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The Cause of War

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • June 13, 2013
    7:15 PM
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him everyone was good at all the time yes it is a Psalm one hundred verse five is for the Lord is good but when you say God is good abusive up because that's what people say what you say because you are living witness to the fact that God has been good in your life when it's right again God is going at all the time I guess you know God inhabits the praises of his people and so we must not hesitate to let the world know that we serve a God who is good is always good some one hundred for spot I'm delighted to be with you for this weekend before the youth initiative I think with a pen for us but did it for the first time I'm among them my wife's submitted to direct my right by the rich and very seldom travels with and because of work schedules so you are experiencing a rare honor to see her villages stand quickly so that they can see you there she has all right so I'm glad she can do with me on this occasion coolness and from a very far distance other than ourselves anyone out very far very far Norway Japan no no all right you all from Florida a minor correct or rough I have the best we can I'm quite sure for this reason the emphasis is his word and insists on one thirtieth two tells us he has magnified his word above all his name is a remarkable statement when you consider all the names of the other probably over three hundred other all give us insights into Google News and how we function of Bible says God has magnified his word above all his name as I love the word of God is the emphasis you may be sure that God 's presence is there in the person of his Holy Spirit our brother Pedro is very serious about time like I am so I have to get right to the message because Stein does not wait for anyone the previous speaker us to to turn off your cell phones I hope you found that I also hope you bring up Bibles rather than use a cell phone for your for your Bible are on iPad for the Bible I have nothing against multitechnology with manual Bible there's nothing else will the Bible are you following me your iPad may have something else but they tense you your cell phone may have something else but the Bible is just the Bible there's nothing else for the possibility of distracting you so another reason why I don't support some of these things as the public 's presentation when someone sees you walking down the street with an iPad no one thinks you're going to church volume of acute but it has no spiritual witness are you following me I love this message goes all over the world because people like to you I have an iPad many images allowed the latest offering all I have an iPhone seven or ten all I have something else but when you carry the old Bible is very similar as going to church about what was going I was sitting in an airport a few years ago I was going somewhere to preach I was reading the Bible waiting for them to call for us the board made on the plane this lady sat next to me were flying from Detroit to Southern California is a follow flight at least as he began talking to me we were in first class I was a great event in as she said I want to talk to I because I saw you reading your Bible is using an iPad really when I passed by then but that all insane is don't be afraid to have your Bible publicly forget this business of looking at you walk with the Bible only people see it each day brings someone to Christ just the site of a Bible or isolate for my ranting and raving of our subject for this evening is the cause of war what I say because of war last resort to cell phones I also want to pray for me what I speak all I want to say is more to put your words and that man's mouth of that is very very important I'll tell you why my words have no power I mean they have not whether have the power to see if they have power to hurt you would have no power to save you seamless us all worked your words in that man's mouth and seventy three I want to think of what you're getting Isaiah one eighteen I'll let us reason together said I want you to think of what to him our speaker also said Florida youth initiative was begun about six years ago I believe my young people seventeen to twenty five in this age range he gave in other words some were teenagers young people but finally for the event let's pray that I'll continue my remarks father in heaven thank you for the gift of life how do they go all the in this country that would one bespeak is the driving we still have freedom to work thank you for that I pray that you would forgive me with offender June the fall to possess my mind and speak for me very clearly very directly that would boldly would hope to speak with compassion test the hearts of all those who were listening for the goals will give this message is recorded for movable parts as well that the words that I speak the words from the throne of grace and glory that hearts we touch soft and I be pointed in your direction I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name amen Florida useless there was begun by young people between the ages of seventeen and twenty five and delighted to hear that because there's a feeling it is my informal observation of the Bible is for all the people to the Bible says in Ezekiel eighteen verse four the solvent Senate finished informing it shall die what age should be applied to that first Callaway said the thirteen -year-old the Senate