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Disappointment or Development: Lessons From the Life of Job

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 21, 2013
    7:30 PM
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or until I noticed flyers etc. e-mail said it was Jonah at him that's my fault because I didn't get back to Addison the development of a four-part series in the second three sessions so making a new one Joel not a joke tonight that Joseph and Joe tonight and tomorrow two parts on Elijah was special emphasis tomorrow morning I hope on of the modern profits and unsold realtor some of these are going on I really speak to something that I'm going on a world right now so thoroughly tomorrow morning and is comes out of the question that a lot of life experiences of less is re-examined versus I will pray to open and going to the message job easier in your Bibles to the book of Job was the forty second chapter of Job chapter forty two and will start with verse one Job chapter forty two starting with verse one script is that residential answer the Lord and said I know that thou canst do everything and that no thought can be withheld withholdings from the Quincy that hard counsel without knowledge therefore have I uttered that I understand not things too wonderful for me which I knew not for sport here I beseech thee and I will speak I will demand of the end declared unto me I've heard of these by the hearing of the ear but now mine eyes see me see if the liver six Joe says wherefore I pour myself unrepentant in dust and ashes wherefore I have for myself and hence in the analysis of message this Friday evening is entitled disappointment or development lessons from the life of June let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to come together again tonight Lord I have to hide me behind the cross let me stay in the shadow thereof instead let us hear word from the throne of grace 's operator and Jesus is precious and holy name amen Joe begins in Job chapter one and verse one if you have your Bibles you want to join me there Job chapter one and verse one says there was a man in the land of Oz name was Joe and that man was perfect and upright and one that feared God and a skewed evil dam was born onto him seven sons and three daughters his substance was also seven thousand sheep and three thousand camels and five hundred U of oxidant five hundred she has been a very great household so that this man was the greatest all the men of the East and his sons went and feasted in their houses and everyone is day and sent and called for the three sisters to eat and drink with them and it was so a woman named their feasting were gone about that Jones sent and sanctified them and rolls up early in the morning and he offered her offerings according to the number of them all Jones said him means that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts the vigil will continually the Bible of the storage over the fascinating story of the story of Amanda Bible sparks will saying he was right and that he was perfect I thought about the story begins about two and a line that Joel was a man is so incredibly blessed that he had seven sons and three daughters he had abundance of livestock which enable immediate and excellent 401(k) and a great stop planets are opening the quite wealthy by the measurement of their day the Scripture says that his sons would feast and Joel was so righteous and sole concern for children that Joe would literally apply for them because he didn't know anything this was a man of integrity and character at a description really focuses a lot here on Job and have someone just give a little bit about Brown about the book of Job spirit of prophecy tells that those many visual records that the woman is when I was a student in Israel and written that the gleam of the book of Job was written by Moses while in the field of media and in fact along with the lot alike have been assigned the time favorite nineteenth in the eighteen eighties as the long years of indentured solitudes were not lost you molded not only with moles is gaining a preparation for the great work for him during this time under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he wrote the book of Genesis and also the book of Job which would be read with the deepest interest by the people of God until the close of time the book of Joel Village is a book that should be studied all the way chemicals of time him contemporary of Abraham and Isaac but Lamentations four twenty one says rejoice and be glad O daughter reason you who live in the land of Oz speaking of where it is that Joe came from Job forty two over sixteen thousand eleven hundred and forty years Abraham of the hundred and sixty five who think this means that maybe live around the same time well it was just the same way is this book is considered one of the greatest literary works in the history but who believe in the Bible and people don't it is considered an amazing work of art unlike other ancient writings and actually have a touch of sarcasm to it which is different from what we see is written not only control the also in poetry and many believe it is actually the first book of the Bible that was actually written now rather go back to these verses when he skipped in verse six of chapter one book of Job our story really begins the Bible says now they were the day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them the Lord sent them to Satan whence cometh about then Satan answered the Lord instead from going to and fro for one in the earth and from walking up and down in it at this time because I believe a sin Satan was really given control over the early innocence became Earth 's representative so when there were these meetings that have been Satan actually want to have the representing urban and God actually questions and when he gets there when