke chapter one and versus eight to ten because here you have suitable and what the symbol represented Zacharias the father of John the Baptist was serving his turn in the Temple was the eighth course the course of a life 's obliging and I want to notice the description that we find beginning at verse eight says select was that while he was serving as priest before God in the order of his division according to the custom of the priesthood he has a lot failed to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord 's legalism the temple of the Lord to burn incense and a lot of what the people are doing outside Tristan and will give them of the people must put a sign at the hour is not a symbol and a symbol representing another Zacharias was offering this is sense in the sanctuary as well the fire the people outside we pray and is the incense ascended and represented the fact that their prayers were ascended to God on the newsgroup wizard that takes our prayers it's the Holy Spirit and you read in Romans chapter eight says that we don't really know what we need to pray for you in on the same will so I guess Paris he got any present request before the father by the way the Angels are the foot soldiers of the Holy Spirit we don't want exclude the Angels as a subject for another time the omnipresence of God which we must misunderstood to a great degree is missed as the angels of God me maintains active communication with all of his creation they actually otherwise voice to the ministration of the Angels the Holy Spirit has our prayers ascend to God and answers be sent to us athletic ministering spirits it's always spirituous instrumental when we try out some moment the fire with us and in our press into the presence of God fantastic siblings but God said make sure that the prayers offered with the right spirit God gives his spirit to them old baby and I was called Leviticus chapter ten in verse one Leviticus ten in verse one tragic story it says there will be here for a while then and like you the sons of Aaron and stuck his sensor and put fire in it was not good but a fire at all depends right since I was the answer is okay with the user my common sense yes Long Island Montana five Milford incidents in disobedience engagement Milford prayer disobedience by the last work of another spirit so assessment nebulae in the sons of Aaron each of your sensor amplifier and put incense on it and offered to you I will back translation to be strange fire and means and I didn't have from the altar they got it from some other place your fire if you please make a fire and they presented not as well did they know the kind of fire that was supposed on this finish reading the verse and offered profane our common fire before the Lord which he had not come mandated that if they offered by the guide had not been printed and then they knew which fire God had commanded them a new and yet they took fire with the incidence never presented by third night through the Holy Spirit was given to landlord there is an disobedient something empires and so went by they do this God says who cares fire is fine not his first two shots fire went out from the same expression that he is not for the planet that came from the Lord to bring up the sacrifices some fire went out from the Lord and he will and he died before the law whenever I present December there's always somebody who's is where his grace is in the thing is we have tried to sanitize God into our image we must advise you but we don't want to understanding the judge we just want all of them on all levels of the Emeryville uncomfortable with certain biblical stories like for example I saw snacking again iPad run by the way aspired to a position for which God had not called the that has a lot said about women's ordination a leader there is one of the fastest runner to come and things that only ten thousand degrees immigrants I called them to be produced yes I will briefly as I says it all his regular columns cell come tomorrow morning you two hundred dinars with your senses and if the earth swallows you up you know who speaks for the Lord and in the next morning that the letter is in with exercise and ask you to think that they couldn't make good brings but they have learned how to do the work of a priest sure well it could learn currently have done as good a job as a regular priests shall we call to Moses and Aaron Shah were they just have different function and so they came with their sensors see the aspired to a holy vacation vocation for which God called them and will behold they put this in the incense in the sensors will be here at this as I wonder if you have been winners Greece okay work graces God has given us these stories could teach us that he will not be trifled with so that we do not repeat the same mistakes that they repeat that is less prone he has from what happened to these young men not his race we don't like to talk to them about the story of Obama forty two children were making fun of the prophet of the Lord caught people that personally the spokesman said in an assassin in Iraq and Kirsten in the name of the Lord all was the Old Testament God you are and what about Ananias and Safari that accept the apostles during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit C they don't will end the use of perspective purposes you followed insulin burst with itself I went out the Lord and involvement in the guide before the Lord you know there are some prayers that are rejected prayers are rejected by God a sweet couple of verses Proverbs twenty eight in verse nine Proverbs chapter twenty eight in person I also cherish sin and pray their prayers are accepted vigorously you will not swell according to Scripture their prayers and most problems twenty eight in verse nine you know this verse one who turns away his ear from hearing the law even his prayer is an abomination is there a certain sense that God will not accept when it's been in this opening fire not with the Holy Spirit legal Holy Spirit is given to those with bagel not also Psalms sixty six and verse eighteen thousand sixty six and verse eighteen and a psalmist says and I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord what will not he must certainly God is heard me he has attended the voice of my prayer praise the Lord because his heart was right so the still young men present at higher