it shall die will that be correct yes Daniel role that Senate shall die I will be the twelve -year-old and seven however to which you may be sure that with so many young people the Bible is old people such as the Bible says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever is included in whatsoever twelve -year-olds yes sir video roles yes I will leave the old one which do for do you know for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that if of fourteen -year-old believes it in a fourteen -year-old shall not perish but have everlasting life but if not for your role refuses to the as I understand me clearly by attractive young people the Bible is the human beings hell there's only one hell and even accommodate people of all ages it is one of the say that as clearly as I possibly could let me give you a quotation from child guidance speech eight three listen to what you have never heard of Ellen White finish you've never heard of one or it is God 's design but even the children and you should understand intelligently both requirements that they may distinguish between righteousness and soon begin obedience and disobedience it is God 's design of design is not accidental I design is the number of Gaul did he quickly intended that twelve -year-olds fourteen -year-olds ten -year-olds would understand what he requires and how words are understand intelligently the reason why the blood of the stats that are talked with you on the computer that doesn't work just call the ten -year-old boy on iPhone is a function on an iPad is causing problems call you give these of the children fixes Muslim and this is the night was is is a youth initiative I won't be used to understand gone pics pics you to understand the core the criminal the essentials of salvation one of the ibogaine with the right I like of the great controversy against all odds particularly the first part of the great controversy all Seventh-day Adventists should understand what is meant by the great controversy this is that which separates our doctrines from all other Christian doctrines everything we teach if we teach it properly should fall under the umbrella of the great controversy that all of the denomination teaches this concept what is the great controversy and what is the heart and soul and of the great controversy in Revelation chapter twelve we shall reverse seven our subject is the calls of war revelation twelve vision reform first seven it is a familiar passage reminiscent twelve reading from verse seven our subject is the cause of war blessings upon you the Bible says and that was war in heaven the stop right there was more in heaven now the Bible divides the entire universe into heaven and earth right off there's the Jesus Matthew twenty eight it did and Jesus came and spake of them saying all power is given to me where in heaven and your vice president encompasses everywhere everywhere and so awful to Scripture when you really have a number it means everywhere so does have the best golf area visitors that's hours not by creation ownership but by God 's giving out supervision I will management the Bible says there was a wall in heaven that's regardless your rate Solomon 's prayer of dedication of the Temple he constantly says here from heaven when this happens here from heaven after this manner therefore pray uses Jesus in Matthew six from first my Outlook lava which are in half where God is the area of the universe associated with God Psalm one fifty four sixty the heaven even the heavens are the Lord with fear as he given to the truth of the matter so there are those hours they have plans of the Lord the Bible says that somewhere war began in heaven the whole there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon a war requires total pools and forces and so we have the battlefield have we have two opposing forces Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was good and is filed anymore in heaven one army is led by Michael one arm is led by the Dragon and he's identified adverse line of Revelation twelve and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan as soon one holds Satan Met a holds a war as a conflict due to signs of three when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in nineteen ninety one were any of you born your assistant lead a coalition of forces to expel them Lucy but there were essentially two opposing forces Saddam Hussein of the coalition tool opposing forces of fifty something a wall is a conflict between two armies or persons by Christ's 's Angels the Dragon Satan 's angels what is Satan get his army from how you get them to fall we have to look closely how did Satan succeed in getting holy unfallen perfect angels to follow him if we understand that your sister that's included Bermuda right will understand the heart of the swollen of the great controversy and if we do not understand the heart of the soul this tiny little column of this country who misunderstand subsequent studies that reengage in is if you start on the wrong foot you and the in the wrong place Satan wanted worship with Isaiah fourteen we shall read from verse twelve Isaiah fourteen reverse twelve hour subject is the great continent will renowned for those of the most subject is the cause of war is therefore to you the reading from personal another familiar passage why was this all about fallen from heaven or use of the son of the morning how about cuts down to the ground which they speak and the nations football has sent inside I will ascend into heaven balls that's