you are going to a throwing error I've been walking around in it literally walking the earth below are some of the same path thou considered my servant Job the him in the earth is at an upright man who won the fears God and his views he will not notice Joe in fact the story is predicated on the fact that his shoulder is presented by God this is how do you know what is what Remus Virgil one of the vendors eat somewhere deep inside him Lord I was I hope I'm afraid my faith that will kind of character that you have been you would you would reference me on follow himself to do it by faith my faith we should be able to be one of God 's children this is where you can record so they are missing my sermon someone so so safe there for more than the Job fair daughter not the fairy for nothing I found out that Almeida heads about it with about a thousand about all that he hath on every side I blessed the work of his hands in the substance is increased in the land Satan believes that you can buy a literally believe that you if you give people what they want the minor leagues and analysis correctly many people in fact in tomorrow morning we talk about the dog what would allies in the province of Vail run-of-the-mill that is a very idea of the right thing will give you whatever you want if you give him allegiance consciously because of one of the commercials and if you could go online and all of it is that later noticeable one of the commercials that really interesting with the Mercedes-Benz commercial where a man actually was about to sign a contract with Satan to sell his soul to the interesting thought but we be surprised at how many are willing to sell himself because they as you all and unfortunately many believe that they can seldom seldom get when God can offer them one in verse eleven Butler I am not a sensational speaking at all that you have if you take away his Satan says he will curse you to your face take away the longing and he will curse you to your face below are some of the Satan behold all I have is in your power only upon only upon him himself but not for Garnet so Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord is interesting since it got to take everything you have an interesting because what a modern-day Gospels out of potholes who is the gospel of prosperity zero subtlety in fact the weight I know that I have legions Delgado connected to God is by how much I have regional men microphone dollar and in others this is literally the document unfortunately human and social activist urges Ira Oliverio incredibly large youth gatherings in the South literally thousands of that additions in the preacher was preaching was upfront and said that if you want to Mercedes-Benz you should go down to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Mercedes-Benz you want and the fans will see you anything at all to the house you want at the Galt House and what is the main speaking to inanimate objects seems to be tantamount to idolatry especially when you're asking for all that believe that they have to stop it you have that is quintessentially at the mean and don't have God but is clearly not a prerequisite to all the new power just all encased in so Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord Bible says in verse eleven until one and there was a day when his sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in it eldest brother 's house and became a messenger of the gentleman said of the oxen were plowing and the asses feeding beside the and the Athenians developed on them and took them away he then explained the service of the edge of the sword and I only am escaped alone I only am escaped alone to tell you the begins vigil while he was speaking enough that the boards on this guy while the circle service meeting became also another fed the fire of God 's fallen from heaven and as part of the sheep and the service and consume them and I only allow us out and I am only an escape alone it's going fire the Scriptures this fall never absorb everything would be important for Mrs. in the morning clearly this woman five while he was yet speaking there came also another exhibit shall be made out other three bands and fell upon the camel and carried them away EA and swaying the service of the edge of the sword and I only am escaped alone to tell you while he was still speaking there came also another set by sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother 's house she would say nothing starts on the periphery and he worked his way in closer and closer to Joe that he stopped before serving it wouldn't hurt as much of the last service actually is children and does the Bible give you a hint that he is an author who is as long as children will does the Bible give it he had begun what we read that is the man who even though his children want their feelings sacrifice some case they are the children of the sermon running and while he was yet speaking there came also another that it goes on the new daughters were eating and drinking wine in the eldest brother 's house and behold there came a great win from the wilderness and small war or of the house and fell upon the young men and they are dead once again these are only inescapable to tell you but I want to see first twenty the Bible says and silver roles and ranked his mental game with any shave his head and he found out upon the ground and what is Jones what is Jones response to a lifetimes worth of of of of catastrophe that happens at editing is looking for a half an hour the Bible says Joan doesn't even know what has gone why he or she now allowed with movement and visitors would confuse worship with lobby with anything that will get a lot of e-mail devastated when they confuse worship with production so we think you come in and in the big production in this happen and that that was Jolie have felt bad for Joe right now with adult adult taking the