with the prayers and the tracks are not accepted symbolically speaking because I presented in disobedience before but almost verse three of the biggest day and Moses said to Aaron this is what the Lord spoke to say the Bible also come near me I must be regarded as holy and before all the people I may glorify what must God be recognized as a holy soul Aaron held his peace is the problem with minimizer is that they disregarded the holiness of God that they trampled upon the holiness of God and I want to know is what happened now this gets even more interesting as we move along in first floor were taught him also said Paul Misael and elves upon the sons abuse you know the uncle of Aaron supplement to come your carrier brother and from before the sanctuary that's interesting out of the camp saw anywhere near and carry them either to links on as you say and Moses said to Aaron and Eleazar and I some are his sons will assist do not uncover your military flow that you die and will come upon all the people but it has not been one white no morning because of the morning for these individuals that would've been giving the impression that they sympathized with the infecting all that's what happened in the story of coordinating about you know when the earth swallowed them up you know what the people said he will I started planning the accusing finger and I think that we are able to want like these stories pastor but there in the Bible very clearly expressed in Scripture as God wants us to the size 's is not the man upstairs he's not good old buddy yes he is our father but he's also the Almighty God who commands respect and if we love the Lord it will be our delight to respect him this morning and for those who think they can approach God in this respect visible morning don't you dare lest you sympathize with the sinners are any better I hated that about you offer common fire as it was only when they know that they were supposed to the holy fire Ellis made a Leviticus chapter ten and verses eight and nine were dealing with little things here are going literal priests literal incense literal fire O line but all of these things have a symbolic meaning in the end I really the priest become ministers the fire is the Holy Spirit the incense is prayer ever going most of them I is false Mus verse eight then the Lord spoke to Aaron saying do not drink wine or intoxicating drink you'll know your sons with you when you are going to the tabernacle of meeting last you die it shall be a statute forever throughout your generations and I and my you cannot distinguish all of them becoming like why am I drinking the wine there mine wasn't capable of distinguishing the holy from the comment that they took the comment and I presented to God as if it were holy but it's even more series glances don't drink intoxicating drink when you come into the tabernacle of meeting but then he explains the reason why notice verses ten and eleven that you may distinguish single become impressing then you may distinguish between holy and unholy that means between the holy and the common endocrine clean clean and I will also have you read to the children of Israel called back to what the Lord has spoken to them but I have the moments that become intoxicated with wine so you can distinguish between the high and some solid you have the capacity to distinction between all Unicom and all the statutes of the Lord all the laws of the Lord so the great sin of man made in a volume with date .com and presented to God as if it would hold now I want us to look at the other side of the court let's look at a story of someone who took the holy and treated it as if it was and see what happened to him but with new Daniel chapter five Daniel chapter five the opposite side of the coin taking the holy and treating it as if it was notice chapter five and verse one belt sensor that she made a great feast for a house of his lords and what did he do he drank wine in the presence of the files provided this was the straw that broke the camels back first of while he tasted the wine belts ascertain the command to bring the ball and silver salts but then again I recommend the temple which had been in Jerusalem and change his life and his wives and his concubines might do it from them and I will suspect a member as if they will time and why did he do because he wasn't not only do the holy vessel from the century and it is important that you are one of the holy parcels from Potsdam now the question is did not just annoying that the minimum I do not any better they know that they were supposed to present County fire and because they drank wine they were not able to distinguish between the holidays and therefore they brought common higher and they presented it as if it was highly they know didn't think the Delta doesn't know all yes you can read the story there Daniel chapter five when he was drinking suddenly a finger appeared in a while and BellSouth of course could not understand the writing on the wall so he called all of his astrologers and his magicians and so on they said we can interconnect with and when it means and the Queen Mother which was probably there because his wife called bounce houses Jesus hate somebody who could interpret what it means some built-in protocols diagnosis I have this urgent need to understand what that means then you doesn't interpret right away he begins telling the story of Nebuchadnezzar he says your father Nebuchadnezzar which really means wrapup your father Nebuchadnezzar one David can vary from prop anti-Semitism this great battle and I have built what I glory in him and then implemented in for seven years in the field he is now one and a lot of it is clearly in weather that's not the original sense of the Daniel says finally you your father that he is and was and he rules in the affairs of men and then assessed and you and now sat at this time it will did he know he has to say I guess I is taking the hurry and he is using it as well now as it were by the way you continue reading there with notice verse three immediately when he drinks wine is not able to distinguish between the holy and the common the immediate result is false worship and idolatry and will come to the book of Revelation where the story is ultimately fulfill one's first three when they brought the gold vessels that had been taken from the temple of the house of