where he lived why did he have to ascend into heaven that's where he lived arguing it had ascended to heaven you know you haven't it was also scheduled to go on Ezekiel twenty eight verse fifty eight ballot the horse fourteen know what the anointed cherub that come with a high set the sole legal civil was the closest angel to bottle wall 's presence was his dwelling place without they dismissed seven sixty one I like to write to him meeting was a prop Aspen nor of a created being was given revelation of God 's love God deliberately open the useless eyes to understand his love in the way cultural goal of Angel by the way go to schools of the some people who abuse others that the difference in front of the time the faith I live by faith sixty sixth out of SQL like rights of elusive goal of the radiating good and beautiful as the man as possible like himself and this is the that frightened and they would like to go on the all-new reason why beautiful was not long is because you cannot create God but out of RSS Garden and as close to God as God possibly code is inclusive for the presence of God why did he had ascended clearly he wanted the position of God music was created and so he was not part of the Godhead father son and Holy Ghost he was not a standing member of the console between the father and the son wanted that I would ascended to heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God there are those times regardless what you believe I will exalt my throne above the stars of God clearly the Angels in the morning stars shining together the Angels the intelligent beings on other worlds most of the ones that exalt his throne and the throne presupposes the Buckingham is robust Christopher wanted to roll he wanted something so I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my thought about the stars of God I will sit also when the moment of the congregation and the size of the North the north of the site of power and sore in the side of the side where the enemy comes from I should say as I decide children devoted with the privilege to read North so David said Doctor Dennis a table before me in the presence of mine enemies become criminal that's regards advised Apollo can you say about absolute usefulness I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I wasn't also put about the congregation the site will not I will ascend above the heights of the clouds that are low clouds of heaven clouds of the resulting rain or evaporation I should say there are no clouds of heaven out of the be above the clouds what if you read in the Hebrews chapter twelve verse one wherefore seeing we also accomplish about with such a cloud of witnesses one witnesses all those who suited Chapter 11 by faith Abraham when he was called to go out and replace with you would have to receive an inheritance or paid by the Sarah conceived by faith Isaac blessed its own teacup by faith Jacob when he was dying with both the sons of Jacob and worship anyone call this type by faith Moses when he was twenty years refused to be called the son of the rules daughter I save all these people have also seen where compost with such a cloud of witnesses I was at the cloud received Jesus out of the disciples hike when we went back to heaven was a choir of angels living base of an emotional one of the bill of the stars of God it is not needed or I am in one of the stars of called either the Angels you see the rule of that he comes clearly state I will be finishing forming like the bowls I asked what he meant by the four previous statements you can be like the most high one of the most high is around you have to remove it dubious use most for one seat to sit on the throne of God he wanted the worship of this is clearly seen in the third temptation in the future before he said all these things will I give the if I would fall down and worship me most of the new this was the one default thousands perhaps billions of years before Lucifer wanted the recognition June fifth Christ unknown he wanted what it is a status within the Fellowship of all that God and him only shalt thou serve now how did elusive for a second by this I get the Angels to follow him how the Angels children love oh yes obedience but we tell you something you already know but repetition is an effective tool of teaching fee or any way to show you love God is to obey Jesus says John fourteen four fifteen if you love me tell me that's the way most Christians function and feel me to interpret the first essay tell me but Jesus Christ that Donald and Mark at December six at the ends of the seventh of them flow music for well is it prophesied of you hypocrites saying this people honors me with their meeting but they are far from the howbeit in vain do they worship me if you worship is just what you say that's not what God wants CSA has a miss understand me but Jesus is clear with either twelve or fourteen if you love me keep my combat PAHO 's demonstrated and love for God by or be spirit of prophecy volume one page twenty three the happiness of the angelic host consisted in the perfect will need humans to go through the visit again the happiness of the evangelicals consisted in that perfect obedience also it just showed the love for God by obeying him let me commit obedience not just with love was something else this is again tomorrow seven River six well have to resist prophesied of you hypocrites as it is written this people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me for seventh of March seven albeit is being made a lot worse looking