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Make Some Noise

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • June 15, 2013
    11:15 AM
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hours before the day is make some noise woodland setting the young people of this event make some noise and that's always subject to be before I proceed any further would you kindly toward uniforms off lease and depending on your southern hospitality to accommodate my request all phones and some of you have two forms based on them often even if you want to make the Internet please minimize any distractions that recur in your home or wherever you are please when you listen to God 's word try to listen with concentrated concentration below the summary to set settlement to what I'm speaking pray for me and all I wanted to say is Lord put your roads in that man's mouth because my words hope you once words are spirit and they are life and fiddle with three I want you to think think of what you where the evidence put twenty to with four not twenty two are you with me so something as you listen it like an intelligent audience qualitative and all right with some of you are okay with Ray and asked God to grant us a spirit because if any man have not discovered of Christ is none of his and it is the spirit that guides us into truth when you have the spirit you have everything whispering only father in heaven thank you very much for life for site for hearing for all the physical blessings you've given to us none of us has a perfect situation father were thankful to be alive if so we recognize you as the fountain of all our blessings and we thank you publicly if we've offended you de Gaulle to forgive us please not only removed the suit but with the forgiveness give us power to resist nothing for the iPhone will myself in your presence I see only your glory and so I pray big or as human the lab and put the wording is not the Bible says nothing good about it please follow the words in my mouth for your sake and for the blessing of your grant is your spirit please let him to direct and guide all that we do that the service of all its components may glorify you and be a blessing to us I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name and are subject to make some noise go with me to Genesis chapter twelve we shall read from verse Genesis twelve reading from first ten riveting from the King James version of the Bible will be wrote to Bibles with you by the sense of that was a famine in the lab of Deborah went down into Egypt to sojourn there for the famine was previous in the lab I kept the past when he was come near to enter into Egypt that he set up the Seawright is what behold now I know that all other fair woman to look upon therefore it shall come to pass when Egypt 's health CD the visual C misses his wife and they will E but they will save thee alive say I pray for our so maybe well with me for life 's sake and my soul shall be because of the attic in the past that it was coming to Egypt the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair the process also of federal saw her ankle amended from before federal and the woman was taken into federal cells that woman was a man's wife for sixteen of Genesis twelve and he entreated him well for her sake and yet she and often and he asses and menservants and maidservants as she asses and proposals read verse seventeen with me if you have my first Apple of the Lord clearly their role and his house with great way to stop the update of any size is not something you want falling on you but a great upbeat I'm not just one of the Bible say Lord please feel Roy and his house with lots of great plagues the ten plagues the godsend on the Egyptians a few hundred usually do all catastrophic each one increasing in its severity but intend to the first one which is funerals my my gladness mingled beauty but sometimes it gone with you for start with a leather belt and you don't get it you which you again but the second whipping is with the big about as so when you deal with thought it's best to learn the lesson when the first side children estimate work with your parents to as Goss said great things about the federal no I noticed not just on federal but his films now because house is not only the his family it also meant one the entire notion because when this incident is repeated in Genesis twenty eight with ever have lysed Abimelech before this I take a bit let's send you raw on me I'm on my son operates was rerouted for seventy hundred finish and the Lord laid federal avenues house with Great Plains why because I'll still read I Abrams life legs is a poor word Ceradyne is singular because of one woman clawed unleashed his anger on a population and they are all in that woman goal in our next visit something for those of you listening however listening and personal intimate do not mess with a child of God I guess it do not mess with a church member it all goes instead to find hidden with church members unless I often say they went to church more often than Jesus I sat it will not harass a child because that child of God has a blog behind him in naïve mobility is a God of love these of the flood the evil employees about of the biggest frauds are up by a evil is a lot of love here commanded all disliked Amalek and utterly destroy that they have no if you can avoid it make life miserable for a child of God Leslie Sierra Drive submitted angle earlier in chapter twelve of the book of Genesis published subject is make some voice answered from first provost chalices forsworn sorry of Genesis chapter twelve reading from verse one novel the Lord had said unto Abram get thee out of my country and from like and from my father 's house on to other land that I shall by Wigle does not always show you where you going when he told you to go he did that twice it ran jumped twenty two when he asked him to sacrifice Isaac he said I'd get thee into the land of maria on alternative therefore burnt offering upon one of the motives which I will tell the Bible says in verse