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The World's Greatest Want

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 16, 2006
    10:00 AM
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follow us we begin to think about this topic the world 's greatest want we realize that you have a high calling for each one of us and maybe live our lives in a way that we will fulfill the greatest one for this Peter Keeshan our guide this theory prey Jesus education the book education page fifty seven paragraph three the greatest one of the world if you want a black the want of men men who will not be bought or sold manual in their inmost souls a true and honest men who do not fear to call standbys right name native whose conscience is best treated duty at the needle to the bowl men will stand for the rights though the heavens fall these are the men and women I might add that the world is looking for noble of right courageous steadfast individuals who will do what it takes even if it is going against the flow I believe when I read this description is describing to me the final generation of God 's people were told in the book Revelation you can look there with me and chapter fourteen that there is going to be a group of people simply call the hundred and forty four thousand is no fancy title there is no label is just a number but we find a description of than the hundred and forty four thousand look with me verse five revelation fourteen verse five and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God individuals without fault otherwise known as the greatest one of the world but how can we be like that group of people without fault with no guile in our mouth courageous and noble standing for the right though the heavens fall conscious it is true the duty of the needle to the old colleagues in my writing and that's a high calling and what does God tell us these people are like how can we be like those people I want to read you the paragraph immediately preceding paragraph right before we read what we meet in the education page fifty seven paragraph three so this is education fifty seven paragraph two listen carefully it said the history of Joseph and Daniel is an illustration of what he will do for those who yield themselves to and with the whole hearts seek to accomplish his purpose an immediate the words falling immediately the greatest what will this want of us supporting two and two together if I want to find a person an individual that is the model that in the illustration that if the picture the snapshot of the men and women described in paragraph a grid is one of the world the two men described by inspiration is Joseph and of course time will not allow us an in-depth study of both these characters today we'll even have time for an in-depth study of one today I want to take a moment and discuss together just a little bit about the history of Joseph again I read the history of Joseph is an illustration of what God will do for those who yield themselves to him and with the whole hearts seek to accomplish this now when we mentioned the name Joseph was the first impression that flashes what is the first thought that comes the line maybe some things I can't align our Prime Minister of Egypt powerful noble full of integrity faithful maybe a coat of many colors betrayed by his brothers upon first wife sold to slavery you know the story of Joseph and perhaps I'm leapfrogging our lesson quarterly and little bit but in the book of Genesis the story of Joseph begins in chapter thirty seven and in and in chapter fifty and counting that's fourteen chapters in the book of Genesis is no other single character receives more done elements than a character Joseph not even Abraham or Isaac or Jake I think God is trying to tell us there is something in the life story of Joseph that we must understand and put it together with what we have already looked at this morning the story of Joseph contains within it secrets tools and ideas and principles that can prepare God 's final generation site is one I think a little bit about the sister Joseph let's just take a quick review Joseph was born into the you take a the family of twelve boys not including siblings other female siblings is one of the family with four his father for wives we'll talk more about than a little bit and his brothers hated him because of his dreams because he was favored by his father and his brothers hated him to the point of murderous contacts they sold him into slavery in Egypt and their Joseph became the servant in the house of Potter rapidly rising through the ranks to become the chief steward of the home he had a little incidents with Mrs. Potter and as a result with Veronica King prison he was there for a number of years and he met the Baker in the Butler of Farrell interpreted their dream Dawson for another two years and when Pharaoh had his remarkable dreams he called Joseph who interpreted the dream and in one nine from rags to riches became the Prime Minister of Egypt of course the story doesn't end there he start the family agency prepares great silos of storehouses for the grain that came the seven years of plenty so that he could be ready for the seven years of famine and his family shows up in the floppy and through the intercourse of several dialogue and experiences Joseph text his brothers find out that their characters have changed welcome them with open eyes to live with an engine in Egypt brings his father Jacob down there Jacob loses final seventeen years in the land of Egypt and there the land of Goshen provided the Avenue done resources for the nation of Israel to become my teenage and Joseph and his dying words he said don't leave me here don't bury me no impairment and mommy put me in a coffin bacteria Michael because God will surely visit you and bring you out of this place they go to lots of adjacent of Joseph we can train go home now right that's a story of Joseph in a nutshell and immediately when we think of Joseph sometimes at least I get the feeling Joseph is up here somewhere on down here somewhere