toward Washington and see what is associated with let's will light up online presentable and present it out if there out of us bring the horses together in the words and try to construct tabernacle of how the in the event of a working thing was anything empty wasting time useless unacceptable to me if they did or what worship you why is it in vain teaching for what doctrines that come oneself them now let's reason together if you worship is based on the commandments of men this is definitely set you up again and give you every opportunity to pass this quiz with a hundred points if he also has NT worship is connected to observing the also man what can you top of the about worship thus acceptable to God it is based on law or video so off but also all and get it a try again using when you read the Bible it was not only read what it says you must read what it does not say in words which is why Jesus is coming out with us reason together for instance both as one seventy seven is Google send one seven seven one for good not if the law is not soon it has to be something as righteousness July the first is a straight flat out as we say but it is implied in the law is the law sin was righteousness the Air Force shipment based on the commandments of men is fading what kind of worshipers meaningful tell me or should base on obedience to the laws of God you still look beautiful and lost well-dressed interviews with youth are you following me knowing about it just the mortgage against listen again is listen please essence that maybe should listen to the sermon standing up or you listen to the floor in the it needs nothing to be says Jesus why why because it is based on what era which is specifically referred to the Bible as the Commandments of men missed again for sources is useless delicious gone it is based the commands of them dramatic events he believes in God to give them are doing it God-given to call the commands of God not the command of the in worship based on the commandments of men it is useless to go what worship is acceptable to God worship as a result of PDM system God 's law in other words the heart and soul of worship is obedience is the Samuels assault and foresight of fifteen reverse twenty two bottles all for Samuel Noggle of smart about it for three or four seven fifty and ugly destroy all that they have unspent or not but slim what man and woman infant and suckling all and she had those and ask everything Bible says that Saul spared a gag verse nine of the best of the sheep and of the oxen in effect means of the present adversely consults that I have obeyed the voice of the Bourgogne had a controversial salt golf say destroy how much everything by the will of the comeback of my young friends twelve and fourteen and six Ms. and what volatile salt the new family verse three of her sudden fifteen now goal of this type of electric and ugly destroy all that they haven't spent them not but slay both man and woman get one word for that adults and insolent and suckling in the order that children and with a warmth to a verse ready to is what's also sent along as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as an old being the points of the more loud the sacrificial system Christ in the Garden of the I see Christ in the Garden of Eden he was the one who wants us out of guilt for sons is a suitable New Zealand about to get out of both of you with what he did he did the Senate kills the animal that the priest takes over are you following me as Obama washes out until the animals ignore critical to skins it was Christ who set up the sacrificial system as a symbolic way of teaching sinners of the Christ to come to Jesus to come the sacrifice that would be offered thousands of years down the road now Christ says yes I set up but I did not set up for its own sake O as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as it will be the ones of the board while the state I won't will be huge the department is what I want Cisco what God wants from us motivated fields is obedience I was settled because of the express through visible worship obedience no are impossible outside of the law of God rested to visit again worship obedience and love for God are all in possible outside of the law of God not what does my earlier question how did you use it for six seed in getting images on his side he had on my delusional was a subject calls of war the civil had to a ten criminal at higher kingdom of God is based on law and so we really installment of seven pursuit of justice and judgment are the habitations of knife throwing the word habitation believes foundation and read also next is twenty five versus sixteen verse twenty one the cult almost this book the testimony that I shall give the DVR the work test one reports of equipment so that that box can get a good look at the mountains representing the throne of God what was in it what was its foundation what held it off all of both listen to me carefully the entire universal kingdom of God is based on all as the most effective way to overthrow God 's government used to attack Islam is even more startling the devil 's problem with Jesus is not Jesus the Devils problem with Christ and with the father is the fact that they have finished it for me will great controversy page five eighty one unlike writes these words from the very beginning was the Word not just the beginning the very beginning as a visit from John it has been sentenced purpose to overthrow the law of God it was accomplish this that he entered upon his rebellion against