God which has been in Jerusalem and the King has lost his life and his concubines drank from them follow us but why and what all years they are not available elsewhere so the revelation of anything is a maligned worshiping the image of the drank wine and praise the gods installed in silver and bronze and iron and what is the moment you drink nine and is not able to distinguish between all human the result is idolatry and false lesson novel with me relationships seventy -year-old the scenario in that chapter it speaks about hard labor need to read the passage you read of many kinds is a higher part of the season upon many waters which represents what multitudes nations tongues and people what is the act of sitting represent she rules over them what's her name that moment and relationship identifier yes Senator had happened for why I suggest you go to the changed since enemy then we come to what I her fornication the harlot represents the apostate church is not in Revelation seventeen the heart it represents the hierarchy of the apostate church because the people that follow it I one hundred two cents I will send and so she makes the Nations prove with her why not what does the wind represent false mostly controversy page three hundred and eighty nine not only does she impose false worship as you command idolatry she will certainly does you can read their story and outsourcer repeated LMI says this when teachers X and God their outlines of learning ministers professing to understand the Scriptures who denounced sound background as heresy and dust turn away inquiries after truth will not let the whole world is Hall Leslie and ask again in a line of Babylon now that those would be convicted and converted by the plane cutting those of the word of God but religious faith appears so confused and discard that the people will not locked in the Astros the sin of the world 's impotence lies at the door of the church saw the spiritual leaders today doing the same thing that made it by you did on occasion the people the distinction distinction between the holy and the common absolutely and that means them to give you an example Wednesday in the Bible did God make us which there really is a person is an abortion Sunday so let the religious world has been and is not okay working day and they presented to God everything was only an holy day which is treated as a family will listen if God success is apologized and inevitably the same principle as thinking that and present internationally and is thinking of Holly and treating it as if it was common and by the way this is the worst kind of housing will be put in this who made the sun God didn't make it to worship so what happens if you converted into an object of worship oh three right who made the first day of the week designated for worship so what happens if you converted into the abortion it doesn't matter whether it's an object-oriented what is not made by Marcia at as all Christian world as practicing idolatry anonymous on Thursday will be seen that all Christians are lost no because you're only responsible when you know you don't will be and most of the Christian world is oblivious to what were talking about and the reason why is because of religious leaders have been unfaithful in teaching the people the distinction between the holy and the top I praise the Lord that God gives a message to all those people I'll be home I resent basketball you're saying that God doesn't accept any prayers accept the president insists that's not what I'm saying at all most of God 's people outside the Seventh-day Adventist church and only says that the Soviet polymerization process most of those inside that end up leaving and most of and that their place is to be taken by multitudes that are coming from but coming from the outside it's called the shaking and a revelation chapter eighteen we find that invitation to the Christian where it says there is thanks I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and he was illuminated with his glory and he climbed in with a loud voice saying pablum the great is fallen is fallen and become the dwelling place of demons and a prison for every foul spirit advocates for every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine from the wrath of her fornication the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth have committed and the merchants of the earth and become rich and abundant summer lecturing nominalist and I heard another voice from heaven saying I hurt my people is gotten a lot of people does not listen to you because they do the best that they can with the knowledge that they that doesn't mean that God exalted spiritually and those who know those prayers are abomination to God because he who turns away his ears his prayer was an abomination going to do nothing I caught this this idea about the deal what will review this statement this is found in non- assigned in the Times March thirty one eighteen ninety eight March thirty one eighteen ninety eight south sides of the time she says those who ignore the Lord Sabbath to keep holy the first day of the week offered strange fire to the case strains which he has commanded them not will he accept that at their hands men have sought out many inventions at upwards upon which God has placed most of the and him alone with sacred prerogative they have declaratively holiday but this does not give it a vestige of sanctity they just honor God by accepting human institutions and presented to the world as the Christian Sabbath day which has now lost sight of the Lord for the loyalty as good man and a knife you they often are the common in place of the sacred knowledge enough talking about the nun 's talk about the Edmondson beloved now we are making decisions that will determine whether we are going to really distinguish the holy from the common when it comes to the abortion in recent years I've become very alarmed as I see how we've become very lax in the way in which we treat holy thing for example we think that God doesn't really care how we dress we come to church are you green with a her letters we talk about common sense secular things on the Sabbath we build our own comments and secular activities we got to eat in restaurants on the Sabbath even closer to home we take common music and the attached only words we take holy money and spend it for ourselves so before