Joseph had all of these marvelous opportunity she had so many advantages she could do so many great things for God because he came from such rich haired subject well founded patriarchal system where God spoke been faced with Joseph is not like me sometimes I think how can I ever be a life in you so what better than we know sometimes when we talk about a person 's history where I just talked another biography sometime when we discussed the person 's history we are actually looking deeper than just the lies that this person lives in the days one ability I a person 's history begins long before because Levine each one honestly carried that genetics and if I may use the term baggage from previous generations so let's go and look at the history of Joseph again the history before he was born and I noticed the review because we've been going through this in a lesson about Joseph great grandfather was man Abram later known as Abraham he was called of God out of the land of her of the counties to the promised land Abraham was a man of faith the father of favorite the Bible and he had no serious experiences that illustrate to us what it means exercise faith in God but their other stories about Abraham in Genesis chapter twelve verses eighteen to twenty two you would like a reliance of Pharaoh regarding his wife she is not my watch is just my sister highly accurate that is a half truth because they are half siblings but at that he doesn't just do it want to visit whites in Genesis chapter twenty versus eighty the same lie for the same reasons ditching Abimelech two times and then he was taking matters into his own hand when God said I will make of VMI nation he says well anyhow got out a little bit there is this handmaid of Sarah Hernandez Hagar and the Nintendo polygamist relationship within the household of Abraham when you look at Abraham and say all by God gave him yes just as God forgives any of ours and we may say but those are small circumstances small sans guy can remedy that will but the consequences remain we look at the life of Isaac the grandfather of Joseph interestingly enough she met another king by the same name Abimelech and what do they do the exact same thing as his father she is Rebecca 's not my watches my sister but I includes and his family degeneracy and added trait of favoritism of his children Isaac loved Esau because the eight of his game but Rebekah loved Jacob because he dwelt in tents he stayed at home with mom he helped with the chores lawn coming of the story there was favoritism within the family and then Jacob comes along and this was exactly we discussed this morning his name was a name deceiver Abraham this does seem to a little bit I think the seat a little bit but Jacob becomes identified as a deceiver the generational sin just progressed to a point where it was just blown out of proportion it was that this is an attempt character rested on the fly he was deceptive and he was dizzy and he thought Hagar was bad enough Jacob Orwell 's I just want to inject us think about this from if you are in man if you arrange a disposition and you were given the four oh why what should you have done what you have Jacob done he loved Rachel but God does not approve of polygamy may have suggest that the in God 's eyes ultimately is Jacob 's wife I have other biblical support for that but let me to just leave you with that polygamy was for women via her handmaid Rachel and her handmaid and then all you can pop out at what anything like we know about the twelve sons we hear about Diana and what characteristics identify the twelve signs of Jacob Mindanao where talking about not being of the twelve patriarchs of the nation of Israel and the twelve man that the hundred and forty four thousand are named after the twelve tribes what are these men I figure the septic greedy jealous envious birder 's twelve sons of Jacob were unconverted terrible ruffians in Genesis thirty five you be destroyed in Rubin who commit incest with his father 's concubine in Genesis thirty eight Judah commit incest with his daughter-in-law you can read the story of Simeon and Levi who chilled all of the man and shotgun because one of their young and disgraced their sister of course we remember the story of Joseph Penn brothers gathering with hatred in their eyes casting him into a pit ready to kill him instead that's something perhaps some working me but maybe not sold and the slavery of Egypt and sometimes we asked and then this is this is where Joseph came into the story Joseph was pampered in this were like brothers was favored he was I said you're the brat honestly the point of being a tattletale be sold to slavery twenty seventeen when asking the question again to me seeing that Joseph had a significant advantage over any of the deck and illustrated this way how maybe have ten brothers or sister that want to kill you right here right now and has experience working with the relevance of this has sold into slavery in Egypt by your brothers and sisters my point is simply this we had no place in saying that Joseph had any significant advantage over us and yet he is the illustration the snapshot picture of what the final generation of men and women will look like before Jesus comes from the increasing because when I read that I began to understand that there is hope for even they thank God can do something with this broken vessel because he does something with Joseph and not only did he do something and gave you reverted to describe about me Katie fourteen entire chapter to show you step by step by step how got to this boiled rotten brat with inherited degenerative trade that made him worthless to becoming someone who preserve the friend of God seemed utterly on the Joseph was going against to become a great what were the author 's distinct revert to describe some looking at an ad like Joseph you with any force today he would be the type of kid we wish a there had been a say probably there's not much send the morning can be somewhere in hopefully the eczema but locations sometime need to realize is that our descendents