the creator I'm all he was cast out of heaven he has continue at the same warfare upon your notice the wording very carefully this same warfare will have you if it is the same warfare it is the same calls of war as a reader of misanthrope nine and the great dragon was cast out little devil serpent as Satan we could see that the whole world he was kept stoked into the earth and his angels were cast out with but we skipped the first twelve therefore rejoice you heavens why should heavens rejoice he's been just over there therefore rejoice you heavens and eat at one of the wall to the inhabitants of the of the sea why because the devil is come down once you have a great draw because in ortho behalf but a short time a short time to do a short time to destroy the law of God in the hearts of God 's people first John Sabbath reverse it tells us electricity is off the devil for the devil city from the beginning of the sparkles the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil we have to work some destruction going on Christ trying to destroy the works of the devil the devil trying to destroy the role went of a war is fought both sides are trying to destroy the abyss is no different in the struggle with the crisis he and Christ is trying to destroy one Satan is doing seated is trying to destroy what Christ has done and is doing a good of the those ten Commandments the law of God is the cause of war why it is only little that any created being scheduled for the fit is only for old media to see his law that any created being can worship God it is only through obedience and also law that any income is a created being can store loyalty to go in for the human part of creation obeys also remember Christ storm Mark four thirty seven forty one and he arose and rebuked the wind and set of the sea peace be still and whimsies of it was a great calm horse forty one on this yet exceedingly leading the disciples and saw that they were terrified and said once one of the war of man is this infinite verse that he will win FSC Federation of trade him shaking your heads festival 's ability to understand that the gas in Belgium will show you is to be carefully anything created by God obeys God of this is that the best form of correction is self correction are you with differently vigorously enough more or less forget intelligent being in the natural world the sun the moon the stars of films molecules neutrons electrons quarks all obey God but hard to conceive of that because we are naturally disobedient again electrons orbit the outer shell but because they have nothing else to do they do that in obedience to all that God has set in motion when you heat a gas or epistemic express why because that's other law workplace to control the behavior of gases if you did something hot and something called his mother says it will move from the offering goldfish not cold cold pop each Google from the hot thing the whole thing by the way when you connect with Christ righteous Christ the arguably corruption and failure Christ is the righteousness both tries to you that's lightly to be connected to the finest bodies a amount all of the nature of these are ex- the intelligent ones now I said the war was moved from heaven to earth Bruce Little is the same as everything else remains the same students of its rights advice averted and he succeeds all the Bible says inasmuch is the government of the one of the least of these my brethren even that of the meat milk that's the principle by which the functions of this event is indispensable when you software your suffers with you Christ I was and I like that system please shake my head out the door the patrol other countries agrees this would put you of those on the left is a is this point working are you sleeping guys why don't you say something that this is nothing so when I have it with a congregation with someone close it is always refreshing the same of these annoying on sleeping for more from heaven there everything from insight while I introduced the principle inasmuch as he done it unto one of the least of these my brethren you got to remember the charts is the body of and he is the head monkey listen my because I just said the walking from heaven on earth and I'm where seasons in but the charge is his body of which he said the house keep this in mind listen to resolution twelve seventy and the trip where we first read over seven there was war in heaven but for some Revelation twelve now the same war is repeated in for seventeen and the tribunal was paroled with home the woman who's the woman the church what is the search the board once of which he's the head of the drive was wrong with crimes what is I got towards the woman underwent a big one wall not a different one from the one he we should haven't the same way out of it all that I went to bed while the rest of the proceed which viewed the commandments of God that which and raised the devil and have and raise his game on earth because of all the wrong of God that you will be our data give your mental exercise I told you when reading about you should read what it says what also should you do try to see what it does not say in words what it says by implication Edwards if two people said before and I said I like this one what was able to and what did I say that no but I think that he has to now read this some team about Muslims on the Bible we don't use common sense in this the Dragon withdrawal the woman of many women out in Revelation are right you're right in Iraq is out of a possible you're right