four then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and small the place but the first three days was the first we did not know where he was going all in you that God said to us and so it is a lack of faith possible to cross everything about every eyes before you move out of the Senate it will get thee out of my country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house onto a land that I will shortly on I will make of the agreed nation on high will bless you we could but I listed what I will be fine in great and all shall be a blessing personally I read with me and I well yes there that blessed the stop anyone who was Maestro child of God will be blessed even if that person is an atheist arguments what I said there was a blessing God has promised for anyone who is not just about the Bible says in Genesis are denied verse five Joseph and also part of what I do give a pass from the time that he made him overseer in this house and over all that he had about the Lord blessed the Egyptian 's house for Joseph's sake and the blessing of the Lord was upon her that he had in the house editorials God bless that Pedro Potiphar that even before the idol worship up for school one reason Potiphar was kind to Joseph the items reported problems justify emergency regardless was about I reversibly would be Genesis twelve I will bless them that bless the second part is little tough but its biblical and occurs in fact first of the added AV shall all families of your progress Kuan has two responses but was not neutral Mrs. Corey curses he seems all he destroys he justifies all he could argue condemns God is a black-and-white dog the best of original statement Gore is a black and white gone are you with me on this wire with reasons why people come to church because they don't see much difference between the church underlies the live so why I come to church later the music I heard in the club why I come to church ability stresses it with interest for the club why God is black-and-white when you come to God you should go from white to black on black light for the short ghetto life are you with me door lock suspects said the righteousness as selected messages voted three-page student one the difference between believer and unbeliever should be as great as the difference between light and darkness I would bless them that bless me and trusted that philosophy the Bible abounds with examples of God pouring out his rough appoint people who interfered in the lives of his people but there was a condition because altercations God send people that arises like assisted the rest of you don't like it but is biblical on okay to go sent on leave words to punish his people and so when I said call most of the failures people this is a condition it are a child of God just because you call yourself a set Methodist somewhere to store the prophecy says a profession of religion cases men in the church but I took a conduct sure if they are in connection with Christ the greatest tennis you must obey me you must be faithful to me and if you are okay and if you are faithful to me I will act on your behalf in ways that will calls open patients to shake it up use the word shake symbolically I meant it literally let's go to Deuteronomy chapter two our subject is fixable neurotic to reverse twenty five is the what God tells his people is wrong this book will find chapter two verse twenty five red ribbon got my first one of the Bible say this day when I begin to walk what the threat of being and the theater there up on the missions that are under the horror of what is the whole heaven will now granted when the Bible was written there was a certain world of the Bible the Bible does nothing but Japan and Barbados are you with an TRF twelfth able what you call it how wonderful to be just most of a few hundred miles east west north and south of the Mediterranean but that's a world this day will I begin to put the dread of you and the threat of the atoms of fear of being upon the initial setup on the blowhole what was going to be in Genesis verse one Bible says God blessed Noah and his sons is other than be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and the Avenue shred of you shall be upon every beast of the earth however he followed their lead that was ruled upon the ground up on all the fishes of the sea vast light on the most is truly do want with easy human beings all as wide as alive as if Elias easy to before you see him unusual for it he prefers to avoid going for that amount of wounds riot after eight people came out of the ark with hundreds and hundred one of them slidable stent to avoid loaves of the one thousand this day will I begin to put good friend of the house the theoretically infinite missions that are out of the whole haven't bought a stake on the way to work through you in such a way every authorization shall you determine who shall you have a report of the couch threat level and begin anguish because of the right of figure one and season the events are dying a natural death items that are very few books of the Bible the symbolic so I'm not really from revelation but then had to put horns and reading from Deuteronomy is into unnatural verse this day will I begin to put the right of the Avenue this euro thirty dollars for a living example of that is what Joshua chapter two weblogs people make noise of the renovated voice is to Buell Biju unfaithful to God that was always his head around the world it is unfortunate that almost before some of the present of the United States of them related to you are looking for a culture junkie community when I sent it again fortysomething percent of people in United States and is high outside either states have never heard of several deputies we need to make nice another part of Beyoncé and you have when you get home get rid of her CDs therefore does Lady Gaga versus another then part of official member of help me out because you know and but if not heard also that this we need to make some nice novice with Joshua to read it from verse eight and before there was a