we self righteously condemn those ones or something we must remember that we are now making decisions that will determine which site would be a particle doesn't revolve to teach the people whose things ministers ask creatures S become popular to say unpopular things but you know anything about right and become a pastor to win a popularity contest I became a pastor to convey thoughts through and you and I want you cannot like me and I can still sleep a full night in because I don't much care what you think about me I only care what God thinks about me and so they did a little it's a you know you take for example we assume of it we realize that were not returning a faithful type were committing the same sentence made about him I because were taking holy money and were using it for a common purpose and knowing because we know about Halliburton about you know the way that we have lowered the holy standards that are churches up him for so many years it's like nothing is holy anymore everything is calm God doesn't care what you eat he doesn't care how you addressed it doesn't care what you talk about in church he doesn't care about what you do on the Sabbath doesn't care what you do with your money the fact is the Bible teaches that it teaches us that God does and that God is going to hold us accountable for the way in which we treat sacred things like that and with this I touch upon these of women's ordination you know most of the arguments that are used in favor of women's ordination and I know that I'm in the lion 's mouth here in southeastern California and but I certainly go him and you know most of the arguments in favor of women's ordination are false arguments that the philosophers and if you don't believe in women's ordination you believe that women are inferior to me false will I believe that women are equal to men but have different functions I cannot say when you normally a mama of women in ministry I believe women and is not the gospel ministry is called into that position I will if if you don't believe in the mission when you don't believe that women are equal to men I believe that women argument they just have different function and only approaches is this how many believe that God the father and Jesus Christ are equal if the Bible says that God is the head of Christ and the apostle Paul goes on to say that Christ is the head of the man and the man is the head of the woman in fact you know that the Bible teaches that Jesus even though he's equal to his father he has subjected himself to his father 's will that make them inferior now it just shows that he wants a different function and when women aspire to be ordained pastor some of the Seventh-day Adventist church there aspiring to position for which God is not called them and that's the same thing that happened with chloride based on the environment while Hollywood location for which God called out to elect I got some wonderful women in my congregation underfunding our finance committee chairs a woman asked school superintendent is one Sabbath school teachers one would many many president of cigarettes I was sealed as a woman carry loads and women in ministry we just don't believe that God is called women to be ordained and you know in my congregation is not an issue we have eighteen hours ago how so the next know following the bike when we follow God 's order the church function selection is when we go astray from God 's order that's why you have strife and division fighting in the church and I pray to God at Sunday the church is to say in our educational system were critical back to the master plan in our health system women to go back to the master plan and lifestyle were to go back to the master plan in our organizational system were going to go back to the master play and hopefully what when the church does that the church is good power for and I pray for the animal that you're praying for the if you would prefer that day you would be here well folks is a nice being with you I'm going I'm going to go home and be inspired there are still seven thousand live in seven thousand will not bow the knee today now what we uphold the truth let's be kind list of the confrontational mean you know both conservatives and Liberals remain with having a nonexistent as liberals are open-minded except when it comes to conservatives is right I look at our salt loving and sometimes when I when I got the Fresno central church I inherited a mess I mean there was all kinds of fighting so there a minister and Lynn had been expelled from ministry is a few years before and had people there that wanted to bring drums into the church and they wanted to ordain women as elders want to know more the status of the church and I simply said well you know his law design here's not happen and within two years over forty people transferred away and up and praising the Lord ever since we met many people that have come to the church in on what I'm what's amazing to me is that we got more and more in the last year that more and more younger couples with young children coming to our church and as I talk to them they say you learn what kind of playing games we want real Adventist church so that there is some movement out there and we keep our last June I see that hope all of these organizations from the grassroots up Natalia Vaux we can make a difference the power of God let's not think there were the only ones only I let because of the life that you think is so great the only one house familiar feel like you're the only one all in one favorable God is not something to be I believe in God 's values and to uphold the truth of the last things father we thank you for the time that we been able to spend together thank you because he given such a marvelous message to the Adventist church father I ask that you will help us not to light duty look upon this message and you'll given us for with the Holy Spirit as far to move the work I asked father that you will give us an abundance of your Holy Spirit that we might go out then we might share this message far and wide and three special unction of the Holy Spirit I asked Lord that you will be bring all of those were sincere and searching for knowledge of the truth that they might join a remnant will I thank you father for hearing my prayer for Ascot in Jesus name amen


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