show while it is not basically or not hotel where it's just Joel 's problems and his answer is worth it at worship when we are faced with but he's a lot like always we were doing and is blaming God or others this is what is there and was and what he says he says naked in my hour of my mother 's womb I love this verse and naked shall I return thither the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away he says less be the name of the Lord 's and expect God to be a great giver editorial something you get mad because it was lost the fact that a few even God whether you in the Egyptian phase only in the orchid only as of the here and you are in the phase where you linger doesn't change and a solid catastrophe strike they now have a different view of God but only their circumstances and say what you hope that it will go out and change it negate any subject his name is less than a thought might resonate with them about the deer were in school when you go to class until difficult and studying tax or maybe a residency in and you got to get up at the break of the day in the morning I work all day and is somewhat of a struggle begins any cakes allow him to be God when what happens to Job chapter one verse one Job and the first that really the point he even manages that well again there was anyone on the son of God saying to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord Morrison at the same from whence comes now a singer of the Lord and said going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in the Lords of the things I considered my servant Job but none like him in the earth a upright man one of the documents he was evil in the last visit and show equals lasses integrity although you will need against him to destroy him without cause still he holds all to his integrity Satan literacy events and Satan answered the Lord instead skin for skin gay all that a man hath he will give for the life but put forth your hand now and touches the ball in his flesh and he will curse you to your face the Lord said to Satan behold even on hand to save his life I honestly believe the devil that he works for referral he comes closer to God 's children the next round he literally attached to physically get to talk to his body so when Satan forth from the presence of the Lord and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot under his crown from the bottom of his feet the top of his head jolted by both of the verse eight take up to a piece of broken off the clay type of item and scrapes himself with it he said that he sit down and you must imagine this once wealthy man most prominent productive prosperous land is a low shelving that all of his belongings gone and now he's sitting alone in a pilothouse is one of in any scratching sores on my things done nothing at all to deserve it this is where we find Joe started interesting because in the next verse they said his wife on to him the house ale retained in integrity curse God and what curse God and die the one person if it doesn't such as his wife is not because of the way that is not why but because he could use you will always find someone in your life that he can use to the views mouth I want to did not miss you always have someone that when a child comes your way they literally on a person argue that someone will speak against God you'll is a little time pulling away from your relationship with God because of what's happening in Lolita and that husband that brother sister and maybe anybody who said he was such a Christian sect seven admit is why women then I grew up with and in church backing of weeks administered by Hartford Connecticut with a father figure to us to the normal level of a single mother digs the Pathfinder the nature allowing for some very good man passed away this week his son dear friend of mine left the church and I will get the story why we so anti- mouse finally get sick and that he and saying you know what I will pray for my bottle you may be safer if his father would have been realizing that his father and the strong Christian life got sick in the past way is responsive to get angry what happened into the dismantling Medicare almost why is it in the last access is the minimum until the new Jerusalem and we were then your mate who that is double and everybody in my argument is modeling automated lists the value that reflects our mission is that of the monitors and in particular in his forty sources these latter that is lifestyle but what is only somewhat limited in a senior administrators his wife and since I didn't like the questions in Job responses responsible man of integrity he said whatever you speak is one of the oldest women speak what shall receive good of the hand of God shall we not receive evil in all is it not Jones in with his lips listen he didn't know Mrs. especially husbands don't miss this game is actually human anything negative about notice he says usefully I wonder who was women speak job ended with a you are a foolish woman in residential facility she was not understood what was going on because all the other you really read that you got a failure folders in talking stupidity usually like wonderful was one extracellular one of them running you should know better Bible moves on in your seat you notice on restorative Johnson refrained for all of this even was come upon and became everyone from his old place outside the temple night and build that issue high console father name of my event made an appointment to go to come to more of them at the Comfort Inn sometimes reference to the CU is not everything on one will I afar off and will not be lifted up their voices and wept when they saw him they wouldn't even recognize Joe they wished all her friends with elevated to concern and that when they see a little and begin to weep every one of them toward Americans each one of them sprinkled dust upon a heads toward the shot