young visit of spies that Rahab hid in the roof of her house you know that story and before that was a dumb she came up unto them upon the roof him she said I know whether Lord have given you the lab the how BG movement were at spring she will get happiness of Jetta covered a lot it was only long gone working for these people because Gotthard and eyes of his people they are jointly outsource you said I is all that the Lord has given you laugh about your peril has fallen upon us and that all the inhabitants of the landlocked faint line because if you listen to me this is not symbolic language this is literal if seventh Avenue this would be one more call this debate are clinicians Church of what's wrong but I'm not the person does it let a white early writings page two twenty seven paragraph one I saw if you're part of a growing population it has little respect for what I feel sorry for you undergo a change of my quickly like during the service if you love those who respect her unacknowledged or ruled the genuineness of a perfecting of the blessings that come from reading or how many churches are merely secular clubs because they have no regard for and what are you listening to me I love hello this is on the Internet I love and I want to know sometimes I pray and I said father thank you for the Ministry of Isle of Wight thank you for the pioneers country for the writings of a husband James White thank you for their managers him what they think you these little women who sought for fights don't be fashionable and respect both the trucks as you regularly write these the twenty seventh out about one I saw it out of the truck about all authoritative but because you were a great was the word it suggests a condition I saw that if the church will always retain the peculiar will be different in the world interests value romance money 's accessing puppy surely a holy countertop the power of the Holy Spirit which was imported to the disciples and liberals maybe it might open to relax of your red acts committed by a helpful review because and plagiarism was a dogs and the strong demand was labeled junk that led the antelope when they delivered both pilot on Philip was performing miracles that this will dispose maybe they wanted to buy the difficult listening was a signing bonus on she says the power to begin again I saw that if the charts how wrong was retained but the Q&A on wedding talk the power of the Holy Spirit which was a part of the disciples won't still be with our choice on to say the sick would be healed devils would be rebuked and cast out has out of court this event and she would be the key and are the enemies she wouldn't be eighteen and him him really these is out of that position of power and might result in vision is neither serves the community made up mainly of some of the church will go to school was the city Council is minimal due from the church is of his international prison food Angels message to we want to build the school and we need their support not inside of them being afraid of us we are afraid of the issue of great controversy in its purity there's too much information about the man of sin and the beast we want to build a hospital in Rome so the chapters that always talk about how to do not eat drink soy milk and Swiss steak don't talk about the man of sin because we need their cooperation let me tell use if we were faithful to God someone save it from what to submit an application to build a hospital that was it that this is not quite we did not want flags coming out on us but I will go does not play we have access array we were the first ten of tossing two let's go back to reverse my I thought the Lord have given you the land and vacuum Harrow is brought to us about all the inhabitants of the land what they want because a few of his works the you do when you have stop we need to know what makes some noise that the world is a lot we can test the thought who led never heard why because we make this underlies I want is not loud singing is the noise of faithfulness to God our delivery into the laws of the staff of our health message is the price of a femme fatale trestle for message to the laws of raising families there's some blood work is done on the running hospitals that some à la like half-life is going on the running supposed this on analytes that Mike is going on some obedience to God somebody's mad at you while you think this is for my business as you said first and flow we hope words of the Lord right of the water of the Red Sea with the next words for you why would inhabitants of the land why do they harshly enforced by because of you why did God try up one of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt and what he did under the dual pings of the contracts that were on the other side Jordan 's type on an adult whole leaf it is over you despite personally read with me and as old as we have heard the saying wondering our hearts the menstrual nice voice as soon as we whose absences stepped out of the door make it hard for the students to take exams to get exams off on Saturday because God would burn down your school and anyone in your heroin to an office if you didn't put on the Senate will be hit out a lot why can't you put on someone else's as a charitable message so we must have wanted he said yes they haven't is because too many of us reject the concept of Baltimore so we were like everybody else out of fuel as we had herpes in our hearts didn't melt the dead bear with me anymore rich in any man if all the college is gone where is the opposition on all the workers we walked back we don't realize that God said I will fight for you all you have to do is oh be the derogatory interest and of course four seven and I love the Lord will cause thine enemies that rise up against into beasts and the pro-life base your enemies will refer to military threats anything that gets into way of our mission is an enemy notice our mission for our preference I will wish visiting the three Angels messages to the world but it must be seen and Allah dress our health habits