our kids may end up like you with all of the disadvantages that he had and where whether you get the disadvantages right here I've heard of this way before if we don't take care of our sinful traits now our weaknesses when we had kids all of a sudden those sins are magnified it with two hands two legs to live in a big now that talks back to you because our weaknesses are trapped bird shred ported from generation to generation yet Joseph story illustrates to me what God can do this by all of my prompt I'm sure Jacob can look at his own life history and he can look at Joseph at the end of his life as a Lord you have been exceeding mercy despite off of the things I've done wrong you have interceded for my son 's behalf so what is your history is your history like that of Joseph I can gone for Daniel one day and say he or she is an illustration of what God can do for those who surrender themselves completely with a whole heart to seek to competence per can he say that you arrive we look at a cultivator have them wonder if Emperor we can be in man or woman of God you know how do we accomplish the change in our life like Joseph quite simply the first step is to recognize that we have a problem I've been in school and I'm dealt with some classmates and I realize in my own life and the lives of song that I have had close associations with that we all have inherited from whether we like to admit or not and whether we are sealed by the grace of God the first step must be a recognition of the readme all sometime put on masks to hide who we really are others and maybe sometime if I try to hide ourselves from ourselves we're not willing to look into the mirror and take a real hard look in inventory of our lives in an analysis of who we are our weaknesses of the bad strafing character and the countries of my character and we just try to live life and hope nobody see that's what we really are have you ever have experienced when you lay down in bed and he cried out I hate myself because the recognized this something wrong with me yet we read passages like education three fifty seven the grade is one of the world and we say in my latest one is to believe that grade is one of the hill we need to take off arm 's some time to put on the mask of material possessions things toys gadgets sometimes with our physical appearance we dress ourselves in ways of people will not see who we are you dress in the index of the character we are told we try to give an new version of our real estate by coming up with the first slot address of adornment but sometimes in our way of carrying ourselves perhaps this is the wrong audience to talk about this I've been in Academy setting but sometimes we find ourselves controlling others because me and the low self-esteem I don't feel good about myself I need to tell people what or sometimes we are so depressed that we have to swing the pendulum the other way and become so Katie and happy in cheerful and flirtatious masks to hide from ourselves who we really are sometimes the busyness the work on labor even if this were the cause of God our studies we placed before us and we say this is the way video look at my report card that's why look at my test scores that's why and this is not why I don't really care what people think about me as long as all they know is that good grades or the amount of good stuff that I do the busy schedule that I have how much I travel here and there how much I speak in front how much I do that's what I want people to see because that's who I wish I was there it's can it be that we haven't had been hope we can add and hope after all the best show in town right I hope so I must be a conservative good Seventh-day Adventist when you deep within our hearts sometimes we realize that's not his just and sometimes be trying to hide ourselves behind someone in the form of relationships often to people who haven't dealt with their problems and how to recognize who we really are two people get together to problem to problem square multiplied it becomes even bigger mess and his homepage eighty figure five young men have received the truth and run well for a season but Satan has woven his meshes about them in unwise attachments and poor marriages this case all would be the most successful way to get a reviewer them from the path of holiness I speak for Donley to group of young people and perhaps is not my place but I'm just meeting you what is written Satan sees it as the most successful way online attachments and poor marriage I implore you I plead with you if you have not gotten your together with God a relationship will not help you I have seen the young man web left the ministry because of an on wise relationship and my heart breaks because it is true when it says it's Satan 's most successful strategy testimonies line two page two forty eight two Jeannie Satan is busily engaged in influencing those who are wholly unsuited for each other to unite their Chris Kaesong in this work or biopsy can produce more minute misery and hopelessness low to the human family then by exercising his skill in any other direction is a clear view on a gymnast counsel and help to carry ourselves in relationships because it is the most successful method for Satan to make God 's people for command bring you back to the store that we have been discussing what is the issue that caused so much hard again Abraham 's family it was a relationship with Hagar what about the Jacobs family women and poor marriages when I'm jealous of his life what is the greatest test bed in the corner that he had been your it wasn't illicit relationship with poverty line Satan is not changing its tactics they at all because it is successful and nine and women who have run well for seeing artists build falling prey and you know on and out in hopes that we don't worry about the scantily clad flirtatious women out there when I worry about those jocks that have no big muscles but she had brains those type of people are not what tempts us rights let me tell you something Satan doesn't care if he uses a good Christian young