down with them upon the ground seven days and seven nights I look at is the first seven eighty seven night not one household word example of a saw but we was very great one of the reason this book is such a great book and an end literary literary geniuses of the world like it is the interesting use of the power of silence at here is that you will silence for what we know I thought that would be my trouble we think what analog everything about these great words and about a boy narrative and him convinced on the likely get better about investing the also just just just items at the end of whatever I don't say anything at their mammoth and sometimes you can't make it any better than in the UK had been improving but by speaking bottom they know we were not giving up on silent available through seven lessons from the life of June seven lessons from the life of the first one is refusal to play the victim review the play the victim the Bible shows like this don't intend what shall receive good in the hand of God telling not receive evil Job one twenty one naked came I out of my mother 's will I think it shall not return to the Lord game the Lord taken away blessed be the name of the more I am God 's child I am not a victim him and follow on off hot it's going to be all right with them I will take care of James one two three four my brethren count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations knowing this that the trying of your faith and patience but let patience have her perfect work but you may be perfect and entire wanting nothing you will want to go to the view can be on that so that you can be developed James and awareness operon most diverse temptations meaning in a experiment an attempt at five or one thousand like this is because God is leading them that these things come upon them while the obstacles on the Lord 's chosen method of discipline is appointed conditions of success is appointed conditions of success he will read the hearts of men know their character better than they themselves know that he sees them cc that some have powers and susceptibilities which is right directed might be used in the advancement of his work in his providence he brings these persons into different positions and various circumstances that they may discover in their character defects which have been concealed from their old knowledge begins with an opportunity to correct these effect and affect themselves for his service all the permits the fire of election to assail them that they may be purified and on about them the process 's letter number two reject ungodly advice reject ungodly at the so for her success is speaking it is not just by fear my confidence I hope and I uprightness of my ways as Alabama that emanates begin remember I pray the will ever perished being innocent or where were the righteous cutoff even as I have seen the plow iniquity and so wickedness read the same elephant Eliphaz as you could be in this mess still unless you call you must be in this situation because you call a wagon and fifty six or visit it is very natural for human beings to think that the great calamities are a short index of great crimes and enormous sins but men often make a mistake in this measure in the in the measuring character we are not living in the time of retribution of judgment good and evil are mingled and calamities come upon who everybody are going to medical school and implemented is that the movements to live everybody always been good in school so he allegedly has since they were the cream of crop and no other studies community student donated used to be the top of the bell of the bell curve or bottom of a something when possible my classmates not do so well in school and out with the University of Miami the reaction was cultural curriculum way over and it was human with tangible household name had enough of a hard like the time that I would definitely love the Lord your God giveth at least four years I will serve a lot better God is Mark but some folk don't understand that him will is always the perfect ones living in America where raising children think that it always will be right for me nowadays you about labeling baseball will drop we often feel I'm one of them it would when I got to the wedding went on holidays I drove on a net and I get appointed the ninth but guess what in real well at one of Atlanta with the open of this is not what we hire people we hire one was like all the other leading up to the parable is a malevolent find people write letters in Italy the value of the candidate the reality of life as it doesn't work like that you are able to accept the fact that sometimes things just happen it cannot shake your faith in God reject bad advice surely I would speak to the online and I desire to resort God would you are visible Job responds you are oranges obliged he says out of class you are all positions of no value person all that you would altogether hold your peace and it should be your wisdom I'll got out to get it because I'm a victim bad advice you don't young people have amended all non-American perimeter this does not work in an urgent care down the street we don't even covenant and it is really a relational and you want to get what this guy is so terrible I my friends told me he knew good match reject bad advice you what Alicia spend time with the conclusion was that the God project that I think that Joel said is that you will always think why didn't any of you would be not English-speaking within your silence David Thomas of the light is whether the Manitowoc if not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stand in the way of sinners or sit in the missing of the scornful name is that it is wise not to listen and follow the advice of people were devastated on a wrong path Romans sixteen says an seventies and now I beseech you brethren mark them which cause the patient and his church is