our schools everything must reflect the three angels message the Lord will call start at least a rough rise up against the two beasts before my face they shall come out against their one-way first-ever edge of the forty seven weeks let me tell you something you want to therefore the Israelites it is not good for economics if you find where God is four gigabytes this audience once the visa can I control me listen carefully every nation God destroyed in the bottom was in some way connected to the relationship ability and for a Los Angeles medical golf performance was in connection with his people in the book to be like Jesus page one sixty one paragraph three unlike rights and free promised in the Bible as for a array of light that shines from the word of God has come to the Jewish nation will the modules and across the Mediterranean to go the mortgage loan we going to scold his church in this day as he called ancient Israel to stand as a light in the ocean you look beautiful we live me put it differently there's a there's a lever this views that this am now reminded of a close minded and visiting Billy only once going to have a tour of his think but it is whatsoever Ms. Knowles is whatsoever this will ask how many special people did not have in the Bible one negative is what Williams was rebelled they go to prison with someone else let me off to again how many special people does the Bible say God has revealed his God has always had one special people PS the day once any is called Phantom Lake sommeliers love the other missions might he have advised and move into the wretched of the Maloney 's own holy war against the miss what God said to Abraham when called inversely Genesis twelve but I will bless them that bless thee and curse electricity will get very diverse and is slowly shall all families of the earth be blessed Paul Ambra and that's ruling Abraham might reach the world and specialty as the methods of the five reverse one and seeing the multitudes he went up into a mountain I'm noticing the multitudinous one group he went up into a mountain and when he was set his disciples what do you any office mouth and taught them was of the two groups this is now the multitude of pathologies was like a big the community overheard but what Jesus was saying was not for the multitude it was for the disciples and so while he was within care shops and eyes shot of the multitude he said to the disciples you are the salt of your open I didn't see the multitude but he only says the disciples you need other light of their yearly assault you know that you are unlike to then the blind lead the blind would read of some recent evidence are blind and so the lead people into the ditch so many of us have no seasoning leftists sites thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out at the beachfront of the foot of men we need to me some bonus that the world may know there is a church called the Seventh-day Adventist church but more than that that the world may know that God of the Seventh-day Adventist church he was the gardens admitted he liked and there was like now that you have the whole world yes he's a cost of our less used as people will desire video twenty fourth at about one the Savior bless all who sought his help he loves all the human family but to some he is bound by peculiarly dependent associations his heart was picked by a strong positive affection for the family at Bethany and for one of them is most wonderful work with Rob Christ was close at them Martha and Lazarus and in need of it again Christ loves everybody but he's not as close to everyone as he is the author 's want to get close to Christ be a part of his people thank you sister your good person and only if that is so melodic it is loneliness I must've required vitamins but I can only take so much service make some noise over the my brothers my sisters God has a bad name egos of us God looks weak because of loss of some young people come to the terms of that outcome we don't view the fewer the Pentecostal church I don't recently hit songs this becomes the medical soldiers whatever church charismatic churches live large why don't you know this and let with your heavenly beautiful down the dude adventures adventures so vivid they are seeing their God as the cost use the holiness church got his people the Shakers gone these people the concept of you are beyond of his God Yuri Sills then thirty four WBC store facility does so why become an activist when nothing happens and so go on New York's bad because we make the lungs of the Louise God wants is the bullies of will be given students will you feel regularly appear that says I will do the sabbaticals and it is the fray seven ways it's absolutely listened to be carefully all the blessings of God are based on Ruby not discussion obedience I don't understand why it's so difficult will I I I do understand because the carnal nature is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God whom I that you need to be all gone ever want to listen to what the voices of Patricia Prophet be three sixty four paragraph two if the man had kept the law of God as given to Adam after his fall preserved by Nola unobserved by Abraham there would be no necessity for the ordinance of circumcision and if the descendents of Abraham at the amount of wood circumcision was assigned there would level have been since used into idolatry these I would have been necessary for them to suffer a life of bondage in Egypt Baltimore is why I do it a bit long necessity for it to be appropriate from Sinai or a group of the tables of salt to glyphosate and have the people practiced the principles of the ten Commandments it would've been going need for the additional directives given to Moses so we have to set this thing disobedience if it will be gone at that incident no need for circumcision but not having a circumcision of Ms. abate that if we had kept the circumcision probably would be no need for the people to go to Egypt but circumcision but the tormenting was not accept anonymous notes limited region cutout