man or young woman at the meeting destroying both of our law be exceeding care because it is the most successful strategy masks that we are where they come in different forms in the worst of all it sometimes means don't even canines that we are putting on where is truly ignorant of our own personal state how do we know that were wearing and how do we know that there are issues that need trap us from learning what God wants to do for us sometimes Eddie had little fingers that come in types and buttons one of the studies a much more whenever someone discusses the way word dressing ourselves we get tense when our friends begin questioning you know what about that person you can see that we don't really know about that maybe we have some issues we need to resolve the car we get defensive we start blaming pointing fingers he made me do it right but we need to recognize that there are things in all of our law that we must result but it's not all bad news looking back a Joseph like Jesse inherited baggage yes he inherited some weaknesses one of the inherent she did inherit from his parents from his father and grandfather great-grandfather a lineage H transferral of the faith that they possessed in God the father so let's not get discouraged and think I'm too far gone is no need for me to even cultivate that which is good because there's no hope for me or my children anymore now God can take the good things that we are developing in here right now and transfer that to the posterity in the same way that he did so with Joseph and his children but one thing God gave rejoiced how they got Schrager within Joseph the change from being a spoiled little boy to becoming a courageous and noble man I read this page or profits page two thirteen Joseph then and there gave himself fully to the Lord meaning on his way to Egypt and E*TRADE of the keeper of Israel would be with him in the land of his exile to assault grill with a high resolve to prove himself true to God under all circumstances the act became a subject of the King of heaven it was serve the Lord with undivided heart he would need the trial of his lot with fortitude and perform every duty with fidelity one day experience had been the turning point in Joseph's life it's terrible calamity had transformed him from a padded child to a man block quote courageous and self possessed what is the mechanism what is that catalytic active exploit in the life of Joseph Beck called them to see himself poor who is that he can make the change in his life that he needed me it's called one day terrible calamity and the love of God is not beyond using disaster to help us see who we are he may cause us to fail our board he may cause us to lose a relationship with a loved one a family friend whatever he may cause us a loss of occupation in a strip us away from the security of Adam Holt one okay for us to see ourselves with our masks taken all so who are we now the time to recognize our history because Joseph history is an illustration of what God will do for those who feel themselves to and the whole hearts seek to accomplish his purpose and God can do the same for you as he did for Joseph Keegan do the same for me as he did for Joseph the history of Joseph shows that no matter the baggage known that another witness no matter where we are in our lives God can do something for you in our and he's not just talking on Band-Aid on a Google if I cannot change enough from inside how so we can fulfill we can need the greatest want of the world to be a part of the final generation and just think for a moment that's what it's all about the final generation is about a group of individuals with all of the inherited value since the and with the vegan of the week generation with this group of people and overweight baggage hanging off our shoulders and lands God is pointing to the same you can be more than any other previous generation everyone who are we are we any better than Joseph but are we any worse than God can do something for you gone something for me if we will only allow him if we will only be willing to surrender all the back the matter what it is I have two appeals for you today just to a we all know that we have inherited and cultivated tendency are you willing today to ask the Lord to use what ever it takes to reveal to us who we really are is a desire no matter how painful it is even if we have to see ourselves as a hating murderous brother of Joseph God show us who we are studying design the second appeal do you want to ask God to do whatever it takes to take this probe can vessel to transform it into something like what is described in the paragraph the greatest one even if it means being sent to slavery in Egypt even if it means being forgotten in the king 's prison even if it means being slighted and hated by family that's my desire because I want to be a part of final generation investor design today by the stand with me as we close in prayer our father in heaven today we come before you recognize that you can do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves Joseph story is an illustration of what he wanted but each one of our law what we have so many skeletons in our closet that we are afraid to even be we had baggage that weighs us down with a burden of guilt and discouragement but the Lord we realize Joe Joseph was in the same circumstance and you do something for him that I know you can do for us but I ask that you revealed to us today who we are maybe take off our masks and see ourselves for who we are and then kneel before you asking for help but we pray that he will help us do whatever it takes for us to be that final generation BND sent to serve in the household applauded for or to be the Prime Minister of Egypt whatever it takes Lord we pray that he will work in us to will and to do his good pleasure this day as we continuing your Sabbath hours we ask that you will bless us and maybe continue to meditate on your goodness and your love with transforming power we pray these things in Jesus and


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