a doctrine which eleven bartender what is the point I am what I am a die hard seven then I believe you are correct it is going to be logged in they are convincing me not to believe what I believe former Adventist and will follow all kinds of wishes that of others as a Christian in general are going to be the way it is one of trying to convince me I should believe in God and the Christian the weekend Paula you know the Bible says avoid some dialogue with you what I do not burn up all your energy trying to convince people that the seventy disciples in the cesspool do so I felt a regular on the web argument you use the online street in Connecticut was given an estimate when he thought of that you know to do the low argument you know what an individual does not feel big athletic and dangerous over the really can only survive bring us down with the number three focus on a boring and not regretting focused on a boring and not regretting a picture comes from I forget which and what and where there were so many and agencies because of what I was going on and and and and is easy to sell why would Clinton is no line behind them play soccer with one leg focus on adoring not regretting Job twenty nine all that hard work individuals begin on all that I working at whereas in months past the days when God preserving what is candle shined upon my head and when by his life I walked through the darkness as I was in the days of my youth when the secret of God was upon my tabernacle when the Almighty was yet with me when my children were about the size of regret is that Joe will be a trial that effects Doctor Araiza decided to you that even Jolie gives the waiver little bit is to look back when I wash my steps with butter with four drop rivers of oil when I went out to the gate of the city when I prepared my feet in the street shop the most important the young man sought me and themselves in the age of roles and stood up he wanted to and he aggravated the baby when God is trying to work on and yelled all that isolation was over greatness recession but I really don't want to Joe still says the least lately yet will I trust in him but I will maintain my own ways before him though he slay me yet will I trust the trust of India is not clear that the perfect verse you start to see that God is working on Job 's lessons from the lactobacillus being worked on Velasquez is I will always before him God will still trying to work on Job to give up his own ways Matt twenty one verse thirteen that he that shall adorn to the end the same shall be what you eat some a travelogue about Paris from greater travel ahead with all calories at its end times signs of the time the child in a coming talk about the Supreme Court for the first time ever has no Protestants wanted six Catholics three Jewish of judges so if the people called in a favor literally the legislative auditing the judicial arm of the other of our three-pronged government literally would these at least some form of allegiance troublemaking cleanly we had been born with the child you how to community building a spiritual muscles of his clinical leader we must ignore them and left them before never forget the big picture never forget the big picture in this life so fourteen birth onset math is verse one to fourteen verse one Man that is born of a woman is a few days and full of trouble becomes fought like a flower that is cut down he sees also at the shuttle and continue is not the big picture is what you because you what seemed like a long lifetime to us in the middle working shorter and shorter is really not much time when the earth is six thousand years old we have discussed just a splash of time and eternity doesn't really make sense to have a short testing time to focus on things that really aren't in Alaska jolt of looking at a big as an FYI why does a little baton is only exerted that when things want to bury my mother and in any enemy will meaning the diminutive beliefs about multiple myeloma in he and those of you who know little about these noted in the bone marrow does the reply I do not really excruciatingly put on hold as many works pics from the top of the bottom of the any electronic investments Joe Johnson why it all I was living why do you trust the God of love itself I will keep all the family room is that you will could you possibly be faithful why would you choose be faithful but things reminded him this is the principle right here life is short tomorrow is not promised any only hope you have is to live for Christ today so that one day he won your mother will live in a world where the walkway no more tears no more sickness normal to me that the picture the reason got soul in revelation and scattered throughout the Scripture on the description Jesus describes an individual Jerusalem on a description of their reminder that the Pilgrim Perkins are whole will still collect stuff they don't need at the big picture thinkers is also this we don't wrestle against flesh and moment Ephesians six twelve but against principalities against powers against the rules of Dartmouth of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places the big picture is that people aren't talking to me and I wish I was out without a meeting with President Southern California conferences we've is one of our directors meetings what would Buddha when the president and wanted to know we were talking when I'm setting up a liar at home many times as this idea of reason ethnically these breakdowns of our church in Hamilton was not there because those people are going to listen those people under that whether it's white to black like the wireless that picture is what will wrestle against flesh and blood is the worst neo-Nazi in the world is not really my enemy Satan the enemy is managed under his control but a Christian pray for God to work with me my Savior stories out of Rwanda I thought maybe you want to