because there's two kinds of women in relation to clients but the hundreds of women but makes me reminisce of seventy first five foot upon the forehead was a name written on a written as one woman overboard this is Babylon the great the mother of his heart is the love guru Perl so there are many little harlot running around of you just like the mother are you listening to me so there are many women but only tool kinds of women with your woman Revelation twelve the sun are all goes while watching members in chapter seventeen are you with me in the right with you that what I'm try to reach you at UW junk and somehow now listen to Revelation twelve seventeen and harmony with it I start Revelation they reread the Bible read in microscopic every word every clause of refrains every sentence every first look to see how warm the mix of the above as the tribunal was raw with the woman you notice anything you notice nothing what evils one big forces like a regular competition yes I will try to draw with the one one one of the heart of what a revelation these I agree one below was the logical question to follow which one of us identify reform which she took him back not let's see what the Bible says announcing if the drive is wrong with one woman and the reason is she has both long and busy for you about the other with weblogs give a loving and what he has no problem not listening but this won't be medical interests in worship style in the amount in beating style interesting style of interweaving reach you know years ago in Everett and wanted at bistro CBD next it was always what God is but somehow the cost of events is coming November this tells you the list of the question that is by whom I was it unlikely to the Temple complex you designed it could happen as you is like big the message on the last benevolent if you think so I can only be blessed someone was driving my friend Susan Detective has to be blessed and I write back nicely please don't tell needed with foot gardening and say what God has to don't tell me the address stay blessed are related last book in the orders are delivered on Boston around the best said last romance let's all take gone to rescue the Gately idea Julie Hingis when people tell me the rest is is a little world is reporting good sponsor and we want to cost because there's nothing we say about this over the cost little misunderstanding one hundred people make a lot of noise in the church and I God have mercy of his people and there's something in atavism in the evidence in black Portugal appraised brink of critical praise break no will on you and you and always on time to check up to check phrase rate it's a break in the service when you get less recognizer at the you cannot love or God always if you opt for a spring update as well darkness is going on and on the movement of funds is assaulted it is in the business charts about once like a double black people because if I can talk about your cat iPad it's in your novel is another Bible verse of Day followed with an agency Babylon is fallen his father and after the reference all full systems worship of whom the chief is good the woman who wanted to be a part of something that phone only because you don't understand what you should understand process Seventh-day Adventist here is a account that started to be bombed and normative informants send out leaflets to their citizens we are going to bomb the city get out Falluja now when you say that God has started babbling to be bombed lucidly maybe after this are moving into method is dressed like that let's say like that let's keep like that let's whatever like that because we do not say that the devil is not angry at all easy Babylon is sequence agent the four beasts this beautiful country is Satan 's agent the ten horned beast is Satan 's angels they were to get off for the overthrow of the draw or brothers and sisters whose wife is revocable at the close of war that causes also great controversy page five eighty four paragraph one this is a message we should give to be put back in the mid- come out a Bible says come out that he had to say we won the gold in great controversy Ms. five eighty four paragraph one Stephanie Knoll era accepted by the Christian world strikes more boldly against the authority of none is so directly opposed to the dictates of reason and another is more injurious in its effect than the modern doctrine so rapidly gaining ground what is it that God 's law is no longer binding upon that's what those churches each device will get this right is given one of these synthesizers in the state of all arrows preached on the earth the most dangerous era is the one that says you don't have to keep God 's fact is the cause of the great controversy going to go fifty workspace ninety six paragraph three and what rights the doctrine of scientific issue of located by many is full of perception because it is flattering to the natural heart but the content of this thing that can be preached of the similar group of people 's words that kind of this thing that can be preached to the cinema is the role of the binding claims of the law of God in other words what do someone a favor that the personal that the Jesus they love so much as a standard is not as a series of do 's and don'ts it is the very expression of his righteousness but some of the missing page fifty four paragraph one the law of God is as holy as these holy as a righteous as these righteous a process to manage in the righteousness of God Satan was banal of God should be over the evil though