of Egypt a vast central event of the mice albeit just the ten Commandments building on a foot is stuck to the judge was the police have all those little things all because this will be listened again I need to give them additional times and carefully write about the address of property three sixty four paragraph two is one of the work to suggest condition in this man had kept the law of God as given to Adam after his formal Adam out of the four forms well but more direct preserved by Noah and observed by Abraham there would've been no necessity for the ordinance of circumcision which neither circumcision is this simple the realtor will be gone about ourselves trust about ourselves and if the descendents of Abraham had kept the ornaments of which the covenant of circumcision was assigned with their wooden FY have been seduced into idolatry what myths are going to disobedience the law would have been necessary for them to suffer a life you are generations not explicitly did was entirely unnecessary that would've kept Baltimore Abdullah bin will need for it to be proclaim from Sinai all agree upon the tables it is somewhat livable and have the people who practice the principles of the ten Commandments nude video in each of the additional to Ricky is given to both this when we obey God best of voice he wants God begins to bless and act on our behalf in a way that we'd soak the rest of the world as so read have said we have this further noise of war logs is both years with bonuses of up to receive event about us most is heard what he thought was the police of war people sitting against the visible distinction always that we need to make Avastin noise of faithfulness the long days of obedience that is always a fear thing a distinct life that makes us unmistakably different from the rest of the world as I said last night he passed by your dad for the singing evokes both efficacy if you have never had a church service both are young people you know by the way if asked by the conversation how do you have a disk by his speech go to school last morning you observed students of the subject matter the curriculum is that this is not visible like that because the Bible is the chief principle in order to look at what's on the table these additives why because of the way the always if we were faithful to God as we should be closing the book is timewise live as a Salt Lake City would have to be scared of Mormon if they wanted to do something are you listening to me when you are faithful to God she takes care of all oppositions to his program as so it is that it helped up on to be a member of culture and the people ten is a amount as of today I call upon my young brothers and sisters on my youngish looking brothers and sister please let's make a commitment today we want to make some writing systems are somewhat everyone were old being held about a discussion with all of the instant God because God 's blue essays are based on obedience opportunity was there with me Lord help me by my old bejeweled life to you to make some noise in this world that I see all right have stand up with me so I ever visit to quiet and so nobody knows that God second called as a young person was that the young man and a woman you are on the border between total commitment which are holding onto the world it with you but there were takes a child to school for the first time the teacher takes a child in the classroom of the walks away what this attempt that was the tendency of each other do so the only cry but turnaround and the milk whitish I looking because of Robert 's regime what was the source of comfort tenderness and warmth and understanding is vanishing many of us come to Christ we turn around and were so sad to see the world disappeared and we try to see if we try to see it we try to see if you want to get out of sight there are some young person who you really love Christ but this is still holding onto something of the world owes them to me between them of heaven is like eleven the world also worked like a little of the world will review and if you want a similar I want to release the part of the world whether my music my dress my romantic behavior I want to release that element of worthiness in my life so that my life can be fully committed to the life faithfulness I can make some noise if there's a young person was made a commitment that she alright had quickly corrected concepts your youngest not it applies at all folders well if you are holding onto some area of the world and you are you are go because the world is Silas Illinois the noise of a begins would be silenced by the world just as if all that I am electrical that part of the world on my cell phone that I wanted to and you will I want to be a child of God you guarantee in fact anyone else to stop my brain digital clock right there at oh one two six the question you all you need to be baptized you would put off the decision you have total the funds you need Christ the problem is the process priced and understand it which calls you on is that the memos against the people are that if the best of the dissent that Mister you won't be baptized into it you need to make that decision is right nominated what you need to make the right you need to make a decision for baptism raise your right is right all if you're available for low cost like a federal system if you're at all possible you need to make a decision to be baptized not tomorrow today will make the decision decisions give hollow that liberals are different from anyone else I want romantic and somewhat decorative work where it is a little stomach was a first new help me against everyone is different in form it means this lovely child of God someone else I need to be baptized by making the decision just the decision richer or Motorola rule will rule tolerance are a of this media was brought by Hotmail address of a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to raise seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than is www. .net verse .org


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