pass his wife was slaughtered in the genocide watch them kill yourself unconscious miraculously survived is now spending the rest of her life in the prisons converting the very young men committed the crime will wrestle against flesh and blood run a big picture like that manuscript ninety five written in nineteen oh three season in the word of God are related to contending parties that influence and control human agencies in our world consequently these parties are working with every human being those who are under God 's control and were influenced by the heavenly angels will be able to discern the crafty workings of the unseen powers of darkness those who desire to be in harmony with the heavenly agencies should be intricately accurately in earnest to do God 's will they must give no place whatever to Satan and his angels but unless we are in all our ways are overcome by the enemy although a solid revelation of God 's will concerning us have been revealed to all yet a knowledge of his will do not set aside the necessity of offering hurt his applications to him for help and diligently seeking to watch great within an answer to prayer offered he accomplishes his purpose is to Shuman the instrument the big picture is you are God 's instrument sold anything there is a God instrument for the day when I was learning lessons from it collapsing mechanism is cut off with we the Savior lesson number five we need a Savior Job nine over thirty two for he is not as bad as I am that I sent after him and we should come together and judgment neither do any basement betwixt us that might lay his hand upon us both let them take his rot away from me and let us enough and let us fear terrify me then I would speak in fear and not fear him but is not so with me Joseph Job nine twenty one innocent and in the right my whole mouth would condemn me though I am blameless he would prove me perverse Joseph you know I appear to be perfect that he proves me even our righteousness basically is as filthy rags Joe recognized that he says something profound book of Job nineteen in verse twenty five said Feingold my Redeemer lives and he that shall stand at the latter-day up for any and that he shall stand at that the latter day upon the earth and though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God I like to see for myself and my eyes shall behold and not another though my reins be consumed within the jolt will begin to understand he literally is how almost indefinitely actually layout and some extent the plan of salvation is all in him that I'm not bad I also know that my Redeemer lives the predicament around the terrible but my Redeemer live at home alarms going for sources regularly the clay sharpies like you know what we consume are more of them is ready for deaf children is to see God in my finish Job the transformation of Joel was able to book is pretty astounding because he realizes one is that a diamond is the resurrection and he will be known as he was known he speaks about it he says he's going to see God 's flesh in his Redeemer lives he knows he needs a Savior to fix freedom begins with forgiveness Job forty rep moreover the Lord answered Job instead shouting that contended with the Almighty instruct them in ever proven the God of the Job after the Lord said behold I am filed listen the manuscript they are perfect he was initially nonresidential is the trial of the walls if I'm filed what's out to be I will lay my hand upon my mouth once I open but I will not instigate life I will proceed no further than the Lord of the Job out of the whirlwind and said gird up your loins like a man I would than the end declared now on to me will now also distant all my judgment will how is that obviously righteous thou and all my God I can stomp on it with the boys like him that I felt no Majesty and excellently and arrange I felt with glory and beauty wrong the range of Iraq and behold everyone that is proud of vision Muslim everyone that is crowded bring him low in track down the widget inequities I left in the dust again and find their faces in secret children for the Lord that I know thou canst do everything it was a brilliant you know what I than no thought to be withholding from the lessee that hides counsel without knowledge therefore have I uttered that I understand not things too wonderful for me which I do not fear I beseech the end I will speak I will demand of the back and declare thou unto me first file I heard of the by the hearing of the ear but now my eyes using the wherefore I have for myself and repent in dust and ashes the story of Job with all the calamity that comes upon and when he finally actually increases his connection to God because of God coming to him and visiting and jolt ends by actually going down and repenting him down and ashes the growth that happens to disperse the Lord turned the captivity of Judah who only prayed for his friends all the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before one of the things that are written in there is he does what for his friends his friends were of no help to have more than they falsely accused him of being wicked committee some terrible iniquity but I definitely had one of Subaru follow what happened in that tool they don't help only severely got to rub it into one shall live says the Joel gives them an ascent into phrases of them your Christians are stuck because their people in their lives that they refuse to forgive a lot of people my father left my mother when I was two years of age in fact of your favorite presents a lovely letter the first person her second cousin ran off water left there were three boys and although I tried to try exaggerated sense of who my father was fantasizing this great man the is very angry with him for leaving right so that's cool and all the kids are followed we sit near my father was nowhere to be found back before long enough to