there were no authority to enforce it and no reward for its obedience sides of the Times September twenty four eighteen ninety four paragraph four is a powerful statement was against what she says the law of God should be obeyed Eva will all come to enforce it and will reward for obedience because it is simply the best weight at it expresses the very righteousness of God Satan hates but all of God and so he has succeeded in getting ready minister susceptible to breach there is no law of any something you succeeded in getting several bit of his creatures to say I serve little church many years ago and a certain church member is a brief history that she moved to Illinois the work and she wanted me to come to that church to speak so she told her pastor the passes that give me a couple tapes of him when the Wednesday estimates and a couple servant of mine uncle active member and said he sounds like a nice man and I have a nice lunch once a member but he preaches obedience but we preach love gzip as they wouldn't you want to us it is no problem at all if God wants me someplace no one can give me out and if God wants me out I want to get it are you telling me that you live your life by the way so I he never luckily because I preach obedience but his teachers believes in love how do you separate enough from obedience I don't know I was a conducting the crusade followed immediately by camp meeting in a certain country of the severe and down the after I smoke a friend of mine went and spoke about your he was a week of prayer something focusing and otherworldly defensive for the visual scanning the full review and he preaches love with you presuming drawing a distinction between the two is the carefully this is the second out of Ludwig of the any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above all that is in Europe beneath all that is in the water under the earth I'll shall not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for I will like all the jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers no phone calls me up on the children unto the third and fourth generations there is informing them that hate me not even my them that hate me because we have to fill in the and short courses of thousands of them back the ad keep my commandments not when he said them that hate me he doesn't say what they do when he says them that love me he says what didn't which is what my command with no less funded by them that hate me and it's not like that getting through the same deliberative the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate you and that is a bank and astronomers of the thousands of them value lovely and keep my commandments if we lovingly this can be like a man was yanking me there's lots of the black disobeying like to bring also these people that hosted the people 's will the visual signal that I'm about to end neither the close of the delusional it is up to trust me to be merciful to an end soon my brothers and sisters golf must have the people on the earth to remind your that the problem with your give me the problem in one word three letters seen Christ didn't die because people will pull studies for just value associative in ministry that you make a million dollars all of the Bible is called to repent of your friend because you can get a map or woman singleness is not to say that that's not quite priced by you not repent because you never had a call Christ died for one reason tell you what it is seeing you and I are called to repent of what they tell you what matters is not what I said visiting the law of God is a bridge that spans Genesis to Revelation where ever you see the word said iniquity transgression and disobedience you will see the problem this world has feminine because of sin this world has learned because this one has AIDS because of sin this one has a wall because of sin this world has orphans because as soon this world has prisons and jails of psychiatric institutions because of sin this world has hospitals because of sin this world has from rehab program this world has divorced lawyers because you declaration all the worlds problems would cease and the only way to remove sin is a highlight of list elevates and bring the heart by God 's power is the harmony with God 's law and whatever you like and I don't agree you have one problem since I have one should I skip the dying because of sin and soon is a transgression of the all have sinned you going and come short of the glory what is the glory of God is not a time the only way to come short of votes counted there is still sin and what is sin transgress the law and I would have received little in connection with the owner to come short of that is a great little this would be to become the goats comic that is to do what new in harmony with the will of God by what power the power of Christ's episode of calls of war is an awful in the below you cannot tell if the doctrine is biblical but again the bedrooms that are the other old like I was gone he said that I thought you were nicer than okay my finest I have time tomorrow to be after the Tokyo but for tonight 's if we surrender again aligns the bottom it was a father give me a heart that belongs to do thy will O my Lord year but evil is within my heart makes your abs you do each newborns will send us on a summer is wrong low as they are in a a media was wrong audio price a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how universe is more certain and www. audio verse .org


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