get anyone to New York Miami and losing the year the time while the rub was very angry with you within two and somewhere along in my life so early in my life twelve thirteen years old maybe from a sermon similar to this sublicense of the necklace that is you will always be connected to the person you can't forgive there always have power over you power comes when you can forgive the person and move on and on telling you the again of the vision of marriage and family therapist but you see it in the doctor 's only people able to divorce the global terrible breakup and he cannot forgive the person who hurt and in exchange of a person alive I am telling you in the liberation is beginning the people of that even the worst the representative conference today on this morning and I'm tearing up concrete thought innovation than about violence and contains many the mental was and so the risk and safety was murdered in his home and at one of the numbers one that in my heart I have to forgive you I pray that the people gave for young men were now imprisoned for murder and once I really began to pray about and begin them I don't want them in a row in a blessed them and they can be rehabilitated as the ones you didn't pull the trigger if you can get them that their lives to liberate them out of the house until the last instrument to allow you to go back even to me and tell the love of Christ that ex-girlfriend to one hundred is a terrible year later when you run into them to give them to our telemarketing you might want up-to-the-minute your resume now when you forget the people you can witness the people you would never think you could freedom comes with liberation by Guinness last one of the end is better than the beginning this is Job forty two adverse to assess the Lord bless the latter and of Joe Morgan is beginning any of fourteen thousand sheep six thousand camels and a filing talk about the files in Seattle yet also seven sons and three daughters recall the name of the first Jemima in the name of the second to the and the name of the third Karen hot hot hot and a and in all the land were no women found so fear of the Donovan Joe and the father gave them inheritance among their brethren which is unique in that time they nearly just like their brothers did this on the Job and hundred and forty years after the Job lived on the therefore here is a soft songs in his son 's son even though what you need to avoid generation Bible says so don't die you will old and full of days until was better than the beginning submitted and that is the story of the Christian now most of us are a little something or it were young and old ones back later on I'm not promising that the question you that that's what God has planned for Jerusalem this is the promise of heaven that when we get everything that was all the trial number compared to that will look like weight lifting if this is the reward will you like it when you step out and feel glad that may have been the dominant that wasn't enough of the sacrifice anything to get it out many in the world the guy was asking for too much you mean you can just leave around can drink all every night against what we looking at too much and given it up I don't believe them to be a vegetarian and quality care some have been when you get there is going to seemingly cheap little except that cause Christ Hezbollah on a horizontal with weekly did nothing Romans eight verse twenty eight and we know all things work together for good to them that love God to them what a wobble called according to his purpose the Corinthians to an verse nine but as as I love this verse is written eye hath not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love him I have seen a lot of around and down the coast here in California season amazing mansions perched over the seashore worth literally twenty five thirty million dollars I think that the life the Scripture says that he is seeing the greatest mentions are still in comparison to what we reach glory and we see what God has prepared for us we're going to watch a lot of things you can do it want to talk about the difficulty of the book of Revelation read the description of remind yourself little little little little glimpses behind the curtains God put into the Scripture that we can only be a trial to difficulty communism when you've lost a child this is what you want apparently he walked the job would just hope that happens for someone else this is when developing the difficulty owing to the Scripture and read and remind yourself of the promises God has just a faithful slack Joey said that we slightly on the trust because I know when Jesus said he appears on me by the end of the day my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus 's blood and his righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest friend well holy of Jesus and Christ the solid rock I stand all on the ground is sinking stay saying don't stand on the same stand on Google to difficulty standing on the rock but his father God we thank you for the book of Job and all the great lessons therein as we entered out outside of hours with his father got to keep the Sabbath holy fought in talk and action and indeed bless everyone it is here tonight some are suffering right now with school maybe as family Lord maybe it's financial I don't know what it is maybe it a multitude of issues helped Florida learn lessons from Joe Lord we would speak to you and stick in my mind what were going through and warming will be confident the single white trials will come out of this other side of our trials more connected to you purify like gold and then has to find the same as indicating the motor that is ungrateful in Jesus name we pray amen this media with God audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe as more so than in www. .com universe .org


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